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Name: Designation:

1) Identify the source from where you came to know about the job? a) Advertisement b) Consultant c) Personal Reference d) Campus e) E-Recruitment f) Other 2) Are you satisfied with the recruitment process by which you are selected? a) Yes b) No 3) You ever met the interviewer before your interview? a) Yes b) No 4) Were you comfortable with your interviewer while interviewed? a) Yes b) No

5) Do you feel that your colleagues have undergone the similar process? a) Yes b) No

6) Would you recommend your formal colleagues or friends to join this Organization? a) Yes b) No

7) In public would you like to talk about your organisation? a) Yes b) No

8) You are interested to perform a job which is: a) Routine in nature b) Demand creative thinking c) Demand new ideas d) Finding methods e) Challenging in nature f) Participation in decision making

9) Your job meets your above stated interest? a) Yes b) No

10) Have you been assigned the job what was explained to you at the time of selection? a) Yes b) No

11) Would you like to continue with this organisation? a) Yes b) No

12) How long would you like to continue with the organisation? a) 0-3 years b) 3-6 years c) 6-10 years d) Till retirement

13) What would be the only one reason of your leaving the job? a) With an increase in designation b) With more freedom in use of authority c) With an increase in salary d) To work with friendly and helping people

14) Your organisation is considered as: a) People oriented b) Task oriented c) Combination of both Yes[ Yes[ Yes[ ] ] ] No[ ] No[ ] No[ ]

15) Do you ever get advice from your seniors to improve your performance? a) Yes b) No

16) Do you have clarity of your roles and responsibility? a) Yes b) No

17) Your suggestions for improvement in recruitment and selection process?

Thank You