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Allez! Allez! Allez , Ndinga1 Man! Allez! Allez! Allez! Booka me dat Ndengu2 komplice3 Booka me dat Ndengu tara We get you nkong4, We get you njomb- Faya! Overdone5 na Mboot6-oh, Mola7..(2X) Oversense na nyezem-oh8, Tara9.. Oversense na nye-oh, Over Ntontu na ndutu10-oh, mellieur (2X) Too much ndiaraba na problem-oh, lo11! (2X)

Ahead, ahead, guitar man! Ahead! Ahead! Ahead! Play me that music my friend Play me that music friend Youve got our confidence, Weve got you Njomb Fire away!

Being overly savvy is naught, Mister Being too much of a smart-ass is zilch, my friend Being a smart-ass is zilch

Dis mutumbu12 na hep dedicase for all ma complice dem wey dem dey for wah for all kan-kan nanga13

This [song], you lowlifes, is a hefty tribute to all my friends out there hustling at all kinds of odd jobs.

Yes, for all ma own pipo dem way dem dey for joi for sa-ba-sa Mbombo wuna teme, wuna boogloo Yes! To all my people who show joy [by waving] side-to-side Sep dans le courb14 wuna saka da-so, Brothers, go all out, you all [should] dance Becos day di go, mandat di bole Even those who prefer traditional dance-moves, you should dance all the same Because as the day goes, time is running out (i.e time waits for no one) Ndinga-man, the very very............
Guitar-man, the one and only..

Overdone na Mboot-oh, Mola..(2X) Oversense na nyezem-oh, Tara.. Oversense na nye-oh, Over Ntontu15 na ndutu-oh, mellieur (2X) Too much ndiaraba na problem-oh, lo! (2X)
Ndinga man - (Guitar man) Ndengue means music, obviously derived from and a homonym of Lapiros signature instrument- the guitar or Ndinga 3 Komplice is derived from the word accomplice(English) or complice (French); used more affectionately to me associate or partner-in-crime 4 Nkong is creatively used here as a double-entendre, on the one hand suggesting a shout-out to the cities of Nkongsamba and Njombe, both neighboring Lapiros hometown of Mbanga, On the other hand, acknowledging the confidence (Nkong) which the people have in Lapiro. 5 Overdone is derived from its two root words in English, literally meaning Overly done or Over-cooked. In Pidgin English done is used as a measure of one who is socially savvy or seasoned or slick. 6 The etymology of Mboot is unknown, probably appropriated from one of Cameroons many local languages, its the diametric opposite of overdone; suggesting a novice, neophyte, apprentice, or trainee who is out-of-touch, lame, un-cool, unsophisticated, socially inept or clumsy. 7 Mola means Mister or Sir in the Bakweri language. 8 Nyezem is synonymous with Mboot. Probably derived from one of the languages native to the Western/Littoral Province. Can also be used in its abbreviated form, Nye. 9 Tara is synonymous with Complice, an endearing word for friend, devotee or follower 10 Ndutu means trouble or problem in the Duala language 11 lo is most likely used pejoratively here as one of several slang terms for smart-talking public figures who have over sense. Pos. derived from eloquence. Could also be a truncation of the word lobi, the word for ghetto in Camfranglais. 12 Moutoumbou: means Lies 13 Nangai: means name in Lingala 14 Courbis used here to suggest the hunched-over posture as is common with traditional dancers from the grassfields of Cameroon 15 Ntontu is synonymous with Over sense and ndiaraba, and refers to an impudent or smart Aleck, an obnoxiously conceited person.
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All man mus wake-up, Wuna16 saka, Wuna boogloo17 Ndinga-man halla-halla-halla18! All complice dem dey for you back tara, Booka we da ndengue according to the law! You bring yaself for take me, I take modelle I motion you Mbootman no bring me ndutu You bring yaself for take me, I take modelle19 I motion you Las-man no bring me ninguis No be you, you noba20 born21. No be you, mbootman no try me No be you, you no fit sho me ndongo-eh.
Everybody must wakeup! Youall [should] dance, youall should boogaloo Guitar-man, holler, holler, holler! All [of] your accomplices are [firmly] behind you my friend. Play me that music in the good-old way

You came here to sway me, I used my savvy to deflect/repel/avert you Novice, dont bring me problems

Not you, youre an upstart Not you novice, dont [you] dare me Not you, you cant show me nothing new

Mbombo22! Some lassa23 man weyi don lop24 sotay25 e head begin hip26 kriss27 don kam meetup me wey don kale28 kb29 for ma own mapan30 dans le konguet31.
Friends! Some lowlife who had smoked so much [that] he was going mad met-up with me as I sat chilling at my hideout in [quartier Congo?]
Wuna or Wana means all of you possibly derived from one-and-all, then truncated to one-all, then wana(Pidgin). It is an expression that could conceivably have been corrupted from the plantation culture of colonial Cameroon. If a European supervisor demanded cooperation from one-and-all, Cameroonian natives from coastal tribes would have heard a na..(Duala/Bakweri) which means You and; and would correctly [mis]translate the meaning of the expression. 17 Boogloo is a corruption of the word Boogaloo; a kind of Latin music and dance which was popular in the United-States in the late 1960s. 18 Halla is derived from the English word holler, meaning to scream, yell or shout 19 Modelle is derived from the French word model, meaning original, pattern or blueprint. Suggesting a tried-and-true method or technique for gaining influence or prevailing over someone. 20 Noba is a corruption of the English word Never, it is a recurring practice for words to be transliterated when borrowed from English/French into Pidgin. Along the coastal peoples it had to do the interference of the native languages in the adoption of English/French and the Western education. Hence, the town of Bonabedi in the outskirts of Duala/Douala becomes Bonaberi, and a word like laugh become laff (Pidgin) and end up as Lap in Camfranglais. 21 Noba born would literally be never born or unborn. This is pidgin hyperbole, suggesting one who is an upstart; so untrained, untaught, unschooled, unrefined, untutored that they might as well be unborn in the arts of persuasion, haggling or negotiation. 22 Mbombo literally means namesake in Douala and Mungo/Bakweri family of coastal languages. Used here as a term of endearment for friend 23 Lassa means rearmost or lowest in a series. Its etymology is unknown, but the word is commonly used in Camfranglais as synonymous with a Mboot-man or to designate the tell-tale attributes of such persons. It is the antonym of an ending-man, an expert who has reached the summit of accomplishment and suaveness. Usefully, it rhymes with last (English). 24 Lop or Lob is used here as a double-entendre. Derived from the French word Lober which means to trick or be crafty, It fits neatly into Camfranglais diction because it is also an abbreviation for the English word Lobby and can thus be contrived to from both languages. Lob could also be used to suggest that someone has been smoking ganja (Marijuana or weed). 25 Sotay means until, till or to the extent that, implying an extended period in time. The origins of the word are unknown, but so-tey is widely used in pidgin Creoles in Africa with the same meaning. 26 Hip means to show signs of; Derived from a corruption of the English word heave and suggesting uncontrollable fits 27 Kriss means crazy; suggesting anyone with mental problems, lacking balance or equanimity. An apt homonym to the French word crise -meaning crises or an unstable situation 28 Kale is pidgin slang for hold down, to hold and manage well 29 Kb alludes to the characteristically stiff posture of kb-kb puppet heads of the Kuyu people in the Congo i.e. unmoved, unaffected, imperturbable 30 Mapan generally implies a range of situations: unusual, on the sly, out of the ordinary or off the beaten track.


Konguet is slang for quartier Congo, a huge shanty town on the outskirts of Douala


As I was my own hangoutdrinking one bottle [of beer] after another.. Wey dey ma own elang-elang32, daso33 onze-devans-onze34 Quickly, this neophyte began slobbering over Rapidement nyezem begindi dribblez35 me asho-asho36 dans me with a feigned friendship This imbecile would dare to signal at me by le shiba Kengu37 wan mimba for motion me dans le main levee raising his hand. Aman38, allo39-man don loss sense! 40 My friends, this schmoozer had lost his mind! Yi tin say I be gibier ! He thinks I am sitting duck! How way me don go for ny41 say mboot man di mimba42 overdone, Once I had discerned that this neophyte Kontre43 le sense popo44, fancied himself a professional Against my better judgment, me I don decide for booka45 role for moogo46 dans le sia-sia I decided to play the role of an idiot-on the sly, Nai you di comprend say le role dans le role. What youd know as the undercover role


Yes aman, le motion dans le motion.

Mbombo , nyezem don flancher me two-fue for exc, Rapidement confirme; say Oui, sa donne. Dans la situation for hanh-hanh47 popo me a don begin di mimba joeur, di bata gib48 espoir49 Lassa di mimba seyi di controller situation ensure. Moomoo di lap50, ndiba51 di kelli!

My friend, the neophyte blinded me with [___CFA?]. Quickly I confirmed; Yes, that will do. Amidst the serious haggling, I fancied myself an aficionado(i.e. a playa), I played-along to give him [high] hopes, The novice believed he was firmly in charge. [Only] An idiot laughs as the river sweeps him away!

Elang-elang is probably derived from lanc(French), alluding to the willow tree with its relaxed, drooping/sagging branches. Daso is a Pidgin word contrived from thats all meaning basically 34 Onze-devans-onze Perhaps one of the most cryptic expressions Lapiro uses in the song, the expression literally means one eleven after another. Borrowed directly from the Anglophone socio-cultural experience where parliamentary proceedings were deliberated on ten official agenda items, Item eleven described ALL after-hours activities, which usually involved alcohol. In French, the word for eleven is onze. So onze-devans-onze describes drinking one bottle [of beer] after another 35 Dribbler is French for dribble, contrived to mean, speaking rapidly and disjointedly to ones listener. 36 Aso-aso is derived from the alliteration of the word associ(French), truncated to its first syllable aso- used here to mean one who is inordinately friendly 37 Kengu or Nkengu is synonymous with Mboot, specifically and imbecile. Anglophone Cameroonians will recognize this word as Kend or Nkend: name for the inedible white residue that settles at the bottom of a palm wine bottle , or the burnt chaff under a pot of fufu. 38 Aman is the honorific equivalent of Mister in the Ewondo-Beti language group. Sango for the Duala and Mola for the Bakweri. 39 Allo is a word derived from the truncation of allocution(French) meaning speech or dialogue or talker 40 Gibier is appropriated wholly from its French meaning for game or prey. Allegorically gibier deau (French) is a water fowl , suggesting a sitting duck which can easily be shot down. 41 Ny is used here to mean see or observe or notice, perceive, detect or discern. 42 Mimba is a corruption of the word Remember(English), used to mean think-more accurately assume, imagine or consider 43 Kontre is adopted wholly from the word Contre (French) meaning against 44 Popo means truthfully or straightforwardly 45 Booka is a transliteration of Boca(Portuguese word for mouth), used here to mean play or fool around or participate. The word entered CamFranglais through the popularity of the renowned Argentinean team Boca Juniors or Boca, the team that could play football. 46 Mogoo or Mougou means idiot, or one who susceptible to being pushed around 47 Hanh-hanh is an onomatopoeic expression for haggling or bargaining, suggesting the give/take and the back/forth of the exchange. 48 gib or giy: expressions borrowed from Pidgin, derived from Give him (English) 49 Espoir is wholly appropriated from French, meaning hope 50 Lap or laff is a corruption of the word laugh (English) 51 Ndiba is the word for water in the Duala language, used here to mean river



De temps-en-temps kengu di lep me mbindi52 fue fo say mea go convaincre all amougou Aman, a di ratta53 da main levee take hold ma foot54. For las heur55 non weya leke-man don go comprend seyi own motion don knock56, Ejibi57 wan mambi fo brass58 me, Nae wey a don langua59 e say, petit frre lookut!60 no tenter61; You chercha, you trouva: you trouva, you supporta62 No make a rectifier63 you lek dat small toitteur64 for parpaing65 fo mbang wey dem di mbelle yi say maitre Lep66 dan you own agenda, you don fall fo chki67!
Time and again this imbecile would leave me with a little [money?], so I could use it to convince all the foolish people. I would swipe that raised hand and use it to settle my affairs. In the end, when this useless man would understand that his efforts had been squashed, The scoundrel wanted to shake me down, Thats when I told him: Young man watch out! Dont even dare; You sought, you found: as you find, [so too] you must endure Dont make me set you straight like that smalltime brick roofer in Mbanga who is being policed like a master builder. Abandon that project of yours, youve been conned/defrauded!


Fo beginner form68 for today, you must learn one chapter fo Ndinga man Chapter one: No make erreur In todays beginner class, you must learn one chapter Chapter two: Erreur fo mbutuku, na dame for ndos from the Guitar-man, Chapter One: Dont make mistakes Chapter three: Oveddone na mboot Chapter two: A fools error is the experts gain Chapter four: Mboot na sick!
Chapter three: Being overly savvy is naught Chapter four: Being a novice is a handicap/disease Mbindi means little as in small amount Ratta means swipe used to mean divert, reroute or misappropriate. Probably derived from the word rat(English) or arata(Pidgin), alluding to the rodents penchant for pilfering or making off with household items. 54 Take hold ma foot is a common Pidgin idiom, meaning to make do with whatever is available. E.g. take dis chop hold ya bele meaning take this food and fill your belly for now 55 las heure means final hour, or the end combining last (English) and heure (French) 56 Knock means squash or frustrated, derived from the malfunctioning of internal-combustion engines which manifests as a clatter or pinging sound, described as engine knock. 57 Ejibi or Eshimbi is [I believe] a word from a local Cameroon language used interchangeably as synonyms for the derogatory Mboot man or leke man 58 Brass is derived from Brasser(French), meaning to brew, mix or shake-down- to apply force or duress. 59 langua means tell or inform, derived from language (English/French) or from the Duala langua 60 lookot means watch out or beware, derived from look out (English) 61 tenter is French for tempt, and used to mean incite or provoke. It usefully rhymes with tempeter(French) for rave or rave 62 Chercha/ trouva / supporta are French words (indicatif) meaning respectively seek-find- tolerate/endure, conjugated here in the pass simple tense. 63 Rectifier is derived from French, meaning adjust or repair. Used here to mean correct or to set aright. 64 Toiture is the French word for Roofing, so Toiteur is contrived to mean one who does roofing- a roofer. 65 Parpaing is the French word for construction block or bricks, known as parpen/ parpend (English) 66 Lep is a corruption of leff(Pidgin) or leave (English), used here to mean abandon 67 Choki or Tchoki means to be victim to a con or ruse. Aptly complements Choko or Tchoko which means paying to elicit favor with a bribe. Choko probable originates from Choke(English) or throttle- a process which in cars enriches the fuel mixture of (an internal-combustion engine) by diminishing the air supply to the carburetor. 68 Beginner form means the upstart class, derived wholly from Cameroons Anglophone secondary educational system where classes are ranked from Form one to five.
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Overdone Pidgin

Now listen to Lapiros Overdone in a whole new light:

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. Martin Luther King, Jr.


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