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First of all, we would like to thank you for making Zoo Med the #1 Reptile products manufacturer world-wide. We continuously strive to bring you the best quality products for the proper care of your beloved pets and trust that you continue to find enjoyment in keeping reptiles. We have been working diligently on a variety of new products from the new ReptiHabitat™ kits to the Gourmet foods. We develop these products from a personal passion for keeping and breeding reptiles. We hope you enjoy this new catalog and all the products within it. You will notice that throughout this catalog we have included more information and recommendations on the usage of our products. Feel free to send us your questions and comments as we look at each one and take your feedback seriously. Again, thanks for your support. Gary Bagnall/President Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc.
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NATURALISTIC TERRARIUMS ....................................4 SETTING UP A TERRARIUM .......................................5 TERRARIUMS ............................................................6 ENCLOSURES ............................................................7 TERRARIUM ACCESSORIES ................................. 8-11 HEATING PRODUCTS ..........................................12-13 HEATING & HUMIDITY ............................................. 14 LIGHTING ...........................................................15-18 LIGHTING FIXTURES ...........................................19-22 CHOOSING YOUR LAMP & FIXTURE ......................... 23 ANIMAL PRODUCT SELECTION/CARE .................24-25 INCUBATOR ............................................................ 26 TURTLE NIRVANA .................................................... 27 TURTLE PRODUCTS ............................................28-29 FOOD PRODUCTS ...............................................30-33 CANNED FOODS .................................................34-35 WATER & FOOD DISHES .......................................... 36 GREEN IS GOOD ...................................................... 37 VITAMINS & CALCIUM ............................................. 38 MEDICATIONS & CLEANERS .................................... 39 CAGE SUBSTRATES ............................................40-41 SUBSTRATES & ACCESSORIES ................................ 42 SUBSTRATE GUIDE .................................................. 43 WATER ACCESSORIES ........................................44-45 HERMIT CRAB PRODUCTS ..................................46-47 WEBSITE INFO & PROMOTIONAL GOODS ................. 48




FULL STAINLESS STEEL SCREEN TOP will not corrode and accommodates a Dome Clamp Lamp Fixture (No plastic bar in the way). Special screen keeps feeder insects in while allowing greater UVA and UVB penetration throughout the terrarium.


• FULL FRONT glass opening door with snap closure.



Visit our You Tube channel for instructional videos on building terrariums.


For more information on Excavator® see page 40




The Waterfall Kit is designed to let the hobbyist create their own Natural Living Terrarium. Distribute HYDROBALLS® evenly across bottom of terrarium. These mosses are an attractive addition and function as a medium to retain humidity in your tropical terrarium. Suction cup the waterfall pump to the bottom glass. Zoo Med’s Black Silicone is a great way to secure Terrarium Mesh and other décor inside your terrarium. 5 . the next step is to start the waterfall. Terrarium Moss.5” (4 cm) of moistened Eco Earth® on top of the Terrarium Mesh and evenly spread throughout terrarium. Once the water is added. The electrical cord can be fed through the cord groove in the back corners of the terrarium lid. and if set-up properly. HYDROBALLS® are used to create an underground “aquifer”. Treat all water with ReptiSafe® Water Conditioner before adding to terrarium. 6 7 WATERFALL KIT Item# WK-10 (see page 8) Once your Waterfall is built. The concept behind the Waterfall Kit is quite simple. This system keeps water moving and is perfect for retaining humidity. Zoo Med’s Waterfall Kit can be used to build a beautiful tropical terrarium.SETTING UP A TERRARIUM 1 Thoroughly rinse and clean your NATURALISTIC TERRARIUM®. The water naturally runs down the wood and percolates through the different substrate layers back to the pump. 4 Add at least 1. NT-2 with Waterfall Kit 5 Guide the Waterfall hose to the desired position and anchor it to Mopani Wood. The pump simply drops water over a terrarium decoration such as Mopani Wood. Add water slowly to your terrarium until the waterline reaches the top layer of HYDROBALLS®. Feed the power cord from the water pump behind the background. Frog Moss and New Zealand Sphagnum Moss are a great choice for a “substrate topper”. Next insert the Natural Tile background of your choice. you can plug the water pump in to start the waterfall. Be sure the tubing from the pump is positioned upright to allow you to build the waterfall. uses a very natural process of percolation to highlight your terrarium. Follow this easy step-by-step guide to creating a tropical waterfall terrarium 2 Thoroughly rinse your HYDROBALLS® to remove dust and debris. Once your terrarium has been built. Be sure the hose is securely fastened in place before moving to the next step. towards the back corner as shown. 3 Cut a small hole in the Terrarium Mesh to allow the Waterfall tubing to be fed through the mesh. Lay Terrarium Mesh flat. Add additional Eco Earth® to create natural mounds and contour the landscape. or other terrarium décor. rocks. The waterfall pump must be submerged completely in the HYDROBALLS® for proper function (2”-3” (5-8 cm) layer) . Zoo Med offers an entire line of Naturalistic Flora plants that bring your terrarium to life. the next step is to add additional terrarium accents to beautify your terrarium. The terrarium holds enough water to be pumped by the water pump to the top of the terrarium.

• REPTIVITE™. • REPTISUN® Terrarium Hood. • Nocturnal Infrared Heat Lamp (100 W). (4. BONUS: • Bearded Dragon Food (sample). ADDITIONAL FEATURES: • Lockable door for safety and security (lock not included). (4. • Turtle Bone (2 pack). • Terrarium Moss (medium). (. • ReptiTherm® Under Tank Heater. • Front and top ventilation for natural air flow inside terrarium. • Habba Hut™ (medium). • Guide to Reptile Care Booklet. Item# NT-S21 NEW! A. • Aquatic Turtle Food-Growth Formula. • Dual Analog Thermometer & Humidity Gauge. • Plastic Bush Plant (medium).0 UVB Lamp. • Care of Leopard Gecko booklet.0 Compact Fluorescent. • Turtle Tuff™ Halogen Lamp (75 W). • Mini Deep Dome Lamp Fixture. • Analog Reptile Thermometer. • ReptiSand® 10 lb. • Analog Reptile Thermometer. • REPTISAFE® Water Conditioner. Item# NT-1 12” x 12” x 12” (30 x 30 x 30 cm) Item# NT-2 12” x 12” x 18” (30 x 30 x 46 cm) Item# NT-3 18” x 18” x 18” (46 x 46 x 46 cm) Item# NT-4 18” x 18” x 24” (46 x 46 x 60 cm) REPTIHABITAT™ instructional videos on You Tube. • Habba Hut™ (medium). NATURALISTIC TERRARIUM® NEW! Amphibian/Pac Man Frog Kit Includes: • 10 gallon (long) terrarium 20” x 10” x 12” (51 x 25 x 30 cm) with sliding screen top.5 kg). • Day/Night Combo Pack (60 W). BONUS: • Repti Calcium®. • Daylight Blue Reptile Heat Bulb.059 mL). • Combo Food/Water Dish (medium). 6 . • REPTISAFE® Water Conditioner 2 oz.6 mL). • Book: Care of Aquatic Turtles. REPTIHABITAT™ 10 GALLON REPTIHABITAT™ 10 GALLON A Small Piece Of Nature And Tranquility For The Home Or Office. • 6 power cord and airline tubing exit slots with “hold down” clips. • REPTISAFE®. Item# NT-L10 B. • Aspen Snake Bedding 8 qt. BONUS: • REPTIVITE™. • Mini Deep Dome Lamp Fixture. BONUS: • Jumbo Red Shrimp. • Water/Food Dish Combo Pack (medium). • Combo Food/Water dish (small). • Vita-Sand® Outback Orange 10 lb. • Natural Bush plant (small). • Wipe Out 1.5 kg). • Repti Rock Water Dish (medium). • Naturalistic Terrarium Hood 12” (76 cm).TERRARIUMS NEW! A CUSTOMER FAVORITE NEW! B NEW! Bearded Dragon Kit Includes: • 20 gallon (long) terrarium 30” x 12” x 12” (76 x 30 x 30 cm) with sliding screen top. • High Range Reptile Thermometer™. • 318 Turtle Clean Submersible Filter. Item# NT-B21 C NEW! Snake Kit Includes: • 20 gallon (long) terrarium 30” x 12” x 12” (76 x 30 x 30 cm) with sliding screen top. • Care Book: Guide to Bearded Dragons. • Turtle Dock® (15 gal. • Water-tight base. BONUS: • REPTISAFE®. (7. • Eco Earth® (1 brick). • Zoo Med’s NATURALISTIC TERRARIUM® allows you to add a “water pool” on the inside of your terrarium thus incorporating a beautiful water feature with or without a waterfall. • High Range Reptile Thermometer™. size). • REPTISUN® 5. • 24” (61 cm) REPTISUN® 5. • Guide to Reptile Care booklet. Item# NT-A10 NEW! Leopard Gecko Kit Includes: • 10 gallon (long) terrarium 20” x 10” x 12” (51 x 25 x 30 cm) with sliding screen top. • Repti Calcium® (sample). REPTIHABITAT™ 20 GALLON REPTIHABITAT™ 20 GALLON Aquatic Turtle Kit Includes: • 20 gallon (long) terrarium 30” x 12” x 12” (76 x 30 x 30 cm) with sliding screen top. • REPTISAFE®. Item# NT-T21 REPTIHABITAT™ 20 GALLON C. • Mini Combo Deep Dome Lamp Fixture. • Repti Basking Spot Lamp (100 W). • REPTIVITE™. • Dual Mini Deep Dome™ Lamp Fixture.

• Removable “basking” shelf • Easy to assemble. REPTIBREEZE™ Open air aluminum screen cage.. • Allows your tortoise to absorb natural UVB rays from sunlight. very important for their health and shell growth.5 oz. IGUANARIUM™ A Home for Your Pet Tortoise or Open air cage for large arboreal lizards such as medium to sub-adult Box Turtle.ENCLOSURES NEW! NEW! A B NEW! E C D NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! F E.5 cm) C.. outside in garden to provide • Front and top opening doors for beneficial sunlight/UVB rays. Aquatic Turtle Food (growth) 7. ReptiSafe® 8 oz. Place prevent nose rubbing.23 L). • Wood sided (for privacy) design preferred by professional tortoise • New Design! keepers.5 L). (7. Natural Bush plastic plant. • PVC (Plastic) coated wire to help • Use indoors/outdoors. Juvenile Green Iguanas and other arboreal species of lizards. Iguanas and Old World Chameleons. Red Shrimp 0. • Built in land/water area. Anoles. • Modular-Remove end panel and Item# IA-30 Large Size connect a second Tortoise House 36” x 18” x 48” (91 x 46 x 122 cm) to double the space! Item# TTH-1 36” x 24” x 12” (91 x 61 x 30. (. Item# NT-10 16” x 16” x 20” (41 x 41 x 50 cm) Item# NT-11 Item# NT-12 Item# NT-13 16” x 16” x 30” (41 x 41 x 76 cm) 18” x 18” x 36” (46 x 46 x 91 cm) 24” x 24” x 48” (61 x 61 x 122 cm) B. such as Geckos. TORTOISE PLAY PEN Outdoor Shelter. Water Turtle Care Book. Item# TT-40K F. included. easy to assemble using only a screwdriver. • Great for small species of Old World Chameleons. • All hardware included. Mini Deep Dome Lamp Fixture. etc. Turtle Bone (2 cuttlebones). TURTLE TUB™ Zoo Med’s Turtle Tub™ replicates the natural “pond” environment that aquatic turtles naturally live in. Eco Earth® 8 qt. Reptile Lamp Stand. TORTOISE HOUSE D. Item# TPP-1 19” x 16” x 39” (48 x 41 x 99 cm) NEW! Kit includes: Turtle Tub™. 511 Turtle Clean Canister Filter. POWERSUN® UV & heat lamp.5 L). Item# TT-40 A. safety cover. • Place on your lawn and watch your tortoise feed on beneficial grass. • Includes: Private weatherproof • 4 casters (wheels) to move cage “sleeping” area and lockable wire outside for natural sunlight. • Easy to assemble. • Made from 100% recycled plastic. (14 g).5 oz. (7. • Lightweight and easy to clean. TURTLE TUB™ KIT 7 . • Beautiful corrosion-resistant black anodized aluminum screen cage. Exercise Pen and Food Grazing Enclosure for Tortoises. • Large land area allows natural basking and egg laying behavior. (212 g). • Complete with “private sleeping area”. • Dark walls help in reducing stress. Forest Floor 8 qt. easy animal access. • Large front door for easy cage access and bottom door for easy substrate removal.

• HYDROBALLS®. Highly resistant to mold or mildew. NATURALISTIC TERRARIUM® SUBSTRATE MESH • Non-toxic mesh for use in terrariums above the HYDROBALLS® layer to allow proper water drainage. NATURAL CORK/FOREST TILE BACKGROUND Create a naturalistic forest look in your terrarium • Natural Cork panels for terrarium/vivarium backgrounds. NATURALISTIC WATERFALL KIT TERRARIUM® F. one light bar. • Plastic tubing & plastic elbow. • Includes ON/OFF switch for greater convenience. • Terrarium Mesh. • Use several panels for large enclosures. Item# NT-M12 12” x 12” (30 x 30 cm) Item# NT-M18 18” x 18” (46 x 46 cm) C. • Includes one ceramic fixture. • Three mounting locations! Mount up to 3 light fixtures in three locations on one light bar. keeping substrates from mixing and contaminating the water/filtration system. • Designed for use with Zoo Med’s NATURALISTIC TERRARIUMS®. NATURALISTIC TERRARIUM® REPTI LOCK Item# NT-L18 18” (46 cm) Keep your pets and children safe! • Easy to operate! • Three position tumbler can be set to any desired combination. Item# NT-L12 12” (30 cm) (fits NT-1. NATURAL FOREST TILE BACKGROUND Item# NWB-1 Fits 12” x 12” (30 x 30 cm) Item# NWB-2 Fits 12” x 18” (30 x 46 cm) Item# NWB-3 Fits 18” x 18” (46 x 46 cm) Item# NWB-4 Fits 18” x 24” (46 x 60 cm) F E. • Excellent for use with waterfall applications. NT-2) (fits NT-3. NATURAL CORK TILE BACKGROUND Item# NCB-1 Fits 12” x 12” (30 x 30 cm) Item# NCB-2 Fits 12” x 18” (30 x 46 cm) Item# NCB-3 Fits 18” x 18” (46 x 46 cm) Item# NCB-4 Fits 18” x 24” (46 x 60 cm) B. • Instruction book. • For lamps up to 60 watts. and mounting hardware. Item# WK-10 D. A. NATURALISTIC LIGHT BAR TERRARIUM® Mount lamps inside your terrarium! • Light bar mounts inside Zoo Med’s NATURALISTIC TERRARIUM® eliminating the need for bulky external light fixtures. • Precut to fit Zoo Med’s NATURALISTIC TERRARIUM® or can be cut for custom sizes./B. NT-4) Incorporate a beautiful waterfall feature in your NATURALISTIC TERRARIUM®! Kit includes: • Water pump.TERRARIUM ACCESSORIES INSERTING A TILE A ALL NATURAL SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED B C ADDING A WATERFALL Natural Cork Tile background Water tube Water pump ECO EARTH® layer HYDROBALLS® layer NATURALISTIC TERRARIUM® SUBSTRATE MESH layer D KIT INCLUDES: Water Pump HYDROBALLS® Terrarium Mesh Plastic tube Waterfall Kit & angle instruction book E A. • For larger terrariums use multiple pieces to cover terrarium floor. • Perfect for high-humidity environments. Item# NT-TL 8 .

Item# TA-50 Small 4 1/2” x 7” (11. mudskippers. • Safe for all reptiles. amphibians. • Can be easily cut to any desired length or shape! Item# CF9-S Small Round Item# CF9-M Medium Round Item# CF9-L Large Round Item# CF9-X X-Large Round Item# CF9-J Jumbo Round F F. Item# MW-S Small 6”-8” (15-20 cm) Item# MW-M Medium 10”-12” (25-30 cm) Item# MW-L Large 16”-18” (15-20 cm) Item# MW-J Jumbo 20”-24” (15-60 cm) 9 .5 x 18 cm) Item# TA-51 Large 6” x 12” (15 x 30 cm) • Ideal for use as a natural decorative background for your terrarium. • Smooth surface. etc. hiding. textured detail. • Does not contain harmful mold inhibitors. • Can be easily cut to any desired length or shape! Use two or more pieces for large terrarium backgrounds. to accommodate many popular reptile species. newts. Item# CF8-S Small Flat Item# CF8-M Medium Flat Item# CF8-L Large Flat Item# CF8-X X-Large Flat Item# CF8-J Jumbo Flat • A beautiful African hardwood for aquariums or terrariums.TERRARIUM ACCESSORIES NEW! A *Excellent as a hiding shelter for Juvenile/ sub adult Ball Pythons. Tarantulas). Leopard Geckos etc. B C D NEW! E C. NATURAL CORK ROUNDS • Create a naturalistic forest look in your terrarium. ledges. NATURAL CORK FLATS B. Durable resin construction means that it can • Safe for fresh and saltwater fish. • Attach live plants to cork to create a truly natural environment! • Floats! Can be used as a “Floating Raft” for aquatic turtles.e. BLACK SILICONE RUBBER E. MOPANI WOOD A. Corn Snakes. or egg laying. • Create an elevated perch for reptiles and amphibians! • Includes silicone adhesive for attaching to terrarium wall. NATURALISTIC TERRARIUM MUSHROOM LEDGE • Naturalistic Mushroom Ledge for Terrariums.. and arachnids (i.. Available in three sizes aquariums. removable lid makes it easy to check on your • Use for repairing leaks in terrariums or animals or remove eggs. MOSS™ or ECO EARTH® to provide a humid micro-climate for shedding. and the and amphibians. • One of the hardest and densest woods available. easily be washed and sterilized. • Full-rounds can be used as shelters (lying horizontal). • Safe for all reptiles. sinks immediately in aquariums and resists rotting. • Half-rounds can be used as natural hiding places & shelters. REPTI SHELTER™ • For attaching backgrounds.e. and unique mottled color adds interest and enrichment to habitats. and arachnids (i. aquatic frogs. Item# RC-30 Small Item# TA-1 Item# RC-31 Medium Item# RC-32 Large* D. tarantulas). or plant holders (standing upright). plastic This 3 in 1 cave can be filled with TERRARIUM plants or vines in naturalistic terrariums. amphibians. • Creates a waterproof seal. reptiles.

NATURALISTIC FLORA™ Zoo Med produces a full range of NATURALISTIC FLORA™ artificial tropical plants to decorate your terrarium for the “natural” forest look. hedgehogs. Also great for use with hamsters. A perfect way to help reptiles feel safe and secure. bark and lichens for beautifying your reptile or amphibian terrarium. Zoo Med’s DECORATOR PACK contains a variety of mosses. • Includes moss-covered weighted rock base or regular rock base. HABBA HUT™ This is a natural alternative to plastic or resin hiding areas. Natural Bush plants provide hiding and resting places for all types of reptiles and amphibians. guinea pigs and other popular pets! Item# HH-S Small Item# HH-M Medium Item# HH-L Large Item# HH-XL X-Large Item# HH-G Giant 10 . Item# BU-40 Bunch Grass 8” (20 cm) Item# BU-41 Bunch Grass 12” (30 cm) Item# BU-42 Maidenhair Fern 12” (30 cm) Item# BU-43 Selaginella Ground Cover Item# BU-44 Bromeliad 8” (20 cm) Item# BU-45 Bird’s Nest Fern 8” (20 cm) Item# BU-46 Bird’s Nest Fern 12” (30 cm) Item# BU-47 Venus Fly Trap Item# BU-48 Orchid with Rock Item# BU-49 Button Fern Item# BU-51 Horsetail 9” (23 cm) Item# BU-52 Flexible Hanging Vine B. BU-24 Small size is over 14” (36 cm) long Medium size is over 18” (46 cm) long BU-25 BU-26 Large size is over 22” (56 cm) long BU-27 BU-10 Small Mexican Phyllo BU-28 BU-11 Small Amazonian Phyllo BU-29 BU-12 Small Congo Ivy BU-30 BU-13 Small Malaysian Fern BU-31 BU-14 Small Australian Maple BU-32 BU-15 Small Bolivian Croton BU-33 BU-16 Small Cannabis BU-34 BU-17 Small Borneo Star BU-35 BU-18 Small Cashuarina BU-36 BU-19 Small Madagascar Bamboo BU-37 BU-20 Medium Mexican Phyllo BU-38 BU-21 Medium Amazonian Phyllo BU-39 BU-22 Medium Congo Ivy BU-23 Medium Malaysian Fern D Medium Australian Maple Medium Bolivian Croton Medium Cannabis Medium Borneo Star Medium Cashuarina Medium Madagascar Bamboo Large Mexican Phyllo Large Amazonian Phyllo Large Congo Ivy Large Malaysian Fern Large Australian Maple Large Bolivian Croton Large Cannabis Large Borneo Star Large Cashuarina Large Madagascar Bamboo C. NATURAL BUSH PLASTIC PLANTS™ Create your own jungle! Your reptile will never know the difference. Zoo Med’s HABBA HUT™ adds privacy to any reptile terrarium. mice. Available in five sizes to meet almost any reptile’s needs! TERRARIUM MOSS™ can be added inside HABBA HUT™ to provide a humid shelter. while reducing the stress associated with keeping animals in captivity. • Naturalistic tropical plants for terrarium use. rats. FOREST FURNITURE™ DECORATOR PACK Zoo Med’s DECORATOR PACK gives your terrarium the “natural look” while helping provide security and comfort for your animals. Item# FF-17 D. ferrets.TERRARIUM ACCESSORIES A Cashuarina Mexican Phyllo Madagascar Bamboo Bolivian Croton Cannabis Malaysian Fern Australian Maple Borneo Star Amazonian Phyllo Congo Ivy B C A.

Use together with Zoo Med’s LIZARD LADDER™ for easier access and more living space for your animals. Create an arboreal resting place on the slippery sides of your glass or acrylic terrarium. Item# SP-10 NEW! B. LIZARD LADDER™ A soft nylon mesh that attaches to the back wall of your terrarium to give your reptiles more space to climb. • Moving cage furniture in your terrarium to inspect condition of your animals. SCREEN COVERS Zoo Med’s Screen Covers feature one piece plastic frame construction that clips on tight to prevent loss of valuable pets. etc.e. feeding crickets.) Non-rusting galvanized steel wire. Some models have access doors for easy routine maintenance (i. double sealed for safety. • Easy grip handle. Use Zoo Med’s LIZARD LADDER™. or MOPANI WOOD so your animals can get up to the lagoon! Item# AL-10 Medium Size Item# AL-15 Large Size REPTI HAMMOCK™ AND LIZARD LADDER™ D. Exclusive Clamp Lamp Bracket allows you to secure a clamp lamp to the top of your screen! Item# SC-10 10 Gallon 10” x 20” (25 x 51 cm) Screen Cover (with Clamp Lamp Bracket) Item# SC-10D 10” x 20” (25 x 51 cm) Screen Cover (with Feeding Door) E C. Utilizes wasted sides of terrarium by adding more climbing space. • Fits into pocket when collapsed.TERRARIUM ACCESSORIES NEW! C MAKE USE OF WASTED SPACE IN YOUR TERRARIUM TO CREATE MORE LIVING SPACE FOR YOUR ANIMALS! A B ARBOREAL LAGOON™ D A. ADJUSTABLE SNAKE HOOK Ideal for: • Moving small snakes. Item# TA-25 7 1/4 x 26” (18 x 66 cm) E. yet accessible multi-dimensional perch. ARBOREAL LAGOON™ A mesh netting “hammock” with a built-in removable water or food bowl that attaches to the upper corner of your terrarium. REPTI HAMMOCK™ A soft nylon mesh which provides a lofty. Combine with Zoo Med’s REPTI HAMMOCK™ and ARBOREAL LAGOON™ to create a whole 3-D living space. Item# SP-21 Small Size 14 1/ 5” (36 cm) Item# SP-20 Large Size 17 1/ 2” (44 cm) 11 . Features: • Fully collapsible-adjusts from 7 1/4 to 26” (18 to 66 cm). • Collecting small snakes in the wild. Helps prevent drowning of live food items.

forming a solid bond for optimum heat transfer. REPTICARE® CERAMIC INFRARED HEAT EMITTERS D. • Water-resistant construction. Under Tank Heaters are an ideal 24 hour primary or secondary heat source for tropical or temperate reptilian species.5 m) Item# RHC-25 25 Watt 14 3/4’ (4.T. • Low wattage: very economical to operate. • 75 to 80% electrical savings over other heating devices.H. • Automatic thermostat protection shuts-off heater at 119° F (48° C) to prevent overheating. FRONT VIEW (LF-10 is on page 22) BOTTOM VIEW C A. • Lasts up to 5 YEARS! 25. • Extra long. • Mounting rails molded into heater allow for secure placement on the floor or side of the enclosure.T. • Use in high humidity terrariums or large size wire cages like Zoo Med’s Iguanariums™. REPTI HEAT CABLE • Optimum terrarium heat source. Item# CE-60 60 Watt Item# CE-100 100 Watt Item# CE-150 150 Watt • Versatile. easy installation. REPTITHERM® HABITAT HEATER Industrial strength heater for heavy tortoises and other large reptile cage applications.000 hour average life. • Long wavelength infrared emissions for maximum heat penetration. • Metal protection on power cord to help prevent damage from tortoises and other animals. 40 watt heater with LED light to tell you when the heater is “on”. Item# RH-20 18” x 18” (46 x 46 cm) • Perfect 24 hour “Non-light Emitting” heat source for all tropical and desert reptiles. These under tank heaters permanently adhere to your terrarium. REPTITHERM® U. Item# RHC-15 15 Watt 11 1/2’ (3.H. C.H. Item# RHC-150 150 Watt 52’ REPTI HEAT CABLE PROFESSIONAL SERIES • Use with breeding racks*. UNDER TANK HEATERS ReptiTherm® U.5 m) Item# RHC-50 50 Watt 23’ (7 m) Item# RHC-100 100 Watt 39’ (12 m) • 120 Volt.HEATING PRODUCTS NEW! CUSTOMER FAVORITE A B BEST FIXTURE FOR CERAMIC HEAT EMITTERS! D correct setup of heat cables.T. • Optimum heat source. Item# RH-4 6” x 8” (15 x 20 cm) 10-20 gal 8 Watt Item# RH-5 8” x 12” (20 x 30 cm) 30-40 gal 16 Watt Item# RH-6 8” x 18” (20 x 45 cm) 50-60 gal 24 Watt ReptiTherm® Mini Item# RH-7 4” x 5” (10 x 13 cm) 1-5 gal 4 Watt NEW! B. All of Zoo Med’s Under Tank Heaters are UL/CUL approved and contain a solid state nichrome heating element. ReptiTherm® U. (16 m) *Perfect for Vision Versa Breeder Racks 12 . Made from easy-to-clean moisture-proof high density polyethylene plastic. • Multiple applications: wrap around branches (inside terrarium) or use under terrarium.

Helpful Hints: 13 . completely encapsulated heating element. REPTI HEAT CAVE™ REPTICARE® ROCK HEATERS™ Question: Why use Rock Heaters? Answer: In nature the sun beats down on rocks and pavement (roads) which hold heat. REPTITEMP® RHEOSTAT For manual heat control • Allows you to plug in up to two reptile heating devices and then manually adjust their temperature with the turn of a knob. Item# RH-9 Standard Size (Max. a Ceramic Heat Emitter or ReptiTherm® UTH heater). Item# RH-2 Mini Size (5 Watt) Item# RH-1 Standard Size (10 Watt) Item# RH-3 Giant Size (15 Watt) D A Natural Looking Heated Cave for Reptiles to Bask on or Hide in • Insulated nichrome wire element that creates even heat throughout the cave top with no “hot spots”. 17 Watt) WITH RHEOSTAT CONTROL D. • 100% hydrated rock material that lasts up to twice as long as ordinary cement and up to 10 times longer than pumice! • Washable surface to help prevent harmful bacteria buildup. • The only rock heater made with a custom 100% hydrated rock material that is twice as strong as cement or pumice.e: mice and rats) like Pythons. etc. • The only rock heater with a full coverage. Item# RT-10 C. Tegus. then your terrarium is too cold and you need an additional heat source. REPTICARE® DELUXE ROCK HEATER • REPTITEMP® control device allows adjustment of the rock heater’s surface temperature with a simple turn of a dial! • New improved insulated nichrome wire element that creates even heat throughout the rock with no “hot spots”. • The only rock heater with a full coverage. • Includes 6’ (1. heated cable and all overhead incandescent heat bulbs up to 150 watts total. heat caves.” • Washable surface to help prevent harmful bacteria build up. • The only rock heater made with a custom 100% hydrated rock material that is twice as strong as cement or pumice. • If your reptile never leaves the rock heater. • Built-in dual plug receptacles control up to two heating devices at once. reptile heat pads.HEATING PRODUCTS A B C A. Boas. B. Many species of reptiles will take advantage of this heat during the day or early evening to help “heat-up” their digestive tract and facilitate food digestion. • Available in Quarry Stone Gray. • Never cover or bury the rock heater with anything. • Turn heaters up in winter or down in summer depending on your inside house temperatures.8 M) sensor cable. • Use with ceramic heat emitters. completely encapsulated heating element. • Low wattage with UL rating for safety. REPTITEMP® 500R REMOTE SENSOR THERMOSTAT Remote Sensor Thermostat • Automatically adjusts terrarium temperatures. Item# RT-500R • A rock heater should never be the sole source of heat at any time in any enclosure. Monitor Lizards. (i. infrared heat lamps and other types of reptile heating devices. The REPTICARE® ROCK HEATER replicates this “heated stone” feature found in nature and is very useful for reptiles that eat large meals (i. safety cover and instruction book. REPTICARE® ROCK HEATER • New improved insulated nichrome wire element that creates even heat throughout the rock with no “hot spots. • Available in Santa Fe Red. • Excellent for non-thermostatically controlled devices such as: rock heaters. 12 Watt) Item# RH-10 Giant Size (Max. (Not for use with Rock Heaters). • Cave top can be removed and used solely as a Repticare® Rock Heater if your animal outgrows the cave.e. Item# RH-8 E E.

E. • Allows precise monitoring of both the temperature Item# TH-10 and humidity of your terrarium from one unit. DIGITAL TERRARIUM H F. • Temperature measurement range -28° to 230° F • Temperature range from -10° to 140° F • Nighttime temperature drop feature controlled (-23° C to 60° C). included. PRECISION ANALOG THERMOMETER™ • Extreme temperature range from 20° to 120° F (-6° to 49° C) for precise temperature monitoring. HYGROTHERM™ Digital Infrared Thermometer Humidity and temperature controller in one! THERMOMETER™ • Simple to use-just point and click! • Controls up to 1000 watts of combined • Wet or dry–ideal for terrariums. Humidity Scale: 0 to 100%.Terrarium temperatures reaches extreme high or low levels. • Use to measure: • Alarm flashes when temperature or humidity Item# TH-24 . by photocell. Item# TH-22 14 . Features include: European-made precision German movement. . and Velcro® backing enabling you to remove the gauge for terrarium cleaning and maintenance. • Ranges from 70° to 105° F (21° to 40° C) & HUMIDITY GAUGE Item# HT-10 with easy to read crystal coloring.Incubation temperatures power failure. devices in “COOL” mode. • Thermometer scale: 20° to 120° F (-6° to 49° C). C. aquariums or reptile incubators.Egg container temperatures • Temperature control range: 50° to 122° F THERMOMETER™ Item# RT-1 (10° to 50° C). • Great for use with Zoo Med’s REPTIFOGGER™. • Range is from 0 to 100%. HIGH RANGE . temperature and humidity control devices. REPTITEMP® G. Item# TH-20 A. • Controls temperature by turning on heating de. DUAL ANALOG THERMOMETER (Relative Humidity). Item# TH-27 B. • 39” long temperature probe for pinpoint • Min/Max function. • Temperature and humidity levels are extremely important for the long term health of your animals. vices in “HEAT” mode or by turning on cooling • Battery and mounting suction cups • Includes one CR2082 lithium cell battery. PRECIS IO N A N A LO G G AU G E S NEW! E NEW! F G D. PRECISION ANALOG THERMOMETER & HUMIDITY GAUGE™ • Allows for the monitoring of temperature and humidity of your terrarium with one unit. pocket size. side-venting to prevent against “fogging” inside the thermometer.• Centigrade/Fahrenheit switch. • Velcro® backing enables easy removal for cleaning or relocation.HEATING & HUMIDIT Y PRODUCTS NEW! NEW! A B C D Zoo Med’s Precision Analog Gauges are of professional breeder quality. (-33° to 110° C).Basking areas • Built in memory stores settings in case of . • Liquid crystal thermometer for all types of • Humidity control range: 15% to 95% RH enclosures. with many features not found in cheap imported gauges. accuracy. PRECISION ANALOG HUMIDITY GAUGE™ • Accurately reads the amount of water vapor saturation (humidity) in the air of your terrarium. • Small. Item# TH-21 H.

Item# DBC-1 REPTI BASKING SPOT LAMP™ VALUE PACK • Economically priced “2 bulb value pack”. Nocturnal Infrared Heat Lamp • 75 W Infrared Heat Bulb. DB-15 DB-25 DB-40 DB-60 DB-100 DB-150 15 25 40 60 100 150 Watt Watt Watt Watt Watt Watt E. Bearded Dragons. • European quality for long lasting burn life. • Very little visible light provided so as not to disturb your animal’s sleeping patterns. mice. etc. • Uncoated Blue Glass for better heat transfer. birds. • European quality for long lasting burn life. Especially helpful for all tropical and desert species. NIGHTLIGHT RED™ REPTILE BULB • True red glass (not painted or coated) for better heat transfer. • True red glass 24 hour heat lamp. hamsters. Item# SL-25 25 Watt Item# SL-50 50 Watt Item# SL-75 75 Watt Item# SL-100 100 Watt Item# SL-150 150 Watt Item# SL-250 250 Watt NEW! F A. • Patented computer designed “double reflector” focuses 35% more light/ heat in the beam than other reflector bulbs. • Lasts up to 2000 hours. Item# RS-50 50 Watt Item# RS-75 75 Watt Item# RS-100 100 Watt Item# RS-150 150 Watt Item# RS-250 250 Watt Item# Item# Item# Item# Item# Item# D. Iguanas. • The #1 selling “basking lamp” for all types of reptiles. BASKING COMBO PACK • True red glass. rats. NOCTURNAL INFRARED HEAT LAMP™ C. REPTI BASKING SPOT LAMP™ B. • Lasts up to 2. etc. including: reptiles. • Excellent for nocturnal viewing of all types of captive animals. Item# SRC-1 NEW! F. • Can be combined with Zoo Med’s REPTI Basking Spot Lamp™ or Daylight Blue Reptile Bulb™. i. • Increases the overall ambient (inside) air temperature of your terrarium.e. not painted or coated! • Ideal 24 hour heat source for all types of reptiles. • Patented “double reflector” design focuses 35% more light/heat than other reflector bulbs! Item# SL2-50 50 Watt Item# SL2-75 75 Watt Item# SL2-100 100 Watt Item# Item# Item# Item# Item# 15 . birds or small animals. • Tighter beam creates a more effective Basking Site than ordinary reflector bulbs. • European quality for long lasting burn life. DAYLIGHT BLUE™ REPTILE BULB • Bright naturalistic light bulb for heating reptile or amphibian terrariums.(INCANDESCENT & INFRA RED) LIGHTING CUSTOMER FAVORITE CUSTOMER FAVORITE A B C D NEW! IDEAL FOR USE WITH LF-19 MINI COMBO DEEP DOME LAMP FIXTURE NEW! (LF-19 is on page 21) E • The ultimate “Basking Light” for all types of reptiles. DAY & NIGHT REPTILE BULB COMBO PACK Daylight Blue™ • 60 W Daylight Blue™ bulb for heating reptile or amphibian terrariums. • Ideal 24 hour heat source for all types of reptiles. • Excellent for nocturnal viewing of your animals. • Perfect “Nightlight” bulb for viewing the nocturnal behavior of your animals. amphibians. • Perfect “Nightlight” bulb for viewing the nocturnal behavior of your animals. Nightlight Red™ • 60 W Nightlight Red™ bulb. • Patented computer designed “Double Reflector” focuses 35% More light/heat in the beam than other reflector bulbs.000 hours. NR-15 NR-25 NR-40 NR-60 NR-100 15 25 40 60 100 Watt Watt Watt Watt Watt Repti Basking Spot Lamp • 75 W Basking Spot Lamp. • European quality for long burn life.

Also recommended for small enclosures where minimal penetration of light is needed. Uromastyx. Uromastyx. • Monitor temperatures. Distances less than 6” (15 cm) can be harmful. some produce UVA. Produces UVA/UVB and basking heat! Look for the “First Use Date” box on REPTISUN ® lamps or sign up for the UVB reminder at www. SPECIES: Bearded Dragons. Most reptiles require exposure to UVB to produce vitamin D3.0 UVB 16 Compact Fluorescent 26W AC120V / 60Hz FIRST USE DATE REPLACE YEARLY Warning UVB radiation for reptile use ONLY! .zoomed. SPECIES: Bearded Dragons.0 UVB . basking lizards.LIGHTING ZOO MED’S REPTILE LIGHTING SELECTION GUIDE Reptile health is dependent on an interconnected cycle of a varied diet.DESERT 6-20” (15-51 cm) Recommended Distance from lamp to animal. and others produce heat. amphibians. Not all lamps are created equal.TROPICAL 6-12” (15-30 cm) Recommended distance from lamp to animal. The sun provides UVB in nature. agamids. POWERSUN®UV 6-18” (15-46 cm) recommended distance from lamp.com Item# FS-C10 • Replace UVB lamps each year. in your home you will need to provide UVB with specialty lighting designed for reptiles. UVA and Heat. SPECIES: Chameleons.0 UVB. Vitamin D3 is essential for the uptake of calcium from their diet. tortoises. REPTISUN® 10. so go with the company you can trust: ZOO MED! UVB PRODUCING LAMPS OTHER REPTILE LAMPS-NO UVB USED FOR BASKING HEAT OR GENERAL LIGHTING U VB DAY NIGHT SUPPLEMENT U VB UVA & HEAT UVA & UVB UVA & UVB HEAT & UVA & UVB NIGHT BASKING DAY BASKING UVA & HEAT UVA REPTISUN® 5. Some lamps produce UVB. snakes. tropical tortoises. proper heat regimes and supplementation of calcium and vitamins. monitors. however. Some lamps even produce UVB. other species of desert lizards and tortoises. and more. don’t guess! REPTISUN 10. There are many lamps available for reptiles in your local pet store. turtles. • We recommend keeping all UVB producing lamps at least 6” (15 cm) from your animal. Also recommended for large enclosures where deeper penetration of light is needed.

Go with the name you trust. and can actually cause vitamin D3 to break down. Lamps in this group cannot be recommended for use as UV lamps with a purpose to promote vitamin D3 photosynthesis in the skin”.”* “The rest of the measured lamps are disappointing in their D3 Yield Indexes. Soc. Herpetomania 13(3-4).0 UVB Compact Fluorescent Bulbs REPTISUN® 5. {Reprinted (2005) Bull.0 UVB Fluorescent Bulb 17 . the best contributor to vitamin D3 photosynthesis in skin is Zoo Med’s REPTISUN®. Chicago-Herp.0 UVB Fluorescent Bulb REPTISUN® 10. a Zoo Med’s REPTISUN® unit that had been used for 10 months. ZOO MED! Safe and effective UVB LIGHTING for all POWERSUN® UV Mercury Vapor Flood Lamp REPTISUN® 5. Even the best of these units have an index figure that is only 5% of that of the REPTISUN® unit. 2004. J. UV-lamps for terrariums: Their spectral “Of all the lamps measured. does not show remarkable weakening of UVB radiation.” “The second best lamp. characteristics and efficiency in promoting vitamin D3 synthesis by UVB irradiation. 40(1):1-9} * DON’T BE FOOLED: Other lamps may not provide necessary UVB.0 & 10.THE LEADER IN LIGHTING *Lindgren.

mating. light and heat all in one lamp! • The preferred UVB lamp choice among zoos. FULL SPECTRUM.0). This tool lets you determine when it is time to replace your fluorescent UVB lamps. and beneficial UVB emissions lasting a full twelve months! The UVB emissions from these lamps will help to prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease in captive reptiles. (LF-17 is on page 21) UVB DIGITAL ULTRAVIOLET RADIOMETER Use this meter to test the relative decay of UVB in a given lamp over time. • 10% UVB Output. The REPTISUN® 5. • Self-ballasted: screws into a standard Clamp Lamp fixture with a ceramic socket.0 UVB desert • Perfect for all desert and basking reptiles.zoomed. reproduction.0 UVB tropical • Perfect for all tropical species of reptiles and amphibians. REPTISUN® 5. and all other diurnal reptiles. UVB. (Compared to 12”/30 cm on the REPTISUN® 5. Optimal for use with larger terrariums where greater than 12” of UVB penetration is needed.REPTILE U VB L A MPS Zoo Med’s linear fluorescent UVB lamps are made in Germany with the highest quality UVB transmitting quartz glass. Accept no substitutes. Energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps screw into standard threaded sockets. amphibians. and professional herpetologists. get the original reptile UVB lamp: Zoo Med’s REPTISUN® 5. The new REPTISUN® Compact Fluorescent Lamps use a special UVB transmitting quartz glass for maximum UVB penetration. Iguanas. UVB emissions help prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease and UVA increases feeding. Zoo Med’s Radiometer reads in microwatts per square centimeter.0 UVB Emits UVB a full 20”/51 cm from the surface of the lamp to prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease. veterinarians. and natural behavior patterns in reptiles. Item# ST-6 C A.0 is effective for UVB induced photoconversion of vitamin D3 in reptiles’ skin at distances up to 12”/30 cm. preventing or reversing MBD and other health problems in turtles and tortoises. and birds.0 26 Watt* *26 Watt = 130 Watt Standard Incandescent (light output) This item available on our website at: www. • 5% UVB Output. REPTISUN® 10. Item# FS-15 15” (381 mm) 14 Watt Item# FS-18 18” (457 mm) 15 Watt Item# FS-24 24” (610 mm) 17 Watt Item# FS-36 36” (914 mm) 25 Watt Item# FS-48 48”(1219 mm) 32 Watt D REPTISUN® 5. Item# OS-18 18” (457 mm) 15 Watt Item# OS-24 24” (610 mm) 17 Watt Item# OS-36 36” (914 mm) 25 Watt Item# OS-48 48”(1219 mm) 32 Watt 18 . Item# PUV-11 100 Watt Item# PUV-10 160 Watt B. REPTISUN® SELF BALLASTED COMPACT FLUORESCENT LAMPS D.com C. Zoo Med’s REPTISUN® and POWERSUN® lamps also emit beneficial UVA wavelengths which stimulate feeding. In addition to UVB. and other natural behaviors. Lamp can be oriented either vertically or horizontally in your reptile hood or clamp lamp fixture. A full 5% UVB output allows vitamin D3 synthesis to occur naturally. 30% UVA Output. • Use to prevent (and treat) metabolic bone disease in reptiles. 30% UVA Output. POWERSUN® UV Self-Ballasted Mercury Vapor UVB Lamp • Provides essential UVA. FULL SPECTRUM.0 UVB The award winning industry standard UVB lamp for reptiles. Bearded Dragons. LINEAR FLUORESCENT LAMPS THE FLUORESCENT UVB REPTILE LAMP WORLDWIDE! #1 A B CUSTOMER FAVORITE Use Zoo Med’s DEEP DOME LAMP fixture (LF-17) with all POWERSUN® and REPTISUN® UVB COMPACT FLUORESCENT LAMPS. * Make sure that the lamp fixture has a ceramic socket and is rated for the appropriate wattage. eliminating the need for a separate ballast. REPTISUN® 10. Item# FS-C5 REPTISUN® 5. The REPTISUN® 10.0 is also recommended for use above screen covers which can filter out up to 50% of the UVB wavelengths.0.0 26 Watt* Item# FS-C10 REPTISUN® 10.

• Now available in three sizes. • Helps prevent Metabolic Bone Disease commonly seen in captive reptiles at 6-12 months of age.0 UVB Compact Fluorescent • Self-ballasted Compact Fluorescent UVB lamp for reptiles and amphibians. NATURESUN® 19 .000 hours. and reproductive behaviors. • Provides UVB for vitamin D production and calcium metabolism. appetite. 5. • Provides UVA and visible light but no UVB.I. • Lamp emits UVA which is seen by reptiles and helps to increase activity levels. • Lasts up to 2. • Perfect for animals that do not have high UVB requirements like snakes or amphibians. • UVB is needed for growth and strong bones.0 or 10. Item# FSC-1 • Another “first” from Zoo Med! High quality halogen spot lamps specifically made for use with reptile terrariums! • Halogen technology increases burn life and the crisp bright white light will make animals’ colors appear richer.R. • Long lasting: average 2500 hour bulb life. improved rough service design. Prevent or reverse Metabolic Bone Disease by using this hood with a REPTISUN® 5. • Patented computer designed “double reflector” focuses 25% more light/heat in the beam than other reflector bulbs. • The #1 selling “basking lamp” for all types of reptiles. 18). • New. Item# ES-15 15” (381 mm) 14 Watt Item# ES-18 18” (457 mm) 15 Watt Item# ES-24 24” (610 mm) 17 Watt Item# ES-36 36” (914 mm) 25 Watt Item# ES-48 48” (1219 mm) 32 Watt E. REPTISUN® TERRARIUM HOOD Item# Item# Item# Item# • Low profile hood fits terrariums 20” (51 cm) wide and up (10 gallons or larger). • For use with all types of aquatic turtles or other water based terrarium animals. HB-50 HB-75 HB-100 HB-150 50 75 100 150 Watt Watt Watt Watt C. HEAT & UVB COMBO PACK B. • Makes animals’ colors appear richer. Item# OH-50 50 Watt Item# OH-75 75 Watt Item# OH-90 90 Watt • NatureSun® has a high C. TURTLE TUFF™ SPLASHPROOF HALOGEN LAMP • Heavy duty “splash proof” halogen lamp. REPTI HALOGEN™ Includes: Repti Basking Spot Lamp • 100 W Basking Spot Lamp. (Color Rendering Index) of 98! • Brings out the color in your animals for optimum viewing. Item# LF-60 20” (51 cm) holds 18” (46 cm) lamp Item# LF-62 Item# LF-63 30” (76 cm) NEW! holds 24” (61 cm) lamp 36” (91 cm) NEW! holds 36” (91 cm) lamp D.LIGHTING & FIXTURES NEW! A B C D E FOR USE WITH REPTISUN® LINEAR FLUORESCENT LAMPS NEW! A.0 UVB linear fluorescent lamp (pg.

DAYTIME HEAT or Zoo Med’s Daylight Blue™ Reptile Bulb. Infrared Lamps. 3 DIFFERENT LIGHTING POSSIBILITIES A 3 DIFFERENT LIGHTING POSSIBILITIES REPTISUN® 5. • HEAT: Use Zoo Med’s Daylight Blue™ Reptile Bulb for daytime heat or Zoo Med’s Nightlight Red™ Reptile Bulb for 24 hour heat. Item# LF-50 A. NATURALISTIC TERRARIUM HOOD™ 18” 20 • Accommodates one fluorescent reptile lamp and from 2 to 4 incandescent bulbs (up to 75 watts each). • Available in 5 lengths: Item# CH-20 20” (51 cm) w/2 Incandescents & 18” (46 cm) Fluorescent fixture Item# CH-24 24” (61 cm) w/2 Incandescents & 24” (61 cm) Fluorescent fixture Item# CH-30 30” (76 cm) w/3 Incandescents & 24” (61 cm) Fluorescent fixture Item# CH-36 36” (91 cm) w/3 Incandescents & 36” (91 cm) Fluorescent fixture Item# CH-48 48” (122 cm) w/4 Incandescents & 48” (122 cm) Fluorescent fixture D. C Internal 110V socket for easy plug-in of Rock Heaters. • Powder Coat Paint Finish.0 UVB Compact Fluorescent bulb. COMBINATION REPTILE HOOD • Fits all 18” (46 cm) wide NATURALISTIC TERRARIUMS® (Zoo Med item# NT-3 or NT-4). • UVB: Use with Zoo Med’s REPTISUN® 5.0 UVB Compact Fluorescent bulb. etc. • Each Incandescent Socket is rated for up to 150 watts. Zoo Med’s Nightlight Red™ Reptile Bulb. • Additional plug outlet for internal heating devices. Item# LF-55 B. or Nightlight Red™ Reptile Bulb.0 UVB Compact Fluorescent bulb. or REPTISUN® 5. Heavy duty reflective stainless steel back plate. • Single socket hood with reflector for increased heat or UVB output. • Multiple rocker switches for independent light selection. Fluorescent fixture for fluorescent reptile lamps.0 UVB Compact Fluorescent Lamp for UVB and UVA. Zoo Med’s Daylight Blue™ Reptile Bulb. THE SLIDER™ The “King” of Terrarium Hoods! • Vertically Mounted Incandescent Fixtures! The only full length steel reptile hood that allows proper vertical (down-pointing) mounting of a ceramic heat emitter and/or reflector spot lamps! • Heavy Duty Dual Power Cords allowing a Ceramic Heat Emitter to be connected to a thermostat while the fluorescent lamp is connected to a day/night timer. or Ceramic Heat Emitters.LIGHTING FIXTURES Use two LF-50 hoods for UVB and heat. • Heavy gauge welded steel construction. • Fits all 12” (30 cm) wide NATURALISTIC TERRARIUMS® (Zoo Med item# NT-1 or NT-2). Heat Caves. • Multiple Rocker Switches for independent light selection. B REPTISUN® 5. UVB Daylight Blue™ Reptile Bulb. Zoo Med’s Nightlight Red™ Reptile Bulb. C. NATURALISTIC TERRARIUM HOOD™ 12” Three ceramic vertically mounted incandescent fixtures can be used for Basking Spot Lamps. • NEW-NOW WITH ELECTRONIC BALLAST! Item# SH-24 24” (61 cm) w/2 Incandescents & 18” (46 cm) Fluorescent fixture Item# SH-30 30” (76 cm) w/2 Incandescents & 24” (61 cm) Fluorescent fixture Item# SH-36 36” (91 cm) w/3 Incandescents & 24” (61 cm) Fluorescent fixture Item# SH-48 48” (122 cm) w/3 Incandescents & 36” (91 cm) Fluorescent fixture . NIGHTTIME HEAT D Vertical ceramic socket allows use of Ceramic Heat Emitter. • Includes built-in reflector and two sockets for heat and UVB lamps.

Maximum combined wattage with both lamps on is 300 watts. & nighttime heat lamps. C. • Includes dual on/off switches for greater convenience. beyond the face of the lamp. the lamp from “sticking out”. • Polished aluminum domes for maximum light and heat output. daytime heat lamps. Item# LF-17 B.NEW! DEEP DOME FIXTURES DEEP DOME FEATURES EXTRA LONG DOME CERAMIC BASE HIGHLY POLISHED REFLECTIVE ALUMINUM INTERIOR CUSTOMER FAVORITE A B combos now available in t wo sizes C D ALL OF THESE FIXTURES HAVE POLISHED ALUMINUM DOMES THAT INCREASE LIGHT AND UV OUTPUT UP TO 30% PATENTED DESIGN NEW! NEW! NEW! A. • Dual fixture allows for one Basking Spot Lamp or 100 W POWERSUN® UV lamp and a Nightlight Red™ Heat lamp. preventing • Polished aluminum dome for maximum light & heat output. Item# LF-19 D. • Deep dome extends beyond the face of the lamp • Ceramic socket: for use with lamps up preventing the lamp from “sticking out”. • Highly polished aluminum inside greatly increases UVB & UVA output! • Ceramic base! For use with lamps up to 160 watts. • Dual fixture allows for multiple lamp combinations including • On/off switch allows easy control of UVB lamps. • Patented Zoo Med design. Item# LF-18 Item# LF-25 * 160 watts maximum wattage per lamp socket. lighting device. preventing the lamp from “sticking out”. • Perfect for use with Zoo Med’s POWERSUN® UV lamps and REPTISUN® UVB Compact Fluorescent lamps. to 100 watts. light and heat output. • includes dual on/off switches for greater convenience. • Polished aluminum dome for maximum • Two lamp fixtures in one for maximum convenience. COMBO DEEP DOME LAMP FIXTURE™ • Dual ceramic sockets for use with lamps up to • Extra long reflector dome that extends 160 watts* (each socket). MINI COMBO DEEP DOME LAMP FIXTURE™ 21 . MINI DEEP DOME LAMP FIXTURE™ • Two fixtures in one for maximum convenience. DEEP DOME LAMP FIXTURE™ • Extra long reflector dome extends beyond the face of the lamp.

and not at an angle. Item# LF-10 D. animals. These • The “open wire cage design” prevents the galvanized steel covers will prevent accumulation of “back heat. (PUV is on page 18) NEW! C B A BEST FIXTURE FOR CERAMIC HEAT EMITTERS E D POLISHED ALUMINUM DOME INCREASES LIGHT AND UV OUTPUT UP TO 30% (CE-100 is on page 12) F NEW! Includes On/ Off Switch • 8 ½” (22 cm) inexpensive clamp lamp with aluminum reflector and 6’ (182 cm) power cord. • Use with Zoo Med’s Daylight Blue™ or Nightlight Red™ lamps up to 100 watts maximum (not for use with ceramic heat emitters. POWERSUN® UV lamps or any incandescent lamp exceeding 100 watts). basking spot lamps. and can be used with the Clamp Lamp Safety Cover to protect your bulbs. Item# LF-13 8 1/2” (22 cm) Item# LF-16 10” (25 cm) H. Item# LF-5 G H Dimmable On/ Off Switch A/B. All three models have a ceramic socket.5 cm) high-heat producing ceramic heat emitters.” making it the children and pets from touching heat lamps Item# LF-21 (Small size-for 10-20 gallon terrariums) and will help reduce the risk of fire in the safest clamp lamp available for use with max-height 24” (61 cm) max length 12” (30. DELUXE PORCELAIN CLAMP LAMP™ & DELUXE PORCELAIN BROODER LAMP™ Easily clips onto most 5 ½” (14 cm). • Available in two sizes: Item# LF-20 (Standard size-for all size terrariums) max-height 38” (97 cm) max length 15” (38 cm) C. Item# LF-11 5 1/2” (14 cm) Reflector (rated up to 100 watts) Item# LF-12 8 1/2” (22 cm) Reflector (rated up to 150 watts) Item# LF-15 10” (25 cm) Reflector (rated up to 250 watts) 22 • Includes on/off Dimmer Switch. • Rated up to 150 watts. WIRE CAGE CLAMP LAMP Best clamp fixture for ceramic heat emitters. to provide additional safety. Item# LFC-15 10” (25 cm) • UL approved for safety (when used with Zoo Med’s Ceramic Heat Emitter) plus includes on/off switch and ceramic socket. REPTI ECONOMY CLAMP LAMP • Provides natural day/night cycle for your reptiles. REPTILE LAMP STAND™ • Safely secures clamp lamp fixtures above your terrarium resulting in better lamp heat transfer and reducing the risk of fire from your clamp lamp in the event it comes loose from a “frame mount”. or 10” (25 cm) clamp lamp domes F. event that a clamp lamp is knocked onto the ground. Item# LFC-11 5 1/2” (14 cm) infrared heat lamps and ceramic heat emitItem# LFC-12 8 1/2” (22 cm) ters up to 150 watts. • Great for reducing light/heat output on all types of incandescent lamps. and home. 8 ½” (22 cm).e. Item# LT-10 G. Available in 3 sizes. POWERSUN® UV) must point straight down to prevent arc tube damage and premature burnouts. REPTICARE® DAY/NIGHT TIMER E. • POWERSUN® UV lamps: Self ballasted mercury vapor lamps (i. CLAMP LAMP SAFETY COVER Zoo Med’s most popular Clamp Lamp fixture is available in three sizes: 5 ½” (14 cm). • Stable “foot” goes underneath terrarium so stand can not be knocked over. Made of heavy gauge painted aluminum. or 10” ( 25 cm) diameter domes. • Automatically turns daytime lamp on in the morning and off at night.LIGHTING FIXTURES AND ACCESSORIES Zoo Med recommends using a Reptile Lamp Stand with the POWERSUN® UV self ballasted mercury vapor lamp as these lamps must orient straight down. • Automatically turns nighttime lamp or heater on at night and off in the morning. • Adjustable knobs for height and length adjustment. 8 ½” (22 cm). • Versatile: Can be used with POWERSUN® UV mercury vapor lamps. PROFESSIONAL SERIES DIMMABLE CLAMP LAMP .

CHOOSING THE CORRECT L A MP AND FIXTURE project heat creating a basking spot. U VB RECOM MENDED FIXTURES RECOMMENDED FIXTURES U VB LF-11 LF-13 LF-12 LF-16 LF-11 LF-13 LF-12 LF-50 LF-16 SH-24. 36. 24. 36. 36. 30. LF-10 SH-24. 48 U VB LF-25 LF-17 LF-50 LF-55 U VB * Always check wattage rating of lamp fixture. 48 LF-19 LF-18 LF-17 LF-25 CH-20. 30. 48 23 . 36. LF-18 LF-19 LF-17 LF-25 LF-12 LF-10 HEAT EMITTER U VB * Always check wattage rating of lamp fixture. 30. Basking l a mps Genera l heat L a mps Day and night incandescent lamps for supplemental heat. 48 LF-19 LF-18 LF-55 L A MPS RECOMMENDED FIXTURES LF-60 U VB LF-62 LF-63 SH-24. 30.

Provide fresh water daily. Never kiss your reptiles or place them in your mouth. Always add ReptiSafe® to their water. Repti Heat Cable ReptiTherm® UTH ReptiTherm® UTH ReptiTherm® UTH ReptiTherm® UTH Ceramic Heat Emitter or ReptTherm® UTH Ceramic Heat Emitter Ceramic Heat Emitter or ReptiTherm® UTH DAYTIME TEMP. Learn as much as you can about the reptiles you keep. Basking Spot Lamp Submersible heater Submersible heater ReptiTherm® UTH ReptiTherm® UTH Submersible heater ReptiTherm® UTH Ceramic Heat Emitter or ReptiTherm® UTH Ceramic Heat Emitter or ReptiTherm® UTH ReptiTherm® UTH. Repti Heat Cable Ceramic Heat Emitter Ceramic Heat Emitter Ceramic Heat Emitter.) TIPS: Salamanders Boa Constrictor Ball Python Garter Snakes Kingsnake Corn/Rat Snake Hermit Crabs Tarantula Monitor/Tegu Lizards Uromastyx Lizard Day Gecko 24 . Repti Heat Cable ReptiTherm® UTH. by purchasing a good book on the species you’re interested in.ANIM AL/PRODUCT CHART LEGEND: SKILL LEVEL Beginning Intermediate Advanced SET-UP Damp Woodlands Depends on Species Desert Temperate Tropical Semi-Tropical Water SKILL LEVEL ANIMAL TYPE Green Iguana Bearded Dragon Leopard Gecko Anoles Old-World Chameleons Box Turtles Tortoises Aquatic Turtles Soft Shell Turtles Tree Frogs Pac Man Frog Aquatic Newts SET-UP Tropical Desert Desert Tropical Depends on species Tropical Depends on species Water Set-up Water Set-up Semi-Tropical Tropical Water Set-up Damp Woodlands Tropical Tropical Temperate Temperate Temperate Tropical Tropical Depends on species Desert Tropical HEATING DEVICE Ceramic Heat Emitter Ceramic Heat Emitter ReptiTherm® UTH. Writing the date on your UVB bulbs will tell you when they need to be changed (we recommend changing every 12 months. 80-90˚F 85-90˚F 75-85˚F 75-82˚F Depends on species 70-84˚F Depends on species 75-86˚F 78-86˚F 74-82˚F 80-86˚F 65-75˚F Depends on species 82-95˚F 82-92˚F 72-84˚F 77-86˚F 75-88˚F 78-83˚F 75-84˚F 85-90˚F 85-100+˚F 82-88˚F BASKING HUMIDITY SPOT SITE Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No Yes Yes Beneficial Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes 70%+ 30%+ 20-50% 50%+ Depends on species 60%+ 50%+ Use a good filter Use a good filter 50%+ 50%+ Use a good filter 50%+ 50%+ 50%+ 50%+ 30% 50%+ 70%+ Very important 60%+ 50% 20-50% 50-85% Always wash your hands before and after handling any reptile or amphibian.

VITA-SAND® or EXCAVATOR® REPTISAND®. Easy to tame. Repti Ramp Water Bowl).0/10. ECO EARTH® and 1/2 REPTISAND® or Hermit Crab Sand ECO EARTH® or ReptiBark® Hermit Crab Food. Can O’ Mini Crickets™ and Can O’ Worms™ Can O’ Crickets™ Canned Tegu/Monitor Food. ReptiBark® or FOREST FLOOR™ 25 . Beautiful lizards. Must be able to burrow. Clean hands with soap after handling.0 POWERSUN® UV or REPTISUN® 5.0/10. ECO EARTH®. Use Dr. Makes a great pet for children. Mist cage daily.0 REPTISUN® 5.0 NATURESUN™ NATURESUN™ NATURESUN™ NATURESUN™ NATURESUN™ NATURESUN™ NATURESUN™ NATURESUN™ NATURESUN™ Daylight Blue™. mist cage often.0 NATURESUN™ REPTISUN® 5.0/10. or FOREST FLOOR™ none REPTISAND® ECO EARTH® and TERRARIUM MOSS™ ECO EARTH® and TERRARIUM MOSS™ Gravel or REPTISAND® ECO EARTH® and TERRARIUM MOSS™ Aspen Snake Bedding or Eco Carpet™ Aspen Snake Bedding or FOREST FLOOR™ ReptiBark® or ECO EARTH® Eco Carpet™ or Aspen Snake Bedding Eco Carpet™ or FOREST FLOOR™ 1/2 SUPPLEMENTAL FOODS All Natural Iguana Food Bearded Dragon Food. not a good pet for children.0/10. mist frequently. Repti Bark®. Read Advanced Vivarium Systems books on Old World Chameleons. VITA-SAND®.0 POWERSUN® UV or REPTISUN® 5.0/10. Use a Repticare® Deluxe Rock Heater only as a secondary heat source. makes a great pet. Must have water pan they can get in and out of.0/10.0 POWERSUN® UV or REPTISUN® 5.e. or EXCAVATOR® clay sand. Turtle Treat and Can O’ Shrimp™ Can O’ Mini Crickets™ and Worms™ Can O’ products Zoo Med’s Turtle Treat Can O’ Worms™. Can O’ Worms™ and Can O’ Pillars™ Anole Food. Use a Repticare® Deluxe Rock Heater only as a secondary heat source.0 POWERSUN® UV or REPTISUN® 5. Turtle® calcium block with any newly acquired wild caught species. Use Repticare® Deluxe Rock Heater only as a secondary heat source. (Adults: REPTISAND®) or EXCAVATOR® clay sand ECO EARTH®. Provide branches for climbing. Read a good book on species you’re interested in before purchasing.0/10. Keep live plants with Anoles. Nightlight Red™ or Nocturnal Infrared™ Daylight Blue™ or NATURESUN™ POWERSUN® UV or REPTISUN® 5. Not for children. FOREST FLOOR™ or ECO EARTH® ReptiBark® or FOREST FLOOR™ 30% ReptiBark® or FOREST FLOOR™ mixed with 70% ECO EARTH® Eco Carpet™.0 REPTISUN® 5. Can reach lengths of 6 feet! Makes a great pet for children. Can O’ Pillars™ MISC.0 POWERSUN® UV or REPTISUN® 5. don’t touch lizard that is very beautiful. REPTISUN® 5. Use a Repticare® Deluxe Rock Heater only as a secondary heat source. COMMENTS Use a Repticare® Deluxe Rock Heater only as a secondary heat source. Not for Children.0 POWERSUN® UV or REPTISUN® 5. (i. A look. need high heat. ReptiBark® or Aspen Snake Bedding (Hatchlings: Eco Carpet®. Needs a hide box/ shelter. Turtle® calcium block on any newly acquired wild caught species. Turtle Treat and Can O’ Shrimp™ Zoo Med Natural Aquatic Turtle Food. Can O’ mini Crickets™ and Can O’ Worms™ Can O’ products Box Turtle Food and Can O’ products . Eco Carpet™. Use ReptiSafe® in water. Mist daily. Use Dr.0 SUBSTRATE Eco Carpet™ or ReptiBark® Juvenile-Eco Carpet™ Adult-REPTISAND®. Can O’ products Day Gecko Food and Can O’ Mini Crickets™ and Can O’ Worms™ Need a humid set-up. Can O’ products Leopard Gecko Food. Use ReptiSafe® in water. hardy.SELECTION/CARE LIGHTING POWERSUN® UV. one of the most beautiful snakes. especially Can O’ Snails™ and Can O’ Worms™ Zoo Med’s Natural Grassland or Forest formula Tortoise Food Zoo Med Natural Aquatic Turtle Food. Can O’ products All Natural Iguana Food.0 or 10. Hermit Crab wet food or Can O’ Crickets™ Easy to care for. Make sure animal is feeding before you purchase.0/10.

INCUBATOR NEW! The Reptibator™ gives breeders the ability to control temperatures and monitor humidity levels within the incubator. • Pulse proportional thermostat for stable temperature regulation. In our facility we house over 90 species of reptiles. Flow-through ventilation and sponge insert allows for even evaporation and humidity levels within incubator.zoomed.com/incubator 26 . NEW! REPTIBATOR™ Digital egg incubator • Digital controller with LCD display and LED heat indicator light. amphibians. these are our pets! You can see many images of these pets in our product packaging (such as the female Day Gecko holding her egg on the left). • Programmable temperature alarm. • Built in memory stores settings in case of power failure. fish and invertebrates. • Humidity Display range from 10%-95% relative humidity. • Clear cover allows for easy egg inspection without opening incubator. We invite you to view a piece of Zoo Med’s passion! Please visit: www. • Temperature control range from 59° F to 104° F (15° C to 40° C). We don’t sell these animals. • Multiple water reservoirs molded into incubator base. This year we have had quite a successful breeding season and we’ve had several species laying eggs. • Rigid 55 W heating element. Item# RI-10 Item# ZM-134* INCUBATION ROOM View a piece of Zoo Med’s passion! Zoo Med is made up of biologists and passionate hobbyists.

. We Don’t Just Understand Turtles.S. • Remote temperature monitoring & control.We Breed Them Outside Zoo Med’s new turtle & tortoise research facility Geothermal heating and air Inside Zoo Med’s new turtle & tortoise research facility 27 .eaching R Turtle NIRVANA • UVB transmitting roof panels made in the U. • Thermostatically controlled vents..A.

Item# TT-40K PATENTED NEW! E A. Mini Deep Dome Lamp Fixture. and stress reduction for aquatic turtles. The hollow resin log floats just at the surface so that turtles can bask on top of it or hide submerged inside. and washability of resin. Eco Earth® 8 qt. Aquatic Turtle Food (growth) 7. comfort. newts. and tropical fish.5 L). 511 Turtle Clean Canister Filter. Red Shrimp 0. Available in 4 sizes to easily accommodate any size aquatic turtle. allowing it to remain submerged in aquatic habitats. completely submersible. (14 g). • Patented. even with two 4” (10 cm) turtles on top. Item# AH-S Small Item# AH-M Medium Item# AH-L Large Item# AH-XL X-Large Item# AH-G Giant NEW! B. Natural Bush plastic plant. newts. Item# TA-40 E. (212 g). and up) Item# TD-20 Medium (15 gal. TURTLE TUB™ D.23 L). Inert material means it won’t mold and is easy to sterilize. • Built in land/water area. (7. Water Turtle Care Book. F. • Patented. Item# TD-5 Mini Dock Item# TD-10 Small (10 gal. Turtle Bone (2 cuttlebones). then Zoo Med’s new TURTLE HUT™ is for you. • Made from recycled materials! Item# TT-40 28 F . Bottom-weighting prevents the log from rolling over.5 L). TURTLE TUB™ KIT C. mudskippers. It can be submerged in water for aquatic turtles. TURTLE DOCK™ Unique floating dock for aquatic animals to bask on. Reptile Lamp Stand. • Lightweight and easy to clean. • Large land area allows natural basking and egg laying behavior.TURTLE PRODUCTS NEW! A NEW! PATENTED B CUSTOMER FAVORITE C NEW! D NEW! Kit includes: Turtle Tub™. frogs. DIGITAL AQUATIC TURTLE THERMOMETER Item# TH-26 • Waterproof. and even shy fish or used on dry land for any species of reptile or amphibian. and up) Item# TDS-4 4-pack/suction cups Zoo Med’s Turtle Tub replicates the natural “pond” environment that aquatic turtles naturally live in. ReptiSafe® 8 oz. • Opaque walls help in reducing stress. Vent holes allow the hut to fill with water. POWERSUN® UV & heat lamp. (7. Submerged ramp allows turtles easy access to a dry basking area for maximum exposure to heat and UVB lamps. Self leveling feature automatically adjusts to all water levels.5 oz. Forest Floor 8 qt. FLOATING TURTLE LOG™ The new natural looking Floating Turtle Log provides security. strength. and up) Item# TD-30 Large (40 gal. (.5 oz. TURTLE HUT™ If you want the look of a natural log hiding place for your reptiles with the convenience.

TURTLECLEAN™ 318 TURTLE FILTER D D. Clamp Lamp with Repti Basking Spot or TURTLE TUFF™ lamp. chemical. Item# TC-30 501 Canister Turtle Filter Item# TC-701 Replacement Carbon Item# TC-702 Replacement Sponge Item# TC-703 501 Filter Hanger C C. Dual intake ports to help prevent clogging from debris. and tortoises. TURTLE BONE™ AQUATIC TURTLE SETUP Filter: always use a good filter for your turtle tank making sure the filter is rated for the size aquarium that you have. • Comes complete with spray bar. biologically active ceramic media and activated carbon. sponge. Contains biological. Item# TC-32 511 TURTLECLEAN™ Item# TC-704 511 Replacement Wedge Sponge Item# TC-705 511 Replacement Rectangular Sponge Zoo Med’s new TURTLE CLEAN™ filter 318 is great for aquatic turtle tanks (up to 30 gallons) or for filtering box turtle “ponds” or aquatic amphibian tanks. MOPANI WOOD or driftwood TC-32 TURTLECLEAN™ 511 Canister Turtle Filter Mag Clip® Item# MS-1 Zoo Med prefers to use no substrate with “hard shell” aquatic turtles as gravel substrates can lead to impaction problems with turtles. Item# MD-11 A. convenient outside-the-tank canister filter for turtle tanks up to 30 gallons. With soft-shell turtles you must use a sand substrate like Zoo Med’s REPTISAND®. Use Zoo Med’s REPTISAFE® when setting up your tank or changing water. • High quality-designed and manufactured in Italy.0 UVB lamp. mechanical filter. 29 . Clear viewing case allows you to see when filter media needs replacing. Comes with activated carbon and biological filter sponges. TURTLE® E Slow-release calcium block • Provides required calcium and conditions water. Item# TB-1 (2 cuttlebones per package) E. Filter is fully submersible with easy to change filter cartridges. TURTLECLEAN™ 511 CANISTER FILTER For tanks up to 60 gallons.TURTLE PRODUCTS CUSTOMER FAVORITE NEW! NEW! A B B. Turtle Dock™ Item# TD-30 Fluorescent fixture with REPTISUN® 5. box turtles. TURTLECLEAN™ Item# TC-32 Zoo Med Turtle Dock™ TURTLE TUFF™ Item# OH-90 Thermometer Submersible aquarium heater Water: always change 20%-30% of your turtle tank’s water each week. 501 TURTLE CANISTER FILTER Small. • The TURTLECLEAN™ 318 can also lay flat and filter in 2” (51 mm) of water! Item# TC-20 TURTLECLEAN™ Item# PMC-18 Replacement Sponges • A natural floating source of calcium for all aquatic turtles. • Rough edible surface prevents overgrown mandibles (beaks). DR. • New double-filtering system with internal biological recirculation. and mechanical filtration.

5 oz. (255 g) Item# ZM-34 1 lb.5 oz. (137 g) Item# ZM-33 9 oz.FOOD PRODUCTS NEW! NEW! A FOR BABY WATER TURTLES B CUSTOMER FAVORITE C D FOR 2-6” (5-15 CM) SIZE WATER TURTLES FOR LARGE AQUATIC TURTLES 6” (15 CM) AND OVER IN SIZE NEW! E • An excellent high protein treat for all large size tropical fish and aquatic turtles. 1/8” (3. and kale to provide a balanced diet similar to that found in nature. ZM-110 ZM-111 ZM-112 ZM-113 ZM-114* 6. (22.5 oz. (71 g) Item# ZM-162 5. (28 g) Item# ZM-32 4. • Recommended by Zoos and professional turtle breeders.85 oz.27 kg) 50 lb. • No ground corn or other fillers. (964 g) D. (142 g) F C. • Complete floating pellet diet. LARGE SUN-DRIED RED SHRIMP F. • Sun dried. NATURAL AQUATIC TURTLE FOOD MAINTENANCE FORMULA • For large adult aquatic turtles 6” (15 cm) and over in size.7 kg) A.7 kg) 30 BE SPECIAL ORDERED FROM YOUR LOCAL PET SHOP *BULK SIZES CAN NATURAL! NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS. (52 g) Item# ZM-51B 7. FLAVORINGS.68 lbs. (170 g) Item# ZM-98 12 oz. newts. REPTISTICKS™ Floating Aquatic Turtle Food • Specially formulated to meet the dietary needs of all aquatic turtles. TURTLE TREATS™ NEW! B. (510 g) Item# ZM-35 2 lb. (2. Item# ZM-56 1. Item# ZM-50B 1. Item# ZM-160 0.8 mm) size pellet for turtles • 2-6” (5-15 cm). • Micro Size Pellet.0 oz. with added vitamins and minerals. This product is an excellent high protein treat for most aquatic and semi-aquatic turtles. (1. (184 g) 12 oz. . • 25% protein. colors or flavors. • Made with fish. Item# ZM-97 6 oz. (340 g) E. (226 g) Item# ZM-93 15 oz. (212 g) Item# ZM-52 13 oz. (14 g) Item# ZM-161 2. OR PRESERVATIVES ADDED.5 oz. • Natural. • With added vitamins and minerals. 2 oz. • 43% protein.12 kg) Item# ZM-58* 50 lbs. (680 g) 45 oz.5 oz.7 kg) G G.5 oz. (425 g) Item# ZM-57B 4. (22. (14 g) Item# Item# Item# Item# Item# • A food medley of Zoo Med’s aquatic turtle pellets blended with dried shrimp. (45 g) Item# ZM-92 7.2 mm) size pellet for turtles up to 2” (5 cm). NATURAL AQUATIC TURTLE FOOD HATCHLING FORMULA • A specially formulated floating pellet food for hatchling and juvenile aquatic turtles. (340 g) 24 oz. • 5/16” (8 mm) size pellet for turtles 6” (15 cm) and above.5 oz. NATURAL AQUATIC TURTLE FOOD GROWTH FORMULA For All Types of Aquatic Turtles. (1. (369 g) Item# ZM-53 30 oz. • No artificial preservatives.6 oz. Item# ZM-31 1 oz. (22. 2 oz. • 35% protein. 3/16” (4. Item# ZM-59 0. mealworms and whole cranberries. GOURMET AQUATIC TURTLE FOOD • Contains whole krill. shrimp. • A complete and balanced diet. (850 g) Item# ZM-54 54 oz. frogs and crabs.5 kg) Item# ZM-55B* 50 lb.

The only thing that can beat the natural ingredients and long fiber in your product would be moving my family and tortoise herd back to the tortoise’s natural habitat! I can’t say enough about it and I really want everyone with a tortoise to know about it”. an important part of the natural diet of Grassland Tortoises. (22. Sincerely. Zoo Med really did it’s research on this product. protein. NATURAL GRASSLAND TORTOISE FOOD C.FOOD PRODUCTS NEW! PATENT PENDING NEW! A ALSO AVAILABLE IN A 5 BLOCK VALUE PACK B C “I love your new Grassland Tortoise food. • Great as an additional food source while away on vacation. • Contains a variety of nutritious plants that Box Turtles love! Item# ZM-24 2 oz. • Helps to prevent overgrown beaks on tortoises. NATURAL BOX TURTLE FOOD BE SPECIAL ORDERED FROM YOUR LOCAL PET SHOP *BULK SIZES CAN • Correct fiber. an important part of the natural diet of Forest Tortoises. Timothy.75 lb.7 kg) Item# ZM-124* 50 lbs. • Available in regular and giant sizes. • Contains small amounts of fruit (papaya & mango) and animal protein to meet the unique dietary requirements of Forest Tortoises. (1. Spineless Cactus. • Helps maintain a turtle’s beak. (284 g) Item# ZM-22B 20 oz. • Contains chopped grasses (Oat. • Contains flavorful Dandelion Greens.7 kg) Item# ZM-134* 50 lbs. (142 g) * Pyramiding is NOT normal in most species. (240 g) Item# ZM-131 15 oz. AQUATIC TURTLE BANQUET® BLOCK Food & calcium supplement treat. G* IN A. 31 . (425 g) Item# ZM-132 35 oz. Yucca. and Alfalfa) to provide long-stem fiber. and calcium levels for normal growth and proper shell development. (22. FLAVORINGS. and other plants that tortoises love. and other plants that tortoises love! • Contains beneficial probiotics for intestinal health.7 kg) E. Item# BB-50 1 Regular block Item# BB-51 5 Regular blocks (Value Pack) Item# BB-52 1 Giant block D.75 lb. (22. (992 g) Item# ZM-133 3. • Contains nutritious Dandelion Greens. (1134 g) Item# ZM-25* 50 lbs. John Bailey TSA member & noted tortoise breeder Colored corn tortoise pellets should be fed as a “treat” only and never used as a regular tortoise diet. PYRAMID NO D NEW! NEW! E B. • Value Pack includes 5 regular sized blocks. • Contains beneficial probiotics for intestinal health! Item# ZM-120 8. (567 g) Item# ZM-23B 40 oz.7 kg) • Correct fiber and protein levels for normal growth and proper shell development. and Alfalfa) to provide long-stem fiber. and is likely caused by poor diet (high protein/low fiber) and low humidity. (992 g) Item# ZM-123 3. Yucca. NATURAL FOREST TORTOISE FOOD • Correct fiber and protein levels for normal growth and proper shell development. and other vegetables. (241g) Item# ZM-121 15 oz. (1.7 kg) NATURAL! NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS.5 oz. (425 g) Item# ZM-122 35 oz. • Provides enrichment as your tortoises chew the block to get the food inside. (57 g) Item# ZM-21B 10 oz. • Contains small amounts of fruit (papaya & mango) and animal protein to meet the unique dietary requirements of Box Turtles. Item# BB-55 5 oz. TORTOISE BLOCK Calcium Block with Cactus & Vegetables • Great source of Calcium. OR PRESERVATIVES ADDED.5 oz. Item# ZM-130 8. • Contains chopped grasses (Oat. Timothy. • Patent pending.

• Mist Bearded Dragons daily. or are fed poor quality foods that lack essential nutrients. Water REPTISAND®. hiding. and fiber for the long-term health of adult Dragons. Under Tank Heater. (1. Live crickets sold for reptiles must eat a healthy diet in order to provide reptiles with the nutrients that they need. (23 kg) B. (284 g) Item# ZM-86 20 oz. Clamp Lamp with POWERSUN® UV lamp (shown with DEEP DOME LAMP FIXTURE LF-17). (284 g) Item# ZM-77 20 oz.26 kg) Item# ZM-89* 25 lb. HABBA HUT™ for providing shelter. • Add an “ECO EARTH®” nesting box for gravid females. calcium. • Correct ratios of calcium. calcium. Juvenile Iguana Food Item# ZM-80 10 oz. Item# ZM-170 1. or flavors.H. • Contains flavorful Dandelion Greens. colors. and other plants that Iguanas love! Adult Iguana Food Item# ZM-85 10 oz. • With added vitamins and minerals. We recommend REPTICARE® CERAMIC HEAT EMITTER (shown with REPTI WIRE CAGE CLAMP LAMP) or Repti Therm™ U. (283 g)) BE SPECIAL ORDERED FROM YOUR LOCAL PET SHOP *BULK SIZES CAN NATURAL! NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS. (2. (2. NATURAL JUVENILE IGUANA FOOD WITH ADDED VITAMINS AND MINERALS C D. (284 g) Item# ZM-81 20 oz. (567 g) Item# ZM-82 40 oz. • Correct ratios of protein.3 kg) Item# ZM-90* 50 lb. (11. (567 g) Item# ZM-87 40 oz. fiber and other nutrients for optimum health and growth. and getting closer to UVB light source. NATURAL ADULT BEARDED DRAGON FOOD WITH ADDED VITAMINS AND MINERALS • Carefully formulated by PhD nutritionists to meet the nutritional needs of juvenile Iguanas as determined by breeders and leading scientists. fiber and other nutrients for the long term health of adult Iguanas. (23 kg) • Finely ground gut-load for crickets being fed to reptiles. and fiber needed by growing Dragons. Crickets are an important food for insect-eating reptiles and amphibians. (11. (284 g) Item# ZM-74 20 oz.26 kg) Item# ZM-84* 25 lb. Zoo Med’s Natural Cricket Care™ provides a gut-load with essential nutrients for the optimum health of crickets and the reptiles that eat them. VITA-SAND®. (23 kg) • No artificial preservatives. (567 g) Item# ZM-75 2 oz. (49 g) Item# ZM-171 10 oz. protein. • Contains flavorful Dandelion Greens and other plants that Dragons love! Adult Bearded Dragon Food Item# ZM-76 10 oz. protein. CRICKET CARE • Correct ratios of protein. FLAVORINGS. • Feed live crickets.13 kg) Item# ZM-88 5 lb.3 kg) • Carefully formulated by PhD nutritionists to meet the nutritional needs of Adult Iguanas as determined by leading scientists. (57 g) Item# ZM-78* 50 lb. Yucca.13 kg) Item# ZM-83 5 lb. (1. MOPANI WOOD for climbing. • Contains flavorful Dandelion Greens and other plants that Dragons love! Juvenile Bearded Dragon Food Item# ZM-73 10 oz. ReptiFresh® or Excavator®. NATURAL ADULT IGUANA FOOD WITH ADDED VITAMINS AND MINERALS D NEW! E E.FOOD PRODUCTS NEW! A A.T. OR PRESERVATIVES ADDED. Zoo Med’s Bearded Dragon Food mixed with produce and Zoo Med Can O’ products.75 oz. 32 . Crickets sold in stores are often underfed. • Correct ratios of calcium. NATURAL JUVENILE BEARDED DRAGON FOOD WITH ADDED VITAMINS AND MINERALS B C. (567 g) Item# ZM-79* 50 lb. CORRECT BEA RDED DRAGON SETUP 24 Hour heat source.

Item# BN-1 Bug Napper® Item# PBN-01 Replacement Bug Lamp 33 . Item# ZM-14 0. GREEN IGUANA FOOD SAMPLE VALUE PACK Automatic Live Insect Collecting Trap BUGNAPPER ® NEW! C. energy efficient compact fluorescent bug lamp. Item# ZM-17 2 oz. Item# ZM-16 2 oz. Item# ZM-12 0.).5 oz. • Varies the diet for your animals just like in nature. Geckos (Rhacodactylus sp. • Repti Calcium® Sample. Item# FSP-2 H. Enriched with vitamins.. BEARDED DRAGON FOOD SAMPLER VALUE PACK www. • Patented. gnats. • Aquatic Turtle Banquet® Block. (18 g) NEW! Includes: • Can O’ Crickets. AQUATIC TURTLE FOOD SAMPLER VALUE PACK J. Item# FSP-3 Item# ZM-15 2. • For ALL types of aquatic frogs and tadpoles. • ReptiVite™ Sample. • Can O’ Worms. AQUATIC NEWT FOOD • For ALL types of aquatic newts. • Repti Calcium® Sample. Item# FSP-1 Item# FSP-4 G. (56 g) Includes: Includes: • Natural Aquatic Turtle Food. • Catch flying insects day or night like: moths. DAY GECKO FOOD For all fruit/nectar feeding Geckos including • Repti Calcium® Sample. • ReptiVite™ Sample. • Can O’ Worms. • Easy to empty “NO TOUCH” bug collection cup means you don’t have to handle insects.4 oz. • Catch insect specimens for school science projects or bug hobby collections. (71 g) I.zoomed. REPTI CRICKET™ FOOD Fresh baked crickets dusted with ReptiVite™ and an all-natural flavoring agent. etc. • Natural Juvenile Iguana Food. • ReptiVite™ Sample. • Feeding Tongs. (56 g) NEW! B.” BUY Online at: K.65 oz. • Attracts bugs with a special long lasting. ANOLE FOOD Contains farm-raised insects with a special protein coating that Anoles (American Chameleons) love. amphibians or arachnids. flies. • A soft-moist high protein diet. • ReptiSafe® Water Conditioner Sample. • Tropical Fruit Mix-ins. • Tropical Fruit Mix-ins. (11 g) Includes: • Natural Juvenile Bearded Dragon Food. AQUATIC FROG & TADPOLE FOOD • High protein sinking micro pellets. • Large Red Shrimp. • ReptiSafe® Water Conditioner Sample. • Adjustable bug collection cup to catch different size bugs. beetles. • ReptiSafe® Water Conditioner Sample.4 oz. BUGNAPPER® K E. Day Geckos (Phelsuma sp. Item# ZM-40B 0. F. LEOPARD GECKO FOOD SAMPLE VALUE PACK • Catch FREE natural live insects to feed to your pet reptiles..FOOD PRODUCTS NEW! NEW! A B C D E F NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! G NEW! H NEW! I PATENTED J A. LEOPARD GECKO FOOD A natural blend of flavoring agents and small-size farm raised insects.com click on “browse store. • Iguana Food Juvenile. (11 g) D. • ReptiSticks™.) and Crested • ReptiSafe® Water Conditioner Sample.

Item# ZM-45A 1. large cichlids. (50 g) H. Ideal for most lizards. turtles. birds and small animals. aquatic turtles. and birds. Excellent high protein treat for aquatic turtles. amphibians. fish. aquarium fish and invertebrates. Ideal for most lizards. (34 g) F. CAN O’ SNAILS™ Medium size unshelled snails.2 oz. Box Turtles.2 oz. (34 g) B. turtles. Item# ZM-47 1. or aquarium fish (i. CAN O’ MINI MEALIES™ Small size mealworms. CAN O’ PILLARS™ Soft-bodied caterpillars. Great for adult Bearded Dragons. (34 g) I G. Item# ZM-44 1. fish. etc. Item# ZM-43 1. Item# TA-20 34 K . CAN O’ CRICKETS™ Adult size crickets.). More hygienic than using your fingers. Item# ZM-42 1. birds and small animals.2 oz. and small animals. Our full line of feeder insects are cooked in the can (called “retorting”) which locks in the flavor and freshness while also softening the exoskeleton for easier digestion. birds. (34 g) I. A B C D E F G A. fish. Ideal for most lizards.Tegus. birds and mammals. fish.2 oz. birds and small animals. marine invertebrates. birds and small animals. turtles. Ideal for most lizards. Ideal for most small lizards. turtles. FEEDING TONGS J K. (34 g) C. High in protein. (34 g) H D. Ideal for skinks.2 oz.. birds and small animals.. CAN O’ SUPERWORMS™ Superworms (Zophobas morio). map turtles. CAN O’ WORMS™ Medium size mealworms. CAN O’ SHRIMP™ Freshwater shrimp.e. Item# ZM-41 1. baby birds. Tegus and puffer fish. Best feeding response of all Can O’ Products! Item# ZM-48 1. fish. (34 g) J.2 oz. CAN O’ GRASSHOPPERS™ Large size grasshoppers. turtles. amphibians.CUSTOMER FAVORITE CA NNED FOODS C a n O’ Products Zoo Med’s new Can O’ products are the latest in reptile nutrition and convenience. • More hygenic than using your fingers.2 oz. Hand feeding marine Triggerfish. monitors. CAN O’ MINI CRICKETS™ Small size crickets. 10” STAINLESS STEEL TONGS Ideal for feeding reptiles. birds. turtles. natural source of fat. fish. Perfect for reptiles.7 oz. Item# ZM-146 1. Ideal for large monitors. Item# TA-21 • For hand feeding all reptiles. Great for Box Turtles! Item# ZM-49 1. (34 g) E. small animals. skinks.2 oz.

Papaya. (113 g) Item# ZM-151 Papaya 4 oz. Item# ZM-71 6 oz. BOX TURTLE FOOD Contains whole corn and apples. Item# ZM-30 6 oz. and Red Banana. (170 g) H. (170 g) G. • Great for Tropical Lizards. TEGU & MONITOR FOOD The first commercially available food developed for large carnivorous lizards. HERMIT CRAB FOOD High moisture content and fresh fish make this a great food for Hermit Crabs! Item# ZM-10 6 oz. (113 g) Item# ZM-152 Red Banana 4 oz. • Available in Mango. Item# ZM-70 6 oz. some Geckos and Iguanas. TORTOISE/LIZARD FOOD Contains Opuntia Cactus. Box Turtles. Item# ZM-20 6 oz. TROPICAL FRUIT MIX-INS K B. Papaya & Red Banana. (170 g) L D. JUVENILE IGUANA FOOD The juvenile formula has a higher protein level than the adult formula for proper bone development in young Iguanas. (113 g) Item# ZM-154 Papaya & Red Banana 4 oz. ADULT BEARDED DRAGON FOOD Tasty apple flavor for finicky Bearded Dragons. (170 g) I-M. (170 g) H NEW! E. Item# ZM-150 Mango 4 oz. Item# ZM-60 6 oz. (170 g) F. ADULT IGUANA FOOD Contains ingredients such as apples and carrots.CA NNED FOODS A B NEW! I C D E F J G A. “Forest” type species of Tortoises. apples and a vitamin/mineral supplement. Tegu and Monitor Food is made with real chicken and soybeans to provide the high protein levels that carnivorous reptiles need. Hermit Crabs. two of the favorite foods of captive Box Turtles! We also add additional vitamins and minerals. (113 g) Item# ZM-153 Mango & Papaya 4 oz. whole peas. (170 g) M 35 . with a natural flavoring agent and bright color to entice Iguanas to feed. (113 g) C. Item# ZM-65 6 oz. JUVENILE BEARDED DRAGON FOOD Higher protein formulation for young dragons. (170 g) • Used as a “mix-in” with fresh or pelleted diets. Mango & Papaya. Item# ZM-72 6 oz.

Item# KB-20 Small Item# KB-40 Large Item# KB-50 X-Large E. REPTI RAMP™ BOWLS C. box turtles and tortoises. COMBO REPTI ROCK™ FOOD AND WATER DISHES Economically priced food and water dishes. etc. • Dishwasher safe! • X-Large size great for Ball Pythons. • For water or food. smooth non-porous surface that won’t harbor bacteria. toads. Item# WFC-20 Small Item# WFC-30 Medium Item# WFC-40 Large Item# WFC-50 X-Large 36 . sold together. Item# WD-10 Extra Small Item# WD-20 Small Item# WD-30 Medium Item# WD-40 Large Item# WD-50 X-Large E Allows easy “in and out” access for your turtles. hermit crabs. REPTI ROCK™ WATER DISHES Virtually indestructible. Available in assorted colors and sizes. small for hermit crabs and amphibians and Large and Extra-Large for lizards. frogs. Available in three sizes. salamanders. Item# RRB-9 Small Item# RRB-11 Large Item# RRB-12 X-Large B. REPTI ROCK™ CORNER BOWL • Fits in the corner. REPTI ROCK™ FOOD DISHES Low profile with a smooth non-porous surface that won’t harbor bacteria.WATER & FOOD DISHES CORNER BOWL A B CUSTOMER FAVORITE C D ALL ZOO MED FOOD AND WATER DISHES ARE MADE FROM 100% RECYCLED PLASTIC! A. Item# FD-20 Small Item# FD-30 Medium Item# FD-40 Large Item# FD-50 X-Large D.

zoomed.com 37 .We have been committed to the environment since we started our commitment to reptiles in 1977 GREEN is Good NATURAL Foods GREEN Products Made from Recycled Plastic Sustainably Harvested Compostable To learn more about our GREEN values please visit our website: www.

C Zoo Med’s REPTI or Without Vitamin D3 is a phosphorus-free calcium supplement for reptiles and amphibians. Vitamin D3 and calcium. but a little research can help guide keepers in the right direction. Originally developed for the San Diego Zoo to correct soft-shell problems in turtles. For more information on UVB.36 kg) C. and amino acid complex specifically formulated for reptiles.com. Proper nutrition for reptiles and amphibians is dependent on many variables. (85 g) A34-8 8 oz. Recommended Use: Without D3 • Animals housed outdoors with direct exposure to sunlight for 10 hrs/day or more (i. UVB. REPTIVITE™ WITHOUT D3 38 . (226 g) A34-12 12 oz. Oyster Shell Calcium) cause the supplement to appear gray. (453 g) A36-40 2 1/2 lbs. There is no prescribed rule for which animals need additional D3. (226 g) A33-12 12 oz. REPTI CALCIUM® WITH D3 Item# Item# Item# Item# Item# Item# Item# Item# A34-3 3 oz.g. REPTI CALCIUM® WITHOUT D3 A36-2 2 oz. a complete vitamin. it is now used by some of the most respected zoos and animal parks throughout the world. (226 g) A35-16 16 oz. (1.27 kg) D. an essential component in protein digestion. mineral. (2.e. heat. Impurities in other sources of calcium carbonate (e. Chameleons. Exposure to UVB helps animals produce Vitamin D3 in their skin. PLEASE VISIT: www. Vitamin D3. CALCIUM® With D Zoo Med is proud to offer REPTIVITE™. (2. (226 g) A36-16 16 oz. REPTIVITE™ WITH D3 B. Use 2-3 times weekly on your reptile’s food. The first reptile vitamin to include the complete amino acid complex.13 kg) A35-80 5 lbs. Item# Item# Item# Item# Item# Item# Item# Item# Item# Item# TO READ MORE ABOUT VITAMIN D3. REPTIVITE™ is calcium based to ensure healthy bone growth with the correct 2:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio. you can take comfort in knowing that your reptiles are getting a highly bioavailable source of calcium carbonate that is free of harmful impurities.zoomed. With REPTI CALCIUM®.zoomed.27 kg) A35-2 2 oz. turtles and tortoises). REPTIVITE™ does not contain artificial additives or fillers like soy.com -REPTILES & UVB REPORT A. or sucrose.13 kg) A36-80 5 lbs. please visit www. (340 g) A33-48 4 lbs. UVB. (1. (453 g) A35-40 2 1/2 lbs. vitamin D3 is responsible for utilizing calcium within the diet. (340 g) A34-48 4 lbs. Either way. calcium and diet work together and are dependent on each other for balanced nutrition. General Recommendations: Recommended Use: With D3 • Diurnal species housed indoors (Bearded Dragons. We use only Precipitated Calcium Carbonate which is white in color and is essentially lead free. (1. UVA LIGHTING AND REPTILES. Chameleons and tortoises housed outdoors). yeast. • Can be offered occasionally to nocturnal animals. • Reptiles that eat whole vertebrate prey (eg.36 kg) A33-3 3 oz. while some animals obtain vitamin D3 from their diet. (1. Offer REPTI CALCIUM® and REPTIVITE™ in alternate feedings as directed. (85 g) A33-8 8 oz. mice).V ITA MINS & CA LCIUM REPTI CALCIUM® AND REPTIVITE™: A CUSTOMER FAVORITE B Balanced calcium and multi-vitamin supplementation for all reptiles and amphibians. (56 g) A35-8 8 oz. (56 g) A36-8 8 oz.

disinfecting and deodorizing terrariums and other animal enclosures. Completely non-toxic and safe for the water supply and environment (no EPA listed pesticide ingredients). (258 mL) infections on toads. REPTI SHEDDING AID • Opens and cleans inflamed turtle eyes. Can also be used to help heal topical Item# MO-4 4.25 oz. dogs. amphibian enclosures. (64 mL) E D.25 oz. (125 mL) Item# WC-8 8. (125 mL) Item# MO-8 8. No. REPTI TURTLE EYE DROPS B. REPTISAFE® removes chloramines and chlorine. plants.25 D A. REPTISAFE® The first instant terrarium water conditioner. It is ideal for cleaning. (66 mL) Controls mites in captive reptile collections. (946 mL) F F. and abrasions on reptiles.89 L) (Refill size) Item# MD-30 2. WIPE OUT 1™ kills Salmonella choleraesis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa and can reduce the spread of bacterial infections among your animals. and A topical antiseptic to help heal cuts. (28 mL) 39 . MITE OFF has C. and aquatic turtle tanks. Item# MD-31 2.25 oz. MITE OFF E. REPTI WOUND-HEALING no effect on vertebrate species and other complex organisms including AID humans. and provides essential ions and electrolytes which help to hydrate newly acquired animals. chameleon drip water systems. small electrically charged molecules that can penetrate and disrupt simple organisms like mites. (EPA Reg. reptiles. MITE OFF contains colloids. • Preventative for eye diseases caused by vitamin A deficiencies. Item# MD-32 1 oz. 69814-4) Item# WO-14 4. Item# WC-2 2. • Helpful with box turtle eye problems. WIPE OUT 1™ Terrarium and small animal cage disinfectant. cleaner and deodorizer. Great for reptile water bowls. cats. (258 mL) Item# WO1-32 32 oz. REPTI SHEDDING AID conditions your reptiles’ skin and provides a visible sheen. Aids in removing dry sheds from snakes and lizards.25 oz. (66 mL) Item# WC-4 4. (1.75 oz.25 oz. Also stimulates slime coat development in amphibians and fish.75 oz. (125 mL) Item# WO-18 8.75 oz.25 oz. detoxifies ammonia and nitrites.MEDICATIONS & CLEANERS A B C CUSTOMER FAVORITE CUSTOMER FAVORITE Zoo Med represents that this product qualifies for exemption from registration under FIFRA section 25(b) as outlined in title 40CFR section 152. burns. Long lasting! Works between sheds. (258 mL) Item# WC-64 64 oz.

(2. • GREAT FOR Bearded Dragons.25 kg) Item# SR-10 Natural Red 10 lb. (2.. (2. colors. (4.5 kg) Item# SR-25 Desert White 25 lb. • Available in 6 natural colors. • Use for Bearded Dragons. Collared Lizards. Leopard Geckos.5 kg) Item# VO-05 Outback Orange 5 lb. Uromastyx lizards. (4. (4.6 kg) C. (4.25 kg) Item# VM-10 Mojave Mauve 10 lb. Iguanas. or chemicals. • All Natural! No added dyes. (2.5 kg) Item# SM-10 Midnight Black 10 lb.. (2. (4. VITA-SAND® or EXCAVATOR® Clay Burrowing Substrate to help reduce odors. (2.5 kg) Item# VG-05 Gobi Gold 5 lb.25 kg) Item# VW-10 Sonoran White 10 lb.25 kg) Item# VB-10 Baja Blue 10 lb. Item# XR-05 Item# XR-10 Item# XR-25 5 lb.25 kg) Item# VG-10 Gobi Gold 10 lb. (4. (3. (4. • Excellent substrate for Bearded Dragons. VITA-SAND® 40 • All natural vitamin-fortified calcium carbonate substrate. • NATURAL COLOR-No added dyes or chemicals. • Stimulates natural digging and burrowing behavior.25 kg) Item# SW-10 Desert White 10 lb. very fine quartz desert sand–excellent for all types of desert reptiles! • Stimulates natural digging and burrowing behavior. Item# RO-8 8 lb. (11 kg) Item# SR-05 Natural Red 5 lb. Item# SW-05 Desert White 5 lb. soft-shell turtles. etc. Item# VW-05 Sonoran White 5 lb. (4.5 kg) D. • Can also be used as a “mix-in” with Zoo Med REPTISAND®. Leopard Geckos. Check out our You Tube video: EXCAVATOR® Clay Substrate NEW! D B. (4. Monitors.25 kg) 10 lb.5 kg) A. (2. • Fortified with vitamins and Beta Carotene for increased health benefits. REPTIFRESH® Odor Eliminating Substrate • A natural mineral substrate that absorbs odors in the terrarium.CAGE SUBSTRATES NEW! Natural Red Sahara Slate Desert White Outback Orange Midnight Black Baja Blue A B C Gobi Gold 3 EA SY STEPS TO BUILD Y OUR BURROWS Mojave Mauve Sonoran White Learn how to use EXCAVATOR ®. • EXCAVATOR® holds its shape so burrows and tunnels won’t collapse. • Watch your reptiles perform natural digging behaviors.25 kg) Item# VO-10 Outback Orange 10 lb.5 kg) Item# VM-05 Mojave Mauve 5 lb. • Available in 3 natural colors with no added dyes or chemicals.5 kg) 25 lb. (2. (2. Uromastyx lizards.25 kg) Item# VS-10 Sahara Slate 10 lb. EXCAVATOR® Clay Burrowing Substrate.5 kg) Item# VS-05 Sahara Slate 5 lb. Tarantulas. (4. (11 kg) . scorpions. Geckos and other desert species of reptile. REPTISAND® • Pure.5 kg) Item# VB-05 Baja Blue 5 lb. Sand Boas. • You can mold and create multi-level terraces and burrows in your reptile’s terrarium. • Make your reptiles feel like they’re “at home” in their natural habitat. • Allows reptiles to dig tunnels and burrows just like they do in nature. Hermit Crabs and many other species of reptiles.

(26. frogs. ASPEN SNAKE BEDDING #1 Preferred snake bedding by professional herpetoculturists worldwide! • No toxic oils like cedar and other similar wood shavings. salamanders. REPTIBARK® The #1 selling reptile bark worldwide! Naturally decorative. Item# CM-4 4 qt. HYDROBALLS® NATURALISTIC TERRARIUM • Use as a base layer underneath Zoo Med’s ECO EARTH® compressed coconut fiber substrate or other substrate to create an underground water table in Naturalistic Terrariums.4 L) Item# SB-8 8 qt. (1. • Increases humidity in your enclosure. • Great for snakes. (4. Provides your terrarium with that tropical rainforest look! • Excellent substrate for tropical humidity loving reptiles. FOREST FLOOR™ WATERFALL KIT Item# WK-10 (see page 8) 41 . Item# VC-10 2.8 L) Item# SB-24 24 qt.4 L) 8 qt. • ECO EARTH® now comes in a compressed “brick” form or “loose fill” pack. tarantulas and invertebrates.8 L) 24 qt. SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED. (4. A B CUSTOMER FAVORITE C MADE FROM THE BY-PRODUCT OF COCONUTS. • Triple cleaning process to eliminate large sticks. Item# EE-08 Loose Item# EE-10 One brick Item# EE-20 Three brick pack • 100% natural cypress mulch. • 100% pure fir bark. Item# RB-4 Item# RB-8 Item# RB-24 4 qt. 3 brick pack D A. • Excellent for NATURALISTIC TERRARIUMS. box turtles. (26.4 L) Single brick E E. (8.5 lb. (8. INCREASES HUMIDITY: • Add water to HYDROBALLS® to create a natural “aquifer” and increase humidity levels for all tropical species! LIVE PLANTS: • Provides an excellent substrate for live plant root growth in NATURALISTIC TERRARIUMS. (4. mix with Zoo Med’s ECO EARTH® for tropical species of tortoises or box turtles. dust and dirt. BUILD A WATERFALL: • Add a water pump to the HYDROBALLS® layer to create a waterfall and generate water flow through the HYDROBALLS® for optimum filtration. naturalistic substrate that allows snakes. tropical tortoises.9% dust free! • Provides a safe.13 kg) B. hermit crabs. • Odorless. Item# SB-4 4 qt. amphibians. easy to clean. ECO EARTH® • ECO EARTH® is a natural coconut fiber substrate that is ideal for all burrowing type animals like.4 L) D. • REPTIBARK® is washable and re-usable. (8. lizards and small animals to form burrows and nests as they would in the wild. and 99.4 L) C. tarantulas or invertebrates. toads. • Beneficial small size particles prevents crickets from hiding in substrate.CAGE SUBSTRATES ALL NATURAL. • Provides your terrarium with a natural “forest floor” look while retaining moisture to provide humidly to the enclosure. (26.4 L) Item# CM-8 8 qt.8 L) Item# CM-24 24 qt.

DELUXE SHOVEL SCOOPER Turtles or Tortoises Item# CF2-M 10 gal. vent it from decomposing in humid environments. made from 100% post-consum. • SAFE: Cannot be accidentally ingested by your Item# CC-5 5 gal. Item# TA-31 Deluxe Shovel Scooper turtles and tortoises. NEW ZEALAND SPHAGNUM MOSS • Economical • Absorbent • Washable Item# CF2-L 15-20 gal. wide low profile “shovel” design all vivarium applications. Blue • Excellent top substrate for Zoo Med’s species of snakes. 10”x 20” (25x51 cm) Item# CF3-NZ 80 cu in (1. lizards. (2. (9 kg) moist longer than any other type of moss! carpet aids in muscle development in lizards.Item# CC-15 15-20 gal. 18”x 36” (46x92 cm) Item# ET-10T 10 gal 10” x 20” (25 x 51 cm) Item# CC-55 55 Show 13”x 48” (33x122 cm) Item# ET-15 15-20 gal 12” x 24” (30 x 61 cm) Item# CC-60 60 gal. • INCREASE HUMIDITY: Holds more water and stays • Recommended by professional hobbyist as Item# CF2-B Bale 20 lb. and Gray. Item# CC-40 40 gal. Item# CF2-MB Mini Bale (5.SUBSTRATES & ACCESSORIES NEW! A B C NEW! F MADE FROM 100% POSTCONSUMER RECYCLED PLASTIC BOTTLES! NEW! D E G Item# ET-29 29 gal 12” x 30” (30 x 76 cm) F. Item# ET-50T 50 gal 15” x 48” (38 x 122 cm) • Angled edges for cleaning corners. reptiles and amphibians.31 cu dm) Terrarium Carpet Liner For Snakes.8 L) • For spot cleaning sand terrarium B. • LONG LASTING: Natural compounds in moss preD. REPTI CAGE CARPET™ Item# CF3-FM 80 cu in (1. • TRUE SPHAGNUM MOSS: The #1 preferred moss for Item# CF2-X 30-40 gal. (3.62 L) for hard to reach corner areas.31 L) G. 12”x 30” (30x76 cm) • Washable and easy to clean. NATURALISTIC TERRARIUMS®. FROG MOSS C. E. Item# TA-30 Sand Scooper • Excellent top substrate for Zoo Med’s NATURALISTIC • Available in 5 sizes including a mini compressed NEW! TERRARIUMS®. Item# CF2-S 5 gal.1 L) • Two carpets per package to allow for easy • New. decorative living moss to accent your • Great for use in humidity shelters for all types of Item# ET-50 naturalistic terrarium. Item# CC-10 10 gal. Brown. (1. tortoises and insects. 12”x 24” (30x61 cm) er recycled plastic bottles! Item# CC-29 29 gal. TERRARIUM MOSS™ Item# ET-29T 29 gal 12” x 30” (30 x 76 cm) • For spot cleaning sand terrarium • Frog Moss (Also called “Pillow Moss”) will come • Completely natural moss cage substrate for Item# ET-40 40 gal 15” x 36” (38 x 92 cm) back to life and grow in proper terrarium conditions. bale size for pet shops or multiple terrariums. medium for a variety of reptiles. (150 g) animals. amphibians and wetland environment reptiles. • SOFT: Absorbent. • A beautiful. Lizards. 15”x 36” (38x92 cm) Item# ET-10 10 gal 10” x 20” (25 x 51 cm) Item# CC-40B 40 gal. cleaning.3 L) substrates.33 lb. non-abrasive carpet for many • Available in four colors: Green. substrates. ity loving species of reptiles or amphibians. 8”x 16” (20x40 cm) Item# CF2-NZ 0.31 cu dm) • A green product. ECO CARPET™ • Safe: Cannot be accidentally ingested. 18”x 48” (46x122 cm) 42 . 50 gal 15” x 48” (38 x 122 cm) • Heavy duty scoop for spot cleaning.• Excellent for use as an egg-laying and incubation Item# ET-55 55 show 13” x 48” (33 x 122 cm) • Perfect for REPTISAND® or VITA-SAND®. • Increases humidity in terrariums for all high humid. REPTI SAND SCOOPER A. (1.

and lizard breeding nesting areas! Eco Earth® and REPTISAND® are a perfect tropical combination. while REPTISAND® helps create texture that will hold shape for burrowing. and REPTISAND® makes the perfect nesting substrate for many species.ZOO MED’S SUBSTRATE GUIDE dd ing R™ Be R® OO et™ ke rk ® sh ® ® h® na FL CA VA TO arp ND ISA nS ST Fre art Ba an -S d® oC oE pti pti RE SUBSTRATE PROPERTIES Tropical Desert Humidity Retention Burrowing/Tunneling Odor Absorbing For use in aquatic set-ups Reusable pe PT Vit a X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X ZOO MED’S RECOMMENDED SUBSTRATE COMBINATIONS Eco Earth® can be added to either ReptiBark® or FOREST FLOOR™ to add texture and moisture holding properties. We use this combination at Zoo Med for all our land tortoise. Add ReptiFresh® to EXCAVATOR® or REPTISAND® for desert terrariums. This substrate combo holds moisture. These blends create a realistic ground cover that retains humidity and allows animals to retreat under the top layers of substrate. Mosses can be added to burrows and/or shelters of desert terrariums to create a humid retreat similar to that found in nature. ZOO MED’S NESTING SUBSTRATE COMBO A combination of Zoo Med’s Eco Earth®. This combo is also a preferred nesting substrate for Uromastyx and other desert burrowing species. Eco Earth® will help retain humidity. FOREST GROUND COVER ODOR ABSORBING ReptiFresh® can be added to other substrates to add odor-absorbing properties. aquatic turtle. and is a very natural consistency for nest digging. HUMID BURROWS Add water holding properties to EXCAVATOR® by adding Eco Earth®. TROPICAL SAND (LOAM-TYPE) SUBSTRATE TOPPERS: Add any of these substrate toppers to your terrarium to help retain humidity and create a natural looking environment for tropical species. Add ReptiFresh® to Eco Earth® for tropical terrariums. Mo RE Re FO Re EX As Ec Ec ss es 43 . FOREST FLOOR™. holds shape.

Adds beneficial humidity to your terrarium while hydrating.e. The large reserve provides constant fresh water. especially those who do not drink standing water. The Dripper has a folding handle lid that allows you to suspend the dripper above the enclosure. Includes ReptiSafe® sample.65 L)“reservoir” water reserve. Includes an “insect guard” which prevents insects and small lizards from entering the reservoir and getting stuck. Item# BD-1 Big Dripper™ Item# LD-1 Little Dripper™ 44 . Item# HM-20 48 oz. Extra wide base prevents accidental tipping and spilling. Item# RR-10 D. BIG & LITTLE DRIPPER™ B. REPTI RAPIDS™ CASCADING WATERFALL Natural looking. Our Drippers are available in two sizes. Made from foamed urethane which is more realistic looking than plastic or painted cement. • Never replace your suction cups again! • Clips hold aquarium (turtle) heaters.4 L) E. MAG CLIP® • Industrial strength MAGNETIC suction cup with Interchangeable clips. filter tubes and airline tubing. Item# RR-20 Zoo Med’s Drippers simulate natural rainfall and provide humidity for captive reptiles. the one gallon (3. (1. Especially helpful for animals that do not readily drink standing water and instead drink “dew” from leaves (i. while the small basin discourages reptiles from fouling their water.WATER ACCESSORIES CUSTOMER FAVORITE PATENTED A B C D A. Old World Chameleons). REPTI ROCK RESERVOIR™ A deluxe reptile water dish with a 22 oz. Item# MS-1 E C. Comes complete with Zoo Med’s MICROPUMP 104. (0. (2 L) “Little Dripper™”. tranquil sounding waterfall for terrariums 15 gallons and over. • Patented. MOTOMISTER™ Motorized Hand Held Mister • Automatic sprayer-no pumping required! • Increase humidity in terrariums. • Two AA batteries included.78 L) “Big Dripper™” and the 70 oz.

• One liter bottle and “no spill” valve for easy removal and refilling. Red-foot Tortoises. or will run on batteries (4 C batteries. • Forest tortoise species (e. • Box Turtles. Portable – for indoor or outdoor use. and visual appeal. 6 hours. Includes AC adaptor. • Nighttime temperature drop feature controlled by photocell. • Humidity control range: 15% to 95% RH (Relative Humidity). 4 point suction cup hold down. or 12 hours.g. • Great for use with Zoo Med’s REPTIFOGGER™.WATER ACCESSORIES A CUSTOMER FAVORITE Ready to use! Includes the following items: • REPTIFOGGER™ base assembly with fog-output control. • Amphibians (including Dart Frogs). • Temperature control range: 50°F to 122°F (10°C to 50°C). HABBA MIST® Automatic Misting Machine • Programmable misting unit for terrariums. remote nozzle extension and 6 watt AC adaptor. bird cages. 45. Four spray duration settings: 15. • Alarm flashes when temperature or humidity reaches extreme high or low levels. Item# RF-10 B. The REPTIFOGGER™ can be used to increase the overall humidity level in smaller terrariums. • Hatchling and juvenile tortoises to prevent pyramiding. relative humidity. HYGROTHERM™ Humidity and temperature controller in one! • Controls up to 1000 watts of combined temperature and humidity control devices. • Fully adjustable hose attachment pumps fog into your terrarium. • One year warranty. aviaries or indoor gardens. 3 hours. Item# HT-10 45 . Item# HM-10 C. 30. • Hermit Crabs. • Built in memory stores settings in case of power failure. • Four programmable spray interval settings– every hour. • Controls temperature by turning on heating devices in “HEAT” mode or by turning on cooling devices in “COOL” mode. C Power Supply Humidity & Temperature Controller in One! Mode 00 ACTUAL %RH C F PROGRAM 00 COOL HEAT TEM HUM Set HUMIDITY TEMPERATURE Control Unit Temperature Humidity Temperature/Humidity 2 in 1 sensor PATENTED Socket for Humidifier B Socket for Heater/Cooler A. or to create a humid “micro climate” in larger terrariums. REPTIFOGGER™ Create a tropical rainforest in your terrarium using Zoo Med’s REPTIFOGGER™ Terrarium Humidifier. not included). Yellow-foot Tortoises & Hingeback Tortoises). • Patented. • Geckos (including Crested Geckos & Day Geckos). or 60 seconds. Use with Zoo Med’s HYGROTHERM™ for precise humidity and temperature control in your terrarium! Excellent for use with tropical and rainforest species of reptiles & amphibians including: • Chameleons and Anoles. Dramatic cool mist increases animal comfort. • Flex tubing extends from 10” (25 cm) to 32” (81 cm) allowing for various terrarium sizes and set ups. • Includes adjustable mounting hooks.

Use as regular staple food. HERMIT CRAB SALT WATER CONDITIONER Hermit crabs will benefit from a dish of salt water in addition to their fresh water supply. HERMIT CRAB FOOD High moisture content and fresh fish make this a great food for Hermit Crabs! Item# ZM-10 6 oz.HERMIT CRAB PRODUCTS A B C D NEW! E F G B. Item# HC-63 I. • Enrichment fun! Your Hermit Crabs will sit on top of the banquet block for hours picking away the minerals and food. HERMIT CRAB PEANUT CRUNCHIES All natural peanut butter treat. Item# HC-30 D.4 oz. Item# HC-91 G. cranberries. This conditioner adds natural sea salt as well as calcium in addition to removing chlorine and chloramines.25 g) A convenient pellet diet for all land hermit crabs. • Temperature and humidity levels are extremely important for the long term health of your hermit crabs. HERMIT CRAB SEA SPONGE A great way for hermit crabs to exit deep water dishes. Raises the ambient temperature in small terrariums about five degrees. HERMIT CRAB FRUIT SALAD All natural fruit treat containing dried apples. Item# HC-90 F.85 oz. HERMIT CRAB DRINKING WATER CONDITIONER Makes tap water safe for crabs by removing chlorine and chloramines while adding beneficial electrolytes and calcium. Sea sponges have natural minerals from the ocean essential to the longevity of your hermit crab. Item# HC-11 0. • Great “time release” vacation food! Each block will feed one crab for up to 4 days. HERMIT CRAB DUAL THERMOMETER & HUMIDITY GAUGE • Allows precise monitoring of both temperature and humidity in your hermit crab’s home. (170 g) E HERMIT CRAB FOOD J K A. Add some variety to your scavenger’s diet! Item# HC-60 1. Item# HS-10 • A specially made mineral and food block for the health of your Hermit Crabs. (4.S. and mango. HERMIT CRAB HEATER A 4 watt adhesive heater that is UL approved for plastic “keeper” type cages. • Made in the U. HERMIT CRAB MINERAL BLOCKS Mineral block with added food in your crabs’ terrarium. HERMIT CRAB THERMOMETER Item# HC-10 H NEW! I High range LCD thermometer for monitoring the temperature H. (68 g) J.15 oz. • Unique Velcro® backing enables easy removal for the cleaning of your crab’s enclosure.A. (52 g) K. Item# HC-61 0. C. Item# ZM-11B 2. (24 g) 46 .85 oz.

HERMIT CRAB RAMP BOWL Slanted “ramp” side allows crabs easy access to water or food. Item# HC-20 L J. Item# HC-40 C. Item# HC-80 Red Item# HC-81 Green Item# HC-82 Blue H. HERMIT CRAB CORK SHELTER • A natural piece of cork bark for your hermit crab to climb or hide under. Item# HC-51 K. HERMIT CRAB PUKA SHELLS Natural pearlescent shell substrate. Use it alone or in conjunction with HERMIT CRAB SAND. HERMIT CRAB NEON SHELLS (2 PACK) Assorted neon color shells. HERMIT CRAB NEON SHELLS Fun neon colors in counter display. HERMIT CRAB BRIGHT WATER & FOOD DISH A matched set of food and water dishes in cool neon colors. Item# HC-35 Small Item# HC-36 Medium Item# HC-37 Large Item# HC-38 X-Large B. Item# HC-2W White Item# HC-2Y Yellow Item# HC-2M Mauve Item# HC-2G Green K G. • Provides a natural “humidity area” and encourages natural digging. HERMIT CRAB CLIMBING BRANCH A climbing branch for small crab terrariums. Item# HC-2P E. H I A. Item# HC-41 I. HERMIT CRAB SCOOPER This perforated scooper in assorted neon colors is great for “spot cleaning” sand substrates. Available in natural and assorted neon colors. HERMIT CRAB SOIL Hermit soil is a compressed coconut fiber substrate that retains humidity and encourages natural digging. HERMIT CRAB SAND A calcium carbonate sand substrate in four fun colors.HERMIT CRAB PRODUCTS NEW! A B C D E F G Hermit Crabs should be provided with spare shells as they grow. HERMIT CRAB GROWTH SHELLS A variety of different sized shells for your Hermit Crab as he grows. Item# HC-85 J D. Item# HC-53 F. Item# HC-70 NEW! L. Item# HC-42 47 . HERMIT CRAB FANCY SHELLS Assorted medium to large natural shells.

zoomed. Books www. San Luis Obispo CA 93401 TO: ZOO MED ON THE WEB DOWNLOAD OUR NEW SMART PHONE APP: www. CONTESTS.zoomed.zoomed.com click on “browse store”. CARE INFORMATION AND OTHER EXCITING BENEFITS! T-Shirts Buy parts. INC.com Watch us on VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO VIEW OUR COMPLETE PRODUCT LINE. EVENTS. posters and more in the store section at: www.POSTAGE ZOO MED LABORATORIES. books. 3650 Sacramento Dr. T-shirts.com .

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