By Matthew Ross

A. The Writer’s (1a) B. The Reader’s (1b)
C. The Blessing (2)



A. Concerning Paul’s Communication of Thanksgiving for the Thessalonian Saints (1:3-4)
1. The Obligation of the Thanksgiving (3)

2. The Origin of the Thanksgiving (4) B. Concerning Paul’s Comforting the Persecuted Thessalonian Saints (1:510)
1. The Consequence of Their Suffering (5) 2. The Certainty of Their Righteous Retribution (6-7)

3. The Content of Their Righteous Retribution (8-9) 4. The Connection With Their Savior (10)
C. Concerning Paul’s Communication of Worship for the Thessalonian

Saints (1:11-12) 1. The Nature of the Worship (11) 2. The Purpose of the Worship (12)


The Basis of the Explanation (1) 2. How the Son of God Appears (2:8. The Reason for their Thankful Appearance (13-14) a. Having Been Energized to Perform Deceptive Miracles (9b) 5. The Purpose of the Explanation (2) 3. 11-12) 1. How the Godhead Should Appear Out From the Believer (2:13-17) 1. Because They are “Beloved” by the Lord (13a) b.A. The Executor of Destruction (8a) 2. Having Been Energized by Satan (9a) 4. Revealing (6b) 3. Because They are Chosen by the Lord (13b) 2|Page . The Result of Judgment (12) F. Having Been Energized to Promote Unrighteousness (10) C. How the Man of Lawlessness Appears (2:4.9-10) 1. The Righteous Judge (11) 4. How Not to Fear that the Day of the Lord Has Already Come (2:1-3) 1. Having a Deceptive Outward Appearance (4b) 3. Having an Opposing Stance With Respect to the Godhead (4a) 2. Removing (7) E. Restraining (6a) 2. The Mode of Destruction the Executor Executes (8b) 3. How the Restrainer Appears (2:6-7) 1. How The Apostle Previously Taught the Thessalonians About the Day of the Lord (5) D. The Certainty of the Explanation (3) B.

Being Established (17) III. Because They Have Been Called to Obtain Glory (14) 2. The Penalty for the Unruly (6) 2. The Requisite to Discipline Disorderly Brother’s (3:6-15) 1. The Confidence in the Thessalonians to Follow the Lord’s Leading (4) 3. The Course of the Lord’s Directing (5) C. Being Beloved (16a) b.c. The Reason for their Comforted Appearance (16-17) a. PAUL OFFERS EXHORTATION TO THE CHURCH (3:1-15) A. The Pattern for the Unruly: Paul (7-9) 3. Being Given Eternal Encouragement and Hope (16b) c. The Confidence to Follow the Lord’s Directing (3:3-5) 1. The Practice of Productive Saints (13-15) a. The Prescription for Unruly Behavior (10) 4. From Standing Firm (15a) b. The Character of the Lord as Faithful (3) 2. The Reason for their Firm Appearance (15) a. From to the Apostles Tradition (15b) 3. Concerning Continued Well-Doing (13) b. The Picture of and Cure for Believer’s Not Working (11-12) 5. The Request for the Safety of the Apostles (2) B. The Request for Communication with God (3:1-2) 1. The Request for the Word Rapidly Spreading (1) 2. Concerning Practice Towards Those Not Obeying (14) 3|Page .

Paul’s Personalized Greeting (17) C. Concerning Proper Discipline (15) BENEDICTION (3:16-18) A. Paul’s Prayer for Continual Peace (16) B.c. Paul’s Prayer for Grace (18) 4|Page .

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