The Timeline Dates Point to Whom?

Question #1: What happened on the 17th day of the 2nd month?
LOOK and SEE with your eyes and HEAR with your ears:
“In the six hundredth year of

Noah’s life , in the 2nd month, the 17th day of the month, on that day

all the fountai ns of the great deep were broken up and the windows of the heavens were open ed. [Bereshith 7:11, Page 49 The BESORAH] Those going in, male and female of all flesh, went in as Elohim had commanded him and .” [Bereshith 7:16, Page 49 The BESORAH]

HWHY shut him in

Question #2: What is significant about the 17th day of the 1st month?
LOOK and SEE with your eyes and HEAR with your ears:
It is

exactly one month prior to the SHUT IN of Noah’s days.
blood--His life 14th day of the 1st month.
shed His

[Bereshith 7:16, Page 49 The BESORAH]

O n the

HWHY raised Him from the dead

after 3 days & 3 nights, on the 17th day of the 1st month. Confirmed by the SIGN of YONAH 1:17, Page 690 The

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Question #3: What is the ONLY SIGN given to a wicked and adulterous generation?
LOOK and SEE with your eyes and HEAR with your ears:
“But He answeri ng, said to them, ‘A wicked and adulterous g en eration seeks after a sign and NO sign shall be given to it

For as Yonah was

three days and three nights
in the stomach of the great fish, so shall the Son of Adam be

three days and three nights
in the heart of the earth. Men of Nineweh shall stand up With this generation and condemn it, Because they repented At the preachi ng of Yonah and

In the judgment

LOOK, A GREATER tha n Yona h IS HERE.’”
[MattithYahu 12:39-41]

Question #4: Was there a 7-day countdown prior to the unleashing of the flood of HWH y’s wrath on the 17th day of the 2 nd month?
LOOK and SEE with your eyes and HEAR with your ears:

after SEVEN MORE DAYS I am sending rain on the earth,
Forty days and forty nig hts And shall wipe from the face of the earth All that stand that I created.” [Bereshith 7:4, Page 49 The BESORAH]

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W ere on the earth.” [Bereshith 7:10, Pag e 49 The BESORAH]

it came to be AFTER SEVEN DAYS That the waters of the flood

Question #5: Is the timeline for the Second Coming of the Son of Adam similar to any other timeline in HIStory?
LOOK and SEE with your eyes and HEAR with your ears:

as the days of Noah, So also Shall the coming of the Son of Adam be. For as they were in the DAYS BEFORE THE FLOOD,
“And Eating and drinking, Marrying and giving in marriage,

Until THE DAY that Noah ENTERED INTO THE ARK [ On the 17th day of the 2nd month ],

So also Shall the coming of the Son of Adam be.”
[MattithYa hu 24:37-39, Page 1051 The BESORAH] The 10th Day of the 2 nd Month dddd

D D D D Shabbat 4/24/2010

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SEE, I, OSwhy, have forewarned you.
[MattithYa hu 24:25, Page 1050 The BESORAH]

By belief, Noah, having been warned
Of what was yet unsee n, Having , Prepared an ark to save his hous e, Through which he condemn ed the world And became heir of the righteousness Which is . [Ibrim 11:7, Page 1278 The BESORAH] But I shall s how you Who m yo u should


according to belief


After kil l i ng, Poss ess es authority to cast into Gehenna. Yea, I say to you, [Luke 12:5, Page 1103 The BESORAH] If anyone the n says to you, ‘LOOK, Here is the Messiah! Or There! Do NOT bel i eve. For false messiahs and false prophets shall arise And They shall show great signs and wonders, So as to l ead astray, If possible, even the chosen ones.

Fear the On e Who, Fear Him!

SEE, I have forewarned you.
Do NOT go out; Or ‘LOOK, He is in the inner rooms! Do NOT bel i eve. For as the lightni ng comes from the east and shines to the west, So also s hall For wherever the dead body is, There the eagles shall be gathered together. [MattithYa hu 24:23-28, Page 1050 The BESORAH] For in “thos e days” there shall be

If they say to you, ‘LOOK, He is in the des ert!

the coming of the Son of Adam be.
distress, Such as has not been From the beginning of creation
Which Elohim created until this time, Nor ever shall be.
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If the Master had not shortened those days, No flesh would have been saved; BUT because of the chos en ones, whom HE CHOSE,

He shortened the days .
“And If anyone then says to you, ‘LOOK, here is the Messiah! Or, LOOK, there! Do NOT bel i eve “it”. For false messiahs and false prophets shall rise And Show signs and wonders to lead astray, If possible, Even the chos en ones.

Take HEED. SEE, I, OSWHY, have forewarned you of it ALL.
And YOU, [Mark 13:19-23, Page 1077 The BESORAH] And learn this parable from the fig tree: Wh en its branch has already become tender and puts forth leaves, You KNOW that the summ er is NEAR. So you ALS O, Wh en you SEE thes e taking place,

KNOW that “it” is NEAR,

At the DOOR.
Truly, I say to you, This generation shall by no means pass away Until ALL this takes place. The heaven and the earth shall pass away, BUT

MY words shall by no means pass away.
But concerni ng “that day” and “the ho ur” No one knows, Not even the mess eng ers i n heaven, Nor the S ON, BUT

Only the Father. Take HEED,
WATCH and PRAY For you do not know when the TIME is-[Mark 13:28-33, Page 1077 The BESORAH]

LOOK at the fig tree a nd ALL THE TREES . Wh en they have already budded, OBSERVING it, You shall KNOW for yourselves that sum m er is NOW NEAR.
So you also,
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SEE these matters take place, KNOW that the REIGN of Elohim, hwhy, is NEAR.
Wh en you Truly, I say to you, This generation shall by no means pass away Until ALL shall have taken place. The heaven and the earth shall pass away, BUT MY words shall by no means pass away.

And take HEED to yourselves,
Least your hearts be weighed down By gl uttony and drunk enn ess and worri es of this LIFE And that For

“day” come on you suddenly.

“it” shall come as a snare on all those dwelling on the face of all the earth. “WATCH”,
Then at ALL times And “ PRAY” that you be counted worthy to “ESCAPE”

ALL this, about to take place,
And to “ STAND” Before the Son of Adam.” [Luke 21:29-36, Pages 1116 & 1117 The BESORAH] But this is what was spoken by the prophet Yo’el: And it shall be in the last days,

Says h why ,
That I

SHALL pour out of MY SPIRIT on all flesh. And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy
And Your young men shall see visions And your old men shall dream dreams, AND ALS O MY male s ervants and on MY female s ervants And They shall prophesy.

I SHALL pour out MY SPIRIT in “those days”
And I

And Signs in the earth beneath: blood and fire and vapour of s moke. The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, BEFORE the coming of the great and splendid day of h why . And it shall be:

SHALL show wonders in the heavens above

“That everyone who calls on the NAME of hwhy shall be saved.”
[Acts 2:16-21, Page 1155 The BESORAH]

‘The Helper, The Set-apart Spirit, whom the Father shal l s end in MY NAME, He shall

TEACH you ALL and REMIND you of ALL that I said to you.
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I do not give to you as the world gives. Do Not l et your heart be troubl ed, neither l et your heart be afraid. [Yohanan 14: 26-27, Page 1144 The BESORAH]

PEACE I leave with you – My PEACE I give to you.

I have told you before it takes place, That when “it” does take place, You shall believe.’
[Yohanan 14: 29, Page 1145 The BESORAH] “…You say it, becaus e I am a SOVEREIGN. For this I was born and for this I have come into the world, That I should bear witness to the TRUTH. Everyone who is of the TRUTH hears My voice.” [Yohanan 18:17, Page 1149 The BESORAH] ‘When He comes,

SPIRIT of the TRUTH, He shall guide you into ALL the TRUTH,
The For He shall not speak from Himself But Whatever He hears He shall speak And He shall ANNOUNCE to you He shall estee m Me [OSwh y ] For He shall take of what is Mine And ANNOUNCE “it” to you.

All that the Father has is Mine. That is why I said That He takes from what is Mine And ANNOUNCES it to you. [Yohanan 16:13-16 Page 1146 The BESORAH]

FOR MOSHEH TRULY SAID TO THE FATHERS, ‘hwhy your Elohim Shall raise up for you a Prophet lik e me from your brothers. Him you shall HEAR according to all matters,

Whatever He says to you.
And it shall be: That every being who does NOT HEAR that Prophet Shall be utterly destroyed from among the peopl e. And lik ewise, all the prophets who have spoke n, From Shem u’el and those following
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Have also ANNOUNCED thes e days. You are the sons of the prophets and Of the covenant which Elohim made with our fathers, Saying to Abrahim, ‘And in your se ed ALL the nations of the earth shall be blessed.’ To you first, Elohim, Having raised up His Servant O Swhy , SENT Him to bless you, In turning away each one of you from your wicked ways.” [Acts 3:22-26, Page 1157 The BESORAH]

O Swh y

of Natsareth, A Man from Elohim,

Having been pointed out to you by mighty works

Given up by the s et purpos e And Foreknowledge of Elohim, You impaled and put to death Through the hands of lawless men--HIM, Elohim rais ed up, Having loos ed the pangs of death BECAUSE “IT” was impossible that HE could be held in “ITS” grip.” [Acts 2:22-24, Pages 1155 & 1156 The BESORAH] Let’s call o n our Father, Who without partiality judges according to each one’s work And pass the time we have left here in fear, Knowi ng that we were redee med from our futile way of life Inherited from our fathers, Not with corruptibl e silver or gold But With the precious blood of Messiah, As of a lamb unblemished and spotless, Foreknown, In deed, Before the foundations of the world, But Manifested,

And wonders and signs Which Elohim did through Him in your midst, As you yourselves also KNOW, This One,

To genuin e brotherly love With a pure heart and be born again. This time not of corruptible seed But incorruptibl e s eed – through the Living Word of Elohim And
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In these last times for our sakes . Be cleansed, Obey the truth through the Spirit

This seed remains forever. Because “all flesh” is a grass And The “esteem of man” is as a flower for the grass. The grass withers and its flower falls away BUT

The WORD of hwhy Remains FOREVER!
And this is The Word, Announced As, The BESORAH to You. [Page 1344, The BESORAH of OS W HY ]

But he who shal l have

ENDURED TO THE END shall be saved.

And this “BESORAH” of the reign

shall be proclaimed in all the world As a witness to all the nations and THEN the end shall come.
[MattithYahu 24:13 & 14 Page 1050 The BESO RAH]

And the “BESORAH”

has to be proclaimed first to ALL the nations. And you shall be hated by all because of MY NAME.

But he who shal l have


he shall be saved. [Mark: 13: 10 & 13, Page 1077 The BESORAH] “And you s hall be hated by ALL becaus e of MY NAME. But not a hair on your heads shal l be lost at all .

Possess your lives by your ENDURANCE! And when you SEE Yerushalayim surrounded by armies, Then KNOW, That “its” laying waste is NEAR.
Then let those in Yahudah, Flee to the mountains And Let thos e who are i n the midst of “her” go out And Let not thos e who are i n the fi elds enter “her”.

[Luke 21:17-22, Page 1116 The BESORAH] DDDD 4/24/10 13:14:25 AM EST PWHS DDD D

Because These are days of VENGEANCE to fill ALL that has been written.

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