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Guilty Until Proven Innocent Charles Dyer Case (Press Release to be used in its entirety) It only takes an accusation!

Lets do a timeline analysis and take a look at the chain of events knowing that only a portion of the evidence was presented in the court of law. Your life has been handed to 12 jurors with only partial information and they have been instructed to make an informed decision affecting the remainder of your life. 7/2009 Charles files for divorce from Valerie 12/17/09 12/24/09 The child spends Christmas vacation with Charles and his family. 12/24/09pm 12/25/09pm The child spends Christmas with her mother. 12/25/09pm 1/3/10 The child spends the remainder of Christmas vacation with Charles and his family. 12/25/09 On Valeries computer searches were made for how to prove child abuse, what happens when you make false claims, adoption and multiple pornographic images beginning at 9:14pm. 1/2/10 - according to both the child and Charles Dyer, she got in trouble for lying about messing with his gun. She was spanked and made to sit in time out for lying. 1/3/10 (Sunday) The child returns home to Valerie who states that while bathing the child, she complained of her bo-bo hurting Valerie states she was red and swollen but no Physician visit or police report was made. 1/6/10 (Wednesday) Charles calls Valerie to set up his next visitation and Valerie stated she wanted to keep the child with her that weekend because of the length of time they were apart over Christmas. 1/4/10 1/7/10 (Monday Thursday) The child attends school (confirmed with school records) and no report was filed during that time. 1/8/10 (Friday) Valerie reported the abuse to authorities however on the stand she testified under oath that she Went the next day after the child told her of the abuse. Really?? As a parent would you wait 5 days to seek medical care or file charges if you really believed someone had abused your daughter?? 1/8/10 - Valerie goes first to DHS, then the Duncan Police Department and finally the Stephens County Sheriffs Department and files a report that her daughter has stated that her daddy touched her bobo. 1/11/10 - THE DAY BEFORE THE FORENSIC INTERVIEW OF THE CHILD. The child is kept home from school. 438 pornographic images are viewed at various times through-out the day. They are of adults engaging in sex and oral sex. 1/12/10 - The child is transported, along with her mother, to Norman, Oklahoma by the Sheriffs department so that the child can be interviewed by forensic interviewer Jessica Taylor at the Abbott House. During this

interview the child states that on January 2nd her father had sex with her and she performed oral sex on him.multiple times in multiple locations in the trailer where he and Amanda were living. 543 pornographic images were viewed between 11:26 and 11:41 am. The forensic interview would not begin until 2:11 pm. It is no more than an hour and half drive from Duncan to Norman. These files were viewed well in advance of leaving for the interview. A great amount of them were of adults engaged in oral sex. Charles goes to the Court House to request an officer to go with him to pick up his daughter for visitation and was arrested when he arrived there since the charges had been filed. The officers went to Charless house with Amanda to collect items to send for DNA examination. They collected the childs pajamas, underwear, sheets, comforter and couch cushions. The DNA profile obtained from the components excluded the child as a potential contributor. The examination of Valeries computer hard drive revealed the presence of adult pornography which was all associated with the Internet Explorer web browseron nine different instances over six different days between December 25, 2009 and January 12, 2010. James Hekia (Valeries uncle who is a convicted Child Molester) was living in the home with Valeries mother and Valerie and the child stayed there prior to getting a home of their own. Valerie even admitted under oath to leaving the child in that home while she was gone doing drugs. Hekia is currently serving a 5 year prison sentence that began in August of 2011 for charges of failing to register as a sex offender.

Additional Facts: 5/2009 While living in Oklahoma, Valerie and her brother contacted Charless commanding officer in California and made accusations that he had abused her and was making statements against the government. Later she called his commanding officer and informed them that she was lying and wanted to drop the charges. They did an investigation and he was later cleared of all charges. Valerie received $3282 from Charles for child support during the 6 months prior to these accusations being made. Due to her history, he had Valerie sign a log for each time she received money. She received additional monies that were not documented. 1/22/11 Charles arrested - Both Charles and Valerie were at the Stephens County court house. Valerie then went and filed a report stating that on the steps of the Stephens County court house, Charles attacked her and had broken the restraining order she had against him. Charless defense attorney immediately requested that the surveillance tapes at the court house be reviewed to show that his client had not attacked Valerie Dyer. According to this individual, when the tapes were reviewed, they indeed

proved that Charles Dyer had not physically attacked Valerie Dyer. In fact, the tapes showed that Valerie had attacked Charles and he was released. 1/5/2012 - Charles has requested a polygraph be performed which was eventually granted. His family paid for this service to be performed since the Sheriffs office was not interested in having this done. His Attorney commissioned a polygrapher who arrived some time around 11 am Thursday January 5, 2012 and attempted to set up for the test in an unused jury room of the Stephens County Court house. The procedure was interrupted by Judge Enos (the presiding judge over Dyers trial) and told they could not conduct the test on the same floor as the court rooms. The Judge directed them to the lower floor of the court house telling them to get with the Sheriffs department to obtain a room. Sheriff McKinney refused to provide a room and the testing was terminated without completion. The District Attorneys office wired Valerie with audio and had her contact both Charles and his friends to ask questions about the case. A motion was filed to revoke his bond after the first trial when he was seen walking near the court house while his family was in David Hammonds office next door. A report was filed that he was casing out the court house and told an officer that he was looking for his lost dog which the officer later testified under oath that he actually never even spoke to Charles. Charles was offered a Plea this past Monday that was called a Sweet Deal. He was offered a 2 year sentence leaving him just 8 months to serve if he would plead guilty and be listed on the Sex Offenders Registry. Charles refused to plead guilty to this type of activity since he is not. He took his chances with the system and was given 30 years due to the lack of information provided to the jury.

I know seeing these cases in the media tend to make us jump to a conclusion on someones character and it is difficult to step back and examine all the facts, especially when the local Sheriff comments to the news media that Charles brought Circus-like sideshows to the case. His family has been asked not to go to the media because we might jeopardize the trial and we have followed their wishes. We have attempted to let the system work and follow all of their requests. This is what we got, Charles convicted in the media before we ever got to the courtroom. Please listen to the facts and I hope you never find you or your family in this type of a situation. If you do, hopefully you will get a fair trial. We cant fault the jurors for the 30 year sentence because the court system does not allow them to receive all of the facts, even thought the court makes you swear under oath to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.