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747- 400, scheduled departure 18:30, actual departure 19:15 Maximum 391 passengers, 520 pieces of baggage 30,000 lbs cargo, 2500 lbs mail, 5000 lbs express mail

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1 Passenger, departing from: Terminal 1, Destination: Chicago PFC $3.50, checked in at kiosk, 2 pieces of baggage

X-Spatial, LLC’s AvStats is an integrated software suite for the submittal and management of aviation statistics. AvStats combines a comprehensive relational database, servers, and Microsoft .NET connection software. The result is one of the industry’s most extensive approaches to aviation statistics.

Already in use at the Massachusetts Port Authority, AvStats provides information describing all aspects of airport activity including aircraft operations, passenger activity, gate utilization, space utilization and mail/cargo volume. Consolidating data from air carriers, aircraft tracking services, as well as commercial and government data providers, AvStats is a one-stop source of statistical information relevant to your airport. Billing, auditing, reporting, labor relations, rate setting, aircraft parking, maintenance, security trends and more are all better understood with the customizable reports AvStats provides.




Regular Mail

Express Mail


AvStats also improves accuracy of operational data by cross referencing information reported by airlines with scheduled data and actual data provided by radar. AvStats provides the most accurate and comprehensive picture of any airport’s revenue generating activity.



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Improving Workflow

Increasing Accuracy

An Integrated
Runway maintenance - 5 times annually, $5000 per runway

Software Suite
757 - destination: Caribbean, 180 passengers, departed terminal 2, scheduled departure 10:30am, actual departure 10:35am

Secure User-Groups:
AvStats users are assigned specific security levels. Administrator controls include greater capabilities including report publishing, reference information posting, data administration and user administration.

AvStats is a Microsoft .NET- connected application designed to streamline the entry, reporting and analysis of aviation statistics. Tracking nearly all statistical information relevant to airport functions, AvStats includes essential features for administration with an intuitive Web-based application for airport tenants.

AvStats Portal:
AvStats Portal, a Microsoft .NET Web-based application allows airlines and carriers to securely submit monthly operations numbers for approval and review. AvStats’ security features keep the data submitted by carriers confidential while also preventing unauthorized access to airport computers.

Data Scrubber:
Aggregating data from administration, air traffic monitoring systems, airlines and carriers, AvStats’ helps eliminate data inaccuracies, missing information, and mismatched data. AvStats data scrubber highlights potential anomalies for review. Cross referencing raw, actual data with scheduled operations and tenant-reported data, AvStats streamlines the analysis of important aviation statistics.

Run ANY Report:
An integrated Crystal Report engine powers AvStats’ reporting capabilities. Virtually any query pertaining to statistics tracked in AvStats can be accessed for review, analysis and reporting via the AvStats software. AvStats report publisher also allows administrators to distribute frequent reports at a scheduled time. Published reports can be electronically distributed via AvStats to interested parties throughout the airport.

For Administration

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AvStats currently handles the statistical workload at Massport, the operator of Boston Logan International Airport, L.G. Hanscom Air Field and Worcester Regional Airport. As one of the busiest airports in the United States, Logan serves more than 27 million passengers and handles over 400,000 flights annually. “AvStats’ ability to track tenant-reported data is of enormous benefit. Massport and our tenants can track data in real time. Airlines can understand which routes are the busiest and which are most profitable.” - Len King, Capital Programs Manager, Massport.

“The need for an integrated I.T. system to handle our statistics workload was obvious.” Says Jeffrey Jordan, Senior Project Manager with Massport. “Before we implemented AvStats, tenants reported data to Massport through fax, e-mail, and hard-copy. The information had to be manually reviewed entered, analyzed, and processed for reports as well as billing.”

x- Spatial, LLC

x-Spatial, LLC is a consulting services and software development firm specializing in fully integrated software solutions for the airport management industry. A subsidiary of Kelar Corporation, x-Spatial is staffed by engineers and IT professionals with over 25 years of experience providing services in the architecture/engineering/construction fields as well as software development, implementation and integration. x-Spatial’s line of products include AvStats , Leaseline Management Application (LMA), an AutoCAD Map 3D based application designed to add intelligence to spatial drawings associated with buildings and facilities, and AviSoft , a browser based application for lease, concession and space management developed specifically for airports.
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Inbound cargo - from: Canada, 35000 lbs cargo, 4500 lbs express mail

For The Massachusetts Port Authority

Logan International Airport