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Topics for the Week of Prayer

Announcements Sabbath - Don't let your heart be
1. Week of Prayer this week is for the troubled.
District of Sheffield. All members and Sun – Trust in God, Trust
friends are invited to come and be blessed. also in 3rd November 2007
The theme for the week is Words of Hope. Me.
Don't miss this time of refreshing. Starts Mon – In My Father's House
today at 4pm, and each night at 7:30pm till Are
8:45pm. Theme is “Words of Hope.”
Many Mansions
2. Daniel Mendes will be leaving for Tue - If it were not so. I
Angola, his home country, soon. He will be would
away for a year. Today he is spending his have told you.
last Sabbath with us. Wed - I am going there to
prepare a place for
3. Children's Sabbath will be on 17th you
November. Please attend and give the Thurs - I will be back
children and Youths your full support. Friday- To take you to be with
4. The Shoe boxes have now been sent off
to Madagasca. Thanks to those who were ______________________
able to send these gifts to the kids who
stood in need. God will choose to bless you
in His own special way. May God really and CHURCH DIRECTORY
truly bless you all. Burngreave SDA Church, Andover St.
Sheffield. S3 9EF.
5. Choir practice at 3pm today. Tel. 0114 279 9755

6. Thanks to the church members and those First Elder: RD Prime
who co-ordinated and worked behind the 0114 3216300
scences to make the summer concerts for 07878925453
Bluebell wood children's hospice a great
success. In total we contributed £935
between the churches. A cheque was given Bible Worker- Lloyd Lambert –
last week and a piece was published in the 07855989140
Star Wednesday evening advertising the
North England Conference
good name of the church. Let's continue to 0115 9606312
be a light in the city for good.
British Union Conference
7. Men's Prayer breakfast tomorrow 01923 672251
morning at Carterknowle. All the men of the
district are invited as we kick of the week of Bulletin Compiler: Roy Carrapatoso
prayer. 9am-11am. Bring your bible, a Tell: 0114-2582696
prayer in your heart, and an appetite! 07919954089
Minister: Pastor Andrew Rashford-
Tel: 0114 240
2491 Extroit:
Mobile: 0793 173 DATE TIME
9th Nov 4:20pm

Welcome…. Divine
Service Prayer Corner
A very warm members to our visiting
friends and regular members. we 11.15am to 1pm
hope you will have a blessed Song Service:
Sabbath. P&W Team

P&W Team
Ways to Build a Stronger Spiritual Life And pray in the Spirit on all occasions, with all
by Victor M. Parachin Invocation: kinds of Prayer and Requests Eph 6:1
B. Habwangabwanga
Lets us keep in our hearts and prayers the
Be a river, not a swamp. Opening Hymn: following
The Bible says: "Rivers of living water My hope is built on nothing less
will flow from the heart of those who P&W Team The Mambwe family on their recent loss.
believe in me" (John 7:38, margin).* Scripture Reading:
The Muir family also on their recent loss.
Remember, it is the mountain stream that Sister Eunice
carries fresh, life-giving water because it The Mathondo family
flows out. However, the swamp is stagnant Offering:
Sister Eunice
and life-devouring. A swamp collects and Daniel Mendes as he prepares to go back home
retains water that comes its way. Don't be Pastoral Prayer:
the kind of person who seeks to Bro. Peart
accumulate much before allowing a little
Children Story:
to flow through.

As Christians we are to let blessings flow Sermon:
through us and on to others. When we Don't make it sad! Don't make it miserable Strive for excellence.
hoard and dam the blessings in our lives B. Habwangabwanga
we are in danger of becoming spiritually Closing Hymn:
stagnant, emotionally detached, and We have this hope that burns The Bible tells us: "Whatever you
intellectually cynical. Resolve to break up Elder C. John
do, do well" (Ecclesiastes 9:10). Be
the dam and let blessings flow like a river.
The freshness is in the flow. the best that you can be at
Extract from Vibrant Life B. Habwangabwanga whatever station in life God has