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2007 Diary

Who is He?
18 Aug 07 - Personal Ministries Day
Stewardship Day
In chemistry, He turned water to wine.
In biology, He was born without the 19 Aug 07 - Church Board at 11am
normal conception;
In physics, He disproved the law of 25 Aug 07 - Communion Service/Adventist
Muslim Relations Day
gravity when He ascended into
heaven; 26 Aug 07 - Church Family Fun Day
In economics, He disapproved the law
of diminishing return by feeding 5000
men with two fishes and five loaves of
bread; Burngreave SDA Church, Andover St.
In medicine, He cured the sick and the Sheffield. S3 9EF.
blind without administering a single Tel. 0114 279 9755
dose of drugs,
In history, He is the beginning and the First Elder: RD Prime
end; 0114 2215291
In government, He said that he shall be 07878925453
called Wonderful Counselor, Prince of E-mail:
Peace; Bible Worker- Lloyd Lambert - 07855989140
In religion, He said no one comes to the
Father except through him; North England Conference
0115 9606312
So. Who is He?
British Union Conference
He is Jesus! 01923 672251 The World’s Greatest and only
Bulletin Compiler: Tapelo
Tell: 0114-2698230

Minister: Pastor Andrew Rashford-
Tel: 0114 240
Mobile: 0793 173
11 August 2007
Sabbath Announcements
School Service Divine Service 1. Today is Personal Ministries Day.

2. There will be a Church Board Meeting
9:30 am to 11:00 am tomorrow Sunday at 11am. Please note the time
Song Service:
change please from 9am back to 11am.

Welcome & Announcements: 3. There will be Communion Service next week.
Elder R. Prime Please prepare your hearts for this very solemn
P&W 4. Sunday, 26th August will be celebrated as a
Church Family Fun Day at Clumber Park.
Invocation: Please come and bring a packed lunch for yourself
Elder S. Muguza and a guest.

Opening Hymn: 5. It will be Pathfinder day on September 1st.
522 Many clubs have been invited and there will be a
packed programme throughout the whole day.
Scripture Reading: There will be a fellowship lunch on the day and
Revelation. 16:13-16 would like everyone to bring a dish as we are
W. Peart expecting many visitors.

Offering: 5. Pathfinder Rally day on 8th September. Our
W. Peart own Bez Mambwe will be the special speaker and
over 2000 The Pathfinders will be travelling
Pastoral Prayer: to Wolverhampton for this event. Please let the
Sis. D. Williams pathfinder leaders know if you will be attending as
we need to reserve a seat for you and also a coach
Children Story: needs to be booked – so please let us know today.
Elder S. Maguza

Prayer Corner
6. Those wishing to travel to the Stanborough
Meditation: Press Open Day by cach or minibus see Bro
"The Finishing of God's Work" Prime please. The event is on Sunday, 2nd
Sermon: Elder S. Maguza September. If there are too few requests, the trip
And pray in the Spirit on all occasions, with all Closing Hymn: will not take place.
kinds of Prayer and Requests Eph 6:1: This week, 264
7 There will be a programme this afternoon
as a church family, pray for all the Men in our starting a 4pm. The programme will be conducted
church. Asking the Lord to continue to guide Benediction:
Elder S. Maguza by Elder Shane.
and bless them with strength and wisdom as
they live up to the tasks that He has called on Extroit:
them to do as the men of Burngreave Church P&W