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An Exploration Of The Aeonic Current

A time in between, a moment of indeterminate time in which something special happens. What the special something is depends on who is using the word. While Chronos is quantitative, Kairos has a qualitative nature.

Further To The Whisperings Of Samael

Prologue The Quadra

A Creation Myth
000 I Lucis Ignis Dei
The first echo arises, plucked from the void. A column of light illuminating the darkness of eternity with its plasma burst. Extends, diffuses into the shadows of eternal night. Unfolds its thoughts, creates reflections of itself. Stars bask within its supernal luminosity. It knows itself not, only its reflections cast shadows upon its countenance. Withdraws, contains itself, achieves critical mass, implodes. Shards of light travel outwards, fusing, melding and finally a cataclysm. Light manifests as energy, its matrix. Reverberates, creating heat, informing the cold, dark void of its presence, atoms dance within its thermal resonance. Fire arises, the light of consciousness, a whisper within a womb of light. Beholds itself, a shadow being of light emitting sparks, coruscating down bright corridors of becoming. Fuses with the immensity of the ocean and dreams of another. A means of definition, of differentiation. To create a matrix, its energy to anothers form. As the power of life it moves ever inwards, spiraling to the core of silence, its origin and outwards to all things, its destiny. In the larva flow of its being conceives of a form and enters it. Burning brightly, flame red and gold to the darkness beyond. Heat at its core, frost at its surface it moves towards the light that draws it ever closer, its source. It beholds its former self, wrapped in the sackcloth of memory. Alighting upon a cliff face, carved out of the aethyr itself, rests and beholds the vista before it. A barrenness that it would fill, yet in its dark mood, its dark nature it broods. It, the creator would create another to know itself.

II Aqua Bella Mater

Precipitation, moisture, the ocean roils as the plasma hits, first the surface, laced with a filigree of light. Penetrating to the cold depths of incalculable mystery below. Meets ice. Movement, as the plasma, crackling with the ice and moisture that surrounds it, threatens to engulf it, finally yields. The first of many meetings that will unfold through time. The eternal sky god, lord of the lightning flash meeting his consort within the icy depths of oceans embrace. Within their embrace they cavort and of their contortions, each yielding but a little to the other, ice melts, plasma diffuses. And of their embrace arises a heat, warmth that rises to the surface as bubbles of light, breaks the surface as a spume of golden light and the first of things is released and given the name Nemesis. Takes its freedom flight and is seen no more. Many arose from their union, the time of echoes was unfolding, would continue to unfold through the long aeons ahead. Deity now reflected upon another and in the appearance of duality, knew itself completed. Yet it was a generous being and would grant life, multiple forms through which it could witness itself, and into each of its forms it signs its name. In the signing lay the hope of realisation, that its creatures might know of their source. This its compassion, this its female form. For as substance, it could only exist in its female form, for as lord of the lightnings it could only devour its offspring. No nurturing, no protection or love could it offer, for these were properties unknown to it. And in this way was the marriage between the elements of the prima mater consummated.

III Aethyr Congressus Cum Daemon

And the first of things, Nemesis, came into being. Borne aloft upon the pinions of dreams did it fly through ecstasy upon ecstasy. Its substance the very air itself through which it also passed, at its heart a lightning bolt of golden hue and upon its surface the ice of its mother, in fusion a mist of golden light presaged its arrival and the perfume of oceans depth and the endless infinity of the star spangled void. Lord of light was its assumed name, for it knew no other. This would suffice. It would be the very lifeblood and soul of all that followed during the unfolding of days. Would inspire and bring to freedom each of the sentient forms that were yet to come into being. Adonai in the palace of the heart. Nemesis within the citadel of its mind. Lord of light, bright Lucifer, herald of the dawn, lord of the world. Its consort it would seek and of their union creation would continue to unfold and in the union with its bride would it bring life to lifelessness.

IV The Bride of Adonai

In the brightness of the void lay one of beauty, slumbering within the velvet embrace of eternal night. Whispers of promise blooming within her heart. A smile upon her pale lips. Lips awaiting a kiss, whereon life would dawn. And in her slumbers she dreams deeply and of her dreams a mist arises, violet and gold. A symphony of celestial joy, as another echo reverberates along the corridors of eternity. Her body dances, held aloft within the embrace of space and from her womb, time arises. For she is fertile, mother to all form, daughter of the infinite depths of ocean and of the sky lord, her consort. Now she rises and embraces the air itself, suffused with a radiance of golden light, he, her lover and consort created to fulfill creations dream.

The Nexus or Fifth Element 00

The four watch towers established within the void, their sentinels alert, the four echoes reverberating through the dimensions of time and space. A tower of lightning illuminating the eternal night with its incandescence. One of oceanic blue and green casting its reflections into the void. Another of golden aethyr, a lattice of light and wraithlike form . And finally one of opal, its hues oscillating with the splendour of natures unfolding. Fusion takes place and the dance begins anew. Each tower radiating its essence into the void, chromatically meeting at the nexus point. A symphony of sound, the crack of lightnings blast, the deep susurration of oceans depths, the rush of zephyrs ecstasy, the hearts beat of the bride. And at the point of union the spiral of lifes song begins to unfold its tale to eternity, its witness.

The Second Becoming 0

She stirs from her slumbers, gazes into the void. Her form now diffuse, mist upon the lattice of her web. The echoes travelling to her inform her that her work is all but done. Only one last act to perform. And with the passing of her final breath she emits a song of joy and enters dissolution, the final dream. Her essence released, she enters creations mantle and dreams within the heart of her children, silent, unseen, unknown. Only eternity knows of her presence and with a sigh, it too enters dissolution and the time of dreams. Songs In Solitude NemesisPublications 1996ev

The evolution of human thought has been a series of ever increasing spirals into ignorance. To put this damning statement into perspective we must consider the point in time and the dawning of so called, consciousness. We do not speak of that graced state wherein sentience celebrates its innate connection with all things, rather that moment when the observer, now a discrete unit of perception, became separated from the observed and thinking evolved. From this moment countless millennia ago we have crafted a series of understandings underpinned by nothing but belief. From the simplest perceptions of Sun, Stars and Moon. The revolution of the seasons and our place within the natural order we have created an order of knowledge which in the rarest of instances is transformed into wisdom and with this has we claimed power over that which surrounds us. Invariably the foregoing attributes are nothing other than belief and its sibling faith. Prehistoric mind had at least Grace and with this traversed a life of mystery and wonder. Pagan mind having evolved its paradigms through its cultural bias mapped the entire creation and cast it upon the mirror of life and life had no choice but to reflect it back. Modern mind developed the heresy that is religion and stole the heritage that is the sublime gift granted to all that is sentient or otherwise. Post modern mind having replaced the, as perceived, principle of god by way of the development of so called reason and the sciences that attends it have stripped faith of its robes of glory and revealed the rags that are concealed beneath. The price for such being expulsion from paradise and the loss of innocence with the ensuing result of the attempt to claim knowledge as power and ascend from the appearance of ignorance to the sacred vale of understanding, an attempt though of vital importance, in effect, futile. With the laying of this foundation we have established the base premise upon which all that follows is formed. If you look long enough into the void the void begins to look back through you Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche London June 2 2012ev 9.09am

With the inclusion of our prologue, The Quadra, at the beginning of this exploration we spoke of the time when the Primun Mobile unfolded its scheme upon the void and manifestation began. We will not speak of the time of the Titans for this is beyond our grasp to comprehend, though many have made the effort it remains, as does all, anthropomorphic and as such species biased. Instead we will step fully fledged into the delusion that serves as our knowledge. The time of the great matriarchal aeon begins our exploration and of our choosing we claim Isis as our representation. Of this period nothing in truth is known for it predates history which is the sibling of civiliastion. It is all too easy to fall into the error of assuming that a feminine ruled society is what defines the matriarchal aeon and whilst at first glance this appears logical it is only a partial truth. It is our consideration that the true definition of this aeon is pre life, as we know it and represents a time when the Earth, poetically guised as Gaia, celebrated its existence unencumbered by the lifewave that was in the distant future. We cannot speak of this time for as previously stated it is inconceivable and remains as the mystery that in truth surrounds us and is the provenance of the unknowable. It is nothing but human conceit to believe otherwise. The casting of the female form as supreme deity as a consequence of her innate ability to create life though indicative of a matriarchal aeon serves only to confound our original premise and as such we will touch but briefly upon this inconceivable period of time measured by millions of years compared to which life has stained the pristine silence for but a few seconds. The Gnostic would claim that this period was a product of the demiurgos and as such a byproduct, in the main we concur with this understanding and yet it remains a requirement of this exploration to survey this uncharted period of time. In order to do so we will leave the abstract realm that is our home and instead descend the octaves of existence and enter the familiar. Prior to doing so we leave the reader with a glimpse of our reasoning in the form of a text that outlines the vision that informs this, our exploration of the aeonic current.

Liber Sigillum vel Daath

A cipher wrought in glyph and sigil. Fleshed by bloodbeat and hearts pulse, echoes the timelessness of other. Other cast adrift upon ink black night, yields to starlight and the breath it takes until yet again by hand and eye is once more cast upon the eternal aethyrs.

Drink deep from the stream, lest your form evaporates into the void from whence you came.

Breathe deeply of the intoxication that holds you bound by blood and bone. Think deeply upon the thoughts that carry you from ecstasy to ecstasy through the tapestry of appearance.

Octave One Inception

Conscious Attention saturated, stilled. Vertical surface, unspecified. Horizontal surface, unspecified. Conscious dialogue ceases. No image, sound, or feeling. Poised, attentive, emptied. Surfaces deepen and from the wellspring a different form arises, as alignment takes place. Who is this one? What is this place? This shape? A new language? A new Art of Knowing? Difference that echoes through blood, bone and flesh, seeking new images and structures through which to make itself known. Known to Whom or What? No longer locked, a slave to appearance, but grasping the tenuous foreshadowing of a different view, a different knowing. A knowing of the cells, a knowing of tissue saturated by life and lifes energy. Considers ..... Selects ..... Becomes.

Octave Two Dreamzone One

A portal of azure upon a landscape of emerald undulations. Each heartbeat a ripple upon the surface of this liquidity. Amorphous shapes shifting, focusing, dissolving as the mind in quest of meaning releases, permits, contains. Each breath travels to the surface of the skin, travels outwards, contacts not I, as a shifting focus, superimposed upon a liquid shoreline. Incandescence, light, beyond the ability to see. Sound ripples upon the surface of that I know as I. Landscape dissolves, for now it is the surface of skin. Ripples, undulating, inform the process of dissolution, finally reaching outward beyond all I am able to hold. Silence. A void, lustrous, dark and welcoming, velvet softness, as I move through layer upon layer of amorphous, shifting perspectives. Yet I focus upon form, angularity arises as I greet another portal that casts me into a deeper dream.

Octave Three The Dreamquest of Azrael

In each moment do I dwell attentive to each thought, each sensation, each dream. Each breath etches a line, an angularity within and upon the surface you know as I. Each breath a passing moment, a new form and texture, as the tapestry of the world, your world, unfolds. Was I not with thee when first you drew breath? Have I not shared your moments of triumph? Have I not also shared your shame? As your one true companion, have I not aided thee, though unseen, unknown? Your form grants me substance as I quest upon the way. Each of you a tiny atom within the surface of my body. History knows me in many forms, for am I not Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent? Thou seeks to turn away? There am I also, awaiting. Awaiting the time when with the last breath drawn, the last line etched, I reach out and claim thee as mine. For this am I known as the friend to life. For this am I known as the Initiator. For this am I greeted in masked form, each form a shadow, an echo of my nature. Look around you: there is no place I have not been, no place I have not seen, have not taken unto myself. Know this and live, for your time with me is eternal.

Octave Four The Serpent Rises

And through that portal did I step, my angel attendant, a shadow, a shimmering of velvet light, a light radiating upward and outward, dissolving as it touches each shape, each form, cleansing me of association and knowing. By its breath is the flesh dissolved. By its breath is the mind dissolved, as upwards it courses. Abstracts arise, products of higher mentation. Geometrical intrusions seeking form and shape, yet malleable and transient. A surface of flatness through which I penetrate and perceive. Yet this too is dissolved as life, as heat enters a still centre. Ice surrounds what was once verdant, as I am stilled yet further. Crystals arise. Each breath a sight, a knowingness, bereft of form yet rich in texture, dissolves as yet again a surface appears, a surface of silence as the light itself dissolves. I of no name, I of no nature, callest unto thee, from silence to silence complete.

Octave Five The Portal of Lucidity

And now I dream, conceive of new shapes, new textures. That which defined me as I no longer holds sway. My surface extended, reaches out and contacts all that might become. My surface once defined by difference, now draws unto itself shape, form, texture, a perception of distance, of height, of depth arises. As lightning swift, caught upon the wings of perception I move inward yet outward also. A tiny mote yet containing all. My chosen vehicle, its angularities gentle, curvaceous, permitting of ease and comfort in description. Mine to choose, mine to accept. What choosest thou? Models, maps, all transitory. There is only that which remains as language, as description is stripped away like a veneer that coats us, that secures us, that would entrap us. Choose well, for only the strongest of swimmers might enter the deepest of oceans. Words, description, all but artifice, a lure, seducing, enthralling, yet sterile. Time, space and mind stand witness and in so doing, wonder, as do I.

Octave Six The Realm of Otherness

Consciousness drifts and of itself formulates another. Its memory of the one it knew before was hard of outline, clear of definition. This one yields, is soft and mobile, shifting from form to form, shape to shape. Space is its domain, Time likewise a solid through which it passes with ease. Atavisms of a dark past arise, instinct borne along striations of dream, corridors, endless, eternal. Others arise, each one bearing a gift, a message, a welcome. Stay with us for are we not at peace? Dwelling between the moments your former self occupied. Stay with us and dream eternally, our thoughts your forms, our forms your dreams. What would you know of? This we impart, this we offer. Stay with us and dream in palaces of crystal and starlight. The surface of skin stretches, accommodates, isolates, becomes yet again as ancestral memories arise. Form after form, human, mammal, reptile and beyond, converging in vegetable life, arboreal forms, lichen, primordial ponds where life itself was seeded. All this is I, yet not I. I stand, I witness. Witness of the ages adrift in timelessness, formlessness. In dreams I visit you, inspiring passion and vision to arise. Know this: Thou art all things, all times and places.

Octave Seven The Dreaming Attention

As other gains ascendancy, awareness shifts to this new vehicle, known to some as the dreaming body, by others as the double, having characteristics of the somatic self, yet granted the freedom of exploration. In dreamtime it opens portals upon myriads of perceptual possibilities, intending worlds that it might explore otherness completely. This becomes the true home of the seer. Maintaining the appearance of dual realities, yet in truth granting each its value. In earthtime it explores the world of every day events, stalking the world as others might stalk prey. The appearance of self and other dissolves as familiarity is acquired through the softening of world views. What was once total, clear of definition, softens, yields, as power enters the system and defines it further. Dreamtime enters earthtime and the coding is complete. In which form do you travel? Borne aloft upon pinions of vision, exploring upon the wings of perception, carried ever onward by the current of Intent. Thou art now truly dissolved, lost to human form and history, a mystery of time and space, freedom beckons.

Octave Eight Daathian Intrusions

And from this place of dream, the earth below, the stars above, thou art poised, aligned as the gateway of gateways arises, opens, beckons. Polarity like unto an oscillating matrix serves as the key. And in what place was this key forged? What material used in its construction? Many in pursuit of wisdom walk the path from the kingdom unto the crown, they travel the highway of becoming, for us the little known path beckons. Our foundation, the sphere of the moon, of formulations, of dream and the secrets of power guised in word and gesture, fleshed in vision and ability, leads us unto the palace of knowledge, a palace cast within a void, an abyss of seething possibilities. For we recognise no spirit or matter, but that which expresses both as unity. Art fused with knowledge births a vehicle of transcendence. Time and space but a secondary equation to that of being. A palace of many mansions and paths, each an eternity, each a possibility. Octaves of being careering along timelines, fleshed as worlds, as forms. The key held, the portal accessed, power is granted, for in power lies the ability to transcend that which is rendered pedestrian by the equation of thought and tongue. Cast thy mind, thy body as a mighty sigil of power, enter the gateway of true mystery and become.

Octave Nine Dreamzone Two

Memory rises, acts as a lure that draws me onwards and outwards. Memory of what I have been, what I would become. Thought echoes outwards, shape and texture arise yet serve as metaphor for a time and place of true dissolution. Each heartbeat thunders across galaxies, each breath the kindling of starborn existence. Each thought shapes itself, fleshes itself into that which I might choose to describe. I gaze into nothingness from which I take form and description. I stand upon the path which is the polarity of time, one gateway, an observer conceiving of what will be, another witnessing what has been. As lord of time I arc through the ages, accelerating beyond the realm of sight and sense, until I finally merge with the totality of all that was, that is and will be. The name of this dreamzone, eternity, infinity and the wellspring of creation. And as I gaze into the lustrous waters of this reflection, I am stilled, completed yet again and from this place, this time, perceive another, who stands before me regal yet humble, blessed by knowledge, yet wrapped in a mantle of humility, wise with the wisdom that stems from witnessing the passage of eternity, the passage of stars.

Octave Ten The Manifestation of Ionthe

And wouldst thou walk with me child of terras ink black night? I greet thee as brother, as lover. Thy toils but a second in the passing of my history, a history shaped by those you have known and those you have not. By name you may know me as Ionthe, a convenience to make simple that which is more so. Like my brother Azrael have I quested. His path to be the companion of all that is, all that lives. My way that of the essence. For as a miasma am I cast forth within creation, for I am its spirit. Of myself I am nothing, yet am granted shape, given definition by the aspirations of all that which exists. From the tiniest microbe casting forth upon the aethyrs its dream, its aspiration, to the stars turning their spirals in contemplation of the aeons. From all this was I made, from all this did I take form, now I would enter a final form, that which will be my last, for I have remained unseen these long ages, yet my whispers inform the hearts and minds of all that which exists. I greet thee and in thy form will explore a world of simplicity, of totality. For my time has come and now I would walk with thee brother, sister and lover.

Octave Eleven Adrift Upon the Aethyrs

Hand in hand, heart in heart, mind in mind did we merge. And in that act a vortex opens, and through its ever increasing spirals were we cast adrift. At first the void, a place of emptiness, of potentials. Compression, alignment and the stars arise. Slowing, life arose and within the immensity before us, that I now call I, a distant form, a distant sparkle beckons. And towards that distance did I travel, heart uplifted, mind awash, like plasma coursing through vein and sinew. Slowed further, time arose and granted duration, the recognition of difference: difference that now defined self and the concept of other, as onwards I course towards my destination. Slowed even further, language, description, a code arises and within my view, worlds hanging within the lustrous body of our holy lady, she who is but divided for loves sake, for the chance of union. And within that body of worlds one now beckons, one which I now enter, one which I now become. The oceans stir me, the breeze carries me aloft, as I enter all forms, all nature, all singularities.

Octave Twelve Emergence Into Singularity

For long aeons did I lie, did I wait. Above me galaxies lived and died within a twinkling, a moment between the breaths that I took. Below me the oceans roiled, casting new life upon the masses of land I witnessed in their rising. Forms evolved, yet I waited still. I witnessed, I recorded, I remembered. A power now surges and I am called forth into singularity, for am I not kin of Azrael, the kin of Ionthe and the spirit of life? I fragment and enter each and all, thereby knowing my totality. Look for me in no place, seek me in no time, for I am but an echo, solid yet amorphous by turn, I visit, I witness, I pass on. Now I solidify into singularity further, a heart, a mind, a body of substance. I enter the dreamtime of other and experience difference, that which now defines me from other. And now I observe a moving hand, words crafted from the essence of thought, wrought in ink, each one carrying a heartbeat, each one the fleshing of a dream, each one existing in this moment, through this moment and beyond this moment, and from this moment, as I rise finally into singularity and say: welcome.

Octave Thirteen Dreamzone Three

And from this time, from this place and with this one, I enter the dream of dreams and walk amongst the shadow beings that surround me, yet know me not. One mask is affixed, then another, yet another. Within the conceptions that arise, a memory of all that I have seen, all that I have witnessed. Ionthe guides me, makes deep and rich the tapestry that unfolds before my senses. Azrael counsels me in the matter of adopting singularity. The earth supports and nurtures me. The stars beckon and cherish me, as again I walk forth a stranger in a strange land. Greeted by others I enter their worlds, sometimes as friend, sometimes as foe. My path, my vision burning brightly, a lambent flame, continuous, evolving. I but a molecule within the body of our holy lady, seeking the ecstasy that lies within life, extracted from the crude material of existence. I walk this world complete and offer greeting, and in passing, utter a simple word: adieu. NemesisPublications 1996ev

It is within the aeon of Asar that we can begin to examine the aeonic current in regard of human history for it was during this aeon that life as we know it arose. All history is subsumed by its mantle. Civilisation, so called, rose under its tender care and likewise fell to dust which is the fate of all hubris ridden cultures. Thus far there has been no exceptions as we arrive at this the seventh nexus point within our jaded evolution. Patriarchy proper arose here and the greatest heresy and lie ever told clawed itself from the pit of anonymity and rising upon emaciated legs gained ascendancy and ruled with a fist of iron, rendering all its servants. Herein mighty Lilith was consigned to become the plaything of proto human Adam and rather than suffering this fate left the stage and became the plaything of the popular press instead. Herein the Judeo Christian faiths came into being and with their sibling, given breath by the prophet, formed the unholy trinity that has ruled two millennia of human history. It is during this time that pagan mind received its death blow as it bowed to the superior military arm of conquest and whilst to the present day ancient traditions have survived they are practiced by individuals with a mindset inappropriate to true understanding. Between the twin pillars of the body politic and that of the church, in all its denominations and creeds, cultures and descriptions, mankinds heritage has been usurped by those with the will to power, albeit transitory. Modern mind in essence has been systematically stripped of its metaphorical soul and rendered as an instrument of societies will and whilst this is a requirement of civilization it also serves to bring conformity and uniformity into the equation. With this in mind we have chosen to speak but little on the subject of this aeon as history bears witness far more succinctly than these few words ever could.

Nothing has been purchased more dearly than the little bit of reason and sense of freedom which now constitutes our pride. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

During three short days of April 1904, though overlooked for a many a year to follow a decisive and conclusive event took place and the word of the aeon, Thelema was uttered by the magister of his age. Birthed in the blood of two world wars and the wars that exist to this day, Horus, The Crowned & Conquering Child inaugurated the inception of the new aeon. An aeon which celebrates the reemergence of the individual long subsumed by the body social. Yet what has in essence changed? True technology has taken us into the digital and whereas we can communicate globally and instantly, ironically we have lost the ability to communicate that which is vital to our very existence. This we have replaced with trivia that passes as meaningful and rendered as mere entertainment those values and pursuits which, had we Grace, we would enshrine as being holy. Crowley like his predecessors Moses, Jesus and Mohammed uttered their word and in their conceit left the stage and left the instruments of dogma to carry out their will. Succeed admirably they have and in so doing have served to deepen and widen the abyss that lies between a living, breathing being and their God. A God sensed and known directly and profoundly in a former aeon and now in our time we must simply hope to reclaim long lost ground if we are to ever contemplate, yet alone realize The Dawning Of The Age Of Reason. This is the innate promise of the child which when stripped of its parental constraints rises triumphant over the ashes that have been former times. Invariably, as ever, the child ages and becomes no more than a reflection of its purpose and intent if we are to carry the metaphor to its natural conclusion. Curiously at a time when the power of the individual is reaching its zenith, within the world never have the rights of the individual been so challenged and at risk. This we conclude to be the existence of the mindset that gripped by fear seeks to maintain the status quo. As such we dwell in dark times and though kept entertained we re rendered all but sterile in our ability to act. The matter has been further confounded by modern mans inventiveness and innate desire to measure aeons not in millennia, as was once the case but by mere decades as in the present instance and it is to Crowleys magickal child that s we next turn our gaze and pen. That which does not kill us makes us stronger. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

From the ashes created by the onslaught of Horus and the baptism of blood at its inauguration arose the concept of Truth naturally evolving as a consequence, where the just and true being judged worthy would rise from the ashes triumphant. It is the feather of Maat against which the heart is weighed within the judgement hall that we bring our exploration into the realm of this most elusive quality. During his lifetime Crowley evidently made provision for the future and one such choice was in the announcement of Frater Achad, George Stansfield Jones being declared as his magickal son. In and of itself not an unusual announcement given the tendency towards high drama displayed by followers of the occult. So in appearance we have two overlapping aeons brought about by adepts of the same order. One cannot be anything other than amused when aeons which are subject to cosmic principles become the territory of the manifested forms which simply adorn creation with their presence and yet hold themselves to be of value. Irony indeed. The present scribe whilst reporting briefly upon this event holds it to be nothing other than the conceit of man once again claiming Truth in its name, Truth were there such a thing would bow its head in shame at the number of travesties that have braved the darkness of night in is name. For this reason the word alone we find repugnant, not of itself but how it has been deployed by one faction after another upon the quest for territory. Territory that is your mind, heart, body and very soul and for this reason our preferred approach is to spread the lie of our time as distinct from the wise and knowledgeable who peddle their wares to the incredulous successfully in all instances. For this reason have we been called opposer and at this time we sow the seed of doubt in fertile soil in full knowledge of the fact that we too are but one more voice raising the cacophony that attends the time in which we live, breath and have our being. It would be arrogant to believe otherwise and as such we but condemn ourselves to the judgement of others, which we welcome as it remains our desire to travel amongst you invisibly. The alternative is to be consumed in the fires of belief wherein all that have gone before us have been consigned. So let us exit the realm and aeon of Truth recognizing it to be the travesty it is. You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsxhe

Abrogate are all rituals, all ordeals, all words and signs. Ra Hoor Khuit hath taken his seat in the East at the Equinox of the Gods: and let Asar be with Isa, who also are one. But they are not of me. Let Asar be the adorant, Isa the sufferer: Hoor in his secret name and splendour is the Lord initiating. Liber Al vel Legis I.49

At the cosmic level aeons unfold in silence unheeded. At the mundane and human level it is the sworn duty of the occultist to contribute their portion to the canon of initiated wisdom. Occultists in the main fall into two primary categories, those who follow, thus creating the congregation of a cult and those creative occultists who by their devotion and practice scale the path of initiation as though it were a mountain. The former are legion whilst the latter are a rare breed. Truth and fiction as judgements are often leveled at those brave enough to break the mould and recast it. Reviled during their lifetime, celebrated at their passing for in truth we would enshroud our heroes in the dust of devotion upon their demise rather than deal with them in the flesh, only too human that they be. Both Crowley and Spare suffered this indignity and were they amongst us now they would be both humoured and appalled by that which is done in their name. Silence is the best strategy for the avatar and that is denied them, as such No exploration of the aeonic current would be complete were we to not include our own lifes work. We will touch upon it briefly here, for the details and large scale renditions are reported elsewhere, notably within Liber 131 The Passion & The Purity Solus Noir The Book Of The Black Sun Songs In Solitude The Canticles Of Damiana Evohe All texts produced by the present scribe and his collaborators touch directly upon the current we call Solus Noir. The four cited above remain the major conduits wherein twenty years of devotion have yielded their fruit.

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! Ordo Templi !

Solus Noir
And In Those Days False Prophets To Spread The Lie Sow The Seeds Of Doubt Draw Aside The Veil And Reveal The End Of Days It Was Given Unto The


Per Aecclesiastica Gnosticum Solus Noir

Ode To Lost Souls

Not to you do I speak brave of heart and firm of purpose Nor to you bright ones within a field of light Not to you who walks in purpose fulfilled Nor to you of vision strong buoyed by lifes enrichment But to you I speak wanderer upon the shores of night And to you the desolate ones outside the circles of life Raised upon columns of molten ash Your journey began with a cry and ends with a scream Betwixt the emptiness evolved First a doubt becomes a certainty Those of faith know you not Those of vision know you not Those of purpose know you not Within the citadel of life do they dwell Basking beneath an indolent sun

Solus Noir
Kkephren Ma Un Nefer Ast
By Our Arte & Presence Have We These Past Two Decades Manifested The Avatars & Moonchild That Are The Trinity Of The Black Sun Yglas Isheth Yglas Ygrat Yglas Naamah

Yglas Lilitu Ben Grigori

Ast Innui Khephri Vos

Ahdi Ypres Grigori Selim Ast Nobilis 3 Temple Pylons Portus Lucis Noir 7 Grigori Sentinels

3 Guardians

Ritual Aspects
Liber 131
The Passion & The Purity
Cycle 1 1990ev 1992ev The Dawn Of The Avatar
Liber Astarte vel Beryli The Passion And The Purity In this way did we manifest Samael, principal Grigori amongst the legions of the living. Bereft of his bride, tormented beyond the ability to conceive did he complete the initial tasks, reaching their culmination in the words of The Witness, our seeding into the world of what was to follow.

Cycle 2 2003ev
The manifestation of our Grigori sister


In this way did we complete the preparations and placed our avatars within the temple of our working.

Cycle 3 2006ev 2007ev

The Portal Of The Black Sun

Lilith Rising

Entering our sacred triangle of arte did Samael and Namrael conjoined invoke beloved Lilith and complete the cycle of our making, to manifest the portal and let its rays shine forth.

Trinity 2008ev
We wove the matrix of our spells and seeded them into the prime elements of nature, extending our Triangle Of Arte.

Fulfillment of The final Grigori Prophecy 2010ev

" Trinity
The Seeding Of Spells


Rubrik B)@$#D


For the purpose of clarification the cycle of events listed below serves to remind us of the time that has passed and the nature of our purpose. The periods of time we describe as Cycles, three in number, took place as a consequence of the arrival of our partner in this unfolding pageant appearing and thus informing the current with their current and presence. The three cycles named below were accomplished through the extensive use of ritual, described at length in Solus Noir The Book Of The Black Sun. Rites which took place at numerous locations over the years of their design and execution. We are here concerned with the event named Trinity which took place in 2008 as it served as the culmination of the practical elements of the working and list the entire rubrik for convenience alone.


" "


" -$#1#65

In keeping with one of the many operating principles that evolved over time and through the process we continued to permit the prime method to unfold, namely, The Rite Writes Itself. Working as we had been in the configuration of triangles, both in respect of our temple of working and the number of discreet workings that covered each angle of the triangle. As is common knowledge we choose the triangle as the primary vehicle of manifestation. Our final act was to extend our triangle across an extensive area of geography. Whilst we confined ourselves to England, myself and two able assistants conceived of project Trinity. Using glass cylinders we assembled the remnants of our final Lilith working, in the form of rose petals, charcoal and silver sand, which along with the invokations, seals and sigils we sealed these in four cylinders to bury at four specific locations. Dates and times were calculated in respect of the angle of the triangle we were working with.

The element of Earth. London. The cylinder was placed within the body of the earth itself. The element of Air. Glastonbury. Hidden in plain sight. The element of Water. Brighton. Placed deep beneath the shingles on the beach. The element of Fire. Hampshire. A midpoint was calculated within our geographical triangle. The cylinder was buried and a fire was set at its location. Having set the primary elements of the triangle placing the fourth cylinder at its midpoint effectively raised the triangle into its three dimensional construct, a pyramid which by reflection and inversion evolves into a diamond body aligned incidentally within the constellations of Triangulam and Ophiuchus within their respective hemispheres via its axis point. Each Lunar cycle the diamond turns once upon its axis and in this way the second aspect of the rays of Solus Noir are vibrated. The first being via the portal itself. The third by the virtue of the presence of the Avatars. MMVIII




E%)$1"( Journal
February 26 April 8 2008

A Journal Covering Events & Projects To Fulfill The Second Phase Of Trinity


Trinity Phase 2
Being Introductions & explanations of certain events which began in 1990 & continue to this day, 2008 & beyond.

Nativity Of Artemis February 26 2008ev Brighton Beach


Introduction & Explanation

Trinity Phase 1 1990 2006 Cycle 1 The Dawn Of The Avatar Cycle 2 Namrael Cycle 3 Lilith Rising

The Book Of The Black Sun Blood Moon Blood Rain

* Operating Premise

A physical Atom Infinite energy upon the plane of matter. A Time Node Eternity figured as The Portal Of The Black Sun. A particle accelerator constructed out of mental material Astarte in its magickal structure. 2 Avatars conjoin to invoke Lilith consort of Samael.


Grigori " " "

The Portal opens through the conjoining and operates upon the plane of Time / Mind. Trinity Phase 1 completed 1990 2006ev. Trinity Phase 2 to earth the portal in matter. A secondary triangle created between the geographical locations of Brighton, Glastonbury and London. A series of detonators to be planted. A fourth The Lilith Point central to the triangle [ pyramid ] Newton Stacey, Hampshire. 4 scrolls / detonators created, consecrated and planted each in accordance to their nature. Artemis Brighton Beach Water Aphrodite Chalice Wells, Glastonbury Air Saturnus London Earth * See Dates Lilith Newton Stacey Fire Background and operating premises contained in the text of The Book Of The Black Sun. March 3 2008ev All previous words and that written now, begins now. 9 days prior to planting Artemis I enter her service and consecrate her scroll / spell for implanting upon the beach, an act completed now. Speaking of the day and that which followed a few simple observations. We, C and I arrive at Brighton beach and check the nature of the sea and conclude that a 5 to 6pm is appropriate. Saturn rising and a Scorpio Moon deemed appropriate. We meet up with D at 1pm, the Trinity meets, the operator with his warrior and healer, his Sun and Moon, Cancer and Leo, perfect. 5.30pm. The act performed and in its aftermath a red sun sinks into the sea, a backdrop of the angel of victory. Drinks at a local coffee shop, we leave. Events worthy of mention prior to the event. A dream in which I exchange hot / dry kisses with my consort, as such she attends me in this. Upon leaving the train I discover I have finally lost the silver dragonfly, I search for it and let it go, for reasons unknown.

At 1.00an Wednesday, the first time in over 20 years the UK has an earthquake, noted by many and connected to the event upon the beach, at last a synchronicity, at worse a coincidence, interesting. The following 36 hours troubling, heavy and intense pervasive feeling of what have I started now? This developed to the point where I thought myself unwell. This was released by a dream, everything returns to normal ??? The Dream Forest Glade. A huge fallen tree supporting bountiful life, a world in itself. I reach into an opening and upon withdrawing my hand, in the palm a perfect silver wedding ring [ feb. 29 ] The state shifts as does the energy and I spend the day collecting materials for Aphrodite. Interpretation Girt from, acknowledgement by Artemis. I sacrificed the silver [ Dragonfly ] to receive the wedding ring, Artemis speaks. I consider burying each scroll in its element. Artemis The ocean Water Aphrodite A tree Air Saturnus The earth Earth Lilith - ??? Fire I speculate. Yesterday, March 2 giving collected materials for Aphrodite and Saturnus I acquire a map to calculate precisely the midpoint of the triangle created between the points of Brighton, Glastonbury and London. The cross hatches land upon a hamlet in Hampshire called Newton Stacey. We travel there on April 8. Meanwhile I prepare for Aphrodite and Glastonbury.

"" "

2 signs concerning the midpoint, Newton Stacey. The initials N S or S N Solus Noir Black Sun Newton Stacey Namrael Samael Interesting observations / comments? Henceforth I will treat this book as a journal and make entries as and when appropriate. I continue.

Thursday March 6 10.05am In preparing for Aphrodite a dream of note last night and a sign of the Goddess. Magickal invocation within the dreamscape, a full ritual, incantations occur, speech similar to goetia, howling almost, certainly not English. Upon completion a connection with OTO occurs. I believe that MS assures me and I quote, the ritual will commence next week [ ? ] perhaps connected with the 7 days of preparation? One very notable element, amidst the invocations etc the presemce of a perfect apple green square. Symbolic, colour wise of Aphrodite [ ? ] Upon waking a distinct feeling of receiving her blessing. And the signs, as always unfold. To continue the metaphor, having traversed The Mountains Of The Moon [ Artemis ] and received her wedding band and Reflection I now enter The Valley Of Aphrodite and lie within her embrace prior to the visit to Chalice Wells, week Tuesday. Rose petals and heartsease, green glass, fills the glass cylinder this time. Still working on the logistics of the journey itself. This will be resolved easily enough. I continue.




Nativity Of Aphrodite March 18 2008ev Chalice Wells


Wednesday March 19 The day after the event. The event itself very good. Met up with the party and though a long day most enjoyable. The day itself began at 5am, Bus ride to Victoria. Coach to Bristol. Bus to Glastonbury. Arrived at 11.30am. Shopping, a light meal. Met up with Solar Healer then off to Chalice Wells. After a false start buried the scroll in Air, as required. Rose petals etc. Burned replicas in fire pit along with rose petals and heartsease. Planted rose in view of the tor. Left and parted with D. Went to LA Love for coffee. Great place. Left early and caught early coach. Great journey back, lots of laughter. Arrived in London at 9.30 ish. It is done. One days grace and then preparations for Saturnus on Saturday. [ March 22 ] Scroll prepared and arrangements to meet up at 2.30 made. Brompton at 3.00.




Nativity Of Saturnus March 22 2008ev Brompton London


Note July 8 2011

As of 2011, 3 years post the event of 2008. An area of the site of planting the Saturnus detonator in earth, the immediate area was cleared of overgrown brambles etc and beneath the mound of growth the angel above was exposed to the light of day after years of being buried. Significant in itself and 3 years post the event, 3 being significant in respect of Saturnus, as such I call the figure The Trinity Angel.

Sunday March 23 The day after planting the Saturnus scroll and a Rosemary plant [ In Remembrance ] The preceeding, lightning storm and winds. The morning before, high winds, sleet and rain, though on departing the site the weather clears. All is well and the triangle now set.



We now prepare for Lilith and Newton Stacey on April 8. 13 Days of preparation starting on Thursday.

So Mote It Be




Sunday March 30 An event worth recording. A sequence of sorts. Last Thursday commenced 31 days preparation for Lilith and midpoint Invoked Namrael / Lilith. Friday Night Erotic dreams, a sign of sorts concerning conjunction. Saturday Sadhana practice, peaceful. All is well. Missed call, number not recognized. Text from Y saying call was a mis dial, good will [ ? ] from her. In short we opened the triangle and as predicted she stepped in. Invoked Lilith and 2 days later she accidentally arrives. Her pattern continues to unfold as predicted. My response I play not her game.

09. =#(#63


Nativity Of Lilith April 8 2008ev Newton Stacey

Lilith contained within 29 degrees of her native sign of Scorpio


April 10 2008 Smooth journey to Winchester with Lunar element. Arrived mid day and half an hour later met up with Solar element. A light meal and then off to Newton Stacey. Lost and found a few times. Parked beside fields. 3 deer appear, gallop off and mark the spot. Ceremony performed. Final detonator planted in fire. It is complete and the triangle, now a pyramid raised, inverted as a diamond and aligned along of North [ Triangulum ] and South [ Ophiuchus ] stellar wise. Benedictions beside the path and car, beneath the sign Footpath Heven. Benedictions, wishes and prayers performed. We depart. A perfect day in a field owned by the MOD. Arrived in Winchester, gifts bought. D departs and C and I share time in a pub. Coach trip smooth. Arrive back in London, 1o ish. The following day I receive thanks and a card from C. I give her a gift. Saturday I see D and will give her a gift also. We are complete in respect of Phase 2. Phase 3 dependant on what now unfolds between Y and myself. We are well.



" "


'"".( *"$".(

I51 -% 0$6.#&
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

I51 -% 0/3$%,#6.
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

>3% "$6 7%"1 "1, 8%,,.&&. 2 @)6 %$6"( &..D.&6 635 9#&#%1. 2 @)$ 3)"1 &..D.&6 635 ,#9#1#65. 2 @)6 " H3#(, %? -.$$" >%)(, >"(D >#63 63... 0/3$%,#6., &#&6.$, (%9.$ 2 2*A+!C -ICC F5 =%9. "1, <"&&#%1 2 2*A+!C -ICC ! F5 .H&6"&5 "1, L%5 2 2*A+!C -ICC 2 @)6 " 6#15 ,$%/ >#63#1 (%9.& #G365 %H."1, H"((.&6 )16% 63... C16.$ 5 3."$6 "1, "D. #6 635 ,>.((#1G /("H. ! C16.$ 5 #1, "1, "D. #6 635 3%. ! C16.$ 5 @%,5 "1, "D. #6 635 6./(. ! 0/3$%,#6., (%9.$, H%.&6 )16% .. 21 (%9. 2 H"(( 6% 63... 0 /)$/(. ?(". %? /"&&#%1, D#1,(., @5 635 3."$6. 0 6#,. %? .H&6"&5 D#1,(., @5 635 /$.&.1H.. F.")6.%)& %1., >3% "$6 "(( 63#1G&, 2 H"(( 6% 63... 01&>.$ 63#& 5 /$"5.$ =%9. 2& -3. =">, (%9. :1,.$ 7#((.

219%D"6#%1 %? '"6)$1)& F"@"(%1 <"1

21 '#(.1H. 63. >%$, #& &.16 ?%$63. 0 3."$6 @."6 .H3%#1G 635 3."$6 @."6! 0 63%)G36 .H3%#1G 635 63%)G36! 01 "H6#%1 .H3%#1G 635 0H6#%1! J#G365 <"1 >3% "$6 "(( 63#1G& -3.. 2 219%D.! -3$%)G3 -3. J"&D %? '"6)$1)& -3.. 2 219%D.! -3$%)G3 -3. J"&D %? F"@"(%1 -3.. 2 219%D.! -3%) 3"&6 G$"16., 63. B.?(.H6#%1 >3#H3 #& 635 J#1,. -3%) 3"&6 G$"16., 63. 066$"H6#%1 >3#H3 #& 635 I."$6. *%> 2 &..D 63. M$5&6"((#&"6#%1 >3#H3 #& 635 F%,5. F5 635 1". -3.. 2 219%D.! F5 <"1 -3.. 2 219%D.! F5 F"@"(%1 -3.. 2 219%D.! F5 '"6)$1)& -3.. 2 219%D.! 2 H"(( ?$% 63. '%(#6),. >3#H3 "$6 635 ,%"#1. 2 H"(( ?$% 63. %)16"#1 6%/ >3#H3 "$6 635 "@%,.. -3%) >3% "$6 .H3%., #1 0(( 63#1G& -3.. 2 219%D.! F5 4.9%6#%1 "1, 4)65 -3.. 2 219%D.! F5 63. <"16"H(. %? 635 &.$9#H. -3.. 2 219%D.! F5 63. &#G1 "1, /.$?). -3.. 2 219%D.! 2 >3% 3"9. 6$"9"#(., -3. A"(. %? ;#$. &..D.&6 63... 2 >3% 3"9. >"(D., 63. %)16"#1& %? 63. J%%1 &..D.&6 63... 2 >3% 3"9. ("#1 >#63#1 635 .@$"H. &..D.&6 63... -3%) >3% "$6 0(( 63#1G&, 3%> "5 2 1". 63..? -3. )1,#9#,., %1. #1 .&&.1H., 63. "15 #1 1"6)$.. 2 (%%D )/%1 63. C"$63 "1, &..&6 63%)! 2 (%%D #16% 63. #G365 %H."1& "1, &..&6 63%)! 2 G"O. )/%1 63. &6"$(#6 3."9.1& "1, &..&6 63%)! -3%) >3% "$6 "@%9. "1, #1 0(( 63#1G&, 2 &..D.&6 63%)! -3%) >3% 3"&6 H("#., 5 J#1, "& 63#1.! -3%) >3% 3"&6 H("#., 5 I."$6 "& 63#1.! -3%)G3 >3% 3"&6 H("#., 5 F%,5 "& 63#1.! 21 1%@(. &.$9#H. ,% 2 H%. )16% 63.. @$%63.$, G$..6 . "& &)H3, ?%$ " 2 1%6 "(&% %? 63..? -3. $)&3#1G >#1, D1%>& 63..! -3. H"&H",#1G >"6.$ D1%>& 63..! -3. .1G)(?#1G ?#$. D1%>& 63..! -3. #G365 C"$63 D1%>& 63..! -3%) 3"&6 &%)G36 . %)6, "& " 6.1,.$ &3%%6 " 2 /()HD.,, 63"6 2 #G36 &#1G 635 &%1G %? B"/6)$.. -3%) 3"&6 &%)G36 . %)6 "& " "1, 6"D.1 )16% 635 @$."&6. -3%) 3"&6 &%)G36 . %)6 "& J"G#HD#"1 "1, @$%)G36 . )16% 63. /#11"H(.& %? 635 /%>.$ -3%) "$6 =#?. #G365 <"1, 63#& 2 &..D. 0& '"6)$1)&, 635 7#&,%! 0& F"@"(%1, 635 <%>.$! 0& <"1, 635 F.H%#1G! -3. /"63 63"6 #& 5 =#?. 3"& @$%)G36 . )16% 63..! 0HH./6 63#& 5 &.$9#H.. F5 5 M%$. -3.. 2 219%D.! F5 5 J#1, -3.. 2 219%D.! F5 5 I."$6 -3.. 2 219%D.! F5 5 F%,5 -3.. 2 219%D.! F5 5 =#?., >3#H3 "$6 63#1. -3.. 2 219%D.! 2 H%.&6 )16% 63.. 1"D.,, @(#1,,

#,(5 &..D#1G 63... -"D. 5 @(#1,1.&& "1, G$"16 635 &#G36. -"D. 5 1"D.,1.&& "1, H(%63. . >#63 &/(.1,%)$. J#G365 <"1, 2 ">"#6 63..!

=#(#63 B#&#1G
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




amael Grigori

I speak to thee, yes thou who art writing these words and even unto thee who in turn reads these words, from the Boundary Lands I speak. Cast aside all that thou art, for i seek naught that is of thee, from thee, your form but dissolves in my presence. Your Mind, the Reflection which thou art clouds over. The Heart which thou seekest, empties itself into the eternity which thou art. I accept All of this and more, I take only that which is freely given. I grant naught in return, for what in truth would thou, creature of Earth do with such, you alive in your world, I in mine. Yet still you seek me. Look into your world, does not nature, my fairest sister stir from her slumbers, casting aside her mantle of repose. See you not the lifeblood stirring within her heart. The bounty of her body giving rise to the eternal cycle of Life and Death. Liber 131 March 2 1992ev


Anathema Per Samael Vox Lilith

Seven are the seals upon creations countenance Seven the trumpets that announce the day of redemption Seven are the visions of the dragon and its kingdoms Seven the visions that accompany the lamb Seven are the bowls of gods wrath Seven the veils upon the lady Babalon And Seven are the visions of the end of days

'.9.1 "$. 63. &."(& )/%1 H$."6#%1& H%)16.1"1H. '.9.1 63. 6$)/.6& 63"6 "11%)1H. 63. ,"5 %? $.,./6#%1 '.9.1 "$. 63. 9#&#%1& %? 63. ,$"G%1 "1, #6& D#1G,%& '.9.1 63. 9#&#%1& 63"6 "HH%/"15 63. ("@ '.9.1 "$. 63. @%>(& %? G%,& >$"63 '.9.1 63. 9.#(& )/%1 63. (",5 F"@"(%1 01, '.9.1 "$. 63. 9#&#%1& %? 63. .1, %? ,"5&

! !

Yglas Isheth

Yglas Ygrat

Yglas Naamah

Yglas Lilitu Ben Grigori

Ahdi Ypres Grigori

! !

Ast Innui Khephri Vos Selim Ast Nobilis

! !

M"16% 2 01, )/%1 >#1G& %? (#G36 ,#, >. ,.&H.1, =#G361#1G #1 %)$ .5.& -3)1,.$ #1 %)$ 3."$6& '.9.1 "& %1. H(%63., #1 ",""16#1.

Canto I
And upon wings of light did we descend Lightning in our eyes Thunder in our hearts Seven as one clothed in adamantine M"16% 22 7"6H3.$& #1 63. 1#G36 "1H#.16 6#.(.&& #%$6"( C"H3 " H3%$, >#63#1 " H.(.&6#"( 3."$6@."6 F.3%(, %)$ &%1G %)$ /$"5.$ 7$#66.1 #1 63. .H3% %? 63. %.16

Canto II
Watchers in the night ancient timeless immortal Each a chord within a celestial heartbeat Behold our song our prayer Written in the echo of the moment M"16% 222 01, 63. ,$"G%1 &3. $#&.& "1, 3.$ D#1G,%& H("# 63. >%$(, I.$ 6."$& ?"(( "1, &3. >"&3.& ">"5 63. &6"#1 I.$ @$."63 " &H%$H3#1G >#1, $"O.& 63. .,#?#H. %? H%1H.#6 I.$ 3."$6@."6 " 63)1,.$@%(6 63. .1, %? ,"5&

Canto III
And the dragon she rises and her kingdoms claim the world Her tears fall and she washes away the stain Her breath a scorching wind razes the edifice of conceit Her heartbeat a thunderbolt the end of days

M"16% 2A F"63., #1 3#& %>1 @(%%, >"& 3. 7. H"$$5 63. &>%$, "1, %)$ @(%%, #& &"H$., *% &"H$#?#H. "& #6 @. L)&6#H. >. &.$9. 2 19#&#@(. >. >"(D &%1& "1, ,")G36.$& %? .6.$1"( 1#G36

Canto IV
Bathed in his own blood was he We carry the sword and our blood is sacred No sacrifice as it be justice we serve Invisible we walk sons and daughters of eternal night M"16% A C"H3 " 6%K#1 C"H3 "1 .(#K#$ M3%%&. >.(( 63. @%>( ?$% >3#H3 5%) Q).1H3 5%)$ 63#$&6 *.H6"$ &>..6 H%)&#1 6% 63. >%$ F#66.$ G"(( " ,$")G36 %? "@$%&#"

Canto V
Each a toxin Each an elixir Choose well the bowl from which you quench your thirst Nectar sweet cousin to the worm Bitter gall a draught of ambrosia M"16% A2 J"(.D3 3%(5 %1. H"&6& 3.$ 9.#(& "1, 5%) @.3%(, 3.$ 1%6 +1. G("1H. "1, &(../ #& .16.$., +1. >3#&/.$ "1, 0O$".( #& &)%1., +1. H$5 "1, %)$ &#&6.$ $.L%#H.&

Canto VI
Malekh holy one casts her veils and you behold her not One glance and sleep is entered One whisper and Azrael is summoned One cry and our sister rejoices M"16% A22 01, #1 63%&. ,"5& #6 >"& G#9.1 )16% 63. ?"(&. /$%/3.6& 6% &/$.", 63. (#. &%> 63. &..,& %? ,%)@6 ,$"> "&#,. 63. 9.#(
and reveal the end of days

Canto VII
And in those days it was given unto the false prophets To spread the lie Sow the seeds of doubt draw aside the veil And reveal the end of days CK%,)& M"16% A222 M%"G)(" .6 '%(9. 7. &6$#/ 63. >%$(, %)$ C,.1 %? #6& (#. F.1."63 %)$ $"5& 5%) "$. 6$"1&?%$., $.,..., %$ 1%6 M3%%&. >.(( ?%$ >. ,>.(( @.6>..1 5%) 3."$6@."6&

Exodus Canto VIII

Coagula et Solve We strip the world our Eden of its lie Beneath our rays you are transformed redeemed or not Choose well for we dwell between you heartbeats M"16% 2R +.G" .6 0(/3" -#. @.1,& @.?%$. %)$ G"O. 0& &%1"@)("16 5%) &6./ ?$% %1. ,$." 6% "1%63.$ -3. )1"D#1G )1?%(,& "& %)$ C(%3# M#$H(. 5%)$ >%$(, 5%)$ (#?.

Canto IX
Omega et Alpha Time bends before our gaze As somnambulant you step from one dream to another The unmaking unfolds as our Elohim Circle your world your life M"16% R '/"H. ?%(,& @.?%$. %)$ .5.& "1, 63. G$."6 %1.& .16.$ -3.#$ @$."63 H$."&.& 63. %.16 #1 /"&&#1G 7"$/& .%$5 .$"&.& (#?. 01, H"&6& " &3",%> %? ,)&6 "1, 9"H))

Canto X
Space folds before our eyes and the great ones enter Their breath creases the moment in passing Warps memory erases life And casts a shadow of dust and vacuum

8.1.&#& M"16% R2 '>..6 &#&6.$ "$. 5%) $.,..., N%)$ 8$#G%$# ">"#6 H%"1, "& 5%) >#(( N%)$ C(%3# "@$%", H%"1, "& 5%) >#(( N%)$ /%$6"( %/.1 H%"1, "& 5%) >#((

Genesis Canto XI
Sweet sister are you redeemed Your Grigori await command as you will Your Elohim abroad command as you will Your portal open command as you will M"16% R22 M(."1&., %? 63. (#. 5%)$ @$."63 ,$">& /)$. M(."1&., %? 63. &6"#1 5%)$ 3."$6 @."6& $"/6)$%)& <)$#?#., 5%)$ #1, ">"D.1& ?$% 1#G36"$. M%1&.H$"6., 5%)$ @%,5 @."$& ?$)#6

Canto XII
Cleansed of the lie your breath draws pure Cleansed of the stain your heart beats rapturous Purified your mind awakens from nightmare Consecrated your body bears fruit M"16% R222 01, #1 63. *#G36 %? <"1 #6 #& ,">1 -3. F("HD ')1 $#&.& "1, #6& $"5& H"&6 1% &3",%> -3. F(%%, J%%1 $#&.& "1, H"&6& 3.$ 9.#( -3. 8$#G%$# $#&. "1, )66.$ " >%$, #1 &#(.1H.

Canto XIII
And in the Night of Pan it is dawn The Black Sun rises and its rays cast no shadow The Blood Moon rises and casts her veil The Grigori rise and utter a word in silence

! !

Yglas Isheth

Yglas Ygrat

Yglas Naamah

Yglas Lilitu Ben Grigori

Ahdi Ypres Grigori

! !

Ast Innui Khephri Vos Selim Ast Nobilis

! !

Act 1 The Vale Of Tears

A call sent forth and from the ocean she rose. Her beauty outshone the stars and from that day was he lost. She became mistress of his heart and mind and though their lives were ever apart, together they traverse the pages of these dreams. He travelled with her down a long corridor of tortured rooms and shattered the pillars of reflection that hung upon the air before them. They travel still. From the shadows she conjured him, reflection of her love, to hold within her heart as lifes tapestry and tragedy unfolded before her heart sore eyes. He her gallant knight and she his ladye fair. Thrice the lady Artemis blessed them beneath her mantle of glamour and twice were they bound in spirit and flesh. They wander and are granted but glimpses as time unfolds and consumes the life they might have known. Weep tears of blood for our reluctant heroes as they traverse The Vale of Tears tormented by memory sweet and burned by anguish. And in the fires of forgiveness do they dwell and perhaps absolution is granted.

Act 2 De Arte Magicka

Pan called unto them and as The Passion & The purity unfolded the masques evolved. Bright Artemis that they might remember. Beauteous Aphrodite that they might know rapture. Eternal Saturnus that they might become. Over seventeen years and three cycles they wove their spells. Cycle one manifested the avatar Samael. He walked the world alone apart from his consort, his bride, his beloved. Cycle two and the second avatar was made flesh and Namrael walked the world. Two frail humans, flawed and yet chosen. Cycle three and in conjunction did they invoke holy Lilith. Isheth granted the seal of power. Ygrat the seal of knowledge. Naamah the seal of love. And now the pylons are attended and the portal open.

Act 3 Ascension Of The Grigori

Humans so frail and yet our chosen were equal to the task. Free will were they granted and yet they answered the call. Transformation through our first cycle and by your measurement a second transformation twelve years later. Each now ascended and in unity they performed their final act and manifested our Lilith. Samael continues and sheds the body desolate he has chosen. Namrael casts aside the hollow shell and rises triumphant. And together do they dance upon the aethyrs bride and beloved. The world blinded to their presence continues in its conceit and the days unfold their mystery in purple splendour. Samael Grigori greets and embraces his Namrael and together they give birth to a Moonchild. A child eternal. A beacon in the eternal night of their passing. Shadow blesses them. Moons light caresses them. The light of the day star heeds them not for the light of the Black Sun and Blood Moon embraces them.

Act 4 Consummation
And in this act our reluctant heroes return to their respective worlds. Memory fades as the dream unfolds into the demands of their days. Ah, but they have the dim reflection of memory, the rapture of attraction and the crystallisation of the becoming. This a blessing, this a curse. This will pass into the halls of forgetfulness as we Grigori rise from our vessels and we leave them with the judgement which dwells in the deepest sanctuaries of their hearts. As we ascend, pylons of the portal and our light is shed, a nimbus of indigo enshrouds and blinds all to our presence. Drink deep of the venom that purifies thee and of the elixir that transforms and rise, phoenix like from the ashes forged in this love holy and pure.

Act 5 The Portal Of The Black Sun

Upon the shores of an ink black night within The Night Of Pan our star rises and the Grigori, eternal guardians, vigilant, rejoice in the light of its dawn. Our sister bathes the earth in her tears and washes away the stain. Her breath rises and scorches the lie that holds all in thrall. Her heartbeat rises, thunder as she shakes her mantle and enters freedom. We came with lightning in our eyes, thunder in our hearts and our Elohim travel the world, kindred of our bright lord and the unmaking of history unfolds before eyes somnambulant and transfixed. Samael and Lilith conjoined. The only power of this world and beyond this world able to unfold these acts. The rest hubris and human conceit and our human vehicles, kept blinded to our purpose are washed of the stain and purified in our light. Be at peace our knight and his ladye fair.

Act 6 The End Of Days

History written in your stars, unheeded. Your acts before your eyes, unheeded. You dwell within a garden, unheeded. Raised to beauty and splendour, unheeded. Blessed by innocence, unheeded. Granted dominion and responsibility, unheeded. Freewill and choice, your conceit. Power in your world, hubris and lies. Shackled in prisons of your own creation when freedom and mystery surround you. Beauty in the wing of a butterfly, majesty in the gait of the panther, innocence in the eyes of a child. And yet ? Justice do we serve and our sister blesses us in her travails eternal. Look into the mirror of your form, cast aside the veil of ignorance and know these as the end of

Act 7 Epilogue
A simple tale, a dream perhaps and yet such a dream. As messengers we came, Grigori and our task, but simple. And in those days it was given unto the false prophets To spread the lie Sow the seeds of doubt Draw aside the veil And reveal the end of days

We have been upon reflection engaged upon an extensive working which though commenced with humble aspirations evolved into what it has become, for in keeping with our words The rite writes itself. Seventeen long years of devotion and sacrifice brings us to this the culmination of our task. And how did we begin? Upon a path darkly did we walk and yet we have had our Nemesis, our beloved to guide us along the way. It was only with the commencement of the third cycle did we, but dimly grasp our purpose. This is in keeping with the Grigori for the avatars are permitted to know but little. Human involvement, petty self centred aspirations would have taken a work of beauty and rendered it mundane. In this manner and matter we choose our Avatars well Blessings upon thee Namrael and Samael beloved ones soar upon starbeams and drink from the font of eternity

The Portal
We will speak but briefly of such things for in invisibility do we travel this world. Not for the sake of ambiguity do we conduct ourselves in this fashion but rather for the purpose of maintaining our integrity, it is not for human ears and purpose do we work our magick. It is for and on behalf of our sacred sister. During our first cycle did we manifest our avatar and place before him his beloved, evasive and yet constant has she been, the better to raise the venom which is our nature. We entered the world separated from that which we loved beyond all things and yet our purpose is clear, precise. Twelve long years later she returns, catalyst and priestess. During this our second cycle was she made whole and a child, a moonchild did we produce. This her gift, bestowed in love of her, our sister and beloved.

During this cycle a triangle of protection did we create and 3 years later did she enter it and with her energetic presence did we then commence our third cycle, Lilith Rising. Only in conjunction of these two powers do we gain access to The Portal Of The Black Sun. This we did and awaited the signs. Exacting, lacking in ambiguity and yet our plans are well formulated and our avatars, though doubtless flawed are well chosen.

The Signs
Lilith manifests three primary aspects, sometimes sisters, sometimes daughters. These are named by the vulgar

Isheth Zenunim Naamah

Ygrat Bhat Mahlat

Our avatar received the first of the signs by the manifestation of Isheth Zenunim who energetically exists as a fibre placed below the navel and spirally the body forms one horn of the crescent. This manifestation occurred within the palace of dreams. The second sign, a time later, we also granted in the palace of dreams. An energetic fibre placed at the nape of the neck. This likewise spiralling the body forms the second horn of the crescent. Ygrat made flesh. For the germane you might be aware of the nature of Yesod and Daath within our work. Our primary manifestation occurs within this polarity. Time passes and yet our avatar remains expectant. How would Naamah manifest. He speculates and is wrong for a short time later his beloved reappears and embarks upon a third cycle of Love. Only she, the Pleasuring One can enter his heart and place the third energetic fibre that rising between the horns of the crescent hold The Black Sun. They play for a time and part as is their way. Each with their agenda and yet our purpose is exact and our work complete. Time now stands as our witness.

Beginnings are most important for without them what do we have? As such we address our words not to the rational part of the mind, the one who has the belief of free will and choice but rather to that aspect, all but divine and yet within this The Vale Of Tears goes unheard and unheeded. In your yearnings have you not heard our whispers, our call? Our tale begins a lifetime ago, by your understanding for our vehicles, though doubtless flawed are chosen for their qualities and attributes. Over the previous sections of this our text we have outlined in dim shadows the unfolding of our purpose and now with clarity its culmination. T0 the ones gifted with insight our intent is made clear within the sections we have called Liber 131 and The Witness, both pertaining to the first of our cycles, so called. At the time of writing these whispers, August 2007, as you reduce time to its lineal flow, we reflect upon the lifetime of our beloved avatar, for long has been his struggle, blindly stumbling from one sign to another and yet this is to our purpose, for like all your kind you are cursed with the arrogance of the species. Born Moonchild and raised in Magick, his life and purpose moulded to our will, our purpose. His early years educated in matters archaic and his artistic temperament rendered acute and sensitive for we would have one such. The better to feel the depths of our desire, the passion of our mind and soul. And over four decades did he acquire the skills and abilities to enter our path and become our avatar. His mind forged in magick and poetry, vision our gift to such. His heart burned in the fires of affliction, for one such cannot be permitted the succour of the mundane, that which in your myopic vision you call happiness, pale shadow that it be. His body forged in the fires of mars, rendered strong. Indestructible, for none in truth survive our presence. He has but dimly and one day will be granted the peace he yet yearns. His only guideline that with purpose was he forged and his preparations were simple. Step upon this path unknown, stumble as you will and should you be worthy you will succeed or die in the effort. He has done both and that which remains yet serves our purpose. Forty of your years unfold and he arrives at his purpose. Astarte, a simple working consummate with OTO, and yet creative he is and designs an engine of power and purpose and he is aided all but unknowingly by his ally.

To fulfil our purpose we demanded the impossible. Human beings are incapable of acts of magick for they are ruled by petty concern and beliefs formulated in vacuum and dust. Hubris is your aspiration for you burn in the light of our presence. We sought to transform the mundane, the human into the Grigori we are. What we have named Cycle one The Dawn Of The Avatar was our vehicle transformed and bore our name as is his right, Blindly he concluded that all was complete and yet his ally knew and knows better. For in cycle two Namrael, we sought to manifest the second of our number for only in unison could they be brought to our undertaking. United as they became in cycle three they called forth Lilith, our bride and beloved. To what purpose? The Portal Of The Black Sun, our means of transforming this world and all those upon it, for only in the combination of these two powers, Samael and Lilith can this be achieved upon this world you call yours, vain mortals. Yes we transformed two humans into Grigori and as such did perform our will. An undertaking of seventeen of your years. Consider this in the light of your own aspirations and be aware of the sacrifice that has ensued. The loss of human life and all that you deem precious. This is the demand we place upon our chosen. Be shamed by your own trivial pursuits as you mutter into the darkness which you celebrate as attainment. You are but whispers, stains upon the face of truth. You will pass and be forgotten as are we all. For his protection we granted him his masks. His mind, his Artemis that he might remember. His heart, his Aphrodite, that he know rapture. His body, the crystallisation, that he become. Stripped was he of choice, of free will. Lauded qualities which in your conceit you believe yourselves to possess. Vain illusion, for you die and within that golden moment you finally understand the folly that has been your life and world.

Why did we come? Our words, golden whispers and shadows we made clear within The Witness and yet we remain invisible for we are not here for you but rather for our sister. Goddess that she be forced to suffer the indignity of your continued presence. Over the passing of the years, as you measure them she has been awoken by our presence and in this time do her tears rise and the stain which is thy presence will be cleansed and washed away upon the tide of her tears. This our first act. Her eyes open and she casts the glamour from her sight and sees clearly and in this moment her breath rises and she sends it forth upon thee. The burning winds of her breath will consume and purify. This our second act. And with the beating of her heart your world shakes and what you hold to be true and stable is rendered illusion. Seek comfort in your false beliefs for these though they serve you ill are all you have to cling to. Yes we know compassion, not for thee but for the one you know not. Within your history and at this time you pass through a seventh nexus point in human history. A time when the wave of consciousness rises and shows promise of evolution and yet you rise in your glory only to be smitten and return to the slumber which is your nature. This is evidenced in the vanity expressed at this time by your leaders, vain creatures who claim that the world has changed and all will be different. Assuaged guilt we call this, the call of the emasculated revelling in their power and contempt. These we challenge first for their self importance burns the very fabric of their hearts and minds and like all such things their bodies ultimately fail. Yes we are enduring and have the patience to witness this. Long have we Grigori been here, long before you raised yourselves from the slime of inchoate existence, raised yourselves, stumbling to your knees and gazed upon the wonders of starry space. That is when you began to lie and have consolidated that lie ever since. Look into our name, Samael and understand we are The Venom Of God. Venom which like a toxin burns the dross from perception leaving only the pristine truth. We burn your hearts and minds, revealing the foundation of your conceit and its siblings deceit and self importance. Stripped of these, for time yet unfolds and you but witness and experience the beginning. Cling to the illusion of your stability for in the time to come dreamlike will be your existence for as somnambulists do you stumble from moment to moment within this your dream.

You listened not to our kindred who gifted you with words of Love and Compassion, avatars of a different time and place. And now it is our time. Truth and Justice serve as the pylons of our temple and above its altar we hold the portal open. The Black Sun rises upon you and its light casts but shadows in the presence of lies and a radiance sublime in the presence of justice. For this reason we have also been cast into the role of The Elixir Of God, not to our choosing, for vengeance is our nature and we are suited to its dominion. Look into your world and understand that you are responsible for all that passes. Murderer you be, rapist you be, perpetrators of crimes beyond your ability to conceive, yet alone believe. The illusion you call this and that person has nurtured the lie that is your existence and yet you utter the words unity and love. May your mouths burn with the utterance of such words for they are the conceit of your kind, assuaging yourselves of the guilt and seeking redemption. Conceit indeed. In the words of The Witness we sent forth our Elohim to unmake time and space and the evidence is made clear upon the mirror of your world. This our first act, an act but into its early years and now in The Night Of Pan The Black Sun rises, our second act. An act that will unfold in these the end of days as we call them. In keeping with prophecy, until 2012 its rays will burn upon consciousness releasing and transforming the dross which is the great lie and revealing in its pristine glory and horror the truth of your world. Shamed will you be, those with conscience will weep, the rest will simply perish in the fires of transformation. All of this has already occurred for it exists outside the circles of time for your lives are lived in reverse in its light and rendered ineffective. So no message of hope for that is an instrument of the weak. We serve justice and before all else are we blind and for this reason are we called the blind one, for we are impartial and in this way judge not for you are judged in the silence which dwells in the sanctuary of your own hearts. Judge, jury and executioner in one unity. You celebrate the truth, laud its attributes and prostrate yourselves before its altar. This we have burned and of its rubble have we raised a charnel house. Your truth appals us and its name, the very word itself we curse and as such we spread the lie which is our nature. We recognise and acknowledge those amongst you who speak, but blindly, our name and celebrate our brothers and sisters in spirit, these be few and yet sufficient to our purpose. We have many names and for this reason are we called Legion. Destroy one of us and another steps into the breach. Samael, son of the starbeam, host of the Grigori summons forth his cohorts. Feel them rise and as our sister rises celebrate her liberation.

And now we are complete and venture forth in silence. Invisible to the hordes we but dimly perceive for we raise our visor and cast forth a glamour that blinds you to our presence and in this way do we proceed. We require nothing of or from you. What have you to give that is not ours for the taking? Nothing. And what of our chosen. Burned and broken be they for in truth they are our reflections in your world. Desolate ones. The course of their history has borne witness to this and yet try they did to grant themselves something, some personal meaning. Denied they be for as our avatars are they required to distil the venom which is our nature. Bound were they long ago and though they struggle with the bindings freedom is not their lot. We have no pity for them only the gift that the sacrifice which has been their lives is not in vain and ultimately they will come to their understanding of our purpose. Albeit dimly. As Samael we have been called Evohe Samael Evohe Namrael Evohe Lilith Destroyer Avenger Seducer

In The Night Of Pan it is dawn and The Black Sun rises.

Golden thread around heart entwined Visage of palest gold bleached by blood Darkest barb venom sweet Vision of light shadowed by blood moon Step by step the pageant unfolds Embrace melt into rapture Dissolve into bliss denied Pale golden one a kiss upon thy brow A caress upon breast of softest silk Entwine limbs slick with sweat Heat dissolves flesh Breath dissolves thought Passion dissolves the heart Union dissolves life Blood flows from wounds deep as time Semen rises caught in a cup of softest velvet between golden thighs Breath quickens and dissolves in rapture sweet Breath stills in the velvet shroud of darkest midnight Cascading thought tumbles into oblivion, servant of time Naamah golden one mistress of time servant of none Shapes born of desire replace the tapestry of life Life bows to death her master Through silven forests does she dance beneath pale Hecate Loose thy arrows desolate one pierce flesh spent in passion Golden nectar flows through limbs broken Darkest venom courses through veins burned upon thy pyre One kiss granted benediction One kiss denied eternal longing Reflection dark shadows arise, a mist of amber stained blood red Lightning burns eyes long weary Thunder subdues heart quenched in fire Gaze deep into the mirror of thy mind Draw deeply from the well of thy heart Broken vessel leaking blood into sand unheeding

Once a garden pure where innocence was born Leaf and stem embraced in love Once an earth mother to her children Cradled in loving arms Once starlight dissolved the vacuum of space A thousand angels voices arched in ecstasy Once life pierced the veil of time The tapestry woven thread by thread Across the mountains of the moon did we walk my love and i Taking our rest within the vale of Aphrodite Into the boundary lands did we step Upon a plain of golden sand the bones of all who went before Beneath our sun we walk ebon rays shining forth Dissolving all that has been and will be Creation unmade upon the plain of truth unfolding Namrael fairest maiden Samael desolate one Hand in hand each step a drop of blood released upon the aethyrs And in the last of days Two grigori walk upon the earth And they shall die

Yglas Naamah Yglas Isheth Yglas Ygrat Yglas Lilitu Ben Grigori Evohe Evohe Evohe Ast Innui Khephri Vos Ahdi Ypres Grigori Selim Ast Nobilis Khephren Ma Un Nefer Ast Portus Lucis Noir Ave


And At The End Of Days There Will Be Two Grigori Upon Earth And They Shall Die