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1. There will be a Church Business Meeting
on Sabbath afternoon of 12th January at
4.30. At that meeting we will have a final
treasurer' report, receive plans from the
departmental leaders for 2008, and fix diary
dates for the coming year. Departmental
leaders must come prepared with proposed
departmental days for the coming year.
2. There will be a Church Board meeting on
Burngreave SDA Church, Andover St.
Sunday, 13th January at 11am. Sheffield. S3 9EF.
Tel. 0114 279 9755
3. There will also be a Pastoral Meeting on
Sunday 13th January at 9am. First Elder: RD Prime
0114 3216300
4. There will be three Famly Life Seminars 07878925453
for the District on Friday the 4th, 11th and
18th January at Burngreave Church from 7-
9pm. They will be conducted by Pastor Cyril Bible Worker- Lloyd Lambert –
Sweeney. 07855989140

5. On Friday, the 25th January there will be North England Conference
0115 9606312
a District Communion Service to be held
at Burngreave Church. British Union Conference
01923 672251
6. Sis Maureen Griffiths is asking for
food/financial contributions and volunteers to Bulletin Compiler: Roy Carrapatoso
assist in: i) Soup Run to the City Center to Tell: 0114-2582696
feed the those in need on Sabbath 07919954089
afternoons during the Winter period. ii) A
Christmas Day Soup Kitchen in the Youth

SUNSET CALENDAR Minister: Pastor Andrew Rashford-
DATE TIME Tel: 0114 240 2491
Mobile: 0793 173
28 Dec 3:53pm 2490
4 Jan 4:01pm email:

22nd December 2007
Welcome…. Benediction
Costa Vegas

A very warm members to our visiting
friends and regular members. We Divine Service
hope you will have a blessed
11.15am to 1pm Prayer Corner
Song Service:
Dick Chongwe & Team

“We are Standing on Higher Ground”

Sabbath School- Invocation
Costa Vegas
Higher ground Welcome
And pray in the Spirit on all occasions, with all
kinds of Prayer and Requests Eph 6:1
Lindiwe Dhlamini

Theme: Opening Hymn
Lets us keep in our hearts and prayers the following
Those who are in need in and around our
community and homes

Scripture Readings
Grace Uwimana

Grace Uwimana
Music Item by “Go Tell”

Garden of Prayer
"The name of the
Pearnell Muir LORD is a strong
Children's Story tower; the righteous
Costa Vegas
run to it and they are
Praise ‘n Harmony safe."
“The Banquet is Sermon:

ready” "There is a way that seems right to man"
Costa Vegas

Closing Hymn