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Announcements continued….

24th November 2007
Announcements 10. Pastor and Andrea are asking us for
prayers as they seek to extend their family.
Congratulations to Sabrina Muir The children (two boys) will be joining them
on her graduation this past week on 5th December. From this time Pastor will
be on adoption leave for three weeks, and
will only be available only emergencies.
1. Bro. Prime is away today preaching in
Chesterfield Church.
11. Do not forget our normal Prayer
Meeting night at 7.30pm every Wednesday
2. Choir Practice this afternoon at 3pm. All
choir members to attend.
12. Music Day Special on 22 December.
3. The trip to the International Slavery
Please keep this date in mind.
Museum in Liverpool, has been postponed.
13. Please see Sister Evans no later than
4. Nominations Committee meeting on
today to place your order for next years
Tuesday evening at 6:00pm prompt start.
Calendar and Quarterley.
5. All departmental leaders, there will be a
final Church Business Meeting on 1st
December at 4:30pm. Written reports must CHURCH DIRECTORY
Burngreave SDA Church, Andover St.
be in triplicate and a full oral report given.
Sheffield. S3 9EF.
Budgets for 2008 are also to be handed in. Tel. 0114 279 9755

6. The Pathfinders will be traveling to First Elder: RD Prime
Liverpool on 8 December 2007. Please 0114 3216300
see Ann Thomas, Maureen Griffiths or Roy 07878925453
for more details.

7. The Senior citizen's Christmas Dinner is Bible Worker- Lloyd Lambert –
now to be celebrated as a Thanksgiving 07855989140
Dinner on 9th December, 2pm.
North England Conference Minister: Pastor Andrew Rashford-Hewitt
0115 9606312 Tel: 0114 240 2491
8. Please note that Prayer & Fasting Day Mobile: 0793 173
will now be on the 15th December, not the 2490
British Union Conference
8th as planned. So prepare your hearts for email:
01923 672251
this time.
Bulletin Compiler: Roy Carrapatoso
9. Sis Maureen Griffiths is asking for
food/financial contributions and volunteers to
Tell: 0114-2582696
assist in: i) A Soup Run to the City Centre
to feed those in need on Sabbath afternoons A very warm welcome to our visiting
during the Winter period. ii) A Christmas
Day Soup Kitchen in the Youth Hall.
friends and regular members. We
DATE TIME hope you will have a blessed
30th Nov 3:52pm Sabbath.
Pastor C. Sweeney

Opening Hymn
Sabbath School 88 – I Sing the Mighty Power of God
P&W Team
Scripture Reading -Bro John
Scripture Reading
Colossians 3: 12 -17 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions, with all
Opening Hymn – Sis. Godfrey Pastor C. Sweeney kinds of Prayer and Requests Eph 6:1

Lets us keep in our hearts and prayers the following
Opening Prayer –Sis Carr Offering
Sister Godfrey The Mokotjo family

Scripture Reading Garden of Prayer Pray for Pastor and Andrea as they embark on a
Sister Muir new phase in their lives.

Lesson Study Children's Story The Mathondo family
Pastor C. Sweeney
Those who are sick and unable to come to
Presentation & Mission - Sis Ndlovu Devotional church
Sister B. Williams
The Nominating committee and the various
Special Item – Sis B. Robinson & Co. members who have been approached to take on a
"The Other Passion of the Christ " church position
Closing Prayer – Sis L Robinson Pastor C. Sweeney

Closing Hymn
311 –I would be like Jesus
Sister May Hazel

Pastor C. Sweeney "The name of
the LORD is a
Divine Service strong tower;
11.15am to 1pm Prayer Corner the righteous
run to it and are
Song Service:
P&W Team

P&W Team