BSIT- 51

Fifth Semester B.Sc. (I.T.) Examination, November/December 2010 (Directorate of Distance Education) GRAPHICS AND MULTIMEDIA
Time : 3 Hours Instructions : Max. Marks : 100 1) Part A is compulsory. 2) Answer any FIVE full questions from Part B. PART – A I Answer all the questions : 1) Expand Pixel 2) List the computer languages that support graphics. 3) What is multimedia ? List the main components of multimedia. 4) What is the meaning Gamut in photoshop. 5) What is file format ? List the different file formats. 6) Explain in detail the textmode ( ) of ‘C’ programming language. 7) List the various applications of computer graphics 25 1 4 4 4 4 4 4

PART – B Answer any FIVE full questions. 1. a) Explain how operating system support computer graphics. b) Explain why ‘C’ programming language is popular in graphics 2. a) Explain the various graphics input interactive techniques. b) Explain the working principle of Light Pen with the help of a diagram. 3. a) Explain the principle of DVST system. b) Compare raster and scanning system. (15x5=75) 7 8 7 8 7 8


b) Explain the following with the help of a diagram : i) Rendering 6.BSIT . a) List the steps to be followed for Image printing utility of Photoshop. a) What is digital imaging ? Explain the various digital imaging techniques. ii) Morphing 8 7 8 7 iii) HSB 8 7 7 8 a) Explain in detail focus tool with the help of a diagram in photoshop. Write a short notes on : i) Lasso tool of photoshop ii) Animation iii) Light Pen. a) Explain initgraph () function with the help of an example. _____________________ . b) Explain the following color models : i) RGB ii) CMYK 8. b) Write a ‘C’ program to animate a circle with the help of suitable ‘C’ functions 5. 7.51 4. b) Name and explain various selection tools in photoshop software.

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