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BENEFITS > Quickly and accurately input asset information
> Download data to

As part of a complete asset management solution, Altiris® Barcode Solution™ integrates with Altiris Asset Management Suite™ to help you eliminate data input errors, accounting irregularities, and redundancies. By leveraging bar code technology, Barcode Solution provides a simpler, more accurate way of gathering and verifying information in the field.
SPEED UP THE PROCESS AND REDUCE ERRORS Manual data collection is slow and error prone. For example, a well-trained data entry operator makes a data entry error once every 300 keystrokes. The results are wasted time and lost revenues. Barcode Solution is designed to save your organization time and money by increasing input speed and accuracy. A bar code system is significantly faster (about 15 times faster) and more accurate (about 10,000 times more accurate) than manual data entry systems. TRACK AND AUDIT ASSETS Assets that cannot be automatically discovered via network connections can be easily tracked within the enterprise application with Barcode Solution. Your organization's asset data can be downloaded to a handheld device, taken to the asset location, and then verified. New asset data can also be collected while in the field. Barcode Solution’s features make it easy to synchronize data with the enterprise application. MANAGE YOUR INVENTORY Regardless of where inventory is located—even your organization's most remote locations halfway across the world—a bar code system makes inventory in the field visible to the warehouse, which in turn can prepare replacements or place orders.This provides an up-to-the-minute inventory of stock availability, saving hours in time. FROM RECEIVING TO ACTUAL USE With Barcode Solution personnel receiving stock can enter incoming materials as quickly as they are received.The result is a quick move of the newly purchased resources to a timely use of the assets. HELP THE HELP DESK Barcode Solution streamlines the process of addressing help desk work items. For example, it's a quick on-location task of verifying that a computer is the correct one that is associated with the work item. Asset details such as hardware, software, location, and ownership are readily available from the bar code scan. WIDE SUPPORT OPTIONS Barcode Solution offers a wide variety of support for handheld, bar code, and RFID devices, including:
Integrated Handheld Devices > Symbol Technologies PPT 2800 > Symbol Technologies PPT 8100 > Symbol Technologies PPT 8800 > Symbol Technologies MC50 Symbol devices must be running Pocket PC 2003. Bar Code Devices > Socket Cordless Hand Scanner (Bluetooth) > Socket SD Scanner > Socket CF Scanner > Flic Cordless Bluetooth Scanner RFID Devices > Global ID CF Reader > Promag ProxData CF Reader/Writer Recommended Handheld Devices > HP iPaq hx2000 series, hx4700, hx6300 > Dell X50 Handheld devices must be running Pocket PC 2003. Acceptable Bar Code Formats > Code 39, Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, and UPC bar code symbologies formats Note: Altiris recommends that you purchase a pre-numbered set of asset tags.

handheld devices
> Easily track assets within

enterprise application
> Inventory at field location

is visible to the warehouse for efficient inventory management
> Integrates with other IT

tools, including Altiris Asset Management Suite
> Supports Code 39 and

128 bar code formats


software.. Inc. > Processor—Pentium II 500 MHz or faster > Memory—128 MB > Hard drive—20 MB of available hard drive space > Operating system—Windows XP SP2.... Asset Management Suite... and Asset Control Solution... Inc.. All rights reserved.com 120705 Copyright © 2005.... Notification Server... and Web Reports are trademarks of Altiris. nondiscoverable assets and contracts....Windows 2000 Server SP2 or SP3. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Barcode Solution requires that you install and configure the Altiris Notification Server™. Altiris....... www..0 SP6. A 30-day trial version of Barcode Solution is available for download from www. .. Server > Notification Server™ 6. TRY BARCODE SOLUTION FREE FOR 30 DAYS! The best way to see how much time and money you can save is by giving Barcode Solution a try.. in the United States and other countries.S E RV I C E & A S S E T M A N A G E M E N T “We use Altiris IT asset management solutions to maintain a detailed inventory of hardware.. Other brands and names are the property of their respective owners.........altiris.altiris.We are able to optimize asset usage while maintaining a comprehensive view of our IT requirements.........” —KENNETH CORRIVEAU Director of IT OMD North America Barcode Solution includes numerous Web Reports that help you analyze your organization’s assets... Barcode Solution. or Windows XP > Database—Microsoft SQL 7 SP3+ or SQL2000 SP2 restricted to 65 percent of available memory Bar Code Computer (Host Computer) Note: This is the computer that is used to connect to the bar code device......This report shows a detailed view of count of assets by location..........0 > Other—SVGA monitor and network connection ......0 SP1 > Asset Control Solution™ 6.. Altiris is a registered trademark. This Barcode Solution scan shows a count of assets at a satellite office where assets have not been bar code scanned during a selected number of days......... thereby saving time and money by making educated purchasing decisions and by providing informed support for our users.1 Notification Server Minimum Requirements > Processor—Pentium lll 800 MHz or faster > Memory—512 MB RAM > Hard drive—20 GB > Operating system—Windows NT Server 4..com/eval. Barcode Solution allows us to extend our IT asset management reach to include non-discoverable devices like PC monitors. or Windows Server 2003 > Browser—Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.

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