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com> Subject: MD Gov O'Malley's Record is Not for Maine -- LePage Team Release LePage Team Releases Documents in advance of Gov. Martin O’Malley Speech O’Malley’s Record is Not for Maine Governor Martin O’Malley of Maryland is set to deliver an address to the Maine Democratic Convention today. In advance of that speech, the LePage team is releasing two documents. Both documents demonstrate that Martin O’Malley’s record is full of massive taxes and failed economic policies that are harming, not helping, Maryland. It is a recipe of failure. Attached please find a release from Maryland’s Harford County Executive David Craig. In Maryland, like other states, the County Executive is a powerful position. Mr. Craig was a State Delegate (ie. State Representative) and, later, a State Senator. He was elected President of the Maryland Municipal League and last year served as President of the Maryland Association of Counties. He is the first elected official to have served as president of both organizations. As Executive Craig notes, “Like coastal Maine, Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay is home to many watermen… these aren’t the so-called wealthy that Martin O’Malley claims he is targeting. Yet Governor O’Malley proposed tripling the registration fee they pay on their workboat. No one has been impacted more by high gas prices than middle class Americans in rural and suburban communities, who have to commute every day to make a living. And, while the amount that a worker clears in his weekly check continues to decline, Martin O’Malley proposed increasing the cost of getting to work by adding a 6% sales tax on gas on top of the normal gas tax. In 2008, he increased our sales tax by 20%. Increasing the sales tax is regressive; its impact is felt hardest by the middle class and low-income earners. The trend is clear. Time after time, the O’Malley administration has resorted to solving its financial problems by making them the problems of our working families.” In addition please find a White Paper on Mr. O’Malley’s record compiled by our team. Each fact has a footnote. The statistics are startling. Mr. O’Malley has massively increased taxes - even increasing the Maryland flush tax. Yes, you literally pay to flush your toilet in Maryland. His tax and spending record have led people to flee the state of Maryland putting a further burden on those left behind. According to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, Maryland lost 229,813 taxpayers and almost $13 billion in income during O'Malley's first three years . According to Sunshine Review, a non-profit organization dedicated to government transparency, Maryland currently has a state debt of more than $81 billion. We end the White Paper with a symbolic ticket for those entering the Convention. Martin O’Malley’s record is a record of failure: high taxes targeting working families. Governor LePage, in contrast, has cut taxes by the largest amount in Maine history. The unemployment rate has dropped under Governor LePage. Income taxes are being cut for Maine people and are being eliminated for 70,000 low-income working Mainers, giving them a hand up not just a hand out. Any notes in this email can be used with attribution. Brent Littlefield Senior Political Adviser to Governor Paul R. LePage Brent Littlefield President, Littlefield Consulting (202) 355-9432

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