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12 Steps to setting up a successful

Online Store
Jeebers – 12 steps to setting up a successful Online Store

Document Authored by Derek Organ: July 6th 2006

This document outlines the steps required to create and market an online store in
the UK/Ireland/US or any part of the world for that matter using Jeebers with JShop
Server turnkey software. It also includes a few items that Jeebers has no
involvement in but are essential in order to get your online store up and running.

Jeebers provides a complete solution from hosting right through to marketing and
search engine optimization.


1. Hosting & Domain Name Registration
2. JShop license and installation
3. Merchant account & Payment Gateway
4. Training
5. Product and data entry
6. Design Website look and Feel
a. Logo Design
b. Design to store integration
7. JShop Customisation and extras
a. URL Rewrite
b. Landing Pages
c. Banners
d. Payment gateway
e. Statistics
f. Blog Software
8. Add store to Price Comparison Directories (e.g. Froogle, Kelkoo)
9. Pay per click marketing campaign
10. SEO
a. Keyword Analysis
b. Competitor Analysis
c. On site keyword insertion
11. Link building
12. Maintenance.

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Jeebers – 12 steps to setting up a successful Online Store

1. Hosting & Domain Registration

Hosting .
Basic Package Cost €99 /~£70 ~/~$127 a year

There are a number hosting companies available. The main thing to look out for is
that they support PHP and MySQL Database

Domain Name Registration costs per year
.ie.... € 69.95 /~£48 .com.... € 8.95 /~£6
.net.... € 8.95 /~£6 .org.... € 8.95 /~£6 .... € 9.95 /~£6.85€ 9.95 /~£6.85
.biz.... € 8.95 /~£6 .info.... € 8.95 /~£6

Again ifyou don’thave a dom ain nam e already w e can purchase one on your behalf.

2. JShop license and Installation

Jeebers uses a piece of turnkey software called JShop (
From our experience this is the best online store software on the market for Irish
and UK customers.

Single user license ~€435 / £300 / ~$550

Jeebers will install your JShop software free of charge with a web design contract. I
strongly recommend looking at the FAQ on the JShop website.
( It’s also worth looking and registering on
the forums so you can ask a very active community any questions you may have.

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Jeebers – 12 steps to setting up a successful Online Store

3. Merchant account and Payment Gateway

You can contact your bank about setting up a merchant account. In order to take
payments online you will also have to register with a payment gateway.

Merchant accounts charge between 1.5% - 3% of the transaction depending on
bank etc. Money typically shows up in your account 24 hours after the transaction
has been processed.

Jeebers recommends Realex Payments ( gateway.
In our experience they have been very reliable. There are other gateways available
that integrate with JShop such as Protx (

Realex Costs:
The setup and Integration fee for the UK trader is £99. This is subject to a monthly
minimum payment of £29, which includes 322 transactions. Any excess transactions
over the 322 would also be charged at £0.09.

4. Training

Jeebers provides a day training course at its office based in Dublin, Ireland. If you
are not able to make it to our offices we can provide you with phone/skype support
in blocks of 4 hours. The course teaches you everything from adding products to
processing orders.

A more detailed course description is available on request
Phone support 4 hour unit €400 / £280 / $510
Training Day €900 / £600 / $1150

5. Product and Data Entry

This is something that you as a customer will have to take care off. In our training
however we can show you what to watch out for when adding your products so you
can take full advantage of the JShop features.

Clear images and image sizes are very important and worth allocating a bit of time

Their may be options to create special import programs that will save you time. If
you have a database ofproducts som ew here you’d like to use ask us w hatw e can do
for you.

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Jeebers – 12 steps to setting up a successful Online Store

6. Design Website look and Feel

a. Logo Design

First and foremost the most important part of your branding is logo design.
Logo design is priced on a per logo basis. Costs vary from simple logos at €400 /
~£280 /$510 to more detailed designs at €1500 / ~ £1050 / ~$1910.

b. Design to store integration

This is where jeebers creates the look & feel of your website. In this process we
would supply a number of design concepts (screen shots) of some potential
designs. Once you are happy with a certain design and style we create a home,
category and product sample pages designs for your review. As soon as the
details have been agreed on we integrate the design into your JShop Sever online

Total costs including a basic site styled logo €3500 / ~£2430 /~$4460

It’s im portantto note thatthis only includes changing the aesthetics/templates
of the website not making any functional changes to how the JShop Server

7. JShop Customization and Extras

Below I’ve listed justsom e ofthe options previous clients have added to their
standard JShop installation.

a. URL Rewrite (€100 / ~£75 / ~$130)
b. Specific Landing Pages (poa)
c. Create New Advertisement Banners (poa)
d. Payment gateway integration (included in design integration)
e. Visitor Statistics (€100 / ~ £75/ ~$130)
f. Blog Software ( €1000 / ~ £750 / $1300)
g. Back-end (administration area) tweaks to suit your business processes (poa)

More information available on request.

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Jeebers – 12 steps to setting up a successful Online Store

8. Add store to Price Comparison Directories

Jeebers can create an automatic nightly update to different directories including,
Froogle, Kelkoo, Pricerunner and Pricegrabber. This can be done so that their
listings match your product listings automatically.
€400 / ~ £280 /~ $510

9. Pay per click

Once you're up and running you're going to want to market the website. The best
way to do this early on is through Pay per Click campaigns. Google offers a service
called AdWords ( which I would recommend.

These services are very easy to use and well documented.

10. SEO

Search engine optimization can be a complicated process but if done properly can
have huge benefits in terms of natural listings for Google and other search engines
on your dream keyword phrases. It has been proven that natural links get more
than double the amount of click-through compared to sponsored or pay-per-click
ads notto m ention you don’tpay for each ofthose clicks.

Cost varies depending on the competition for your keywords.

e.g.trying to getin the top 10 for ‘ipod video’would take allot more effort than
getting in the top 10 for something like “unicycles”

A full review can be done on request, prices vary from €2000 /~£1400 /~ $2500 –
€5000 / ~£3600 / ~$6370 including on site optimization with competitor and
keyword analysis.

11. Link Building

Our partner offers a service where by you can share links with there community.
This is highly recommended when trying to achieve a high search ranking. We can
supply more information on this with a SEO review.

€420 /~£285 /~$525 for 100 inbound links

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Jeebers – 12 steps to setting up a successful Online Store

12. Maintenance

We offer a m aintenance package in groups of€500/~£340 / ~$640 worth of
prepaid support with 3 day turn around for minor changes. A pre-defined list of
permitted changes to the site is agreed before the start of the contract. These can
include banner updates, text changes, and more. This package provides 15 hours of
support over a 6 month period. You can top up your support contract at any time

Note: Euro prices are fixed and the English pound and American Dollar values
are approximations based on exchange rates at the time of writing (you can
check for yourself at .)

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"I just realized that I didn't thank you & Keith properly for all your hard work on the
website. It looks absolutely brilliant, I'm really very happy with it. So pat
yourselves on the back!”
Jessica Flynn, Sales & Marketing, Total Event Rental

"Having worked with Jeebers on several projects in the past I would have no
hesitation in recommending them as a very competent and competitive supplier of
bespoke software applications to the market.
Mark Elliott, Managing Director, C Ads Plc.

“We have been working with Jeebers for the last year and found them to be very
professional and reliable. They are very knowledgeable in their field which in our
experience does not come from all web developers you may use. To date we have
had 3 projects with Jeebers and these have helped out company grow rapidly over
the last 12 months. I would highly recommend them and we will be coming back to
them this year for two new future projects we have in the pipeline”
James Nicholson, Managing Director, Micro Heaven Ltd

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Jeebers – 12 steps to setting up a successful Online Store

Next Steps

Ifyou’d like to go over any ofthe sections in this docum ent,please don’thesitate to
contactm e. Once you’ve decided w hich section(s) you w ould like to go ahead w ith I
will get back to you with a timeframe and quote.

We at Jeebers would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide you
with this report and should you have any queries or questions on any information
contained in this document please feel free to contact me. I look forward to
discussing this further with you in the near future.

Sincerely yours,
Derek Organ

JShopDesigns part of Jeebers ltd.

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