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VOROUS-THE EATING WORDS Word allotriophagy androphagy anthropophaginian anthropophagous aphagia apivorous arachnivorous autocoprophagy autophagy baccivorous batrachivorous

bibliophagist calcivorous cardophagus carnivorous carpophagous cepivorous chthonophagia comburivorous coprophagous creatophagous creophagous detritivore dysphagia endophagy entomophagous equivorous exophagy foliophagous formivorous fructivorous frugivorous fucivorous galactophagist gamophagia geophagy glossophagine graminivorous granivorous gumnivorous herbivorous Definition craving for strange foods cannibalism cannibal eating humans inability to eat or swallow eating bees feeding on spiders eating one's own feces feeding on body's own tissues eating berries frog-eating one who devours books, literally or figuratively feeding on or living in limestone donkey; something that eats thistles eating flesh fruit-eating onion-eating eating dirt consuming by fire eating feces carnivorous; flesh-eating flesh-eating; carnivorous animal that eats decomposing organic matter pathological difficulty in swallowing cannibalism within a tribe; eating away from within eating insects consuming horseflesh cannibalism outside one's own group eating leaves; eating folios of books eating ants feeding on fruit eating fruit eating seaweed milk drinker destruction of one gamete by another practice of feeding on soil; dirt-eating eating using the tongue feeding on grass or cereals feeding on seeds feeding on tree saps eating only plant matter

hippophagy homnivorous hylophagous hyperphagia ichthyophagous insectivorous kreatophagia larvivorous lignivorous limivorous lithophagous lotophagous mallophagous meconophagist meliphagous mellivorous merdivorous microphagous monophagous mucivorous mycophagous myristicivorous myrmecophagous necrophagous nectarivorous nucivorous omnivorous omophagy onychophagist ophiophagous oryzivorous ossivorous ostreophagous ovivorous ovivorous paedophage pagophagia panivorous pantophagy phthirophagous phyllophagous phytivorous phytophagous piscivorous

feeding on horses eating humans eating wood eating too much fish-eating eating insects eating of raw meat feeding on larvae feeding on wood eating mud stone-swallowing; rock-boring; eating rock feeding on lotuses; indolent; lazy; dreamy eating wool or fleece consumer of opium or heroin feeding upon honey honey-eating dung-eating feeding on small creatures or plants feeding on only one type of food feeding on plant juices eating fungus feeding upon nutmegs feeding on ants feeding on the dead feeding on nectar nut-eating eating anything; eating both plant and animal matter eating of raw flesh as a ritual observance nail-biter eating snakes rice-eating feeding on bones oyster-eating eating eggs eating sheep eater of children eating trays of ice to help offset iron deficiency bread-eating omnivorousness lice-eating leaf-eating feeding on plants feeding on vegetable matter fish-eating

placentophagy plantivorous plasmophagous poephagous poltophagy polyphagous psomophagy radicivorous ranivorous rhizophagous rhypophagy sanguivorous saprophagous sarcophagous saurophagous scatophagous seminivorous stercovorous thalerophagous theophagy toxicophagous toxiphagous univorous vegetivorous vermivorous xerophagy xylophagous zoophagy

eating of the placenta plant-eating consuming plasma eating grass or herbs; herbivorous prolonged chewing of food eating many types of food swallowing food without thorough chewing eating roots eating frogs root-eating eating filth blood-drinking feeding on decaying material feeding on flesh; carnivorous eating lizards dung-eating seed-eating feeding on dung or excrement feeding on fresh vegetable matter sacramental consumption of a god eating poison poison-eating living on only one host or source of food eating vegetables eating worms eating of dry food; fast of dry food in the week preceding Easter wood-eating eating animals