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is one of the most sought after speakers and teachers on the subject of trading the financial markets for a living. Mr. Traders who join his elite trading team —now more than 850 in total—enjoy some of the best payouts and institutional privileges in the industry. Mr. and entrepreneur. Inc. Forbes. Velez Chief Executive Officer Oliver Velez is so confident in his Training Programs that each Trade for Life™ student he teaches is given $50. Velez’ vision is to grow his professional team of traders to more than 1. Bloomberg and Fox News frequently seek out his expertise. Velez is internationally known for founding and growing Pristine Capital Holdings. Stocks & Commodities and a whole host of other financial publications. All losses are absorbed by Oliver while he and the trader share in the net profits. Velez and his life-long dedication to bringing more awareness to trading as a way of life. His new training program called Trade for Life™. He is also the author of the much anticipated McGraw Hill published book entitled 26 Lessons from the Master Trader. advisor. Vietnam. Velez will be opening up trading divisions and training centers in Shanghai. Bulls.” are considered must-read classics for anyone interested in trading the markets for a living. and his runaway best selling books. and Power Trading: Winning Guerrilla. Call us now to find out if you have what it takes to become a member of one of the fastest growing proprietary trading groups on the street. best-selling author. Mr. Oliver L. “Strategies for Profiting on Every Trade” and “Tools and Tactics of the Master Day Trader. he has espoused the revolutionary idea that “micro trading. Mr.000 of his own money to trade at no risk to the student. while sharing in the gains with the trader. Through VCM and the Velez Family Foundation. one of the country’s fastest growing private trading firms. including the popular books. Velez runs Velez Capital Management. Velez is the author of the recently released best-selling DVD entitled. He has also been the subject of numerous articles and books written about Wall Street’s most successful traders. For the past 19 years. Velez financially backs each one of his traders. Moscow. retail traders. Israel and Mexico City in 2008. Bears and Brains and The Guts & Glory of Day Trading. More major cities throughout the world will be added in 2009. (a firm he started out of his New York City basement apartment) into one of the country’s premier educational institutions for investors and self-directed. Swing Trading with Oliver Velez. 2 Oliver Velez Best Selling Books and DVD’s . Today.000 globally by years end. Velez Oliver L. “Swing Trading with Oliver Velez”. absorbing all their losses. both of which are course books with DVD’s.” like “micro banking” has the potential to serve as a solution to many of the world’s social ills. Micro and Core Tactics. have been favorably mentioned in the New York Times. Velez himself. is designed to train traders to go beyond retail to trade the markets professionally. Velez. Mr. the Wall Street Journal. LLC (“VCM”). which includes a 2-day seminar and a 5-day Live Trading Session with Mr.About Oliver L. Velez decided to turn his full attention to the professional trading arena. Barron’s. 5 Trading Tactics That Beat the Market and his two newest books. After serving as Pristine’s Chairman and CEO for 12 years. Dow Jones dubbed him “the messiah of day trading” and financial programs on CNBC. Oliver L. trader. His seminars and speaking events have been attended by more than 60. Mr. VCM currently employs over 850 professional traders who have been meticulously trained to trade his own personal account.000 traders all over the world. Mr.

CEO of VCM. that micro trading has the potential to serve as a solution to many of the world’s economic and social ills.000 of the firm’s account. and other growth regions of the world. In the near future. The firm currently has four offices around the globe. improved economic and social development in many third world countries can be the result. LLC Velez Capital Management. VCM will accomplish this by offering. VCM is expanding its well-trained trading team to 1. India. VCM trains its highly skilled traders via several very comprehensive Trade for Life™ Training Programs and recruits existing traders who have a proven track record and four years of market experience. Growing a global nation of professional market players—all trading one account—has been the goal and aspiration of VCM’s pioneering CEO for well over a decade. This rapidly growing area of trading has become one of the major focuses of the firm. Our Goals VCM is rapidly becoming a major force on Wall Street. plans to be a torch bearer in the fight against global poverty by bringing its training programs and trading facilities to global areas that lend itself to attacking poverty from the ground up. via well supervised proprietary trading programs. Our Humanitarian Mission It has been the long standing belief of Oliver L. its formal training and access to the firm’s trading account. A Private Trading Group Our Accomplishments VCM’s trading ranks have tripled over the past few months and its trading volume increased well over 700% last year. VCM’s top traders trade as much as $32.About Velez Capital Management. As opposed to the all too popular top down solutions. VCM and its founder back each trained trader with an account no less than $50. Its numerous black and grey boxes currently trade more than 26 million shares a month. Our Future Automated trading and robotics represent the most fascinating area of the world’s financial arena VELEZ CAPITAL MANAGEMENT 3 . The firm continues to be a top 10 NYSE liquidity provider for NASDAQ and it set an all-time new record for a firm its size by trading over 700 million shares during the month of April 2007. This effort will be spearheaded in global areas such as Latin America. Velez. in collaboration with the Velez Family Foundation. VCM’s Automation Division currently designs.000 worldwide by years end. Its average monthly volume now exceeds 200 million shares and it continues to be one of the largest liquidity providers for NASDAQ on the NYSE. VCM.000. China. with three more trading facilities opening soon in Shanghai. develops and runs black and grey box systems that are designed to exploit market opportunities every second of the day. LLC (“VCM”) is a New York City based private trading group that currently employs more than 850 professionals to trade its own account. capital and a performance based trading model. Singapore and Bogotá. automated trading via advanced neural networks and smart technology will account for the vast majority of the world’s trading volume.000 and absorbs all losses suffered by the trader. without any human intervention. today. to those with few resources or any form of collateral. By providing access to training.

Proprietary traders who choose to trade at one of the VCM offices will also be assigned their own workstation and be able to learn from the professional staff on site every market day at no additional charge. rISk MAnAGeMenT — Novice traders tend either to have too little capital or risk too much capital too soon in the learning curve. train and develop our team of professional proprietary traders. COMMISSIOnS — VCM proprietary traders get the firm’s institutional commission rate of 2 cents per 100 shares. LOSSeS — Once an aspiring trader has completed the training required to enter the VCM proprietary trading program. but VCM absorbs any losses. VCM’s continued financial success therefore depends upon the firm’s ability to recruit and train consistently profitable traders.” —Oliver L. Proprietary traders are reimbursed with a percentage of their trading profits. my staff and I have designed a program to recruit. Velez and his staff through a combination of daily newsletters. The program is designed to increase a trader’s lot size and trading capital over time as they demonstrate consistent profitability. COAChInG SuPPOrT — All VCM proprietary traders are provided with continuing mentoring by Mr. At each state of the process. our program has been structured to maximize the odds for a successful trading career by eliminating the most common pitfalls for developing traders. New traders first take a 2-day course written and taught by Oliver Velez which covers technical analysis techniques and a set of very specific income-generating trading tactics.VCM Approach to Proprietary Trading InITIAL TrAInInG — Attempting to trade for a living without adequate training. this institutional rate essentially eliminates the negative impact that commissions can have on profitability and greatly accelerates the journey to trading success. “Using our decades of experience working with both novice and experienced traders. The VCM proprietary program removes the hurdle by providing the traders access to the firm’s capital account for trading. VCM Risk Managers work with every trader to ensure that their daily capital exposure and risk of loss is tightly controlled. Velez 4 . Traders achieving consistent profitability will continue to have their trading capital increased as they progress through the advancement program. TrADInG CAPITAL — Possibly the biggest barrier for most individuals interested in a trading career is access to a large enough capital base to generate a substantial trading income. By the end of the lab. where they receive hands-on instruction in the use of a trading platform to put these techniques into real action. the lowest in the industry! Unavailable to retail traders. making their earning potential almost unlimited. VCM funds each trader with its own money and has developed a closely monitored trader advancement program. VCM assumes all of the trading risk for the remainder of the learning curve. While no system can guarantee success in this challenging field. accounts for the majority of failures in the industry. intra-day email alerts and a live online chat room. They then participate in an intensive 5-day trading lab online or at one of the VCM offices. often resulting in early failure. they are trading the firm’s capital in a live market environment. so a rigorous training program is the first step for anyone entering the VCM proprietary trading program. These services continue the education process by enabling traders to study and interact with VCM professionals as they analyze and trade the market. So.

but smaller profits that are derived with extremely high consistency. To start. each graduate will be given a $50. humility about predictive results. I noticed from my trading log that I am doing well with my trades as well as those from the chat room. with absolutely no risk to the trader. he actually employs over 850 traders who. “ You are fantastic tutors and colleagues. giving its traders the greatest odds of being profitable. 5 day Live Trading Lab $7. I guess I got over the bump in the road I was facing last week. his traders were up nearly 700% in both volume and net profits. In this program. Education Trade For Life TM 7-day Master Trader Program $9. while giving the graduate the ability to share in the profits from the upside. are net profitable nearly every single day. Earn a Living in the Markets Three Powerful Tactics to Trade for Life™ Trade For Life TM 2 hour Free Workshop Course Description: In this special 2-hour free workshop. As one of the most dominant trading firms in the country. they will be shared between the trader and VCM. which means that I am learning a lot from Paul and internalizing those lessons. as a group. with which to perfect the VCM Method™ of Trading. Velez’s professional team of 850 traders. Last year alone. That’s only 20 cents per every 1.995—Early Bird Rate) A Complete Guide to Trading for a Living Course Description: The investment mindset must be put aside by the professional trader. LLC (“VCM”) trader to have as few as two to four losing days per year. each Master Trader graduate will be eligible to trade at VCM’s institutional rate of $0. The wealth mind-set as well must be reserved for other areas of one’s financial life. world renowned speaker and the industry’s number one rated educator. These three income-generating trading tactics are the same ones used by Mr. Once net new high profits are obtained. He wants to be skillful at making small.995 ($8. LLC (“VCM”) equity account during various periods of each day.000 capital account to trade. each and every day. Thanks again!” —Michael C.” —Michael C.000 shares traded.995—Early Bird Rate) A Complete Guide to Trading for a Living * Prerequisite: one of 2-day Courses or 2-day Online courses Trade For Life TM 2 day Seminar: $2. The real professional trader understands that the name of the game is smaller profits. Those who finish all 5 days of the course will be accepted into the VCM Professional Trader Program. This intensive 5-day course moves theory to actual practice by giving the student the ability to actually trade the concepts learned in the Trade for Life™ 2-day course. Graduates of VCM’s 7-day Master Trader Program are automatically inducted into VCM’s elite proprietary trader program.Training Re RE Fo takeE rL s ife ! F “ Your services are fantastic! Clearest teachings I’ve ever seen. What’s just as astounding is the fact that it is not uncommon for a top Velez Capital Management. while the student gains the necessary mastery of each technique taught. All losses will be absorbed by VCM. A Private Trading Group A Complete Guide to Trading for a Living Unlocks The Vault VELEZ CAPITAL MANAGEMENT 5 . the talented income generating trader wants to become the personification of an ATM. Oliver L. if not each and every hour. This is the perfect educational package for any one who is seriously seeking to become a professional trader. best-selling author of Strategies for Profiting on Every Trade. each trader is given a $50.495 ($1. earning a living from the markets. Also. will teach you how you can earn your living in the markets with the only three trading tactics that deliver profits every single day.995 ($6. VCM enjoys the lowest commission rate in the industry.000 account with which to perfect the tactics and strategies taught. In a very real sense.985—Early Bird Rate) Course Description: VCM’s 7-day Master Trader Program combines the Trade for Life™ 2-day course and the Trade for Life™ 5-day Live Trading Lab into one educational session that takes place over seven days. Velez has not only taught some of the country’s most consistently profitable traders. Oliver Velez personally shoulders all the trading losses. but very consistent withdrawals from the market. Mr. Each attendee will be given the ability to trade the Velez Capital Management.02 (2 cents) per 100 shares. Velez. What’s more. live.

“VCM” PreMIuM SerVICeS — VCM Trained Traders get the VCM Gold Suite free for one month. but must earn their way to higher levels of exposure. “VCM” TrADInG rATe — Our firm’s commission rate is . “VCM” LeVerAGe — VCM traders can ultimately get unlimited access to our firms capital. LeVerAGe — The VCM Trained Trader gets 10 to 1 leverage. Velez Independent Trader Program $0 “VCM” eDuCATIOn requIreMenT — No education is needed for an experienced trader with a proven history of consistent profitability.20 cents ($0. depending on the level and consistency of profitability. there is no other firm in the U. Re RE Fo takeE rL s ife ! F “VCM” TrADInG rATe — The VCM Trained Trader trades at the considerably higher but still very attractive rate of $4.50 per 1. a $5. “VCM” TrADInG rATe — The rate for the Independent Trader will be determined after a private interview. “VCM” PAyOuT — VCM Master Traders get a 60% payout on all profits. you begin trading a $50.000 shares.995 (Early Bird Discount Available) “VCM” eDuCATIOn requIreMenT — The trader in training takes an intensive Trade for Life™ 7-day course that covers all the trading strategies that are currently used by VCM Traders to make their livelihood via the markets. with the ability to go as high as 100 to 1. With just a laptop computer and a high speed internet connection. PAyOuT — The VCM Trained Trader gets an 80% to 90% payout on all profits earned and all profits are payable monthly. rISk CAPITAL — The VCM Trained Trader puts up a minimum $5.20) per 1. Performance goals are set for each hired VCM Trader at the start of their career with us.000 security deposit. payable monthly.000 share lots. which will be used to secure any trading losses.000 VCM trading account. who trades at such a low commission rate. depending on the level and consistency of profitability. “VCM” LeVerAGe — The Independent Trader gets 10 to 1 leverage to start. rISk CAPITAL — No risk capital is required.495 (Early Bird Discount Available) “VCM” eDuCATIOn requIreMenT — The trader in training takes the Trade for Life™ 2-day training course that covers many of the key micro trading tactics that are currently being used by VCM Traders to make their livelihood via the markets. “This activity we call trading is truly the last bastion of total freedom and independence left. Currently.000 security deposit.000 VCM account.02) per every 100 shares. VCM Trained Trader Program $2. with the ability to go as high as 100 to 1. or 2 cents ($0.” —Oliver L.VCM Trader Programs Overview VCM Master Trader Program $9. which is to be held in person or via telephone. Upon graduation of the Trade for Life™ 7-day Course.45) per every 100 shares.000 security deposit secures a $50. rISk CAPITAL — The Independent Trader puts up a minimum $5. PAyOuT — Trader gets a 90% payout on all profits. you’re literally in business from anywhere in the world. with the ability to earn higher account levels after certain performance goals have been met. which will be used to secure any trading losses. That’s 45 cents ($0. payable monthly and has an opportunity to advance to a 75%+ payout. “VCM” PreMIuM SerVICeS — VCM Master Traders get the VCM Premium Gold Suite free for life. Initially. No other activity offers this level of freedom at so low a cost.S. 6 .

for your note and the continuing support. 2008 in Las Vegas! See you in Vegas!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Can’t wait to start classes!!” —Sharon and Dave B. If a trader has a cumulative draw down equal to twice the minimum weekly profit target at any level. Great day! I made $828.000 but I got more information out of just one of your DVD’s than 6 days of their seminar training! I “Get It” when you teach!! So we invested in your “7 day Trade for Life” classes in March 1-7. Oliver.) A Private Trading Group VELEZ CAPITAL MANAGEMENT 7 . no further entry orders will be permitted and a VCM Risk Manager will work with the trader to close all positions.) “Thank you.” — Michael C. expertise. (Note that the software fees are only covered with trading profits. (Note . After performance level 2.VCM Trader Program Advancement Guidelines Risk Management Controls At each performance level. DAILy LOSS LIMIT — If the Daily Loss Limit is reached at any point during a day’s trading. Refer to the table for the following details: PAyOuT % — This defines the percentage of profits paid to the trader at each performance level for the VCM Master Trader Program. a daily loss limit. just wanted to say Hi. A trader may achieve an accelerated advancement to the next performance level by generating four consecutive net profitable trading days as long as the minimum weekly profit target is met during that period. a trader must achieve the minimum weekly profit target for two consecutive weeks.” —Robert S. MInIMuM WeekLy TArGeT — This defines the minimum net weekly profit that must be achieved in order to achieve promotion to the next performance level (see chart on page 9 for details). and that the trader is not obligated to pay the fees unless the profits can cover the charges. and I look forward to what I hope will be many happy years together. the cumulative P/L at the current level must also be positive in order to qualify for advancement to the next level. It is a privilege to be with VCM. then a VCM Risk Manager will review their trading records to consider demotion to the previous performance level.this accelerated advancement is only available for performance levels 1-5. and depth of your team. WeekLy LOSS LIMIT — If a cumulative loss greater than three times the Daily Loss Limit is reached during a week’s trading. MAxIMuM LOT SIze — This defines the limit for any individual order as well as the total lot size limit for all open positions. MInIMuM TrADer AnnuAL — This reflects the annualized payout amount for the trader if they averaged their minimum weekly profit target at each level. the account will be disabled from further trading for the remainder of the week. traders will be assigned a maximum lot size. based on a 50 week trading year. These amounts have been adjusted to reflect the payout after coverage of the software platform fees of $50 per month. encouragement. Trader Payout Rates (see table for Master Trader program details) The percentage of profits that are paid to the trader will increase as traders advance through the performance levels. “I am so disappointed that I didn’t find you before we signed up with another trading school!!! It cost $16. I appreciate the innovative series of risks you have undertaken in going beyond educational seminars to fund and mentor traders over the long run. Trader Advancement Process (see table for Master and Pro Trader program details) In order to advance to the next performance level. “Hello Paul. and a minimum weekly target.

000 $9.900 $79.400 3. Invest in a VCM education 2. but he purchased over 20.000 $1. “The education I got this weekend will enable me to join your team and embrace a sound trading philosophy. I have been on numerous training seminars and your style is quite frankly the BEST!!” — Carolyn C 8 “It’s amazing that I haven’t read your 10 Insights in any other book or publication. Let VCM absorb ALL loses 5.400 $291. I had never seen a live day trader actually trade. His fingers must have been going a mile a second as he bought more and more shares of a “falling knife” stock. Velez Capital Management will issue a refund check to the trader for $2. Your training techniques and style are incredible.275 $4. until the original course tuition has been completely reimbursed.900 $26. Velez 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1. Trading is not a war against other market participants as much as it is a war against our own demons.100 $5. Get backed with an initial $50k dollar trading account 4. Change your life! For every $12. He sold the majority of his shares at the top of the move for a nice $17.900 $9.200 8.” —Oliver L.775 $18. This has completely changed my life. Thanks for this great presentation. “Hi Oliver.200 $2. Just want to tell you how much I enjoyed the course last week.900 $10.940 $179. I have started seeing profits instantly.900 $31.000 12. In spite of attending other courses and learning more on Support/ Resistance.VCM Trader Advancement Program Level Max Lot Size Daily Loss Limit Minimum Weekly Target $30 $60 $90 $200 $350 $600 $1.400 $336.000 18.300 $2. While he was making this trade.500 $2.900 $51. I am totally and completely hooked on this trading. I have already made enough money today to cover the cost of your seminar.” —Murali S.000 Pro Trader Payout % 50% 50% 50% 55% 55% 55% 55% 60% 60% 60% 60% 65% Minimum Trader Annual $150 $900 $1.500 “Trading mastery can never be achieved without first achieving some measure of self-mastery. I can’t thank you enough!” —Kevin S. Learn how to Trade For LifeTM 3.400 $209. these 10 Insights have proved more valuable than anything else.900 1 2 3 4 5 100 200 300 600 1.000 that a VCM Prop Trader earns in net profits.650 $111. The stock reversed sharply and he started gradually selling off his shares into the rally.000 (in addition to their profit percentage). he displayed his Level-2 screen and narrated what he was doing.400 $67. Indicators and other things.025 $139.650 $4.600 5.025 $15.000 $30 $60 $90 $150 $250 $400 $600 $900 $1. I will be able to duplicate this success virtually every day. Maybe he bought up all the supply and stopped the fall. ” —Jim C. so this was an exceptional moment for me. Get a 100% full reimbursement of your education investment 6. “One of the highlights for me was watching Oliver get side tracked on a live trade for his own account while he was teaching us the basics of placing a trade.900 $44.000 shares in less than 5 minutes.000 1.600 2. . and thanks to your system.000 $4.000 $3.000 $6. I have put your POD CAST in my PC and listen to it as many times as time could permit.000 profit in about 10 minutes. These are very much practical.900 Master Trader Payout % 60% 60% 60% 65% 65% 65% 65% 70% 70% 70% 70% 75% Minimum Trader Annual $300 $1.

“CHARTS ARE THE FOOTPRINTS OF MONEY!” Learn what these mean at: www. Velez VELEZ CAPITAL MANAGEMENT 9 A Private Trading Group .“I am presently taking his seminar and I gotta tell you.. Oliver is ABSOLUTELY A MASTER EDUCATOR!!!”—Pam B.com “Charts don’t lie! They are the footprints of real money changing hands in the underlying stock and therefore should be the primary basis for determining which side of the market you play..vcmvideos.” —Oliver L.

and VCM Training Room is only $199.95 for both) per month (No charge for VCM Proprietary Traders) Intra-day Trade For Life Blog (Free Service) Subscribe today and get personal coaching and mentoring from Oliver L. The Purpose of the room is to help new traders with the transition from the Live Trading Lab to the VCM Proprietary Trading Room. Electronically Traded Funds (ETFs) and the market itself. entry. NOTE: Package rate for all services except for VCM Scanner Pro. Our latest real-time trading room is the “VCM News Room” and will be moderated by “VCM’s THE SOURCE”. swing and core trader to discuss the market and to give plays on stocks. Through proprietary news gathering services we have the capability to bring news to you first. chart reading.VCM Premium Services Trade for Life™ Proprietary Trading Room Service Price: $149. From before market open to after market close you will be receiving market commentary and discussions of possible trade opportunities. Always remember that your beliefs don’t have to be true. exit and trade management for each trade. talking and typing to you throughout the day. at a time when you can really act upon it! Trade for Life™ Live Training Room Trade for Life™ Daily Trading Letter Price: $79. The primary goal of the Training Room is to get newer traders comfortable with their platform. Tune in and change your life!” —Oliver L. and right actions in the market lead to big profits. Velez If you are able to trade the market while it is open. This room will be open the same time and hours as the “VCM Proprietary Trading Room”. These lessons will provide you with insight every week. . You will be able to interact by typing questions and comments into the chat room that will be responded to by the moderator. The setup will be a short term trade that may last from one to five days if the conditions for entry are met.95 per month (FREE Trial) ($299. and a valuable market update. VCM Scanner Pro™ also has the ability to remove the human element by automatically executing trades for the VCM Trader in realtime. but will be a separate room dedicated to the unprecedented delivery of news before it hits the street. You will log into a virtual chat room that will be hosted by a VCM moderator who will be guiding you. There will be daily examples of trades that are stepped through on a bar by bar basis to help new traders learn how to apply the VCM methodology.95 per month (further discounts available for longer term subscriptions). in most cases. and trade execution skills so that they can move into the Proprietary Trading Room with confidence. There will also be regular review of the basic platform and trading principles that are covered in the Live Trading Lab. Stocks that gap up or down or stocks that have big moves intraday often give wonderful opportunities that are not discovered until the market opens.95 per month for VCM Proprietary Traders) “Actions follow beliefs. time your trades better and give you an insight into what we do every day in the Trade for Life Proprietary Trading Room service. It will begin each day with a valuable trading lesson.00 per month for VCM Proprietary Traders) A next generation real-time scanning and alerting technology designed to identify each of the explosive market events that VCM Traders seek.95 per month (No charge for VCM Proprietary Traders) Exclusive to new VCM Proprietary Traders The VCM Training Room is available only to VCM Proprietary Traders. It is designed for the intraday. VCM Scanner Pro™ Price: $99. to you with our Intra-day E-mail Alert Service. the Trade for Life™ Proprietary Trading Room is for you. and give you a sample of the style of education we are committed to at VCM. but will spend more time reviewing the set up. This will help you stay focused. VCM Free Services Stock Pick of the Week (Free Service) Every Monday the VCM Research Department will share a possible trade with explosive potential. The VCM Research department brings you these opportunities. even if only part of the day. The Instructional Room will have fewer trades per day than the Proprietary Trading Room. Trade for Life™ E-mail Alert Service Price: $20 additional ($99. VCM News Room.95 per month (No charge for Proprietary Traders) VCM News Room Price: $499. They just have to make money!” —Oliver L. Every morning before the market opens you can receive the Trade for Life™ Daily Trading Letter published by the VCM Research Department. Velez 10 While the Trade for Life™ Daily Trading Letter will prepare you for the trading day each and every day. The room will be open by 9 AM every trading day unless otherwise noted. Having the right set of beliefs leads to right actions. many opportunities happen after the market opens. Velez! Subjects covered: • Inspirational Posts • Educational Posts • Market News • Podcast Posts • Q&A Posts ”This allows me to share my thoughts with you on more of a personal one to one basis.95 per month ($60. Market Analysis of the Week (Free Service) Every Tuesday the VCM Research Department will bring you a free look at the current trend of the market and most likely future direction for the market. VCM Lesson of the Week (Free Service) Every Wednesday these lessons provide valuable commentary from the VCM Training Department ranging from chart patterns to psychological topics.

you can view actual live trades made by Oliver L. Oliver will offer a growing list of training videos as well as his famous 2-hour free event. But I will never give up. and you will gain a whole new perspective on how consistently and quickly money is made by professional traders who have been taught his High-Octane approach to trading stocks. I will give you access to larger amounts of capital. this is what “I” will do: 1) I will never ever give up on you. I strongly encourage you to join my rapidly growing team of professional traders today. I believe in ME. This is the next best thing to sitting side by side with a master trader. There are countless educators who claim to be able to teach you how to trade. Should you decide to take the plunge into trading as a way of life via one of our VCM Trader Programs.vcmvideos. Why am I willing to do these things? Because I believe in both my talent as a professional trader and my ability to transfer that talent to others. 3) I will absorb all of your trading losses…. Watch and listen as Oliver guides you through the complex maze of trading while revealing many of the little known secrets of master traders. your brilliant plan for pro traders and your dedication to the advancement of all humanity—I salute you. And I’m willing to do it for LIFE! If I fail. In other words. Velez A Private Trading Group VELEZ CAPITAL MANAGEMENT 11 . Log on now and see trading from a whole new perspective! Dear Trader. www. or give up. before this rare opportunity is gone. I am willing to risk my own money on those willing to make the necessary commitment to professional trading education and excellence.000 account to start. “I” am the one who really loses in the end. In addition to live trades. As you grow. programming. As one of the most celebrated educators in the field of trading.com. Never! I will be there for you as a guide. even as a friend……FOR LIFE! 2) I will risk my own personal money on you by fronting you an initial $50. If you harbor the same desire for independence that gripped me as a young 20 year old kid. I have been “trying to trade” for 10 years —reading and studying. not you. while personally backing them financially and absorbing 100% of their losses while they learn to master the very techniques he and his team of professionally trained traders use every day to make a substantial living trading stocks. You will either make it. Velez and I’ve been trading for life for the past 21 years.For LIFE. And let me give you a little secret. YOU have opened the door for me with your education program. — Oliver L. Watch as Oliver walks you through each of his live trades. but only one is confident enough to use his real life trades to educate his students.” —John C. Introducing our newest addition to VCM Services. as a mentor and teacher. Velez himself.VCMvideos. At this new site. etc.com “Dear Oliver. I don’t fail! At least I haven’t as of yet. My name is Oliver L.

it’s yours forever. Not when the bars are moving. period! What’s so complex about that? If one were to learn how to handle himself in each one of these three movements. live. Velez The Mighty Power of Reversal Signs Posted by Oliver Velez at 1/2/2008 1:49 AM and is filed under Education 12 Trading is not as complex as people often make it out to be. would not most. Why? Because understanding does not always easily translate into right action.” —Oliver L. supervised trading. Easy? No way. is no guarantee that we do it. they go down and sometimes they go sideways. of the market’s activity be covered. Those five days are critical to the trader’s future success because they serve as the necessary training ground for transmuting the intellectual knowledge of “what to do” into the highest form there is.. Now identify the sideways move. Look at the chart and point out the down move. Only these three simple movements exist. with real capital on the line.my capital. Looking at the 2-minute chart of Charles Schwab (SCHW) above. Knowing what to do. be understood? Yes. Stocks go up. then the up move. Educational mastery is not enough without some level of experiential mastery. Congratulations! The OnLy Three ThInGS ThAT MATTer Simple? Yes. if not all. Velez Trade for Life™ Introducing the BLOG A Daily Financial Blog “It has always struck me with considerable force how the guidelines and precepts that make for a successful trader are the same ones that make for a successful father or mother. When something becomes known and understood through experience. or trends as they are often called. Aaaaah! Therein lies the rub. How did you fare? I bet you did superbly. This is why no training or education is ever complete without a period of real. SIMPLe BuT nOT eASy .Lessons From A Master Trader From the Trading Desk of Oliver L. community member. and even human being. and this I accomplish by putting each one of my traders through five rigorous days of live trading. can you clearly see the three major movements I just wrote about? I’m sure you can.. my friends. experiential knowledge. This game we call trading is nothing more than Life in a different form.

Represent a major shift in the balance of power from the bulls back to the bears. such as hitting a little white ball sitting between your two feet into a hole in the ground only 4 feet away. After 3 or more up bars are the only ones we will consider playing/selling Can be aggressively sold/shorted near the end of the bar's formation. Tails are so reliable that I have traders who earn their entire livelihoods from their use. After 3 or more down bars are the only ones we will consider playing/buying Can be aggressively bought near the end of the bar's formation. Accompanied by surges in volume represent the most potent kind. End the current trend and begin a new one. The full and complete understanding will help you master one of the most potent signs of a playable reversal. They rely on nothing else. I consider the one that deals with the Power of Reversal Signs to be the most important. My students not only learn how to identify each one of these seven signs. Here are a few facts that will help you understand the power of Tails as a reversal sign and their proper use. Topping Tails (TTs) Represent more than 50% of bar's range from high to low. which have bearish implications. the already small number of traders who make it would even be smaller. Of the 24 sections. Can be conservatively bought if the next bar starts to show green (trades above its opening price). which have bullish implications and Topping Tails (TT). But let’s thank our lucky stars that trading is not difficult to learn and hard to pull off. All my traders learn that there are only seven signs that clearly indicate Bottoming Tails (BTs) TWO DAyS CAn ChAnGe yOur LIFe that a stock is about to change its direction. is divided into 24 sections. they learn how to exploit them each day for consistent profits. Read and reread the points below three to five times. That form in the area of prior BTs are doubly powerful reversal signs. by far. End the current trend and begin a new one. From above a bar's open and close. Trade for Life™ — A Complete Guide to Trading for a Living. After reading the below points. Are shadows that show what the bulls once had and lost to bears. Form below a bar's open and close. Can be conservatively sold/shorted if the next bar starts to show red (trades below its opening price). Are shadows that show what the bears once had and lost to the bulls. Accompanied by surges in volume represent the most potent kind. a full understanding of the chart to the left should be the result. Simple but not easy. Tails come in two varieties. Because of the simplicity of how markets work and move. the one which commands the greatest potency and accuracy is the almighty Tail.“Oliver Velez is the Messiah of day trading!” —Dow Jones So something can be simple. Bottoming Tails (BT). A Private Trading Group VELEZ CAPITAL MANAGEMENT 13 . Represent more than 50% of a bar's range from high to low. That form far above a stock's 20ma are extremely powerful turning signs. ALMIGhTy TAILS—The MASTer key TO TIMInG reVerSALS Of the seven powerful reversal signs. My 2-day seminar. That form in the area of prior TTs are doubly powerful reversal signs. If that were the case. That form far below a stock's 20ma are extremely powerful turning signs. Represent a major shift in the balance of power from the bears back to the bulls. it only takes me two days of instruction to teach a student all he/ she ever needs to know to trade for a living. but not easy.

day in and day out. It may not take too long to get there. ever want more.000. Collectively we are stronger than we are individually. programmed to trade the market each day without any human intervention. and they never. they never slack off. Dare to be a trader.Lessons From A Master Trader From the Trading Desk of Oliver L. Imagine 40 traders. Muster up the courage to dare. I decided to show the monthly result for one of my Black Boxes. Dare to be truly independent. I now have over 850 traders trading my money. worldwide.. Imagine this for a moment. ” —Oliver L. to be one of us. averaging just $500 net per day. That’s $500. all trading one pool of money (one account). My initial goal was 500 traders worldwide. We’ll see.000 traders averaging a conservative $500 net per day. This robotic form of trading is truly the new era and will increasingly become a more important part of every professional trading firm’s operation. How much is that per day? That’s right! That’s $20. They just do their job.. Dare to be unique. The growth has exceeded my every expectation and has revealed to me in the most glaring way that my dream was way too small. Trade for Life™ Introducing the BLOG A Daily Financial Blog “The person who has never dreamed has never had one come true.000. That’s no a big feat.per day. to our software fees. And who knows. leave for lunch. as I’m sure you’ll agree. These are just a few of the many benefits that a collective approach creates for its members. Not bad. the positives are and will always be much larger and more plentiful than those possessed by the robotic ones. What’s more. currently the lowest in the USA. And then think about taking the ultimate dare. This is why I have an aggressive plan to grow the human side of my trading operation to 1. imagine 1.000 net per day. Velez 14 . nearly flawlessly. take advantage of more opportunities because of our collective power. I may not stop at 1.. So. complain. I intend to grow my current number of 14 Black Boxes exponentially. is an algorithm.000 traders as the new goal. Velez One VCM Trader’s Monthly Record DeAr TrADerS In my last post. That goal was set in March of 2007.. half a million dollars. I underestimated the dream’s power and allure. After all. I’ve adjusted to 1. which as you now know. Human traders have their positives too. Right now we are bringing on new traders at the rate of 60 per month. Well.. My GrAnD PLAn Do you see where I’m going with this? Collectively. In fact. get the Hollywood complex. an elite VCM Trader. huMAnS STILL ruLe But let’s face it. From our commission rates. these robotic systems are traders too. right? Now. to our access to key information first.000 net per day.. a little over a year ago. As I revealed to you. my team of traders can make more money. So I say dream… and dream big.

Wouldn’t you agree? Just keep in mind that I normally don’t allow a trader to have such big daily draw downs. I have been trading with success coming at the expense of burned capital. And the stuff you reveal is just incredible!! Thanks so much for this blog and everything else you do to help. I have been through every class offered by InvesTools and Optionetics. I have been educating myself to trade for nearly three years.” —Michael P. There’s lots of folks who need someone like you to keep us pointed in the right direction. to show what the real potential is for many of you not yet trading at this level. if you’re not already. but not my best trader. This week I have made more than I did in November! Imagine more profit in 3 and a half days than all of November. my success and confidence has exploded. and as a result. But we’ve been operating in an excessively volatile market as of late. I just started getting profitable and had a good month in November. I wanted to show a trader who was using about the same amount of money that I give to each one of my beginner traders ($50.000. And then think about taking the ultimate dare. and delivers his teachings in a simplistic and interesting way. Dare to be truly independent. Any time you can take a $50.000 of my money to trade is not in the normal category and would relate to very few readers of this article. —Lee S. I’ve had to loosen up the daily loss limits for some of my more established traders. Make this the moment you muster up the courage to dare. Dare to be a trader.“Between all the various teachers and mentors I’ve had. I’ve done this for several reasons. After listening to Mr. I’d like to show you the last month of trading activity for one of my human traders. Velez. I’ve decided to show a very good trader. my friends. my best month ever! Thanks you so much and I look forward to my trading career with VCM. Happy Trading! I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you and Mr. but the most important is to ensure that the record shows achievability. making just over $20. as is revealed by some of the daily losses in this report. you’re doing something right. “I would be completely lost if not for your books and your dvd’s. time and heartaches. A Private Trading Group VELEZ CAPITAL MANAGEMENT 15 . to be one of us.000. and DARE. For the same reason. an elite VCM Trader. that is. Enjoy the review.000 trading account and more than double it in a month on a net basis. Velez’s two hour seminar last Friday and incorporating the concepts he explained. A trader with $8. Dare to be unique. Oliver has been the most profound and encouraging.” —Godwin L. Despite not being the best. I think you’ll all agree that this trader’s record is still quite impressive. “Thanks”. I find your teaching style makes it easy to understand and fun to learn. One huMAn VCM TrADerS reCOrD With my grand plan now out of the bag.000).

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