NEWS RELEASE George Zimmerman Booking and Incarceration Information Seminole Co.

(6/3/12) - George Zimmerman, DOB 10/5/83, was booked into the John E. Polk Correctional Facility (JEPCF) at approximately 1:45 p.m. today pursuant to a court order issued by Judge Lester ordering him to be remanded into custody. Once the booking process is complete, Zimmerman’s booking photo can be found on the Sheriff’s Office website at Zimmerman is currently on a no bond status. Zimmerman will not have a First Appearance hearing. The SCSO has no information on any potential bond hearings. Inquiries on this matter should be directed to Zimmerman’s defense attorney, Mark O’Mara. General Information George Zimmerman will be housed in administrative confinement. He will be placed in this status (segregated from the general population) due to the high profile nature of the case. Zimmerman’s cell is designed to hold two inmates and is approximately 67 square feet. It is equipped with a toilet and two beds. A mattress, pillow, bed sheets, and blanket are provided. No photos will be provided of his cell or of any other cells inside the JEPCF. Inmates housed at the JEPCF are not provided access to televisions and are not permitted to use or possess tobacco products. Inmates are provided access to books and magazines from the facility’s library cart. They may also have books and magazines delivered directly to them from the publisher of the periodical. Bibles are also permitted.

The JEPCF assesses a $20 booking fee and a $3 per day subsistence fee. This fee is deducted from the inmate’s trust account. The JEPCF has a design capacity of 1396 inmates. Health Assessments At no time will the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office discuss medical screening or mental health assessments. All records associated with an inmate’s medical care are confidential and exempt. Recreation Inmates are scheduled for three hours of recreation time per week. Meals Inmates are provided three meals per day, with an average daily calorie count of 2,834. Serving times typically start at 4 a.m. for breakfast, 10:30 a.m. for lunch and 4 p.m. for dinner. Commissary Inmates are permitted to purchase items from the commissary twice a week. The costs of the items purchased are debited from the inmate’s trust account. Zimmerman will be given an opportunity to make his first purchase of items following his booking. Media interested in obtaining that information may make a request to SCSO Public Affairs. Only persons enumerated on the inmate’s visitation list are permitted to contribute to an inmate’s trust account. An inmate’s current trust account balance is posted online at Jail Surveillance Video Jail surveillance video is exempt and confidential per F.S. 281.301.

Inmate Phone Calls Inquiries regarding the jail calls specifically referenced in the State Attorney's motion to revoke bond should be directed to the Office of State Attorney Angela Corey. All other unrelated jail phone calls are not public record subject to release (Bent v. State, 46 So.3d 1047 (4th DCA 2010)). Requests for media interviews To request an interview with an inmate, complete and submit the form found here: The form is routed to the JEPCF and the reporter’s contact information (as provided in the form) is given to the inmate. Inmates have access to telephones and will contact the requesting reporter directly should they opt to participate in an interview. Additional media information Additional general information about the JEPCF can be found here: This case is being prosecuted by State Attorney Angela Corey. Any questions about the judicial process in this case should be directed to heroffice. For more information contact: Heather Smith (<>) (407) 665-6748 - desk (407) 474-5189 - cell or

Kim Cannaday (<mailto:kcannaday@seminolesheriff.o rg>) (407) 665-6978 - desk (407) 402-3319 - cell

________________________________ This email and the contents thereof may be subject to public record requests per Florida State Statutes

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