(** This mail comes from a machine - please do not reply **) Hello Rafael Raffo, as you requested, we have created

an user account on our public AS/400-system PUB1.RZKH.DE for you. Below, you will find some useful information on how to connect to the AS/400 and how to start using it. *** PLEASE READ THE COMPLETE MAIL AND STORE IT! *** *** We will not answer questions which are answered in this mail. *** YOUR USER PROFILE ================= Here are the details of your user profile, on which we will refer to in the following document: YOUR USERNAME: RARROYO76 INITIAL PASSWORD: x62b4m1 (needs to be changed at first logon) LIBRARIES: RARROYO761 and RARROYO762 SYSTEM ADRESS: PUB1.RZKH.DE (enter this where IP or DNS-Adress is requested in your client software) Your initial password is for the first signon. After that signon, you must change the password! NOTE: It has been reported that sometimes this initial password does not work. In this case please us the help center to reset the password again (see below for link). SETUP 5250-TELNET PROGRAM ========================= First, you need to get a 5250-compatible telnet-Program to access our iSeries-Systems. 5250 is a procotol by IBM with enhanced display properties (up to 24 function keys etc). You may use a simple VT100-telnet, but this will not be comfortable. For example you might find a nice one at http://www.mochasoft.dk It costs about 25USD if you want to register this share ware. We are not related with Mochasoft, we simply use that software for ourselves and describe, how to set it up. There are some other - even free - programs on the net, just use your favourite search engine to look for "tn5250" or "5250". For our paying customers we can offer you a link to download a copy of IBMs ClientAccess V5R3. Please set up your TN5250-Client according to the documentation of the program. Please note that we can't give support on installation as we don't know all programs on the net :) If the installation program asks for a "device name" or "screen name" to use, please enter "SxxxxxxxxY", where xxxxxxx

but it might change!). (There is no technical difference between chosing a device name or not to do so. You are not allowed to use the command CRTDEV* for creating a LPD printer device on the AS/400. please contact us. you can use TN3812 from Mochasoft or some free software. For example. But you will make our administration job much easier.158. If in doubt. If you have a Client Access license. One other possibility is you are in a corporate network and your administrator blocked outgoing traffic to ports 23 (Telnet) and 992 (Telnet-SSL). HINT: Please use at least 6 characters or numbers. please use SMICHAEL1 and SMICHAEL2 for your display names. Ask him if he can be of help. try "193. try the command C:\> telnet pub1.21. Note that the number of concurrent sessions might be limited by your account type (2 sessions for the free account users). starting with a character! It is not a good idea for using your first name as password :-) . The setup might be nearly the same as for a display session. as this often needs a fixed IP adress. For example: If your user name is MICHAEL. chances are high that we are currently doing some system maintenance on this machine. look for a Printer-Emulation software. try your web-browser to that adress. If you leave this field "device name" blank. (the password field is a hidden field). If you really need to use this.are the first 8 letters of your user name and Y is a unique number for each of your sessions. if you dont get any response. After first signon. Enter your old password (x62b4m1) in the first field and your new password in the 2nd and 3rd field. SIGNON TO AS/400 ================ You should see a sign on screen with a nice logo and some information :) Enter your user name right after the field "Username/Benutzer:" Then enter your initial password and press the enter key. If you can't get a connection. CONNECT TO AS/400 ================= Now connect the program to the system address stated above as the address of the host.21" (that is the main IP address. you can use that. If it really does not work.rzkh.rzkh. Thank you!) If you want to use a printer connected to your PC as an AS/400 printer.de"! Always try to check the connection with a telnet-program. the AS/400 will generate a device name for your session like QPADEVxxxxx.de from the DOS-Prompt in windows or a shell on your unix system. It is preferred to use the DNS-Name "pub1. you are forced to change your password to select a more secure one.

(page down and up to read. you have some personal libraries with the names stated above. some parts have been translated to english.FTP the save file to your second library by using this destination: /QSYS.LIB/xxxxxxx2. please don't try to hack into them :-) Your libraries are saved every second night (between 00:00AM and 05:00AM UTC). you can use FTP as you have a home directory on this machine named /home/xxxxxx where xxxxxx is the name of your user profile as stated above.de is at this time mostly in german language.Then you should see the save file object in your second library by using WRKOBJ xxxxxx2/*ALL example: . just ask me. please dont create objects in QGPL or other libraries! All your data is protected.RZKH. us the following method: .LIB/ (replace xxxxxx2 by your second library name) . we will add more information to this. So you can't see other users' data. Our website http://www.MORE INFORMATION ================ You may enter HELP at the command line. Have a look at: http://www. (Please be patient if we can't answer immediately. leave this screen with F3 key). TRANSFER DATA TO THIS SYSTEM ============================ If you want to transfer files. no one can see objects in your libraries. so if you need to restore data.RZKH. We are going on having these pages in two languages. Currently a FAQ page is being generated.de/!faqe.Create the save file on the other system . paying customers will have higher priority). or even your library self. Use the libraries for all your objects.html STORING YOUR DATA ================= For storing your data. Note: If you want to use save files to transfer Objects or the contents of a library to our systems. Then a short text with some information will be shown. please ask if there are questions.

as there were no reasonable results. You should receive a screen message with further instructions.RESTLIB (use F4 for prompting) if the save file data has been created with SAVLIB .html . HACKING ======= We ran a hacker contest on this box.RZKH.News about the System (german and english) > http://www. web chat.txt .savf from your pc into your second library (named mylib2) on the as400. you can't use RSTLIB or RSTOBJ commands to restore data from these savefiles. You will understand.RZKH. we will get you. .savf this will put the file mydata. IMPORTANT LINKS =============== .RESTOBJ (use F4 for prompting) if the save file data has been created with SAVOBJ Enter the needed data (Name and library of the save file.put mydata.de/!faqe.html Thanks and have fun.de/forumeng. and the name of the library from which the objects have been saved on the SOURCE system) and press enter.lib/mydata.RZKH. for the regular users have more fun working :-) So do not try to hack this box. but we stopped it now. and we want to stop the traffic on our leased line.Frequently asked questions (still in work) > http://www. as this box is being monitored.lib/mylib2.html . Please use the following commands: . In december 2009 we will use some weekend for needed works. and wait 2-3 minutes. MAINTENANCE =========== Please read the text written on the signon screen about maintenance time.de/aktnewseng.de/!aktuell.RZKH. Be sure to use binary transfer! RESTORING AND SECURITY ====================== For security reasons. why.Read the latest news: > http://www.savf /qsys.Enter the help center (open ticket. Please dont use *LIBL for replacing the library name. user forum. reset user data and password): > http://www.

Rechenzentrum Kreuznach Holger Scherer Jungstrasse 25-27 55543 Bad Kreuznach Germany .

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