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MMTC/Admn/Domestic Courier/2011 To-----------------------------------------------------------Dear Sir(s),

16th August, 2011

Sub: Quotation for Domestic/International Courier Service. The MMTC Limited, with its Registered Office in Scope Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003 is actively engaged in trading of various commodities, both in domestic as well as international markets. For faster delivery of documents/letters/parcels from MMTC to Local/Domestic/International destinations Sealed Tenders are invited from Experienced & Professionally competent COURIER having valid licence for delivery and also having a minimum experience of 3 years in relevant field and doing such services for reputed organizations/Government Organizations /Public Sector Undertakings. The terms and conditions are enclosed. Interested Agencies is to drop their quotations in the prescribed format in a sealed cover addressed to Shri V.K. Chowdhary, General Manager(Admn), MMTC Limited, Core-1, Scope Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003 in the tender box kept at IInd Floor along with a demand draft/bankers cheque for a sum of Rs.20,000/- (Rupees twenty thousand only) as EMD and Rs.200/- (Rupees three hundred only non-refundable towards cost of tender documents) drawn in favour of MMTC Limited, New Delhi on or before 29th August, 2011 before 16.00 hrs (IST). The cover is to be marked as Quotation For Courier Service and /or International Courier Service and be submitted separately. The two envelopes containing technical and financial bids should be placed in a single cover. Financial bids will be opened after the evaluation of technical bids in the presence of authorized representatives of courier agencies, the date of opening will be intimated separately.

Thanking you, Yours faithfully, (V.K. Chowdhary) General Manager(Admn.)

GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS 1. The which COURIER, the COURIER shall duly will and promptly its staff deliver to all

letters/parcels/packets, etc., within the country or outside India for agency depute collect letters/documents and parcels from office of MMTC at the above address between 4.30 PM to 5.00 PM on all working days. 2. The COURIER shall not charge nor will MMTC pay any extra charge if the delivery of letters/documents/packets/parcels, etc., is made by the COURIER beyond the agreed schedule mentioned in their quotation and any demurrage in this regard will be to the account of the COURIER. 3. That MMTC shall pay the COURIERs the remuneration for their services (As per Annexure-I rate to be quoted) 4. The rates quoted by the COURIER for the items as shown in Annexure-I shall be all inclusive except for Service Tax as applicable which shall be paid extra on such services to be rendered by the COURIER under this Contract. No other charges will be paid. 5. The payment for the services being rendered can be made by MMTC on monthly basis for which the COURIER shall have to raise and submit the bill along-with POD to MMTC in triplicate in the first week of the following month for which payment will be due. 6. The COURIER shall deposit forthwith Rs 20,000/-(Rs. Twenty thousand only) by way of Demand Draft with MMTC towards security deposit to be kept by MMTC during tenure of this agreement and will be refundable on successful completion of this agreement. The security deposit shall not carry any interest during deposit period. 7. The COURIER shall collect and redeliver to MMTC all returned

letters/documents/packets/parcels, etc. undelivered, free of charge with remarks for such undelivery, if any. Besides, the COURIER will intimate the status of delivery of each letter/parcel/documents, etc., within two days from the date of delivery including the

receipt/acknowledgement of such delivery by the addressee by obtaining signature and telephone number or stamp along with time and date as proof of delivery. 8. The COURIER hereby undertakes to deliver the letters/parcels/documents etc., within stipulated time as agreed in their offer letter/quotations and in case of any delay beyond the control of the COURIER viz; due to riot, flood, natural calamities, flight delay/cancellation (not in any other circumstances), the same shall be intimated promptly by the COURIER to MMTC. However, the COURIER must ensure delivery of such delayed parcels as soon as the circumstances beyond control as stated above return to normalcy. 9. The persons deputed to collect the letter/parcels etc. shall have an identity card issued by the Courier Agency. 10. COURIER will ensure absolute security, safety, secrecy and confidentiality of the document while rendering services and shall also arrange that packets are delivered in same condition, duly closed and sealed as given by the Company. 11. In case of late delivery of letter / documents / parcels / packets., etc .Rs.100(Rs. One hundred) per day and maximum Rs.10,000/-(Rs. Ten Thousand) and for loss of letter / documents/ parcels / packets, etc the COURIER shall compensate MMTC with Rs 1000/- (Rs One Thousand) only for each parcel in case the value of the same is not declared. Where the value is declared by MMTC on the parcel/document etc., that is received by the COURIER and not delivered to the addressee, the COURIER shall compensate MMTC with the amount so declared with demurrage with consequential loss that MMTC suffers on account of such failure on part of COURIER for late deliveries/wrong delivery/loss/undelivered of the letters/documents/parcels, etc. 12. In case there is no service in particular area in India or outside India, COURIER is responsible to arrange for sending the dak through other arrangements at quoted rates. In case you fail to do so, a suitable penalty may be levied.

13. In case complaint is received for non-delivery, wrong delivery, loss or damage of cover and packets, a suitable penalty depending upon the merit of each case shall be imposed and decision of MMTC will be final and binding. 14. The COURIER shall comply all the laws in force during tenancy of this agreement.

15. Tax at source will be deducted from COURIER bills as per Income Tax Act, 1961. 16. MMTC shall not be responsible for the employees of the COURIER when they are working in MMTC premises in the event of any accident and the COURIER shall be exclusively responsible to settle in case of any claim for compensation is allowed by the Law in force. 17. Sub-tendering of the job and authorization to any other agency by the tenderer shall not be permitted. 18. There should be no case or charge under investigation/enquiry/trial against the COURIER nor conviction in a Court of law or suspended/blacklisted by any organization on any ground. 19. MMTC reserves the right to accept any offer in parts or full and place order on more than one vendor. This contract may be terminated by MMTC before expiry of the contract period by giving one month notice in writing in the event of unsatisfactory service/no requirement of service of the COURIER. 20. This contract shall come into force from the day and date hereinabove written and will remain in force for a period of one year. However, the tenure of the contract may be extended at the sole discretion of MMTC on satisfactory completion of the service by the COURIER. 21. If any information given in the tender is found to be incorrect at a later stage, MMTC reserves the right to reject the bid submitted by bidder/cancel the Award of contract 22. Eligibility Criteria a. The COURIER should have computerized/Web based Tracking system. b. The COURIER should submit their network details available across the country. c. The COURIER should give an undertaking to ensure for delivery of our dak/documents maximum in 36 hrs in Metro/Capital cities and in 48 to 72 hrs in other cities/towns/sites etc. d. Bidder must have the service tax registration no. if the services rendered by the bidder fall under the service tax net. Copy of same must be submitted. e. Copies of the Pan Card must be submitted. f. The agencies should have adequate professionally trained manpower. Subtendering of the job and authorization any other courier by the tenderer shall not be permitted.

The bids shall be submitted alongwith cost of Tender i.e. Rs. 200/- (Rs. Two hundred only) by way of DD/PO in favour of MMTC Limited. New Delhi (not refundable) on or before on 29th August, 2011 at 1600 hrs(IST) in two separate envelopes as follows: Part I-Techno-Commercial Bids-This part shall contain the following: a. Techno commercial offer /details b. Commercial terms and conditions c. The following Documents are to be annexed with Techno-Commercial Bid : i. Certified copies of audited Balance sheet/Profit & loss account for the last 3 years. ii. Copy of certificate of incorporation. iii. Copies of executed Orders. iv. The parties should have experience of working for reputed PSUs & Government organizations and they should submit the list of clients with names & contract nos. of concerned officials for whom they have provided the similar services. v. The parties should submit their network details available across the country. vi. Bidder must have the service tax registration no. if the services rendered by the bidder falls under the service tax net. Copy of the same must be submitted. vii. Copy of the Pan Card. viii. Duly signed and stamped copy of Tender document as token of acceptance of terms and conditions of Tender. ix. Un-priced copy of the price bid format will all amounts/rates wherever quoted in price bid to be replaced with the word Q for quoted and NQ for not quoted. x. EMD amount of Rs. 20,000/- (Twenty thousand only) by way of DD/Bankers Cheque in favour of MMTC Limited, New Delhi. Part-2: Price Bid This part shall contain rates only (duly filled in price bid format) and should not contain any technical details and /or Commercial terms and conditions. Any technical details/or commercial terms & conditions, if found in this part shall be ignored as the same are supposed to be contained in Part-I only as indicated above. This part shall be submitted in a Sealed Cover with bidders seal super scribed with Tender Enquiry No., due date of opening and Part-2: Price Bid. The rates shall be quoted both in words and figures.

Bid Opening Part-I (Techno-Commercial Bids) will be opened at 1630 hrs on the due date in the presence of bidders who may like to be present. Date and time of opening of Part-II (Price Bids) shall be communicated separately. On the day of opening of the tender your Techno commercial bids only will be opened. The price bids of only technically qualified bidders (whose technical bids are found satisfactory) will be opened. The date of opening of price bid will be communicated over phone separately to the successful bidders. Validity of rates The Bid should be valid at least for 60 days from the date of opening.

Signature Name & Address of the bidder (with official) Place



0-250 Gms 251-500 Gms Addl. 250 Gms Delivery period (days) Proof of Delivery (days)


For Rest of India

In addition, Flat rates for 1 Kg (Documents/Non-document/Parcels) For Delhi For NCR For Rest of India


Up to 250 Gms 250 to 500 Gms Every additional 500 grams of part thereof beyond 500 grams
Zone-I Zone-II Zone-III Zone-IV Zone-V Zone-VI


Up to 500 Gms Additional Gms Delivery (days) Proof of Delivery (days) period 500
Zone-I Zone-II Zone-III Zone-IV Zone-V Zone-VI

Signature & Seal of the Bidder