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Season 6 Episode 11 "Lookin' For Tomorrow & Findin' Yesterday"
Previously On Lost: The light from the Epsilon Station in 6.10. The Smoke Monster vanishing after the light in 6.10. Ben killing Richard and Roberta in 6.10. Widmore planning to move the Island to it's original spot in 5.14. Ms. Hawking helping Ben and the others return to the Island in 5.15. The DI gassing the Survivors in 5.18. Roberta and Amelia visiting the Man with the Tubes in 6.7 Nadia faking her death and hiding out in Australia in 5.15. Desmond reading Widmore's will in 6.9. Kate finding out Desmond was the Man with the Tubes in 6.10. 1) INT. WIDMORE'S OFFICE. LONDON. DAY. Desmond is sitting at Widmore's desk looking across the room at 5 year old Ji Yeon as he has another glass of MacCutcheon Whiskey poured for him by Ms. Hawking. Desmond looks up at her then looks back down at the letter that Widmore left him in the event that Widmore was dead. He picks up the Scotch glass and begins drinking it as Nadia looks on worried. Nadia: Don't you think you've had enough, Desmond? Desmond shoots a look at Nadia and then picks up the letter and crumples it up in a ball and throws it at her. Desmond: I don't think there's enough bloody whiskey in Scotland that would be enough! Hawking sits down the bottle and walks over to a chair and sits down in front of Desmond across the desk. She looks at Desmond with the most sincere of expressions. Ms. Hawking: I know this is asking a lot of you, Desmond, but it is what needs to be done. Desmond: And if I don't?! Ms. Hawking: Desmond, you will... if you don't, then things would have already changed. This is your destiny and it's calling.

Desmond: My destiny?! My bloody destiny?! Ms. Hawking: The Island needs you to do this, Desmond. Remember when you tried to kill yourself a month back? A bullet... right to the brain. Should have taken out you like that (she snaps her fingers). But... you lived and you were out of the intensive care unit in a day. Why do you think that happened? Desmond: .... destiny, I suppose you're going to tell me. Ms. Hawking: Destiny. It is your path. Desmond: And I have no choice, then... right? Ms. Hawking: No, Desmond. You don't. Desmond, a bit furious, gets up from the desk and he stumbles a bit because he is very drunk. He steadies himself, then he walks over to Hawking and bends down over her in the chair. Desmond: If you think I'm going to dedicate the rest of my life at restarting the Dharma Initiative, you are mad.... bloody insane! Desmond stumbles past her and over to Nadia. Nadia doesn't know what to think and Desmond sees this. He looks at her and says: Desmond: You're better off without me, lass... go on... take the little one and run. He turns back to Hawking as he says this: Desmond: Get the hell as far away from me and this.... this... He doesn't finish. He just looks at Hawking with drunken disgust. He turns back to Nadia. Desmond: I mean it... get out of here... before you get sucked up in this too.

Desmond grabs his coat and he heads out the door. Ms. Hawking looks at Nadia after Desmond has left. She says: Ms. Hawking: Well... that didn't go over so well, now did it? Nadia: No. I suppose it will take some more convincing. Ms. Hawking: Then I suggest you do it quick. Noor, you do understand what is at stake here, don't you? Nadia: Yes, ma'am. I do. Ms. Hawking: You've taken him this far. Finish the job. Ms. Hawking stands up and she walks out of the room leaving Nadia and Ji Yeon alone. Nadia turns and looks out the window. The camera cuts to: 2) INT. BAR. LONDON. NIGHT. Desmond, obviously rather wasted, is sitting at a bar in London. The music in the background is "If Today Was Your Last Day" by Nickelback. http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=HOEB9liIbE0 (start at :07). Lyrics: My best friend gave me the best advice, He said each day's a gift & not a given right. Leave no stone unturned, Leave your fears behind. And try to take the path less travelled by. That first step you take is the longest stride. He drinks down a pint as he eyes up the female bartender. Lyrics: If today was your last day, And tomorrow was too late, Could you say goodbye to yesterday? The music fades to the background and he says out-loud, but not directly to anyone: Desmond:

Ay... I wouldn't mind takin' that back to my flat. A guy beside him says: Guy: You have a flat here in London, do ya? Without looking at the guy, Desmond looks forward and thinks about it. Desmond: No, brotha... but I know of a place... Guy: Oh, Penny's townhouse... or Mr. Widmore's office? Desmond flips around and darts a look at the guy sitting beside him and is about to sucker punch him, but it is Donovan! Desmond's best mate. His expression changes from drunken rage to drunken happiness. Desmond: Donovan! What are you doin' here, brotha?! Desmond hugs Donovan. Donovan: Just happen to be in the city for a convention... where the blood hell have you been the past 8 years, brotha?! Desmond: Oh... uh... I've been doin' some work. Donovan: I see, doin' what? Desmond: .... computer technician. Donovan: Ohh... so that's what they're callin' the lads who press the button now-a-days? Desmond shoots a look at Donovan like "how do you know!?" Desmond: How do you know about that, Donovan?! In fact, how'd you know about Widmore's office?!

Donovan: Because, Des... I work with them... the convention is... well, you. Desmond: Jesus... is anything in my life real?! Desmond gets up and grabs his coat to go outside. Donovan gets up and he walks after Desmond, but Desmond turns and pushes Donovan up against the wall. Donovan just stands there with Desmond's fist in his face. Desmond: If you know what's good for ya then, you'll leave me the hell alone! Donovan: Desmond, you have to do this.... you will do this. Desmond: And what do you know, mate?! Donovan: I know the universe has a set course and I know you have a job to do... like I have a job to do. And Desmond, one way or another, you will do that job. Desmond: (Desmond laughs) I'm sorry, lad, but I'm my own man... and Donovan, I don't give a rat's arse what happens to who anymore. I'm done. Desmond turns to the bar and he stands up on a chair and he screams to everyone: Desmond: You hear that, universe!? I'm bloody DONE! Now bugga off! Leave me be! Everyone in the bar looks at Desmond like he is a drunken idiot. Desmond jumps off the chair and walks back up to Donovan. Desmond: I'd tell ya to have a great life, Donovan, but honestly... I don't care if you do... Desmond looks Donovan in the eye. Desmond: ...and if you follow me anymore... and I catch you, I promise you this... your life won't be so great... Ay, strike that, I'll make it so you don't have a life to worry about...

Desmond gets up and walks to the door and opens it as Donovan says: Donovan: You'll do it, Desmond. Desmond: I got news for ya, brotha... As long as I, Desmond David Hume, am of able mind and know which way is up... I will not do a damn thing that the universe tells me to do... Donovan just looks at Desmond as he walks out onto the sidewalk. Desmond stumbles around and pulls out his cell phone. As he is walking he isn't watching where he is going and he walks into the street. Suddenly, there is a bright light shining on Desmond as a taxi-cab is coming right for him! Desmond drops his phone and the cab hits him and Desmond rolls over the entire cab! The camera cuts to Desmond from above as a pool of blood forms beside him in the snow! The music builds and the camera cuts to:

-commercial3) INT. CAR. LONDON. DAY. We see a car speeding down some busy London streets and someone press a button on their dashboard and a computerized voice says: Computer Voice: Who would you like to call? Nadia: Hawking. Computer Voice: Calling: Hawking. Nadia nearly hits someone as she is speeding down the road. She swerves out of the way and we hear the voice of Ms. Hawking. Ms. Hawking: Nadia? What is it?! Nadia: He's awake! I'll meet you there! Nadia hits a button and phone hangs up. The camera cuts to:

4) INT. HOSPITAL. LONDON. DAY. We follow as Nadia runs down the hospital corridor to the ICU wing. We follow as she runs all the way down the hall to room 23b. She looks through the glass and we see doctors all around Desmond's hospital bed. Nadia watches as Donovan walks over and says: Donovan: He woke up about an hour ago. They've been doing tests on him since... You got here fast. Nadia: I was dropping Ji Yeon off at school when you called... Donovan: She's what... in the 8th grade now? Nadia looks at Donovan and very bluntly says: Nadia: Don't you ever ask me about her again, do you understand? Donovan backs up and Ms. Hawking, looking exactly the same, makes her way to Nadia. Ms. Hawking: He's alive, is he?! Nadia: Yeah... no thanks to you. Ms. Hawking: I've told you dear, what happened eight years ago was not by my hand. Nadia: So you keep telling me. Ms. Hawking: I didn't have Desmond hit by a taxi to persuade him to help us... what kind of sense would that make? Nadia: He told me about you... what you do... Donovan:

She doesn't have much choice. Ms. Hawking turns to Donovan and gives him a look like "shut up." A doctor walks out of the room and up to the group. They are all very different looking and he doesn't know who to address. Doctor: Who's his next of kin? Ms. Hawking: That would be me. Doctor: He has come out of the coma and it's a bit too soon to tell, but... The doctor continues to talk to Ms. Hawking as Nadia rushes in to Desmond's side. Desmond looks up at her and she strokes his head. Nadia: Desmond... oh, Desmond. How are you feeling? Desmond: I'm... I think I'm ok. Nadia: Are you thirsty, do you need anything? Desmond: Water. Nadia gets up to give him water as she says: Nadia: Did the doctor tell you what happened? Desmond: Yeah. He said I was drunk... that I stumbled out into the street and a taxi hit me. Nadia pauses as she pours him the water. A tear falls down her face as she turns to him and says: Nadia: I'm so sorry, Des... I shouldn't have ever got involved with her... she just... she said Sayid would die if I didn't.

Desmond looks at Nadia a bit confused. Nadia looks at him as the flash sound begins... 5) --FLASH-- INT. NADIA'S CALIFORNIA HOME. DAY. The flash starts off with Sun standing in front of Jack as we saw in 5.3 "The Sun Also Rises." The scene plays out exactly the same: Sun: You could have waited 20 more seconds, Jack. Kate: Please, this won't solve anything. Sun: I just need more time. Nadia: Does anyone want something to drink? Kate: I'll have a lemonade if you have it. Nadia nods and walks over to Sayid. Sayid: You don't mind staying out of the room for this do you? Nadia: Of course not. In fact, my boss should be calling soon anyway. Sayid: I love you. Nadia walks out of the room. As she does, Hurley walks in from the front door. Hurley: Hey dudes! (End of scene from 5.3) We now see Nadia in the kitchen as the door closes. She walks over to the fridge and gets out some ice cubes and her cell phone rings. She answers it: Nadia:

Hello? Voice: Look out the back window. Nadia walks to the window and looks out. Standing there in the backyard is Ms. Hawking! She walks out the back door. Nadia: What are you doing here? Ms. Hawking: I keep a very watchful eye on those six. I know what they're up to. Nadia: Yeah? Ms. Hawking: Are you all set with the plan then? Nadia: ... is it the only way? Ms. Hawking: Yes. Mr. Abaddon will set it up to look as if you died at the hands of well, us, the DS. Upon Linus' return to civilization he'll have the needed ammunition to seek out Sayid and then we have an inside man for Linus' every move. Nadia: And what about me, where do I go? Ms. Hawking: You will be staying in Australia... out of sight. Nadia: And this is the only way to protect Sayid? Ms. Hawking: It's the only way to protect him from Linus, yes. Nadia: They're expecting lemonade.

Nadia turns and walks back into the house. Ms. Hawking says to Nadia as she is walking through the back door. Ms. Hawking: It's the only way to protect him, Noor. Nadia gives Hawking an untrusting look and walks inside. The camera cuts to her walking out into the living room saying: Nadia: Lemonade! Sayid takes a glass as the flash sound begins... 6) --END OF FLASH-- INT. DESMOND'S HOSPITAL ROOM. LONDON. DAY. Nadia wipes away her tear and she hands Desmond a glass of water. Just then Ms. Hawking comes in and she says: Ms. Hawking: Noor... Hawking motions for Nadia to come to her. Nadia does and Ms. Hawking pulls her out into the hallway. Ms. Hawking: We will no longer need Donovan. Nadia: Are you... sure? Ms. Hawking: Yes dear, you knew this day was coming... Nadia: There has to be another way! Ms. Hawking: We are the only 3 people who know the truth. To ensure this all happens, Donovan can't be part of the equation. Nadia: It's always about the equation with you, isn't it?

Just then, Desmond's ICU light outside his door starts flashing red. Nadia looks in and sees that something isn't right. Nadia rushes into the room as Hawking turns to her and says: Ms. Hawking: He'll be fine dear, the universe isn't done with him yet. Ms. Hawking turns and walks down the hall and puts her arm around Donovan. They walk together down the hall. Nadia turns to the room and wants to go in, but the doctor stops her. Doctor: It's ok. He's just having a slight abnormality with his breathing. Nadia: What do you mean?! Doctor: The injury he sustained from the accident damaged the part of his brain that regulates breathing. We took him off support thinking that he would be able to breath on his own, but we're wrong. Nadia: So, what's that... Doctor: He'll need assistance breathing for the rest of his life. Nadia: Desmond... Nadia begins to tear up as the camera focuses on Desmond. It cuts to: 7) EXT. PARKING GARAGE. DUSK. Ms. Hawking and Donovan walk outside to the top level of the parking garage. She turns to him and says: Ms. Hawking: My car is right over here... They walk towards the car as she says to him: Ms. Hawking: You know, Donovan, your work with us has been tremendous.

Donovan: Thank you. Ms. Hawking: The hours you've put in... my word. You've dedicated your life to the DS. Donovan: Not as much as you... I mean, you... you are the backbone of the DS. Ms. Hawking says, without turning around: Ms. Hawking: Was. Donovan: Excuse me? Ms. Hawking: Was, my dear. Donovan: You mean... this isn't for the DS?! Ms. Hawking: Oh, no... dear. The DS died 8 years ago along with Mr. Abaddon. Donovan: Wait... you don't follow the rules anymore? That the future can't... shouldn't be changed?! Ms. Hawking: No. In fact, it is your work that forced me to change my mind. Donovan looks at her with disgust. Donovan: You fickle old bitch! Ms. Hawking walks up to Donovan and she pins something to his sleeve. She then whispers in his ear: Ms. Hawking:

No, Donovan, you showed me that Destiny is the fickle old bitch... The universe gave us the factors for a reason. If it didn't want us to fix this, it wouldn't have given us the tools. With that, Ms. Hawking smiles as she gives Donovan a slight shove and he falls backwards and trips over the metal barrier on the side of the parking garage and he falls! He falls four stories down and lands with a THUD! The camera zooms in to what Hawking pinned to his sleeve, it is a suicide note. The camera looks up as Ms. Hawking looks over the edge and the flash sound begins... 8) --FLASH-- INT. ABADDON'S OFFICE. NIGHT. We see Jack walking towards Sayid outside of Abaddon's office as we did in 5.15 where Sayid shoots at Jack, but is sedated by Jack instead. Inside the office the gunshot was heard and everyone looks towards the doorway. Ms. Hawking quickly looks at Abaddon. Ms. Hawking: You better not screw this up, Matthew. Ms. Hawking quickly exits out the back door and shuts it behind her. Abaddon takes his gun out of his holster and aims it at the door. (End of scene from 5.15). Outside in the back hallway we see Hawking walk out onto a balcony where she pulls her cell phone out of her pocket. She says: Ms. Hawking: Hello? It is Donovan. The camera switches between the two as the convo plays out. Donovan is sitting in front of a computer and there appears to be several hundred names on it. He looks rather excited, but a little dismayed at the news. Donovan: I ran the final test... it turns out that Widmore was right. Ms. Hawking: How so? Donovan: The factors to the equation... they aren't things... or variables like we first thought. They are people. There are 6 factors... but there is a variable... The boy we have here... he is the variable. He is the one to change all of this... Ms. Hawking: You mean... Donovan: Yes. Richard Alpert is the missing link in the chain.

Ms. Hawking: My word... So Charles wasn't mistaken... he actually knew what he was doing all along... and to think, I called him a fool. Donovan: Does this change anything? Hawking grows silent. She looks like she is doubting herself. Ms. Hawking: No, Donovan... we keep on course. Donovan: Ay. Hawking hangs up the phone and she looks in her bag. She pulls out the DI DOOR STATION manual. She pulls out a piece of paper and she writes on the inside of it: "Linus, even though you don't understand what you are doing, I do. When you leave, do not allow Desmond to go back to the Island with you. He is the 'Ultimate Protector.'" The camera cuts to where we saw this in 5.15: Ben: You six, you can all change her future... her future is full of destruction and death. You guys... you were brought together on that island for a reason. Just then the back door opens and out walks Ms. Hawking. She walks in and slams down a book on the desk as everyone just watches. The flash sound begins... 9) --END OF FLASH-- INT. DESMOND'S HOSPITAL ROOM. NIGHT. Nadia is sitting beside Desmond as he comes to. He is now connected to the breathing device. She says to him: Nadia: Oh, Des... you're all right! Desmond: Yeah, I'm great (he says sarcastically)... but I have a question... Nadia: Anything, go ahead! Desmond: Who... who are you?

The music builds as the camera cuts to Desmond's face then: --commercial-10) INT. HOSPITAL. NIGHT. Nadia is sitting next to the bed as Desmond is asleep. Hawking walks to the door with coffee in her hand. She motions for Nadia to join her. Nadia walks over to her. The two of them sit on a small couch across the hall from Desmond's room. Hawking hands Nadia a coffee. In the background we hear a News Broadcast: Anchorman: A nuclear power plant in the southern part of New Jersey in the United States has had a catastrophic meltdown. The blast zone, seen in this graphic, indicates that this Chernobyl sized disaster has spread nuclear fallout for nearly 50 miles in each direction. The map shows New Jersey being completely destroyed. Anchorman: Experts are saying that Philadelphia is being quarantined and as far north as parts of Staten Island in New York City. The area within this blast-zone is said to be damaged beyond repair and is expected to be uninhabitable for decades... if not centuries to come. We will keep you updated on this catastrophic disaster. Hawking and Nadia aren't paying much attention to the TV, but this is the blast-zone that the DI Ralph referenced to Sawyer in 6.5 when Sawyer lied and said he was from Atlantic City. This is how they caught him and Jin. Ms. Hawking: The doctor told me he has amnesia. Nadia: I suppose this is what you meant by Destiny throwing us a break. Ms. Hawking: I know you don't trust me dear, hell, I wouldn't trust myself if I didn't know I was right. Nadia: Why you? Ms. Hawking: If I got into the logistics of it, your head might explode. (hawking laughs) My entire life I only looked out for myself... until Desmond came into it. Nadia: I thought Desmond was your part in all this... why you went... er... go back.

Ms. Hawking: He was... but that's the thing... I grew attached to him. When he was little, he was so cute... he had the blondest of blonde hair... curly too... Nadia doesn't look amused by Hawking's story. My job when I was sent back was to prepare Desmond for this journey and not to grow emotionally attached. But, I did. So much so that I formed the DS... to avoid this day. To spare Desmond from ever having to devote his whole life to this cause. I fooled myself into believing that I can just let the world go... to end. I didn't care as long as Desmond lived a happy life. I formed the DS to stop Richard from ever trying to save the world... from ever having to have Desmond do this all again. Nadia: But you always knew, deep down, that Desmond would have to do this all again, didn't you? Ms. Hawking: I suppose I did, but... I didn't want to believe it. I felt about him as you feel about little Ji Yeon. I never had children, Noor, Desmond was like my child. Nadia looks down. Ms. Hawking: But... that ship has sailed. It's time to act... Desmond has his job and this way Destiny's way of showing us that it must be done. With his memory gone... persuading him to go forth with Widmore's plans shouldn't be too difficult. Nadia looks at Ms. Hawking and she puts her hand on Ms. Hawking's knee. The two of them sit there as the camera cuts to: 11) EXT. RUNWAY. DAY. The camera follows as a helicopter flies through the air above the ocean then cuts inside and we see that the helicopter is flying on a bearing of 325. The camera cuts to the ground where we see Desmond sitting in a wheelchair connected to the breathing apparatus and he looks as old as he does when Kate found him at the end of the last episode. Nadia is standing behind him, looking very old as well. Next to her is Roberta. The camera pulls back to the view of the helicopter and we see that it is coming down for a landing on the Hydra Island, which is just as we first saw it in 5.18. As it comes down, Nadia takes Desmond and starts to wheel him away from the site. Finally, the helicopter lands and the doors swing open. We see Dr. Hans Berger, Edward Lorenz, Margaret Washburn, Sanjit and Maxwell get out of the helicopter. Roberta runs up to all of them and says: Roberta: Welcome! Everyone! Welcome to the Dharma Initiative! The camera cuts to each of their faces as they look around at their surroundings and the camera cuts to:

12) INT. DESMOND'S OFFICE. HYDRA. DAY. Desmond is sitting at his desk. He is reading over Widmore's letters. Just then, Roberta and Maxwell walk in and Desmond takes his attention up to her. She walks up to his desk and she smiles. Roberta: Mr. Widmore. Desmond: Yes. Roberta: I wanted you to know that the entire team has arrived. We should be able to have things up and running in no time. Desmond: Excellent. You have been a wonderful team manager, Roberta. I'm just sorry that we may never get to use your expertise... well, not sorry, but you know what I mean. Roberta fake smiles. Roberta: Well, there is always tomorrow for developing a Utopia. Desmond gets very serious. Desmond: You know you were here in case we couldn't stop the end from happening. The damn date is stuck in my head... ever since Ms. Hawking showed me this letter after my accident... God rest her soul. Desmond puts the letter down. We see it: 4:15:23 on 8/16/42. Desmond: You understand, Roberta... by doing this.... by doing this we will change the course of the world, no? Roberta: I understand the repercussions. When we send the Island back, we change the outcome of today. Desmond: In ways that you may not even fathom.

The camera cuts to the door where we see Nadia come in. Nadia: The team is ready. Desmond: God help us. He looks down at the letters. Roberta sits down across from him. Maxwell: This is a very noble thing you are doing. Desmond: I'm breaking every natural law. Maxwell: Yes, but by sending the DI back to the 60's... you are buying the world more time to find a solution to putting a stop to the end. Desmond: I sure hope so. Are the DeGroots ready? Maxwell: They are standing by at the Orchid. Desmond: Good. Proceed. The music builds as the camera cuts to: 13) EXT. HYDRA. DAY. Nadia walks up to a woman sitting on a stone cliff overlooking the ocean. Nadia sits down beside her. Nadia: It's almost time. The camera spins around and it is Ms. Hawking. Ms. Hawking: I don't even remember myself. (she smiles)

Nadia: How do you mean? Ms. Hawking: I mean, me.... lost out there, somewhere... Nadia: If this works... you won't have to worry about that. Ms. Hawking: Yes, I'll be free. From this... ravenous loop. Ms. Hawking turns to Nadia. Ms. Hawking: You know what to do then, do you? Nadia shakes her head "yes." Ms. Hawking: Good. You send Richard back, he has 108 chances. You send the DeGroots back. Then you send me back. Then... then you do it. Ms. Hawking stands up. Ms. Hawking: I just wish I could say goodbye to him. Nadia: He knows you always loved him. Ms. Hawking: If he knew I was alive... after all this time... he wouldn't have gone this far. Nadia: It's all for the greater good. Ms. Hawking smiles a pathetic smile. She hugs Nadia and the two walk off together. Ms. Hawking: Let's just hope the factors know what they're doing.

The camera cuts to: 14) INT. ORCHID STATION. DAY. We see several scientists standing around the Orchid Station's main room. We see Richard standing off to the side. We see Amelia there next to him. We see the DeGroots walking towards the Chamber about to step in. Maxwell turns to them and says: Maxwell: You get back there and you must be convincing. Remember, your primary objective is to find and convince Hanso to fund this research mission based on the principles of Valenzetti's work. The Dharma Initiative's objective is for betterment of mankind and advancement of world peace. You will be sent back to 1966. You set up your back-stories and your history and you get the funding from Hanso. Make him believe he built this place, but he must never... I repeat, never come to the Island. Find Richard Alpert, he will be under the alias of Enzo Valenzetti. You understand you must vanish after you hand control over to capable scientists. Karen: Very good. Gerald: Understood. Maxwell: God Speed. You are true humanitarians. The DeGroots step into the chamber. Maxwell walks over to the computer and he presses some buttons. The chamber lights up and then FLASH. The DeGroots are sent back, but their original persons are still in the chamber. Maxwell presses another button and a gas fills the chamber. The DeGroots turn and look out of the glass window and start to panic! Everyone watches on. Margaret turns her head in disgust. The camera cuts to the back of the Orchid where we see Ms. Hawking talking to Richard. Ms. Hawking: They have to do that to them. Richard: Is it even necessary for all of this? All of this Dharma Initiative business? Ms. Hawking: It's the way it was, and is... and has to be. Richard: Until the factors change it.

Ms. Hawking: Yes. If they change it. Richard: You aren't going to kill me after you send me back are you? Ms. Hawking: Not for the first 108 times anyway... Ms. Hawking smiles at Richard and walks off. Richard turns back to the Chamber where Sanjit is taking the bodies of the DeGroots out. The camera cuts to: 15) INT. DESMOND'S OFFICE. NIGHT. Desmond is asleep at his desk. He is squirming around when suddenly we get a quick flash sound. 16) -MINI FLASHDesmond has a mini flash montage of him sitting in the Swan Station pushing the button. It is real grainy as he then dreams/remembers him killing Kelvin and then the Station Shaking and the computer saying "System Failure!" Then there is a shot of the plane crashing. 17) -END OF MINI FLASHDesmond wakes up to Nadia shaking him. She stands over him saying: Nadia: Are you ok, Desmond?! Desmond: Yeah, I uh... I had the strangest dream... it felt so real... Nadia: Oh? Desmond: Yes, I was in the Swan Station and I... I uh, I didn't press the button. Nadia: What button, Des? There is no button in the Swan Station. Nadia gulps. She knows he is remembering something. Desmond stares off. He turns back to Nadia and says:

Desmond: Do we know a Penny? Nadia just looks at him. He looks so old and fragile and sincere. A tear forms in Nadia's eye. Nadia: Yes Desmond. We know a Penny. The music softens and the camera focuses on Desmond's face as the camera cuts to: ---commercial--18) INT. DESMOND'S OFFICE. DAY. Nadia and Desmond are sitting in the office when suddenly Roberta runs in. Roberta: Something has gone terribly wrong, Mr. Widmore! Desmond: What is it? Roberta: We haven't sent the Island back, have we? Desmond: Obviously not, Roberta. Nadia: What is it? Roberta: We've just finished sending Richard back. This was the 108th time... nothing, well... nothing major has changed. Desmond: Still no contact with anyone past the end date? Roberta: No, but that's not the alarming part. Desmond:

What is it then? Roberta: We think... we think there is activity in the Orchid Station... things, they're changing. Things are changing around the entire Island. Desmond: How so? Roberta: There are reports from the Staff Station that there is some kind of... secret room. We never constructed that! Nadia looks away. She understands what is happening. Roberta: We aren't to send the Island back until a week from now. How are things already changing... now?! In the present?! Nadia: Her name is Annie Lewis. Roberta: What?! Nadia: She's moving the Island... to our present time. Roberta: I don't understand?! It is physically impossible to move an Island to the present time that we haven't ever sent back! Desmond: Yes, but we will... eventually send it back, no? Roberta: Mr. Widmore. I think we've made a grave mistake... Roberta turns and rushes out of the room. Nadia turns to Desmond. Desmond: What haven't you told me, Nadia?

Nadia looks at Desmond. She looks guilty as she begins to speak. The camera cuts to: 19) EXT. TEMPLE STATION. NIGHT. Roberta, Sanjit, Maxwell and Dr. Berger are walking towards the Temple with their BioHazard suits on. Roberta turns to Maxwell. Roberta: Widmore screwed up, Clark. Maxwell: We interrupted time and space, Roberta... it was inevitable. Roberta: Then we can't fix it... we can't stop the end. Maxwell: It depends on the factors. Whom I think we are about to meet... Dr. Berger: Maybe zis is how it happens! Maybe zis is what was needed to happen. Ze factors... they come here. They stop ze end... today! Roberta: Don't be a fool, Berger. It's time for action. I want you to take them all. If they have weapons, you use yours. Dr. Berger: We can't hurt them! Roberta: Hans, are you questioning my authority?! Berger looks down. Roberta: I thought not. Clark, where is the projection? Maxwell: Right around here... somewhere. The come out of the bushes and there we see it. The group of survivors who were making their way to the Temple in 5.17. They all raise their weapons on the new DI and the DI raises their weapons as well! Sayid turns to fire and as he does this one of the DI men

start shooting! Sayid is shot! Then suddenly we see the bright light coming from the Orchid Station into the sky that sent the survivors to the future! Roberta turns to Maxwell and screams: Roberta: What the hell was that?! Maxwell: Must be a time variance! Remember there's a 10 minute window subject to change! We saw this same event happen when Ben and Richard sent Mathias back to Portugal in 5.10. Mathias ended up arriving in Portugal 10 minutes prior to the time he actually left in the Chamber. The DI start to move in on the survivors as the camera cuts to: 20) INT. DESMOND'S OFFICE. DAY. Desmond is sitting across from Nadia. He looks absolutely broken. Desmond: You lied this entire time? Nadia: It is what needed to happen. Desmond: So, this woman, Penny. I loved her, didn't I. Nadia: Yes. She's the reason you wouldn't go through with all of this. Then you had the accident... Desmond: The universe always finds a way, doesn't it?.... So, these people here now. Is this... is this how it happens? Is this how the end is saved? Nadia: I'm not sure. This could very well be the end. Desmond: I see. Nadia: You must watch Roberta. I don't trust her. Desmond:

Just leave me be, Nadia. Desmond turns his chair around and his back is to Nadia. She looks down and walks out of the room. The camera cuts to: 21) INT. DR. BERGER'S OFFICE. DAY. Nadia walks in and she walks up to Dr. Berger. He smiles at her and he says: Dr. Berger: Ah, Nadia. Nadia: How is he? Dr. Berger walks over to the hospital table and there is Sayid, connected to some life support devices. Dr. Berger: He vill be fine... ze bullets hit nothing of importance. Nadia bends down over Sayid and brushes away his hair. She tears up and she looks across the room at herself in the mirror. She gets a look of sadness as she sees how old she has become. Dr Berger: You mustn't tell Roberta about zis. She vill be very upset vith me. Nadia: You have my word, Dr. Dr. Berger walks out of the room and Nadia sits with Sayid as the camera cuts to: 21) INT. HYDRA BUILDING. HALLWAY. DAY. We pick up on the scene with Roberta and Amelia in 6.5 where Roberta is walking down the hallway with Amelia. Amelia looks different that we remember. She looks healthier. Amelia looks at Roberta and says: Amelia: So... nothing has gone as planned then? Roberta: No, but that doesn't mean we can't continue with the plan. Amelia:

What do you think he'll say about all this? Roberta: Hopefully he'll agree. If not... this was all for nothing... The two women stop outside of a door. Roberta pushes a button outside the door and takes a deep breath. There is a buzzing noise and the doors open. Roberta and Amelia walk in. The camera cuts to an angel behind a man in a darkly lit room sitting at his desk. There are tubes coming out of him into a machine, much like that of Hanso! The man is bald, we can see that from the back. Roberta and Amelia timidly walk in and up to his desk. They look scared. Roberta: Things aren't going well. Desmond: I know. Roberta: Should we move forward? Amelia: We can still salvage the cause... Desmond: Terminate it. Roberta: You mean... Desmond: Shut it down... Amelia and Roberta just look at each other and seem very unhappy. (end of scene from 6.5). Roberta turns to Desmond and she says: Roberta: No. Desmond: What?! Roberta:

No! You interfered with the balance. This wasn't part of the plan! She bends down over the desk of Desmond and looks him in the eye. Roberta: This is my operation now, Mr. Widmore... You're done here! Roberta slams her hand down on the table and she marches out of the room. Desmond just watches her go and he turns back in his chair. Amelia and Roberta walk out. The camera cuts to the hallway where Roberta says to Amelia: Roberta: We're doing this my way now. We're letting the end come. It's the only way to get everything back the way it is supposed to happen. The way it was intended. If I end it before we ever send the Island back, then none of this will happen! We will not send the Island back. You understand me?! Amelia: Are you doing this for what is right, or because you want to create your Utopia? Roberta: If the end happens, we'll need my Utopia. The camera cuts to: 22) INT. DESMOND'S OFFICE. DAWN. Desmond is sitting at his desk. Suddenly, the alarm sounds. The alarm that indicated that the DI are under attack. Desmond turns his chair and he looks at Nadia who is sitting there. It is almost as if they were expecting it. Desmond: My entire life was dedicated to this. And we failed. Nadia: We don't know that. We don't know anything just yet. Desmond: We still haven't had any type on contact from past today, Nadia. If we have the ability to go back in time, then wouldn't the future. Nadia thinks. Desmond: This is it. The end has come.

Desmond flips over his scheduler. It is 8/15/2042. Nadia: We still have a day. Desmond: Ay, but is it enough? We sent them back to 1966. If 76 years wasn't enough time, I hardly think a day will matter. Nadia takes Desmond's hand. Nadia: We did our best, Desmond. Nadia hands Desmond something and she walks out of his office. He looks down at it. It is the photo of him and Penny from London. Desmond looks at it and it seems like something clicks in his head as a tear forms and it falls down onto the picture. He outlines Penn's face with his finger. Desmond: Ay, Penny... (he smiles, but it is bittersweet). The camera pulls back and we have a mini-montage of the events that take place that day: A) Kate and Ben on the Submarine. B) Maxwell "turning off" the Island. C) Ben shooting Richard dead. D) Ben time-tripping to his Mother. E) Ben shooting Roberta, then dying. F) Sayid coming out of the rubble and seeing a figure walking towards him. The camera stops here and the scene continues: 23) EXT. RUINS OF THE STAFF STATION REPLICA. DAY. Sayid stumbles out of the rubble towards the figure as it walks closer to him. The camera is focused on his face as he sees who it is and he drops to his knees. The camera does a 180 and we see it is Nadia. Very aged and looking terribly humbled. She looks at Sayid and she puts her hand under his chin and lifts him as he gets to his feet. He looks at her in disbelief as she flashes a small smile. Sayid:

Nadia. Nadia: Yes, Sayid... it is me. Sayid's expression says it all. It is a mix of joy, but surprise and doubt. His eyes well up with tears. Sayid: What... what happened to you? Nadia: I aged. Sayid: But... but ho... She cuts him off. Nadia: That's not important. What's important is that you're here with me. Sayid just stares at her. Sayid: Are you... an apparition? Nadia: No, Sayid. I'm here.... Sayid, I believe you have some work to do. Sayid: I... Nadia: I know. Sayid closes his eyes and he leans in to kiss Nadia. He gets very close to her, but she stops him. She looks him in the eye. Nadia: You don't have to... Sayid doesn't say anything, he just looks at her. He smiles, then he pulls her in for a very romantic kiss. Despite her age, he still loves her. The camera cuts to:

24) INT. DESMOND'S OFFICE. DAY. From here on is what we saw in the end of the last episode: Kate kicks the door to the office open and she draws her gun and points it at the man with the tubes sitting at his desk! The camera cuts behind him as we see the machines behind him moving up and down helping him breath. Kate looks at him and her jaw drops. The camera begins to do a complete 180 and as it comes almost fully around we hear Kate say: Kate: Desmond?!? The camera shows his face and it is Desmond! He looks much, much older, but you can tell it is Desmond! Desmond: Hello, Kate. The music builds and the camera cuts to: ----commercial---25) INT. DESMOND'S OFFICE. NIGHT. Kate is now sitting across from Desmond and she has her elbows on his desk as she looks across at him. The room's lights are flickering as Desmond lights a candle. It seems he just told her the story we just saw. She sits back, without words, and just stares at Desmond in disbelief. Desmond looks at his planner and says: Desmond: The time's upon us, Kate. Kate: No! It can't be! You said we have to change this... right? We can still change this! We're here! Desmond: Ay, maybe. Kate turns and she grabs a walkie off of Desmond's desk and she turns it on. She says: Kate: Anyone there?! There is silence until finally we hear the voice of Jack. Jack:

Kate?! Is that you?! Are you all right? Kate: I'm fine, but... Jack, we have a problem here. Jack: What? Kate: There's no power. Something happened... Jack: Yeah, Maxwell turned off the electromagnetivity. Kate: He what?! Jack: Yeah... he stopped Roberta's plan! It's like it's a... a normal Island now... Kate: No, Jack! It's not great! Desmond's here and he needs electricity for his respirator... hes only got about... (she looks) about 20 minutes left! Jack: Desmond's there?! Kate: It's a long story... Jack, we need power! Jack: I don't know what to tell you, Kate. Maybe somewhere on the Hydra there's a source. Kate: Yeah, ok... I'm gonna go look... Jack? Jack: Yeah? Kate: Where are you?

Jack: I'm walking back towards the Orchid. Kate: Be safe, all right? Jack: Yeah, save the batteries to your walkie. I'll talk to you in a bit. Kate: Ok, Jack... Jack? Jack: Yeah, Kate. Kate: I... I uh... Jack: I know. I... I uh... you too. (Jack smiles). The camera cuts to Kate. She smiles too. She puts the walkie into her pants and she looks at Desmond. Kate: Is there anywhere here that would have a power source? Desmond: Ay, but... you blew it up. Kate: Damn it! Kate turns and she runs to the door. She turns back to Desmond, who looks like he's having a hard time breathing. Kate: I'll be back. Ok? Desmond just shakes his head "ok." Kate runs out of the office. The camera cuts to: 26) EXT. FLAME STATION. NIGHT.

We see Daniel, Kaname and Jin walking up to the Flame Station. Daniel smiles and playfully hits Kaname in the chest. Daniel: Remember this place? We can radio out. Kaname: Really?! Daniel: Yeah, I think so! The three of them run up and into the Flame Station. Daniel flicks the lights, but nothing happens. Daniel: There's a generator in here, Kaname, find it? Kaname: Yeah... Kaname takes off looking for it as Daniel hears a buzz of a walkie. He overhears Jack telling Kate that Maxwell turned off the Island. Daniel's face lights up. He turns to Jin and says: Daniel: You know what that means?! Jin: No. Daniel: We can radio off the Island! Jin smiles and we hear Kaname in the background. Kaname: Got it! The lights flicker on and all the communication equipment on the other side of the room turns on. Daniel smiles and runs over to it. He plays around with the buttons and gadgets as Kaname rushes in behind him. Daniel:

All I need to do is find the satellite up-link. Kaname: So, you're really gonna get us off?! Daniel: As long as there's someone out there listening! Daniel goes back to work as the camera cuts to: 27) INT. ROBERTA'S OFFICE. NIGHT. Juliet and Charlotte are sitting in Roberta's office. Charlotte is asleep on the couch as Juliet gets up and walks over to Roberta's desk. She swings open a booklet and it has Roberta's plans for a Utopia on the Island after "The End." Juliet looks through it a bit further and she sees a work-up about the Epsilon Meteor. It crashed onto the Island sometime in the late 1800's. It is jam packed with Holmium with unique electromagnetic properties. Just then, Charlotte wakes up and looks at Juliet. Juliet: You can't sleep? Charlotte: Not bloody likely. I hope Daniel is ok. Juliet: I'm sure he's fine. Charlotte: They were going to use me, weren't they? Juliet: According to this... no. They were going to keep you. Keep you from resetting the Island. Charlotte: What? Juliet: To be honest, I don't know.... Juliet sees Charlotte's worry and she gets up and walks across the room. She sees a small battery powered radio and she turns it on. There is nothing, but static. She then looks at the floor and moves away the rug. Charlotte is looking at Juliet like "what the hell are you

doing." Juliet opens a small hatch in the floor and she sticks her hand in and she pulls out a CD. She then looks at the CD and then smiles. She turns to Charlotte and says: Juliet: This used to be Isabel's office. She hid anything that would make her appear weak... music being one of those things. Juliet puts the CD into the radio. She turns it on. Juliet: And she had good taste. The song starts: It is "Kind of Hush" by Herman's Hermits. http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=_y6TpPz3YuQ . She turns it up then turns and smiles at Charlotte at [:10]. She looks back down into the secret hatch and sees something that grabs her interest. The camera cuts to: A) [:18] We see Jack entering the caves where he and Kate went when he first discovered them. He finds a torch and lights it. He looks around. B) [:32] The camera cuts to Daniel "listening very carefully" into some headphones as he adjusts some of the equipment. He shakes his head like "nothing" to Kaname. C) [:45] The camera cuts to Nadia and Sayid as they sit together overlooking the main Island. They both look tired and Sayid looks a mess, but he holds on to Nadia as if he loves her. At the lyrics "I love you forever and ever" he brushes her hair away from her face and stares in her eyes. D) [1:01] Kate is running through the complex, but isn't finding any source of power. She looks down at her watch and it is counting down backwards with only a few minutes left. It is Desmond's time he has with the oxygen. He stops and turns around. She screams: Kate: [1:16} Locke?!? I need you!!! Where are you?! She looks down. Doubting herself. E) [1:18] The music fades at the "lalalala" part and we hear Daniel say to Kaname: Daniel: There's no up-link... no satellite. Kaname: What's that mean? Daniel: I can use the regular waves. Anyone within 2,000 miles should hear us.

Daniel clicks over to "analog" and he says into a microphone: Daniel: Is anyone out there? This is Daniel Faraday. Anyone?! Silence. F) [1:31] The lyrics start back up and we see Walt walking along the beach and he spots Vincent! Vincent runs up to Walt and Walt pets him very lovingly. Walt is all smiles, until he spots something on the beach. The camera cuts to Hurley's body as Walt looks on sadly. G) [1:48] We see Jack shine the light to where Adam and Eve were in the cave, but they are gone. There is a quick flash to the two of them laying there, but back to nothing there now. Jack looks at it oddly. H) [2:01] The camera is situated outside of Jacob's Cabin. It is completely dark and we see Aaron walk out and look around, but there is nothing. He jumps off of the porch and starts into the jungle. Christian, like Locke, is gone. I) [2:14] Kate looks down at her watch and time is up. She turns back, but it's over. She looks up in the sky as it begins to rain. The camera cuts to: J) [2:22] Juliet pulls out a book/journal that says "The Lives & Deaths of Richard Alpert" and looks at it strangely. K) [2:28] Cut to Daniel slamming down the earphones. He turns to Kaname and he says: Daniel: Nothing! It's like... like there's no-one out there... Daniel looks at Kaname like he is dumbfounded. The camera cuts up to the clock on Desmond's desk. It is "4:15:23" The end time. It pans up to Desmond where he is clutching the photo of Penny and his eyes are shut. The red light is going off indicating there is no more oxygen in the tank. The camera pulls back as the music draws to a close and then silence as it cuts to:

VO: On the Next Lost... 1) Clip of Jack Saying "It's like a... a normal Island." 2) Aaron walking into the jungle. 3) Kate screaming for Locke, but nothing. Vo: The Island has been Shut Off. 1) VO: No Smoke Monster. Clip of Smoke-Monster Vanishing 2) VO: No Christian.

Clip of Christian. 3) VO: No Locke. Clip of Locke. 4) VO: No Outside Help. Clip of Daniel and Kaname not reaching anyone on the outside. 5) VO: No Plan. Clip of Jack looking around aimlessly in the sky in front of the Orchid. VO: What now? 1) Juliet running while on a walkie saying "I know! I know what to do!" 2) Jin screaming "Ji Yeon!!!" 3) Quick Clip of people being shot by arrows. On The Next Lost... Cast in order of Appearance: Nadia Abed Jazeem....Andrea Gabriel Ji Yeon....................??? Desmond Hume.........Henry Ian Cusick Ms. Hawking.............Fionnula Flanagan Donovan..................Shishir Kurup Doctor.....................??? Sun Kwon.................Yunjin Kim Jack Shephard...........Matthew Fox Kate Austen.............Evangeline Lilly Sayid Jarrah.............Naveen Andrews Hugo "Hurley" Reyes..Jorge Garcia Anchorman..............??? Roberta Owen..........Kathy Bates Dr. Hans Berger........Philippe Brenninkmeyer Sanjit.....................Hrithik Roshan J. Clark Maxwell........Ben Stein Margaret Washburn...Lauren Ambrose Edward Lorenz.........Jaleel White Amelia....................Julie Adams Karen DeGroot.........Courtney Lavigne Gerald DeGroot........Michael Gilday Daniel Faraday.........Jeremy Davies Kaname Tanizaki......Steve Tanizaki Jin Kwon.................Daniel Dae Kim Juliet Burke..............Elizabeth Mitchell Charlotte Lewis........Rebecca Mader Walt Lloyd...............Malcolm David Kelley Vincent..................Vincent Aaron Littleton........??? Questions Asked: 1) 2) 3) 4) What happened in the missing years? What did Hawking mean about the "loop." What did Juliet find? The lives and deaths of Richard Alpert? Where is Locke/Christian/Smokey?

5) Where is Adam and Eve? 6) When are they? Questions Answered: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Desmond started the DI to stop the end of the world. Ms. Hawking is the only one who knows what the future holds. Donovan figured out the "factors." Widmore was a good guy, but with bad choices. Karen and Gerald were from future planted in the past. Richard was sent back 108 times.

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