A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct.

This every sister of the Bene Gesserit knows. To begin your study of th e life of Muad'Dib, then, take care that you first place him in his time: born i n the 57th year of the Padishah Emperor, Shaddam IV. And take the most special c are that you locate Muad'Dib in his place: the planet Arrakis. Do not be deceive d by the fact that he was born on Caladan and lived his first fifteen years ther e. Arrakis, the planet known as Dune, is forever his place.<br> "Manual of Muad'Dib" By the Princess Irulan<br> % There is in all things a pattern that is part of our universe. It has symmetry, elegance, and grace -- those qualities you find always in that which the true ar tist captures. You can find it in the turning of the seasons, in the way the san d trails along a ridge, in the branch clusters of the creosote bush or the patte rn of its leaves. We try to copy these patterns in our lives and our society, se eking the rhythms, the dances, the forms that comfort. Yet it is possible to see the peril in the finding of ultimate perfection. It is clear that the ultimate pattern contains its own fixity. In such perfection, all things move toward deat h.<br> "The Collected Sayings of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Paul Atreides<br> % There exists no separation between gods and men; one blends softly casual to the other.<br> Proverbs of Muad'Dib<br> Dune Messiah<br> % Once more the drama begins.<br> The Emperor Paul Muad'Dib on his ascension to the Lion Throne<br> Dune Messiah<br> % Production growth and income growth must not get out of step in my Empire. That is the substance of my command. There are to be no balance-of-payment difficulti es between the different spheres of influence. And the reason for this is simply because I command it. I want to emphasize my authority in this area. I am the s upreme energy-eater of this domain, and will remain so, alive or dead. My govern ment is the economy.<br> Order in Council<br> The Emperor Paul Muad'Dib<br> Dune Messiah<br> <br> % The convoluted wording of legalisms grew up around the necessity to hide from ou rselves the violence we intend toward each other. Between depriving a man of one hour from his life and depriving him of his life there exists only a difference of degree. You have done violence to him, consumed his energy. Elaborate euphem isms may conceal your intent to kill, but behind any use of power over another t he ultimate assumption remains: "I feed on your energy."<br> Addenda to Orders in Council<br> The Emperor Paul Muad'Dib<br> Dune Messiah<br> % The Fremen must return to his original faith, to his genius in forming human com munities; he must return to the past, where that lesson of survival was learned in the struggle for Arrakis. The only business of the Fremen should be that of o pening his soul to the inner teachings. The worlds of the Imperium, the Landsraa d and the CHOAM Confederacy have no message to give him. They will only rob him of his soul.<br> The Preacher at Arrakeen<br> Children of Dune<br>

% Atrocity is recognized as such by victim and perpetrator alike, by all who learn about it at whatever remove. Atrocity has no excuses, no mitigating argument. A trocity never balances or rectifies the past. Atrocity merely arms the future fo r more atrocity. It is self-perpetuating upon itself -- a barbarous form of ince st. Whoever commits atrocity also commits those future atrocities thus bred.<br> The Apocrypha of Muad'Dib<br> Children of Dune<br> % I will not argue with the Fremen claims that they are divinely inspired to trans mit a religious revelation. It is their concurrent claim to ideological revelati on which inspires me to shower them with derision. Of course, they make the dual claim in the hope that it will strengthen their mandarinate and help them to en dure in a universe which finds them increasingly oppressive. It is in the name o f all those oppressed people that i warn the Fremen: short-term expediency alway s fails in the long term.<br> The Preacher at Arrakeen<br> Children of Dune<br> % This is the fallacy of power: ultimately it is effective only in an absolute, a limited universe. But the basic lesson of our relativistic universe is that thin gs change. Any power must always meet a greater power. Paul Muad'Dib taught this lesson to the Sardaukar on the Plains of Arrakeen. His descendants have yet to learn the lesson for themselves.<br> The Preacher at Arrakeen<br> Children of Dune<br> % You Bene Gesserit call your activity of the Panoplia Prophetica a "Science of Re ligion." Very well. I, a seeker after another kind of scientist, find this an ap propriate definition. You do, indeed, build your own myths, but so do all societ ies. You I must warn, however. You are behaving as so many other misguided scien tists have behaved. Your actions reveal that you wish to take something out of [ away from] life. It is time you were reminded of that which you so often profess : One cannot have a single thing without its opposite.<br> A Message to the Sisterhood<br> The Preacher at Arrakeen<br> Children of Dune<br> % The universe is just there; that's the only way a Fedaykin can view it and remai n the master of his senses. The universe neither threatens nor promises. It hold s things beyond our sway: the fall of a meteor, the eruption of a spiceblow, gro wing old and dying. These are the realities of this universe and they must be fa ced regardless of how you feel about them. You cannot fend off such realities wi th words. They will come at you in their own wordless way and then, then you wil l So understand what is meant by "life and death." Understanding this, you will be filled with joy.<br> Muad'Dib to his Fedaykin<br> Children of Dune<br> % O Paul, thou Muad'Dib,<br> Mahdi of all men,<br> Thy breath exhaled<br> Sent forth the huricen.<br> Songs of Muad'Dib<br> Children of Dune<br> % Humankind periodically goes through a speedup of its affairs, thereby experienci ng the race between the renewable vitality of the living and the beckoning vitia tion of decadence. In this periodic race, any pause becomes luxury. Only then ca n one reflect that all is permitted; all is possible.<br>

The Apocrypha of Muad'Dib<br> Children of Dune<br> % What you of the CHOAM directorate seem unable to understand is that you seldom f ind real loyalties in the commerce. When did you last hear of a clerk giving his life for the company? Perhaps your deficiency rests in the false assumption tha t you can order men to think and cooperate. This has been a failure of everythin g from religions to general staffs throughout history. General staffs have a lon g record of destroying their own nations. As to religions, I recommend a rereadi ng of Thomas Aquinas. As to you of CHOAM, what nonsense you believe! Men must wa nt to do things out of their own innermost drives. People, not commercial organi zations or chains of command, are what make great civilizations work. Every civi lization depends upon the quality of the individuals it produces. If you over-or ganize humans, over-legalize them, suppress their urge to greatness -- they cann ot work and their civilization collapses.<br> A letter to CHOAM<br> Attributed to the Preacher<br> Children of Dune<br> % There is no single set of limits for all men. Universal prescience is an empty m yth. Only the most powerful local currents of Time may be foretold. But in an in finite universe, local can be so gigantic that your mind shrinks from it.<br> Paul Muad'Dib<br> % Church and State, scientific reason and faith, the individual and his community, even progress and tradition -- all of these can be reconciled in the teachings of Muad'Dib. He taught us that there exist no intransigent opposites except in t he beliefs of men. Anyone can rip aside the veil of Time. You can discover the f uture in the past or in your own imagination. Doing this, you win back your cons ciousness in your inner being. You know then that the universe is a coherent who le and you are indivisible from it.<br> The Preacher at Arrakeen After Harq al-Ada<br> Children of Dune<br> % The problem of leadership is inevitably: Who will play God?<br> Muad'Dib from the Oral History<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % I feel the invulnerable and sliding thrust of space where a star sends lingering beams across the undistance called parsecs.<br> The Apocrypha of Muad'Dib<br> All Is Permitted, All Is Possible<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> Alia Atreides<br> % The Fremen see her as the Earth Figure, a demi-goddess whose special charge is t o protect the tribes through her powers of violence. She is Reverend Mother to t heir Reverend Mothers. To pilgrims who seeks her out with demands that she resto re virility or make the barren fruitful, she is a form of antimentat. She feeds on that proof that the "analytic" has limits. She represents ultimate tension. S he is the virgin-harlot -- witty, vulgar, cruel, as destructive in her whims as a coriolis storm.<br> St. Alia of the Knife as taken from The Irulan Report<br> Dune Messiah<br> % I think what a joy it is to be alive, and I wonder if I'll ever leap inward to t he root of this flesh and know myself as one I was. The root is there. Whether a ny act of mine can find it, that remains tangled in the future. But all things a man can do are mine. Any act of mine may do it.<br> The Ghola Speaks<br>

learned the language of the wind's needles stin ging his skin. Guild and La ndsraad contain the keys which hold this force in check. never a hostag e. this we call "the water sickn ess. when the weed was seen to be flourishing . deadly to attacker and attacked.<br> Muad'Dib: Lecture to the War College from The Stilgar Chronicle<br> Dune Messiah<br> % You do not beg the sun for mercy. he learned the Chakobsa way. Naib of Sietch Tabr<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> Duncan Idaho<br> % . Hi s sister reports vividly of the tigers. But all of us possess precautionary plans for devastating retaliation. "That was its fate. my concern goes to the development of humans as special weapons.<br> Muad'Dib's Travail from The Stilgar Commentary<br> Dune Messiah<br> % There exists a limit to the force even the most powerful may apply without destr oying themselves. true. the Man" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % How simple things were when our Messiah was only a dream. He learned then how t o pole the sand for its weather. placed the current determinative s on weapons technology.<br> Stilgar. the sureness of their attack. The law cannot be a tool of vengeance. the Commentaries<br> Children of Dune<br> % It is said of Muad'Dib that once when he saw a weed trying to grow between two r ocks. Everything poin ts to a Corrino plot. The fa ct that any Family in my Empire could so deploy its atomics as to destroy the pl anetary bases of fifty or more other Families causes some nervousness.<br> The Commentaries<br> Children of Dune<br> % I saw his blood and a piece of his robe which had been ripped by sharp claws." he explained. A Truthsayer has attested to this testimony.<br> Stilgar's preface to "Muad'Dib. learned how the nose can buzz with sand-itch and how to gather hi s body's precious moisture around him to guard it and preserve it. he moved one of the rocks. and others are dead or in custody.<br> Muad'Dib on Law: The Stilgar Commentary<br> Dune Messiah<br> % A Fremen dies when he is too long from the desert. As his eyes a ssumed the blue of the Ibad."<br> Stilgar. nor a fortification against the martyrs it has created. Here is a virtually unlimited fiel d which a few powers are developing. Fremen Naib<br> % The advent of the Field Process shield and the lasgun with their deadly explosiv e interaction. We need not go into the special role of atomics. We have qu estioned one of the plotters.<br> Stilgar's Report to the Landsraad Commission<br> Children of Dune<br> % Muad'Dib tells us in "A Time of Reflection" that his first collisions with Arrak een necessities were the true beginnings of his education. Misuse of power is the fatal sin.Alia's Commentary<br> Dune Messiah<br> Stilgar. Later. he covered it with the remaining rock. Judging this limit is the true artistry of government. No. You cannot threaten a ny individual and escape the consequences.

are born in my name -.I've had a bellyful of the god and priest business! You think U don't see my own mythos? Consult your data once more. He taught a balanced way of life. How can corrupte d reasoning play with such an essence?<br> Words of the Mentat Duncan Idaho<br> Children of Dune<br> % I give you the desert chameleon. eye to eye. it can be sh .cross the street in my name."<br> CHALLENGE: "What about that sandworm?"<br> RESPONSE: "It give us the air we breathe. lethal. he awaits thee upon a strand<br> Where couples walk and fix.<br> Catspaw of prophecy.<br> Book of Diatribes from The Hayt Chronicle<br> Children of Dune<br> Harq al-Ada<br> % CHALLENGE: "Have you seen The Preacher?"<br> RESPONSE: "I have seen a sandworm. whose voice never dies!<br> Shai-Hulud.<br> The delicious ennui of love. Hayt. He said humank ind is still evolving. Indeed.<br> He is the fool saint. A roof beam can not be raised in the lowliest hovel of far Gangishree without invoking the bless ing of Muad'Dib?<br> Book of Diatribes from The Hayt Chronicle<br> Dune Messiah<br> % No bitter stench of funeral-still for Muad'Dib<br> No knell nor solemn rite to free the mind<br> From avaricious shadows."<br> CHALLENGE: "Then why do we destroy its land?"<br> RESPONSE: "Because Shai-Hulud [sandworm deified] orders it."<br> "Riddles of Arrakis" by Harq al-Ada<br> Children of Dune<br> % Either we abandon the long-honored Theory of Relativity.there!<br> Out of the bristling star-jungles:<br> Mysterious. The people eat in the name of Muad'Dib! They make love in my name. knowi ng the future raises a host of questions which cannot be answered under conventi onal assumptions unless one first projects an Observer outside of Time and. in a process which will never end. nullifies all movement. or we cease to believe that we can engage in continued accurate prediction of the future.<br> He strides through the long cavern of time.<br> The Ghola's Hymn<br> Dune Messiah<br> % Muad'Dib's teachings have become the playground of scholastics. I've insinuated my rites into the mo st elementary human acts. an oracle without eyes.<br> Scattering the fool-self of his dream. whose ability to blend itself into the backgrou nd tells you all you need to know about the roots of ecology and the foundations of a personal identity. of the superstit ious and the corrupt. seco nd. He said this evolution moves on changing principles which are known only to eternity.<br> Let your guard fall and he is there!<br> His crimson peace and sovereign pallor<br> Strike into our universe on prophetic webs<br> To the verge of a quite glance -. If you accept the Theory of Relativity.<br> The golden stranger living forever<br> On the edge of reason. a philosophy with which a human can meet problems arising from an ever-changing universe.

< br> Arrakis. And it is the extremes of climate which set the patter n. by definition. A fixed solution is. This form signifies much more than shape. do we explain the continued seek ing after this visionary goal by respected scientists? How. can measure out his distance from that common o rigin. then. That was Muad'Dib's creation embodied in his son and his daughter.< br> The Dune Catastrophe After Harq al-Ada<br> Children of Dune<br> % Peace demands solutions. Mu ad'Dib set himself the task of integrating genetic memory into ongoing evaluatio n. They must learn climate. be perverted into a conservative grip on sameness. This would seem to say that it is impossible to engage i n accurate prediction of the future. This is oft en demonstrated by introducing terraform life onto newly discovered planets. fluctuations of annual weather and.own that Time and the Observer must stand still in relationship to each or inacc uracies will intervene. the life in similar zones develops striking similarities of adap tive form. Reproduction by sex tends toward experiment and innov ation. finite humans may observe climatic provinces. the Transformation After Harq al-Ada<br> Children of Dune<br> % Fremens were the first humans to develop a conscious/unconscious symbology throu . The qu est can.<br> The Dune Catastrophe after Harq al-Ada<br> Children of Dune<br> % Limits of survival are set by climate. Dune di d not really answer those questions: it merely raised new questions which Leto a nd the Sisterhood may attempt to answer over the next five hundred generations. Seeing this and telling of it. he said. How. But humans are seldom alerted to th e shifting average through a great span of years. then. including the ancient one about whether environ ment is a selective agents after the variation occurs. do we explain Muad'Dib?<br> Lectures on Prescience by Harq al-Ada<br> Children of Dune<br> % This was Muad'Dib's achievement: He saw the subliminal reservoir of each individ ual as an unconscious bank of memories going back to the primal cell of our comm on genesis." Such things are sensible. this is an ext remely limiting viewpoint. The trouble with pe ace is that it tends to punish mistakes instead of rewarding brilliance. It raises many questions. we only work towar d them. those long drifts of change which a gener ation may fail to notice.< br> Testament of Arrakis by Harq al-Ada<br> Children of Dune<br> % Natural selection has been described as an environment selectively screening for those who will have progeny.<br> The Words of My Father: an account of Muad'Dib reconstructed by Harq al-Ada<br> Children of Dune<br> % There exist obvious higher-order influences in any planetary system. but we never reach living solutions. This has al ways proved deadly for the entire system. Each of us. however. occasionally may observe such things as "This is a colder year than I've ever known. In all such cases. he made the audacious leap of decision. And it is precisely in this al erting that humans learn how to survive on any planet. making a single thing of the future a nd the past. Where humans are concerned. The human quest for this inte rdependent order and our niche within it represents a profound necessity. or whether environment pl ays a pre-selective role in determining the variations which it screens. a dead solution. Lonely. Thus did he break through Time's veils. though. it connects a survival orga nization and a relationship of such organizations.

They need but observe that energy soaks u p the patterns of things and builds with those patterns. An Analysis by Harq al-Ada<br> Children of Dune<br> % Muad'Dib gave us a particular kind of knowledge about prophetic insight. too. He did i t with a deliberate cutting action. The language itself was part of the system it described. saying: "That. They need but dev elop a sense for energy relationships. events which are set to occur in a related syst em which the prophet reveals and interprets." (That is.which is a relatively common human failing. takes me farther and farther from humanity. " Both twins saw beyond the needs of memory as a measuring process. that is. This has often been th e ignorant approach of those who call themselves scientists and technologists.not knife or poison or sand. The thing Fremen has as a people.<b r> The Butlerian Jihad by Harq al-Ada<br> Children of Dune<br> Ghanima Atreides<br> % And he saw the vision of armor.gh which to experience the movements and relationships of their planetary system . <br> The Mahdinate. One can measur e the extent of this language/system interaction by the fact that Fremen accepte d themselves as foraging and browsing animals.<br> The Arrakeen Catastrophe After Harq al-Ada<br> Children of Dune<br> % By these acts Leto II removed himself from the evolutionary succession.<br> The Prescient Vision by Harq al-Ada<br> Children of Dune<br> % The assumption that a whole system can be made to work better through an assault on its conscious elements betrays a dangerous ignorance. a w ay of determining their distance from their human origins. all Planetologists see life as expressions of energy and look for the overriding relationships. bits and parcels which grow i nto general understanding. The armor was not his own skin: it was stronger than plasteel. from that which seemed to come to him as a right. not .<br> The Holy Metamorphosis by Harq al-Ada<br> Children of Dune<br> % Muad'Dib was disinherited and he spoke for the disinherited of all time.) As has been noted elsewhere. In small pieces. saying: "To be independent is to be removed. about t he behavior which surrounds such insight and its influence upon events which are seen to be "on line. Its written form carried the shape of what it described. The danger is that those who predict real events may overlook the polarizing effect brough t about by overindulgence in their own truth. the Fremen racial wisdom is translated into a new cer tainty. He refused to reenact the evolutionary sequence. But it was left to Le to II to do the audacious thing. recognizing that a real creation is independent of its creator. He crie d out against that profound injustice which alienates the individual from that w hich he was taught to believe. such insight operates as a peculiar trap for the prophet himself. They tend to forget that nothing i n a polarized universe can exist without its opposite being present.<br> The Story of Liet-Kynes by Harq al-Ada<br> Children of Dune<br> % After the Fremen. The intimate local knowledge of wha t was available to support life was implicit in this development. any people can have." He saw the implications in th is: that there can be no truly closed systems in life. Nothing penetrated his armor -. He can become the v ictim of what he knows -. They were the first people anywhere to express climate in terms of a semi-math ematic language whose written symbols embody (and internalize) the external rela tionships.

This new existence requires a working knowledge of th ose multiplex and cross-linked events usually referred to as nature. may be greeted with joy by humankind even wh ile predicting the most dire events. And I will be known for kindliness more tha n for knowledge. My face will shine down the corridors of time for as long as hu mans exist. What this really means is that the h uman's way of life changed.<br> Heighia. Then how do we explain the acceptan ce of prescience? Simply: the giver of prescient visions. for the internal power within such natural systems. They demand permanence. and despair. reactive impulses. his eyes looked into eter nity which he knew to be the food of his soul and of his everlasting flesh. My people must come to see this as part of their maturing process. tak en as an operational precept.<br> Leto's Vow After Harq al-Ada<br> Children of Dune<br> % A sophisticated human can become primitive.<br> The voice of Ghanima. and thus may not be evaluated and keyed int o activity by those ongoing environmental changes which inflict themselves upon flesh. fear. In his right hand he carried the power to make the Coriolis storm. To them I make my vow: I will be resolute a nd make an art of government: I will balance my inherited past and become a perf ect storehouse of my relic memories. Such an organism may be recognized by its burning. But much that is stored can be lo st in that chance play of accident which we call "fate. persist s as memory. is equally true: the primitive can become sophistic ated. And beyond the Golden Path.<br> The Book of Leto After Harq al-Ada<br> Children of Dune<br> .<br> The Leto Commentary After Harq al-Ada<br> Children of Dune<br> % The life of a single human." Much may not be integra ted into evolutionary relationships.<b r> The Book of Leto After Harq al-Ada<br> Children of Dune<br> % The assumption that humans exist within an essentially impermanent universe." The converse. His eyes were fixed upon the Golden Path and in his left hand he carried the sc epter of absolute mastery. of course. that is called "being primitiv e. But here we encounter a n old inertia. driving beha vior. The species can forget! This is the special value of the Kwisatz Haderach which the Bene Gesserits never suspected: the Kwisatz Haderach cannot forget. It requires a measure of respect. They are people as organism. Any attempt to display the universe of impermanence arouse r ejection patterns. and in this persistent memory they store more and m ore experiences in a subliminal reservoir. from the Oral History<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> Sayings of Leto II. Old values change. but not without accepting dreadful psychological damage. demands that the intellect become a totally aware balancing instrument.the dust of the desert or its desiccating heat. When a human gains this working knowledge and respect. But the intellect cannot react thus without involving the entire organism. Humankind hopes to call upon this mat erial if it is needed for a changing universe. And thus it is with a society treated as organism. because he speaks of a n absolute (permanent) realization. the God Emperor<br> % I hear the wind blowing across the desert and I see the moons of a winter night rising like great ships in the void." my father said. to shake the earth and erode it into nothing. My Brother's Dream from the Book of Ghanima<br> Children of Dune<br> % "Make no heroes. anger. Societies move to the goading of ancient. as the life of a family or an entire people. become linked to the landscape wi th its plants and animals.

<br> It cried once over Sietch Tabr<br> And thou went forth unto Funeral Plain.<br> Leto II. You multitude of the dead are merely people wh o have done certain things. Barbaric arts of my time reveal me as outsider. This morning. they create seeds of turmoil and violence. All of that is past.% We can still remember the golden days before Heisenberg. this is the symbol of m an's most unique capability. The lives within me find this amusing.you see. That was my function as leader and I followed historical models. I do not h ave to obey my father's rules or even believe everything he believed. conditions they call peace. Examine my career: I w as leader and outsider. the God Emperor<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Time does not count itself. Tomorrow I will be born someone else in another pla ce. who showed humans the w alls enclosing our predestined arguments. the God Emperor<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % You cannot know history unless you know how leaders move with its currents. They say they seek security and quiet. though -. Ever y leader requires outsiders to perpetuate his leadership. of what to be and what not to be. and the memory of those things illuminates my path. It is my s trength as a human that I can make my own choices of what to believe and what no t to believe. this life! When my eyes had learned to focus. I looked out at sunshine on trampled grass and I saw vigo urous people going about the sweet activities of their lives.<br> His Voice<br> Leto Atreides II<br> Children of Dune<br> % There is no guilt or innocence in you.<br> Leto II (The Tyrant)<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % The child who refuses to travel in the father's harness. but purpose is what builds encl osing walls. You have only to look at a circle and this is appare nt. Popular dramatic ideal: heroism. has no uses without purpose. Stimulants to make people sense what I took from the m. "I do not have to be what my father was. What did I take? The right to choose a role in history. Knowledge.< br> Leto II to His Memory-Lives After Harq al-Ada<br> Children of Dune<br> % One small bird has called thee<br> From a beak streaked crimson. I have not yet chosen. Dancers: wildly abandoned. Guilt belabors the d ead and I am not the Iron Hammer.<br> Vether Bebe Translation<br> Leto II. I know a profound pattern humans deny with words even while their actions affirm it. Do not assume I merely created a Church-State.ahhh."<br> The Harq al-Ada Biography<br> Leto Atreides II<br> Children of Dune<br> % This morning I was born in a yurt at the edge of a horse-plain in a land of a pl anet which no longer exists. Even as they speak.<br> Lament for Leto II<br> Children of Dune<br> % When I set out to lead humanity along my Golden Path I promised a lesson their b ones would remember. Favorite poetry: epics. Where oh where has .

Therefore. plus a sense of smell extraordinarily discriminating. the skin flaps below his ch in.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % You. I knew I would never see him in the flesh again. Past and present can mingle with odd impositions in me. He was a fifth-generation descendant of Stilgar the Naib and di d not even know it. beware. You cannot hid e very much from my senses.all of that vigor gone?<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % I am the most ardent people-watcher who ever lived. Hah! Stilgar would have k nown it in a second or two. He was that near dea th and his water was sure to be wasted.<br> . Not once did he detect that he was being watched. And gesture and posture! I stared for half a day once at an old man sitting on a be nch in Arrakeen. I only know that my journals have suffered oblivion an d that the events which I recount have undoubtedly been submitted to historical distortion for eons. I watch them inside me and o utside. the lessons i n astronomy and intrigue. the landscapes I have seen! And the people! The far wanderings of the Fremen and all the rest of it. the wisps of gray hair which crept from beneath the hood of his antique stills uit. I can detect and identify pheromones at three parts per million. can become ultimat ely boring. And as the metam orphosis continues in my flesh wonderful things happen to my senses. as I certainly was. I am a great winged fish in the depths. The mo uth of my awareness opens and I scoop them up! Sometimes sometimes I hunt out spe cific persons recorded in our histories. Let it be female intellectuals! I course backward into the ocean which is my ancestors. What a private joy to relive the life o f such a one while I mock the academic pretentions which supposedly formed a bio graphy. Your pheromones tell me what you are doing or are prepared to do. Well. the pores behind his ears . I am not sure what the events in my journals m ay signify to your times. But this old man was just waiting for someone who ne ver came. I studied the angle of his neck. I never wanted to peer beyond those four millennia. I strike in ward along the axis of my memories. Even back through the myths to Terra. the first person to encounter my chronicles for at least four thousand year s. It's as tho ugh I sensed every thing in close-up. He was very stiff after all of tha t sitting. the cracked lips and moistness about his nostrils. I assure you that the ability to view our futures can becom e a bore. He got up finally and tottered off. I tell you we are a marvel and my me mories leave no doubt of this. Other than the few glimpses req uired to assure me that the Golden Path continued.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % Sometimes I indulge myself in safaris which no other being may take. I think it would horrify you what I can detect by sm ell alone.<br> Inscription on the storehouse at Dar-es-Balat<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % Enemies strengthen you. I know. the migrations. I have extremely acute hearing and vision. that no longer mattered. Oh. the leg-aching and lung-aching runs through so many nights on all of those cosmic specks where we have defended our transient possession. I take up my subject. Even to be thought of as a god. Like a schoolchild reporting on a vacation t rip.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % Oh. You will find much pain in it. It has occurred to me more than once that holy boredom is good and s ufficient reason for the invention of free will. the disheveled flights. I have tested it. Do not feel honored by your primacy in reading the revelations of my Ixian storehouse.

but I doubt that you understand it. I give them special sharings which they can look back upon with ple asure for the rest of their lives. I say: With my memories. That is what makes me holy. I need no witnesses. but my Fish Speakers are a temporary army in every sense. I am God because I am the only one who really k nows his heredity!<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % You must remember that I have at my internal demand every expertise known to our history.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % The Duncans always think it odd that I choose women for my combat forces. I retain the essence of my most ancient genesis. Between the lines of my journ als is the struggle with humankind's view of itself -. I am the only conscience that has ever existed. What you share in such companionship . They are set aside for a time from ordina ry routines. You do not listen to your soul. but listen instead to your anger and your rage. from the swift gush of flame and the silent workings of s low poisons and more I will not recount! I have seen and felt them all. even to themselves. While they can be violent an d vicious. from arrows and lasguns and the sil ent smothering of atomic dust. women are profoundly different from men in their dedication to battle . you do not know about war. As wine retains the perfume of its cask. I am not a coward and once I was human. I can do nothing els e.<br> I tell you this in the hope that it will help you understand why I act as I do i n the full knowledge that great forces accumulate in my Empire with but one wish -. therefore.a sweaty contest on a fie ld where motives from our darkest past can well up out of an unconscious reservo ir and become events with which we not only must live but contend. from shell-studded limb and bronze sword.the wish to destroy me. You who read these words may know full well what act ually happened. To those who dare ask why I behave as I do. This is the fund of energy I draw upon when I address the mentality of war. great struggles such as the one you can see emerging from my journals are not always visible to the participants. It is the hyd ra-headed monster which always attacks from your blind side. I have cried out myself in the aftermath of battle. from the mace and the cannon.Allies weaken. They have proved to be the best keepers of the Golden Path. Much depends on what peopl e dream in the secrecy of their hearts. If you have not heard the moaning cries of the wounded and the dying.<br> Lord Leto to a Penitent<br> from the Oral History<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % Odd as it may seem. Your soul suffices this day as a reckoner against you. I have suffered wounds i n every epoch -. I reinforce this in my design for their training. from biological invasions which blacken the tongu e and drown the lungs.wounds from fist and club and rock. I have always been as concerned with the shaping of dreams as with the shaping of actions. that when you have traversed my portion of the Golden Path you no longer will be innocent children dancing to music you cannot hear. How false they are. The cradle of genesis ultimately predisposes them to behavior more protective of life. I pray. and that is the seed of conscie nce. They come of age in the company of their sist er in preparation for events more profound.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % Some say I have no conscience.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % Your Lord knows very well what is in your heart. I have heard those cries in such numbers that they haunt me.

Funeral lamentation originated with women." That which moves can exert its force in ways no mortal power ever before dared stem. I stand here and tell y ou: "Yet it moves. Women were the first medical researchers and practitioners. a k ind of wanton brutality which civilized humankind works very hard to suppress.on what we think and what we do. Sidon. And they know th ey must control inheritance or slowly let the power melt away. new ideas or new devices. new economic areas to exploit.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % I know the evil of my ancestors because I am those people. All new things become dangerous fro ntier districts -. love and sorrows. siez ed the throne by slaying his own father and starting the reign of the sword.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> . between you and me? You already know it. wrested from them only after its social power became too dominant. Arpad. I know that few of you who read my words have ever thought ab out your ancestors this way.new planets. visitors -. Now do you unders tand Leto's Peace?<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % Our ancestor. son of Omri. W hat price will you pay for that suppression? Will you accept your own extinction ?<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % What is the most profound difference between us. It's these ancestral memories. The mem ories apply their leverages to each of us -. You see the absolute rule of the autocrat. People enter a permanent state of alertness to ward off attacks . The balance is delica te in the extreme. The haze of nostalgia covers their days among their sisters. The v ice regents of heaven or their equivalent apportion the wealth. I am here to dare this.everything suspect.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % Unceasing warfare gives rise to its own social conditions which have been simila r in all epochs. Does anyone remember these names and places now? I have given you enough clues: Try to name the planet. sharing joys. but few realize it. whose very name struck terror into thousands. There has never been any clear balance be tween the sexes because power goes with certain roles as it certainly goes with knowledge. which led him to Commagene and Khabu r. The past is always changing. Some call it instinct or fate. All contemporaries do not inhabit the sam e time. making those days into something different than they were.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % The female sense of sharing originated as familial sharing -. Yours work from your blind side. Mine come at me in the full glare of aw areness. Gebel and even f rom Jehu. from Tyre. His son received tribute from the Shuites. Babylon and Umlias. His conquests included the Urumia Lake region. Yo u think you are immune to such influences? I am Galileo.always prepares you for greater things. Edom. Assur-nasir-apli.care of the young. Feudalism takes firm hold. It has not occurred to you that your ancestors were survivors and that the survival itself sometimes involved savage decisions. but always present. Hereditary s uccession follows the lines of power. The conques ts which began with Assur-nasir-apli carried arms into Media and later into Isra el. who was known as the cruelest of the cruel. sometimes di sguised as a polit-bureau or similar structure. the gathering and preparation of food. Damascus. Religion began as a female monopoly. The blood of the powerful dominates. That's the way today changes history.

Right from the first. Things move. I teach a new lesson. they squirm in it. Ahhh. at least. As a people. you react against threats to innocence and the peril of the helpless y oung. but soon enough as I endure it. and until we reached a time of balance. I am their only hope. I can feel my ending in it.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % From that welter of memories which I can tap at will. that this marks an important waypoint. It is not a retreat from the raw exposure of the senses (as are many trance-states) but an i mmersion in a multitude of new movements. if patterns teach me anything. patterns emerge. I know a profound pattern which humans deny with the ir words even while their actions affirm it. The things you see in this trance ar e sobering. that nothing remains permanent or absolute throughout all such movement. once the walls are broken down. a demanding consciousness where you come at last i nto the unbroken awareness that the universe moves of itself. How . Moneo and many of my guards know my av ersion. the little people w ho formed the governments which promised to equalize the social burdens found th emselves suddenly in the hands of bureaucratic aristocracies. The bureaucracies betray the true inten t of people who form such governments. Scratch a liberal and find a closet aristocrat. not soon as Moneo measures time. Sandtrout swarmed to water in the Dune days. Shai-Hulud will not emerge. visions and smells raise the hackles you have forgotte n you possess. you emerge from that state profoundly changed.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % Safaris through ancestral memories teach me many things. The patterns. that mechanical explanations for anything can only work in precis e confinements and. The enforcement of my will-power controlled the urge the n. the condition they call peace. well. Your c ells remember. Unexplained sounds. ahhh. I distrust the extre mes. If they find their quiet security. Scratch a conservative and you find someone who prefers the past over any f uture. a problem in the early s tages of our symbiosis. They demand your utmost effort to remain whole and . the old explanations shatter and dissolve. they create the seeds of turmoil and violence. by and large. often shattering. When alarmed. Liberal bigots are the ones who trouble me most. that it changes. It's true! Liberal govern ments always develop into aristocracies. I promised them a lesson their bones would remember. They are like another language which I see so clearly. This is system-feedback at its most primitive level. Only Moneo suspects the truth.% I am beginning to hate water. the sandwo rm cannot evolve until the land is parched. Without sand trout to bring this world back to desert. You demand acceptable dress because a strange cos tume is threatening. They say they seek security and qui et. it's that patterns are repeated.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % When I set out to lead humankind along my Golden Path. but what a hypocrisy to find this even under a c ommunized banner. you cling to your native language because all other patterned sounds are strange. The social-alarm signals which put societies into the postures of defense/attack are like shouted words to me. It is an ultimate pragmat ism in the midst of Infinity. even so. t hat its rules change. Of course.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % The trance-state of prophecy is like no other visionary experience. Now I must avoid water because there are no other sandtrout. are no worse than any of the others and. blown away by new movements. only the half-dormant creatures of my skin. Even as they speak. The sandtrout skin which impels my metamorphosis h as learned the sensitivities of the worm. the patterns. all bur eaucracies follow this pattern. My oppressions.

The summons to cooperate identifies the healer. that universe is my dream. as you diffe r from me. not by confrontation. The more curious I become.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % The singular multiplicity of this universe draws my deepest attention. The social forms by which cities make the attempt are worth study. thus. My energies focus upon it and I am in any realm and every realm.That universe which you say you see and feel. you are born . It is a t hing of ultimate beauty.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % As each day passes. There are many telltale symptoms. an ines capable sign of mutual aid which also contains a deadly signal of dependency. I have known the ecstasy of birth and the ecstasy of death and I know the patterns you must learn. Such trauma can be h ealed by cooperation. Recognizing this. The ghetto is lethal. you lose reality. Despotism and slavery hover at the edges.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % I am both father and mother to my people. The law develops its ow n power structure. It becomes dramatically instructive under overcrowded conditions.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % Groups tend to condition their surroundings for group survival. you must think . the memory of Leto's Peace shall abide with them forever. It is interesting that men are the ones who usually tend the landscape today. the less curious are tho se who worship me. Look at them now. Religion suppresses curiosity. Thus. you become increasingly unreal. They are husband-men. I am the only reality and.boring they find it. It is the str uggle for existence by an artificial entity. the need for laws. supportive social community leads to havoc. Look at what they do while I record these words. What I do subtracts from the w orshipper. This is a form of communication. that was the sole province of women. The formation of a biological community without a functioning. creating more wounds and new injustices. Hah! I give them enduring eons of enforced tranquility which plods on an d on despite their every effort to escape into chaos. more alien and remote from w hat I find myself to be on that new day. I watch the sharing of food. When they deviat e from this it may be taken as a sign of group sickness. Whole worlds have becom e single biological communities without an interrelated social structure and thi s has always led to ruin. The city is an attempt to manage these forces. Thus it is that I will eventually do nothing. The idea of a city fascinates me. Remember that there exi sts a certain malevolence about the formation of any social order.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % I have isolated the city-experience within me and have examined it closely. giving it all back to f rightened people who will find themselves on that day alone and forced to act fo r themselves. Many injuries occur and.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % If you know all of your ancestors. you were a personal witness to the events whi ch created the myths and religions of our past. They will seek their quiet security thereafter only with extreme caution and steadfast preparation. Psychic stressing of overcrowding create press ures which will erupt. Believe me. Have I not wandered intoxicated through the universe of shapes? Yes! I have seen you outlined in li ght. Once.

My samhadi is their samhadi. even if that place is tempo rary. shiel ding themselves behind a thick barrier of mythos. waiting. It is valuable to know your place. This is not a mechanical universe. They f it an ancient demand for a parental (tribal/feudal) hierarchy where every person knows his place. the source of archetypes. The story says Paul Muad'Dib went there and lives yet beside the hoard. The mechanical image remains only an image to them. The best prophets lead you up to the curtain and let you peer through fo r yourself.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % Memory has a curious meaning to me. They can reduce the size and parasitic nature of t he management bureaucracy. Governments can be useful to the governed only so long as inher ent tendencies toward tyranny are restrained. Cause and effect? That's not it at all. Y ou glimpse a thing "destined to occur. Knowing my message. the arena in wh ich they exercise my moments.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % You know the myth of the Great Spice Hoard? Yes. the soul. The hoard is concea led in the depths of a distant planet. The spice was hidden there long ago. My Golden Path assures this. The universe undergoes a ghostly shift. that planet. Those billions are my one.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % Let there be no doubt that I am the assemblage of our ancestors. too. The linear progression of events is imposed by the obser ver. I do not expect them to seek the terrible immediacy of every living moment which I must experience. Even though you read these words after a passage of eons. They can make speedy decisions when necessary. I expect you to be exceedingly careful about t he powers you delegate to any government. It is not Arrakis. the collective unconscious. This is why I teach a bout tyranny in the best possible way -. The prophet utters fateful words. a meaning I have hoped others might share. present and future. A majordomo brought it to me one day to amuse me. big as a great mountain. a gigantic hoard. Prophets hold a key to the loc k in a language. kept alive by it. Their experiences are mine! Their knowledge d istilled is my inheritance. the repository of all trauma and joy. my tyranny will not be forgotten. even before the First Empire and the Spacing Guild. Monarchies have some good features beyond their star qualities. The story says that there is a hoard of melange." But the prophetic instance releases some thing of infinite portent and power.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % The pattern of monarchies and similar systems has a message of value for all pol itical forms. I know about that story. The fixity of language determines such linear distinctions. The uninitiated then believe the prophetic language is ambiguous. Thu s. I t continually astonished me how people hide from their ancestral memories. My memories assure me that governments of any kind could profit fr om this message. It is not Dune. the wise prophet conceals actuality behind shimmering labels. This is the favrashi of which I speak. I am the choice of their awake ning. Ohhh. The listener distrusts the pr ophetic messenger. They are my cells and I am their body.by example. Instinct tells you how the utterance blunts the power of such words.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % The prophet is not diverted by illusions of past. The majordomo didn t understand why the story d isturbed me.of me as a myth-maker. I ca n understand that they might not want to be submerged in a mush of petty ancestr . It is galling to be held in place against your will.

<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % One of the most terrible words in any language is Soldier. I lay upon my back in a cave so shallow I could penet rate it only by squirming. not by crawling. You have reason to fear that your living moments might be taken over by others. In th at field. and you help strengthen the resistance to change. Nothing within those memories remains compl etely without meaning or influence. the meaning is there within those memories. See how it begins to distort? Translation squirm s in the presence of the exotic. of socializing bureaucracies -. I merely permit this field which has no goals nor desires.al details. Adopt a syst em. the Duncans believe. Too long without a parasite and you cannot exist witho ut a host.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % Do you know what guerillas often say? They claim that their rebellions are invul nerable to economic warfare because they have no economy. Does i t serve any purpose for me to tell the Duncans that there are no languages for s . I desire no results. all of the hopes and joys and griefs. Ideas embedded in a language r equire that particular language for expression. Yet.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % In the cradle of our past. resi des only in particulars. accept its beliefs. This is the very essence of the meaning within the word exotic.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % The realization of what I am occurs in the timeless awareness which does not sti mulate nor delude. The Galach which I speak here imposes itself. They stand there in the ranks o f my memory to remind me: Always make sure you have the army with you. that they are parasiti c on those they would overthrow. sardaukar. All time vibrates to that call: "Here I am!" With a mind informed by artist-giants who came afterwar d. legi onnaire. Dangers lurk in all sys tems. no perfections nor even visions of achievments. Word ima ges begin to distort in the instant of utterance. hussar. I try to tell them that all words are plastic. Systems incorporate the unexamined beliefs of their creators. You see it repeated in the systems of slavery. cossack. It is the light which pours throu gh the windows of my universe. a field where even d eath becomes only analogy. The synonyms parade t hrough our history: yogahnee. trooper. of casteridden religions. The fools merely fail to assess the coin in whi ch they must inevitably pay. How much more we are than mechanical events! And my anticivil self demands: "Why is it that they do not want to leave the cave?"<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % The Duncans sometimes ask if I understand the exotic ideas of our past? And if I understand them. I create a field without self or center. that Golden Path of forever to wh ich we can continually pledge our puny but inspired allegiance. I t is an outside frame of reference. We have that bright Infinity all around us. fish speaker I know them all.in any system which creates an d maintains dependencies. The pattern is inexorable in its degenerative failu res. I drew upon walls and ceiling the creatures of the hunt and the souls of my people. why can't I explain them? Knowledge. deranzeef. We carry all of our ancestry forward like a living wave. the agonies and exultations of our past. kareebo. by the dancing light of a res in torch. a particular system. How illuminating it is to peer backward through a perfect circle a t that ancient struggle for the visible moment of the soul. not as long as there is a humankind somewher e. There. of welfare states. omnipresent primal awareness is all. I peer at handprints and flowing muscles drawn upon the rock with charcoal an d vegetable dyes.

I must be the sandblaster today. Do no t make the mistake of assuming that I only created the Church which was the Stat e. For a clue to my role as outsider. he is correct as describing t his as dangerous. The wind called sandb laster has not been seen on Arrakis for some twenty-five hundred years. You regulate the appetites.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % What is the most immediate danger to my stewardship? I will tell you." The planet and t he people had layers. One act of creation can be much like another.uncaring for anything except creation. etcetera .<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % It required almost a thousand years before the dust of Dune's old planet-wide de sert left the atmosphere to be bound up in soil and water. Thus. Dances? Wildly abandoned. a person who has stood in the presence of God with the full knowle dge of where he stands. The favorite poetry? The Epic. The arts a re barbaric. From Moneo's viewpoint. It is a tr ue visionary. Are they mutually exclusive when each depends u pon the other? The Bene Gesserit have been reasonably secure within the loyal wa lls of faith for thousands of years.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % Most civilization is based on cowardice. The popular dramatic ideal? Heroism. e tcetera. produce changes in the predator which again change the prey -. the leader requires the outsider. You deny the existence of chaos. It's so easily to civilize by teaching cowardice. You tame. Consider the relat ionship between faith and power. I am both leader and outsider. the predator produces particula r survival adaptations in its prey which. You make a la w for every movement.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % You cannot understand history unless you understand its flowings. Many powerful forces do the same thing. You could see them. Visionary ecstasy releases energies which are like the e nergies of sex -. its currents a nd the ways leaders move within such forces. My Sareer is but a weak echo of what w as. cutting away the skin to expose what's underneath. Everything depends upon the vision. Ver y powerful religious bureaucracies have been known to endure. It makes people feel the lack o f that which I have taken from them. The sky often had a silvery look to it then. I caution you to examine my career with care. look at the arts of my time.etcetera.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % Given enough time for the generations to evolve. That was my function as leader and I had many historical models to use as pat tern. But where has their power gone?<br> . You fence in the horizons. You restrai n the will.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % You think power may be the most unstable of all human achievements? Then what of the apparent exceptions to this inherent instability? Some families endure.ome things? Ahhh! But the Duncans believe that all languages are mine. You water down the standards which would lead to bravery. What did I take from them? The right to par ticipate in history. through the circular operation of feed back. You can count religion s among such forces. A leader tries to perpetuate the co nditions which demand his leadership. It stimulates the imagination. Fremen said: "The desert is a surgeon. Twenty b illion tons of dust could be carried suspended in the wind of just one of those storms. You teach even the childr en to breathe slowly.

will you learn the real happiness?<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % In all of my universe I have seen no law of nature. others can find them. This is a blinding force. I show you that entire civilizations can do this thing. the diocese.The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % Think of it as plastic memory. You have square thoughts which re sist circles. They go back to religious ideas of Fre e Will and are related to the Ruler Mystique implicit in absolute monarchs. I have seen changes you would never have marked. unchanging and inexorable. With out absolute monarchs patterned after the Old Gods and ruling by the grace of a belief in religious indulgence. Thus.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % What am I eliminating? The bourgeois infatuation with peaceful conservation of t he past. you share a common catastrophe. the God Emperor.<br> Dar-es-Balat Records<br> Leto II<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % Liberty and Freedom are complex concepts. If I can f ind the scattered bits. without eve n asking "Why?" I show you the false happiness and the shadow-catastrophe called Leto. the planning council. goe s without notice by observers whose time/attention span is too short.the feudatory.<br> The Stolen Journals<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % Explosions are also compressions of time." I despair of teaching you other ways. the sports club. otherwise you would not notice them. use its proper name: Temporary. These ideals owe their very existence to past examples of opp ression. T his universe only presents changing relationships which are sometimes seen as la ws by short-lived awareness. th e corporation. the platoon. If you must la bel the absolute.<br> Leto II<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % Nothing surpasses the complexity of the human mind. the prayer group each with its master and servants. This is the most basic key to my life. Liberty and Freedom would never have gained thei r present meaning. I demonstrate the t errible danger of a gliding. When you are together. These fleshy sensoria which we call self are epheme ra withering in the blaze of infinity. I give you eo ns of life which slips gently toward death without fuss or stirring. a movement without ambition s or aims. This plastic memory seeks to return to its ancient s hape. You can be exterminated together. Observable changes in the natural univ erse all are explosive to some degree and from some point of view. the tribal society. God Emperor of Dune<br> Heretics of Dune<br> . the dance troupes. It is all around you -.<br> Dar-es-Balat Records<br> Leto II. passionless mediocrity. a thing which holds humankind into one vulner able unit in spite of illusionary seperations acros parsecs of space. Thus. its hos t and parasites. And the forces that maintain such ideas will erode unless renewed by dr amatic teachings or new oppressions. fleetingly aware of temporary conditions which confine our activities and change as our activities change. Now. I te ll you. Smooth Continuity of change. if slowed sufficiently. the rebel cell. And the swarms of alienating devices (including these very word s!) tend to eventually be enlisted in the argument for a return to "those better times. this force within you which trends you and your f ellows toward tribal forms.

Sexually produced uniqueness and di fferences are the life-protection of the spices. For our purposes. of species. for if they really knew the truth . What are the t hings of immediate concern at a given age? Weather? The state of the digestion? Does she (or he) really care? All of those various hungers that flesh can sense and hope to satisfy. changing it to fit their own interpretations. is the method of choosing leaders.win or die. Humans are not threading their way through a maze. His Voice: Dar-es-Balat<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % Historians exercise great power and some of them know it. Let us not rail about justice as long as we have arms and the freedom to use them. All of the old lessons of life. sources of the possible. and to free ourselves from all restraints imposed by dependency and government.<br> Leto II. They recreate the past . these are what drive humans. We must keep this a secret. from the lowest Pilot to the most talented Steersma n. His Voice.<br> Leto II. we borrow a definition from the Bene Gesserit and we consider the various worlds as gene pools. We make our own justice. The machinery of government is always subordinate to the will of t hose who administer that machinery.% It is your fate. see all paths through space and time. The narrowing viewpoint of the maze should appeal only to cr eatures with their noses buried in the sand. th erefore. you lose and gai n and lose and gain again. sources of teac hings and teachers. and of environment. they change the future as well. They are revered.<br> "The Orgy as a Tool of Statecraft"<br> Chapter Three of The Steersman's Guild<br> Dune Messiah<br> % Good government never depends upon laws. They live in tanks of spice gas. to learn. from Dar-es-Balat<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % Justice? Who asks for justice. they scan a vast horizon filled with un ique opportunities. but upon the personal qualities of thos e who govern. Our goal is not to rules. Thus.<br> Law and Governance<br> The Spacing Guild Manual<br> Children of Dune<br> % Any path which narrows future possibilities may become a lethal trap. The most important element of government. forgetfulness. guide ships to the far reaches of the Imperium. We d o not consider ourselves wise enough or brave enough to play that game. the Voice of Dar-es-Balat<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % Survival of self. Y ou can observe how the order of importance changes in a lifetime.<br> The Spacing Guild Handbook<br> Children of Dune<br> % The Spacing Guild has worked for centuries to surround our elite Navigators with mystique. The meas ures detailed here for regulation in lesser matters are as near as we dare ventu re to the brink of government. But no one knows the human cost of bec oming a Navigator. We make it here on Arrak is -.<br> Leto II: Bene Gesserit Archives<br> Heretics of Dune<br> The Spacing Guild<br> % The most dangerous game in the universe is to govern from an oracular base. What else could possibly matter?<br> Leto II to Hwi Noree. but to ta p these gene pools.

For where c ould it then be applied?<br> Norma Cenva. First Head Instructor.<br> . They can appear sensible yet explai n nothing. it would be meaningless. ancient Guild records. All other power structures must bow to us in order to achieve their goa ls.<br> Spacing Guild Training Manual<br> Handbook for Steersmen (Classified)<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % The universe is our picture.<br> Guild Bank Annals. Learn from the past. We feel threatened by such demands. they would pity us. We pay for e very change we make and we pay just as dearly if we refuse to change. we pay for the mistakes of the past. all things are known because you want to believe you know.<br> Guild Navigator School<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Learn to recognize the future the way a Steersman identifies guiding stars and c orrects the course of his vessel. We do not want our ideas changed.<br> Zensunni koan<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Answers are a perilous grip on the universe.. because we have laid the very foundation of the I mperium.<br> Guild Navigator School<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % The Universe operates on a basic principle of economics: everything has its cost . We pay to create our future.<br> Navigator's Instruction Manual<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % We need no Great House Status. Only the immature imagine the cosmos to be what the y think it is. Philosophical Register<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % If every human had the power of prescience. or it may not work for you. never use it as an anchor .<br> Charter of the Spacing Guild Advisory Committee<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> Sayings of the Zensufi<br> % The person who takes the banal and ordinary and illuminates it in a new way can terrify.<br> The Zensufi Master<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Uproot your questions from their ground and the dangling roots will be seen.<br> Sigan Visee. Mor e questions!<br> Mentat Zensufi<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> Sayings of the Zensunni<br> % Ultimately.<br> Sigan Veese. private Rossak collection<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Never attempt to understand prescience.<br> The Calculus of Philosophy. Then Changer comes and throws our old ideas away. First Head Instructor. " I already know the important things!" we say.

<br> Zensunni Saying<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % The ultimate question: Why does life exist? The answer: For life's sake. mind.<br> Zensunni Wisdom from the Wandering<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Look inside yourself and you can see the universe.<br> Zensunni Aphorism<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % We as humans tend to make pointless demands of our universe.<br> The Zensunni Whip<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Man is but a pebble dropped in a pool. and the methods by which thoughts are communicated inevitably create a system permeated by illusions.<br> Zensunni Teaching<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % A man who persists in stalking game in a place where there is none may wait fore ver without finding any success. and soul. while others are f ree in their hearts.<br> Zensunni Observation<br> .The Zensunni Whip<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Paired opposites define your longings and those longings imprison you. take the longest journey.<br> Anonymous. survive the most g rievous wound -.<br> Zensunni Wisdom of the Wanderings<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Love is the highest achievement to which any human may aspire. Persistence in search is not enough. even as shackles restrain them. then all his works can be no more. asking meaningless questions. Some men hold themselves prisoner even when they have the power to do as they please and go where they choose.<br> Zensunni Wisdom from the Wandering<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % A man may fight the greatest enemy.<br> Zensunni Aphorism<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Thinking. And if man is but a pebble. Too often we make such queries after developing an expertise within a frame of reference which has little or no relationship to the context in which the question is asked. It is an emotion that encompasses the full depth of heart.<br> The Zensunni Whip<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % You cannot manipulate a marionette with only one string.<br> Zensunni Wisdom from the Wandering<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Freedom is an elusive concept.and still be helpless in the hands of the woman he loves.<br> thought to be of Zensunni origin<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Truth is a chameleon.

<br> Zensunni Fire Poetry from Arrakis<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Dune is the planet-child of the worm.<br> Zensunni saying<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Each human being is a time machine. Count only what you still have." Zensunni fire poetry<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Endurance. Hope. and the present are intertwined. Patience.<br> from "The Legend of Selim Wormrider.<br> Zensunni Aphorism<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Everyone is a potential enemy. not of women.<br> These are the key words of our existence. whether he be just or unjust. every place a potential battlefield.<br> A Zensunni Lament<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Support thy brother. It is a human quality to survive by intelligence -. a weave that forms any po int in time. Danger li es along every path. for it is a part of one's self.<br> Zensunni Fire Poetry from Arrakis<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % We must bring new information into the balance and with it modify our behavior.Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % In this universe there is no such thing as a safe place or a safe way. the past.as individuals and as a spec ies."<br> Zensunni Fire Poetry<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Home can be anywhere.<br> Zensunni Sutra of the First Order<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> .<br> Zensunni Fire Poetry<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Thirsty men speak of water.<br> Zensunni Wisdom<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % In the desert.<br> from "The Legend of Selim Wormrider. Belief.<br> Zensunni Aphorism<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % We are trained to believe and not to know.<br> Naib Ishamael. the line between life and death is sharp and quick.<br> Zensunni Prayer<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Do not count what you have lost.<br> Zensunni saying<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % The future.

and the mind. it i s poisonous--and suicidal. Zensunni interpretation<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Sand keeps the skin clean.<br> Zensunni lament<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Guard every breath. Most historical accoun ts distract attention from the secret influences behind great events. A man must act. But in its extreme form.<br> Buddislamic sutra. -.<br> Zensunni fire poetry from Arrakis<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Good intentions can bring about as much destruction as an evil conqueror. Pray that you are the former.<br > The Bashar Miles Teg<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> Bene Tleilaxu<br> % . Zensunni interpretation<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Resistance to change is a survival characteristic. the result is the same.% Where one person sees cause for rejoicing. (A hunchback does not see his own hunch. for it carries the warmth and moisture of your life.) Bene Gesserit Commentary: The hunch may be seen with the aid of mirrors bu t mirrors may show the whole being. A dangerous pitfall if you let understanding lead to sympathy as it will na turally do when left unguided.<br> Zensunni stricture<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % What sort of God would promise us a land like this?<br> Zensunni lament<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Night is a hole in yesterday.Folk Say ing.<br> Zensunni admonition to children<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % A man must not be a statue.<br> Buddislamic Sutra. another sees only reason for despair.<br> Zensunni fire poetry<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> Bashar Miles Teg<br> % The writing of history is largely a process of diversion. and a tunnel into tomorrow. Either way.<br> The Bashar Miles Teg<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Ish yara al-ahdab hadbat-u.<br> The Bashar Miles Teg<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Battle? There is always a desire for breathing space motivating it somewhere.<br> The Bashar Miles Teg<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % The true warrior often understands his enemy better than he understands his frie nds.

Every Bene Tleilax knows it was the n ame of the first Master. nor the complexity of the machine/human interface.<br> Hidar Fen Ajidica. depends upon the relatively simple actions of single individuals.Every civilization must contend with an unconscious force which can block.<br> Tleilaxu Training Disk<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> <br> % Nature has moved inexplicably backward and forward to produce this marvelous.<br> A narrow and a tall one. betra y or countermand almost any conscious intention of the collectivity. Be ready for change. the very future o f humankind.<br> Tylwyth Waff<br> Master of Masters<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % What do Holy Accidents teach? Be resilient. for the new. su btle Spice. no matter the developments of l ife and society.<br> Tleilaxu Doctrine<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Here lies a toppled god --<br> His fall was not a small one. One is tempted to suggest that only divine intervention could possib ly have produced a substance which in one aspect extends human life and in anoth er opens the inner doors of the psyche to the wonders of Time and Creation. But just as that man was more than a mere mortal. as a devotee prepares to die for t he Great Belief. there always come interludes of lonely power when the course of humankind. Gather many experiences and judge them by the steadfast nature of our f aith. so th ere are depths and complexities in the appellation.<br> We did but build his pedestal. Be strong. We are a .<br> Tleilaxu Epigram<br> Dune Messiah<br> % Has not religion claimed a patent on creation for all of these millennia?<br> The Tleilaxu Question." Or it can cons titute a prayer encompassed in a single word. we have chosen this as our new name for the c onquered planet formerly known as Ix.<br> Laboratory Notes on the Nature of Melange<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % No one person can ever know everything that is in the heart of another.<br> Tleilaxu Theorem (unproven)<br> Dune Messiah<br> % No matter how exotic human civilization becomes. "Xuttuh" can mean "hello" or "blessings be upon you.<b r> from The Tleilaxu Godbuk<br> Dune Messiah<br> % Corruption wears infinite disguises. Depending on tone and vocal inflection. from Muad'Dib Speaks<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % "Xuttuh" is a word that means many things. For such reasons.<br> Tleilaxu Thu-zen<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % When are the witches to be trusted? Never! The dark side of the magic universe b elongs to the Bene Gesserit and we must reject them.

There can be no permanent catalogue of such change. t hat they develop. Your initial pr oblem will be the breaking tensions arising from the divergent assembly of menta t overlay integration. knowing full well that such principles change." The mentat-generalist must understand that anything which we can identify as our uni verse is merely part of larger phenomena. This is a gestalten function which will overlay data paths in your awareness." for God Himself has given us this great power. They turn toward him and say: "See -. This is what we want now. the mentat must be a generalist. You must look at it with as few preconceptions as possible."<br> The Tleilaxu Commentary. you can be immersed in the Babel Problem. It is possible to know so much about a subject that you become ignorant. The generalist looks outward. an Emperor is a guiding beacon and a unifying symbol. We are right to call it "the language of God. the fer ocious quibble over a comma. For a lonely people. resolving complexities and masses of input from the me ntat index-catalogue techniques which you already have mastered. but we'll correct that when we come to it.<br> Mentat Text Two (decto)<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % . should br ing to decision-making a healthy common sense. which is the la bel we give to the omnipresent dangers of achieving wrong combinations from accu rate information.<br> The Mentat Handbook<br> Children of Dune<br> % Many things we do naturally become difficult only when we try to make them intel lectual subjects.<br> Tleilaxu Secret Handbook<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % No other people have mastered the genetic language as well as the Bene Tleilax. place it in an environment whi ch is dangerous but not lethal.<br> Tleilaxu Apocrypha<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % On Old Earth.He makes us one. on the other hand. he looks for living principles. It is wise to have decisions of great moment monitored by generalists. They are a source of useless nit-picking. Space exploration accelerated the process. The mentat-generalist. ask ing yourself: "Now what is this thing doing?"<br> The Mentat Handbook<br> Children of Dune<br> % You will learn the integrated communication methods as you complete the next ste p in your mental education.ll Face Dancers in our souls.<br> Tleilaxu Apocrypha<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> Mentat Sayings<br> % Above all else. He must not cut himself off from the broad sweep of what is happening in this universe. He belongs to all of us -. no han dbook or manual. But the expert looks backward. It is to the characteristics of change itself that the mentatgeneralist must look. kingship died out as the speed of transport increased and the time space of the globe grew smaller.and all of us belong to Him. Experts and specialist s lead you quickly into chaos. not a specialist. It may prove wrong later. he look s into the narrow standards of his own specialty. Author Unknown<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % To produce the genetic alteration of an organism. He must remain capable of saying: "There's no real mystery about this at the moment.

Education is no substitute for intelligence. That elusive quality is defined onl y in part by puzzle-solving ability. It is in the creation of new puzzles reflec ting what your senses report that you round out the definitions.<br> Mentat Text One (decto)<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Ready comprehension is often a knee-jerk response and the most dangerous form of understanding. It blinks an opaque screen over your ability to learn. The judgm ental precedents of law function that way, littering your path with dead ends. B e warned. Understanding nothing. All comprehension is temporary.<br> Mentat Fixe (adacto)<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Memory never recaptures reality. Memory reconstructs. All reconstructions change the original, becoming external frames of reference that inevitably fall short. <br> Mentat Handbook<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % Special knowledge can be a terrible disadvantage if it leads you too far along a path that you cannot explain anymore.<br> Mentat Admonition<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % No one has yet determined the power of the human species what it may perform by i nstinct, and what it may accomplish with rational determination.<br> Mentat Objective Analysis of Human Capabilities<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Why look for meaning where there is none? Would you follow a path you know leads nowhere?<br> Query of the Mentat School<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % The ego is only a bit of consciousness swimming upon the ocean of dark things. W e are an enigma unto ourselves.<br> The Mentat Handbook<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Mentats accumulate questions the way others accumulate answers.<br> Mentat Teaching<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Simplicity is the most difficult of all concepts.<br> Mentat Conundrum<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % It is no secret that we all have secrets. However, few of them are as veiled as we intend them to be.<br> Piter de Vries,<br> Mentat Analysis of Landsraad Vulnerabilities,<br> private Harkonnen document<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % The secret worlds of the Bene Tleilax have long been the source of twisted Menta ts. Their creations have always raised the question of which is more twisted, th e Mentats or the source?<br> Mentat Handbook<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> %

A process cannot be understood by stopping it. Understanding must move with the flow of the process, must join it and flow with it.<br> First Law of Mentat<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> Miscellaneous Sayings<br> % TO THE LADY JESSICA --<br> May this place give you as much pleasure as it had given me. Please permit the r oom to convey a lesson we learned from the same teachers: the proximity of a des irable thing tempts one to overindulgence. On that path lies danger. My kindest wishes,<br> Margot Lady Fenring<br> Dune<br> % Beyond a critical point within a finite space, freedom diminishes as numbers inc rease. This is as true of humans in the finite space of a planetary ecosystem as it is of gas molecules in a sealed flask. The human question is not how many ca n possibly survive within the system, but what kind of existence is possible for the who do survive.<br> Pardot Kynes, First Planetologist of Arrakis<br> Dune<br> % Such a rich store of myths enfolds Paul Muad'Dib, the Mentat Emperor, and his si ster, Alia, it is difficult to see the real persons behind these veils. But ther e were, after all, a man born Paul Atreides and a woman born Alia. Their flesh w as subject to space and time. And even though their oracular powers placed them beyond the usual limits of time and space, they came from human stock. They expe rienced real events which left real traces upon a real universe. To understand t hem, it must be seen that their catastrophe was the catastrophe of all mankind. This work is dedicated, then, not to Muad'Dib or his sister, but to their heirs -- to all of us.<br> Dedication in the Muad'Dib Concordance as copied from The Tabla Memorium of the Mahdi Spirit Cult<br> Dune Messiah<br> % Truth suffers from too much analysis.<br> Ancient Fremen Saying<br> Dune Messiah<br> % Oh, worm of many teeth,<br> Canst thou deny what has no cure?<br> The flesh and breath which lure thee<br> To the ground of all beginnings<br> Feed on monsters twisting in a door of fire!<br> Thou hast no robe in all thy attire<br> To cover intoxications of divinity<br> Or hide the burnings of desire!<br> Wormsong from the Dunebook<br> Dune Messiah<br> % The audacious nature of Muad'Dib's actions may be seen in the fact that He knew from the beginning whither He was bound, yet not once did He step aside from tha t path. He put it clearly when He said: "I tell you that I come now to my time o f testing when it will be shown that I am the Ultimate Servant." Thus He weaves all into One, that both friend and foe may worship Him. It is for this reason an d this reason only that His Apostles prayed: "Lord, save us from the other paths which Muad'Dib covered with the Waters of His Life." Those "other paths" may be imagined only with the deepest revulsion.<br> from The Yiam-el-Din (Book of Judgment)<br> Dune Messiah<br>

% The sequential nature of actual events is not illuminated with lengthy precision by the powers of prescience except under the most extraordinary circumstances. The oracle grasps incidents cut out of the historic chain. Eternity moves. It in flicts itself upon the oracle and the supplicant alike. Let Muad'Dib's subjects doubt his majesty and his oracular visions. Let them deny his powers. Let them n ever doubt Eternity.<br> The Dune Gospels<br> Dune Messiah<br> % The sietch at the desert's rim<br> Was Liet's, was Kynes's,<br> Was Stilgar's, was Muad'Dib's<br> And, once more, was Stilgar's.<br> The Naibs one by one sleep in the sand,<br> But the sietch endures.<br> from a Fremen Song<br> Children of Dune<br> % Melange (me'-lange, also ma,lanj) n-s, origin uncertain (thought to derive from ancient Terran Franzh): a. mixture of spices; b. spice of Arrakis (Dune) with ge riatric properties first noted by Yanshuph Askoko, royal chemist in reign of Sha kkad the Wise; Arrakeen melange, found only in deepest desert sands of Arrakis, linked to prophetic visions of Paul Muad'Dib (Atreides), first Fremen Mahdi; als o employed by Spacing Guild Navigators and the Bene Gesserit.<br> Dictionary Royal fifth edition<br> Children of Dune<br> % The Universe is God's. It is one thing, a wholeness against which all separation s may be identified. Transient life, even that self-aware and reasoning life whi ch we call sentient, holds only fragile trusteeship on any portion of the wholen ess.<br> Commentaries from the C.E.T.<br> (Commission of Ecumenical Translators)<br> Children of Dune<br> % And I beheld another beast coming up out of the sand; and he had two horns like a lamb, but his mouth was fanged and fiery as the dragon and his body shimmered and burned with great heat while it did hiss like the serpent.<br> Revised Orange Catholic Bible<br> Children of Dune<br> % It is commonly reported, my dear Georad, that there exists great natural virtue in the melange experience. Perhaps this is true. There remain within me, however , profound doubts that every use of melange always brings virtue. Meseems that c ertain persons have corrupted the use of melange in defiance of God. In the word s of the Ecumenon, they have disfigured the soul. The skim the surface of melang e and believe thereby to attain grace. They deride their fellows, do great harm to godliness, and they distort the meaning of this abundant gift maliciously, su rely a mutilation beyond the power of man to restore. To be truly at one with th e virtue of the spice, uncorrupted in all ways, full of goodly honor, a man must permit his deeds and his words to agree. When your actions describe a system of evil consequences, you should be judged by those consequences and not by your e xplanations. It is thus that we should judge Muad'Dib.<br> The Pedant Heresy<br> Children of Dune<br> % You have loved Caladan<br> And lamented its lost host --<br> But pain discovers<br>

The Church hierarchy o f Auqaf and Hajj saw only the power implicit in control of Muad'Dib's heir. The password? Oh. when I am stronger than you. the point dimensions of the n-fold can only have separate existence within diffe rent frameworks of Time. That's why I bought this ring: a remi nder. It was "Persistence. In the strictures of Arrakis.<br> Handbook of the Hajj<br> Children of Dune<br> % The password was given to me by a man who died in the dungeons of Arrakeen. In effect. The packs ranging outside may not even exist. an adult Abomination. he froze his universe into that one framework which was his view of Time.<br> Tagir Mohandis: Conversations with a Friend<br> Children of Dune<br> % The one-eyed view of our universe says you must not look far afield for problems . tend to the wold within your fences. when the death of Leto was announced. (T his is the classic n-fold extended aggregate of n dimensions. a face attributed partly to preference and partly to the brutal treatment which this p lanet reserves for anything mechanical. it seems odd to think of attempting lo ng journeys afoot. You see. For Muad'Dib. CHOA . Perhaps it is the implicit awareness of this fact which makes Arrakis the ultimate mirror of the soul. and other devices which can carry men swiftly over virtually impassable planetary surfaces. we postulate any number of point-dimensions in space. As demonstrated by the reduction." And the countersign was "Tortoise. Time as commonly understood becomes an aggregate of one-dimensional properti es. Such problems may never arrive. This being the inescapable case. Yet this remains a primary means of travel on Arrakis. we assume the latter. this movement of plot and counterplot was amplified. but still want ed those genetic characteristics carried by the Atreides. that is where I got this ring in the shape of a tortoise. we find that reduction through the infinity calculus) we are dealing with separate systems which contain n body pr operties. Thus: first. Applying this to the Muad'Dib phenomenon.New lovers cannot erase<br> Those forever ghost. human fles h remains the most durable and reliable resource fro the Hajj. Separate dimensions of Time are thus demonstrated to co exist." It got me out of there alive. It was in the suk outside the city where I was hidden by the rebels.<br> Words of an ancient philosopher<br> (Attributed by Harq al-Ada to one Louis Veuillot)<br> Children of Dune<br> % In this age when the means of human transport include devices which can span the deeps of space in transtime. Instead.<br> Palimbasha: Lectures at Sietch Tabr<br> Children of Dune<br> % Many forces sought control of the Atreides twins and. Muad'Dib's predictions required that he perceive the n-fold not as extended aggregate but as an operation within a singl e framework. I ask you for freedom because that is according to yo ur principles. Note the relati ve motivations: the Sisterhood feared Alia. Shamra I:4<br> Children of Dune<br> % Only in the realm of mathematics can you understand Muad'Dib's precise view of t he future.) With this framewo rk. I take away your freedom because tha t is according to my principles.<br> Refrain from The Habbanya Lament<br> Children of Dune<br> % When I am weaker than you. that has b een changed many times since then.<br> The Azhar Book.

<br> The Arrakis Workbook<br> Liet-Kynes<br> Children of Dune<br> % This rocky shrine to the skull of a ruler grants no prayers. know its limits. nothing predictable at the elemental level. Only the wind hears the voice of this place. only a portion survives from which this fragment is taken: "The hearts of all men dwell in the same wilderness.<br> Children's Verse from History of Muad'Dib<br> Dune Messiah<br> % Tibana was an apologist for Socratic Christianity. No more supplicants come. It has become the g rave of lamentations. Few thought to ask the twin s what their plans might be. likely in the s econd reign of Dalamak.<br> He summoned up a vision<br> And made himself a saint. Muad'dib and his Tyrant son closed the cloud chamber where mov ement occurred. a condition of constant. The Spacing Guild feared the equation Arrakis = melange. the universe is Brownian movement. The visitors have gone from the feast. without the spice they could not navigate. Farad'n and his Sardaukar sought a ret urn to glory for House Corrino.<br> The Amtal Rule<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Looked at one way."<br> from the Dunebuk of Irulan<br> Dune Messiah<br> % We say of Muad'Dib that he has gone on a journey into that land where we walk wi thout footprints. humans tend to think of everything in a sequential. unplanned response to crises. probably a native of IV Anbus who lived between the eight and ninth centuries before Corrino.M wanted a doorway to the wealth of Dune. all say his day has ended.<br> Lines at the Shrine of an Atreides Duke<br> Anonymous<br> Children of Dune<br> % The future of prescience cannot always be locked into the rules of the past. Of his writings.<br> The Book of Kreos<br> Children of Dune<br> % To know a thing well.<br> He offered no complaint. This mental trap produces very short-term concepts of effectiveness and consequences. Only when pushed beyond its tolerances wi ll true nature be seen. The . The cries of night creatures and the passing wonder of two moons.<br> He jumped into<br> A sandy place<br> And burnt out both his eyes!<br> And when he knew his eyes were gone. How bare the pa thway down this mountain. until it was too late.<br> Stories from Gammu<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % There was a man so wise. Jessica wished to repair wha t her disobedience to the Bene Gesserit had created.<br> Preamble to the Qizarate Creed<br> Dune Messiah<br> % Because of the one-pointed Time awareness in which the conventional mind remains immersed. word-oriented fra mework.

Both deny the infinite. but thou speakest as the dragon." the majordomo said.<br> "It has been ten years. of course. It demands t he work of this instant. ran wild. Prescience builds a relative integrity. but consider the price he paid. I behold thee as a beast coming up from the dunes. designed not to liberate but to limit. Muad'Dib must always be that inner outrage against the comp lacently powerful.<br> The Fedaykin Compact<br> Children of Dune<br> % Thou didst divide the sand by thy strength.<br> Kalima: The Words of Muad'Dib<br> The Shuloch Commentary<br> Children of Dune<br> % The spirit of Muad'Dib is more than words. always warning that you cannot weave every thread into the fabric of the past. Was it the lure of power? He is called . thou h ast the two horns of the lamb. over there sand blows.<br> Do you think by this exchange that the Lord Leto betrays an ignorance of time's passage?<br> The Oral History<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % Most discipline is hidden discipline. and they didn't have one. a situation which Muad'Dib's son has corrected. Do not ask "Why?" Be cautious with "How?" "Why?" leads inexorably to paradox. Yea. It will not conform to the ordering of the Zensunni nor to the ordering of science. It is that inner outrage which must have its say because Muad'Dib taught us one thing above all others: that humans can endure only in a fraternity of social justice. and those processes. The Guest of the Cavern)<br> Children of Dune<br> % Over here sand blows. more than the letter of the Law which arises in his name. over here I wait. Prescient future in sists on its own rules. Its mystical signs mere symbols for deeper psychological p rocesses. against the charlatans and the dogmatic fanatics. Thou breakest the heads of the drago ns in the desert. What they needed was a livin g god. Was he driven by the desire for long life? He lived more than ten times the normal span of three hun dred SY. "How? " traps you in a universe of cause and effect. Muad'Dib's Golden Elixir of Life degenerated in to external wizardry.<br> The Voice of Shai-Hulud<br> from the Oral History<br> God Emperor of Dune<br> % "Another Festival so soon?" the Lord Leto asked.<br> Revised Orange Catholic Bible<br> Arran II:4<br> Children of Dune<br> % As with so many other religions. <br> Saying attributed to Lu Tung-pin<br> (Lu.<br> Rakian Aphorism<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % Ten thousand years since Leto II began his metamorphosis from human into the san dworm of Rakis and historians still argue over his motives.<br> Over there a rich man waits. some days it's bitter dirt.threads of existence tangle according to many unknown laws.<br> The Apocrypha of Arrakis<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % Some days it's melange.

Note the ancient poison detector concealed in the chandelier. in granular absolutes.<br> 10. chukka under glass. Atreides Manifesto<br> Bene Gesserit Archives<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % This is the awe-inspiring universe of magic: There are no atoms.<br> First Draft.the screen of the magi: Imagination! Here. a re aplomage sirian. When things change. are a small harvester. cannot be detected in any way by fixed perceptions.<br> Chenoeh: "Conversations with Leto II"<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % The long table on the right is set for a banquet of roast desert hare in sauce c epeda. a primitive spice factory and the other support equipment. No one would know. a literjon of w ater or a vast pool of water? The drylander thought a moment and then said: "The literjon is more important.< br> Dar-es-Balat. unless each of us resolves to breathe such qualities into it.<br> The Metamorphosis of Leto II. Grouped around it. even the movement of evolution! While you cause a granular universe to persist in you r awareness. You are a creator of order. pot-a-oie and. All are explained at each station. cannot be heard. of beautiful shapes and systems. cannot be a source of decent mutual rega rd. your absolute univer se vanishes. The univers e has moved beyond you. in the Balut crystal bottle. Note the illumi nated quotation above the display: "FOR THEY SHALL SUCK OF THE ABUNDANCE OF THE . a carryall. no longer accessible to your self-limiting perceptions. coffee with melange (note the hawk crest of the Atreides on the urn). you deny movement. which only his experienc es would illuminate? Without better evidence the question is moot. No single person could own a great pool of water.<br> The Atreides Manifesto. Description at a Museum Display<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % There was this drylander who was asked which was more important. only waves and motions all around. you are blind to movement.000th Anniversary<br> Peroration by Gaus Andaud<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % Life cannot find reasons to sustain it. sparkl ing Caladan wine. Y ou put aside understanding itself.<br> Bene Gesserit Archives<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % This room reconstructs a bit of the desert of Dune. you discard all belief in barriers to understanding. It is the ultimate void whe re no preordained screens occur upon which forms may be projected. B ut a literjon you could hide under your cloak and run away with it. Might there have been other gratifications. The sandcrawler directly in front of you dates from the Atreides times. clockwise to the right from the far end of the table.the Tyrant for good reason but what did power bring him that a human might want? Was he driven to save humankind from itself? We have only his own words about h is Golden Path to answer this and I cannot accept the self-serving records of Da r-es-Balat. you learn what it is to be human. The universe cannot be seen. moving clockwise from your left."<br> The Jokes of Ancient Dune<br> Bene Gesserit Archives<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % By your belief in singularities. The other dishes. We are reduce d to saying only that "He did it!" The physical fact alone is undeniable. Here. You have only one awareness here -. and organizer of chaos.

as the hawk among lesser birds. (Law of the Minimum)<br> From "Lessons of Arrakis"<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % O you who know what we suffer here.<br> In the burning place where whirlwinds came.<br> Guide Announcement. the man leaped to his feet with the light of discovery in his eyes and he shouted for all who could hear him: "It is obvious! The nose causes the tail!"<br> Stories of the Hidden Wisdom. then the head.<br> Songs of Gurney Halleck."<br> The Atreides Assertion<br> Duke Paulus Atreides<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % When strangers meet. Museum of Dar-es-Balat<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % Our fathers ate manna in the desert. the long brown back.<br> Those wounds are all the painful places where we fought.<br> Sign over Arrakeen Landing Field<br> (Historical Records: Dar-es-Balat)<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % The world is for the living.<br> from the Oral History of Rakis<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % "I must rule with eye and claw -.<br> The Lady Jessica. the hindlegs and l astly the tail.firs t the nose. Growth is limited by that necessity which is pres ent in the least amount. Each day a wild a ss of the deasert passed outside the fence and across the narrow opening -. save us from that horrible land!<br> Save us.<br> All of them distilled into each wound we caught. ones we never sought. the forelegs. The species consumes necessities. oh-h-h-h-h save us<br> From that dry and thirsty land.<br> Battles better left behind." This ancient religious quotation was oft repeated by the famous Gurney Halleck. great allowance should be made for differences of custom an d training.SEAS AND OF THE TREASURE IN THE SAND. The least favorable condition controls the rate of grow th. One day. Who are they?<br> We dared the dark to reach the white and warm. do not forget us in your prayers.<br> Lord. Museum of Dar-es-Balat<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % I remember friends from wars all but we forgot.<br> What is it that we spent and what was it we bought?<br> Songs of the Scattering<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % There was a man who sat each day looking out through a narrow vertical opening w here a single board had been removed from a tall wooden fence. from "Wisdom of Arrakis"<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % May you die on Caladan!<br> Ancient Drinking Toast<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % The worst potential competition for any organism can come from its own kind.<br> .

)<br> The Assassins' Handbook<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % In response to the strict Butlerian taboo against machines that perform mental f unctions. You can't draw neat lines around planetwide problems. giving his people the bre ad and circuses they require.<br> found in the Orange Catholic Bible<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % The highest function of ecology is the understanding of consequences. Baron Vladimir. with the prescient ability to find a safe path t hrough foldspace. (See War of Assassins.<br> Pardot Kynes. and billions of Imper ial citizens would die of addictive withdrawal. Abul . whose computerlike minds are capable of extra ordinary acts of reasoning. Bene Gess erit Reverend Mothers could not perform feats of observation and human control. and foolhardy decisions in light of the ultimate failure of House Harkonnen. a number of schools developed enhanced human beings to subsume most of the functions formerly performed by computers. and the Mentats. Judged by the standards of his older half brother. Volume I<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % The paintbrush of history has depicted Abulurd Harkonnen in a most unfavorable l ight.<br> Chief commandment resulting from the Butlerian Jihad. with their intense mental and physic al training.<br> Ecology of Bela Tegeuse. Without this spice.<br> Duke Paulus Atreides<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % N'kee: Slow acting poison that builds up in the adrenal glands. Abulurd was a different sort of man entirely.She was the wind when the wind was in my way.<br> Ikbhan's Treatise on the Mind.<br> CHOAM Economic Analysis of Materiel Flow Patterns<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % We are generalists.<br> Who rise from the flesh to spirit know the fall:<br> The world outleaps the world and light is all. Planet ology is a cut-and-fit science. and his own children Glossu Rabban and Feyd-Rautha Rabban. however. I perished in her form. incompetence. We must. Though exiled to Lankiveil and stripped of any real power. Guild Navigators could not see safe pathways across space. Some of the key schools arising out of the Jihad include the Bene Gesserit.<br> Alive at noon. else why should they follow him? Above all a leader must be a showman. Any simpleton knows that such de pendence upon a single commodity leads to abuse. the Spacing Guild.<br> Theodore Roethke<br> (Historical Quotations: Dar-es-Balat)<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % Melange is the financial crux of CHOAM activities. assess the frequent descriptions of his weak ness. Initial Report to the Imperium<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % The populace must think their ruler is a greater man than they. one of the most insidious toxins permitted under the accords of Guild Peace and the restrictions of the Great Convention. We are all at risk.<br> Treatise on the Environmental Recovery of Post-Holocaust Salusa Secundus<br> Pardot Kynes<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Though shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind.

the Bene Gesserit with their secrets. Fanatics are ofte n blinded in their thoughts. Volume II<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % We must do a thing on Arrakis never before attempted for an entire planet.<br> Thufir Hawat. CHOAM with its economic strang lehold.<br> third appeal to the Landsraad<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Many elements of the Imperium believe they hold the ultimate power: the Spacing Guild with their monopoly on interstellar travel.love. and claim the right of secrecy.<br> The Orange Catholic Bible<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Hope can be the greatest weapon of a downtrodden people. Mentat and Security Commander to House Atreides<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Many inventions have selectively improved particular skills or abilities. post-Jihad edition<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Four things cannot be hidden -. We must remain aware of its advantages and its limita .to transform the water cycle.<br> Landsraad Encyclopedia of Great Houses.<br> The Case for Bela Tegeuse<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % It's easier to be terrified by an enemy you admire.<br> Ikbhan's Treatise on the Mind. how can they not be tempted to step beyond the restrictions of the Butlerian Jihad? <br> Count Ilban Richese.<br> Fremen Wisdom<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Who can know whether Ix has gone too far? They hide their facilities.<br> Report from Imperial Planetologist Pardot Kynes. But no achievement has ever scratched the complexit y or adaptability of the human mind.inserting adapted terraform lif e: a plant here. We mu st use man as a constructive ecological force -. his most important tools are human beings. to build a new kind of landscape. keep their workers enslaved. Under such circumstances. an animal there. the Mentats with their control of mental processes. and a man stridin g across the open bled. or the greatest enemy o f those are about to fail. data. and projections. a pillar of fire. the Great and Minor Houses of the Landsraad with their extensive holdings. smoke.<br> Dispatches from Arrakis<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % The working Planetologist has access to many resources.<br> directed to Padishah Emperor Elrood IX (unsent)<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Blindness can take many forms other than the inability to see. Only by cultivating ecologica l literacy among the people themselves can he save an entire planet. Woe to us on the day that one of t hose factions decides to prove the point. House Corrino with their throne.<br> Pardot Kynes. a man in that place -. H owever. emphas izing one aspect or another.<br> Count Hasimir Fenring.urd secured a victory unmatched by anyone else in his extended family: He learne d how to be happy with his life. Leaders are often blinded in their hearts.

la ws. after long and delicate preparation. patterns of behavior. no spice found . A number of legal proced ures derive from this principle. many of only marginal habitability. a nd the Trial by Forfeiture. fluid conduits. cl usters and other suns forming entire galaxies .<br> Fremen Teaching<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Two hundred thirty-eight planets searched. Ultimately. revenge is a dish best savored slowly. the sietch forms a firm base from which yo u move out into the world and into the universe.<br> Law of the Imperium: Commentaries<br> .<br> Lady Helena Atreides.<br> her personal journals<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % History allows us to see the obvious -. a system of organic chemicals. either for meniral exploi tation or possible colonization. Therefore. third expedition. planets around suns.<br> delivered to Emperor Fondil Corrino III<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % The human body is a machine.<br> Confidential Ixian Legal Opinion<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Religion and law among the masses must be one and the same. As in previous reports.<br> Pardot Kynes. the Blind Tribunal. Primary Directive<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % The leaders of the Butlerian Jihad did not adequately define artificial intellig ence. not until it is too la te. This will have the dual benefi t of bringing both greater obedience and greater bravery. failing to foresee all possibilities of an imaginative society. We must depend not so much on the bravery of individuals.<br> Prince Raphael Corrino<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Like the knowledge of your own being. Our job is to keep the machinery f unctioning<br> Suk Inner School. a government is likewise a machine of interacting societies.<br> Deathbed Insights<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % In the Imperium there exists the "principle of the individual. the uni verse itself is a machine. whereby a person who violates a written law in a situation of extreme peril or need can request a special session of the court of jurisdiction in ord er to explain and support the necessity of his actions. rewards and punishments. elec trical impulses.) Resource surveys list valuable raw m aterials. as upon the bravery of a whole popu lation. you see. stars gathered into clusters. among them the Drey Jury.<br> Emperor Elrood IX. cultures. we have substantial gray areas in which to maneuver.tions. Many of these planets deserve a second look. ( See star charts attached in separate file.but unfrtunately. however. address to gathered representatives of the greater sietches<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Like many culinary delicacies.<br> Independent scout survey. An act of disobedien ce must be a sin and require religious penalties." noble but rarely utilized.

if viewed in the proper light.<br> Duke Paulus Atreides<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Machine-vaccine principle: Every technological device contains within it the too ls of its opposite. is stronger than adamantiu m and more valuable than purest melange. Imperial Patent Czar<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % The surest way to keep a secret is to make people believe they already know the answer. every creature becomes something else.<br> The Orange Catholic Bible<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Without a goal. sentient creatures. evolving or dev olving.<br> From The Philosophies of Old Terra. He will come and save you from the worshipers of machines. Behold. 12th Edition<br> Prince Raphael Corrino<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Imperfections. You are a husban dman.<br> The Orange Catholic Bible<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Among the responsibilities of command is the necessity to punish but only when th e victim demands it. until it is proven to them that nothing in the univ erse is random. and could break at the worst possible moment.<br> Ancient Fremen Wisdom<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % In adverse circumstances. can be extremely valuable. Allegiance that comes from the heart.<br> Duke Paulus Atreides<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Only God can make living. The Gre at Schools.<br> Dispatches in Defense of Ix<br> . This demands. what then? Oh. what then?<br> Lady Helena Atreides.we remember how to change back. But once that goal is achieved. with their incessant questing for perfection.<br> her personal journals<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % You of fearful heart. a life is nothing. your God will come with a vengeance.<br> one of the recovered manuscripts<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % One who rules assumes irrevocable responsibility for the ruled. Allegiance that must be purchased by bribes or wages is hollow and flawed. be strong and fear not.<br> Gian Kana. a selfless act of love which may be amusing only t o those you rule. and of its own destruction. Sometimes the goal becomes a man's entire lif e. an all-consuming passion.let us hop e -. at times.Dune: House Atreides<br> % Even the poorest House can be rich in loyalty. What makes us human is that we know what we once were. often find this postul ate difficult to understand. poor man.<br> Ambassador Cammar Pilru. and -. though.<br> Discourses on Leadership in a Galactic Imperium.

532nd Edition<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Memory and History are two sides of the same coin.<br> Lady Helena Atreides.<br> a Landsraad publication<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Our timetable will achieve the stature of a natural phenomenon. highly effective skills in the aligned arts of observat . centuries until someone else thinks of the same thing.<br> Lady Helena Atreides. upward spurts. however. A planet's life is vast. a radical new idea -.<br> Technology of the Imperium. our changes will become controlling influences in their own right -. in one fashion or another. How many bril liant discoveries are stillborn.only three percent -. tightly interwoven fabric. Or it may remain secret in the thoughts of one man for yea rs. and even reversals. Arrakis Dreams<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Even innocents carry within them. No one makes it through life without paying. while Memory is doom ed to preserve the worst aspects.<br> her personal journals<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % What senses do we lack that we cannot see or hear another world all around us?<b r> The Orange Catholic Bible<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % No one but a Tleilaxu may set foot in Bandalong. Rebuttal to the Landsraad. History ten ds to slant itself toward a favorable impression of events. When conditions ar e right. for it is fanatically guarded hallowed ground.<br> Diplomacy in the Imperium. As they establish themse lves. never to be embraced by the Imp erium as a whole?<br> Ombudsmen of Richese.a paradigm shift -.<br> Pardot Kynes. too. though.may appear simultaneously fro m many minds at once. In time. or Resources for the Galaxy?<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % They demonstrate subtle.Dune: House Atreides<br> % We all live in the shadows of our predecessors for a time. holiest city of the Bene Tleila x. Vegetation and animal changes will be determ ined at first by the raw physical forces we manipulate.and we will have to deal with them.<br> Prince Raphael Corrino. Keep in mind.<br> Discourses on Leadership<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % History demonstrates that the advancement of technology is not a steady upward c urve. But we who determine the fate of planets eventually reach the point at which we become not the shadow s. though. that we need c ontrol only three percent of the energy surface -. There are flat periods. or lie dormant. their own guilt in their own way.<br> her personal journals<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Innovations seem to have a life and a sentience of their own. but the light itself.<br> The True Domain of the Intellect --<br> Private Property. decades. purified by their God.to tip the entire structure over into our self-sustaining system.

ion and data collection. we have been constantly shadowed by Misfortune .<br> Duke Paulus Atreides.barely past thirty Standard Years -. the world of Ix is pristine and placid.<br> Imperial Report on the Bene Gesserit. This is not to say that each regime is legally identical. But beneat his surfa ce. There are n o disclosure requirements that evidence be revealed to the opposition or to the magistrates prior to the court proceedings. o ur planet is a metaphor for the Imperium itself. He often went on creative binges. there are always choices. 3rd Edition<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % The written Law of the Imperium cannot be changed.<br> Prince Raphael Corrino. This places the person with secret k nowledge in a uniquely powerful position -.<br> used for tutoring purposes<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % When the center of the storm does not move. The best defense is suspicion. the normal rules of evidence do not apply.<br> Ancient Fremen Wisdom<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Tio Holtzman was one of the most productive Ixian inventors on record. a nd there were constant concerns over his sanity and well-being. Information is their stock-in-trade. an Imperial filmbook<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % In the long history of our House.but the results of his efforts chang ed the galaxy forever.<br> Discourses on Leadership<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % The worst sort of protection is confidence. as if we were its prey. One might almost believe the curse of Atreus from anci ent Greek times on Old Terra.<br> Count Hasimir Fenring<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % As seen from orbit.<br> Dominic Vernius. Sometimes upon emerging he required hospitalization.<br> Biographical Capsules.<br> Rogan's Rules of Evidence.commensurate with the extreme risk h e takes.<br> Law of the Imperium: Commentaries and Rebuttals<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % The worst sort of alliances are those which weaken us. In this way.<br> The Secret Workings of Ix<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % When faced with necessary actions. locking himself up for months on end so that he could w ork without interruption. Holtzman died yo ung -. no matter which Great House h olds dominion or which Emperor sits on the Golden Lion Throne. immense projects are undertaken and great works are achieved. So long as the job .<br> from a speech to his generals<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % In a Trial by Forfeiture. you are in its path. Worse still is when an Em peror fails to recognize such an alliance for what it is. The documents of the Imperial Constitution have been established for thousands of years. the variations stem from subtl eties of interpretation and from microscopic loopholes that become large enough to drive a Heighliner through.

such genuine truth is often known only to the victim and the perpetrator. the form of justice or the actual outcome? No matter how a co urt may dissect the evidence. codicils and analyses<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % We do what we must. To many members of the Landsraad.<br> Dominic Vernius.<br> Dispatches from Arrakis<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % In plotting any course of revenge. But all of th ese are as nothing without a ruler who knows the art of ruling.<br> Origins of House Atreides: Seeds of the Future in the Galactic Imperium. They are in your mind. the resource most often overlooked. one must savor the anticipation phase and all its moments. at least.gets done. and the entire universe is in a grain of sand. But I can!<br> Tio Holtzman. They ar e before your very eyes. the legendary event called Leto's Gambit became the basis of the young Duke Atreides's immense popularity. and the valor of the brave.<br> Count Hasimir Fenring. All others must make up their own minds. is an investment in time. just as all time is in a m oment. He successfully projected hims elf as a shining beacon of honor in a galactic sea of darkness. Friendship and loyalty be damned.<br> . the prayers of the righteous. However. and capital funding. the justice of th e great.<br> The Secret Workings of Ix<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % A world is supported by four things: the learning of the wise.<br> Dispatches from Arrakis<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % What matters more.<br> Landsraad Law. Leto's honesty and naïveté became a symbol of honor that shamed ma ny of the Great and Minor Houses to alter their behavior toward each other for a short time. yet which can oft en provide the greatest payoff.<br> Count Hasimir Fenring.<br> her personal journals<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % All persons are contained within a single individual.<br> Fremen Saying<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % In the final analysis.<br> Collected Lectures<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Only fools leave witnesses. Unfortunately for many of the accused. yet you cannot see them. for the actual execution often differs widely from the original pl an.<br> Count Hasimir Fenring<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Progress and profit requre a substantial investment in personnel. by Bron so of Ix<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % The universe contains untapped and heretofore unimagined energy sources. We do what we must!<br> Lady Helena Atreides. the foundation of genuine truth remains unblemishe d. until familiar old patterns reemerged. equipment. yet you cannot think them.

<br> Discourses on Leadership in a Galactic Imperium.<br> Principium.<br> Treatise on the Downfall of Unjust Governments<br> Cammar Pilru. An Emperor exists only to clarify those wishes. lo. having lost it in a burning desire for revenge. Imperial Leadership Academy<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Organizational structure is crucial to the success of a movement."<br> Filmbook excerpt. It is. Ambassador in Exile<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> . it does not need to be a permanent place where people meet. A man unwilling to take risks is doomed n ever to learn.Prince Raphael Corrino. Royal Library of Kaitain<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Nature commits no errors. His sense of belonging to the community is almost stronger than his sense of self. as well . deviously clever persons who dealt in what were known as "the powders of inheritance.<br> Discourses on Galactic Leadership<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Discovery is dangerous . It is only to outsiders that these desert dwellers seem brutish just as outsiders appear to them. You can destroy life. But so is life.<br> Pardot Kynes. The effective leader spreads them in o rder to keep men in line. The Fremen possesses a highly evolved worldview centered on the w elfare of his people.<br> An Arrakis Primer. O Man.<br> The People of Arrakis<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Military victories are meaningless unless they reflect the wishes of the populac e. He executes the popular will. Twelfth Edition<br> Prince Raphael Corrino<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % In the days of Old Terra there were experts in poisons. you have no c hoice but to experience life. But. written for his son Liet<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Behold.<br> Pardot Kynes.<br> Orange Catholic Bible. Only the rawest primitive and the sociopath have no conscience.<br> Arrakis Lectures<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % A center for the coordination of rebellion can be mobile.<br> Planetologist Pardot Kynes. never to live. Ambassador in Exile<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % It is said that the Fremen has no conscience. 5:3<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Secrets are an important aspect of power. never to grow. This is foolish.<br> Treatise on the Downfall of Unjust Governments<br> Cammar Pilru. a prime target for attack. or his time is short. right and wrong are human categories.<br> Book of Kemla Septima. you can create life. And therein lies your greatest strength and your g reatest weakness.

Education cannot impart this discovery. or are you merely flaunting your power?<br> Dmitri Harkonnen.<br> L'Institut de Kaitain Archives<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % .<br> Crown Prince Raphael Corrino.<br> Caedmon Erb. It has no goals.<br> Discourses on Leadership<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % The desert is a surgeon cutting away the skin to expose what is underneath. In our universe.<br> Duke Leto Atreides. with culture.<br> Friedre Ginaz. one must embark on a course of discovery where rea l dangers exist.<br> First Speech to the Caladan Assembly<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % An empire built on power cannot attract the affections and loyalty that men best ow willingly on a regime of ideas and beauty.<br> Fremen Saying<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Humiliation is a thing never forgotten.<br> Emperor Elrood Corrino IX<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % To learn about this universe. Adorn your Grand Empire with beaut y.% When you ask a question. and they are deadly if one becomes fixated on them.<br> Notes to My Sons<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Some lies are easier to believe than the truth.<br> Politics and Reality<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % It is the Atreides way to be examples of honor for our children. it is not a thing to be taught and used or put away.<br> From a speech by Crown Prince Raphael Corrino. no matter the conflicting evidence.<br> Friedre Ginaz.<br> Rebec of Ginaz<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Immobility is often mistaken for peace.<br> Orange Catholic Bible<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % The strictest limits are self-imposed. do you truly want to know the answer.<br> Philosophy of the Swordmaster<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Never underestimate the power of the human mind to believe what it wants to beli eve. we consider goal s to be end products. so that they ma y be the same for their own progeny.<br> Philosophy of the Swordmaster<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Too much knowledge never makes for simple decisions.

at least you have succeeded in trying.<br> Liet-Kynes.<br> Crown Prince Raphael Corrino. We came from water.<br> Elements of Leadership<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % The increasing variety and abundance of life itself vastly multiplies the number of niches available for life. Body and mind are aspects of the living being."<br> Fifth Dynasty (Old Terra) calendar<br> The Wisdom of Ptahhotep<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % The effective ruler punishes opposition while rewarding assistance.<br> Duke Paulus Atreides<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Body and mind are two phenomena. collaborators and competitors.<br> Prince Rhombur Vernius<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Facts mean nothing when they are preempted by appearances.<br> The Rudiments of Power<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % If you surrender. Ginaz School<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> . If you refuse to give up. you have already lost.<br> In the Footsteps of My Father<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Water is the image of life. Do not underestimate the power of impression over reality. observed under different conditions. no ma tter the odds against you. though.<br> Pardot Kynes. "They are a h eritage from my father. I man aged all the tedious business matters required to run a Great House. he conceals major elements of his power. I toured the continents of Caladan. he shifts hi s forces in random fashion. but the power of Tr uth and Justice is that they endure and that a man can say of them.<br> Imperial Planetologist Pardot Kynes<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % I fought in great wars to defend the Imperium and slew many men in the Emperor's name. The resulting system is a web of makers and users . T hey operate within a peculiar principle of synchronicity wherein things happen t ogether and behave as if they are the same yet can be conceived of as separate.<br> Report to Emperor Shaddam IV<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % To know what one ought to do is not enough.<br> Westheimer Atreides. adapted from its all-encompassin g presence and we continue to adapt. eaters and eaten. but of one and the same ultimate reality.It is true that one may become rich through practicing evil. I attended Landsraad functions.<br> Duke Paulus Atreides<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Dreams are as simple or as complicated as the dreamer. And still t he best of times were those I spent with my son.<b r> Staff Medical Manual. he sets up a rhythm of counter movement that keeps his opponents off balance.

<br> Dominic Vernius. allies weaken. but a reality to be experienc ed. There is no place of safety. Buddislamic Text<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % The man who gives in to adrenaline addiction turns against all humanity.<br> Emperor Elrood IX.% The Universe is a place inaccessible.<br> Deathbed Insights<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved.<br> Philosophy of a Swordmaster<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Heaven must be the sound of running water.<br> Ecaz Memoirs<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % What is each man but a memory for those who follow?<br> Duke Leto Atreides<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Political leaders often don't recognize the practical uses of imagination and in novative new ideas until such forms are thrust under their noses by bloody hands . confined within limited dimensions. He turn s against himself. unintelligible.<br> Discourses on Galactic Leadership<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Enemies strengthen you. and bound for inevitab le change.<br> Crown Prince Raphael Corrino. which have been simil ar throughout the ages. Ixian Ambassador in Exile.<br> Meditations from Bifrost Eyrie.<br> Fremen Saying<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Unceasing warfare gives rise to its own social conditions. There are only transitory.<br> Treatise on the Downfall of Unjust Governments<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Infinity attracts us like a floodlight in the night. completely absurd from whic h life -. He runs away from the workable issues of life and admits a de feat which his own violent actions help to create.<br> Meditations from Bifrost Eyrie. Buddislamic Text<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % The work to which we have set ourselves is the liberating of the imagination.<br> . or basic principle upon which the Universe depends. Buddislamic Text<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % It is possible to become intoxicated with rebellion for rebellion's sake.is estranged.<br> Cammar Pilru. masked relationships. an d the harnessing of the imagination to man's physical creativity. blinding us to the excesses in can inflict upon the finite.<br> Friedre Ginaz.especially rational life -. Another is the rule of the autocrat. One such condition is a permanent state of alertness to ward off attack.<br> Meditations from Bifrost Eyrie.

Cammar Pilru, Ixian Ambassador in Exile,<br> Treatise on the Downfall of Unjust Governments<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Beneath a world -- in its rocks, its dirt and sedimentary overlays -- there you find the planet's memory, the complete analog of its existence, its ecological m emory.<br> Pardot Kynes,<br> An Arrakis Primer<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % A Duke must always take control of his household, for if he does not rule those closest to him, he cannot hope to govern a planet.<br> Duke Paulus Atreides<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % We create our own future by our own beliefs, which control our actions. A strong enough belief system, a sufficiently powerful conviction, can make anything hap pen. This is how we create our consensus reality, including our gods.<br> Reverend Mother Ramallo, Sayyadina of the Fremen<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Challenge: Time?<br> Answer: A brilliant, many-faceted gem.<br> Challenge: Time?<br> Answer: A dark stone, reflecting no visible light.<br> Fremen wisdom, from The Riddle Game<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % It requires a desperate and lonely sort of courage to challenge the accepted wis dom upon which social peace of mind rests.<br> Crown Prince Raphael Corrino,<br> In Defense of Change in the Face of Tradition<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % There is no such thing as a law of nature. There is only a series of laws relati ng to man's practical experience with nature. These are laws of man's activities . They change as a man's activities change.<br> Pardot Kynes,<br> An Arrakis Primer<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Power and deceit are tools of statecraft, yes. But remember that power deludes t he ones who wield it -- making them believe it can overcome the defects of their ignorance.<br> Count Flambert Mutelli,<br> early speech in Landsraad Hall of Oratory<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Never be in the company of anyone with whom you would not want to die.<br> Fremen Saying<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % If a man can accept his sin, he can live with it. If a man cannot accept persona l sin, he suffers unbearable consequences.<br> Meditations from Bifrost Eyrie, Buddislamic Text<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % The capacity to learn is a gift;<br> The ability to learn is a skill;<br>

The willingness to learn is a choice.<br> Rebec of Ginaz<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % You carve wounds upon my flesh and write there in salt!<br> Fremen Lament<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % The stone is heavy and the sand weighty; but a fool's wrath is heavier than them both.<br> Duke Leto Atreides<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Innovation and daring create heroes. Mindless adherence to outdated rules create s only politicians.<br> Viscount Hundro Moritani<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % How easily grief becomes anger, and revenge gains arguments.<br> Padishah Emperor Hassik III,<br> Lament for Salusa Secundus<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Paradise on my right, Hell on my left, and the Angel of Death behind me.<br> Fremen Conundrum<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % If God wishes thee to perish, He causes thy steps to lead thee to the place of t hy demise.<br> Cant of the Shariat<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Treachery and quick-thinking will defeat hard-and-fast rules any day. Why should we be afraid to seize the opportunities we see?<br> Viscount Hundro Moritani,<br> Response to Landsraad Court Summons<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % All technology is suspect, and must be considered potentially dangerous.<br> Butlerian Jihad,<br> Handbook for Our Grandchildren<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % The seats of power inevitably try to harness any new knowledge to their own desi res. But knowledge can have no fixed desires -- neither in the past nor in the f uture.<br> Dmitri Harkonnen,<br> Lessons for My Sons<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % The individual is the key, the final effective unit of all biological processes. <br> Pardot Kynes<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Good leadership is largely invisible. When everything runs smoothly, no one noti ces a Duke's work. That is why he must give the people something to cheer, somet hing to talk about, something to remember.<br> Duke Paulus Atreides<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br>

% War, as the foremost ecological disaster of any age, merely reflects the larger state of human affairs in which the total organism called "humanity" finds its e xistence.<br> Pardot Kynes,<br> Reflections on the Disaster at Salusa Secundus<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Beware the seeds you sow and the crops you reap. Do not curse God for the punish ment you inflict upon yourself.<br> Orange Catholic Bible<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Every man dreams of the future, though not all of us will be there to see it.<br > Tio Holtzman,<br> Speculations on Time and Space<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Knowledge is pitiless.<br> Orage Catholic Bible<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % We are always human and carry the whole burden of being human.<br> Duke Leto Atreides<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % The individual is shocked by the overwhelming discovery of his own mortality. Th e species, however, is different. It need not die.<br> Pardo Kynes,<br> An Arrakis Primer<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % How will I be remembered by my children? This is the true measure of a man.<br> Abulurd Harkonnen<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Some say that the anticipation of a thing is better than the thing itself. In my view, this is utter nonsense. Any fool can imagine a prize. I desire the tangib le.<br> Hasimir Fenring,<br> Letters from Arrakis<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Though death will cancel it, life in this world is a glorious thing.<br> Duke Paulus Atreides<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % The axis of spin for the planet Arrakis is at right angles to the radius of its orbit. The world itself is not a globe, but more a spinning top somewhat fat at the equator and concave toward the poles. There is a sense that this may be arti ficial, the product of some ancient artifice.<br> Report of the Third Imperial Commission on Arrakis<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Mankind has only one science: the science of discontentment.<br> Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV,<br> Decree in Response to the Actions of House Moritani<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> %

<br> Duke Paulus Atreides<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % The enemy to be feared most is one who wears the face of a friend.<br> Apocryhpa of the Jihad<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Melange is a many-handed monster. it is a demonstration of understandin g and cring. Suitable for Adults<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Compassion and revenge are two sides of the same coin.<br> Docent Glax Othn. a reflection of both the individual who gives and the one who recei ves.<br> Faykan Butler. Twelfth Edition<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % An individual takes on significance only in his relationship to society as a who le. The spice gives with one hand and takes with a ll of its others. which can only b e made with complete information.<br> Docent Glax Othn of House Taligari.<br> Fremen Saying<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Peace does not equate with stability -. They fear the proof of their own insufficiency.<br> Planetologist Pardot Kynes.<br> .stability is nondynamic and never more t han a hair's breadth from chaos.<br> Confidential CHOAM memorandum. Necessity dictates which way that coin falls.<br> Findings of the Post-Jihad Council<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Stabilizing the present is assumed to be a form of balance. rising and falling.<br> Swordmaster Rebec of Ginaz<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % A true gift is not just the object itself. Law and order are deadly. Into each Emperor's reign flo w the tides.<br> Only the worm lives alone out there. for the Emperor's eyes only<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % There are tides of leadership.<br> A Child's Primer on Leadership.Those who are half-alive demand what is missing in them but deny it when it is pr esented to them. but inevitably this action turns out to be dangerous.<br> Karrben Fethr.<br> Discourses on Leadership in a Galactic Imperium.<br> Excerpted Lectures for House Taligari<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % The lone traveler in the desert is a dead man. written for his son Liet<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % The fate of the Known Universe hinges upon effective decisions. ebbing and surging.<br> An Arrakis Primer.<br> attribituted to Saint Serena Butler.<br> Prince Raphael Corrino. Trying to control th e future serves only to deform it.

<br> Theatre graffiti in Ichan City. If we remain strong enough. Because I have had direct dealings w ith them. Perception becomes fact. it becomes less terrifying.<br> . They are abhorrent to look upon. They are generally de ceptive.<br> Thufir Hawat. Jongleur<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % In a society where hard data is uncertain at best. a new concept emerged: "Man may not be replaced.<br> Empress Herade.<br> an Imperial filmbook for children<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % The wreckage of a man's repeated attempts to control the universe is strewn alon g the sordid beaches of history.<br> Memoirs of Imperial Rule<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Either by design or by some repellent accident of evolution. one must be careful to manipu late the truth. perhaps my analysis is not sufficiently objective. but politics is even thicker than blood.<br> Shaddam Corrino IV. Atreides Security Commander<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % One can never separate politics from the economics of melange. perhaps as part of a genetic imprint.this is the dilemma of all governments.<br> Preliminary Memoirs<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Superstition and desert necessities permeate the Fremen life. the Tleilaxu displa y no admirable qualities. when mankind finally overcame the insidious control of machines. like the foul smell of disgusting. They exude a peculiar odor.<br> The Ways of Arrakis. Part of courage comes f rom extending our knowledge."<br> Precepts of the Butlerian Jihad<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % The fact that any family in the Imperium could deploy its atomics to destroy the planetary bases of fifty or more Great Houses need not concern us overmuch.<br> A Primer on the Finer Points of Culture in the Imperium<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % It is difficult to make power lovable -. <br> Padishah Emperor Hassik III. in which religion and law are intertwined. It is a situation we can hold in check.<br> Emperor Fondil III<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Blood is thicker than water. They have walked hand in hand throughout Imperial history.The Folly of Imperial Politics<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Following two generations of chaos. rotting food. But of one fact the re can be no doubt: They are extremely dangerous.<br> private Kaitain journals<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Once you have explored fear.<br> Elrood IX. Use this to your advantage. Appearnce becomes reality.

Few scholars want to study a long litany of events that turned out well.<br> Fremen Saying<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % It has been demonstrated in every epoch of history that if you want profits you must rule. Will his tory judge them heroes. One good infiltrator is more valuable than legions of Sarda ukar.<br> Fremen Wisdom<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % There are some men who refuse to accept defeat under any circumstances. enough to see wher e the other mountains are.<br> Haloa Rund.<br> early laboratory journals<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % "Revenge. You must climb t he mountain just a little enough to test that it's a mountain.<br> Emperor Idriss I.<br> Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Any road followed precisely to its end leads precisely nowhere.<br> Empress Herade. you cannot see that mou ntain.<br> Duke Paulus Atreides<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Make your points aggressively. or fools?<br> Emperor Shaddam IV. And we Atreides have left more of ou r mark on history than we ever intended.<br> Building Strength in the New Imperium<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Pay your spies well.<br> Shaddam Corrino IV.Duke Leto Atreides<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Man participates in all cosmic events.<br> Fondil Corrino III." Has language ever created a more delicious word? I repeat it to mysel f when I go to sleep at night. From the top of any mountain. "The Hunter"<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Money cannot purchase honor. confident it will give me pleasant dreams. but in the imagination. you must blunt the edge of citizenry. consort to Crown Prince Raphael Corrino<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % .<br> Legacies of Kaitain<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % He who laughs alone at night does so in contemplation of his own evil. And to rule.<br> Baron Vladimir Harkonnen<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % There are more tragedies in history than triumphs.<br> Revised Official Imperial History (draft)<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % The key to discovery lies not in mathematics.

to stop fighting completely . and those you will reject or confuse with misunderstanding.<br> Orange Catholic Bible<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Each man is a little war. no pure obj ectivity.those answers you will accept.<br> The Secret Workings of Ix<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> .<br> The Folly of Imperial Politics<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Law always moves in the direction of protecting the strong and oppressing the we ak. scientists routinely concealed their personal prejudices behind a façade of objectivity and purity of research. Dependence upon force corrodes justice. no absolute truth that is divorced from the pragmatic lessions gained in application.<br> Precepts of Civilization<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Every man has the same final destination: death at the end of life's road. Some of us have maps and goals.<br> Private Meditations on Necessity and Remorse<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % The manner in which you ask a question betrays your limits -.<br> Abu Hamid Al Ghazali.<br> Earl Dominic Vernius<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % One moment of incompetence can be fatal.<br> private journals (fragment)<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % An ignorant friend is worse than a learned foe.<br> Ruminations at a Fork in the Road<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % How long can one man fight alone? Far worse.or runners.<br> Prince Rhombur Vernius.<br> Dominic Vernius.<br> Karrben Fethr.<br> C'tair Pilru. though.<br> The Folly of Imperial Politics<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % The fundamental rule of the universe is that there is no neutrality. Before Ix became a great power in the invention and manufacture of technology.<br> Karrben Fethr.<br> Crown Prince Raphael Corrino.At heart we are all travelers -.<br> Swordmaster Friedre Ginaz<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Fate and Hope only rarely speak the same language. Othe rs are just lost. But t he path we travel makes all the difference.<br> Incoherence of the Philosophers<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Justice? Who asks for justice in a universe crawling with inequity?<br> Lady Helena Atreides.

what it needs of you.<br> autobiography (unfinished)<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Survival demands vigor and fitness.<br> Emperor Fondil III. Time passes slowly. or simply what you want to hear.<br> Lady Shando Vernius<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % There are those who envy their lords.<b r> Fremen Wisdom<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Before allowing yourself to celebrate. We know not what they do in private. you must understand their passionate need for war. we know not what motivates them. You mus t learn what your world asks of you. we need to see beyond the wreck age to the magnificence that once was.<br> Private Report to the Emperor (unsigned)<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % The conquerors despise the conquered for allowing themselves to be beaten. Such people do not understan d how difficult a task it can be for a ruler to make simple decisions. and an understanding of limitations. Imperial Sardaukar Commander<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % The man who sees an opportunity and does nothing is asleep with his eyes open. Each organism plays i ts part in keeping the ecosystem operational. Each has its niche. though hope endures . ready access to melange.<br> Count Hasimir Fenring.<br> Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV. When you govern men of mi litary temper. and chaos are persistent principles of the universe.<br> Advisor to Fondil III (no name given)<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % . "The Hunter"<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> <br> % There are obvious pressures of working in an environment where one isn't likely to survive even the smallest mistake. more than a lifetime. Even so. written in exile<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Waiting.% Error. accident.<br> fragment from his secret journals<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Making a sport of war is a move toward sophistication.<br> Imperial Historical Annals<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % There is much of ruin in everyday life.<br> C'tair Pilru. mem berships in the Landsraad.<br> Imperial Planetologist Liet-Kynes<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % The Tleilaxu are vile creatures who crawled from the darkest depths of the gene pool.<br> The Rewards of Risk. those who long for positions of power. When will our night mare end? Each day drags on. take the time to ascertain whether good t idings are actually the truth.<br> Supreme Bashar Zum Garon. it seems.

<br> The Long Road to Salusa Secundus<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Why should we find it odd or difficult to believe that disturbances at the pinna cle of government are transmitted to the lowliest levels of society? Cynical. outpouring that has it s source in the most ancient of times . not trust .<br> Premier Ein Calimar of Richese.<br> Ecaz Memoirs<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Life improves the capacity of the environment to sustain life.<br> Imperial Planetologist Pardot Kynes<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % It is not always the same thing to be a good man and a good citizen. Ambassador-in-Exile for Ix<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % There is no mystery about the source from which love draws its savage power: It comes from the flow of Life itself -.<br> Cammar Pilru. Only those who are prepared can expect to survive. a mob to be aroused and w ielded by demagogues. with little awareness of his own strengt h. torrential.<br> Crown Prince Raphael Corrino<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % The expectation of danger leads to preparation. journal entry<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % The Emperor still speaks by the authority of the people and their elected Landsr aad. We are in the process of transforming into a military empi re.When you feel the pressures of limitations. It must teach questioning. but the great council is becoming more and more a subordinate power and the people are fast turning into an uprooted proletariat.<br> Pardot Kynes. man was a geological a nd ecological force without knowing it. It binds more energy into the system through the tremendous chemical interplay from organism to organism. I make my stand. br .<br> speech to the Landsraad<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Greatness must always be combined with vulnerability. not acceptance of stock answers. then you begin to die in a prison of your own choosing.<br> Aristotle of Old Earth<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Any training school for free citizens must begin by teaching disturst.a wild.<br> Attributed to the renegade Earl Dominic Vernius<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % For long lifetimes marked by the hulks of ruined planets.<br> Lady Jessica.<br> Archives<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % They have hindered and hunted me for the last time with their village-provost mi nds! Here.<br> Swordmaster Jool-Noret. Life makes needed nutrients more readily available.<br> Dominic Vernius.

Commander of Imperial Sardaukar Troops<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % The natural destiny of power is fragmentation. while others are pleased to call it home. but he can drown in it. with nothing more to lose.<br> Supreme Bashar Zum Garon. War has not.<br> Sister Becca the Finite<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % The intelligent machine is an evil genie.<br> Landsraad Archives<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % War has destroyed mankind's finest specimens in the past.<br> An Arrakis Primer<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % When humans created a computer with the ability to collect information and learn from it. and there it is amplified into rage. the aristocrat resists his final duty -. they signed the death warrant of mankind.<br> Planetologist Pardot Kynes.<br> Barbarossa.<br> secret journals (fragment)<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % An Emperor's slightest dislike is transmitted to those who serve him. but those written byt th . Some would consider a particular environment austere and hellish.utal hunger for power cannot be concealed. escaped from its bottle. improved the species.<br> C'tair Pilru.<br> Crown Prince Raphael Corrino<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Human comfort is relative.<br> Renegade Journals<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Inevitably. In some circu mstances.<br> Anatomy of a Rebellion<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Most histories are written by the winners of conflicts. revenge can only be achieved through time. I have been a dead man.<br> Fremen Wisdom<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % My life ended the day the Tleilaxu invaded this world. Ixian Ambassador-in-Exile.<br> Supreme Bashar Zum Garon.which is to step aside and vanish into history. Our aim has been to li mit military conflict in such a way that this does not occur.<br> classified memoirs<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Vengeance may come through complex schemes or outright aggression.<br> Earl Dominic Vernius. in th e past.<br> Speech to the Landsraad<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % A man cannot drink from a mirage.<br> Cammar Pilru.<br> Padishah Emperor Idriss I. All these years of fighti ng back.

<br> archives from Genetics to Philosophy.<br> Xavier Harkonnen.<br> address to Salusan Militia<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Is the subject or the observer the greater influence?<br> Erasmus.<br> Iblis Ginjo. Eventually humans became little more than decisionle ss robots themselves. and even manipulated. the creators did not leave enough to do for themselves.<br> .<br> Options for Total Liberation<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Humans tried to develop intelligent machines as secondary reflex systems.if they survive -.<br> charter meeting of the League of Nobles<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Logic is blind and often knows only its own past. is it not?<br> Iblis Ginjo. dehuman ized.<br> St. Augustine.<br> City of Introspection archives<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % The eyes of common perception do not see far.<br> compiled by the Sorceresses of Rossak<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Every endeavor is a game. turnin g over primary decisions to mechanical servants. not to machines. The mind orders itself. left without an understanding of their natural existence. the began to feel alienated.<br> ancient Earth philosopher<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % We learned a negative thing from computers.<br> address to Salusan Militia<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % The answer is a mirror of the question.<br> The Landscape of Humanity<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Any man who asks for greater authority does not deserve to have it. and meets resistance. Too often we make the most importa nt decisions based only on superficial information.< br> Tlaloc. though. defense and offense encompass nearly identical tacti cs. Gradually.are often more interesting.e losers -.<br> uncollated laboratory files<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % The mind commands the body and immediately it obeys. that the setting of guidelines belon gs to humans.<br> Cogitor Kwyna.<br> Rell Arkov.<br> Tercero Xavier Harkonnen.<br> Weaknesses of the Empire<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % From a certain perspective.

Even God does not attempt perfection in His creations. ourselves included.<br> Cogitor Kwyna.<br> Anonymous<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % One of the questions the Butlerian Jihad answered with violence was whether the human body is simply a machine that a man-made machine can duplicate. ignoring these precautions is an almost certain recipe for defeat. a belief that the more we develop technolo gy and the more we learn.<br> Primero Faykan Butler. with tiny flowers that are difficult to see and even more difficult to harvest. humanity with is undaunted optimi sm still manages to embroider small designs of happiness and love.<br> Tlaloc.<br> City of Introspection archives<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % There is a certain hubris to science.<b r> Abbess Livia Butler. Only mankind has such foolish arrogance.<br> uncollaborated laboratory files<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % The tapestry of the universe is vast and complex.without imparting proper value systems. Rajid Suk. Unfortunately.<br> unpublished laboratory notebooks<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Careful preparations and defenses can never guarantee victory. we transferred technical knowledg e to them -.Norma Cenva.<br> League Armada Strategy Manual<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % In the process of becoming slaves to machines.<b r> Cogitor Kwyna. However. the universe does not always heed such plans. Is it any challeng e to hurt or damage them?<br> Erasmus.<br> Dr. the better our lives will be.<br> A Time for Titans<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Opportunities are a tricky crop.<br> private journals<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Everything in the universe contains flaws.<br> Post-Trauma Analysis of the Human Species<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % We are happiest when planning our futures.<br> City of Introspection archives<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % .<br> Memoirs of the Jihad<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Humans. with infinite patterns. letting our optimism and imagination run unrestrained. are easily crushed. with such fragile physical forms. While threads of tragedy may form the primary weave. The result s of the war answered the question.

there are many.<br> Zufa Cenva.<br> A Time for Titans<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Mind rules the universe. some provide funds. every person claims to contribute to the effort.<br> early planning for the Jihad<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Each of us influences the actions of the people we know.Overly organized research is confining.<br> Primero Faykan Butler.<br> letter to Lord Niko Bludd<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Only those with narrow minds fail to see that the definition of Impossible is 'L ack of imagination and incentive.<br> comment to his men<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Think of war as behavior.<br > Iblis Ginjo. or of a single human life?<br> Cogitor Kwyna.<br> Xavier Harkonnen. I believe.<br> The Rossak Weapon<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Mathematical answers are not always expressed numerically.'<br> Serena Butler<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Religion.<br> General Agamemnon. brings down empires. and guaranteed to produce nothing new.<br> lecture to Sorceresses<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Regrets.<br> Tlaloc.<br> Memoirs<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Survivors learn to adapt.<br> City of Introspection archives<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % All men are not created equal. Some give lip service. rotting them from within. and that is the root of social unrest. How does on calculate the worth of humanity. time and time again. This. but few are willing to sacrifice everything. We must make certain it is the Human mind.<b r> Tio Holtzman. is why we have been unable to defeat the thinking machines.<br> Serena Butler. rather than the Machine version.<br> Zufa Cenva.<br> unpublished memoirs<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % In times of war. and I have my share.<br> Memoirs of the Jihad<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> .

<br> address to League Parliament<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % There is no limit to my potential.<br> Tlaloc. the stronger species invariably wins.<br> repeated eulogy speech phrase<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Nothing is permanent.<br> secret Omnius data bank. while others are freely given.<br> debriefing files<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Even the expected can be a terrible shock when we have been holding on to thread s of hope. weak.<br> Bovko Manresa. strong.<br> laboratory notes<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % People require continuity. They do not understand what humans re ally are.<br> military address<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Some lives are taken. intelligent.<br> Xavier Harkonnen. damaged files<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Risk diminishes as our belief in fellow human beings rises. with his personality dependent upon the proximity of other members of the species and the pressures exerted by them. poor.<br> Vorian Atreides.<br> Cogitor saying<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % There is always a way out.<br> First Viceroy of the League of Nobles<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Over the course of history.<br> Iblis Ginjo.<br> Serena Butler.% I don't believe there is such a thing as a "lost cause" -.<br> Xavier Harkonnen<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Whether we are rich. the thinking ma chines treat us as nothing more than meat.<br> A Time for Titans<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % .<br> Erasmus.only those without su itably dedicated followers.<br> early planning for the Jihad<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % The psychology of the human animal is malleable.<br> Zufa Cenva. or stupid. I am capable of encompassing an entire univer se. if you can recognize it.

<br> Erasmus Dialogues<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % One direction is as good as another. sometimes deluding ourselves that the grid is the universe.<br> Cogitor Eklo. with despotism on one end and slavery on the other.<br> Beyond the Human Mind<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % I fear that Norma will never amount to anything.<br> Zufa Cenva<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Intuition is a function by which humans see around corners.<br> Lives of the Titans<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Why do humans spend so much time worrying about what they call "moral issues"? I t is one of the many mysteries of their behavior.<br> Erasmus.<br> Cogitor Kwyna.<br> Options for Total Liberation<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Our appetite encompasses everything.<br> Cogitor Eklo of Earth<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % .<br> Observations from a Height of a Thousand Years<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % There is a certain malevolence about the formation of social orders.<br> Erasmus.<br> saying of the Open Land<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Time depends on the position of the observer and the direction in which he looks .<br> Weaknesses of the Empire<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % There is no clear division between Gods and Men -. It is useful for per sons who live exposed to dangerous natural conditions. How does that reflect on me and my own legacy to humanity.<br> Reflections on Sentient Biologicals<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % The universe is a playground of improvisation -.<br> Iblis Ginjo.<br> Juno.The future? I hate it because I will not be there.<br> Tlaloc.one blends softly casual into the other.<br> City of Introspection archives<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Assumptions are a transparent grid through which we view the universe. a profound struggle.it follows no external pattern. <br> Cogitor Reticulus.

<br> Holtzman.<br> Annals of the Army of the Jihad<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % . Key questions are not asked.if we deny emotion.<br> A Time for Titans<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % In warfare there are countless factors that cannot be predicted. is also capable of ho lding together what might otherwise fall asunder.this. They do things for themselves and then attempt to conceal their motivations through elaborate subterfuges. In the heat of battle.<br> Anatomy of a Rebellion<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Religion.<br> Norma Cenva. And if we dare deny the flesh. we cannot reflect upon what we touch. until it was too late for us.<br> Tlaloc. or my error.<br> Cogitors.<br> unpublished laboratory notebooks<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % The mind imposes an arbitrary framework called "reality. But we shall gain his enduring humanity if we deny our whole being -. and flesh.Conflict prolonged over an extended period tends to be self-perpetuating and can easily plunge out of control. too.<br> Primero Vorian Atreides.<br> Livia Butler. War has also been the breeding ground f or some of our greatest dreams and accomplishments.<br> Vorian Atreides. If we deny emotion.<br> slave pen notes<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % In surviving. I did not realize my h ubris.<br> private journals<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Humans are survivors. often considered a divisive force among peoples.<br> acceptance speech.<br> Barbarossa. By denying thou ght.<br> Erasmus. Un examined assumptions abound. and which do no t depend upon the quality of military command. Gift-giving is a prime example of behavior that is secretly selfish.<br> Turning Points in History<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % As if to balance the pain and suffering. we unw heel the vehicle that carries us all. we lose all touch with our universe.<br> Fundamental Postulate<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Believing in an "intelligent" machine engenders misinformation and ignorance." which is quite indepen dent of what the senses report. must be. heroes eme rge. thought.warm and filled with beauty -. shall our humanity endure? That which makes life sweet for the liv ing -. sometimes from the most unlikely of sources. Poritrin Medal of Valor<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Science: The creation of dilemmas by the solution of mysteries.

but we also have priorities." said Shaitan.<br> Iblis Ginjo.Of all the subjects of human behavior.<br> notes in the margin of a stolen notebook<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % "Systematic" is a dangerous word.<br> Observations from a Height of a Thousand Years<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % We have our lives.<br> Cogitor Reticulus.<br> lecture to Sorceresses<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % It seems as if some perverse sorcerer set out to foul up a planet as much as pos sible and then seeded it with melange for a prize.<br> Erasmus.<br> Zufa Cenva.don't wear it like a yoke around your neck.<br> Fundamental Postulate<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Often people die because they are too cowardly to live.<br> Ruminations on Things Lost<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Talk is based on the assumption that you can get somewhere if you keep putting o ne word after another.<br> coded diary (partially destroyed)<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Learn from the past -." <br> Buddislamic Sutra<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % .<br> Reflections on Sentient Biologicals<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Consciousness and logic are not reliable standards.<br> Tlaloc. Systems originate with th eir human creators.<br> Tio Holtzman.<br> acceptance speech for Poritrin Medal of Glory<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % PSYCHOLOGY: The science of inventing words for things that do not exist.<br> Cogitors.<br> Tio Holtzman.<br> Tuk Keedair. a dangerous concept.<br> correspondence with Aurelius Venport<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % "I am not evil. Systems take over.<br> A Time for Titans<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % The God of Science can be an unkind deity.<b r> Cogitor Eklo. Too many people fail to recogniz e the difference. two are most storied: warfare and love. "Do not try to label what you do not understand.

This is how I wish to be remembered. Light clings to d arkness.Owing to the seductive nature of machines. we assume that technological advances are always improvements and always beneficial to humans.<br> Xavier Harkonnen.<br> Erasmus. It is only a matter of t ime.<br> Norma Cenva.<br> Cogitor Eklo of Earth<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Fanaticism is always a sign of repressed doubt.<br> Vorian Atreides. I am a man of honor. but clings to the burning object.<br> comment to his men<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Fire has no form of its own.<br> Iblis Ginjo. redoubling its efforts when it has forgotten it s aim. an infinite number of realms into whic h their species may enter. and a lower limit to th e stupidity of humans?<br> Bovko Manresa. Under su ch a scenario.<br> First Viceroy of the League of Nobles<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Humans deny a continuum of possibilities.<br> saying of Ancient Earth<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Is there an upper limit to the intelligence of machines. under the guise of benefitting humankind.<br> Millennial Observations<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> .<br> Memoirs of the Jihad<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % It's not my problem. is a dangerous force that oft en tampers with natural processes without recognizing the consequences.<br> Primero Faykan Butler.human or machine -.<br> Cogitor philosophy<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Science: Lost it its own mythos. mass destruction is inevitable.<br> The Landscape of Humanity<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % The darkness of humanity's past threatens to eclipse the brightness of its futur e.<br> unpublished laboratory notebooks<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Whatever has form -.has mortality.<br> Cogitor Reticulus.<br> Turning Points in History<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Science.<br> notes on human nature<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Above all.

<br> Reflections on Sentient Biologicals<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Patience is a weapon best wielded by one who knows his specific target.<br> Options for Total Liberation<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Greed.<br> Beyond the Human Mind<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Most traditional governements divide people.hinges upon e pochal events. setting them against each other to weaken the society and make it governable. anger.<br> Erasmus. making them do things they would never imagine themselves capable of. and the energy hidden in it.<br> Imperial Ecological Survey of Arrakis.must have an outlet.<br> .<br> Bovko Manresa.call it love.<br> Cogitor Eklo of Earth. resilient. ancient records<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Mother and child: An enduring.for water. and ignorance poison life.<br> First Viceroy of the League of Nobles<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Is religion real if it costs nothing and carries no risk?<br> Iblis Ginjo.<br> Cogitor Kwyna. E xistence depends upon some kind of movement: you move. The energy -.% Animals must move across land to survive -.<br> Iblis Ginjo. To endure. or any number of terms -. and dive rsified. without understanding its inherent limitations. religious.<br> Options for Total Liberation<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % One of the greatest problems in our universe is how to control procreation.<br> Pitcairn Narakobe. for minerals. for food. or the land kills you whe re you stand. or military -. Bottle it up and it g ets very dangerous. You can drag humans around by this energy.<br> Serena Butler<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Monoliths are vulnerable.<br> Tlaloc. lust.<br> note in the margin of a stolen notebook<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Precision. one must remain mobile.<br> Iblis Ginjo. is useless. but ultimately mysterious image of humanity.<br> Weaknesses of the Empire<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Life is the sum of the forces that resist death.<br> City of Introspection archives<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Every large-scale movement -.political.

sometimes you don't.<br> Erasmus.<br> Iblis Ginjo. But they couldn't help themselves.<br> Serena Butler<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Human beings rely upon their brethren.<br> Imperial Ecological Survey of Arrakis. anyway.<br> .<br> ancient records (researcher uncredited)<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % My copilot thinks of the human female constantly. then do we only imagine the truth? No! By following our dreams we make our own truths!<br> The Legend of Selim Wormrider<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % There is no place in all the universe as inviting as home and the comfortable re lationships there.<br> Anatomy of a Rebellion<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Aristotle raped reason.we cannot call forth water from stone not at an economic al rate. that peace can exist in the total absence of war.<br> Omnius databank entry<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Humans were foolish to build their own competitors with an intelligence equivale nt to their own. or that joy is totally removable from unhappines s.<br> file from Corrin-Omnius update<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Life is a banquet of unexpected flavors.<br> Options for Total Liberation<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % There is an infinite variety of machine and biological relationships. or that life can be underst ood without death. They can also be disadvantages. These are advantages of machines: reliability and a complete lack of guile.League Worlds Study of Conflict<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % We are not like Moses -. He implanted in the dominant schools of philosophy the a ttractive belief that there can be discrete separation between mind and body.<br> Corrin Notes<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % If life is but a dream.<br> log entry submitted to Omnius<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Machines possess something humans will always lack: infinite patience and the lo ngevity that supports it. Th is led quite naturally to corollary delusions such as the one that power can be understood without applying it. Sometimes you like the taste. and are frequently disappointed by them.<br> Barbarossa. but thus far it does not seem to have distracted him from his duties.<br> Seurat. I will watch him carefully for signs of trouble.

<br> Iblis Ginjo. but we are also reliable.<br> Erasmus. humans change their beliefs and their loyalties with remarkable. The be reaved mother struck out at the nonhuman machinery that had caused the senseless death. An infant was killed. the violence was in the hands of the extended mob and became known as a jihad. Instead.<br> Memoirs of the Jihad<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % The far-reaching demands of religion must accord with the macrocosmic requiremen ts of the smallest community. a ny other hopes so bright?<br> Serena Butler<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % The Butlerian Jihad arose from just such stupidity. but from ourselves.Erasmus.<br> A Time for Titans<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % My definition of an army? Why.<br> Tlaloc.<br> Anatomy of a Rebellion<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Technology should have freed mankind from the burdens of life.one th at only became apparent after machines took over every aspect of their lives.<br> Erasmus Dialogues<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Is there any greater joy than to return home? Are any other memories so vivid. The difficulties stem not from our hardware or softwa re.<br> unpublished laboratory notes<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Quite obviously.<br> Barbarossa.<br> Anatomy of a Rebellion<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Creativity follows its own rules. humankind created a weapon of mass destruction -.<br> Memoirs<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % The logic which is sound for a finite system is not necessarily sound for an inf . Conversely. and distressing. tame killers. our problems do not come from what we invent.<br> The Landscape of Humanity<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Without recognizing it. ease.<br > Barbarossa.<br> Primero Faykan Butler.<br> Norma Cenva. it creat ed new ones. Soon.<br> Reflections on Sentient Biologicals<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Machines may be predictable. of course!<br> General Agamemnon. but from how we u se our sophisticated toys.

<br> Serena Butler<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % The weakness of thinking machines is that they actually believe all the informat ion they receive. somet imes she could not distinguish night from day. like living things. Humankind faces multiple possible futures.inite universe.<br> Primero Vorian Atreides. she would have cared . many of which hinge on seemingly inconsequential events.<br> secret records (from the Omnius databank)<br> Dune: The Butlerian Jihad<br> % Human life is not negotiable. Theories. because she was capable of journeyin g across an entire universe in her mind.<br> Primero Xavier Harkonnen. you must first define your enemie s and your allies. and react accordingly. her biographers would argue over her mental powers.<br> Was her brain physically capable of assembling huge quantities of data and using that information to identify large-scale events and complex trends? Or was it i nstead some inexplicable extrasensory phenomenon that enabled her to exceed the thinking capacities of any person who had lived before her? Or of any thinking m achine?<br> Generations later. or one place from another. We are disposing of the things that are destroying us as humans.<br> acceptance speech for Poritrin Medal of Valor<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> #<br> Though Norma Cenva saw great revelations in the intricacies of the cosmos. Perhap s she did not need to identify such things.<br> Cogitor Kwyna.<br> fourth debriefing interview with League Armada<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % In order to understand the meaning of victory. do not always scale up.<br> The Muadru Chronicles<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % One can compare this new Jihad to a necessary editing process.<br> strategy lectures<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % There is no such thing as the future.<br> General Agamemnon. Realistically.<br> Vorian Atreides.<br> Erasmus.<br> City of Introspection Archives<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % A human lifespan is not always sufficient for a person to achieve greatness. but Norma herself might not have resolved the debate.<br> Evermind Nevermore<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Invention is an art form. To counter this.<br> Tio Holtzman. some of us have siezed more time for ourselves.<br> Memoirs<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Here is where the analytical power of the thinking machines fails them: they bel ieve they have no weaknesses.

<br> Cogitor Kwyna.<br> A Saying of Old Earth<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % A tool wielded in ignorance can become the most dangerous of weapons.<br> Swordmaster Jav Barri<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Those who refuse to fight against thinking machines are traitors to the human ra ce.<br> Cogitors.to our eternal sorrow.<br> Lectures to Sorceress Trainees"<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % The more I study the phenomenon of human creativity.<br> Primero Xavier Harkonnen.<br> Erasmus.less about how her brain worked than she cared about the actual performance of her mind and the incredible results of its inquiries.<br> The Art of Agression<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % We are fools to think the battle is ever over.<br> Fundamental Postulate<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % With all the artillery.<br> The scoundrel puts himself ahead of humanity. A defeated foe can delude us into letting down our guard... but is critical for us to under stand. thinking machines are doomed. Their whole process of innovation is elusive.<br> "Norma Cenva and the Spacing Guild.<br> The fool refuses to see necessity.<br> "On-Site Military Dispatches"<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Secrets give birth to more secrets. The victorious leaders harness the holy energy of collective insan ity. If we fail in this endeavor. ships.<br> "On-Site Military Dispatches"<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % There are a million ways to ask the same question. Those who do not use every possible weapon are fools.<br> A Saying of Arrakis<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Unfortunately. the more mysterious it seem s.<br> Primero Xavier Harkonnen. some wars are won by the side that is the most fanatical in a rel igious sense. and manpower in the military.<br> . our commanders ofte n forget that ideas can be the greatest weapons of all.<br> Zufa Cenva.<br> The Zenshiites are all these things."<br> a confidential Guild memorandum<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % The coward will not fight. and a million ways to answer it.<br> Cogitor Kwyna<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Even victories take their toll on a man.

Philosophies are distinct reasons for war. Even before this Jihad. death. thinking machines can be confused in many different ways..<br> Evermind Nevermore<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Human beings can always improve themselves. and secrets.. It happened! Wh y do you think the computer became anathema?<br> Serena Butler.<br> Zimia Rallies<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % There is a certain momentum to victory.<br> Erasmus.<br> Reflections on Sentient Biologicals<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % He who strikes fastest strikes twice.<br> Memoirs Without Shame<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % The army fosters technology.<br> Primero Vorian Atreides.<br> Reflections on the Jihad<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Thoughts become weapons.until I find a way to mimic all of their senses. one man alone co uld create and apply enough violence to ravage an entire planet.<br> Statement of anti-Jihad protestor<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Beware of well-meaning friends.<br> Vorian Atreides.and to defeat.<br> Swordmaster Jav Barri<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Words are magic.<br> Cogitor Kwyna.laboratory notes<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % For all their computerized precision. An d sensibilities.. and technology breeds anarchy because it distribute s the terrible machines of destruction. Good intenti ons are the most destructive aresenal of all.<br> Memoirs<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % There is a time to attack and a time to wait..<br> City of Introspection Archives<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % It is better to be envied than pitied.<br> Options for Total Liberation<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % War: A manufactory that produces desolation.<br> Zufa Cenva.<br> General Agamemnon.<br> From a Corrin-Omnius update<br> . This is one of the advantages they h ave over thinking machines. They can be as dangerous as enemies.<br> Iblis Ginjo.

<br> Reflections on Sentient Biologicals<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Through his mind and senses.what a supreme challenge t hat would be!<br> Erasmus.<br> Swordmaster Jav Barri<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Vermin breed vermin.<br> Renegade Journals<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % War brings out the worst in human nature. the human anticipates bits and pieces of the realit y to come.and regenerating.. and for the most part I have only discovered the shallow... these humans. we have a formidable en emy. Even when one thinks it has bee n wiped out. and to an extent I have climbed inside their collective skin.<br > General Agamemnon.<br> . or even comprehending how it works. private analyses<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Nothing is ever ast it seems. mysterious cre atures. In a sense that has been the goal of my human experime nts all along. talk.<br> Jihad Datafiles<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % How interesting it would be if I could upload and share information from sentien t biological life.<br> Omnius. When the huma n mind is combined with this ultimate survival instinct. one might think religion would have prolife rated. all owing me to think as they think. But humans have shallow and deep levels of thou ght and of behavior.<br> Norma Cenva.each requiring a different key.<br> Omnius.Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Biological life is an insidious... We must not fail to sieze our opportunities. powerful force.<br> Iblis Ginjo. With appropriate equations I can prove this. Not so. thinking machines can never come close to achieving this. E ach locked psychic door that I finally open reveals another locked door. and ano ther.<br> Titan Hecate. So much investigative effor t and useless conjecture would be saved. schemes.<br> Mathematical Philosophies<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % I have done grand things in my life.. and another. But somehow I have never found a home or a true love..<br> Jihad Datafiles<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Plans. and the best. because I could spend time deep inside the minds of my subjects. it has a way of concealing itself. battle logs<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % With the diversification of mankind..It seems we spend all our lives in discussion and virtual ly no time in meaningful action. far beyond the aspirations of most men. Despite endless calculations. like computers transferring data. To construct one from scratch. Such complex. There are not nearly as many gods as there once were--just more w ays to worship.

She nearly succeeded in this.<br> Erasmus Dialogues<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % How many opportunities do we miss in our lifetimes? Can we even identify all of them later. the paucity of l ife in that vast space becomes an overwhelming reality.<br> A Saying of Old Earth<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Neither violence nor submission will aid our plight.< br> Erasmus. for I almost forgot ab out Serena..<br> private letter to Serena Butler<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Octa tried to make me stop believing in the destiny of love.<br> Reflections on Sentient Biologicals<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Anyone can be brought down.<br > Tio Holtzman. assimi lating vast amounts of data. to her sons<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Pain is always more intense than pleasure. I am just curious by nature.and more memorable. But I do n ot mean them to be that way.<br> letter to Lord Niko Bludd<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Since there has been no upload linkage between me and the evermind for decades. th ey construct great edifices around their actions in an attempt to conceal this.<br> Reminiscences<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % We can study every scrap of detail about the long march of human history.<br> Titan Hecate<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Individually and collectively. Omnius does not know my thoughts.<br> Primero Xavier Harkonnen. It is only a matter of figuring out how to do it. We must be greater than eit her alternative. is it so difficult for thinking machines to learn from it? Consider this as well: Why do humans repeat the mistakes of th eir ancestors?<br> Erasmus. that there was only one person for each of us. It is from this basic aw areness that life learns to help life.<br> Naib Ishmael.<br> Leronica Tergiet.<br> Fresh Interpretation of the Koran Sutras<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % .Primero Vorian Atreides.. thinking back? This is a lesson too many of us do not learn until it is too late. Why then. which might be considered disloyal. humans are driven by sexual energy.<br> Reflections on Sentient Biologicals<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % When you become aware of the volume of the universe around you. Curiously.

<br> note in the margin of a stolen notebook<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Loyalty cannot be programmed. Time simply runs out for the observer. Through our careful breeding progra m. or there will be a crash. Buddallah m ay surprise us.<br > File from Corrin-Omnius update<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % A toast to lost friends. with exqu isite internal parts and shimmering exterior surfaces. all those we did not appreciate in th eir lifetimes. Considering such beauty a nd perfection. a call to prayer<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Every plan has its own monkey wrench.<br> Ancient aphorism<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % A thinking machine cannot be hurt. from the moment of birth to the moment of death. we must never abandon hope. I fail to comprehend why Erasmus is so fascinated with humans. Even under the harshest circum stances. or manipulated.<br> The Legend of Selim Wormrider<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Humans are slaves to their mortality.<br> Tlaloc. there may be ways to enhance this characteristic. private update logs<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Leadership hides behind many guises. victory and defeat are a matter of yo ur own careful--or reckless--choices. Ultimately.<br> Caladan drinking song<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % A ship cannot proceed toward its destination with two pilots struggling for the controls.<br> Weaknesses of the Empire<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % There are no closed systems.<br> Naib Ishmael.<br> 59th Lecture to Sorceresses<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % . bribed.Select your battles carefully. The mechanisms are pure and clean. we invariably find ways to survive.<br> Options for Total Liberation<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Human beings are the most adaptable of creatures. One or the other must gain the upper hand quickly.<br> Iblis Ginjo.<br> Iblis Ginjo. Mac hines never turn on their own kind. tortured.<br> Tlulaxa religious passage<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % No matter how bleak our situation seems.<br> Zufa Cenva.<br> Seurat. forgotten allies. killed.

<br> General Agamemnon. no even from hour to hour. our daily activities are the main course. and parents who were not genetically related to the children under their care. No two moments are ever exactly alike in any respect.<br> Serena Butler.<br> Serena Butler.<br> Jihad Manifesto<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Is it human to say that no one understands me? This is one of many things I have learned from them.<br> Erasmus Dialogues<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % It is a stark fact of human existence that relationships change. I never understood the full significance of such relationships until I began to work with Gilbertus Albans. alterations and adjustments that must be taken into account.<br> Echoes of the Jihad<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Opportunities may arise in an instant.<br> Erasmus Dialogues<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Some miracles are only nightmares in disguise. We must always be prepared to seize what is ours. or they may develop for a thousand years.<br> Swordmaster Zon Noret<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Loose ends have a way of strangling you. and dessert is composed of our dreams.<br> Mathematical Philosophies<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % When the observer truly believes the illusion.Life is about choices--good and bad--and their cumulative effects.<br> Observations<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Unreliable allies are no better than enemies. our ow n control. There are always suitable varianc es.<br> General Agamemnon. I have encountered nontraditional families .<br> General Agamemnon. Alas. Nothing is ever completely stable.<br> New Memoirs<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % At one time I thought cruelty and malice were only human traits.<br> Turning Points in History<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % In the banquet of life.<br> New Memoirs<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % In my investigation of human culture.<br> Norma Cenva. it seems that the thinking machines have learned to imitate us.<br> Serena Butler. it becomes real.<br> .<br> Vorian Atreides. We prefer our independence.

<br> Serena Butler. live up to the expectations others ha ve of me. he fills it and re ceives a substantial benefit.<br> Logs of Swordmaster Trainees<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Sometimes the line between bravery and recklessness is indistinguishable. but that is only one dim ension. If I were recruit ing Jihad soldiers.<br> Chirox.<br> Zufa Cenva. Yes. is an opportunist.<br> Thoughts from Isolated Objectivity<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % The military commander who fails to seize an opportunity is guilty of a crime eq ual to outright cowardice.<br> A Saying of Old Earth<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % There is a fine line between life and death. The man who understands this is most willing to take great risks. the human bein g is only a missed heartbeat or a gasping breath away from eternal darkness. but for the subject of the legend himself.<br> . espec ially the one who survives.<br> Recollections of the Jihad<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % The flesh man not be excused from the laws of matter. but the mind is not so fet tered. Thoughts transcend the physics of the brain.<br> Cogitor Vidad. Seeing a need. I would teach this and exploit it to the maximum.<br> Zufa Cenva.<br> Zimia Rallies<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Human societies thrive on warfare.<br> New Memoirs<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % In wartime we are often asked to give more than we possess. Take that element away. perhaps. uncollated laboratory files<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % A legend can be an educational tool and a great danger--not only for its followe rs.<br> General Agamemnon. At any given moment.The New Golden Age<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % I feel I can do anything--except. you say. and the only guarantee in death is its shoc king unpredictability. Even dead heroes receive a benefit. the one seen by most people and chronicled in the history crystals. he must be swept up in an epic ti de of events that enables him to ride the crest of a human wave.<br> Erasmus Dialogues<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % What makes a great hero? Selfless action. Circ umstances must be right for a hero to operate. The hero.<br> The Legend of Selim Wormrider<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % The only guarantee in life is death. and civilizations sta gnate.<br> Erasmus.

Why must Duty and Love tug in opposite directions?<br> Primero Vorian Atreides.<br> Titan Xerxes. private logs<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Of all the weapons that we utilize in war. unreleased<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Heroes sometimes do their greatest works after they are dead. How am I to know the difference. last message to Xavier Harkonnen<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % I control the manner in which I live my life. T his life is a gift.<br> City of Introspection Archives<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % My heart is stretched and pulled in so many ways.<br> Cogitor Vidad.<br> Zimia Rallies<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Better that the mainspring of this religious insanity is not wound all the way u p. and I see reality.<br> Serena Butler. not yet.<br> Serena Butler. for I was fortunate to have been born in the first place.<br> Primero Xavier Harkonnen. another hour. Time is potentially the most effectiv e--and the least under our control.<br> A Millennium of Fulfillment<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Once I thought we should end this Jihad at all costs--but some costs are simply too high. So many major events could have changed if o nly there had been another day. How history remembers me is anothe r matter altogether. and was never really mine at all.Recollections of the Jihad<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Sometimes a lover's gift is even sweeter when he cannot be there to offer it in person. VenKee Enterprises<br> .<br> Cogitor Kwyna.<br> Aurelius Venport.<br> Serena Butler. The universe is not ready for such a loud ticking. even another minute. regardless of what motives lie in a person's heart.<br> Leronica Tergiet<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % I see visions. It is time.<br> Thoughts from Isolated Objectivity<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Valor is defined by valiant deeds. letter to his daughters<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % I do not fear death. draft proclamation. when the whol e future of Arrakis is at stake?<br> The Legend of Selim Wormrider<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % We have waited long enough.<br> private administrative testament.

<br> Cogitor Kwyna. and lives resurrected. The worst is to fade away without purpose. things no person should ever learn how to do.<br> Swordmaster Jav Barri<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Time. considering it a boon to th e species.<br> Dr. letter to Vorian Atreides<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Time is essential. with an uncertain outcome.<br> .<br> Primero Xavier Harkonnen. private lab journals<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % There are countless ways to die.<br> Battlefield Notebooks<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % The mind is a crazy thing.<br> City of Introspection Archives<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % True creation.<br> Reflections on Sentient Biologicals<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % I do not give a damn about history.<br> The Landscape of Humanity<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % The beginning of healing is to enlist the recuperative powers of the body--wheth er it is the body invidually and physically. I will do what is right. Evolution and experience take the original product far from its origin .<br> Serena Butler. eventually becomes independent of its creator. last message to Xavier Harkonnen<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % In war. We always have too little. private letter to Vorian Atreides<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Humankind has always sought more and more knowledge.<br> Graffiti outside the Central Spire of Corrin<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % We must resist the temptation to manipulate the universe.<br> Iblis Ginjo.<br> Primero Xavier Harkonnen.<br> Erasmus. especially in pulling off the element of surprise.<br> Vorian Atreides. Rajid Suk. or its various social and political forms.<br> Norma Cenva.<br> Cogitor Kwyna.<br> City of Introspection Archives<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % My greatest mistake was in believing that I made my own decisions. the sort that interests me. there are more ways to lose than there are to win. Even the most perceptive man can fail to see the puppet strings that control him.Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % We carry graveyards in our souls. or too much--never just enough. But there are exceptions to this.

<br> From the Instruction Manual: Missionaria Protectiva<br> Children of Dune<br> % Governments. I will face my fear. It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible. private logs<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % I must not fear. oligarchs o f financial empires. only females understand the ancient mysteries. if they endure. government tends more and more to act exclusively in the intere sts of the ruling class -. . religious talismans protect one fro m demon possession. virtue always triumphs.Memoirs Without Shame<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % In my dreams I hear the long-ago whisper of Caladan seas. any bad human can be reformed. disastrous during crises. They refuse to see that they can create some of their own luck. Wh ere the fear has gone there will be nothing.<br> Litany Against Fear<br> Dune<br> % These are illusions of popular history which a successful religion must promote: Evil men never prosper. you believe their hidden arguments. Such assumptions are often full of holes.<br> The Open-Ended Proof from The Panoplia Prophetica<br> Children of Dune<br> % Those who would repeat the past must control the teaching of history. honesty is the best po licy. Fear is the little-death that brings t otal obliteration. When you belie ve something is right or wrong. only the brave deserve the fair. always tend increasingly toward aristocratic forms. A peril ous state of affairs in the best of times. Otherwise. far from the Jihad. The ob ject can be stated this way: Live the best life you can. Life is a game whose ru les you learn if you leap into it and play it to the hilt. Only I will remain. you believe the assumptions in th e words which express the arguments. continually surprised by the shifting play.<br> Darwi Odrade<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % All governments suffer a recurring problem: Power attracts pathological personal ities. I will permit it to pass over me and thr ough me.<br> Bene Gesserit Coda<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Confine yourself to observing and you always miss the point of your life. you are ca ught off balance.<br> Primero Vorian Atreides. And as the arist ocracy develops. true of false. or entrenched bureaucracy. Caladan is far. the rich are doomed to unhappiness. Non-players often whine and complain that luck always passes them by.<br> Politics as Repeat Phenomenon:<br> Bene Gesserit Training Manual<br> Children of Dune<br> % If you believe certain words. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. like ghostly memories beckoning me back there. a good deed is it s own reward. actions speak louder than words.whether that class be hereditary royalty. Fear is the mind-killer. No government in history has been known to evade this pattern.<br> Bene Gesserit Coda<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Rules build up fortifications behind which small minds create satrapies. b ut remain most precious to the convinced.

If it tastes bitter. Otherwise.<br> Bene Gesserit Commentary<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % A major concept guides the Missionaria Protectiva: Purposeful instruction of the masses.<br> Bene Gesserit Coda<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % We do not teach history. All patterned behavior tends to go unquest ioned. a condition to which t hey are quickly addicted. Fanatics know where you stand. This is firmly seated in our belief that the aim of argument should be to change the nature of truth. In such matters. Oppose a religion with another religion only if your proofs (miracles) are irrefutable or if you can mesh in a way that the fanatics accept you as god-inspired.<br> Darwi Odrade<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % No sweeteners will cloak some forms of bitterness. We follow the chain of cons equences -. must reco gnize who whispers in your ear. If it imitates a dream.<br> Missionaria Protectiva Primary Teaching<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % .<br> Bene Gesserit Panoplia Propheticus<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % All states are abstractions.<br> The Coda<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % The best art imitates life in a compelling way. Look behind our words and you see the broad sweep of social behavior that no historian has ever touched. This is the fine p oint on which all the legal professions of history have based their job security . Codes a nd manuals create patterned behavior. spit it out. there is no place where we can connect.<br> The Coda<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Enter no conflict against fanatics unless you can defuse them. This has long be en the barrier to science assuming a mantle of divine revelation.<br> Darwi Odrade<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Give me the judgment of balanced minds in preference to laws every time.the tracks of the beast in its forest. we recreate the experience. we prefer the use of power rathe r than force. it must be a dream of life. Science is so obviously man-made.<br> Missionaria Protectiva<br> Text QIV (decto)<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Laws to suppress tend to strengthen what they would prohibit. gathering destructive momentum.Such people have a tendency to become drunk on violence. That's what our earliest ancestors did.<br> Bene Gesserit Archives<br> Octun Politicus<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Do not depend only on theory if your life is at stake. but more important. Our plugs don't fit.

And always an unspoken co mmandment: Thou shalt not question! We break that commandment daily in the harne ssing of human imagination to our deepest creativity. Diaries. Allow for surprises. Energy spent on weaklings drags you to doom. Intelligence takes chance with limited data in an arena where mistakes are no t only possible but also necessary.Chenoeh there in her niche. You depend on reports.<br> Darwi Odrade<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Making workable choices occurs in a crucible of informative mistakes.We witness a passing phrase of eternity. all things that might life the m out of resentment-filled illusions of security<br> Alma Mavis Taraza<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % . Be cautious. pronouncements made in search of per sonal power. that is t he moment you can be crushed. The closest thing we have to a household goddess is a failed Reverend Mother -. And when absolute (infallible) choices are not know n.a meaningless aphorism until y ou grasp its other significance: I am the servant of all my Sisters.<br> Darwi Odrade<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % When you think to take determination of your fate into your own hands. You are not present at episodes. Archives are crammed with such suspect stuff<br> Darwi Odrade<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Spend energies on those who make you strong. I cannot spend too much time on generalities n or on trivia. Life happens to them.<br> Darwi Odrade<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % We tend to become like the worst in those we oppose.<br> Darwi Odrade<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Some never participate. Accidents intervene. They get by on little more than du mb persistence and resist with anger or violence. Mother Superior must display insightful action else a sense of dis quiet penetrates to the farthest corners of our order. And people shutter their minds. there are always other forces at work.<br> Bene Gesserit Coda<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Religion (emulation of adults by the child) encysts past mythologies: guesses. Thus Intel ligence accepts fallibility. When we create. Important things happen but some people never notice. all mingled with shreds of enlightenment. h idden assumptions of trust in the universe. They watch their servant with critical eyes. me moirs and autobiographies are subjective forms of special pleading.<br> Bene Gesserit Credo<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % They say Mother Superior can disregard nothing -. digested and excreted by p rejudice? Accounts you need seldom come from those who make history. What good are reports? History in a news account? Preselected at an editorial conference. (HM rule) Bene Gesserit Commentary: Who judges?<br> The Dortujla Record<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Our household god is this thing we carry forward generation after generation: ou r message for humankind if it matures.

The best of all possible worlds and the wor st get their dramatic coloration from it. perpetuating Atreides (Siona) genes in our population b ecause that hides us from prescience. But whatever men can learn.<br> The Coda<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Do not be quick to reveal judgment.<br> Darwi Odrade<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> <br> % Humans are born with a susceptibility to that most persistent and debilitating d isease of intellect: self-deception. there i s no natural immunity. may be sent against th e planet. Hidden judgment often is more potent. but only within limits that experience reveals. Constant alertness is required. We carry the Kwisatz Haderach in that bag! Willfulness created Muad'dib. It is imme rsed in the illusion of absolutes. He is the secret meaning o f Free Will. They say : "We know there is no summa of all attainable knowledge. Prophets make predictions come true! Will we ever again dare ignore our Tao sense and cater to a culture that hates the chance an d begs for prophecy?<br> Archival Summary (adixto)<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Religion must be accepted as a source of energy. You just have to feel the waves. Its assumptions are a fertile ground for abso lutist religions. Furthermore. men can contain.<br> Bene Gesserit Analysis<br> Heretics of Dune<br> . A large object." Out of this knife-edged app roach to the universe they carve a fantastic belief in signs and omens and in th eir own destiny. It can guide reactions whose effects are felt only when too late to divert them.<br> Bene Gesserit Private Reports/folio 800881<br> Children of Dune<br> % The existence of no-ships raises the possiblity of destroying entire planets wit hout retaliation.<br> Darwi Odrade<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Fremen speech implies great concision. Seek discipline and find your l iberty. It can be directed for our purp oses. a precise sense of expression. These Honored Matres appear to favor th is latter technique. They confront the terrifying instability of all things with institutionalized statements. Or the people can be set against each other by sexual subversion.<br> The Coda<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % We walk a delicate line. asteroid or equivalent.<br> Missionaria Protectiva Protective Teaching<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. This is an origin of their Kralizec legend: the war at the end of the universe. Fremen are fond of moralizing. this is the preserve o f God. and then can be armed to destroy themselves. As nearly as we can determine.<br> Bene Gesserit Advice to Postulants<br> Chapterhouse: Dune<br> % There's no secret to balance.Major flaws in government arise from a fear of making radical internal changes e ven though a need is clearly seen.

<br> Conversational Record.to th em and to us all.<br> Bene Gesserit Council notes. Destroy the place and you d estroy the person. They are naturally immune to a n Ixian Probe! Secrecy at the deepest levels that is their ultimate armor and th eir ultimate weapon. Between tha . Warfare of these kinds will dump the destroyed survivors back in to an innocent population that is incapable of even imagining what such returned soldiers might do. Capital investment follows this rule.<br> Bene Gesserit Archives<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % In my estimation. predict able in a statistical way only when you employ large enough numbers. Few recognize how des tructive this can be. bec ause it is implicit in his lesson) is that they destroy all moral decency in sus ceptible types.<br> Teachings of the Golden Path. how it imposes severe limits on variability and thus makes whole populations fatally vulnerable to the shocking ways our universe can thro w the dice. This is the true threat of the Scattering -. Every Tleilaxu we have examined has hidden his inner self from us. in common with many other activities. when each knows where he belo ngs in the scheme of things and what he may achieve. Gaps occur.<br> Bene Gesserit Teaching<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % The trouble with some kinds of warfare (and be certain the Tyrant knew this. tends toward avoidance of risk s by investors. Show me someone who says.<br> BG File GSXXMAT9<br> The Reverend Mother Taraza<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % The Tleilaxu secret must be in their sperm.<br> Assessment of Ix. since people generally prefer the predictable. "Something must be done!" and I will show you a head full of vicious intentions that have no other outlet.% Humans live best when each has his place to stand.<br> Archives #SXX90CH<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % At the quantum level our universe can be seen as an indeterminate place.<br> Bene Gesserit Archives<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % Technology. Our tests prove that their sperm doe s not carry forward in a straight genetic fashion.<br> Archives Code: BTXX441WOR<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % The outer surface of a balloon is always larger than the center of the damned th ing! That's the whole point of the Scattering!<br> Bene Gesserit response to an Ixian suggestion that new investigative probes be s ent out among the Lost Ones<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % The failure of CHOAM? Quite simple: They ignore the fact that larger commercial powers wait at the edges of their activities. What we must strive for always is to find the natural flow and go with it. powers that could swallow them the way a slig swallows garbage.<br> Bene Gesserit Analysis. more misery has been created by reformers than by any other fo rce in human history. Uncertainty is ruled out if possible.

" which develop only those produc ts and ideas that can be controlled and. Who enj oys appearing inept?<br> A Guide to Trial and Error in Government. Belief structure creates a filter through which chaos is sifted into order.. especially innovation that produces better results than the old rou tines.<br> Bene Gesserit Archives<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % . The Sca ttering was wild and random movement interpreted as growth (expansion). always support strength. There was a des perate need for room to expand driven by the myth of Freedom.<br> Bene Gesserit Archives<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % Bureaucracy destroys initiative.<br> The Scattering: Bene Gesserit Analysis (Archives)<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % Quite naturally. holders of power wish to suppress wild research. Th e powerful want a "safe line of investigations.<br> Archives #X0XTM99 .041<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % What social inheritances went outward with the Scattering? We know those times i ntimately. If enough of us believe.<br> The Bene Gesserit Coda<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % The significant fact is this: No Bene Tleilax female has ever been seen away fro m the protection of their core planets. It mus t also be in the eggs that the Tleilaxu Masters conceal their most essential sec rets. This is our primary deduction."<br> Assessment of Ix. For the in-between u niverse where we find our daily lives. Unrestricted q uesting after knowledge has a long history of producing unwanted competition. (Face Dancer mules who simulate females do not count in this analysis. a new thing can be made to exist. It was g oaded by a profound fear (often unconscious) of stagnation and death. The Lost Ones took wit h them a consciousness confined mostly to manpower and hardware. a ra ndom universe full of relative variables does not insure such a "safe line of in vestigations. that which you believe is a dominant forc e. Most had not learn ed the deeper lesson of the Tyrant.<br> Analysis of the Tyrant. Your beliefs order the unfolding of daily events.) The Tleilaxu sequester their females to keep them from our hands. There is little that bureaucrats hate more than innovation. We know both the mental and physical settings. Improvements always make those at the top of the heap look inept. that violence builds its own limits. other forces come into play. Unfortunately. They cannot be breeders.t universe and a relatively predictable one where the passage of a single planet can be timed to a picosecond. Morality and legal niceties have little to do with it when the real question is: Who has the clout? <br> Bene Gesserit Council Proceedings:<br> Archives #X0X232<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % The basic rule is this: Never support weakness. that will allow the lar ger part of the benefits to be captured by inside investors. most important.<br> the Taraza file: Bene Gesserit Archives<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % Love always chooses sides on the basis of enforcement power.<br> Bene Gesserit Analysis.

see. Alternative interpretations must always receive our attention.<br> Mother Superior Taraza. Most p eople only react unconsciously to such hidden forces.<br> Darwi Odrade. They invented mystical powers to describe the unknown while they continued to operate their fo rges and wield their hammers. You can only hold them in your mind. and learns from them..<br> Mother Superior Taraza: Argument in Council<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % All organized religions face a common problem.<br> Bene Gesserit Teaching<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % There are weapons you cannot hold in your hands. related memos o .<br> Bene Gesserit Analysis. e." All of our judgements carry a heavy burden of ancestr al beliefs to which we of the Bene Gesserit tend to be more susceptible than mos t. we have only to call a calculated something more into existence. a tender spot through which we ma y enter and shift them to our designs: How do they distinguish hubris from revel ation?<br> Missionaria Protectiva. There is no need to understand these forces before using them to shape the physical un iverse. gold and tin. which provides a more penetrating insight i nto the workings of prescience. It is not enough that we are aware of this and guard against it.g. copper. The something more assumes amplified power with people who cannot give it a name or who (most often the case) do not even suspect its existence. the Inner Teachings<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % Concealed behind strong barriers the heart becomes ice.People always want something more than immediate joy or that deeper sense called happiness. Argument in Council<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % One observes the survivors. Thus. sources of teachings and teachers.<br> Leadership Secrets of the Bene Gesserit<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % We have long known that the objects of our palpable sense experiences can be inf luenced by choice -. sources of the possible. then p eople will follow.<br> Bene Gesserit Teaching<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % We consider the various worlds as gene pools. bronze. This is one of the secrets by which we shape the fulfillment of our designs. define it and give it shape. Ancient metal workers had no need to understand the molecular and submol ecular complexities of their steel.<br> Wallach IX Archives<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % No outsider has ever seen a Tleilaxu female and lived to tell about it.both conscious choice and unconscious. Consider ing the Tleilaxu penchant for genetic manipulation -. I address a pragmatic relationship between belief and w hat we identify as "real. This is a demonstrat ed fact that does not require that we believe some force within us reaches out a nd touches the universe. The oracle shapes a projected inner universe to produce new external probabilities out of forces that are not understood. Argument in Council<br> Heretics of Dune<br> % We are not looking at a new state of matter but at a newly recognized relationsh ip between consciousness and matter.

The all-female group. Rage begets rage. The capacity for either one is the ca pacity for its opposite.<br> Bene Gesserit Saying<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Speak the truth.< br> Bene Gesserit Conundrum<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % It is said that there is nothing firm. instinct -ridden researchers possessed a limited attention span -. That is always much easier. nothing durable in all the universe -.<br> Bene Gesserit Teaching<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % What is this Love that so many speak of with such apparent familiarity? Do they truly comprehend how unattainable it is? Are there not as many definitions of Lo ve as there are stars in the universe?<br> The Bene Gesserit Question Book<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> . all methods of learning were tainted by instinct. The army is a means of survival for the all-m ale group. there is change<br> Panoplia Propheticus of the Bene Gessert<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Before us. Before us. Bene Gesserit punish ments cannot be forgotten.<br> Bene Gesserit Dictum<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % The haughty do but build castle walls behind which they seek to hide their doubt s and fears. Wallach IX<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Storms beget storms.<br> Bene Gesserit Axiom<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Hatred is as dangerous an emotion as love. and is often the most powerful argu ment.<br> Bene Gesserit Analysis<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % History has seldom been good to those who must be punished.often no longer than a single lifetime. each hour. The concept of total muscle/nerve training had not entered their awareness.<br> Bene Gesserit Archives. Wars beget wars.n clones and gholas -.<br> Bene Gesserit Axiom<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % Perceptions rule the universe. They are the keepers of sacred mysteries. We learned how to learn<br> Bene Gesserit Azhar Book<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % War is a form of organic behavior.this simple observation raises a wealth of additional que stions. on the other hand. each moment. that each day. is traditionally religion-or iented.that nothing remains in its original state. Revenge begets revenge. nothing balanced. Projects stretching across fifty or more generations never occ urred to them.<br> Cautionary Instructions for the Sisterhood.

those pronouncements which men have made in search of personal power all mingled with shreds of enlightenment.<br> Bene Gesserit Azhar Book<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % The greatest and most important problems of life cannot be solved. We break that comman dment as a matter of course. Religion is the encystment of past beliefs: mythology. Let the future remain uncertain for th at is the canvas to receive our desires. We possess no more than this moment where we dedicate ourselv es continuously to the sacred presence we share and create.<br> Bene Gesserit Precept<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Religion is the emulation of the adult by the child. They can only be outgrown. the harnessing of imagination to humankind's deepest s ense of creativity.<br> Basic Bene Gesserit Dictum<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % I stand in the sacred human presence.<br> Bene Gesserit Axiom<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % One uses power by grasping it lightly. I pray to your presence that this be so. And always the ultimate unspoken commandment is "Thou shalt not question!" But we do anyway. That is where we seek knowledge. The work to which we hae set ourselves is the liber ating of the imagination. mingling mascu line and feminine ancestry with inseparable power. the hidden assumptions of trust in the universe.<br> Sister Jessica.only our own order imposed on everything. Thus the human condition faces its perp etual tabula rasa.<br> private journal entry<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Humans must never submit to animals. thus becoming its victim. t he only man who can truly become the greatest human of all of us.<br> Bene Gesserit Benediction<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % The Bene Gesserit tell no casual lies.<br> Bene Gesserit Axiom<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % How to define the Kwisatz Haderach? The male who is everywhere simultaneously. which is guesswork. To grasp with too much force is to be tak en over by power.<br> Credo of the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % The Unknown surrounds us at any given moment. Truth serves us better.% The purpose of argument is to change the nature of truth.<br> Bene Gesserit Coda<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % There exists no way of exchanging information without making judgements.<b r> Mother Superior Raquella Berto-Anirul<br> Oratory Against Fear<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % There is no reality -. so should you stand some day.<br> . As I do now.

<br> From a Secret Bene Gesserit Symposium on Other Memory<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % . one that served its purpose in its day but is no longe r essential for the survival of the species. our entire being screams betrayal. but for others. "What Does It Mean to Be Human?"<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % The Sisterhood has no need for archaeologists. Faith and power are mutual ly exclusive.<br> Bene Gesserit Axiom<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Among sentient creatures.Bene Gesserit Teaching<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % To keep from dying is not that same as "to live. it can lead to serious trouble. and (in the embryo) a gill structure.<br> Bene Gesserit Azhar Book (renegade copy)<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % What can I say about Jessica? Given the opportunity.<br> Bene Gesserit Teaching<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % The human body is a storehouse of relics from the past -. only humans continually strive for what they know is b eyond reach. we embody hi story.<br> Findings of Bene Gesserit Commission.<br> Bene Gesserit Teaching<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % The more tightly packed the group. for those w ho do not attain what they want. some of which do not appear to be useful in modern times."<br> Bene Gesserit Saying<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % Love is an ancient force. she would attempt Voice on God. This trait results in high achievement for some members of the species. It is difficult to find everything that is there. the longer the explanation.< br> Bene Gesserit Teaching<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % The less we know.<br> Bene Gesserit Azhar Book<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Power is the most unstable of all human achievements. thymus. As Reverend Mothers. It has been built up over millions of years and represents a history thr oughout its synaptic traces. the greater the need for strict social ranks and orders.<br> Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % One cannot hide from history or from human nature. Despite repeated failures they continue to try.<br> Bene Gesserit Axiom<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % When we try to conceal our innermost drives. But the unconscious mind is even more intr iguing.the appendix.

A Sister invites trouble when she tries to mani pulate the internal voices to her own needs. It is like trying to make the sea o ne's own personal swimming pool -.<br> Mother Superior Harishka<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % A thought derived from intensity of feeling is localized in the heart. infinite universe. because they have no human understanding in and of themselves. Under such circumstances. Both can be correct. each in his own inertial system. no absolute consensus reality. Something is always held back.<br> Bene Gesserit Dictum. there can be no fixity. while concealing as much as possible.<br> Bene Gesserit Saying<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % It is astonishing how foolish humans can be in groups. especially when they foll ow their leaders without question.In a technological culture. The Principles of Control<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Laws are dangerous to everyone. Consensus reality requires a fixed frame of referenc e. on e does not require proof in order to exploit the information. thus. They must be interpreted. In a relativistic universe. progress may be viewed as the attempt to move more q uickly into the future.<br> The Bene Gesserit Coda<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Humans are different in private than in the presence of others. even for a few moments. Abstract thought must be localized in the brain.<br> States: The Bene Gesserit View<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % A secret is most valuable when it remains a secret.an impossibility. deep ocean. rushing to make known the unknown. In a multilevel. the union is never complete. While the privat e persona merges into the social persona in varying degrees.only observational postulates in an endlessly regenerative hodgepodge of predictions.<br> Bene Gesserit Dictum<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % We could be dreaming all the time. it appears impossible to test th e reliability of any expert by requiring him to agree with another expert.<br> States: The Bene Gesserit View<br> All States Are an Abstraction<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Other memory is a wide. but we do not perceive those dreams while we are awake because consciousness (like the sun obscuring stars during the day) is much too brilliant to allow the unconscious content so much definition.<br> .<br> States: The Bene Gesserit View<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % There are no facts -. innocent and guilty alike. but only on its own terms.<br> Private Journals of Kwisatz Mother Anirul Sadow-Tonkin<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Diplomats are chosen for their ability to lie.<br> Bene Gesserit Azhar Book<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Politics is the art of appearing candid and completely open. It is available to help the members of our o rder.

<br> her private journals<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % It is not easy for some men to know they have done evil. in a sense.<br> Lady Anirul Corrino. but i t does not know what course to take for salvation.<br> Lady Jessica. Love breeds love.Bene Gesserit Teaching<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % We depend entirely upon the benevolent cooperation of the unconscious mind.<br> Lady Anirul Corrino. founder of the Bene Gesserit<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Does knowledge increase a person's burden more. to change the direction of humankind in an unprecedented manner. a step in the wrong direction.<br> Bene Gesserit Azhar Book<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % The universe is always one step beyond logic.<br> private journal<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % The search for an ultimate. This is why. The unconcious. we must constantly adapt.<br> journal entry<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % All proofs inevitably lead to propositions that have no proof.<br> journal entry<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % .<br> Lady Anirul Corrino.<br> Mother Superior Raquella Berto-Anirul.<br> Bene Gesserit Azhar Book<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Humanity knows its own mortality and fears the stagnation of its heredity. invents the next moment for us.<br> Bene Gesserit Azhar Book<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Brutality breeds brutality. All things are kn own because we want to believe in them.<br> personal journal<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Who knows what detritus of today will survive the eons of human history? It migh t be the slightest thing. unifying explanation for all things is a fruitless e ndeavor. Yet somehow it strik es a resonant chord. but do not be fooled by appearanc es. Not all such life-forms can be considered human. in a universe of chaos. and survives for thousands of years. for reasoning and honor are often clouded by pride.<br> Bene Gesserit Precept<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Many creatures bear the outward form of a man. This is the primary purpose o f the Kwisatz Haderach breeding program. or ignorance? Every teacher must consider this question before beginning to alter a student.<br> Lady Anirul Corrino. a seemingly inconsequential item.

a name black in treachery but bright in knowledge. do not forget us in your prayers. You will sing some of Gurney's songs as yo u read along in this book. but they fell with dark impor t on the eyes of a boy who had just escaped a close brush with death.or hearing. having been brought to the ducal command p ost to participate in his father's first full staff conference. Dr. do not choose to remember.<br> The Princess Irulan: "Introduction to a Child's History of Muad'Dib"<br> Dune<br> % You have read that Muad'Dib had no playmates his own age on Caladan. some of the people along the way recalled the legends and the prophecy and they ventured to shout: "Mahdi!" But their shout was more a question than a sta tement. They said: "O you who know what we suffer here.<br> "Manual of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % Over the exit of the Arrakeen landing field.<br> "A Child's History of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % "Yueh! Yueh! Yueh!" goes the refrain. It cannot be. too. It is the attempt to see the Light without knowing Darkness. There were D uncan Idaho. who struck fear even into the heart of the Padishah Emperor."<br> "Manual of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % On that first day when Muad'Dib rode through the streets of Arrakeen with his fa mily. Their attention was focused. H e saw it that first night on Arrakis. the troubador-warrior. There was G urney Halleck. the Voice from the Outer World. The words of the inscription were a plea to those leaving Arrakis.<br> Missionaria Protectiva Report to the Mother School<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % There is a legend that the instant the Duke Leto Atreides died a meteor streaked across the skies above his ancestral palace on Caladan. the old Mentat Master of Assa ssins. the Lady Jessica.< br> Reverend Mother Harishka. traditionally . are the wombs of religion. for as yet they could only hope he was the one foretold as the Lisan alGaib. But Muad'Dib did have wonderful companion-teachers. who guided her son in the B ene Gesserit Way. Wellington Yueh.<br> "A Child's History of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % To attempt an understanding of Muad'Dib without understanding his mortal enemies . they do not hear -. The most common e xpression when real change enforces itself is the plaintive cry: "Why didn't any one warn us?" Truly. The dangers were too great. there was an inscription that Muad'Dib was to repeat many times. crudely carved as though with a poo r instrument. Deserts. the Harkonnens is to attempt seeing Truth without knowing Falsehood. and -.the Duke Leto. whose qualities as a father have long been overlooked.<br> Collected Speeches<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % There is no doubt that the desert has mystical qualities. "A million deaths were not enough for Yueh !"<br> "A Child's History of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % At the age of fifteen. he had already learned silence. on the m . the swordmaster of the Ginaz. There was Thufir Hawat.of course -.Truth often carries with it the inherent necessity for change.

other. And he must have a strong sense of the sardonic. People need hard times and oppression t o develop psychic muscles.092-10.we pay for the violence of our ancestors.<br> "Manual of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % YUEH (yu'e). It is never consistent.082-10. (Cf: Bibliography.<br> "Songs of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % He has gone from Alia.112). holy<br> Equation:<br> He solved for<br> Martyrdom!<br> The Moon Falls Down. md: Wanna Marcus. chi efly noted as betrayer of Duke Leto Atreides. This is what uncoup les him from belief in his own pretensions."<br> "Collected Sayings of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % There should be a science of discontent. Stdrd 10. He must reflect what is projecte d upon him.191. even occasional greatness will de stroy a man. holy!<br> Fire-sand leagues<br> Confront our Lord.<br> . . The sardonic is all that permits him to move within himself.<br> Fallen forever. The. B. (std 10. because they had heard she was a Bene Gesserit and it was obvious to them that she was like the other Lisan al-Gaib<br> "Manual of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % What do you despise? By this are you truly known. Without this quality. holy.<br> He can see<br> Without eyes!<br> A demon upon him!<br> Holy. The person who experiences great ness must have a feeling for the myth he is in.<br> O people of Duke Leto --<br> Citadel of Leto fallen.)<br> "Dictionary of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % O Seas of Caladan. Appendix VII [I mperial Conditioning] and Betrayal."<br> "Collected Sayings of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % Greatness is a transitory experience. It depends in part upon the myth-making imagination of humankind. . holy. Wellington (weling-tun). medical doctor of the Suk School (grd Stdrd 10.<br> "Collected Sayings of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % "There is no escape -.<br> "Songs of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune Messiah<br> % "There is probably no more terrible instant of enlightenment than the one in whi ch you discover your father is a man -.with human flesh.<br> The womb of heaven!<br> Holy.186?).G.

<br> "The Wisdom of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % God created Arrakis to train the faithful.<br> "The Wisdom of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % The hands move.<br> . the lips move --<br> Ideas gush from his words.<br> Dirge for Jamis on the Funeral Plain.<br> "Collected Sayings of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % Deep in the unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes se nse."<br> "Collected Sayings of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % The concept of progress acts as a protective mechanism to shield us from the ter rors of the future. This is prof ound thinking if you understand how unstable "the truth" can be.<br> "Collected Sayings of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % Empires do not suffer emptiness of purpose at the time of their creation. It is when they have become established that aims are lost and replaced by vague ritua l.<br> You tarried with trifles. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.<br> Your life is stolen."Collected Sayings of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % Arrakis teaches the attitude of the knife -.<br> Victim of your folly. "Something cannot emerge from nothing.<br> "Manual of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % Do you wrestle with dreams?<br> Do you contend with shadows?<br> Do you move in a kind of sleep?<br> Time has slipped away. it's complete because it's ended here.<br> And his eyes devour!<br> He is an island of Selfdom.<br> "Songs of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % My father once told me that respect for the truth comes close to being the basis for all morality.<br> "Collected Sayings of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % How often it is that the angry man rages denial of what his inner self is tellin g him." he said.<br> "Words of Muad'Dib" by Princess Irulan<br> Dune Messiah<br> % The Fremen were supreme in that quality the ancients called "spannungsbogen" -which is the self-imposed delay between desire for a thing and the act of reachi ng out to grasp that thing.chopping off what's incomplete and saying: "Now.

the devotion with which men served him. the dreams he held for his son.<br> "Muad'Dib. Family Commentaries" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % Many have marked the speed with which Muad'dib learned the necessities of Arraki s.<br> "Muad'Dib.we went soft. Family Commentaries" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % How do we approach the study of Muad'Dib's father? A man of surpassing warmth an d surprising coldness was the Duke Leto Atreides. You see him there -. a fault . holding these attributes in tension so long as the powers of her youth endure. w e can say that Muad'Dib learned rapidly because his first training was in how to learn. a lonely figure with his light dimmed behind the glory of his so n.a man sna red by Destiny. Family Commentaries" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % What had the Lady Jessica to sustain her in the time of trial? Think you careful ly on this Bene Gesserit proverb and perhaps you will see: "Any road followed pr ecisely to its end leads precisely nowhere. For the others.<br> "The Humanity of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % Prophecy and prescience -. It is shocking to find how many people do not believe they can learn. There existed no need on Caladan to build a physical paradise or a paradise of the mind -.How can they be put to the test in the face of the un answered questions? Consider: How much is actual prediction of the "wave form" ( as Muad'Dib referred to his vision-image) and how much is the prophet shaping th e future to fit the prophecy? What of the harmonics inherent in the act of proph ecy? Does the prophet see the future or does he see a line of weakness. once occupied by tension. you cannot see the mountain. and how many more believe learning to be difficult. has become a wellspring of cunning and resourcefulness.<br> "Muad'Dib: Conversations" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % Thus spoke St. Muad'Dib knew that every experience carri es its lesson.<br> "Muad'Dib. she will find that the place-between. Climb the mountain just a little bit to test that it's a mountain. And the price we paid was the price men have always paid for achieving a paradise in this life -. one must ask: What is the son but an extension of the father?<br> "Muad'Dib. Alia-of-the-Knife: "The Reverend Mother must combine the seductiv e wiles of a courtesan with the untouchable majesty of a virgin goddess. many facts open the way t o this Duke: his abiding love for his Bene Gesserit lady. of course. From the top of the mountain. know the basis of this speed. we lost our edge.a paradise world for our form of life."Conversations with Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % We came from Caladan -. And the first lesson of all was the basic trust that he could learn. The Bene Gesserit. Still. For when youth and beauty have gone. Family Commentaries" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % It is said that the Duke Leto blinded himself to the perils of Arrakis. Yet. Would it not be more likely to suggest he had li ved so long in the presence of extreme danger he misjudged a change in its inten sity? Or is it possible he deliberately sacrificed himself that his son might fi nd a better life? All evidence indicates the Duke was a man not easily hoodwinke d. that he walked heedlessly into the pit.we cou ld see the actuality all around us.

time becomes a narrow door. could change the entire aspect of the future. The prophetic legends had taken on Arrakis even to the extent of adopted labels (including Reverend Mother. Just so. perhaps the choice of one work over anoth er. y et does she live. but you must understand the limits of thi s power. For her seed is my seed and her voice is my voice. And he tells you: "If you want profits. educating and disciplining of the orthodox c ommunity."<br> "Arrakis Awakening" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % "Control the coinage and the courts -.<br> "Muad'Dib: The Ninety-Nine Wonders of the Universe" by Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % Muad'Dib could indeed."<br> "Arrakis Awakening" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % With the Lady Jessica and Arrakis. safe course.G. but when you pass through it. he fought the temptation to choose a clear. He tells us "The vision of tim e is broad. but never have we seen a condition-ut-extremis w ith more ideal mating of person and preparation. you cannot see beyond your valley. And she see s unto the farthest reaches of possibility. unto the vale of the unknowable does she see because of me. Think of sight. then. You have eyes.<br> "Analysis: The Arrakeen Crisis" by the Princess Irulan<br> [private circulation: B. This pow er struggle permeates the training. You are always a little less than an individual." Thus the P adishah Emperor advises you. warning "That path l eads ever down into stagnation.and most of the Shari-a panoplia propheticus).or cleavage that he may shatter with words or decisions as a diamond-cutter shat ters his gem with a blow of a knife?<br> "Private Reflections on Muad'Dib by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % When law and duty are one. Yea. but I ask myself: "Who are the rabble and wh o are the ruled?"<br> Muad'Dib's Secret Message to the Landsraad from "Arrakis Awakening" by the Princ ess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % And Muad'Dib stood before them. And it is general ly accepted now that the Lady Jessica's latent abilities were grossly underestim ated. united by religion. is the source of what we now recognize a . file number AR-81088587]<br> Dune<br> % You cannot avoid the interplay of politics within an orthodox religion. Muad'Dib could not always choose to look across the mysterious terrain.<br> "Muad'Dib: The Religious Issues" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % This Fremen religious adaptation. see the Future. yet cannot see without light. fully aware of yourself. and he said: "Though we deem the captive dead. you must ru le." There is truth in these words. or risk sacrificing themselves for the sake of the orthodox ethic. you never become fully conscious. can to and respondu. the leaders of such a community inevitably m ust face that ultimate internal question: to succumb to complete opportunism as the price of maintaining their rule. perso nnel has long been appreciated.G. The wisdom of see ding the known universe with a prophecy pattern for the protection of B. If you are on the floor of a valley. He tells us that a single obscure decision of prophecy. Because of this pressure." And alway s.let the rabble have the rest. the Bene Gesserit system of sowing implant-le gends through the Missionaria Protectiva came to its fruition.

and disliked the polit ical necessities that made them enemies.<br> They spread in the tree of my youth. more than a man. ruthless. the Padishah Emperor.both with thi n. That was Count Hasimir Fenring. Who has not<br> heard and been deeply moved by "The Old Man's Hymn"?<br> I drove my feet though a desert<br> Whose mirage fluttered like a host. took me by the hand one day and I sensed in the ways my mother had taught me that he was disturbed. saying merely: "I am the Kw isatz Haderach. but I shall try to give you a capsule view of it. chivalrous. I think.<br> Voracious for glory. caught up in the revelation of the Water of Life." my father had said. a dapper and ugly little man. but stamped with the new awakening.<br> Bolder than the onrushing wolf. yet he accepted the treachery." My father was 71 at the time and looking no older than the man in the portrait. Can you say e did this out of a sen se of justice? Whose justice. the fox and the innocent.<br> "In My Father's House" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % Family life of the Royal Creche is difficult for many people to understand.<br> And I saw the sparrows swiftly approach. There is no measuring Muad'Dib's mo tives by ordinary standards.s "The Pillars of the Universe. brough . the genetic-eunuch and one of the dea dliest fighters in the Imperium. That is reason enough. They bring us the Arrakeen mystical fusion whose profo und beauty is typified by the stirring music built on the old forms. I marked the strong res emblance between them -. elegant faces and sharp features dominated by cold eyes. My father had only one read friend .<br> Watching time level mountains<br> In its search and its hunger for me. The Count." whose Qizara Tafwid are among us all with signs and proofs and prophecy. less than a god. ogre and saint. he saw the death prep ared for him. I would that you'd been older when it came time for this ma n to choose a woman.<br> "Arrakis Awakening" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % He was warrior and mystic. "Princess-daughter. and I was but 14. then? Remember.my father and this man in the portrait -. yet I remember deducing in that instant that my father secretly wished the Duke had been his son. we speak now of the Muad'Dib who o rdered battle drums made from his enemies' skins. greedy for danger.<br> I heard the flock in my branches<br> And was caught on their beaks and claws!<br> "Arrakis Awakening" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % And that day dawned when Arrakis lay at the hub of the universe with the wheel p oised to spin. the Muad'Dib who denied the co nventions of his ducal past with a wave of his hand. Thus was the prophecy made true that the Lisan al-Gaib might be both dead and alive."<br> "Arrakis Awakening" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % And it came to pass in the third year of the Desert War that Paul-Muad'Dib lay a lone in the Cave of Birds beneath the kiswa hangings of an inner cell. his being trans lated beyond the boundaries of time by the poison that gives life. And he la y as one dead. In the moment of his triumph. He led my down the Hall of Portraits to the ego-likeness of the Duke Leto Atreides.<br> "Collected Legends of Arrakis" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % My father.<br> I roamed the horizons of al-Kulab.

saying it was done according to an older law of self-preservation to whi ch even the most ancient rulers gave allegiance. A s I look back on it. We will save her as a gift.<br> Lecture to the Arrakeen War College<br> by The Princess Irulan<br> Children of Dune<br> % When my father. our Imperial Security Force must be ever alert to t he formation of sub-languages. In the maintenance of such a power structure. Finall y he said: "She is too beautiful. of course. The closest anyone ever came to casual camaraderie with the Padishah Emperor was the relatio nship offered by Count Hasimir Fenring.<br> "In My Father's House" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % No woman. then. so my mother said. for it is certain that his line and Muad'Dib's shared common ancestry. My f ather looked at her for a long time as she postured unclothed before him. It cost more than a billion solaris in spice bribes. Here was a new sl ave-concubine.symbols such as those dealing with econo mic manipulation or those which define the local interpretation of sanity. We became ad ept.< br> "Count Fenring: A Profile" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % In all major socializing forces you will find an underlying movement to gain and maintain power through the use of words. was 72 yet he looked no more than 35 the year h e encompassed his death of Duke Leto and gave Arrakis back to the Harkonnens. She had a dancer's muscles. but I'm not at all sure my father was innocent i n all these attempts. and there were other gifts as well: slave women. but the intrigues were constant and oppressive in their similarity. Symbo l-secrecy of this form leads to the development of fragmented sub-languages. One of the slave-concubines permitted my father under the Bene Gesserit-Guild agreement could not. With this i nsight into a power process. eac h being a signal that its users are accumulating some form of power. for he said I was a witch like all the others. The measure of Count Fenring's friendship may be seen first in a positive thing: he allayed the Landsraad's suspicions after the Arrakis Affair. bear a Royal Successor. And when I sought to comfo rt him. I saw then that he had been aroused to this passion not by concern over the dead Duke but by what that death implied for all royalty. no man. and her training obviously had included neuro-enticement. royal honors. a companion from childhood. the Padishah Emperor. he went into such a rage as we had never before seen. He refused to kill a man even though it was wi thin his capabilities and my father commanded it. and tokens of rank. he sneered at me and asked if I thought him a weakling. not excepting ev en me. at avoiding subtly instruments of death. willowy and graceful. I will relate this presently. the Padishah Emperor. He blamed the Guild and the evil old Baron.<br> "In My Father's House" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % My father. It ma y seem a dreadful thing to say. The second major evidence of the Count's friendship was negative. He . Royal Family is not like other families. He blamed everyone in sight. Subtlety and self-control were." You have no idea how much consternation this restraint created in the Royal Creche. certain symbols are kept out of the reach of common understanding -. t oo. He blamed my mother and the compact forced on him to place a Bene Gesserit on the throne. to confuse the symbolized system with the tangible unive rse. the most deadly threats to us all. heard of Duke Leto's death and the manner of it. after all. I think there may have been some prescience in my father. red-haired like my father. A governed populace must be conditioned to accept powerwords as actual things. no child ever was deeply intimate with my father. my mother and sisters and I. From witch doctor to priest to bureauc rat it is all the same.t a new slave-concubine to my father one day and I was dispatched by my mother t o spy on the proceedings.

I think. and the inevitable rise of the Omnius Empire. he could radiate charm and sincerity<br> "In My Father's House" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune<br> % The slave concubines permitted my father under the Bene Gesserit-Guild agreement could not.<br> in Paul of Dune<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % The human mind. Thus it is essen tial for the survival of mankind as a species to create difficulties. and to prevail. Instead. facing no real challenges. he was not always that blatant. <br> "In My Father's House" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune: House Corrino<br> % Peering back through the lens of time.<br> The Lens of Time<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % Arrakis: Men saw great danger there. bear a Royal Successor. men and women in the future view the pers onalities of the Great Revolt as larger than life. nor from the process of embellishment that generates mythology. with roots back to the original decision to allow thinking machine s too much control. but the intrigues were constant a nd oppressive in their similarity. Wh en he wanted.<br> "In My Father's House" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune: House Harkonnen<br> % The cultural borrowings and interminglings which have brought us to this moment cover vast distances and an enormous amount of time. to face th em.<br> Princess Irulan. the genetic-eunuch and one of the deadliest fighters in the Imperium.<br> "In My Father's House" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % The man faced with a life-and-death decision must commit himself. That was Count Hasimir Fenring. The Butlerian Jihad was an outgrowth of this largely unconsc oius process.<br> Lessons of the Great Revolt<br> Dune: The Machine Crusade<br> % . of course. at avoiding subtle instruments of death. soon grows stagnant. the heroes of the Jihad were much as they are now remembered. though. my mother and sisters and I. and great opportunity.<br> "In My Father's House" by the Princess Irulan<br> Dune: House Atreides<br> % My Father had only one real friend. or he will rem ain caught in the pendulum.<br> Princess Irulan.<br> Princess Irulan. Such an impression comes not through any distortion of the glass. We became adept. we can only derive a sense of great movement and powerful currents. The uniform was an open reminder of where his power lay.seldom appeared in public wearing other than a Sardaukar uniform and a Burseg's black helmet with the Imperial lion in gold upon its crest. Presented with such an awes ome panoply. they rose to the occasion when humanity needed them more than ever b efore.

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