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"We have here a sort of front line ..."

Julian Assange - the perfidy of payment systems, betraying allies and new world order WikiLeaks again in the center of the scandal of world level. Last week in the open access has been laid out a file that contained in an unedited form all the 250,000 U.S. State Department dispatches (on the causes of the scandal, see the end of the material). Now, anyone see the entire database with diplomatic secrets. In the near future we should expect the new wave of political scandals. Many informants American diplomats at risk, at least their reputations. Our correspondent managed to spend several days in the heart of WikiLeaks and an interview with the founder and project leader Julian Assange for a few days before these dramatic events. Dmitry Velikovsky September 6, 2011 Julian Assange addresses his supporters after the decision of the Court Of London for his extradition to Sweden In the county of Norfolk is to be expected drizzles: the low sky, the damp field, slippery asphalt. Middle of the wet landscape is rapidly winding festive blue "Ford Fiesta". His passenger can not be late - the police better not to quarrel. 11.27. In three minutes left. The passenger is literally bursting at the police station, welcomes the duty, signs in a special register, and plunging his head into his shoulders, climbs back into the steamy car. Managed. You can go back. - Today, exactly 250 days, as I have done this route without holidays and weekends. 12 miles there, 12 back, a total of 6000 kilometers - sadly says Julian Assange on the way back. - And who needs it in the XXI century? Because I have on my leg, and so a special unit hangs, see? Julian turns up his trousers and shows a gray-green strap around the ankle. - So what about my movements, and so the police know everything thoroughly. A daily visit to the site, in my opinion, simply a measure of psychological impact. In order not to relax.

- And so much more do you ride? - I ask. - No one knows. The meeting of the court of second instance has already taken place, but the judge said that the verdict he needed time to think. For the second month went, as he thinks, and, apparently, the decision will be only at the end of September, and maybe even later. Then, it may be more appeal. In general, I do not know how many more. For a long time. - Tell a house arrest - is something that eventually you get used to, or, conversely, only further infuriates? - Personally, I am very uneasy all this. I, you know, a nomad by nature, and I sit in one place has never liked me from my school days on the road. And then there's this thing - Assange angrily askance at his trouser leg. - The whole situation is not only contrary to the outlook, but it seems that even a single cell of my body ... Well, they went into the house, talk about something more interesting. *** Your former colleague, Daniel Domshayt Berg in his book WikiLeaks inside" writes that you create around himself a cult is a wiki, or a wiki sect. I do not see any followers, no icons ... Well, Domshayta mental problems - we noticed it, even when he was working in our organization. As for the accusations of sectarianism, it is quite a standard version of the attack on any movement of a large number of followers to announce that its adherents, not because it is effective and draws them from the ideological point of view, but only thanks to the "brainwashing" and other forms of of control. We do not deprive the choice of any of our volunteers or people who support us. We do not deceive people and offer them in return utopia a reality. Maybe "quasi-religious" and the device would be somewhat easier for me (laughs), but WikiLeaks - not a cult, not a sect or a religion. Domshayt Berg in this completely wrong, and indeed his book is full of dirty fantasies and lies straight. But now it is sold in bookstores in all U.S. military bases. But the book is not lying the worst damage case of the man worse than his words. First, the site OpenLeaks, which he now runs - is a steal in my development. Second, he stole from us 3000 documents, leaks, and we blackmailed them. Third, he gave the BBC B and some Swedish editions of my personal correspondence, not with him, and with third parties. Fourth, he went out, he destroyed our system of production of new leaks - a specially designed email-box anonymizing, which was posted on our website. I am almost a year led the talks with him on the return of stolen documents. All this time I was silent: not commented on the situation and did not criticize him. He does it all the time trying to destroy our reputation. Now, after eleven months, I was quite evident that he was just trying to stall for time, not having the slightest desire to return the documents, why I say all this. In fact Domshayt Berg entered into a powerful alliance of opponents of WikiLeaks, led by the U.S. government and the Swedish prosecutors. For this conglomerate is valuable, anyone who has ever had to do with WikiLeaks or knows how it works: their goal - with a variety of manipulations to force a man to become a sort of a prosecution witness and participate in a smear campaign to discredit our organization. I understand that the actions of the court and Domshayt-Berg problem is not limited. A week after the publication of dispatches gosdepovskih Visa and Mastercard began a blockade of WikiLeaks, which lasts to this day. How their actions hurt WikiLeaks and whether you're going to take any countermeasures? You forgot to PayPal, Western Union, Moneybookers, and Bank of America. Indeed, since December 7, 2010, all these financial institutions carry out unauthorized blockade of WikiLeaks, not allowing its users to transfer donations to our advantage. All this is happening, not only without a court order, but in the absence of any legal prerequisites have been - only on the basis of informal agreements between the financial and political elites in America! From the perspective of both U.S. and European legislation such

practices completely illegal because it violates citizens' right to free expression. In early January of this year, U.S. National Security Council tried to legitimize the blockade by sending a request to include WikiLeaks in the official list of organizations that deal with prohibited American citizens. However, having considered the matter, the head of U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said that there is no reason for this: we are not terrorists, do not cooperate with Cuba and North Korea do not participate in the Iranian nuclear program. Moreover, the most Northern European contractor Visa company Telia conducted its own analysis of our case, concluding that WikiLeaks does not violate the rules established by Visa and should not be discriminated against. However, this report has not changed anything, the embargo remains. In addition, Bank of America, is the founder and major shareholder of Visa Mastercard, officially announced that it will not make payments of any organization if it is suspected (!) That these payments are intended WikiLeaks. I did not know that these two seemingly competing payment systems are controlled by Bank of America ... Nevertheless, it is. Initially, Visa even called BankAmericard. And though now, for example, Visa Europe belongs mostly to European banks, due to a very curious system of voting and non-voting shares, they were actually wedding generals: solutions in the company accepts Bank of America. The system is simple: you can buy an arbitrarily large amount of shares of Visa and a proportionate share of the profits of the company, but the voting shares are not sold, so that control it you can not, no matter what your share. The situation is similar with a Mastercard, and PayPal, which is also controlled by the Bank of America, and he in turn is just a foreign policy tool in the hands of the U.S. government. Is it not surprising that the U.S. government has the discretion to block the transfer between the two sitting at home, or Londoners Muscovites, whose card issued by Barclays Bank and Alpha? Moreover, all card transactions, or those Londoners Muscovites once committed to the Washington, DC. Who, when, how and for what you paid, it is known only to you and the American secret services ... And yet, are you going to deal with the blockade? Yes, the European antitrust law is on our side, as Visa and Master-card together control 95% market share of payments (80% and 15% respectively). We asked the 60-page complaint to the European Commission, which demanded an explanation from Visa. Now we are waiting until they are formulated. The chances of us winning are extremely high, at least in Europe. Even after the blockade is lifted, we can start another lawsuit: compensation for our losses from the illegal activities of payment systems. We have lost 90% of the donations, according to our calculations, is about 15 million euros. All this can be very long and hard battle, but we will still fight. In addition to financial considerations, we are driven by the desire to create a precedent that will prevent the future use of payment systems for unwanted pressure on the U.S. government to citizens or organizations. In the meantime, an option to make a donation were two of the most uncomfortable? Yes, bank transfer (although the Americans and it can not work out), and regular mail. Significantly, the international organization has to do derelict methods just because she dislike the American establishment. Our story, by the way, once again confirmed that, when confronted with something incomprehensible, people regress to a completely primitive reactions. For Washington, our work (particularly the Department of State publication correspondence) was such a shock, that the local elite has behaved in an extremely archaic: recorded at the enemies of America required to physically eliminate me. Even this electronic bracelet on my leg, in fact, it is a medieval device - shackles, except that no chain. Total you are under house arrest, the organization of hackers and financiers, criticized former partners and associates. Donations are blocked, part of the WikiLeaks documents stolen, new

acquisitions are difficult because of the failure of anonymous mailbox on the site. It seems that the best days behind WikiLeaks ... Such is the price for the stay in opposition to the powerful engines, not pitying resources to suppress opponents. The fact that for many other organizations would be a trifle, often requires us to super efforts. You know, our organization is as if engaged in combat, we are sort of front line: we are under pressure from all sides - attack and censure, are sending spies and saboteurs. Sometimes the "bombed" killed some of our infrastructure. We are as much as rebuilding the affected parts, trying to make them even better. As long as we win this war in one thing: they did not manage to force us to cease publication. In fact, the only thing they had - is to keep rough expansion of WikiLeaks, although we have, among other things, continue to grow, just not as fast as they could. Yes, most of the time and effort we have to spend on the defensive maneuvers, but we have still enough of opportunities and instruments for the counterattack. For example, as you recall, in May, we are reminded of himself, laying out hundreds of secret files of prisoners of the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay. Where are the documents, if as you say, Domshayt Berg took everything that was a year ago, WikiLeaks, except for the State Department dispatches, and he left, down the system to receive new leaks? We have other ways. What? It sometimes happens that interesting information comes in the mail, but mostly we get new information through a network of trusted and sympathetic to our people. Not directly, but rather the way the data gets any detective agency - through contacts and preliminary agreements. When an anonymous "box for leaks" will be repaired? Or he'll no longer need? Do what you do not take a year diversion from the ordinary people who do not play into the hands of your opponents? Unfortunately, the plays. And yes, of course, "receiving leaks from the public," we need. The problem is that this repair mechanism - quite a challenge from a technological point of view. I have ... we have an inner understanding of where the box will work again, but I would not call these dates. Returning to the "front line", and the history of your elektrokandalam WikiLeaks in general: after numerous rebellions and revolutions of this year, many talked about how the world stands on the threshold of a new era, thanks to new technologies because the people there were not representable earlier tools for group interaction. Accordingly, the state will have to somehow respond to this challenge. For example, the crackdown and the monopolization of technology in general and the telephone and the Internet in particular. Can you think, this "oruellianskaya 'perspective? I doubt that it will soon come "oruellianskaya" era in its classical sense. Rather, if the world will continue to evolve toward the dystopia of this type, you can expect a softer, modernized version of "1984". People will carry a phone with GPS-transmitters and quite willingly put all sorts of information about themselves on popular network resources. They will not feel the compulsion or threat, on the contrary, since the use of most modern technology will make them more competitive. Prior to this model, we have almost survived. Philosophers and rare libertarians can talk about any number of degrees of freedom, the right to privacy or personal space of the "old" and "new" time, but the abstract category of very few people are interested. Yes, Gmail server located in the U.S., and American authorities can work with millions of users' mailboxes as his notebook: read all the letters, study contacts, search for keywords. Yet for the vast majority of people Google, Facebook, GPS and credit cards - do not control and tracking, but simply tools available to help you live and work more

interesting and effective. You know, in agriculture, there are interesting studies showing that the animal is better kept in a comfortable environment. Under the influence of stress, they are worse than gaining weight, the more sick and dying. Similarly, corporations and governments will try to manage employees and citizens, while maintaining the facade of democratic procedures. It is much better than to declare a permanent state of war. At the same time, all the negotiations and the movement of people will know the secret services, which will allow early and without fanfare, "discard" those who pose a threat to the ruling elite. Over time, the national elites are likely to merge into a sort of planetary super elite, consisting of the leaders of financial-industrial groups, which will manage all the other earthlings. Harbingers of a world order can be seen today, such as studying how giant corporations are lobbying them to the best solutions to the UN, NATO, the World Bank and other international political organizations. Or, say, pay attention, as intelligence agencies of developed countries to fulfill their functions are increasingly using the services of mercenary companies, including foreign ones. All of this suggests a gradual destruction of the concept of community of nation-states, which was soon replaced by the integrated model can come transnational superelite. But do not forget that any attempt to control society, cause resistance to the response of citizens. Who will win in this age-old battle - if victory is possible at all - hard to say because in the technological competition authorities and the society is not only trumps the state. It's like a competition planned and market economies. Yes, on the side of the state considerable financial resources, research laboratories and powerful intelligence, endowed with enormous powers. On the other hand, the people independent of the state much more than a dependent. Because of their communications capabilities are increasing day by day, the collective mind can be mobilized very quickly, and how its function diversely so unpredictable. Hulking vertical government structures, as a rule, can not anticipate the invention, the fluid produced by these planetary intelligence.

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