Vastu - General Guidelines, Tips and Solutions.

Niranjan Babu Bangalore

Vastu - General Guidelines
Today, people are becoming aware of the importance of Vastu Sastra and its enormous contribution to current lifestyle. This great science of Indian architecture relates to the Vedas or the knowledge books of ancient India. Vastu Sastra can also be defined as the science of energy that creates a rhythm and balance in the building to ensure a better quality of life. This article aims at balancing the primary elements and energies in a house by proper placement and re-location of key objects. Distribution of Elements The five primary elements are identified as follows: Element Space (Akasa) Air (Vayu) Water (Jala) Fire (Agni) Earth (Prithvi) Strength Free movement Purity Electrical and Electro-magnetic energies Total awareness Property Direction South-West North-West North-East South-East Centre

Based on this understanding, certain Vastu imbalances can be easily taken care of. Main Door The main door allows the proper flow of the cosmic energies into the house. The mahadwara or the main door is similar to our nasal passage, which takes in the vital breath. Placement of the door in all the four cardinal directions is recommended. The main door should never be placed in the centre of the structure. For an improperly placed door, a screen placed a few feet away from the door helps to block the negative energies. The screen should be the same height as the door. Masters of the Home They can have their rooms in the South or South-West region of the structure. Senior citizens can occupy/sleep in North-East rooms. While lying on the bed, the head should be to the South. The South-West corners of the living premises can have heavy furniture or some heavy indoor plants.

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Computers and electronic equipment can be placed in the South-East of their rooms. Regulate the openings accordingly. The primary senses of sight and hearing play an important role. which is the North-East.huge trees. In a later article.they are in). observing the beams and columns. Copyright (c) Niranjan Babu Bangalore 2 of 2 15/03/2012 01:50 PM . Strategic use of curtains can regulate the flow of warm or cool air into the West and South-West can have heavy indoor plants. disease. saints. can be activated by the use of mirrors. The South. can all adorn the Eastern and Northern walls... swimming pools and ponds. kitchen. Tips and Solutions. mirrors. balancing sound energy. Their knowledge area. etc. death and negative aspects of life. waterfalls. South. rock gardens etc. landscapes. Ventilation Keep all the windows open to allow good ventilation into the rooms. we will cover aspects of lighting and creating spaciousness. Let the science of Vastu re-define your life and help contribute peace and prosperity. East and North-East areas. Placing them in the South-East not only improves the ambience but also keeps the energies sober. furniture. They should turn clockwise as we ascend. Vastu is one of the tools provided by our sages and seers that may help an individual to achieve some level of health and happiness.Vastu . Photos Pictures of gods. Internal Staircases Imbalance due to having the staircase right before entrance can be offset by clever camouflaging of the front of the staircase with indoor plants (light or heavy. Indoor Plants Have light indoor plants in the North. Staircases facilitate energy movements. goddesses. Avoid pictures depicting violence. Listening to the sounds (harsh and soft). East or West . the environment needs to be studied carefully.South. Summing up. Openings on the North and East that relate to the wealth and health are recommended. Cooler air always comes through the South and warm uncomfortable air through the West. rose plants and other thorny flora in the North and East.General Guidelines. They can sleep with their heads to the east. Avoid cactus. studying the placement of furniture and plants. beams.html Children's Rooms North. rivers. depending on the zone . Photos of departed near and dear ones can be hung on the Southern walls. sages. seas etc. noting the sleeping and sitting positions are important. looking at the doors and windows. South and West walls can have pictures depicting strength . North-West and West rooms are good for girls. Cleanliness should be their hallmark. South-East and East rooms are recommended for boys. http://www.niranjanbabu. mountains.

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