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Mo'a//ed0s Moon is dedi&ated to Na1is o2 all ra&es! &reeds and &olors,


a 3lay about (4 2or ei.'t a&tors 3layin. twenty"2i5e roles A&t 6 7 Starts on 3a.e # A&t 66 7 Starts on 3a.e #8

Cast o2 C'ara&ters 9in order o2 a33earan&e: Man;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Male Hooded Man;;;;;;;;;Male <ni2or/ed O22i&er;;Male Mister Atta;;;;;;;;Male! 80is'! arab Mister Alo/ari;;;;;Male! /id 20’s! arab Pastor %ay Ella;;;;=e/ale! 80is'! 'o/eless Passen.er ;;;;;;;;=e/ale! bla&k Passen.er 2;;;;;;;;Male! older! w'ite Condu&tor;;;;;;;;;;Male! *0is' >it&'es ? 2;;;;;;=e/ale @e/3ter ;;;;;;;;;;Santa Claus His >i2e;;;;;;;;;;;=e/ale! 20is'! eAoti& @e/3ter 2;;;;;;;;;;@'e Boddess Hera Stewardess;;;;;;;;;=e/ale Alan;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Male! *0is' Clo5ia;;;;;;;;;;;;;=e/ale Edna;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;=e/ale! )0is' @e/3ter 8;;;;;;;;;;@i/ot'y M&Vei.' @e/3ter #;;;;;;;;;;Adol3' Hitler Patri&ia;;;;;;;;;;;=e/ale! *0is' Do&tor;;,;;;;;;;;;;Male Buards ? 2;;;;;;;Male =olksin.er;;;;;;;;;=e/ale


Actor #


Roles Played Man, Conductor, Tempter 3, Alan, Guard 2

Actor 1


Actor 2


Witch 1, dna, Patricia

Actor 3

Female, !lac"

Passen#er 1, Clo$ia

Actor %


Passen#er 2, Tempter 1, &octor

Actor '


Pastor Ray lla, (te)ardess, Fol"sin#er

Actor *


+ni,ormed -,,icer, Witch 2, .is Wi,e, Tempter 2

Actor /


Mister Alimari, Tempter %, Guard 1

Actor 0


Mister Atta, .ooded Man in Chains

4 AC@ 6 (Enter UNIFORMED OFFICER leading HOODED MAN IN CHAINS. HOODED MAN IN CHAINS wears prison unifor wit! t!e word "FUC#U$% written on &a'(. )!e* wal( past MAN w!o sits reading paper. )!e MAN wat'!es. UNIFORMED OFFICER + HOODED MAN IN CHAINS e,it. He standsMANC so 'ere we are ba&k in ((* and t'ere’s a sil5er t'in. kni2in. t'ru t'e 'i.' t'in air takin. a beaten /an ra/1i youse2 by na/e 2ro/ i s l a / a b a d a&ross two o&eans and two seas to t'e land o2 'is ene/ies t'e sil5er t'in. be.ins its des&ent t'en it alters &ourse to /ake a 3ass o5er lower /an'attan look down ass'ole says a /ena&in. /an see t'e twin towers t'ey’re still standin. tall you 2u&ked u3 ra/1i sadly nods t'e nod o2 a noddin. 2u&ku3 and s'ru.s rue2ully well neAt ti/e but noD @'ere0s no neAt ti/e 2or ra/1i nossir instead 'e0s led to a &ourt roo/ and &'ar.ed wit' bein. a 2u&ku3 ? an eAtre/ist 2u&ku3 ? a terroristi& eAtre/isti& 2u&ku3 and &on5i&ted ?

5 MAN(Cont-C senten&ed to 2#0 years and sent to a dank &olorado s'it'ole to die in a &a.e w'ere 3eo3le .et to walk by and 3oint and lau.' and say to t'eir kids see look at t'e 2u&ku3 t'at0s w'at a 2u&ku3 looks like don’t be a 2u&ku3 and t'e kids say okay dad we won’t be a 2u&ku3 (MAN e,its. .ig!ts up. Earl* orning. One !our &efore dawn. A oon in waning 'res'ent p!ase in s(*. In foreground/ an arrow sign reading/ ")O )RAIN $.A)FORM.% On &a'( wall/ a &la'( and w!ite 0ideo of MIS)ER A))A + MIS)ER A.OMARI. MIS)ER A))A is spea(ing. He spea(s &arel* audi&l* in a language t!at is not Englis!. At t!e &otto of t!e 0ideo in Englis! su&titles1 "Our words are dead t!ings until gi0en life wit! our &lood.% )!e 0ideo ends/ lea0ing a still i age of t!e two en staring intentl* into 'a era. Enter $AS)OR RA2 E..A. S!e stands in front of i age. S!e3s dressed in tatters. S!e ta(es out a tattered 4i&le/ !olds it re0erentl*PAS@O% %AE E$$AC Bod bless, All ri.'t, Eou all 'eard w'at t'e /an said, He said neAt ti/e, $et’s 2ast 2orward to neAt ti/e, A'D Here we are, 6t’s early /ornin. neAt ti/e, Se3te/ber ! 200 , >ow! so Fui&kD 6sn’t te&'nolo.y wonder2ulG Eou see ba&k t'ere on t'e wall Abdula1i1 Alo/ari and Mo'a//ed Atta, So/e will &all t'e/ /artyrs, Ot'ers will &all t'e/ sons o2 Satan, 6’5e been asked to say a 2ew words, 6 don’t re&all w'o asked! but 'ere 6 a/, 6’5e no 3re3ared re/arks, 6’ll say w'at t'e s3irit 3ro/3ts /e to say, 62 6 o22end! 6 a3olo.i1e in ad5an&e, Okay! 'ere .oes,

6 PAS@O% %AE E$$A(Cont-C My subHe&t is A/eri&an C'ristians, >'o are t'eyG >'ere do t'ey &o/e 2ro/G Maybe t'ey’re born into a C'ristian 2a/ily, Maybe not, Eit'er way! t'ey see no 3oint, And 2rankly! it’s 3retty borin. stu22, Sin is easier to deal wit' and a lot /ore 2un, A/eri&ans not only a&&e3t sin but /ake an industry o2 it, Satan /arks t'e/ as 2irewood, Not 3ri/e 2irewood! but t'e kind o2 2irewood you .et 2ro/ dead tree li/bs, @'e kind t'at burns 2ast and .i5es o22 no 'eat, @'e kind t'at wood3e&kers drill into 2or wor/s and bu.s, E5en wit' t'eir sla5ery to sin! so/e rea&' a 3oint w'ere sin bot'ers t'e/, @'is usually 'a33ens in a 3ersonal &risis, A ni&e kid .ets si&k and dies, A nei.'bor kills 'i/sel2, 6t 2or&es t'e issue, (Enter $ASSEN5ER 6/ &rus!ing past in a rus!. S!e is t!ree ont!s pregnant. $AS)OR RA2 E..A !olds out !and for !andoutO' Bod bless! sister, Eou don’t 'a5e to rus', Eou still 'a5e se5en /inutes, Did you lo&k your &arG PASSENBE% C 6’/ not your sister, >'y do t'ey let you 3eo3le lurk 'ere! s&arin. e5erybody and stinkin. in t'ose &lot'esG (E,it $ASSEN5ER 6 in a rus!PAS@O% %AE E$$AC Bod bless, 6 was s3eakin. o2 3ersonal &risis, A2ter a 3ersonal &risis! so/e be&o/e Fuote 2unda/entalist e5an.eli&als, Satan likes 2unda/entalist e5an.eli&als, Ot'ers .et born a.ain, Satan 'ates t'e born a.ains, (Enter $ASSEN5ER 7/ s'owling/ o0ing slowl*. $AS)OR RA2 E..A !olds out !and for !andoutO' Bod bless! brot'er, Ietter rus', Eou .ot only siA /inutes, Did you re/e/ber to lo&k your &arG PASSENBE% 2C Eou stay away 2ro/ /y &ar! you 'ear /eG (E,it $ASSEN5ER 7/ s'owling-

7 PAS@O% %AE E$$AC Bod bless, 6 said! Satan 'ates born a.ains, @'e neAt ste3 a2ter bein. born a.ain is to be entered by t'e Holy S3irit, He 3'ysi&ally enters you, Eou &an 2eel 'i/ in t'ere, He /akes 'is 'o/e in your 'eart, A2ter t'at! you re&ei5e a .i2t, =or so/e! it’s t'e .i2t o2 seein., =or ot'ers! it’s t'e .i2t o2 understandin., =or still ot'ers! like /e! it’s t'e .i2t o2 s3eakin., @'e nu/ber o2 A/eri&ans entered by t'e Holy S3irit is not known, My 3ersonal o3inionG Very 2ew, @'e weat'er/an says today, Iut don’t be e5il /oon, 6t bodes 6’ll be at t'e door /ake a donation, No it’s .oin. to be a lo5ely day 2ooled, Eou see t'at /oonG 6t’s an ill, How do 6 knowG 6 Hust know, to t'e station i2 you’d like to a/ount is too s/all, Bod bless,

(Fade to &la'( on $AS)OR RA2 E..A + 0ideo. .ig!ts up. A !otel roo . Earl* orning/ sa e da*. One !our &efore dawn. MIS)ER A))A stands at irror in &o,er s!orts/ e*eing !i self 'riti'all*. He !as a s!a0ing (it and a s all pair of s'issors. He3s fo'ussing on re o0ing &od* !air fro !is torso and fro !is ar s. MIS)ER A.OMARI/ dressed/ sits at des(/ writing. 8riting is a struggle for !i . He writes in starts and stops. 8!en !e stops/ !e s9uints at w!at !e3s written. He su'(s on t!e tip of !is penM6S@E% A$OMA%6C 6 'a5e a Fuestion, M6S@E% A@@AC Ask, M6S@E% A$OMA%6C S'ould /y relati5es be 3er/itted to .rie5e at /y 2uneralG

8 M6S@E% A@@AC No, NoG M6S@E% A$OMA%6C Eou /ean! not at allG No,

M6S@E% A@@AC Eou asked a Fuestion, 6 .a5e you an answer,

M6S@E% A$OMA%6C 6 &an’t 3ut JnoK on 'ere, Not wit'out .i5in. a reason, M6S@E% A@@AC No loud la/entin. s'ould be 3er/itted at any truly Musli/ 2uneral, No &ryin., No wee3in. or wailin., No tearin. o2 &lot'es, None o2 t'at, So t'en it’s, M6S@E% A$OMA%6C 6t’s okay to /ourn Fuietly,

M6S@E% A@@AC @'at de3ends on w'at you /ean by JFuietly,K @'e 3roble/ is! on&e you 3er/it /ournin.! t'ere’ll be t'e e/otional ones w'o’ll want to turn t'e &ere/ony into a &ir&us wit' t'eir ululatin., And t'eir rollin. on t'e .round, And t'eir s'riekin. and .oin. into &on5ulsions, @'ese are all si.ns o2 i//aturity and i.noran&e, >o/en es3e&ially do t'ese kinds o2 t'in.s, >o/en s'ould not be allowed at a /an’s 2uneral, Ie sure to 3ut t'at in your will, No wo/en, No wo/en, M6S@E% A$OMA%6C And /en s'ould /ourn Fuietly! wit' di.nity,

M6S@E% A@@AC 62 one /ust /ourn! yes! one s'ould do it wit' sole/n di.nity, Bod likes us to be Fuiet on su&' o&&asions, M6S@E% A$OMA%6C (Ma(es notation on paperOkay, How does t'is soundG (ReadsOnly Fuiet .rie5in. 3er/itted,

9 M6S@E% A@@AC Consider t'is, >'en one /ourns! w'at /essa.e is one sendin.G Here you 'a5e t'e de&edent! w'o is 3assin. 2ro/ t'is world into 3aradise, And 'ere you 'a5e t'e /ourner, And you &an’t 'el3 t'inkin.! it’s like 'e’s tellin. t'e de&edent! JSee 'ow 6 /ourn 2or youG Stay down 'ere! don’t .o u3 to 'ea5en,K Do you t'ink we s'ould be tellin. 'i/ not to .o to 'ea5enG Ees! 6 see, M6S@E% A$OMA%6C @'at’s a 5ery .ood 3oint, 6’ll say no,

M6S@E% A@@AC Plus! you’d be en&oura.in. t'e i.norant, And w'ile 6’/ on t'e subHe&t! t'ere s'ould be no 2orty"day or annual /e/orials 2or t'e dead, @'ere’s not'in. in t'e Loran about /e/orials, Put t'at in t'ere! too, No /ournin., Bood, M6S@E% A$OMA%6C 6t /akes you t'ink! doesn’t itG 6t does, M6S@E% A@@AC Don’t 2or.et to si.n it and date it, (Fade to &la'(. .ig!ts up. On one side/ a spa'e wit! a fire inside a &arrel. 8I)CHES 6 + 7/ dressed in wit'!* tatters/ wine &ottles at t!eir feet/ stand war ing t!e sel0es and tossing pages fro !ol* &oo(s into fla es. In a separate spa'e/ a CONDUC)OR stands at door of a railroad passenger 'arCOND<C@O%C =i5e /inutesD =i5e /inutesD De3artin. Bladstone Station inbound to Su//it Station and on to Hoboken @er/inal wit' &onne&tions to Iattery Park and t'e >orld @rade CenterD =i5e /inutes and all aboardD M6S@E% A$OMA%6C No /e/orials, M6S@E% A@@AC

10 (CONDUC)OR sees 8I)CHES/ enters t!eir spa'eCOND<C@O%C A'aD 6 see you two’re 3layin. at bein. wit&'es a.ain, S&arin. 3assen.ers into .i5in. u3 t'eir s3are &'an.e or you’ll 'eA Me/ to t'e de5il, 6s t'at itG See/s like @uesday is always wit&'in. day around 'ere, Say! is t'at Bod’s >ord you’re tearin. u3 and burnin.G >6@CH C 6t’s 3a.es 2ro/ a book is all we know, Or &are,

COND<C@O%C >'y! t'at’s, @'at’s t'e Lin. Na/es Iible you’re ri33in. a3artD $ook at /e, >6@CH 2C 6’/ tearin. u3 a Loran, %i3D %i3D

>6@CH C Now 6’/ tearin. u3 a book on Dianeti&s,

%i3D %i3D

>6@CH 2C @'e Musli/s! t'e Bideons and t'e S&ientolo.ists were 3assin. out books yesterday, So! we t'ou.'t! JHey! w'y notGK COND<C@O%C Ilas3'e/y’s w'at it isD Eou s'ould all be out 2indin. 'usbands, @'at’d kee3 you 2ro/ an.erin. t'e CreatorD >6@CH C 6 don’t 'ear you 3ro3osin. to eit'er o2 us, COND<C@O%C @'at 2ire is in 5iolation, 6 &ould ()urns/ 'alls out loudl*One /inuteD One /inuteD De3artin. inbound to Su//it and on to Hoboken &onne&tions to Iattery Park and t'e CenterD One /inute and all aboardD ()o 8I)CHES6 want you out o2 'ere, ProntoD write you u3, Bladstone Station @er/inal wit' >orld @rade

11 >6@CH 2C Iut it’s &old! No'nny, Cold as a wit&'’s " " COND<C@O%C 6t’s )# de.rees, Pra&ti&ally su//er, Eou see /eG 6’/ in s'irt slee5es, $ast warnin., And sto3 t'e blas3'e/y wit' t'e books, 62 Bod sees! no tellin’ w'at He’ll do, (CONDUC)OR e,its 8I)CHES3 spa'e and enters Railroad Car spa'eBod’s eyesD blas3'e/y, >6@CH C He wants blas3'e/y! let’s .i5e 'i/ real

>6@CHES ? 2C (Dan'e around &arrel/ tearing pages/ feeding fla es wit! gustoO$D DEV6$S O$D D6V6N6@6ES S@ONE DEAD 6N @HE6% CO==6NS CONS6BNED @O 6N=6N6@E =6$ED AND =O%BO@@EN AND >AS 6@ O<% VAN6@E @O HAVE DANCED A@ @HE6% DE6NB O% >AS 6@ 6NSAN6@E @O HAVE S@OOD @HE%E DENE6NB =O% @H6S O<% NE> CEN@<%E AND @HOSE >HO $6VE 6N 6@ S@AE =%EE O= A$$ DE6@6ES S@A%@6NB %6BH@ A@ @H6S M6N<@E ()!e* stop/ pi'( up wine &ottles/ saluteSO D%6NL @O SE%EN6@E @O A >O%$D @HA@ LEEPS @<%N6NB AND D%O>N A$$ @HOSE EN@6@6ES SEEL6NB >OOD =O% O<% I<%N6NB >6@CH C (Drin(s/ s as!es &ottle against &arrelSo be itD

12 >6@CH 2C (Drin(s/ s as!es &ottle against &arrelSo be itD >6@CH So be itD (Enter $ASSEN5ER 6 into Railroad Car spa'e in a rus!. CONDUC)OR tips 'apCOND<C@O%C Bood /ornin.! Ma’a/, >at&' your ste3 &o/in. aboard, *C8 , Now de3artin. Bladstone StationD All aboardD ($ASSEN5ER 6 sits. E,it CONDUC)OR. $AS)OR RA2 E..A enters 8I)CHES3 spa'eBod bless, PAS@O% %AE E$$AC *C80 on a @uesday /ornin.! .irls, ? 2C

>6@CH C Eour &lo&k’s a /inute slow! 3rea&'er lady, @'is is a train station! w'ere ti/e is eAa&t, 6t’s *C8 , Still an 'our till sunrise, PAS@O% %AE E$$AC A w'ole 'ourG 6t /ay be well 3ast t'e wit&'in. 'our! but ti/e enou.' 2or /is&'ie2! e'G >6@CH 2C Mis&'ie2G <sG PAS@O% %AE E$$AC Eou’re burnin. 'oly books, @'at’s sin2ul /is&'ie2, >6@CH 6t’s only 3a3er, PAS@O% %AE E$$AC Don’t su33ose it’d do any .ood to warn you, >6@CH C >arnin.s don’t &o/e 2ro/ t'e likes o2 youD C

13 PAS@O% %AE E$$AC >'y not t'e likes o2 /eG >'en Bod 'as so/et'in. to say! 'e doesn’t tell Beor.ie Por.ee Ius' or Silly Iilly Bates, He &'ooses 2ro/ /eek and t'e lowly, Mary o2 Ma.dala was a 3rostitute, No'n t'e Ia3tist was " " (Enter CONDUC)ORCOND<C@O%C De3artin. Pea3a&k StationD *C8#D (E,it CONDUC)ORPAS@O% %AE E$$AC Do you see t'e /oon u3 t'ereG O' yes, @'e /oon, >6@CH 2C A lo5ely wanin. &res&ent, All aboardD

PAS@O% %AE E$$AC Eou know w'at t'e wanin. &res&ent betokens! do you notG Maybe we do, >6@CH C Maybe we don’t,

PAS@O% %AE E$$AC So you don’t know, >6@CH 2C (Hands !er a 'oinSu33ose you say w'at you know, know,

Su33ose we say w'at we

PAS@O% %AE E$$AC @'ank you 2or t'e di/e, >6@CH 2C Say your 3ie&e! 3rea&'er wo/an, (Enter CONDUC)ORCOND<C@O%C De3artin. =ar Hills, *C8+ a/D All aboardD

14 (E,it CONDUC)ORPAS@O% %AE E$$AC 6t’s Mo'a//ed’s own /oon u3 t'ere, >6@CH AndG PAS@O% %AE E$$AC And it bodes illD JVerily! 2alse 3ro3'ets s'all rise! brin.in. e5il to /any,K @oday! t'is day! one /ust take eAtra &are, @oday! t'is day! t'e $ord Bod’s line o2 si.'t is blo&ked, Owin. to Mo'a//ed’s /oon, >6@CH 2C O' dear /eD Mo&k i2 you /ust, in t'e et'erG </, No3e, PAS@O% %AE E$$AC (S9uir s6 need to use t'e bat'roo/D ($AS)OR RA2 E..A e,its. Enter CONDUC)ORCOND<C@O%C De3artin. Iernards5ille, *C## a/, (E,it CONDUC)OR>6@CH >'at a 3in'ead, (.ig!ts up/ separate spa'e. Sign up !ig!/ "8E.COME )O MAINE. $OR).AND IN)ERNA)IONA. :E)$OR). A.. 4A55A5E SU4:EC) )O INS$EC)ION.% MIS)ER A))A + MIS)ER A.OMARI/ in sla'(s + sports s!irts/ enter wit! 'arr*on &agsC All aboardD PAS@O% %AE E$$AC Do you not sense a dark /ali.nan&y >6@CH 2C C

O' dratD

15 >6@CH 2C (Stirs t!e fire>aitD >6@CH >'atG >'at is itG >6@CH 2C (Stirs t!e fire6 sense dan.erD >6@CH >'atDG S'D (Stirs t!e firePossible dan.er, Potential dan.er, Iut not yet 3robable dan.er, Hard to say one way or t’ot'er, @wo /en &'e&ked out o2 a 'otel in Portland! Maine, @'ey’re now at t'e air ter/inal, A' yes! t'ere t'ey are, $ook, Eou &an see t'e/ now, @'ey’re takin. t'eir ba.s t'rou.' se&urity, (MIS)ER A))A + MIS)ER A.OMARI guide t!eir &ags t!ru se'urit* wit!out a pro&le . )!e* grin + free;e in pla'e in t!eir spa'eCan&el t'at, =alse alar/, 6t’s all ri.'t, Not'in.’s a/iss, Ne5er /ind, Dan.er’s o5er, (Enter $ASSEN5ER 7 and CONDUC)OR in $assenger Car spa'eCOND<C@O%C >el&o/e aboard! sir, >at&' your ste3, *C*8! de3artin. Millin.ton StationD All aboardD (E,it CONDUC)OR. $ASSEN5ER 7 wal(s past $ASSEN5ER 6 wit!out greeting !er/ sits as far awa* fro !er as possi&le. $AS)OR RA2 E..A enters 8I)CHES3 spa'e in a rus!>'atGGD PAS@O% %AE E$$AC @wo /en! you sayGG @wo /enGGDD @ell /eD >6@CH 2C C C


16 >6@CH 2C Ees, >e t'ou.'t t'ere was dan.er! but 3er2e&tly inno&ent! t'ey were, @'ey sailed t'rou.' ba..a.e &'e&k"in wit' not'in. a/iss, PAS@O% %AE E$$AC O' no noD Eou’re wron.D Eou’re 5ery 5ery wron.D JSoulless /en ade3t in deadly arts s'all &ross by air or water under t'e si.n o2 t'e wanin. &res&ent 3ointin. t'e way to Ar/a.eddon,K Oui&kD >e /ust a&tDD (Enter CONDUC)ORCOND<C@O%C De3artin. Ierkeley Hei.'ts, )C02, (E,it CONDUC)OR>eG >e /ust a&tG >6@CH 2C >'at you /ean weG 6t will &o/e 2ro/ All aboardD

PAS@O% %AE E$$AC A /onu/ental tra.edy is i//inent, t'e air, Or 3er'a3s 2ro/ water, Make u3 your /ind,

>6@CH C One or t'e ot'er, @'at’s t'e key,

>6@CH 2C S'e needs s&'olarly deta&'/ent,

PAS@O% %AE E$$AC Co/eD Noin /eD >e /ust a&tDD >e /ust warn t'e worldDD Ad/it it, >6@CH C Eou so enHoy u3settin. 'er,

>6@CH 2C 6 do /ake 'er day! don’t 6G PAS@O% %AE E$$AC Stay t'enD StayD 6 will a&t wit'out youD 6 will .o to a 'i.' 3la&e and be a warnin. bea&onD CowardsD

17 ($AS)OR RA2 E..A e,its on t!e run. 8I)CHES 6 + 7 laug!/ turn &a'( to t!e fire. MIS)ER A))A + MIS)ER A.OMARI unfree;e. )!e* o0e to edge of airport spa'e. MIS)ER A))A ta(es rolled<up pra*er rug fro 'arr*onM6S@E% A@@AC @'is will do, HereG M6S@E% A$OMA%6C 6n t'e air3ort &'a3elG @'is is not ri.'t, M6S@E% A@@AC 6 said! it will do, M6S@E% A$OMA%6C Iut, Iut unbelie5ers 3ray 'ere, >e s'ould do it t'e ri.'t way, >e s'ould .o to a 3ro3er /osFue, @'ere’s a /osFue in downtown Portland, 6’ll dri5e you t'ere, @'ere we’ll be a/on. .ood Musli/s, M6S@E% A@@AC @'ere’s no ti/e, And you know t'ere’s no ti/e, w'y e5en su..est itG <nless, No, M6S@E% A$OMA%6C Don’t say it, So

M6S@E% A@@AC <nless you’re losin. your ner5e, NoD Don’t, M6S@E% A$OMA%6C Do not insult /e,

M6S@E% A@@AC Clear your 'eart! brot'er, =or.et t'e t'in.s o2 t'is world, >'i&' way is Me&&aG M6S@E% A$OMA%6C @'at way! 6 t'ink, M6S@E% A@@AC Eou t'inkG

18 6, 6 a/ sure, M6S@E% A$OMA%6C 6 a/ sureD

(Enter CONDUC)ORCOND<C@O%C De3artin. Murray Hill, )C0), NeAt sto3! Su//it Station! Su//it! New Nersey, (E,it CONDUC)ORM6S@E% A@@AC $ea5e /e, M6S@E% A$OMA%6C Don’t you want /e to wat&' t'e doorG disturbs youG M6S@E% A@@AC No, $ea5e /e, (MIS)ER A.OMARI e,its/ frowning. MIS)ER A))A rolls out pra*er rug pointing it toward Me''a/ opens 'arr*on/ ta(es out 'ologne &ottle + an i a'ulate dar( green suit. He undresses to !is underwear/ applies 'ologne/ dons suit. He prostrates !i self on rug/ pra*s silentl*. Enter CONDUC)OR, COND<C@O%C ($ASSEN5ER + $ASSEN5ER 7 stand/ 'olle't t!eir &elongings. )!e* ignore one anot!er)C #, Arri5in. Su//it, C'an.e 'ere 2or Hoboken! Iattery Park and t'e >orld @rade Center, Don’t 2or.et your news3a3ers and &oats, Ha5e a wonder2ul dayD (8I)CHES + $AS)OR RA2 E..A rus! to eet train as $ASSEN5ERS 6 + 7 e,it trainEou t'ereD Don’t bot'er t'e 3ayin. &usto/ersD >6@CH C ()ugs at $ASSEN5ER 63s el&ow$ook at /e! lady, $ookD 6’/ star5in., 6 'a5en’t eaten in days, 6 need 2ood, Al/s 2or t'e 3oor, So no one

19 >6@CH 2C (5ra&s $ASSEN5ER 63s s!oulderPlease! Hust a dollar, =our Fuarters, @en di/es, =or so/e 'ot! nutri&ious sou3, Al/s 2or t'e 3oor, (8I)CH 6 snat'!es $ASSEN5ER 63s purse. 8I)CHES run awa* + e,it/ laug!ingCOND<C@O%C Sto3 t'e/D Co/e ba&kD S'itD EA&use /y =ren&'! Ma’a/! but t'e 'o/eless wo/en are worse t'an t'e /en, Eou &an 3ut in a &lai/ 2or t'e 3urse at Hoboken, ($AS)OR RA2 E..A draws 'loseHey you! %e5erendD Stay awayD PAS@O% %AE E$$AC ()o $ASSEN5ER 7/ offers 4i&leIible! sirG =ood 2or t'e soulG Disaster is near! sir, Iy air or water or 3ossibly bot', 6t says in 'ere! t'ere s'all not be le2t one stone on anot'er, ($ASSEN5ER 7 turns up nose/ pus!es it awa*Do you know w'o said t'at! sirG Nesus 'i/sel2D Don’t 3us' Nesus away! sir, @'ere is but little ti/e le2tD ()o $ASSEN5ER 6=or.et your 3urse! Ma’a/, =or.et t'e t'in.s o2 t'is world, %e2le&t u3on u3on your soul, >'en you see t'e abo/ination o2 desolation ($oints to t!e oonBo to a 'i.' 3la&e! stret&' out your ar/s and re3ent, ($oints to !er &ell*>oe unto t'e wo/an .reat wit' &'ildD 6n t'ose days will be seen babies born wit' webbed 2eet and beaks, ($ASSEN5ER 6 gaspsIlood t'e &olor and &onsisten&y o2 eA&re/ent in t'e birt' &anal, Pus"2illed wo/bs, Sa5e yoursel2 i2 you " " COND<C@O%C @'at’s enou.'D Bet out o2 'ere! %e5erend, Not'in. worse t'an too /u&' reli.ionD Here! Ma’a/, @ake /y ar/, 6’ll es&ort you to t'e &onne&tin. .ate, @'e neAt train to Hoboken de3arts in # /inutes wit' &onne&tions to Iattery Park and @'e >orld @rade CenterD @'is wayD

20 (CONDUC)OR/ $ASSEN5ERS 6 + 7 e,it. $AS)OR RA2 E..A wat'!es t!e e,it. )!en s!e follows t!e / e,its. 4la'(out on passenger 'ar spa'e. )EM$)ER 6/ a p!oto al&u under !is ar / enters t!roug! wall as MIS)ER A))A pra*s. )EM$)ER 6 sits/ 'lears t!roat/ turns pages of al&u noisil*. He wears a red suit. His &ell* s!a(es w!en !e laug!s !is irritatingl* =oll* !o<!o<!o laug!M6S@E% A@@AC (Not loo(ing up@'is roo/ is reser5ed 2or 3rayer, @EMP@E% C So it is, And 6 see you’re 3rayin. wit' .reat 2er5or and intensity! noG =or w'at are you 3rayin.G M6S@E% A@@AC =or su&&ess, @EMP@E% C How ori.inal, News! C'ristians! Hindus! Iudd'a idol wors'i3ers! e5en C'inese at'eists 3ray 2or su&&ess, M6S@E% A@@AC @'ose 3rayers aren’t answered, @EMP@E% >'o says soG No one, M6S@E% A@@AC Iut it’s &o//on knowled.e, C

@EMP@E% C 62 only your 3rayers were answered! all t'ose ot'er 3eo3le would 'a5e been stu&k in t'e /u&k eons a.o, M6S@E% A@@AC >'o are youG @EMP@E% A seeker, C

21 M6S@E% A@@AC >'o/ do you seekG @EMP@E% Mo'a//ed, M6S@E% A@@AC Pea&e and blessin.s u3on 'i/, Not t'at Mo'a//ed, Ees, @EMP@E% Eou’re sur3isin.ly &al/, >'at o2 itG @EMP@E% C 6 /eant a &o/3li/ent, Considerin. your intentions, M6S@E% A@@AC (Springs to !is feet>'o are youGDD @EMP@E% C Eou’re a /an o2 li/ited 3atien&e, Bet to t'e 3oint or .et out, @'at’s your way! noG All ri.'t, Bet ri.'t to t'e 3oint! we s'all, Co/e 'ere, $ook at t'ese, ()EM$)ER 6 opens p!oto al&u / !olds it out for MIS)ER A))A to see. A na(ed wo an in 'lassi' nude pose is displa*ed on &a'( wall>'at is t'atGGD M6S@E% A@@AC 6t’s 2ilt'D Porno.ra3'yD C @EMP@E% C Mo'a//ed’s your na/e! noG M6S@E% A@@AC C

M6S@E% A@@AC

@EMP@E% C 6 /ust say! t'at’s a ni&e suit you’re wearin., 6t’s t'e suit a /an /i.'t wear to 'is own weddin.! noG And

22 @EMP@E% (Cont-C t'e &olo.ne, Ouite o5erw'el/in., A .roo/ ai/in. to s/ell o5erw'el/in.ly 2ra.rant 2or 'is bride, EA3e&tations o2 t'in.s to &o/e, EA3e&tations o2 &onHu.al bliss wit' w'at’s"'er"na/e, Iy t'e way! Mo'a//ed! w'at is 'er na/eG O'! waitD >aitD >aitD Don’t tell /e, Maybe it’s not a 'er, Maybe it’s a, A t'eyD A'aD EesD 6t is a t'ey, EesG (.aug!sAll ri.'t, S'all we &ut to t'e &'aseG Ad/it it, 6t’s about wo/en! yesG 6t’s all you t'ink about, All t'ose wo/en u3 t'ere at your be&k and &all, 6t’s do/inated your t'ou.'ts 2or /ont's! yesG All t'e 3re3aration, All t'e 3lannin., All t'e 3lottin., At botto/! it’s about wo/en, 6t’s about A'bia, 6t’s about Aina, 6t’s about Alia, And Anas'a, And Aya, Ias/a and Cantara and Dalal, And 6 &ould na/e t'e/ all! but w'at’s t'e 3ointG 6 /ust ad/it 6’5e o2ten wondered to /ysel2! 'ow does a /an kee3 tra&k o2 so /anyG 62 you took t'e/ out, 6t’d be reser5ations 2or se5enty"t'ree, Or to t'e &ine/a, Eou’d o&&u3y an entire se&tion, And we’re not e5en talkin. about t'e 3o3&orn and sodas, All in all! Fuite a &o//entary on one’s /an'ood, All o2 w'i&' /akes /e t'ink one would re2er to t'is as 3orno.ra3'y at one’s 3eril, ($us!es p!oto al&u . MIS)ER A))A !esitatesBo on, >e’re adults 'ere, @ake a .ander, M6S@E% A@@AC ()a(es it/ !olds it as if it were a &o &6 2ind t'is /ost, Most re5ealin.,


@EMP@E% C Eet taste2ul! 6 s'ould t'ink, (MIS)ER A))A turns page. A new grap!i' of a na(ed wo an is displa*ed on &a'( wallM6S@E% A@@AC 6 t'ink, 62 a dau.'ter o2 /ine e5er 3osed like t'is, @EMP@E% C Eou 2ind t'e ladies attra&ti5e! yesG

23 M6S@E% A@@AC ()urning page6 will ad/it t'ey are attra&ti5e,


6n t'eir way,

(A new grap!i' of a na(ed wo an displa*ed@EMP@E% C And isn’t t'is su3erior to t'e old waysG >'ere t'ey tell you bi. and little lies about your intended but you ne5er .et to a&tually see t'e .oods until t'e nu3tuals are o5er and done wit' and all t'e kin2olk 'a5e &as'ed t'eir &'e&ksG And i2 s'e turns out to be a 2at la1y &ow wit' a wart on 'er ass t'e si1e o2 t'e Laaba Stone! too 2u&kin. bad! Mo! you’re stu&kD M6S@E% A@@AC ()urns pageSo, So, So you’re sayin. t'at t'ese are, Are /ine, @'e wo/en in t'e 3i&tures, @'ese are /y, My wi5esG (A new grap!i' of a na(ed wo an displa*ed@EMP@E% S3e&i2i&ally wi5es to be, C

M6S@E% A@@AC ()urns pageAnd t'ey’re all .ood Musli/s, (A new grap!i' of a na(ed wo an displa*ed@EMP@E% C >ell! 6’/ sure t'ey are, >'y would t'ey not beG M6S@E% A@@AC ()urns pageO2 &ourse, 6 didn’t /ean to i/3ly t'at, (A new grap!i' of a na(ed wo an displa*ed@EMP@E% C O2 &ourse you didn’t, 6t’s your ner5es, 6t’s Fuite nor/al 2or a /an to be ner5ous be2ore 'is weddin.,

Ees yes,

24 M6S@E% A@@AC 6t’s so lo.i&al! isn’t itG @'e way t'is &o/es to.et'er, 6t’s di5ine 3er2e&tion, 6sn’t t'at ri.'tG @EMP@E% C ()a(es !old of t!e p!oto al&u @'at’s 5ery well 3ut, >ell! it’s been a 3leasure, M6S@E% A@@AC (Not letting go of t!e p!oto al&u Ees! it 'as, 6t really 'as,


@EMP@E% C ()ugging at t!e p!oto al&u 6t’s ti/e 2or /e to lea5e now, M6S@E% A@@AC (Not letting goEes! and t'ank you, @'ank you so 5ery /u&', @EMP@E% C ()uggingEou need to let .o,



M6S@E% A@@AC O'D Bood .rie2! 6, 6’/ so sorry, 6 didn’t reali1e, (.ets go. )EM$)ER 6 starts to e,itOne last t'in., Please, ()EM$)ER 6 stops/ does not turn6 want you to know 6’/ not doin. t'is solely 2or t'e wo/en, 6’/ sorry i2 you .ot t'at i/3ression, 6 understand, @EMP@E% C And t'ank you 2or t'e &lari2i&ation,

()EM$)ER 6 e,its t!roug! wall@EMP@E% ’S VO6CEC No doubt, O'! one last t'in., 6’/ su33osed to tell you t'at you’ll be .ettin. t'ree 5isitors, 6 don’t 'a5e all t'e s3e&i2i&s, Iut t'e end result is! you’re su33osed to e/er.e wiser and /ore &entered! noG

25 (Fade to &la'( wit! sound of )EM$)ER 63s !o< !o<!o laug!. .ig!ts up. Interior of railroad 'ar. At one side/ a &at!roo . $ASSEN5ERS 6 + 7 seated. $ASSEN5ER 7/ asleep. CONDUC)OR ta(es ti'(ets. $AS)OR RA2 E..A slips into e pt* seat/ s'run'!es downCOND<C@O%C =i5e /inutesD =i5e /inutesD De3artin. Su//it Station inbound to Hoboken @er/inal wit' &onne&tions to Iattery Park and t'e >orld @rade CenterD =i5e /inutes and all aboardD @i&kets 3leaseD @i&kets 3leaseD 9)o $ASSEN5ER 6 as !e ta(es !er ti'(etAnd w'en’s t'e little one dueG PASSENBE% Nanuary, Nanuary, Ees, COND<C@O%C New Eears babies are 5ery lu&ky, PASSENBE% 6 don’t belie5e in lu&k, NoG >ell, C COND<C@O%C =i5e /ont's 2ro/ now, PASSENBE% C A New Eears baby, C

COND<C@O%C Bood lu&k to you anyway, ()o $ASSEN5ER 7@i&ket! sir, Sir, SirG SirG PASSENBE% 2C (Awa(ens wit! a start/ glares6t’s on t'e &orner o2 /y seatD $ike alwaysD COND<C@O%C A'! not intendin. to &ontradi&t you! sir! but! no! it’s not, 62 it was! 6 wouldn’t be wakin. you u3,

26 PASSENBE% 2C O'! 2or Pete’s sakeD >ell! w'ere &ould it beG $ookD @'ere it is, On t'e 2loor, Eou /ust 'a5e kno&ked it loose, 62 you 'ad taken t'e trouble to look down, COND<C@O%C @'ere it is, 6’ll .et it! sir, My /istake, ($un'!es ti'(et6 'a5e it, @'ere, Bo ba&k to slee3! sir, One /inuteD De3artin. Su//it Station inbound to Hoboken @er/inal wit' &onne&tions to Iattery Park and t'e >orld @rade CenterD One /inute and all aboardD ()o $AS)OR RA2 E..A>ell well well, Hello t'ere! Mada/e %e5erend, A'! yes, PAS@O% %AE E$$AC Bod bless! sir, COND<C@O%C Boin. to t'e >orld @rade Center todayG PAS@O% %AE E$$AC Ees, Ees! 6 a/, Can you .et /e t'ere Fui&klyG (5estures !i to 'o e 'lose. He doesSo/et'in. is .oin. to 'a33en today, Ha33enG COND<C@O%C So/et'in.G Could you be /ore s3e&i2i&G

PAS@O% %AE E$$AC 6 /ust .et to a 'i.' 3la&e 2or it’s a wanin. &res&ent /oon in t'e sky, 6t si.ni2ies .reat dan.er, E5il /en 'a5e entered our airs3a&e, Or waters3a&e, One or t'e ot'er, 6t’s a sure si.n t'e ra3ture is ni.', COND<C@O%C A'! t'e ra3ture! you say, And you say you need to /o5e Fui&kly, Alas, >e /ake siA sto3s between 'ere and Hoboken, >e tra5el at a sa2e! sane /aAi/u/ s3eed o2 t'irty"one /iles 3er 'our, 62 it’s Fui&kly you wanted to .et to t'e @rade Center 2or a 2ront row seat 2or t'e ra3ture! you s'ould 'a5e .one by 'eli&o3ter, Or used le5itation, Eour ti&ket! 3lease,

27 PAS@O% %AE E$$AC @'e 2unniest t'in.! t'at, 6 tried .ettin. a ti&ket 2ro/ t'e /a&'ine on t'e 3lat2or/, 6t re2used /e, COND<C@O%C %e2used you, PAS@O% %AE E$$AC Absolutely re2used /e, =or no reason, Nust ke3t /akin. t'is sound, La&'unk, La&'unk, La&'unk, La&'unk, La&'unk, La&'unk, COND<C@O%C La&'unk, La&'unk,

PAS@O% %AE E$$AC EesD EAa&tlyD <n&anny 'ow you du3li&ated t'e sound, >ere you e5er in entertain/entG NoG Eou s'ould t'ink about it, @'en it went 2wo3 2wo3 2wo3 &link 2weeo3, COND<C@O%C =wo3 2wo3 2wo3 &link 2weeo3, PAS@O% %AE E$$AC 6t took /y liFuid assets, EA&e3t 2or t'is one di/e, COND<C@O%C Now t'at’s an a/a1in. story, @'e ti&ket dis3enser on t'e 3lat2or/ is a Lo//odor #000, Made in Ber/any, %e3uted to be indestru&tible, 6n use t'e world o5er, @'ey 'a5e Lo//odor #000’s in t'e Sa'ara Desert! abo5e t'e Ar&ti& Cir&le! at Mount E5erest base &a/3s, Lo//odor #000’s 'a5e sur5i5ed an.ry 'i33o3ota/i! /issile"totin. /uHa'edeen and 'un.ry rust beetles, PAS@O% %AE E$$AC 6t sure is a /ystery, COND<C@O%C So you’re sayin.! it took all your /oney, All o2 itD PAS@O% %AE E$$AC EA&e3t 2or t'is one t'in di/e,

28 COND<C@O%C And 6’/ sure it was a round tri3 ti&ket you’re .oin. to say you were atte/3tin. to 3ur&'ase, No, PAS@O% %AE E$$AC Only one"way,

COND<C@O%C One wayG >ell, Eou’re an 'onest lady 3arson, 6’ll .i5e you t'at, Very well, >e’ll 'a5e to 2ile a &lai/ 2or a lost ti&ket, Iut in t'e /eanti/e! listen and listen well, Eou see t'at wo/anG 62 you tell 'er one /ore ti/e 'er baby is .oin. to be born wit' web 2eet and a beak! 6 will 3ersonally laun&' you on a one"way 2li.'t to t'at wanin. &res&ent /oon abo5e, PAS@O% %AE E$$AC My li3s are sealed, And Bod bless, COND<C@O%C Han. your blessin.s, Nust ta3 t'e Ii. Man on t'e s'oulder and ask Hi/ to wat&' o5er /y 3assen.ers and kee3 t'e/! you in&luded! sa2e, And sane, PAS@O% %AE E$$AC @'at 6 will, COND<C@O%C $adies and Bentle/en, Now de3artin. Su//it Station at )C2+ inbound to Hoboken @er/inal wit' &onne&tions to Iattery Park and t'e >orld @rade CenterD NeAt sto3! Ma3lewood, >at&' t'e doors as t'ey are now &losin., ()rain lea0es station. $ASSEN5ER 7 gets up/ goes to &at!roo 'arr*ing !is atta'!e 'ase/ lo'(s door/ tests door to a(e sure it3s lo'(ed. He turns on tap/ splas!es water on !is fa'e/ stares wearil* at !i self in irror. He turns/ opens atta'!e 'ase/ ta(es out &o & &elt and/ as !e tal(s/ !e re o0es 'oat + s!irt. )!en !e fits &elt on torso and puts s!irt + 'oat &a'( on-

29 PASSENBE% 2C 6 /arried /y 3resent wi2e! @rudy! t'inkin. 6 would 'a5e a &o/3anion 2or li2e, 6nstead 6 'a5e a s3arrin. 3artner, @'e ti/e 'as &o/e w'en 6 &an no /ore stand t'e e5eryday na..in. t'at 6 .et! un2ittin. /e 2or business in t'e /ornin.! raisin. 'ell e5ery ni.'t until 6 2eel obli.ed to take so/e eAtre/e a&tion, $ast ni.'t! 6 was a.ain a&&used o2 s3endin. /oney, S'e tells /e 'er re ations know 6 a/ not 2it to su33ort 'er, 6 /ade a /e/orandu/ o2 t'e u.ly re/arks and a&&usations s'e /ade, 6 &annot 2ind it, S'e knew 6 /ade a /e/orandu/, @'e only t'in. 6 &an &onHe&ture is s'e 'as taken it, Sin&e De&e/ber #t'! (()! t'e day we were /arried! s'e 'as been t'e sa/e JI6B 6,K >'en s'e landed at Lennedy 2ro/ C'i&a.o! s'e &lai/ed t'at s'e was not /et at t'e 3lane, Durin. t'is ti/e 6 was waitin. nearly two 'ours at $aBuardia, S'e le2t Lennedy on 'er own and went to $aBuardia w'ere s'e 2ound /e waitin., S'e lit into /e like a ti.er wit' 'undreds o2 3eo3le lookin. on and 'as ke3t it u3 e5er sin&e, @o t'is day s'e re/inds /e t'at 6 was not t'ere to /eet 'er, 6 want to say trut'2ully s'e 'as been a wi2e in na/e only, E5ery day or so 6 a/ a&&used o2 s3endin. 2or /ysel2 and do not &are 2or 'er or w'at s'e 'as, 6 a/ a&&used o2 .oin. out wit' ot'er wo/en e5en t'ou.' 6 &annot .et away 2ro/ 'er eA&e3t w'en 6 .o out ea&' day to do business and turn t'e /oney o5er to 'er, (Enter HIS 8IFE t!roug! wall@'e ot'er ni.'t 6 was s&rat&'in. an it&' w'ere 6 was &'a2ed and 6 was told to, H6S >6=EC Ouit 3layin. wit' yoursel2, No wonder you 'a5e no brains, Eou ne5er 'ad anyt'in. and ne5er will, Eou are t'e worst lookin. t'in. 6 e5er saw, E5ery ti/e 6 look at you! 6 detest you /ore, Eou are t'e /ost brainless 3erson 6 e5er saw, Eou 'a5e no reasonin. 3ower! no business ability! no 2riends! no lo5e in your 'eart, Eou

30 H6S >6=E(Cont-C are so u.ly you t'row it out o2 your 2a&e, now! 6 &an’t stand t'e si.'t, (E,it HIS 8IFE t!roug! wallPASSENBE% 2C O2 all t'e na/es a 'u/an bein. &an be &alled! 6 'a5e 'ad t'e/ &alled to /e, >'en 6 wrote a letter to Cousin Oli5e! s'e looked o5er /y s'oulder and .rabbed it and tore it u3, 6 tried to .et it and s'e 'ollered like a lunati&, @'en s'e ke3t it u3 wit' t'e /ost unbounded te/3er any one e5er witnessed, 6 &ould not Fuiet 'er, So/eone 3'oned /ana.e/ent, @'e 'ouse dete&ti5e &a/e and told 'er s'e /ust kee3 Fuiet, (Enter HIS 8IFE t!roug! wall6 was told two or t'ree ti/es re&ently " " H6S >6=EC 6 des3ise you, 6 a/ a2raid 6 will .et so/e disease 2ro/ so/eone you 'a5e been out wit', PASSENBE% 2C 6 will not state 'ow /u&' 6 'a5e .i5en 'er in /oney! 2ur &oats! dia/onds and, (A (no'( on &at!roo door. He stops spea(ing/ stares at door. )!en>>And o22erin. to 2urnis' a 'o/e in New Eork 2or, H6S >6=EC 6 don’t want a 'o/e, 6 li5ed in a 'otel in C'i&a.o, 6 want to li5e in a 'otel a.ain, PASSENBE% 2C 6 a/ so dis&oura.ed 6 t'ink 6 s'all do so/et'in. to relie5e t'e tension, S'e 'as dared /e on t'is, H6S >6=EC Ees, Do w'ate5er you’re .oin. to do, Eou won’t be /issed, $east o2 all! by /e, @oday is as .ood a day as any, So .o on, Do it, Nust don’t /ake a /ess o2 it and e/barrass /e w'en 6 read about it, E5en

31 (E,it HIS 8IFE t!roug! wall. A louder (no'( on &at!roo door. He '!e'(s !i self in irror. Satisfied t!at &o & &elt does not s!ow/ !e opens doorPAS@O% %AE E$$AC Bod bless, @'ere you are, 6 was 2ear2ul you’d died in t'ere w'en you didn’t answer /y kno&k, 6 need to use t'e toilet, Say now! you don’t look well, PASSENBE% 2C Died! you sayG MeG Eou’d like t'at! wouldn’t youG @'en you &ould .o t'rou.' /y 3o&kets and rob /e, =or your in2or/ation! 6’/ 2ine, More t'an 2ine, =it as a 2iddle, Mo/entarily a22e&ted by t'e lur&'in. o2 t'e &ar, Now ste3 aside, ($AS)OR RA2 E..A steps aside/ lets $ASSEN5ER 7 pass. $ASSEN5ER 7 returns to !is seat and sits. CONDUC)OR passesPAS@O% %AE E$$AC Do you not sense a dark /ali.nan&yG Does it not .at'er stren.t' wit' ea&' /ile o2 tra&k we &o5erG COND<C@O%C Now t'at you brin. it u3! yes! 6 do sense an e5er so sli.'t uni5ersal dis'ar/ony, Iut Bod 'el3 you i2 you 3ass t'at in2or/ation on to t'e 3assen.ers, @'ey 'a5e a ri.'t to be le2t to t'e/sel5es! as t'ey 'a5e 3aid 2or t'eir seats, Now eA&use /e, 6’5e an announ&e/ent to /ake, )C8*! de3artin. Ma3lewoodD All aboard 3leaseD (Fade to &la'(. .ig!ts up/ two spa'es. In first spa'e/ 8I)CHES 6 + 7 stand at &arrel. 8I)CH 7 stirs fire. In se'ond spa'e/ a 0anit* and irror fit for a goddess. 8I)CHES pi'( up a window fra e/ 'arr* it to 0anit* spa'e. )!e* fit fra e in &a'( wall as t!e* sing-

32 IE IE IE IE IE IE IE IE A A A A A A A A >6NDO> >6NDO> >6NDO> >6NDO> 6N 6N 6N 6N @HE @HE @HE @HE >6@CHES >A$$ >A$$ >A$$ >A$$ ? 2C

>6NDO> 6N @HE >A$$ >6NDO> 6N @HE >A$$ >6NDO> 6N @HE >A$$ >6NDO> 6N @HE >A$$ (8I)CHES drape gold sto'(ings o0er 0anit* &en'!. )!e* pla'e !ig!<!eeled gold sandals on floor. )!e* arrange a tea ser0i'e. )!e* pla'e sign o0er 0anit*1 "HERA3S 4OUDOIR%HE%A! 6N EO<% BO$DEN SANDA$S! S6P EO<% HE%IA$ @EA, DOES @HE $ADE ON @HE MO<N@A6N SEND EO< HONEE =%OM @HE IEESG HE%A HE%A! =%OM EO<% AE%6E SEND EO<% I$ESS6NBS @H%O<BH (8I)CHES snap fingers. 5rape 0ines appearA%E @HE B%APES S@6$$ S>EE@ AND N<6CE 6N EO<% A%IO% ON @HE MOONG (8I)CHES e,it spa'e. 8I)CH 6 turns/ points/ 'laps !ands twi'e. As if &* agi'/ t!e planet eart! s!ining &rig!t appears in window fra e. 8I)CHES enter 8I)CH spa'e. Stir fla es. )!e singing fadesIE A >6NDO> 6N @HE >A$$ IE A >6NDO> 6N @HE >A$$ IE A >6NDO> 6N @HE >A$$ IE A >6NDO> 6N @HE >A$$ IE IE IE IE A A A A >6NDO> >6NDO> >6NDO> >6NDO> 6N 6N 6N 6N @HE @HE @HE @HE >A$$ >A$$ >A$$ >A$$

(MIS)ER A))A approa'!es edge of 0anit* spa'e/ !olding a &ou9uet. He stands/ not daring to enter. 4la'(out/ 8I)CH spa'e-

33 M6S@E% A@@AC HelloG HelloG (Enter )EM$)ER 7 wit! towel wrapped around !er. S!e3s =ust 'o e fro s!ower. Mister Atta a0erts !is e*es@EMP@E% 2C 6 was a2raid you weren’t &o/in., M6S@E% A@@AC ($roffers &ou9uet aw(wardl*/ e*es a0erted=or you, @EMP@E% 2C ()a(es &ou9uet. Sets it in 0aseHow 5ery sweet, @'ank you, M6S@E% A@@AC May 6 enterG @EMP@E% 2C (S!e sits at 0anit*/ ad ires !erselfEes, 6’/ .lad you &a/e, 6 was 'o3in. you’d &o/e, (S!e giggles6t’s all ri.'t to look, 6t’s Hust /e in a towel, M6S@E% A@@AC (He loo(s6’/ 'a33y to be 'ere, @'ank you, So/e, @EMP@E% 2C 6’/ 'a33y you’re 'ere, HelloG (Silen'e. He loo(s left and rig!t-

M6S@E% A@@AC So/e 3eo3le say you &an be di22i&ult,

@EMP@E% 2C @'at’s Hust t'e t'in. so/e 3eo3le would say, (Slowl*/ eroti'all*/ dons !er sto'(ings>'at do you sayG

34 M6S@E% A@@AC (Regards !er as s!e does soEou see/ 5ery! 5ery ni&e,


@EMP@E% 2C And you’re ni&e! too, May 6 say /oreG M6S@E% A@@AC O2 &ourse, Please, @EMP@E% 2C 6 3ride /ysel2 on /akin. /y /ind u3 about 3eo3le, 6 'a5e a 5ery 3ositi5e i/3ression about you, 6 t'ink you’re 3leasant to be wit', 6 t'ink you’re attra&ti5e, Still! 6 &an’t 'el3 but noti&e t'at you see/ so/ew'at sti22 and 2or/al, M6S@E% A@@AC Ila/e it on /y u3brin.in., @EMP@E% 2C (S!e &ends down to strap on !er sandalsO'G M6S@E% A@@AC 6 /ean! /y Musli/ u3brin.in., A' yes! t'at, @EMP@E% 2C So w'at’s on t'e a.endaG

M6S@E% A@@AC >orld 3ea&e! 6 t'ink, Sounds 5ery win"win, Eou tell /e, @EMP@E% 2C How do we .et t'ereG

M6S@E% A@@AC @'ey say you’re t'e eA3ert,

@EMP@E% 2C (S!e stands/ fa'es !i / towers o0er !i =or starters! w'at we do! we set so/e ti/e aside to .et to know ea&' ot'er,

35 M6S@E% A@@AC 6 would 5ery /u&' like t'at, @EMP@E% 2C 6n t'e end! it always &o/es down to 3eo3le intera&tin., 6’/ .ood at w'at 6 do be&ause 6 2o&us on &onne&tin. wit' 3eo3le, Peo3le like you, M6S@E% A@@AC Peo3le like /e, @EMP@E% 2C Ees, Peo3le like you, (S!e draws 'lose. Suddenl*/ s!e pins !i !ard against t!e wall and &egins (issing !i fier'el* on t!e out!/ ru&&ing !erself against !i all t!e w!ile. )!is goes on for a long o ent. )!en/ =ust as suddenl*/ it3s o0er. S!e &reat!es in !is earHel3 /e .et to know you, M6S@E% A@@AC Ees yes, O', Ees, (Fade to &la'(. .ig!ts up/ interior of passenger plane. MIS)ER A.OMARI seated alone. $A)RICIA seated alone. A.AN + C.O?IA seated side &* sideS@E>A%DESSC On be'al2 o2 A/eri&an Airlines =li.'t 2ro/ Ioston $o.an to $AP! wel&o/e aboard, Please dire&t your attention to t'e /onitors, @'ere are siA e/er.en&y eAits, @ake a /o/ent to lo&ate t'e eAit &losest you, (MIS)ER A))A enters/ &uttons 'oat/ '!e'(s !is fl*/ a0oiding MIS)ER A.OMARI3s in9uiring e*es as !e ta(es t!e seat ne,t to !i S'ould t'e &abin eA3erien&e sudden 3ressure loss! oAy.en /asks will dro3 down, Pla&e t'e /ask o5er your /out' and nose! like t'is, (S)E8ARDESS3 0oi'e starts fading outPull t'e stra3 to ti.'ten it, 62 you are tra5elin. wit' s/all &'ildren! /ake sure to " "

36 A$ANC (S!ows C.O?IA a &oo(. Offers !er itAre you ready 2or t'isG @wo words, Mia =arrow, (S)E8ARDESS wal(s t!e aisle/ '!e'(ing o0er!eads and s iling at passengersC$OV6AC ()a(es &oo(@'e a&tressG EesD Mia =arrow, A$ANC S'e .a5e /e t'e look,

C$OV6AC ()urns &oo( o0er in !er !ands6 do not know t'e look, A$ANC Mia is di22erent 2ro/ t'e ot'ers, S'e’s dee3ly sensiti5e, S'e understands su22erin., S'e s3ent 'er &'ild'ood in an iron lun., S'e’s not one o2 your Fuote 3retty 2a&es, S'e’s known stru..le and loss, And s'e’s eAtre/ely literate, Did you know s'e wrote t'is bookG S'e wrote it wit'out a .'ost writer, 6t’s about 'er li2e, And 'er tra.edies, As wit' all true artists! 'er li2e de2ines tra.edy, NoD C'e&k t'at, 6t trans&ends tra.edy, S'e was at Iorders at t'e >orld @rade Center si.nin. 'er book last May, 6 2lew down t'ere, And t'at’s w'ere s'e .a5e /e t'e look, C$OV6AC How /any 3eo3le were t'ereG A$ANC A lot, C$OV6AC Did s'e .i5e anyone else t'e lookG A$ANC Nust /e,

37 C$OV6AC Did you e5er t'ink! s'e’s an a&tressG S'e’s 'ad years o2 trainin., S'e &an turn it on and o22 like a 2au&et, Did you e5er t'ink! s'e was /aybe 3ra&ti&in. so/et'in. on youG A$ANC Are you ready 2or t'isG >'en 6 was near t'e 2ront o2 t'e line! 6 &ould 2eel 'er eyes on /e, @'e w'ole ti/e s'e was talkin. to ot'er 3eo3le! 'er eyes were on /e, MeD S'e 'as ele&tri& eyes, 6t was like s'e knew /e, And t'en suddenly! t'ere 6 was at t'e 2ront, 6t was like enterin. a &at'edral, $ike bein. in t'e 3resen&e o2 a Fueen, S'e was 3eerin. strai.'t into /y soul! 2o&ussin. all 'er ener.y on /e as s'e si.ned /y book, >e &li&ked, 6t was a /a.i& /o/ent, C$OV6AC >'at s'e did was sell you a book, A$ANC %e/e/ber J>est Side StoryGK @'e s&ene w'ere @ony and Maria .a1e lon.in.ly a&ross t'e dan&e 2loorG And t'e ot'er dan&ers 2ree1e in 3la&eG And 2or a brie2 s'inin. /o/ent o2 unity! t'ere’s @ony and Maria rea&'in. out to one anot'er, A beauti2ul s3iritual &ou3lin., 6t was like t'at, C$OV6AC Mia 2elt t'is! tooG A$ANC O'! 6’5e no doubt, C$OV6AC And! ri.'t now! s'e’s sittin. in t'e Hollywood Hills t'inkin. o2 you, >aitin. 2or t'e 3'one to rin., S'e’s .i5en t'e answerin. ser5i&e stri&t instru&tions to 3ut your &all strai.'t t'rou.', Sure, A$ANC So/et'in. like t'at, >'y notG

38 @ell /e t'is, C$OV6AC >'y youG

A$ANC >'y not /eG @'ere are no 2en&es to &on2ine lo5e, $o5e .oes w'ere it will and w'en it will, Mia and 6 are alike! in t'at we’5e bot' lo5ed and lost, One t'in. 6 know, $o5e is a Fuestion wit' no 3at answer, Are you ready 2or t'isG Don’t lau.' now, 6 went and added 'er as sole bene2i&iary to /y li2e insuran&e and #0 L, 6 sent 'er an e"/ail tellin. 'er 6 did t'is, C$OV6AC >'at did s'e sayG A$ANC @'e 2unniest t'in., 6 t'ou.'t! JAlan! w'at are you doin.G S'e .ets s&ads o2 e"/ails, 6t’s beyond 'er &a3a&ity to read t'e/ all,K 6 wrote 'er a letter! si.nin. it si/3ly JAlan,K Nust JAlan,K $ast ni.'t! 6 &ouldn’t slee3! t'inkin. about 'er, 6 turned on t'e @V, And t'ere s'e was, Her 2a&e, =irst t'in. 6 saw w'en t'e @V &a/e u3, 6t was Daisy 2ro/ )!e 5reat 5ats&*, 6s t'at an o/enG C$OV6AC 6 don’t know w'at to say, A$ANC 6 a/ not i/a.inin. t'is, C$OV6AC 6 liked 'er in Rose ar*3s 4a&*, A$ANC Can you kee3 a se&retG 6 bou.'t a ti&ket to $AP, 6’/ on /y way to Hollywood to be wit' 'er, Eou /ay be readin. /y na/e, Very soon, (S)E8ARDESS offers MIS)ER A.OMARI + MIS)ER A))A &eer. )!e* wa0e !er off/ as if s!e were t!e &ringer of &ad lu'(-

39 C$OV6AC Does s'e know you’re &o/in.G A$ANC @'e t'in. is! 'er toadies! 'an.ers"on and yes" 3eo3le are wit''oldin. key in2or/ation 2ro/ 'er, C$OV6AC @'ere’s always t'at, A$ANC >'en 6’/ wit' 'er, @'ere’ll be &'an.es, C'an.es 2or 'er .ood, And /ine, And ours, (Fade to &la'(. .ig!ts up. Interior of train &at!roo . Sound effe'ts of train in otion. $ASSEN5ER 6 sits/ !ands &alled into fists/ !its at !er sto a'! and so&s 9uietl*. In passenger 'ar/ $ASSEN5ER 7 sleeps. $AS)OR RA2 E..A approa'!es CONDUC)ORPAS@O% %AE E$$AC EA&use /e! sir, COND<C@O%C Ees! %e5erendG PAS@O% %AE E$$AC How lon. until we rea&' t'e >orld @rade CenterG COND<C@O%C How /any ti/es 'a5e you been to t'e @win @owersG PAS@O% %AE E$$AC Ne5er, COND<C@O%C Aren’t you t'e insular oneG Ne5er &eases to a/a1e 'ow t'e &ler.y &an 'a5e an o3inion on e5eryt'in. des3ite t'ey ne5er .o anyw'ere, $ike t'at Musli/ 3rea&'er 2ellow in Nersey City, @'e one w'o told t'ose ot'ers to 3ark a 5an wit' dyna/ite under t'e @rade CenterG

40 COND<C@O%(Cont-C @'e /an was blind, @ell /e t'is, >'y would anyone take t'at kind o2 ad5i&e 2ro/ a blind /anG 6’/ not &o/3arin. you to a blind /an, Iut you see /y 3oint, Anot'er 'our be2ore you .et to t'e @rade Center, Eou’ll 'a5e to &'an.e to t'e PA@H at Hoboken, Stand aside, 6 'a5e an announ&e/ent, )C8(! de3artin. Sout' Oran.eD All aboard 3leaseD ($AS)OR RA2 E..A + CONDUC)OR e,it. $ASSEN5ER 6 ta(es out a letter/ reads silentl*/ tearfull*. EDNA enters t!roug! wall/ !olding a swaddled &a&*EDNAC Dear HelenaC 6 enHoyed your letter so /u&', @'e .ra3es were wonder2ul, Su&' lar.e bun&'es we 'a5e ne5er seen, Poor 'usband @o/ is about to turn into a .ra3e! 'e’s eaten so /u&', Many t'in.s 'a5e 'a33ened, @'e babies are .one, Car/en is wit' a w'ite wo/an! w'o is takin. &are o2 2i5e /ore o2 t'e sa/e a.e, E5a returned 2ro/ t'e /ountains Sunday and went to see Car/en, >'at about Da5idG PASSENBE% C >'at’s 'a33enin. wit' Da5idG

EDNAC E5a said Car/en was 5ery dirty! but 'a33y 3layin. in t'e dirt wit' t'e ot'ers, @'ey 'a5e a bi. ba&k yard! swin.! sand 3ile! et&! and E5a said t'ey 'ad 5e.etable sou3 and &antalou3e to eat, O2 &ourse! t'e dirt doesn’t /atter as lon. as s'e .ets 3lenty o2 2res' air and enou.' to eat, Da5id is .oin. to a MeAi&an wo/an, PASSENBE% A MeAi&an wo/anGDD EDNAC @'ey’ll 'a5e to de&lare 'i/ abandoned 2irst, C

41 PASSENBE% Iut t'at’s only a 2or/ " " C

EDNAC @'at’s only a 2or/ality, Miss %od.ers said t'e MeAi&an lady was si/3ly wild to 'a5e a baby, So you and 6 know s'e will adore Da5id, Ees yes, PASSENBE% Ees! s'e will, C

EDNAC 6 &ried all o2 t'e 2irst day and 3art o2 t'e ni.'t, >'i&' was 5ery silly, Iut @o/ &ried too! so it /ust 'a5e been tears o2 Hoy, Eou s'ould 'a5e been 'ere to Hoin your tears wit' ours, Sto3 itD PASSENBE% Please sto3 it, C

EDNAC 6 was so busy .ettin. t'eir buttons sewed t'at 6 didn0t take 3i&tures, @'e ones you sent are as 3ri&eless as Hewels, E5en now 6 a/ able to lau.' at t'e aw2ul 2a&e Car/en /ade in one o2 t'e/, Eou are 3ositi5ely beauti2ul in t'e one wit' Da5id, PASSENBE% Sto3 itD PleaseD C

EDNAC Da5id takes wonder2ul 3i&tures, Don’t worry about 'i/! dear, He’s .oin. w'ere 'e will be lo5ed, ()o t!e &a&* in !er ar sSay bye"bye! Da5id, Say bye"bye, (EDNA e,its t!roug! wallO'! Da5id! Da5idD w'at 'a5e 6 doneG PASSENBE% C >'at 'a5e 6 doneG 6 'ate /ysel2D O' Bod!

42 ($ASSEN5ER 6 stands/ tearfull* '!e'(s !erself in irror/ opens !er s(irt + &louse and ad=usts &o & &elt on !er pregnant torso. S!e 'loses s(irt + &louse/ s oot!s t!e fa&ri'. CONDUC)OR passes &*/ raps on doorCOND<C@O%C )C# ! Mountain StationD Mountain StationD (Fade to &la'(End o2 A&t 6

43 AC@ 66 (.ig!ts up/ &are stage. MIS)ER A))A entersM6S@E% A@@AC @i.'ten your &lot'esD @'is was t'e 3at' o2 t'e early belie5ers, @'ey would ti.'ten t'eir &lot'in. be2ore battle, @i.'ten your s'oesD >ear so&ks t'at 2ir/ly 'old onto t'e s'oe, $et ea&' one 3re3are, @i.'ten your teet'D @'e early belie5ers did t'is! 2or it brin.s 2ear to t'e 'earts o2 unbelie5ers, (MIS)ER A))A a(es fier'e fa'ial e,pressions. 8I)CHES 6 + 7 enter. )!e* grip !i turning !i left and rig!tEA&use /e, Eea'D >6@CH C >'at’s all t'is ne.ati5ity aboutG

>6@CH 2C >'at’s t'is about ti.'tenin. your &lot'esG

>6@CH C And t'e teet' stu22, Eou sound like a /an wit' issues, >6@CHES ? 2C A%E EO< HEA%6NB >HA@ EO<’%E SAE6NBG A%E EO< S@EEPED 6N P%OVOCA@6ONG A%E EO< SEE6NB HO> @H6S L6ND O= @A$L CAN’@ HE$P @HE S6@<A@6ONG M<S@ >E @E$$ EO<! M6S@E% MA%@E%! @HA@ EO< S6BNA$ ABB%AVA@6ON >6@H EO<% IODE $ANB<ABE N<S@ AS M<CH AS >6@H EO<% =OMEN@A@6ONSG 0CA<SE >HEN EO< B$A%E @HEE S@OP AND S@A%E AND >HEN EO< =%O>N @HEE H<NLE% ON DO>N AND >HEN EO< %ABE @HEE IACL A>AE! >AE! >AE @HEE >6$$ AVO6D MCA<SE EO<’%E PA%ANO6D,

44 $isten, Mo, >6@CH 2C Eou need to try to 'a5e a little 2un,

>6@CH C Eou need to .et out /ore, $i2e’s too s'ort 2or " " >6@CH 2C Hey! listenD 6 know a .irl w'o’s 3er2e&t 2or you, S'e’s unatta&'ed, S'e’s a5ailable, S'e’s reli.ious, 6n 2a&t! s'e’s a 3rea&'er, M6S@E% A@@AC NoD NoD @'ere’s not enou.' ti/e 2or t'at, Peo3le are dyin. and you 3eo3le are lau.'in. like t'is is a bi. 3arty, Eou 3eo3le li5e your li5es like you’re in 3aradise! and 3eo3le are dyin. elsew'ere, >6@CH Oo', Stru&k a ner5e, C

>6@CHES ? 2C A%E EO< HEA%6NB >HA@ EO<’%E SAE6NBG MAN! EO<’%E SO<ND6NB $6LE A %AVE%D A%E EO< SENS6NB @HA@ @HE PEOP$E CAN’@ I<@ V6E> EO< >6@H D6S=AVO%G >6$$ EO< $6S@EN! MO MOHAMMED! >6$$ EO< $6S@EN AS A =AVO%G >H6$E >E @E$$ EO< @HA@ @HE >O%D ON EO< 6S B%AVE AND BE@@6NB B%AVE%G I<@ 6= EO< SM6$E @HEE’$$ S@OP A >H6$E AND 6= EO< B%6N @HEE’$$ @E$$ @HE6% L6N AND 6= EO<’%E NEA% @HEE’$$ S@AND AND CHEE%! CHEE%! CHEE% @HEE’$$ SAE JHE$$ODK @O BOOD O$E MO, %e/e/ber, li2e, >6@CH C A s/ile is a &arnation in t'e button'ole o2

45 M6S@E% A@@AC Ees! you’re ri.'t, @o s/ile is i/3ortant, (He tries out so e s ilesDo not /ake a33arent on you t'e a33earan&e o2 &on2usion and ti.'tness o2 ner5es, Ie 'a33y and s/ilin. wit' your &'est eA3andin. and &ontent be&ause you are doin. an a&t o2 w'i&' Bod a33ro5es, And s/ile be&ause t'e day is ni.' w'en you will be wit' 3ure wo/en in 3aradise, EesD 6 will s/ileD >6@CH 2C 6 .uess! wit' 'i/! t'at’s t'e best we &an 'o3e 2or, (8I)CHES e,it. .ig!ts up on a spa'e/ interior of Eg*ptian to &. A window up !ig! t!roug! w!i'! we see t!e planet eart!. Heirogl*p!i's on &a'( wall. Sound effe't of !a er and '!isel. )EM$)ER @/ dressed in ilitar* fatigues wit! !olstered pistol/ stands guard. On ground ne,t to !i / an open 'an of paint and a &rus! !andle sti'(ing out. MIS)ER A))A enters/ draws (nife/ approa'!es )EM$)ER @ stealt!il* fro &e!indM6S@E% A@@AC (5ra&s )EM$)ER @ fro &e!ind/ =er(s !is !ead &a'(/ tou'!es &lade to !is t!roatDon’t /o5e, ()EM$)ER @ flin'!es. MIS)ER A))A presses (nife to )EM$)ER @3s t!roat6 said! don’t /o5e, (Slowl*/ MIS)ER A))A re o0es !is pistol/ t!en o0es &a'(/ (eeping )EM$)ER @ 'o0eredNow sitD And s'ut u3D ()EM$)ER @ sits. Spotlig!t up on )EM$)ER A on (nees '!ipping awa* wit! !a er and '!isel on !eirogl*p!i's/ !u ing to !i self. MIS)ER A))A w!irls to fa'e )EM$)ER A. )EM$)ER @ a(es to stri(e. MIS)ER A))A s!ifts &a'(/ points gun. )EM$)ER @ free;es. )EM$)ER A sees t!is/ sets tools 'al l* down/ stands. He wears a Na;i ar &and-

46 @EMP@E% #C Pea&e! .entle/en! 3ea&eD >e’re not ani/als 'ere, M6S@E% A@@AC @'en tell 'i/ to ba&k o22, @EMP@E% 8C 6 was de2endin. /ysel2, He broke in! 3ulled a kni2e, @EMP@E% #C Please! Mister M&Vei.', Sto3 /akin. a s&ene, >'at will our 5isitor t'ink o2 usG ()EM$)ER @ slowl* sits. #eeps a war* e*e on MIS)ER A))A. )EM$)ER A draws nearEou 'andle yoursel2 well, $ike you were born to t'e blade, May 6 see t'e kni2eG M6S@E% A@@AC >'yG @EMP@E% #C 6t’s a lo5ely kni2e, 6’d re.ard it as a 3ersonal 2a5or i2 you’d 3er/it /e to 'old it, (MIS)ER A))A !ands it to !i / grip first@'ank you, @'e .un! too, Please, (MIS)ER A))A !esitatesPlease, >e don’t want any a&&idents, 6t’s &ra/3ed Fuarters in 'ere and t'in.s &ould .et /essy, (MIS)ER A))A !ands !i pistol/ grip first@'ank you, ($uts pistol in &elt. Ad ires (nife$o5ely, Ees! lo5ely, Per2e&tly balan&ed, Cra2ted by an eA3ert! 6’d say, $ook at t'e .ri3, 6s t'is i5oryG M6S@E% A@@AC Polis'ed sta. antler, @EMP@E% #C 6t’s not a 2i.'tin. kni2e, 6t’s s'ar3 enou.', M6S@E% A@@AC 6t &an do da/a.e,

47 @EMP@E% #C Nonet'eless, No ni&ks, No s&rat&'es, 6t’s done no t'rustin. or slas'in., 6t’s /eant 2or s'ow, All t'is wonder2ully 2ine detail, $ook 'ere, On t'e .ri3, @'e siA"3ointed star, @'e double trian.le, >'atG M6S@E% A@@AC @'e Newis' star on t'ereG 6 'adn’t noti&ed,

@EMP@E% #C @'at star was E.y3tian be2ore it was Newis', @'e Hebrews borrowed it, ()a(es &rus! fro paint 'an on floor. On wall/ !e paints an uprig!t triangle/ t!en an in0erted triangle/ for ing a Star of Da0id<nder ea&' 3yra/id $ies in5erted 6ts twin @'e sister"bride @o P'arao' (S iles@'at’s a 3oe/, Do you like 3oetryG @EMP@E% 8C PoetryD @EMP@E% #C Ees! 3oetry, Soot'es t'e sa5a.e beast! 6’/ told, ()EM$)ER @ snortsA'D Bi5e /e a s'eet o2 3a3er and a 3en and set /e down on an island, @'e 2urt'er away 2ro/ 'u/anity! t'e better, And let /e write, (Clears t!roat/ de'lai s/ dra ati' gestures=ro/ a &o5ered 3ot Stea/ es&a3es 6n t'e &on2ines t'ere $obsters s&rea/ And die (S iles s!*l*A 'aiku, Do you like lobstersG M6S@E% A@@AC @'ey are 3er/itted! but 6 don’t &are 2or t'e/,

48 @EMP@E% #C NoG Neit'er do 6, >aitD $et /e a/end t'at, 6 /eant to say! 6 don’t eat lobsters, Peo3le ask! do you like e..sG Do you like to/atoesG Do you like lobstersG 6n t'e sense o2! do you eat t'e/G No, 6 do not, No 2is', No s'ell2is', No &rusta&eans, And no /eat 2or t'at /atter, Not'in. reFuirin. t'e but&'ery o2 any bein. t'at &ree3s u3on t'e eart' or dwells in t'e briny dee3, A ti/e t'ere was w'en 6 3artook o2 'errin.! sausa.es and 'a/ wit' a .usto, 6 was not a 'a33y /an, Iut no one around /e was 'a33y eit'er, @'us 6 &on&luded t'e natural &ondition o2 /an was to be un'a33y, 6t /ade sense, A2ter all! 6 'ad tested /y t'esis by s&ienti2i& obser5ation, Iut 6 was /istaken and t'e 2a&t o2 /y /istakenness was soon /ade /ani2est, =or t'ere &o/es a 3oint in e5ery li2e w'en one is &on2ronted wit' a trut' so 3ro2oundly 2unda/ental! words &annot eA3ress, O' no, 6t &an only be 2elt, So it was wit' /e t'e day Beli died, @'ere s'e lay, Sweet .ay Beli, Ileedin. 2ro/ 'er 'eart, (He stares at a spot on t!e floor. He ta(es t!e pistol and pla'es it re0erentl* at spotMy 3istol at 'er side! as li2e! 3re&ious li2e! drained 2ro/ 'er body, And t'e rays o2 Hoyeous li.'t s'e brou.'t to t'e 2ortunate 2ew ad/itted to 'er 'a33y real/ 2li&kered out, And 6 t'ou.'t as 6 wat&'ed 'er! 'ow tenuous li2e is, How 2leetin., How 3re&arious, And 6 t'ou.'t! so it /ust be! not only wit' 'u/anity! but also wit' do.s! wit' &ats, And yes! wit' lobsters, 6t was t'en 6 5owed to abstain 2ro/ all /eat and 2is' 2ore5er/ore, 6 did so to 'onor dear Beli, And! 6 /ust say! 6 2eel better! 'a33ier! /ore et'i&al! /ore 5ital t'an 'ereto2ore, 6t is sur3risin.! is it not! 'ow a si/3le adHust/ent in w'at one in.ests &an a22e&t one’s 3er&e3tion o2 w'at is truly si.ni2i&ant, Ha5e you e5er /editated on t'atG M6S@E% A@@AC <', 6’/ not sure, @EMP@E% #C (Retrie0es pistol6 was re2le&tin. on t'e trut' o2 lobsters,

49 M6S@E% A@@AC 6 don’t know /u&' about lobsters, @EMP@E% #C 6 know 'ow t'ey kill lobsters in restaurants, @EMP@E% 8C O' $ord, Here we .o a.ain, Please don’t en&oura.e 'i/, @EMP@E% #C 6 warn you! Mister M&Vei.'D Stay out o2 t'isD Do you know 'ow t'ey kill lobsters in restaurantsG M6S@E% A@@AC No, @EMP@E% #C 6 know e5eryt'in. t'ere is to know on t'e subHe&t, Aren’t you .oin. to ask /eG @EMP@E% 8C Please don’t ask 'i/, @EMP@E% #C Mister M&Vei.'D $ast warnin.D Eou’5e been 2orewarned! warned and rewarnedD Aren’t you .oin. to ask /e 'owG M6S@E% A@@AC HowG O' $ordD @EMP@E% 8C Here we .oD

@EMP@E% #C How do t'ey kill lobsters in restaurants! you askG ()EM$)ER @ out!s ea'! word in t!e following senten'e as )EM$)ER A spea(s$et /e start by sayin. 6 'a5e resear&'ed t'is Fuestion in eA&eedin.ly .reat det " " ()EM$)ER A turns/ glares at )EM$)ER @Breat detailD ()EM$)ER @ folds !is ar s/ loo(s awa*A2ter t'e (82 ele&tion! 6 &o//issioned a

50 @EMP@E% #(Cont-C Parlia/entary in5esti.ation into t'e /anner in w'i&' lobsters are killed at eatin. establis'/ents, @'e results were an eye"o3ener! let /e tell you, Se5en! ei.'t! nine o2 t'e 3oor &reatures t'rown into a 5at o2 &old water, And it takes w'atG =i2teen /inutes to &o/e to a rollin. boilG Can you i/a.ine t'e 3ainG And all to 3lease t'e 3alates o2 a 2ew bloated 3luto&rats bent on 2launtin. t'eir wealt' in an or.y o2 .astrono/i&al dis3lay, Ne5ert'eless! t'e Co//ission’s re3ort lay in a 2ile drawer 2or weeks! nay /ont's, No one &ared, Not one 3erson, =inally si/3le /orality &o/3elled /e to a&t, 6 alone resol5ed to brin. t'is to 2inality, >'at is it t'ey sayG E5il triu/3's w'en .ood /en do not'in.G How true, How uneFui5o&ally true, 6 re&all it was a late =riday /ornin., @'e de3uties readyin. t'e/sel5es 2or a weekend ba&k in t'eir distri&ts! t'eir 3a&ked ba.s neAt to t'eir &'airs ri.'t t'ere on t'e 2loor o2 t'e %ei&'sta.! t'eir /inds and 'earts 2ar! 2ar away, 6t was t'en 6 rose and waited 2or t'e &'atter to die down, JBentle/en!K 6 said! JA /odest 3ro3osal,K 6 'eld u3 t'e re3ort! s'akin. t'e dust 2ro/ it, At 2irst 6 s3oke .ently! so2tly! o2 t'e Hoys and 3leasures o2 t'e &o/in. weekend, 6 s3oke o2 3arties and re&e3tions and 2or/al dinners, 6 sur/ised t'at! at /ore t'an a 2ew o2 t'ese! lobsters will no doubt be ser5ed and enHoyed, 6 3ro&eeded to des&ribe t'e 3er2e&t lobster, On t'e 3late! a Q 3ound &rusta&ean! rosy red! 2res' 2ro/ t'e 3ot wit' its tail &urled under, @'en 6 darkened t'e s3ee&'! 3aintin. a 3i&ture o2 w'at &'an.es t'e 3oor &reature underwent in its transit 2ro/ 2is'"tank to 3late, At a &ertain 3oint! t'e te/3erature &auses /ild dis&o/2ort! t'en ra3idly es&alates to eAtre/e dis&o/2ort, 6t tries wit' all its /i.'t to es&a3e! but t'e sides o2 t'e 3ot are too stee3, As t'e water a33roa&'es boilin.! it eA3erien&es 'eat stress and /us&ular s3as/s, 6ts syste/ is o5erw'el/ed, 6ts body su&&u/bs to trau/a and 'eat ri.or! durin. t'e &ourse o2 w'i&' t'e 3oor &reature under.oes uni/a.inable su22erin., S&ientists tell us lobsters are intelli.ent &reatures wit' so3'isti&ated ner5ous syste/s, @'us! t'ey eA3erien&e

51 @EMP@E% #(Cont-C 3ain in all its /ani2estations, JBentle/en!K 6 said, J6t is t'e least we &an do to ena&t le.islation .uaranteein. e5ery &rusta&ean! i2 not a di.ni2ied deat'! at least a 3ainless one, History will Hud.e us on t'e &are we take 2or t'ose entrusted to us, ()EM$)ER @ groans. )EM$)ER A ignores !i And beyond t'at! ne5er let it be 2or.otten t'at in days o2 yore! t'ese &reatures ser5ed as s3irit .uides to /an, Our an&ient 2ore2at'ers o22ered u3 sa&ri2i&es to bears! boars! &ats! do.s! 'orses! wood3e&kers! snakes and! yes! &reatures o2 t'e dee3, @'us 6 say 2ro/ t'e de3t's o2 /y soul! in trut' do we dis3ara.e our 3ast w'en we s'ow undue &ruelty to t'ese,K @EMP@E% 8C 6 a/ sorry! but 6 &an no lon.er stay silent, @'is is beyond belie2, @'is is .arba.e, @'is " " @EMP@E% #C Eou seeG He’s doin. it a.ain, He always waits until 6 .et to /y &on&ludin. re/arks, @'en 'e " " Ie&ause 'e’s insane, @EMP@E% 8C He’s .one around t'e bend,

@EMP@E% #C He &an’t let it be, He0s always interHe&tin. 'is " " @EMP@E% 8C He needs to be t'e &enter o2 attention, 6 tell you! 'e will do anyt'in.! say anyt'in. to " " @EMP@E% #C Eou see 'ow it isG @'is is a 3er2e&t eAa/3le, He’s always stirrin. t'e 3ot, 6t’s an obsession wit' " " @EMP@E% 8C Ie&ause you are a &ra1y /anD Cra1yD Cra1yD

()EM$)ER A draws pistol/ s!oots )EM$)ER @ in !ead. )EM$)ER @ falls to floor. )EM$)ER A e pties pistol into !i as !is rage &uilds-

52 @EMP@E% #C (S'rea s at 'orpseDon’t e5er &all /e t'atD Don’t e5er &all /e &ra1yD 6 a/ not &ra1yD 6 a/ notD NotD ()a(es out paper/ wa0es it o0er 'orpse@'is is a &erti2i&ate 2ro/ an institution statin. 6 a/ not &ra1yD Do you 'earG Not &ra1yD NotD Do you 'a5e su&' a &erti2i&ateG Do youG HaD Now w'o’s &ra1yG ()o MIS)ER A))A6 s'ould 'a5e killed 'i/ 'ours a.o, (Fade to &la'(. .ig!ts up/ airplane interior. MIS)ER A.OMARI seated alone/ an e pt* seat ne,t to !i . A.AN + C.O?IA seated side &* side/ asleep. S)E8ARDESS passes &*/ !anding out aga;ines. $A)RICIA sits alone/ a s all tape re'order in !er !andCAP@A6N’S VO6CEC @'is is Ca3tain No'n O.onowski s3eakin., =irst 60d like to wel&o/e you on A/eri&an =li.'t , Currently we’re o5er >or&ester! Mass! 3assin. t'rou.' 2 !000 2eet on our way u3 to a &ruisin. altitude o2 8*!000, @'e weat'er looks .reat all t'e way a&ross, (CA$)AIN3S ?OICE starts fading out>e eA3e&t to tou&' down at $AP a'ead o2 < < PA@%6C6AC (Spea(s into re'orderHey! Dale, 6’5e been t'inkin. about you a lot, @'irty"siA years o2 /arria.e is a lon. ti/e, 6’/ kind o2 senti/ental ri.'t now, 6 wonder sin&e we 3arted as 2riends i2 we &ould 'a5e a dinner so/eti/e, (MIS)ER A))A enters/ loo(ing trou&led. MIS)ER A.OMARI a(es in9uiring e*e 'onta't. MIS)ER A))A ignores !i / sits. MIS)ER A))A glares at !i 6’/ at sober li5in., 6’5e been in treat/ent 2or two /ont's now, Sober li5in. is an a3art/ent you rent and work or w'ate5er, 6 &an stay as lon. as 6 want as lon. as 6 .o to /eetin.s and stay sober, @'is /eans e5eryt'in. to /e,

53 (S)E8ARDESS 'o es &* wit! t!ree glasses of wine on a tra*S@E>A%DESSC EA&use /e! Ma’a/, >ould you like a .lass o2 wineG <' sure, Okay, PA@%6C6AC How /u&' is itG

S@E>A%DESSC >e 'a5e Cabernet! Merlot and C'ardonnay at 2i5e dollars 3er .lass, PA@%6C6AC C'ardonnay is li.'t"&olored, 6sn’t t'at ri.'tG Ees! Ma’a/, S@E>A%DESSC 6t’s a w'ite wine,

PA@%6C6AC <' okay, >ait, No, No, 6 better not, Anyway! 6 only 'a5e twenties in /y 3urse and 6 know you like us to 'a5e eAa&t &'an.e, M6S@E% A$OMA%6C ()urns around6 'a5e &'an.e 2or a twenty, Ma’a/, S@E>A%DESSC @'e ni&e .entle/an 'as &'an.e 2or you,

M6S@E% A$OMA%6C (Holds out 'urren'*Bo a'ead! lady, Ha5e a .lass o2 wine, PA@%6C6AC 6 &'an.ed /y /ind, 6, 6 better not, (MIS)ER A.OMARI glares and turns awa*. S)E8ARDESS e,its>'ooD Dale! 6 2or.ot to 3ut t'e re&order on 3ause! so you’ll 'ear all t'at, 6 Hust dod.ed a bullet! &a/e t'is &lose to rela3sin., Iut e5ery ti/e 6 say no! 6 .et stron.er, 6’/ .oin. to /ake

54 PA@%6C6A(Cont-C it, 6 &an 2eel it, 6’/ .oin. to be okay, 6’/ .oin. to li5e a lon. li2e, Eou see! Dale! it’s all about Bod, 6 2eel as t'ou.' Bod 3ut /e 'ere 2or a reason, 6 know you know Bod 'as literally answered e5ery reasonable 3rayer 6’5e 3rayed, He sure .ot you out o2 a lot o2 s&ra3es, %e/e/ber w'en you would ask /e i2 6 3rayed be2ore we would .o so/ew'ere 2or our sa2ety 7 and e5eryti/e you dro5e anyw'ere 6 3rayed 2or your sa2ety w'en 6 wasn’t wit' youG 6 still do, 6 still 3ray 2or your sa2ety in &ase you don’t, 6t’s a ni&e 3la&e 6’/ rentin., @'is 'ouse 'as t'ree wo/en in&ludin. /e, 6 want you to know 'ow /u&' 6 /iss our old 'ouse, Or 6 s'ould say! your 'ouse, Iut in /y 'eart! it’ll always be /y 'o/e! too, 6 still re2er to it t'at way, 6 still 2eel t'ere are intruders t'ere, 60d lo5e to buy it ba&k, 6 was 'a33y t'ere, 6 2elt .rounded t'ere, 6 didn’t understand a lot o2 t'in.s at t'e end, 6 didn’t know w'et'er you went out to 'urt /e or w'at, 6 re&o.ni1e t'e &o"de3enden&y t'in. now, 6 t'ou.'t 6 owned you or so/et'in., Maybe you &an 'el3 /e understand 'ow you rea&ted, @'e da/a.e 6 &aused to t'e 'ouse was be&ause you on 2our o&&asions said you were &o/in. ba&k and didn’t, 6 took a 'a//er to t'e bat'roo/ door w'en you didn’t s'ow u3, Ot'er da/a.e 6’/ not aware o2! 6 swear to you, @'ere are so/e &lot'es, Pots and 3ans! sil5erware and 2urniture, 6 want your 3er/ission, >'en you’re ready, @o /aybe .o wit' /e, Not now be&ause 6 really don’t 'a5e anyw'ere to 3ut it ri.'t now, @'is 3la&e 6’/ in is 2urnis'ed, 6’/ sorry about a lot o2 t'in.s, 6 was really de3ressed about us, Now! sur3risin.ly! s'o&kin.ly! Bod a.ain 'as literally .i5en /e a new lease on li2e, My 'ealt' is .ood, Very little li5er da/a.e! 'ealt'y 'eart! .reat blood su.ar and blood 3ressure, 6 2eel on to3 o2 t'e world, All t'at drinkin. and not takin. &are o2 /ysel2, Bod was takin. &are o2

55 PA@%6C6A(Cont-C /e, 6’/ a walkin. /ira&le, 6 belie5e 6 al/ost died 2our ti/es, 6 was ra3ed by a /an, Bot drunk! 3assed out in t'e 'os3ital and /y 'eart al/ost sto33ed beatin., 6 was so drunk w'en 6 .ot to t'e 'os3ital! 6 &o/3letely bla&ked out, (.ig!ts di . $A)RICIA3s seat turns into a &ed. S!e lies under 'o0ers6 don’t e5en re/e/ber 'ow 6 .ot t'ere, 6 woke u3 siA days later, 6 t'ou.'t 6’d only been t'ere 2or one ni.'t, (Enter DOC)OR in green !ospital gown@'ere was a do&tor standin. at t'e end o2 t'e bed, 6 said to 'i/! are you an an.elG No! 6’/ not an an.el, DOC@O%C >'ere do you li5eG

PA@%6C6AC 6 told 'i/ 6 was 'o/eless, (DOC)OR writes on 'lip&oard/ s iles angeli'all*/ e,its. 4ed turns &a'( into seat. .ig!ts &a'( up@'at was true, 6 was, Ho/eless! 6 /ean, Donna dro5e o22 in t'e /otor'o/e and took Si/ba wit' 'er, 6 ne5er saw 'er or Si/ba a.ain, 6 2ound out last week! Si/ba’s wit' a 2a/ily wit' two kids, 6 3rayed s'e was okay, 6 also 'ad a 'usky t'at 6 t'ink Donna still 'as, (MIS)ER A))A stands up and wal(s to &a'( of 'a&in. MIS)ER A.OMARI wat'!es !i suspi'iousl*. MIS)ER A))A e,its@'e do&tor said 6 s'ould .o to NewHo3e 2or treat/ent! t'at it was a 3la&e w'ere 6 &ould li5e 2or a &ou3le o2 /ont's and a2ter t'at .o to sober li5in., Dale! 6’/ sendin. t'is ta3e to you 5ia Dale Nunior, 6 'o3e you .et it, Dale! 6’/ 3rayin. 2or you, Patri&ia Please 3ray 2or /e,

56 (Fade to &la'(. .ig!ts up/ interior of Eg*ptian to &. Na;i flags !ang fro a&o0e. )!ere3s a window t!roug! w!i'! we see planet eart! s!ining &rig!t. Heirogl*p!i's on wall. )EM$)ER A on (nees '!ipping awa* at wall art wit! !a er and '!isel. MIS)ER A))A enters. )EM$)ER A senses !is presen'eSo, Ees, @EMP@E% #C Eou’5e returned, 6 was, M6S@E% A@@AC Con&erned, @EMP@E% #C Con&erned, @'at ot'er /an, M6S@E% A@@AC @'e one you s'ot,

@EMP@E% #C Eou’5e &o/e ba&k be&ause you’re &on&erned about Mister M&Vei.'G He’s not wort' your &on&ern, He’s a 3at'eti& si/3leton, He disliked /y 3oetry, M6S@E% A@@AC Eou 'ad no ri.'t to s'oot 'i/, ()EM$)ER A 'al l* sets !a er + '!isel down/ stands/ !is &a'( to MIS)ER A))A. He 'laps dust off !is !ands/ ta(es out glo0es/ dons t!e / as !e spea(s t!e following@EMP@E% #C >'o are you to s3eak o2 ri.'tG (MIS)ER A))A is a&out to sa* so et!ingNo, Don’t answer, 6t was a r'etori&al Fuestion, A word o2 ad5i&e, >'en you are about to en.a.e in a dra/ati& a&tion o2 so/e sort! talk it u3, $et t'e world 'ear you, $et your words &'i3 away at t'e world’s s/u.ness and sense o2 su3eriority in t'e sa/e way 6 &'i3 away at t'e art on t'is wall wit' /y 'a//er and &'isel, And s3eak o2

57 @EMP@E% #(Cont-C your a&tion in t'e 3resent tense as i2 it were a fiat a''o pli, And in&lude a 'ars' 5ili2i&ation 2or any w'o would dare o33ose you, ()urns. .oo(s dire'tl* at MIS)ER A))ALee3 your eyes wide o3en as you s3eak, $ook 2earlessly into t'e eyes o2 your audien&e, 62 any one tries to interru3t you! or rises to s3eak a.ainst you! strike i//ediately, M6S@E% A@@AC Eou /ean! kill, @EMP@E% #C Strike, 6//ediately, >it' rut'less 5i.or, >it' dis3at&', >it' 2or&e, Eou 'a5e t'e 2loor, 6t is yours to kee3 3re&isely as lon. as you 'a5e t'e 3ower to do so, Power is ri.'t, %i.'t is 3ower, ()a(es out pistol. $oints it at !i >'i&' brin.s /e to you, Eou say 6 'ad no ri.'t, 6 s'ould kill you 2or t'at, 6 de2initely s'ould, >'atGD No! 3lease, M6S@E% A@@AC >ait wait, Please, Don’t,

@EMP@E% #C (Ai s pistol/ 'o'(s itIut 6 /ust, Eou’re in o3en o33osition to /e, NoD M6S@E% A@@AC All 6 said was,

@EMP@E% #C 6 know w'at you said, Eour words &onde/n you, Please, M6S@E% A@@AC 6’/ not ready to die, @EMP@E% #C >ell! w'o e5er isG $ook, 6, M6S@E% A@@AC 6 /ean, 6 need ti/e,

58 @EMP@E% #C @i/eG Eou need ti/eG @i/e to .et ready to dieG >'at are you .oin. to doG %e'earse your deat'G M6S@E% A@@AC 6’ll /ake a deal, Eou &an kill /e to/orrow, 6, 6’ll si.n a &ontra&t, 6’ll 3ost a bond, Eou na/e it, Please, 6’/ be..in. you, Nust .i5e /e 2# 'ours, @EMP@E% #C A dayG 6 don’t know, 6t’s 'i.'ly irre.ular, And in t'e last analysis! w'at’s t'e di22eren&e between today and to/orrowG And 'ow would t'is unusual delay bene2it anyoneG M6S@E% A@@AC <', Eou’d 'a5e ti/e to ad5ertise, <', Eou &ould .at'er a &rowd, Eou &ould build a s&a22old, Or a .uillotine, Or a .as &'a/ber, Eou &ould .et a 2irin. sFuad, Eou &ould /ake a s3ee&', (Down on !is (neesAll 6 need is twenty"2our 'ours, One day, @EMP@E% #C (Raises &arrel of gun so it is no longer pointing at MIS)ER A))AA s3ee&'! you say, EesD EAa&tlyD 6 &ould /ake a s3ee&', 6’/ .ood at s3ee&'es, 6n 2a&t! 6’/ t'e best t'ere e5er was, M6S@E% A@@AC @'ere, Eou seeG @'ere’s your bene2it, An eAtra day would .i5e you ti/e to write a s3ee&' and 3ra&ti&e it, @EMP@E% #C ($oints gun at MIS)ER A))A3s !eadNoD 6 do not write /y s3ee&'es outD Ne5erD And 6 do not 3ra&ti&e in ad5an&eD Ne5erD M6S@E% A@@AC Eou’re ri.'tD Eou don’tD A sli3 o2 t'e ton.ue,

59 @EMP@E% #C ()urns awa* fro MIS)ER A))AMy s3ee&'es are or.ani&, 6 a/ stri&tly eAte/3ore, (Fro !is (nees/ MIS)ER A))A springs at )EM$)ER A. )!e* fall to t!e ground in a struggle for t!e gun. MIS)ER A))A fig!ts desperatel*. )EM$)ER A e its a !ig!<pit'!ed giggle as if !e were &eing ti'(led. Enter )EM$)ER @ in ilitar* fatigues/ on w!i'! t!ere are se0eral &lood<'olored splot'!es. His !olster flap is open/ !is pistol issing. He !as t!e paint &u'(et. He 'o es near as t!e wrestling 'ontinues. He s'run'!es down ne,t to )EM$)ER A@EMP@E% 8C 6 /ade a de&ision, 6’/ not 3aintin. your side, 6’/ doin. /y side only, 62 you want your side done! do it yoursel2, @EMP@E% #C (4etween giggles6diotD Can’t you see 'e’s atta&kin. /eG Lill 'i/D @EMP@E% 8C Eou want 'i/ dead! do it yoursel2, @EMP@E% #C (4etween gigglesEou traitorD Eou turn&oatD And t'at’s /y .un, @EMP@E% 8C 6 want it ba&k,

()EM$)ER @ pries pistol out of )EM$)ER A3s !and. )EM$)ER A s'rea s in pain. )EM$)ER @ stands/ puts it in !olster. He gra&s Na;i flags and pulls on t!e . )!e* fall to floor. He e,its. )EM$)ER A + MIS)ER A))A 'ontinue struggling/ &ut t!e* are &e'o ing e,!austed. )!e*

60 separate. )!e* la* side &* side. MIS)ER A))A sounds as if !e3s dr*< !ea0ing. )!en/ )EM$)ER A starts o0ing@EMP@E% #C All ri.'t now, >e’ll Hust take it 5ery easy, All ri.'t, All ri.'t, Very Fuiet now, >e will all be, Very Fuiet, ()EM$)ER A pulls !i self up/ e,tends !and to MIS)ER A))A. MIS)ER A))A slaps it awa*. MIS)ER A))A pulls !i self up6’5e &'an.ed /y /ind, 6’/ not .oin. to kill you, M6S@E% A@@AC @'ank you, @EMP@E% #C My 3leasure, M6S@E% A@@AC 6’5e been /eanin. to ask, @EMP@E% #C Ask, M6S@E% A@@AC >'at’s t'is 3la&e we’re inG @EMP@E% #C Are you Hokin.G M6S@E% A@@AC No, @EMP@E% #C @'ey told /e you’re E.y3tian, >as 6 /isin2or/edG M6S@E% A@@AC 6 don’t /ean t'e wall art, 6 re&o.ni1e t'at as E.y3tian, 6 /ean t'e 3la&e, Are we in a /useu/G at an art eA'ibitG Or w'ereG


61 @EMP@E% #C A', @'e 3la&e, >ell, @'at’s di22erent, Can’t you re&o.ni1e t'e s/ellG <se your nose, @ake a w'i22, 6t’s an odd odor, AndG M6S@E% A@@AC S/ell o2 de&ay, @EMP@E% #C Ees, De&ay de2initely, $ots o2 de&ay, 6t’s t'e s/ell o2 deat', >e’re in a &ry3t, @'is is a burial &'a/ber 2ro/ 2our t'ousand years a.o or /ore, M6S@E% A@@AC >e’re inside a 3yra/idG @EMP@E% #C Per'a3s, Or 3er'a3s inside a to/b in t'e Valley o2 t'e Lin.s, One or t'e ot'er, 6sn’t it interestin. t'at t'e s/ell o2 'u/an deat' ne5er &o/3letely .oes awayG M6S@E% A@@AC @'at’s a nauseatin. train o2 t'ou.'t, &'an.e t'e subHe&tG Could you M6S@E% A@@AC Musty, @EMP@E% #C

@EMP@E% #C @'e s/ell o2 deat', 6t 'as a si&kly sweet aro/a, $ike no ot'er, 6’5e .rown to a33re&iate its Fualities, @o al/ost e/bra&e it, Eou .et t'at way w'en you’5e been 'ere as lon. as 6 'a5e, 6 i/a.ine .ra5edi..ers and /ausoleu/ attendants de5elo3 su&' a 2a&ility, 6’ll bet you 6 &ould .o to any s3ot on eart' w'ere so/et'in. 'orri2i& 'as o&&urred and! e/3loyin. only /y nose! &on2ir/! wit' a 'i.' de.ree o2 a&&ura&y! its 2a&tuality, A battle2ield, A /ass .ra5e, M6S@E% A@@AC Sto3 it, Please,

62 @EMP@E% #C An eAter/ination &a/3, M6S@E% A@@AC Sto3D @EMP@E% #C An air3lane &ras' site, M6S@E% A@@AC PleaseD @EMP@E% #C Eou know! 6’/ be.innin. to 'a5e /y doubts about you, Eou’re Fuite t'e 2astidious one, Al/ost sFuea/is', Eou’re t'e wron. ty3e 2or t'is task, M6S@E% A@@AC Bod’s will does not de3end on ty3e, @EMP@E% #C Iu..er Bod’s willD Eou need 3re3aration, i2 t'ey /utinyG >'at i2 t'ey 2i.'t ba&kG >'at

M6S@E% A@@AC Bod will .i5e /e w'ate5er 6 need to deal wit', @EMP@E% #C $isten! Mister Atta, Denial is not a ri5er in E.y3t, Ne5ert'eless! 6 wis' you lu&k, Eou’re .oin. to need it, (Fade to &la'(. .ig!ts up/ train interior. Sound effe'ts of train. $ASSEN5ER 6/ $ASSEN5ER 7 + $AS)OR RA2 E..A sit. CONDUC)OR entersCOND<C@O%C Arri5in. Iroad Street! Newark, )C*2, 62 t'is is your 2inal sto3! don’t 2or.et your &oats and news3a3ers, =or all ot'ers! Hoboken is t'e neAt and 2inal sto3 wit' &onne&tions to Iattery Park and t'e >orld @rade Center, >ait 2or t'e doors to o3en! 3lease,

63 PAS@O% %AE E$$AC SirG COND<C@O%C 6 know w'at you’re about to ask! %e5erend, Eou’re about to ask 'ow 2ar to t'e @rade Center, And 6’/ .oin. to say! 2or t'e *0t' ti/e! about 2orty /ore /inutes! i2 you .et o22 at Hoboken and .et on t'e PA@H, @'e PA@H arri5es at t'e @rade Center at 7C8#, @'ink you &an re/e/ber t'atG PAS@O% %AE E$$AC Ees sir, Bood, COND<C@O%C >at&' your ste3D Doors are o3enin.D (CONDUC)OR e,its. Enter HIS 8IFE/ dressed to t!e nines/ + EDNA/ in o0eralls/ !olding swaddled &a&*H6S >6=EC 6 know you’ll /ess u3, 6t’s so/et'in. 6’d bet /oney on and win a 2ortune! i2 you e5er .a5e /e any /oney, 6 &a/e to lau.' at you, EDNAC Da5id was restless! 3oor t'in., So 6 t'ou.'t 6’d take 'i/ out 2or so/e air, And Hust look at 'i/, So 3ea&e2ul now, @'e /inute 6 took 'i/ outside! t'e little dear dro33ed ri.'t o22, H6S >6=EC $ook 'ow 'e sweats, Dis.ustin., <tterly ludi&rous, He ne5er dresses in kee3in. wit' t'e &li/ate, He always ends u3 e/barrassin. 'i/sel2, @'is is not an a&&e3table &on5eyan&e, 6t’s too stu22y, @'e 5entilation in 'ere is inadeFuate, $et’s .o w'ere one &an breat'e in &o/2ort, EDNAC @'at’s a .ood idea, Da5id needs to breat'e 2res' air! 3oor sweet dear,

64 (HIS 8IFE + EDNA e,it. CONDUC)OR entersCOND<C@O%C Stay away 2ro/ t'e doorsD Doors are &losin.D (Sound effe't of doors 'losing. Fade to &la'(. .ig!ts up/ a &ed + nig!tstand. 8indow t!roug! w!i'! we see planet eart! s!ining &rig!t. )EM$)ER 7 on &ed/ na(ed/ s o(ing 'igarette/ !er !ead and s!oulders against !ead&oard. Her gold !ig!<!eeled sandals on floor. MIS)ER A))A/ in partial undress/ lies ne,t to !er/ wat'!ing !er wit! fas'ination. )!e at osp!ere is post<'oital@EMP@E% 2C Do you know w'at bulls'it isG M6S@E% A@@AC Iulls'itG O' yes, 6 know about bulls'it, Money talks! bulls'it walks, @EMP@E% 2C OL, So /aybe you .ot so/e kind o2 idea about bulls'it, So let /e lay so/et'in. else on you, Iulls'it is like, </, OL, $ike dis&ussin. t'e weat'er or so/et'in. really la/e be&ause so/eone’s too 2u&kin. &'i&kens'it to look t'e ot'er 3erson in t'e eye and say strai.'t out w'at t'ey’re t'inkin., Eou startin. to understand /e nowG Iulls'it is like, </, $ike 3layin. stu3id /ind .a/es to try and kno&k t'e ot'er 3erson o22 balan&e, Iulls'it is stu22 like t'at, Stu3id &'i&kens'it stu22, >'at do you t'ink nowG M6S@E% A@@AC 6, 6 t'ink, @EMP@E% 2C And so/et'in. else 6 want &lear! Hust so nobody .ets t'e wron. idea about /e,

65 M6S@E% A@@AC <', EesG @EMP@E% 2C >'en 6 was talkin. about stu3id &'i&kens'it bulls'it /ind .a/es! 6 was talkin. about stu3id &'i&kens'it bulls'it /ind .a/es in .eneral! seeG Hy3ot'eti&al stu3id &'i&kens'it bulls'it /ind .a/es, 6 was talkin. about 3eo3le in .eneral and 'ow so/e o2 t'e/ like to 2u&k wit' ot'er 3eo3le usin. stu3id &'i&kens'it bulls'it /ind .a/es, Eou see w'at 6’/ sayin.G </, Ees, M6S@E% A@@AC Ees! 6 do, @EMP@E% 2C 6 was .enerali1in., Ees! o2 &ourse, M6S@E% A@@AC Benerali1in.,

@EMP@E% 2C @'ere was not'in. 3ersonal in /y re/arks, No, M6S@E% A@@AC Certainly not 3ersonal,

@EMP@E% 2C (Sits at edge of &ed. He wat'!es !er6t would 3iss /e o22 i2 so/eone deliberately /is&onstrued w'at 6 was tryin. to say, M6S@E% A@@AC Cert " " @EMP@E% 2C (4ends down/ straps on !er !ig! !eels6 swear! 6 would Hust eA3lode, 6 /ean! Hust, Nust blow u3, M6S@E% A@@AC Ab, Absolutely,

66 @EMP@E% 2C 6 &ould, >ell, 6 &ould, Could, 6 &ould really see /ysel2 seriously 'urtin. t'e nearest li5in. t'in., Nust ri33in. t'e/ to 3ie&es, Eou understand w'ere 6’/ &o/in. 2ro/G Ab, Absolutely, M6S@E% A@@AC 6 " "

@EMP@E% 2C Eou /ay stand u3 now, (He stands 9ui'(l*. S!e stands/ towering o0er !i . S!e s iles/ tou'!es !is fa'e6’/ .lad, So /any 3eo3le 'a5e t'e wron. i/3ression o2 /e, $ike 6’/ su33osed to be a &ra1y 3sy&'o lunati& or so/et'in., 6’/ .lad you’re not like t'e ot'ers, 6 like you, Eou know t'atG 6 .et t'ese 5ery stron. 2eelin.s about 3eo3le and 6’/ usually ri.'t in /y intuition, My 2irst i/3ression about you was! 'ey! 6 like t'is .uy, Eou know w'atG Eou and 6 are .onna do so/e wonder2ul stu22 to.et'er, So/e truly a/a1in. stu22, (S9uee;es !is !and/ first gentl* and t!en tig!ter as s!e spea(s. It !urts !i As 2or t'ose ot'ers, @'e &'i&kens'it ones wit' t'e bulls'it /ind .a/es, 6 &ould Hust stran.le t'e/ in t'eir slee3 and su&k t'eir bone /arrow, M6S@E% A@@AC 6, 6 lo5e you, @EMP@E% 2C >'y do 6 .et t'e 2eelin. you’5e been waitin. 2or 3re&isely t'e 3er2e&t /o/ent to say 6 lo5e youG M6S@E% A@@AC Per2e&t or not! 6 say 6 lo5e you, @EMP@E% 2C (Releases !is !andIut is t'is in 2a&t t'e ri.'t /o/ent to say itG A2ter all! you barely know /e,

67 M6S@E% A@@AC >'at 6 need to know about you! 6 already know, @EMP@E% 2C Eou say you already know /e, >ell! 3er'a3s you do, And! trut' to tell! t'ere’5e been su&&ess2ul relations'i3s built on less, M6S@E% A@@AC Eou’re toyin. wit' /e, @EMP@E% 2C No, Not toyin., M6S@E% A@@AC @'en w'atG @EMP@E% 2C Eou know so/et'in.G Eou’re &o/in. on 3retty stron., How about Hust you ba&k o22 2or a se&ond! okay! lo5er boyG Okay now! let’s Hust assu/e 2or t'e /o/ent, @'at 6, @'at 6’/ seriously &onsiderin. w'at you’5e said and, And 6 don’t yet 'a5e an answer 2or you, So, 6n t'e /eanti/e, Per'a3s, Nust 3er'a3s, 6’/ s3eakin. w'ate5er &o/es to /ind in order to /ask a loss 2or words u3on your &o/3letely uneA3e&ted de&laration o2 lo5e, @ake w'at you 'ear 2ro/ /y li3s in t'at li.'t, So, M6S@E% A@@AC So t'ere’s a &'an&e 2or /e, Certainly,

@EMP@E% 2C A &'an&e, A &'an&e to be /y lo5erG E5ery /an 'as at least t'at, M6S@E% A@@AC @'ere you .o toyin. wit' /e a.ain, No, Not toyin.,

@EMP@E% 2C Nust sensin. a nuan&e o2 loss,

68 M6S@E% A@@AC $ossG @EMP@E% 2C 6’/ usually t'e &ontroller, Iut t'is ti/e " " @'at’s not loss, M6S@E% A@@AC @'at’s lo5e,

@EMP@E% 2C Per'a3s, Per'a3s not, 6n any &ase! we’d better .et to know ea&' ot'er bloody Fui&k, >'o knowsG ()a(es a 'ase fro nig!tstand/ opens it. Inside are pistols and (ni0es. S!e !olds t!e 'ase out to !i >e /ay end u3 bein. all we’5e .ot, M6S@E% A@@AC (Stuffs guns and (ni0es in !is &eltNust as you wis', @EMP@E% 2C (Sets 'ase &a'( on nig!tstandSo, M6S@E% A@@AC So, @EMP@E% 2C So you say you lo5e /e, M6S@E% A@@AC 6 say it, @EMP@E% 2C So you say, Eou say words, And w'at would you do to 3ro5e itG M6S@E% A@@AC 6 would do w'ate5er it takes, @EMP@E% 2C 62 it reFuired you to li5e in 3o5erty and s'a/eG

69 M6S@E% A@@AC 6 would, @EMP@E% 2C Ie t'e butt o2 e5eryone’s HokesG M6S@E% A@@AC 6 would, @EMP@E% 2C Ie t'e butt o2 /y HokesG 6 would, M6S@E% A@@AC >it' 3leasure,

@EMP@E% 2C O'! would you nowG How about i2! say! 6 told you to wat&' as 6 /ade lo5e to anot'er /anG Could you be t'e butt o2 t'at HokeG 6, 6 &ould, M6S@E% A@@AC 6t would be 'ard! but 6 would do it,

@EMP@E% 2C Ees! t'at would be 'ard, $et’s try so/et'in. 'arder, =or /y lo5e! would you be willin. to eA3ose your 3erson to deat' by air or waterG 6, M6S@E% A@@AC 6 would eA3ose /y 3erson in su&' a way, 2C out a nu/ber o2 tell you t'ey are /y deat'G

@EMP@E% And w'at i2 6 were to 3oint 3eo3le! unknown to you! and ene/iesG @'at t'ey wis' /y 62 t'is were true,

M6S@E% A@@AC @EMP@E% 2C 62GGDD $et’s dro3 t'e i2, 6n t'e e5ent 6 say it! t'ere s'ould be no Ji2,K 6 would eA3e&t you to take /y word 2or it! out o2 lo5e 2or /e,

70 M6S@E% A@@AC Ees! o2 &ourse you are ri.'t, =or you! 6 would kill t'e/ all, No i2’s! and’s or but’s, @EMP@E% 2C Bood, Bood, Now understand! you’5e &rossed a line and! in t'e e5ent t'in.s don’t work out! you /ay not be able to Hu/3 ba&k, M6S@E% A@@AC (Suddenl*/ wit!out warning/ !e pins !er !ard against t!e wall/ grips !er !air and pulls !er !ead down to !i . He &egins (issing !er fier'el* on t!e out!. )!en/ =ust as suddenl*/ !e stops/ steps &a'(<nderstand! 2or your lo5e! 6 would 3lot and eAe&ute t'e deat' o2 all t'e world, No i2’s! and’s or but’s, And wit'out t'e t'innest 5eneer o2 re/orse, @EMP@E% 2C (Regains !er 'o posure wit! so e diffi'ult*Eou /ay 5ery soon be 3ut to t'e test, M6S@E% A@@AC Pro5e /e, @EMP@E% 2C 6 see! in your 3assion! you are sin&ere in w'at you say, Iut! o5er ti/e! w'en you’5e .rown tired o2 /e! w'o knows w'ere you’ll standG ()EM$)ER 7 &egins to e,itM6S@E% A@@AC 6 do not blow 'ot and &old, My lo5e will be &onstant and bri.'t! like an eternal 2la/e, @EMP@E% 2C Eternal 2la/es are 3la&e/arkers o2 deat', ()EM$)ER 7 e,its-

71 M6S@E% A@@AC (4randis!es gun and (nife s!e ga0e !i Don’t lea5eD Pro5e /eD PleaseD Pro5e /eD (Fade to &la'(COND<C@O%C Hoboken is t'e last sto3, Please &olle&t all 3ersonal e22e&ts, Hoboken is t'e last sto3, @'ank you 2or ridin. t'e New Nersey @ransit, (.ig!ts up/ train interior. Sound effe'ts of train. $ASSEN5ER 6/ $ASSEN5ER 7 + $AS)OR RA2 E..A sit fa'ing ea'! ot!erPASSENBE% 2C EA&use /e! ladies, PASSENBE% EesG PASSENBE% 2C @'is is di22i&ult 2or /e, Di22i&ult in t'e eAtre/e, =or 6 a/ not an o3en 3erson, ()o $ASSEN5ER 66 a3olo.i1e 2or ne5er talkin. to you! ne5er introdu&in. /ysel2! ne5er sayin. JBood /ornin.K in t'e /ornin. or JBood e5enin.K in t'e e5enin. 2or all t'e /ont's we 'a5e ridden t'is train, ()o $AS)OR RA2 E..A6 a3olo.i1e 2or insultin. you! 2or &astin. as3ersions on you! 2or /akin. assu/3tions about you wit'out knowin. you, @'at was wron. o2 /e, PASSENBE% >'at’s your an.le! /anG C ? PAS@O% %AE E$$AC


PAS@O% %AE E$$AC No, Don’t talk like t'at to 'i/, PASSENBE% C >'y don’t you take a bat'G

72 PAS@O% %AE E$$AC Bod bless! sister, PASSENBE% 6’/ not your sister, C

PASSENBE% 2C 6 'a5e a 3ro3osition, O'D PASSENBE% C So t'ere is an an.le,

PASSENBE% 2C 60ll .i5e you ea&' one 'undred t'ousand dollars, PAS@O% %AE E$$AC A 'undred t'ousandD O' Bod blessD PASSENBE% C @o 'ell wit' Bod bless, >'at do we 'a5e to doG PASSENBE% 2C Nust walk wit' /e to /y o22i&e, PASSENBE% @'ere’s .otta be /ore, EesD EesD C

PAS@O% %AE E$$AC >e’ll do itD >on’t weG

PASSENBE% C 6 wasn’t born yesterday, @'ere’s .otta be /ore, PASSENBE% 2C My wi2e says 6 .o out ea&' day to see wo/en, S'e a&&uses /e o2 all sorts o2 t'in.s, 6t’s 2alse! but no a/ount o2 denyin. will &'an.e 'er, @oday! 6 3lan to ter/inate e5ery &onne&tion 6 'a5e wit' 'er, 6 3lan to do so in a /ost dra/ati& /anner, S'e is 2ollowin. /e! wat&'in. /e as we s3eak, Iut 6 don’t &are,

73 >owD PAS@O% %AE E$$AC 6s s'e dan.erousG

PASSENBE% 2C Only to /e, 6 3ray you a&&e3t, 6 would rat'er .i5e you /y /oney away t'an let it .o to 'er, PASSENBE% C $et /e .et t'is strai.'t, Eou’re sayin.! you want 'er to see you wit' us, Eou want to /ake 'er an.ry, Eou want t'is to be t'e last t'in. s'e sees you doin., Ie&ause you’re di5or&in. 'er, PASSENBE% 2C 6’/ dis&onne&tin. /y 3ersona.e 2ro/ 'er 3ersona.e in a /aHor /anner, >owD PAS@O% %AE E$$AC Eou sure 'a5e a way wit' words! /ister,

PASSENBE% 2C 6’/ in t'e Nort' @ower on t'e (*t' 2loor, Co/e wit' /e t'ere and 6 will 'and you t'e &as', PASSENBE% C 6 work at t'e @rade Center, 6 &lean o22i&es, 6 'a5e a 3ass, >'at about 'erG >ill t'e .uards let 'er inG 6 /ean! you see 'ow s'e’s dressed, And s'e s/ells, PASSENBE% 2C @'e .uards will do w'at t'ey’re told, 6’/ t'e C'ie2 O3eratin. O22i&er, Eou two are /y .uests, PAS@O% %AE E$$AC 6 'a5e a &on2ession, 6 saw a si.n in t'e sky, 6 t'ou.'t so/et'in. terrible was .oin. to 'a33en today, 6 was on /y way to warn 3eo3le 2ro/ a 'i.' 3oint! t'e Obser5ation De&k at t'e >orld @rade Center, Iut 6 /isread t'e si.n, 6t was Hust t'e o33osite, 6t was so/et'in. wonder2ul, 6t was you, Now 6 will .o u3 t'ere and 3raise BodD

74 PASSENBE% 2C @'e Obser5ation De&k is in t'e Sout' @ower on t'e 07t' =loor, @'e ele5ators start u3 at (C80 a/, 6’ll .et you s3e&ial 3asses, PASSENBE% C @'ank you, @'ank you, 6 'a5e a &on2ession! too, 6 was so 5ery de3ressed today, About a son 6 'ad to, Had to .i5e u3, Money’s 'ard to &o/e by, A &leanin. wo/an’s salary isn’t /u&', And now 6’/ &arryin. anot'er! as you &an see, And 6’5e 'ad su&' an.ry t'ou.'ts, @'inkin. des3erate t'ou.'ts, Horrible! e5il t'ou.'ts, Eou knowG 6’ll .o u3 t'ere wit' you and t'ank Bod, 6’/ sorry 6 said t'ose t'in.s, PAS@O% %AE E$$AC Bod bless! sister, PASSENBE% Bod bless! sister, ()!e* =oin !ands. C CONDUC)OR enters-

COND<C@O%C 7C , Arri5in. Hoboken, 7C , Arri5in. Hoboken, @'is is your 2inal sto3, Don’t 2or.et your &oats and 'ats and news3a3ers, @'e neAt PA@H train to t'e >orld @rade Center is at 7C2#, >at&' your ste3! 3lease, (CONDUC)OR e,its. $ASSEN5ER 6/ $ASSEN5ER 7 + $AS)OR RA2 E..A stand up/ gat!er t!eir t!ings/ s ile. Fade to &la'(. .ig!ts up. A window t!roug! w!i'! we see t!e planet eart! s!ining &rig!t. MIS)ER A))A/ in &o,er s!orts/ stands at full<lengt! irror/ stud*ing !i self/ ugs for an i aginar* 'a era/ assu ing 0arious poses. After a o ent/ 8I)CHES 6 + 7 enter/ dressed in wit'!* tatters. 8I)CH 6 !olds a ro&e-

75 >6@CH C A2ter takin. t'e deat' 5ow, >6@CH 2C Iut 3rior to t'e a&tion, >6@CH C S'a5e t'e eAtra 'air on your body! 3er2u/e yoursel2 and ritually was', >6@CH 2C =or you will soon be in t'e 3resen&e o2 an.els, >6@CHES ? 2C (MIS)ER A))A i es as t!e* rapSEE H6M %E=$EC@ED SEE H6S 6MABE @HE%E CO$$EC@ED SEE H6S B%6N SEE H6S SL6N SEE H6S CH6N! HO> 6@’S P%ONEC@ED SEE H6M P$<NDE% SEE H6M @H<NDE% SEE H6M %6P H6S =OES AS<NDE% SEE H6M SNEAL6NB SEE H6M =%EAL6NB SEE H6S =OO@S@EPS! SO OI$6O<6NB SEE H6M HE%E SEE H6M @HE%E SEE H6M BEN<=$EC@ 6N P%AEE% (8it'!es drape a ro&e on !i AND HE >EA%S A MA%@E%’S MAN@$E AND @HE DEV6$"MAE"CA%E, HE’S A I6B PO@A@O HE’S A HO@ VO$CANO HE A BO$$E HE AN A$6 HE A L<L$A! =%AN AND O$$6E HE EP@O$S HE CON@%O$S AND HE B6VES H6S HEA%@ AND SO<$ AND HE >EA%S A MA%@E%’S MAN@$E AS H6S ACE 6N @HE HO$E,

76 >6@CHES ? 2(Cont-C NO@ A HA6% M6SD6%EC@ED NO@ A I%O> 6N@E%SEC@ED NO@ A SPO%E NO@ A PO%E NO@ AN OPEN SO%E 6N=EC@ED NO@ AN 6$$6NB NO@ A D%6$$6NB NO@ A @OO@H @HA@ NEEDS A =6$$6NB NO@ A MEELNESS NO@ A I$EALNESS NO@ A @%A6@ @HA@ PO6N@S @O >EALNESS NO@ A SCA%E NO@ A CA%E NO@ A >O%%E >HA@SOE’%E AND HE >EA%S A MA%@E%’S MAN@$E AND @HE DEV6$"MAE"CA%E, HE’S A I6B IANANA BO6NB @O N6%VANA HE A HEEI6E HE A NEEI6E HE 6N HEAVEN ON A =%EEI6E SEE H6M B%O> SEE H6M B$O> SEE H6M B6VE H6S HEA%@ AND SO<$ AND HE >EA%S A MA%@E%’S MAN@$E AS H6S ACE 6N @HE HO$E, >6@CH C Okay! Iu&ko! you’re on your own, >6@CH 2C Nust don’t s&rew t'e 3oo&', >oo2D (8I)CHES e,it laug!ing. >oo2D Fade to &la'(-

S@E>A%DESS’ VO6CEC $adies and Bentle/en! t'e in2li.'t /o5ie will be.in s'ortly, @'e ori.inally s&'eduled 2il/! Mission 6/3ossible 2! is not a5ailable, 6nstead we will be s'owin. Dude! >'ere’s My CarG Now sit ba&k! relaA and enHoy,

77 (.ig!ts up. Interior of passenger 'a&in. MIS)ER A))A/ in dar( green suit/ + MIS)ER A.OMARI are at front/ wearing gas as(s. )!e* s!oot C.O?IA w!o dies. A.AN + $A)RICIA sit/ terrified. S)E8ARDESS/ !iding in &a'(/ nap(in o0er out!/ spea(s into 'ell p!oneS@E>A%DESSC @'e &o&k3it0s not answerin., So/ebody0s been s'ot in business &lass, And our nu/ber one is stabbed, Our 3urser is stabbed, Nobody knows w'o stabbed w'o, >e &an0t e5en .et u3 to business &lass ri.'t now! be&ause nobody &an breat'e, Our nu/ber 2i5e and our 2irst &lass .alley attendant 'a5e been stabbed, >e &an0t .et into t'e &o&k3it, 6 t'ink t'ere0s /a&e, Ees! t'at’s ri.'t! t'e &o&k3it is not answerin., 60/ sittin. in t'e ba&k, Nobody &an &all t'e &o&k3it, >e &an0t .et inside, (MIS)ER A))A ta(es out (nife/ &randis!es it at A.AN. A.AN 'ringes in !is seat. $A)RICIA s'rea sA$ANC (C!o(ing fro a'eNoD PleaseD Eou &an’tD PleaseD Eou don’t understand, $isten, @wo words, Mia =arrow, 6’/ on /y way to 'er, Do you know w'o Mia =arrow isG S'e’s an artist, A .enius, A 5isionary, S'e’s .i5en so /u&' o2 'ersel2 to ot'ers, S'e li5ed in an iron lun. and, (MIS)ER A))A slits A.AN3s t!roat. diesPA@%6C6AC (C!o(ing fro a'eAre you an an.elG (MIS)ER A))A slits $A)RICIA3s t!roat. S!e diesHe


78 S@E>A%DESSC >e’re dro33in. down, 6 see buildin.s, 6 see water,

(Fade to &la'(. .ig!ts up. 4are spa'e. A window t!roug! w!i'! we see planet eart! s!ining &rig!t. MIS)ER A))A/ tied to '!air/ &lindfolded/ an I? tu&e on !is ar . A spotlig!t on !i . 5UARD 6 + 5UARD 7 stand &e!ind !i . )!is is HE..B<A%D C (S!a(es !i awa(eHey! Mo'a//ed, MoD Hey! Mo, M6S@E% A@@AC (Awa(ens/ grogg*No! noD B<A%D 2C Eou 2u&ked u3 bi. ti/e! Mo, B<A%D Eour ass is .rass! boy, C Ii. ti/eD

Eou 2u&ked u3! 3al,

B<A%D 2C Iet your 2riends are 3issed, @'ey all died in a 2ireball and w'ere were youG Did you &'i&ken outG >as it Bod0s &'oi&e 2or you to &'i&ken outG 6s it Bod0s will t'at you stayed ali5e! MoG Eou .ot so/e kind o2 a /essa.e 2or us 2ro/ t'e Ii. BuyG (MIS)ER A))A tries to &ite I? tu&eB<A%D C Don’t .i5e us t'e &ra1y a&t! boy, And don’t .o bla/in. it on t'e /oon, >e’re not buyin. t'at you’re a lunati&, HeyD Eou knowG Maybe Bod de&ided at t'e last /inute you were a 2u&ku3 and &ut you 2ro/ t'e sFuad, Maybe t'at’s it, (MIS)ER A))A turns/ tries to spitBo a'ead! s3it, >on0t &'an.e not'in., >e’re still 'ere, Eou0re still 'ere, >e’re still talkin., >e’ll be talkin. to you 2or a lon. ti/e! boy,

79 So relaA, B<A%D 2C EnHoy t'e ride, (Fade to &la'(. .ig!ts up. 4are stage. FO.# SIN5ER enters=O$LS6NBE%C Hi, 6 read w'ere a Musli/ 3rea&'er in En.land told 'is 2ollowers t'at li5in. t'ere was like Rli5in. in a toilet,R He was re2errin. to w'at 'e saw as t'e sin2ulness o2 t'e Iritis', All t'e 3orno.ra3'y and t'e alternati5e li2estyles and t'e like, He0d 3robably say t'e sa/e about us, So 6 went and wrote a son. about w'at 'e0d say about us, About li5in. in a toilet 'ere, Don0t look 2or any Hokes in /y son., 0Cause t'ere ain’t none, (Sings$ONB ABO 6N @HE A%LANSAS >OODS EO< CO<$D HEA% @HEM I6B I6%DS D%6$$ >6@H A %A@"A"@A@"@A@ AND A @A@"A"@A@"@A@ O= @HE >OODPECLE%’S 6VO%E I6$$ I<@ @HA@ >AS @HEN AND @H6S 6S NO> MCA<SE @HE >OODPECLE%S DONE BONE A>AE AN’ @HE SC6EN@6S@S CAME =%OM @HE 6VE $EAB<E SCHOO$S CAME @O SEE >HE @HEE >O<$DN’@ S@AE >E$$! 6S 6@ S<CH A MES@E%E >HE @HEE A$$ <P AND $E=@ @HE $AS@ ONE @O =$E O<@ O= @HE%E EPP$A6NED =O% A$$ @HE %ES@ J@H6S <SED @O IE A P$ACE >E $OVEDK SHE SA6D 6N P$A6N $AMEN@ J6@ <SED @O =$E A B%AND O$D =$AB @HA@ >E CO<$D %EP%ESEN@K @HEN SHE DO<I$E"LNOCLED ON A CEP%ESS $OB AND SHE $E=@ AND SHE NEVE% CAME IACL I<@ NOHN =6@SPA@%6CL =%OM @HE 6VE $EAB<E SCHOO$ @HO<BH@ HE CA<BH@ HE% ON A V6DEO @%ACL

80 =O$LS6NBE%(Cont-C >E$$! @HA@ V6DEO C$6P! 6@ >AS C$EA% AS M<D HE SA> >HA@ HE >AN@ED @O SEE I<@ @HE =O$LS 6N @HE =O%ES@! @HEE LNO> =O% A =AC@ @HA@’S A BHOS@ >OODPECLE% 6N @HE @%EE @HA@ BHOS@ <P @HE%E! SHE’S A >A%N6N’ S6BN @HA@ BHOS@ SHE’S HEAVEN SEN@ @HA@ BHOS@! SHE MA%LS @HE CHANB6N’ @6MES SHE’S @APP6N’ O<@ %EPEN@, MCA<SE @HEE’%E @EACH6N’ NOHNNE @HA@ BAE’S OLAE AN’ @HEE DONE L6CLED BOD O<@@A SCHOO$ AN’ HEA@HE%’S @>O MOMM6ES %<N @HE P@A AN’ L6$$6N’ EO<% IAI6ES 6S COO$, 6N @HE M6SS6SS6PP6 %6VE% A$$<V6A$ P$A6N EO< CAN %OAM @H%O<BH @HE =O%ES@S AND @HE H6$$S EO< CAN PADD$E A CANOE @H%O<BH @HE CEP%ESS S>AMPS I<@ EO< >ON’@ =6ND AN 6VO%E I6$$ AN’ @E$$ EO< @%<E! 6@ A6N’@ IEEN @HE SAME S6NCE @HE >OODPECLE%S >A$LED O<@ @HE DOO% I<@ EO< HAVE @O ADM6@ @HA@ >E %AN MEM O<@ >HEN >E MADE $ADE $6IE%@E A >HO%E AN’ @HE BHOS@ <P @HE%E! SHE’S A >A%N6N’ S6BN @HA@ BHOS@ SHE’S HEAVEN SEN@ @HA@ BHOS@! SHE MA%LS @HE CHANB6N’ @6MES SHE’S @APP6N’ O<@ %EPEN@ MCA<SE @HEE’%E @EACH6N’ NOHNNE @HA@ BAE’S OLAE AND @HEE DONE L6CLED BOD O<@@A SCHOO$ AN’ HEA@HE%’S @>O MOMM6ES %<N @HE P@A AN’ L6$$6N’ EO<% IAI6ES 6S COO$ L6$$6N’ EO<% IAI6ES 6S COO$ L6$$6N’ EO<% IAI6ES 6S COO$ ()!e FO.# SIN5ER e,its to t!e sound of t!underous applause/ w!i'! slowl* orp!s into t!e BAlla! A(&arB protest 'ries fro t!e rooftops of )e!eran. )!e Alla! A(&ars grow louder and ore

81 insistent and ore 'aden'ed. )!e FO.#SIN5ER enters and t!e Alla! A(&ars turn to '!eers. )!e FO.# SIN5ER otions for silen'e=O$LS6NBE%C (Sings6@’S S@A%@6NB @O <N%AVE$! 6@0S S@A%@6NB @O <N>6ND! @H6S D%EA%E NE> >O%$D O%DE% O= EO<% M6ND, AND $6LE @HE SO%CE%O%’S APP%EN@6CE! HE%E EO< COME >6@H A$$ EO<% M6BH@! @O S>EEP A>AE @HE HA@%ED AND @HE SP6@E! AND SEPA%A@E @HE DA%LNESS =%OM @HE $6BH@, I<@ A$$ EO<% SCHEMES AND S@%A@EB6ES CAN0@ P%EVEN@ >HA@0S MEAN@ @O IE, EO< @H6NL EO< @H6NL EO< LNO>! I<@ EO< DON’@, @'e End