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Submitted to the English Education Department of STKIP Garut as a Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements as a sequence in writing a paper

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1.1. Title Improving Students Vocabulary through Mind Mapping

1.2. Background of The Study In this modern era, people demand to have more than one language. Language as a tool for communication takes an important role in our daily activities. Without communication, we will be left behind. Communication in foreign language is a bridge to get information, knowledge and culture. Indonesia as a developing country has realized that English as an International language is needed to be mastered by Indonesian people. English is essential to be taught for the younger people, for this case; students from the beginner up to the senior high school. In developing the students ability in mastering English, it cannot be separated from vocabulary mastery. Because it can be a measurement of students in comprehending English. In this research, the writer will discuss about teaching vocabulary through mind mapping. These teaching methods are believed to make the students easier in their study, and also can help students get communicative competence. These methods that are mentioned above are supposed to be suitable for teaching vocabulary.

Vocabulary as one of the vital elements of language is considered to be the main focus in addition to the importance of sentence structures. According to David Wilkins: Without grammar very little can be conveyed, without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed. In this research, the writer will discuss these teaching methods for teaching vocabulary that can be used by the teachers and can be increased students vocabulary skill. In this case, the writer will conduct the research in SDN PAKUWON 2.

1.3. The Reasons for Choosing the Topic There are some resons why the writer choosen the topic. The reason are revealed as follows: 1. Vocabulary is importance component in learning English. 2. Students find difficulty in learning English. 3. Poor of vocabulary, consequently, the students get difficulties in comprehending both spoken and written English. 4. The teaching vocabulary by mind mapping is more effective and fun.

1.4. The Assumption The writer will conduct this research based on assumption that learning vocabulary with mind mapping vocabulary will facilitate students in comprehending language.

1.5. The Scope and Limitation of the Study In this research the writer tries to specify the study, which is focused on teaching vocabulary through mind mapping. 1.6. The Problem Statement The writer would like to state the problems, in following questions as follows: 1. Do mind mapping helps students in their vocabulary skills? 2. Are there some advantages of teaching vocabulary with mind mapping?

1.7. Research Purpose The research purpose can be stated as follows: 1. To find out the best techniques to make students creative, active, and enjoyable in their study.
2. To find out the students achievment using mapping words technique.

1.8. The Significance of the Study The writer may provide certain finding in teachers technique to improve English vocabulary. The result of this study is expected to be meaningful and can be used by language teacher in teaching vocabulary at elementary school. The writer hopes this study can contribute to the teaching and learning process, especially in teaching vocabulary.

1.9. The Research Methodology Method of research is used experimental study using two groups, of which one group is an experimental group (EG), which receives special treatment, and the others is the control group (CG) which does not receives any special treatment. According to Arikunto (1992:78): Eksperimental design yaitu jenis eksperimen yang sudah baik karena sudah memenuhi persyaratan. Yang dimaksud dengan persyaratan dalam

eksperimen adalah adanya kelompok yang diberikan perlakuan dan kelmpok pembandingan yang ikut mendapatkan pegamatan.

1.10. The Instrument of The Study Test There are two kinds of test, which are used by the writer in the instrument of him research. There are pre test and post test. Pre test is given to both groups before treatment of using various methods applied. It is used to find out the initial difference of students achievment of English vocabulary. Meanwhile, post-test is given to both groups after appliying various methods. Observation By conducting observation, the writer wants to obtain description about the teaching and learning process by using mind mapping in teaching vocabulary.

1.11. Definitions of The Terminology In order to avoid missunderstanding dealing with the use of terminology in this researh, the writer thinks that it is necessary to explain each terminology to be used, as follows: a. Vocabulary: According to Elfrieda H. Hiebert (2005;3): Vocabulary is the knowledge of meanings of words. Vocabulary is the set of words within a language that are familiar to that person. ( b. Mind Mapping: Mind map is a graphical way to represent ideas and concepts.

Mind map adalah cara termudah untuk menempatkan informasi ke dalam otak dan mengambil informasi ke luar dari otak. Mind map adalah cara mencatan yang kreatif, efektif, dan secara harfiah akan memetakan pikiran-pikiran kita (Tony Buzan, 2005;12)

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