Partner determination

In SAP all the entities who are involved in a business transaction are represented as partners. Ex :A carrier can be created as a partner on the sales order. This document describes the partner determination on the sales order. Partner function specifies the kind of the role the partner is playing in the document. A partner can play many roles in a business transaction. Example is sold to party customer can act as a payer , bill to party and ship to party. To enable this the roles played by this partner (partner functions) should be assigned to the account group. In this case the account group for sold to party which is 0001 in the standard system is assigned to partner function BP, PY and SH. Partner source specifies what is the source for the partner in the business transaction. The source for the ship to customer is sold to party. In a scenario where a carrier should be determined based on the ship to location, the source for the carrier is ship to party.

Partner determination for customer master

.Save it Select ZG and click on Partner determination procedure assignment.

. Click on new entries. Select ZG & click on Account Groups-Function Assignment. Why we assign it only sold to party is because we have created partner determination only for sold to party. & save it.Assign ZG to Sold to party. Go back to the main screen.

In partner functions tab we can see only the above parter functions which we have assigned to account grp . Here we are not able to see CR(Carry forwarding agent) because in customization we have not made it as mandatory. In XD01 if you are creating a customer with Z001 account group .Here we can see for the Account grp Z001 the partner functions have been assigned.The partner functions which have not been assigned are not displayed. .

. Maintain partner functions in procedure. Next go back to the main screen.For all the account groups we have assigned the partner functions. Not modifiable : Here we can see that SP (Sold-to-party) is maintained as not modifiable. So in XD01 or in any sales doc type we cant modify the sold to party if the customer is created in the account grp Z001.

Partner functions : There is no need for us to maintain partner functions.Mandatory Function : If we tick this for the partner functions . As CR (Forwarding agent) is not mandatory we can assign it here manually. as this are maintained as standard. We can see which are the partner functions assigned to partner determination procedure (ZG) are defaulted here. . then those partner functions needs to be maintained else we cant save the customer master. But we can input CR and its data. so when u go to the customer master sales area data partner functions we will not see the CR Partner function. For CR(Forwarding agent) we have not made it has mandatory .

when we are creating customer master if we don’t maintain SP Partner functions the system will not allow to save the customer master.Error group acts as incomplete ) This can be maintained only once . Uniqueness in the master data : If we tick this field. For maintaining Partner functions at document levels the procedure is same. Eg : You can. we cant have 2 sold to party for a customer. because for a customer there may be many number of forwarding agents . For SP partner function . When you mail promotional sales literature to the customer.Here we can see all the partner functions maintained. define as a higher-level partner function the sales director of a customer where you do not have complete details for contacts. The partner function associated to this can be maintained only once in the customer master.But few functionalities changes : . for example. Higher-level partner function : This is related to customer hierarchy. Error group . Eg : SP (Sold –to. you can automatically send the information to the higher-level contact.Error group maintained is 07(Customer). Eg : CR(Forwarding agent) For this partner function we need’nt tick .

if the field contains a 2. Maintain this field if you want a specific partner to be determined that is not in the partner screen of the sold-to party master. If the system can not determine all functions.Partner determination for sales order : Here we can see that three more fields are provided compared to customer master (Partner functions in procedure) Source : This field is used when we have got various suppliers in various regions . . If it contains a 1. The system reads the CR(Forwarding agent ) from ship – to – party and the remaining partner functions from Sold – to – party. the system determines this partner first. then enter a figure in this field that is higher than the figure in this field for the source partner function. it determines the partner in the third step. Sequence : If the field is blank. If you have specified a source partner function. Origin : If the field is empty when creating a sales document (standard setting). it determines the partner in the second step. it enters the number of the sold-to party (SP) for the remaining partner functions of partner type customer (KU). the partner functions are determined from those partner functions given in the sold-to party customer master (Table KNVP). we want the system to determine the forwarding agent in the sales doc from the ship – to – party .So for the partner function CR if we maintain the source as SH. and so on.