DIRECT MARKETING •Direct marketing consist of direct connections with carefully targeted individuals consumers to both obtain an immediate

response & cultivate lasting customer relationships. •Direct marketers communicate directly with customers, often on one to one, interactive basis. •Using detailed data bases, they tailor their marketing offer & communications to the needs of narrowly defined segments or even individual buyers. •Direct marketers apart from brand & relationship building also seek direct, immediate & measurable consumer responses. For e.g. Dell interacts directly with customers, by telephone or through its Web site , to design built – to –order PC “s that meet customer ‘individuals needs’ . THE DIRCT MARKETING MODEL •In early days, direct marketers sold their goods using catalogues, direct mailers, & telemarketers, but with the development in the technology, the direct marketing has undergone a dramatic change . •With the emergence of Internet – direct marketing has undergone dramatic transition. •In recent years, the dramatic growth of Internet & the increase in the sophistication of database technologies has created an extraordinary expansion of direct

BENEFIT TO BUYERS •For buyers . •Direct marketing has no geographical boundaries •Direct marketing channel also gives buyers access to a wealth of comparative information about companies. •Direct marketing gives buyers ready access to a wealth of products. & private. GROWTH & BENEFITS OF DIRECT MARKETING •Direct marketing has become the fastest growing form of marketing. •Most companies still use direct marketing as a supplementary channel or medium for marketing their goods & messages. •According to the Industry observers companies spent huge amount on direct . . products & competitors. direct marketing is convenient. •Direct marketing continues to become more Web oriented & Internet marketing is claiming fast growing share of direct marketing spending & sales. easy.

& company’s Web site – often prove more cost effective. CUSTOMER DATABASE & DIRECT MARKETING: . •Lower cost per contact media –such as tele marketing. or to make immediate & timely announcements & offer. today’s marketers can target small groups or individual consumers & promote their offers through personalized communications. direct marketing is a powerful tool for building customer relation ship. •Direct marketing can also offer greater flexibility. BENEFIT S TO SELLERS •In case of sellers. efficient. speedy alternatives for reaching their markets. •Because of the one to one nature of direct marketing. Direct marketing has grown rapidly in B2B marketing . products or services they desire & order them on the spot.•Direct marketing is interactive & immediate-buyers can interact with sellers by phone or on the seller’s Web site to create exactly the configuration of information. It allows marketers to make adjustments to its prices & programs. •Using database marketing. direct mail. learn more about their needs & tailor their products & services to specific customer tastes. companies can interact with customers by on line or phone. •Direct marketing also offers sellers a low –cost.

& behavioral data.the customer profile might contain the products & services the customer has bought . They can mine their databases to learn about customers in detail . A customer database is an organized collection of comprehensive data about individual customers or prospects. monetary value ). & opinions). psychological. demographic. including geographic. & behaviors of target segments or . key contacts. birthdays). size of family. They use databases to locate customers & to generate sales leads. psychographics (activities. income. •In B2B marketing .•Effective direct marketing begins with a good customer base. •A customer mailing list is simply a set of names. address& contact number as compared to customer data base contains much more information.& assessments of competitive strengths& weaknesses in selling & servicing the account. & buying behavior (buying (buying preference. status of current contacts. •Many companies confuse a customer database with a customer mailing list. •In consumer marketing. interests. estimated customer spending for next few years. the customer database might contain a customer’s demographics (age. frequency. •Companies use their databases in many ways. competing suppliers.past volumes& prices.

•Direct mail marketing. •Catalogue marketing. FORMS OF DIRECT MARKETING •The major forms of direct marketing include•Personal selling.individuals. •New digital direct marketing technologies & •Online marketing . •Kiosk marketing . •Telephone marketing. reminder or . FC AE –T – O F C S LI G A E EL N OL E NI N MR E I G AKT N DET I C R MI A L MR E I G AKT N NWIG A E DI L T TC NL G S EH OOIE CSOES U M T R & PO ET RS C P S CT GE AL U O MKIG A EN RT KS I K O MR E I G AKT N DET I C R R S OS EP NE MR E I G AKT N TL EE MR E I G AKT N F R SO DR T A K TN O M F I C MR E I G DIRECT MAIL MARKETING •This involves sending an offer announcement. •Direct –response television marketing.

•Direct mail is by far the large direct marketing medium. direct marketers send out large numbers of mails each year – letters. is flexible& allows easy measurement of results. music.other item to a person at a particular address. etc. CATALOGUE MARKETING . •The new breed of e-mail ad uses animation . streaming video & personalized audio message to reach out & grab attention. brochures samples etc. catalogues. can be personalized. interactive links . Now a days e-mail is booming as a direct marketing tool. Charities also use direct mail to raise funds each year. •These addresses are chosen from the mailing lists. •Today e-mail message have moved far beyond the drab text only message of old. • Direct mail has proved successful in promoting all kinds of products from books. one-to –one communication. •Direct mail is well suited to direct. the people reached are much better prospects. gift items. •Although it is expensive than mass media such as television or magazine per thousand people reached. •The direct mail industry seeks new methods & approaches. It permits high target market selectivity.

•With Internet becoming more popular. Telephone marketing accounts for major share in direct marketing. TELEPHONE MARKETING: •This involves using a telephone to sell directly to consumer & business customers. •Web catalogue also allows real time merchandising.•Advances in technology along with the move toward personalized. •Web based catalogue presents a number of benefits as compared to the printed catalogue. more & more catalogues are becoming digital the rise in the Internet has provided a new avenue for catalogue sales. selling multiple products. Products & features can be added or removed as needed & prices can be adjusted instantly to match demand. •Catalogue can be an effective sales & relationship builder. They save production. & offering a direct ordering mechanism. •Marketers use outbound telephone marketing to sell directly to consumers & businesses. one –to –one marketing have resulted in exciting changes in catalogue marketing catalogue marketing is defined as a printed bound piece of at least 8pages. printing & mailing costs. direct sales. Inbound toll – free . online catalogues can offer an almost unlimited amount of merchandise. •Where as print catalogue space is limited.

or catalogues. The explosion in unsolicited outbound telephone marketing has annoyed many consumers. •The use of 1800 number has taken off in recent years as more & more companies have began using them .numbers are used to receive orders from television & print ads. Due to this DRTV is growing . often 60 secs or 120 secs long which persuasively describe a product & give consumers a toll free number or a Web site for ordering. including purchasing conveniences & increased products & service information. •Direct response ads always carry a toll free number or Web address. Direct marketer air television spots . •Properly designed & targeted telemarketing provides many benefits. •Direct response TV commercials are usually cheaper to make & media purchase is costly. making it easier to marketer to check the impact for their pitches.& as current users have added new features such as toll – free numbers . The first is direct response television advertising (DRTV) . direct mail. DIRECT RESPONSE TELEVISION MARKETING: •Direct television response marketing takes one of the two major forms.

•Home shopping channels another form of direct –response television marketing are . many marketers view mobile phones as the next big . • Some home shopping channels such as Home Shopping Network broadcast 24 hrs a day . television programs or entire channels dedicated to selling goods & services. NEW DIGITAL DIRECT MARKETING TECHNOLOGIES: •Due to new the digital technologies. airports. In this case we look in to options like mobile phone marketing.more quickly than traditional broadcast & TV advertising. direct marketer can reach & interact with consumer just about anywhere at any time. interactive TV. Mobile Phone Marketing •With large number of people opting for mobile services. Viewers in this case call toll free number or go online to book orders KIOSK MARKETING •As consumer became more & more comfortable with computer & digital technologies many companies are placing information on & ordering machines called kiosk –in stores . podacasts & vodacasts. & other locations.

In past this medium has been slow to catch on. Due to satellite broadcasting systems DTH are now offering ITV capabilities. Interactive TV •Interactive TV gives marketers an opportunity to reach targeted audience in an marketing medium. Wide spread use of Internet & other powerful new technologies are having a dramatic impact on both buyers & the marketers who serves the . mobile games . •Marketers of kinds are now integrating mobile phones into their direct marketing. Cell phone promotions includes everything from ring tone give away . & technology appears poised to take off as a direct marketing medium. & many more . more involving way. ONLINE MARKETING •Online marketing is the fastest growing form of direct marketing.

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