UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2121 K STREET, NW, SUITE 800, WASHINGTON, DC 20036 Press Release Contacts: JJ Asongu Tel: 301-577-0040 SOUTHERN CAMEROONS WINS LANDMARK VICTORY AT NIGERIAN COURT LEADING TO INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION Federal High Court in Abuja Orders Nigeria to Present Southern Cameroons Case for Independence & Sovereignty at the International Court of Justice & United Nations Washington, DC; April 16, 2002: The British Southern Cameroons Provisional Administration (BSCPA), the ruling authority in the Southern Cameroons, today announced that it has won a major victory at the Federal High Court in Abuja, Nigeria, which will pave the way for the international recognition of Southern Cameroons as sovereign nation. “The Abuja ruling marks a hopeful beginning for the people of Southern Cameroons, and we call on all democratic and peace-loving nations to support our peaceful quest for complete independence and sovereignty,” said Dr. Martin N. Luma, Chancellor of the BSCPA and Chair of the SCNC. “We are delighted that the government of Nigeria will now place our case before the International Court of Justice and the UN General Assembly, and ensure diligent prosecution to the conclusion the claim of the peoples of Southern Cameroons to self-determination and our declaration of independence.” The recent victory in Nigeria was as a result of a lawsuit against the Nigerian government filed by the Southern Cameroons Peoples Organization (SCAPO). SCAPO was created by the BSCPA, specifically for the purpose of pursuing legal avenues for addressing the Southern Cameroons problem of annexation. “Another important dimension of the ruling is that it places a perpetual injunction restraining the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria from treating treating the Southern Cameroons and all the peoples of the territory as an integral part of La Republique du Cameroun,” said Mr. Augustine F. Ndangam, Vice Chair and Spokesman of SCAPO. “We are grateful to Chief Justice Mrs. R.N. Ukeje and our lawyers for bringing justice to the peoples of Southern Cameroons, who have suffered for 40 years as an annexed territory under La Republique du Cameroun.” About the Southern Cameroons The Southern Cameroons is the former UN Trust Territory under British Administration. The country is the only UN Trust Territory still under colonial rule. On December 30,

1999, the country declared her independence from La Republique du Cameroun, and is currently working to establish effective control over her territories. The ruling authority in the Southern Cameroons is the Provisional Administration, created in Washington, DC on June 17, 2001, from a coalition of liberation movements within and outside the country. For more information on the Southern Cameroons, visit us online at