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PHANI KUMAR PANYAM +91-7874726267


Professional Experience Summary

Having 5+ years of Professional experience in Product Design and Development in Transportation & Off-Highway Domain using CAD tools like CATIA V5 & CATIA V4.

Having 9 weeks Onsite experience at Bombardier Transportation, Derby, UK during year 2010. Experience in execution of Design and Development projects. Experience in preparation of Design alternatives for maintenance and field problems. Experience in working on Reverse Engineering projects. Knowledge on Welding and GD & T. Experienced in preparation of Production Drawings and Installation Drawings. Good in providing the knowledge based solution to customers.

Software Proficiency:
CAD Tools:
CATIA V5 (Part Design, Assembly Design, Generative Sheet metal, Generative Surface Design & Drafting) CATIA V4 (Modules Solid, Surface, Sheet metal and Drafting)

Basic knowledge on Microstation, Auto CAD.

PDM/PLM Tools: Enovia DPM, PDM (Metaphase)

Employment Details:
Present Employer: Experience: Designation:
Larsen & Toubro Integrated Engineering Services, Vadodara July 2011 to till date Executive I (Senior Design Engineer)

Roles & Responsibilities:

Manage the team of 4 members to execute the projects. Execute pilot projects and ensure right delivers to customers. Estimate the efforts required for project execution. Ensure the deliverables inline to customer standards in given estimated timeline. Identify the suitable tools / Process to avoid manual error and speed up the process. Work with vendors in Design projects for cost estimation and prototype manufacturing.

PHANI KUMAR PANYAM +91-7874726267

Identify the supplies to reduce the process cost.

Major Projects Executed:

Project Name: Coupler Behavior analysis on Curved Tracks Client: Wabtec Passenger Transit, USA Roles & Responsibilities: Developed automated 3D model to check the behavior of coupler at different conditions. Identify the possibility of automatic coupling or manual assistance required for coupling. In case of manual assistance required, identify the angle to be tilted for coupling. And identifying the minimum curve to be maintained on track for given type of conditions. Get the approval form customer for all work executed and crated drawing for each case separately. Upload final word document as output to PDM database.

Project Name: Product Localization of Auxiliary converter Box Client: Bombardier Transportation, India Roles & Responsibilities:

Project scope consist that product localization with material change for Auxiliary converter box i.e redesign of Aluminium enclosure to Stainless Steel enclosure. Identify the local vendors to develop the product with cost effective quotation in-line with customer expectations. As per the construction of enclosure, Prepare the suitable sheet metal structure to replace old design with alternative material for this structure i.e material 304L / 312L. Replace the aluminium extruded section with possible standard section of SS. Weight change allowed even after material change should be not more than 40% to old design. With the constrain of this parameter, prepare the strong structure with less material usage and best use of available strong standard sections.

Prepare Design check drawing and review with customer for better outcome in project. Finally supply model to FEA and do necessary modifications, if any. Prepare manufacturing drawing and BOM and upload to PDM database. Infotech Enterprises Ltd., Hyderabad

Previous employer:

Experience: from Jun2007 to Jul2011 (4 years 1 month)

PHANI KUMAR PANYAM +91-7874726267

_________________________________________________________________________________ Designation: Senior Design engineer (last held Position) Roles & Responsibilities:
Work as a team member to execute the pilot projects. Adhere to timeline for deliveries and ensure quality in deliveries. Participate in all phases of work in Design and Development projects. Estimate the efforts required for project execution as a senior member in team. Provide the training team members ensure quick and easy learning.

Major Projects Executed:

Project Name: Design and Development of Battery Box for AGC Train Client: Hyderabad Batteries Ltd., Hyderabad. Roles & Responsibilities:

Develop the structure which helps to hold to 2 major crates, each holds 40 batteries. Basic structure was developed with tubular sections and other major standard sections available of material Stainless Steel 304L. Prepare a foolproof locking system to hold the crates inside the structure even in vibrational conditions. Identify the right sections which add strength with less use of material because box is mounted on roof so weight and size should be optimal as per customer specification. Discuss with customer and changes the structure, if any. To get better shape. Implement the design changes after FEA result. Upload all the components into DPM and create assemblies. Preparation of drawings for fabricated sheet metal structure & upload to PDM database.

Project name: Development of CAB interior trim panels PH project Client: Bombardier Transportation -Crespin. Roles & Responsibilities:

Development of trim panel to cover the equipments mounted in CAB interior area. Depend on application/customer request different materials used for trim panels like GRP/Aluminium for different locations in CAB interior. Develop the surface over the equipment to get a shape of actual panel. Make necessary cutouts on panel to get access to back equipment.

PHANI KUMAR PANYAM +91-7874726267

Fix the doors/ temporary fastening plates to access the equipments. Identify the fixing points of panel over the structure by fastening method. Review the concepts with customer make necessary changes in panel. Develop the manufacturing drawing and review with customer. Load the drawings in PDM & 3D models in DPM and follow life cycle process.

Project Name: Design support for Exhaust system - Turbostar Client: Bombardier Transportation, Derby, UK Roles & Responsibilities:

Worked at onsite (UK) for 8 weeks and 2 months in offshore. Understand system functionality and route the exhaust pipe as per new design. Develop all supports in underframe for new route of exhaust pipe. Identify the best suitable material for pipe insulate material for better heat transmission from pipe and support bracket material to work effective with heated environment. Provide conceptual drawing for review meetings and implement changes, if any. Work with offshore team to prepare manufacturing drawings. Load the all drawing in PDM & 3D models in DPM to follow life cycle process.

Project name: Interior changes Turbostar Client: Bombardier Transportation, Derby, UK Roles & Responsibilities:

Worked at onsite (UK) for 1 week and 8 months in offshore. Study the DIQRs and shop floor problems suggest the customer for alternate/ best solution and modify the drawing. Need to prepare SAP input document for accepted alternate solutions. Support the FEA team for structural changes acceptance in alternative designs.

Project name: Migration of OTU car body project. Client: Bombardier Transportation Vasteras-Sweden Roles & Responsibilities:

Create parametric 3D models using the supplied step models and drawings in CATIA V5. Upload all the components into DPM and create assemblies.

PHANI KUMAR PANYAM +91-7874726267

Build structure in DPM as per the available structure in PDM. Check and validate the structure and 3D models created by the team members. Provide them technical solutions for their problems and guide them to achieve the targets as agreed. Educational Qualification:

B.Tech Mechanical from JNT University in 2007, with 69 % marks Intermediate from Kora Junior college in 2003, with 86% marks 10th Class from Raghavendra High School in 2001, with 84% marks

Professional Trainings: Undergone 9 weeks professional training on CATIA V5 and CATIA V4. One week extensive professional training on ENOVIA. 2 weeks training for introduction to production.

PERSONAL PROFILE: Fathers Name Nationality Gender Date of Birth Language Known Permanent Address : : : : : : P.Dathatraya Sarma, Indian Male 20th August 1986 Telugu, English, and Hindi. M.G.Puram, Tallapaka (Via.) Rajampet, Kadapa (dt.), Andhra Pradesh, INDIA-516126. Present Address : #67, Darshanam Upavan, Nr. Vaikunt Society-1, Wagodia Road, Vadodara, Gujarat, INDIA-390019.