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Competence 1. Taking studies seriously as a principal means of acquiring competence in ones chosen field. 2.

Being punctual in attending my classes and school activities and submitting my course requirements which are well prepared and well done. 3. Using my free time and vacant periods wisely by studying, reviewing, researching, using library facilities thus increasing my knowledge and academic skills instead of loitering in hallways and corridors during class. 4. Showing necessary self-confidence and respect for my professors and classmates that are necessary for an effective learning to take place. 5. Participating in activities that will nourish and develop my intellectual and social skills. 6. Being responsible for my own growth and development as a person always seeking and doing things that will enhance and develop my God given talents and potentials convinced that I have obligation to become the best of what I could become and that my success or failure depends so much in me. Creativity 1. Being open but critical of ideas encountered inside and outside the classroom and not simply accepting a given idea without intelligent reflection. 2. Asking intelligent and analytical questions that could lead to deeper understanding and appreciation of ideas presented inside and outside the classrooms. 3. Participating actively in intellectual dialogues and discussions thus contributing to the broadening of horizons of topics and ideas. 4. Always finding new ways of thinking, of doing things, of seeking alternative possibilities and solutions to problems and situations. 5. Making use of my freedom and responsibly and intelligently fort the greater growth of others and myself. 6. Searching and participating in activities within and outside the campus that will develop and enhance my critical and creative skills like research, debates, theater performances, etc. Christian Spirit 1. Offering my time, energy and talents voluntarily whenever there are opportunities for service in school or in the community or in the community I live in. 2. Being honest and just in my words, actions in and outside the campus. 3. Doing my responsibilities as a member of the Christian community called upon to witness to the world through common worship and works of justice that change unjust social structures. 4. Making the values of Jesus Christ as the bases for my life principles and behavior towards others and myself. 5. Finding time to deepen my friendship with God through personal and communal prayer, study, recollections, retreats, and reception of the sacraments. Social Involvement

1. Avoiding activities and behaviors that are not constructive for my health and well-being as well as that of others such as smoking getting drunk, taking prohibited drugs and the like. 2. Knowing appreciating and being proud of my culture as Filipino. 3. Keeping myself well informed of what is happening around me and the important issues that confront my community, country and environment. 4. Participating in meaningful community extension services and outreach programs sponsored by the university and other worthwhile and legal organizations. 5. Respecting the laws and regulations of the school, my community and country which were made for the common good. 6. Initiating and participating in contructive and relevant social activities in my community. 7. Respecting the rights and freedom of others and respecting public communal and school properties by avoiding vandalism. 8. Living a simple and not wasteful lifestyle, and taking care of the environment by disposing of my garbage properly, not littering nor vandalizing and promoting environmental activities like tree planting, cleaning of surroundings, environmental education etc.