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A Message from the Emperor. 1 A Proclamation of the Imperial Wizard. 1

Preamble and Creed..... 2 Article 1 Appellation and Government.... 3 Article 2 Objects and Purposes... 3-4 Article 3 Territorial Jurisdictions... 4 Article 4 Membership... 4-5 Article 5 Kleagle and Giants..... 5-6 Article 6 Paraphernalia, Emblems, etc.... 6-7 Article 7 Robes and Seals... 7-9 Article 8 Revenue and Property Titles. 9-10 Article 9 States... 11-12 Article 10 Districts. 12 Article 11 Klaverns... 12-14 Article 12 Duties of Klavern Officers.. 14-15 Article 13 Discipline... 15-16 Article 14 Trials of Members and Officers 16-18

Article 15 Imperial Council.. 18 Article 16 National Convention Meeting 18-19 Article 17 Imperial Officers. 19-20 Article 18 Duties and Powers of Imperial Wizard.. 20-21 Article 19 Duties of Imperial Officers... 21-22 Article 20 Requirements for a Kleagle.. 23 Article 21 Duties of a Kleagle... 23 Article 22 Imperial Mandate. 23

A Message from the Emperor - Phil Lawson

KIGY Brothers and Sisters, In an effort to simplify the Constitution of this organization, and produce a Constitution that applies fully to our Klan, I have created this document and present it to the order of the United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan to follow. I remain committed to God, Race and Nation and the advancement and protection of our beloved White race. I herby proclaim this Constitution is the supreme law that shall give guidance to our order, to which we all owe our complete loyalty and obedience.

Proclamation of the Imperial Wizard Cole Thornton

The Imperial Wizard would like it to be known and understood, that certain criteria should be taken into consideration before the appointment or election of officers in this order. This advisement applies to every officer from Imperial to Local Office. Items to consider before appointment of an officer. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Social Standing Within The Community Financial Standing Financial Availability Age Personal Habits And Character Family Standing Commitment To Ideals We Represent Loyalty Of Individual To The Empire As A Whole As Well As Individual Brothers

We cannot at anytime have a leader in this brotherhood, even though universally loved by all involved, which cannot afford because of his financial, political, or family situation, to fully perform his duties as an officer. He must realize that one must not be blinded by hatred towards non-whites. The duty of all Klansmen is to up lift the white race, not to lower ourselves to the same level as those that we oppose. He must always remember he is a White Christian and conduct himself to be a shining example of this great Order. Due to the regional differences in our country, no two Realms are the same. Thus, it is necessary for the Realm leadership to handle things to their respective situations. This being understood, a Realm must gain the approval of the Imperial Council before implementing workings that have not been successfully used in an established Realm.

Constitution and Laws United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

We solemnly declare to all mankind: That the United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is dedicated to the same basic principles as the original Ku Klux Klan founded in the year 1865 and organized in 1866, and active during the reconstruction period of America. By and under its name the United Northern and Southern Knights KKK is revived, remodeled and updated. It has become a ritualistic, fraternal, patriotic society of national scope, dedicated to the same principles and spiritual purpose as set forth in Article II, of the Constitution and Laws of the UNSK. We furthermore do declare: To all that our original predecessors used as the governing laws of the Ku Klux Klan, during its former times and all official titles, mannerisms and rituals have not been abandoned by us. All banners, emblems, symbols, or other insignia and things proscribed or previously used by the Ku Klux Klan are held sacred to our tradition and heritage as Klansmen. We shall, in turn, preserve this heritage and valiantly protect it from profanation. It is to be known by all that we are a non-violent group that will not tolerate any sort of violent acts by our members, except in the preservation of ones personal self, ones family or the defense of another Klansman.

We, the order of the United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, reverently acknowledge the majesty and supremacy of Almighty God and recognize his goodness. We recognize the sacrifice of his only son Jesus Christ who did so that we may live in eternal life. We recognize our relation to the government of the United States of America, the supremacy of their Constitutions and Laws, the union of the states there under, and the Constitutional Laws thereof, we shall obey all laws set forth by this government as drafted in the original Constitution of the United States. We shall be ever devoted to the sublime principles of white supremacy, and to be valiant in the defense of their ideals and institutions. We avow the distinction of the races of mankind as decreed by the almighty creator, and we shall be ever true to the maintenance of the right of people that so desire, to segregate and strenuously oppose any compromise thereof. We appreciate the value of practical fraternal relationship among men of kindred thought, purposeful ideals and of the infinite benefits accruing there from; We shall faithfully devote ourselves to the practice of an honorable Klanishness that the life of each may be a constant blessing to our brothers and sisters, and a great benefit to all white people in this country.

Article 1 Appellation and Government

Section 1. The government of this order shall be military in character, especially in its executive management control; no legislative enactment or Constitutional amendment, here after shall encroach upon the basic fundamental principle of the United Northern and Southern Knights. Section 2. The Government of the order shall be vested primarily in the Imperial Wizard, as Commander-in-Chief, who shall be the supreme within the restrictions of this Constitution and as otherwise provided and whose decisions, decrees, edicts, mandates, rulings and instructions shall be of full authority and unquestionably recognized and respected as such by each and every citizen of the United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Section 3. No Realm, district or Klavern shall adopt any bylaws for their exclusive use. All members and subdivisions of the United Northern and Southern Knights shall be governed by this Constitution and lawful decrees or proclamations of the Imperial Wizard.

Article 2 Objects and Purposes

Section 1. The objects of this order shall be primarily to unite all white persons, native born Gentile citizens of the United States of America, who own no allegiance of any nature or degree to any foreign government, nation, institution, sect, ruler person or people; whose morals are good; whose reputations and vocations are respectable; whose habits are exemplary; who are of sound minds and eighteen years or more of age, under a common oath into a brotherhood of strict regulations; to cultivate and promote patriotism toward our civil government; to practice an honorable clannishness toward each other; to exemplify a practical benevolence; to shield the sanctity of the home and the chastity of womanhood; to maintain forever white supremacy; to teach and faithfully inculcate a high spiritual philosophy through an exalted ritualism, and by a practical devotion to conserver, protect and maintain the distinctive institutions, rights privileges, principles traditions and ideals of a pure Americanism. Section 2. To create and maintain an institution by which the present and succeeding generations shall commemorate the great sacrifice, chivalric service and imperishable achievement of the Ku Klux Klan of the Reconstruction period of American History, to the end that justice and honor be done the sacred memory of those who wrought through our mystic society during that period and that their valiant accomplishments be not lost to posterity; to perpetuate their faithful courage, noble spirit, peerless principles and faultless ideals; to hold sacred and make effective their spiritual purpose in this and future generations; that they be rightly vindicated before they worked by a revelation of the whole truth.

Section 3. This Order is an institution of chivalry, humanity, justice and patriotism; embodying in its genius and principles all that is chivalric in conduct, noble in sentiment, generous in manhood and patriotic in purpose. Its peculiar objects are: First to protect the weak, the innocent, and the defenseless from the indignities, wrongs and outrages of the lawless, the violent and the brutal; to relieve the injured and the oppressed; to succor the suffering and unfortunate, especially widows and orphans. Second, to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, and all laws passed in conformity thereto, and to protect the states and the people thereof from all invasion of their rights from any source whatsoever. Third, to aid an assist in the execution of all constitutional laws, and to preserve the honor and dignity of the State by opposing tyranny, in any and every form or degree, from any and every source whatsoever, by a fearless and faithful administration of justice through due process of law; and to meet promptly and properly every behest of duty without fear and without reproach.

Article 3 Territorial Jurisdictions

Section 1. The Invisible Empire, The phrase Invisible Empire in a material sense denotes the universal geographical jurisdiction of this order and it shall embrace the United States. The phrase Invisible Empire in a spiritual sense applies to all secrets and secret knowledge and information, secret work and workings and things of this order the United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, all that it has been, to all that it now is, and all that is to be in the future. The dead of yesterday, the living of today, and the contemplated of the future. Section 2. In the material sense, the territory division of the United Northern and Southern Knights into subordinate jurisdiction shall be known as a Realm, and the same shall embrace a state or a territorial subdivision of the United States. It shall derive its designation from the state or territory, which it embraces. The convention of the state shall be known as a State Klorero. Section 3. A territory division of a state shall be known as a Province, and shall embrace a county or a number of counties of the Realm, at the discretion of the Grand Dragon. Section 4. A Klavern is a unit if this order, it is the local body of the organization and its territorial jurisdiction shall extend in all directions nearest the Klavern thereto, except as otherwise designated by the Grand Dragon of the Realm. The boundaries of the Klavern shall be extended as far as possible on the formation of the Klavern. A convention or meeting of a Klavern in secret session shall be known as the Klanton

Article 4 Membership
Section 1. The qualifications for membership in this order shall be; an applicant must be a white person, of no Jewish ancestry, a native person born in the United States of America. The applicant must be a non-user of drugs and have attained at least 18 years of age. The applicant must be of sound mind, good character, and free of any homosexual activities or thoughts, they must have a commendable reputation and a respectable vocation, they must be a believer in the tenants of the Christian religion. The applicants allegiance, loyalty and devotion to the United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in all things and duties must be unquestionable. The brotherhood must at all times be first, with the only exclusions to be ones personal family commitments. Section 2. Application for membership requires that each candidate must fill out an official UNSK application issued by the National Office. All questions must be answered to satisfaction and a picture of the applicant not older than one year from time of application submission must accompany the application. All applicants must be met face to face if applicable. All applications must be sent to the National Office for processing. Each application to the UNSK from any realm or province of the Empire must go before the Imperial UNSK applicant committee to make certain the person receives a full background check and meets all criteria for membership. The exact same process is to be carried out for every realm in the Empire. This required procedure is to ensure the safety of our brotherhood and the highest quality of membership possible. Any officer or member of the UNSK that receives an application must forward it to the National Office to obtain this check. An interview via phone is conducted with each applicant. If in an un-established state, providing the applicant meets all requirements he or she may be accepted as a probationary member, with allowance of one year to attend an official UNSK ceremony or swear in. If a ceremony or swear in is not attended within a period of one year from entry into probationary status, the applicant will be taken off probation status and must restart the application process. Grand Dragons or other state officer will be notified of applicants from their territory, in the event an applicant is found unfit, the Imperial UNSK applicant committee shall make known the reason to the Grand Dragon or other state officer. A probationary member must meet face to face with a UNSK member before attending a ceremony to gain full membership status, at this time, they are to have picture ID. Such as a Drivers license or state ID. To make certain they are indeed who they claim to be. The decision of the Imperial UNSK applicant committee shall be final, no appeals allowed once a candidate is denied. The committee may use any means necessary to make certain a candidate meets the qualifications of membership. Section 3. The applicant must pay a Klectokon or Initiation fee of $25.00 this will be collected when the individual is accepted into the order and after the oath of the Klan is taken. Section 4. An Applicants qualifications MUST be known before they are accepted for membership into this order. Great care must be exercised on the part of the Kleagle or a Klavern in ascertaining the applicants qualification under Section 1 and Section 2 of this article. If an applicant proves to be of unfavorable character, the Kleagle or recommending Klansmen will be held accountable for his or her error.

Section 5. If accepted for membership, the candidate will be scheduled for a naturalization ceremony, before the ceremony the Klectocon in the amount of $25.00 shall be collected. The Klectokon will be divided in this manner 20% to the National Office and 80% is to be given to the Grand Dragon or other designated state leader for state expenses. In the event it is a National sponsored ceremony, the full Klectokon will go to the National Office. Section 6. Dues are to be paid monthly. The dues shall be $20.00 per month for a single member and $30.00 for a couple. They are to be paid by the 10th of the month or a $5.00 late fee will be charged per member, per month. For Example: If a member falls behind more that two consecutive months they will be suspended with penalties. If a member is to be reinstated, a $25.00 fee is to be paid as well as the three months past dues. It is the members responsibility to send them to the Northern National Office on time for the states deemed un-established by the constitution. In an established state of 25 members or more, the Grand Dragon is responsible for the collection of dues. $15.00 stays in the state, and $5.00 goes to national for couples who pay $30.00 per month $22.00 remains in the state and $8.00 are forwarded to the National Office. These fees are to be paid to the National Office no later than the 10th of the month AFTER the month they are collected in. For example: January dues are to be paid by February 10th. The Grand Dragon is to file a monthly report on dues collected, and by what members. Failure to do this results in a $50.00 fine for the Realm in violation. Section 7. A member who wishes to join a Klavern or transfer from one Klavern to another must make a written request to the Klavern he wishes to join or transfer to as well as the Grand Dragon of their current Realm. The Klavern so petitioned shall vote on the said applicant after the Klokann or Exalted Cyclops conducts its investigation and reports its findings to the Klavern body, a majority vote and approval of the Grand Dragon will accept or reject an applicant for membership or transfer. Section 8. Dues must be current at both the Klavern and National before transferring. Section 9. All robes must be made by the United Northern and Southern Knights robe division No other robes will be acceptable at the UNSK functions unless otherwise approved by the Imperial Wizard. Section 10. A candidate that misses two consecutive ceremonies without approval from the Imperial Wizard shall be denied membership into the United Northern and Southern Knights for one year. After one year, they may reapply for membership as stated in the above article. Section 11. To be reinstated in the Klavern, members must pay all a reared dues and pay a $25.00 reinstatement fee. If dues are more than four months behind and no effort is made on the members behalf to contact the Grand Dragon or Imperial Wizard, the member will be required to reapply.

Article 5 Kleagle and Giants

Section 1. A Kleagle is an organizer of this order, and shall be appointed only by the Grand Dragon in organized states with approval by the Imperial Wizard and shall be known as a Grand Kleagle. In unorganized states, Kleagles will be appointed by the Imperial Wizard or his delegated authority, shall work only by and under his instruction and will be known as a National Kleagle. The Imperial Wizard shall appoint an Imperial Kleagle he shall assist all National and Grand Kleagles. Section 2. A complete resume shall be given for Kleagles and above. Kleagles must be reviewed by the Imperial Wizard on an annual basis at which time they will be either given and extension of office or their office will be terminated. Termination is at the discretion of the Imperial Wizard and does not necessarily reflect poor performance on the part of the Kleagle. Section 3. Kleagle of whatever rank, grade or station must thoroughly familiarize themselves with the Constitution, laws, principles, objects, history usages and mannerisms of this order, and must be able to demonstrate the same in an intelligent, proficient and legal manner. Section 4. The title of Giant will apply to all qualifing Officers who have served one or more complete terms, honorably, as an officer in the United Northern and Southern Knights. A Klan Giant is one who has served as an Exalted Cyclops or Kleagle. A Grand Giant is one who has served as a Grand Dragon. An Imperial Giant is one who has served as an Imperial Wizard. This title is not conferred to an officer until his successor has been duly installed. (Past officers revert to a robe of new rank or a plain white robe with designated stripe pattern). The title in all cases will be conferred in recognition of the next officer above in rank. This honorary title shall be conferred in recognition of regular and faithful service performed as prescribed by the Constitution and Laws of this order. The Giants shall be used by the officers in term as an advisory board whenever possible. Section 5. Imperial and Grand Giants will be considered lifetime members.

Article 6 Paraphernalia, Emblems, etc.

Section 1. All designs, insignias, flag standards, banners, emblems, all clerical forms or matters to be printed, shall be adopted from or designed under the direction and supervision of the Imperial Wizard or appointed officer. Section 2. All articles, designs and things referred to or implied in section 1 of this Constitution, and all property, real and personal shall ever be and remain the property of the United Northern and Southern Knights and such supplies can only be procured from the Imperial Wizard and this also shall apply to all supplies used by any subordinate jurisdiction. Section 3. If a member has in their possession, any article or property of this order and wishes to discontinue their membership, or is banished from membership or in any other manner. Their connection with this order is severed; such articles or things must be immediately returned or surrendered by them to the Exalted Cyclops, Grand Dragon or the Imperial Wizard. They shall then be given a receipt for the same. This shall not include items purchased by them for their personal use.

Section 4. State Offices and Klaverns shall be allowed to make, and sell souvenir and novelty type articles, with the Klan insignia and markings that are not or do not plan to be offered by the National Office. This shall not include items and paraphernalia listed in section 1 and section 2 of this article. The Imperial Wizard in writing must approve all items before they are sold. The profits from these sales will be treated on the same terms as a donation received. With 20% of profits sent to the National and 80% of the profits remaining in the Realm or Klavern. (K3) Form must accompany the sales to show items sold and amount profited from the sales. Section 5. A Klansman of a Realm or Klavern may sell items purchased by them under the approval of the Grand Dragon, after a Seller Form (K4) is filled out and approved by the Imperial Wizard in writing. All profits from the Klansmens sale are then donated to the United Northern and Southern Knights, to be divided between the National and the State Offices as stated in section 4. (Exception to this will be items sold on the website store, items sold at a National event or sold out of the Klansmens Voice Newsletter, these proceeds will go entirely to the National Office and be used to help establish and fund existing Realms in this order.) Section 6. Klaverns and Realms cannot at anytime be in competition with items offered by the National Office. At the same time, the National Office cannot at anytime sell items registered by the Realm or Klavern and then prohibit them from offering that item. Although the registering and selling of an item by the state or Klavern will not prevent the National Office from selling that same item.

Article 7 Robes and Seals

Section 1. Robe: The official robe of this order shall be a white Cotton robe of tee shot material, made with a cape and belt of the same. It must be of the proper length and measure no more than 6 in. from the floor. The helmet shall be made if the same material as the robe, with an insert of whatever material necessary to give it the proper stiffness, so made that it will be collapsible and when worn be of a cone shape. This shall be known as the Klansmens robe. Robes to be worn by active members of whatever rank and station shall be of such design and made of such material, the use of such colors as prescribed by the Imperial Wizard. Section 1a. Robe Markings Imperial Officers Imperial Wizard Purple Satin, 5 white stripes on sleeves and bottom of robe Imperil Klaliff Burgundy Satin, 4 white stripes on sleeves and bottom of robe Imperial Klazik White Satin, 4 purple strips on sleeves and bottom of robe Imperial Kleagle White Satin, 3 purple stripes on sleeves and bottom of robe Imperial Kludd White Satin, 3 purple stripes on sleeve and bottom of robe Purple Cross on sleeves. Imperial Kligrapp White Satin, 3 purple stripes on sleeve and bottom of robe Imperial Klabee White Satin, 3 purple stripes on sleeves and bottom of robe Imperial Klokan White Satin, 3 purple stripes on the sleeve and bottom of robe Imperial Knight Hawk Black Satin, 3 purple stripes on the sleeve and bottom of robe Imperial Giant White Satin, 5 purple stripes on sleeves, 5 purple stripes on bottom of robe, purple cape and belt

National Officers National Knight Hawk Black Satin, 2 blue stripes on sleeve and bottom of robe National Kleagle White Satin, 2 blue stripes on sleeve and bottom of robe Realm Officers: Grand Grand Grand Grand Grand Grand Grand Grand Grand Grand Dragon Green Satin, 4 green stripes on sleeves, dragon patch back of robe Klaliff White Cotton, 3 green stripes on sleeves, green cape Klokard White Cotton, 2 green stripes on sleeves, green cape Kludd White Cotton, 2 green strips on sleeves, green cape Kligrapp White Cotton, 2 green stripes on sleeves, green cape Klabee White Cotton, 2 green stripes on sleeves, green cape Kleagle White Cotton, 2 green stripes on sleeves, green cape Knight Hawk Black Satin, 2 green stripes on sleeves, green cape Klokan White Cotton, 2 green stripes on sleeves, green cape Kludd White Cotton, 1 green stripe and green cross on sleeves, green cape

Grand Giant White Satin, 4 green stripes on sleeves, green cape and belt. Realm Knight Hawk Serving Grand Knight Hawk Black Cotton, 1 green stripe Klavern officers: Exalted Cyclops White Cotton 3 red stripes on sleeves, red cape Great Klaliff White Cotton, 2 red strips on sleeves, red cape Great Klabee White Cotton, 1 red strips on sleeves, red cape Great Kligrapp White Cotton, 1 red strips on sleeves, red cape Great Kleagle White Cotton, 1 red stripe on sleeves, red cape Great Klokan White Cotton, 1 red stripes on sleeves, red cape Great Kludd White Cotton, 1 red stripe and red cross on sleeves, red cape Great Knights Hawk Black Cotton, 1 red stripe on sleeves, red cape Great Titans White Cotton, 4 Red stripes on sleeves, Red cape, and red belt The markings will normally be sewed on by the robe maker, however in case of a change in rank; you may have your stripes sewed on by a competent seamstress as follows: the stripe shall be sewn on the sleeve one and one half inches from the end of the sleeve. Each additional stripe shall be inches from the last. The ribbons must match the current approved colors and samples are to be obtained from the National Office. Section 1b. All robes must be made by and purchased from the United Northern and Southern Knights robe division only. If a Klansman has a robe from another Klan and would like to wear the robe, it must be inspected by the Imperial Wizard before it is worn to any Klan event. Section 2. Seal: There shall be a seal of this order, which shall be known as the Imperial Seal. It shall bear the words Imperial Seal United Northern & Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan . It shall be such designed as instructed by the Imperial Wizard. Seals to be used by various subordinate jurisdictions shall bear the name United Northern & Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and be such design as the Imperial Wizard may direct. Section 3. Alter: Every Klavern in the United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan will have a dressed alter consisting of a table with an American Flag covering it. The upper left portion of the stars will be folded under allowing enough room to place a chalice of water. The Holy Bible, will be placed in the center of the alter open to the twelfth chapter of Romans (only if all present are Klansmen. Any other chapter if aliens are present.) A sword or large knife will be centered under the Flag and Bible with the handle protruding from the lower portion of the Flag.

Article 8 Revenue and Property Titles

Section 1. The revenues of this order shall consist of: monthly membership donations derived from each member, profits realized from the sales of paraphernalia, regalia, supplies, jewelry, uniforms, costumes, stationary and any other article used in the work of this order. Revenue will also be generated through a variety of fund raising activities and sales not limited to Klan paraphernalia. Section 1a. Revenues will also come from strategic investments in stocks, bonds, CDs, real estate or other forms of capital investments. Section 2 Revenues of a state shall consist of: membership dues, fund raising done at a Realm level. Section 3. The revenues of a Klavern shall be membership dues in excess of those fixed for the National and State offices, as well as from fund raising done within the Klavern itself. A Klavern shall donate the following to the state, 20% of its profits from fund raising activities. The state would then record it and donate 20% of its revenue to the National Office. Klavern dues shall be decided by a majority vote within the Klavern but must be sufficient to cover the state dues. Example: A fundraiser done on a local level realizes a $100.00 profit, they would record it in their books and send $20.00 to the State Office, and the state would then record the $20.00 and send $2.00 to the National Office. This will be clear to those who must fill in the reports. Section 4. No one, including the Imperial Wizard, shall have the authority to increase the set percentage to the National Office of any member or department concerning fund raising, dues and/or donations. The Imperial Wizard can however, increase the percentage of monies specified for National dues by increasing the set percentage with the approval of the Imperial Council. Klavern dues must not exceed $20.00 per month per member. Section 5. National dues are to be paid whether or not members attend Klavern meetings or pay their state dues, If a Grand Dragon fails to submit national dues for one month his Realm is fined $45.00 if he fails to pay for two (2) consecutive month, his office is immediately vacated and the Imperial Wizard shall appoint a new Grand Dragon until elections the following year. The Klavern dues are to be paid to the state whether or not dues have been paid on a local level. It is up the proper officer who has been charged with collecting dues to cover this expenditure. State level this responsibility would fall on the Grand Dragon, local would be the Titan or Exalted Cyclops. Section 5a. Upon approval from the Imperial Wizard, members may be permitted to sell items on consignment, Example: a member purchases flags of a certain variety they think may appeal to potential buyers. He or she purchases the flags for $5.00 then sells the flags with the above said approval from the Imperial Wizard. They sell the Flags for $10.00 per flag. The member would be entitled to a return of $5.00 for each sale to offset the monies they had out of pocket. The remainder would be designated as said in Section 3. At no time is the member to be selling items for their own personal gain; this would be a direct violation of our sacred oath NON SIBLI SED ANTHAR. Section 6. Members of the United Northern and Southern Knights can donate in any manner to the local Klavern, State or National Office, but those who cannot or care not to donate are not to be pressured to do so.

Article 9 States
Section 1. A Realm many be organized within the country or other territorial sub division, and shall hereafter be known as a Realm. Section 2. A state is organized on the declaration of the Imperial Wizard and with such declaration he shall appoint a state contact or if applicable a Grand Dragon of that Realm. The appointed term shall be for one year at which time elections shall take place for the position of Dragon of the Realm. The Dragon will appoint all Grand Officers under the guidance of the Imperial Council. Section 3. The State Klonklave shall be composed of the Grand Dragon, all Grand Officers, the Great Titan from each district in the Realm, and the Exalted Cyclops from each Klavern in good standing by reason of having all State and National dues paid to date. Each to be allowed one vote on issues that are being voted on. Klaverns shall be entitled to one additional vote for each additional Klansmen after the first 25. No votes may be delegated to another Klavern. All members in good standing may attend the Klonvocation, but only above stated may be present during the discussion and vote. Section 4. The officer of a Realm shall be a Grand Dragon, who in the absence of the Imperial Wizard shall preside over the State Klonvocation. His term when elected shall be for one year (if appointed see section 2) He shall govern his Realm in a manner consistent with this Constitution. (1) Grand Klaliff he will be the second highest officer in the Realm and acting Dragon upon the absence of the Grand Dragon. (2) Grand Kludd (3) Grand Klabee (4) Grand Klokan (5) Grand Klabee (6) Grand Knight Hawk (The Grand Knight Hawk may have an addition of 3 assistant Knight Hawks they will assist him in security detail and report to him. He will choose the three Realm Knight Hawks upon request of the Grand Dragon and each Realm Knight Hawk must have the approval of the grand council and an unquestionable loyalty to the Grand Dragon of the Realm) Section 5. The Grand Dragon and Titans of each Realm shall be required to meet at least twice a year at a place designated by the Grand Dragon. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the business of Klaverns in the Realm. Section 6. A Grand Dragon shall have the full power and authority to remove officers from office at any time within the bounds of his Realm on the grounds of incompetence, disloyalty, neglect of duty or conduct that is unbecoming of a Klansman. Any officer removed shall have the right to appeal his removal to the appropriate Tribunal as outlined in Article 14 of this Constitution. Such appeal must be made in letterform with a postmark no later than 10 days after his or her removal. Section 7. The Grand Dragon is the chief executive officer of his Realm and will conduct business only within the bounds of this Constitution and never outside the law. His authority is limited to the boundaries determined at the time his Realm was formed. He may never attempt to exercise his authority outside the borders of his Realm except when acting on direct order from the Imperial Wizard. Section 8. The Grand Dragon is a member of the Imperial Board. It is the duty of the Dragon to keep the Imperial Wizard informed at all times of all activity in his Realm.

Article 10 Districts
Section 1. The Grand Dragon with approval of the Imperial Wizard shall form new districts as growth when the Klan warrants. Section 2. The officers of a district shall hereafter be: a Great Titan, a Great Klaliff, and a Great Kligrapp. Section 3. The Great Titan of a District shall be appointed by the Grand Dragon of an organized Realm with approval of the Imperial Wizard. A great Titans term shall be for four years. His position shall always be by appointment. Section 4. The Great Titan is the senior officer in a Province under direct orders and accountability to the Grand Dragon of the Realm. In the absence of a Dragon, he shall be accountable to the Imperial Wizard. Section 5. The Great Titan shall be in charge of a congressional Province of the Realm as designated by the Grand Dragon or Imperial Wizard in the absence of a Grand Dragon. The Great Titan shall be responsible for the conduct of the Klaverns in his district, reports being filed, coordinating Klavern activities, coordinating the proclamations, directives of the Imperial Wizard and of the Grand Dragon and maintaining peace and harmony amongst the Klaverns in his Province. The Great Titan shall be advised in advance of all Klavern meetings in his Province and all Klan activities; attending any meeting at his discretion, but the Titan may not interfere with legal actions of the Klavern meeting he is attending. Section 6. Great Officers may be removed from office or reprimanded only by the Imperial Wizard, the Grand Dragon or by three-fourths vote of the Imperial Counsel when duly petitioned by any member in good standing.

Article 11 Klavern
Section 1. The Grand Dragon with approval from the Imperial Wizard shall designate the location of new Klaverns to be instituted. Section 2. An application for membership for Klaverns shall be submitted to the National Office, unless otherwise instructed by the Imperial Wizard. Section 3. An applicant who has been rejected for membership cannot apply again until the expiration of twelve months from the date of rejection. Section 5. The officers of a Klavern shall be as follows; (1) Exalted Cyclops (2) Klaliff (3) Kludd, (4) Klabee, (5) Knight Hawk (6) and three Klokan. Section 6. The term of officers in a Klavern shall be for the period of twelve months. Elections shall take place in the month of January. Section 6. Any Klavern Officer that misses two consecutive Klavern meetings without providential excuse by the Titan or the Grand Dragon shall be immediately removed from office and a successor elected by the Klavern.

Section 7. When a Klavern fails to submit the assigned reports at the designated times they will be fined $20.00, upon missing two consecutive months their offices will be immediately vacated, its members denied visiting privileges to other Klaverns and the Imperial Wizard shall have authority to appoint officers to head this Klavern until elections of the following year. Section 8. Immediately upon the election of officers, the Kligrapp shall transmit the names of the officer-elect to the Great Titan of the Province, the Grand Dragon of the Realm and the Imperial Wizard of the Empire. Section 9. Klavern Dues shall be paid one month ahead, new members shall begin paying dues the month after they are naturalized. A member failing to pay their dues for three months will be suspended from the Empire. In order to be reinstated in the Klavern he must reapply as per Article 4, section 11. Section 10. A Klavern shall meet in Kloncave at least once per month. Twenty percent or a minimum of six members constitutes a quorum for the transaction of any business at a Klonklave. Section 11. A special Klonklave may be held at anytime deemed necessary by the Exalted Cyclops or when it is requested by twenty-five percent of the membership in good standing. Section 12. In the event that a Klavern is disbanded for any cause whatsoever, all monies of that Klavern in the possession of any officer or member thereof shall become actual monies of the treasury of this order and the same must be freely and promptly turned over, on demand, to the properly accredited officer who is authorized by the Imperial Wizard to receive the same in the name of this order. Also books, papers, manuscripts, records, seals, Klan paraphernalia, regalia, or any other assets that was lent to the officer or members of the Klavern. This shall include real estate, leaseholds, and other interests in real estate, any and all things used but not purchased by the individual Klavern. Section 13. A member of this order shall not use the robe or any part of the same outside the Klavern without permission of the Grand Dragon or the Exalted Cyclops. If this rule is broken, the offending member(s) may be banished from this order without review. Section 14. No Klavern or member shall use the name of this order or any part thereof for any purpose that contravenes in any manner the laws of government, be they local, state or federal laws. No member shall use the name or any part thereof that will reflect or probably reflect negatively upon the reputation, and good name, or compromise, or injure this order the United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan or any member in anyway. Section 15. At any time a new Exalted Cyclops or Klabee assumes office for any reason, the Klokann committee shall conduct a complete audit of the books and report its findings to the Imperial Wizard or entrusted officer. In the Absence of a Klokann committee, the above said shall be done by the Grand Dragon of the Realm.

Article 12 Duties of Klavern Officers

Section 1. Exalted Cyclops is the supreme officer of the Klavern and its official head. He shall preside over the Klavern and govern the same with dignity, devotion and impartiality. Setting an example for each member, he shall call the Klonklave to order promptly on the hour designated. If there be a quorum present, and see his officers fill their respective offices in an acceptable manner. He shall diligently safeguard the security and dignity of his Klavern. He shall do such things as may be required of him by the Great Titan, the Grand Dragon or the Imperial Wizard. Section 2. Klaliff The Klaliff shall preside over the Kloncave in the absence of the Exalted Cyclops. He shall preserve the order during deliberation of Klan business, and otherwise assist the Exalted Cyclops in Klonklave assembled and perform any duties required of him by the Exalted Cyclops. Section 3. Kludd The Kludd of the Klavern shall perform the duties particular to his sacred office and such duties as required of him by the Exalted Cyclops. Section 4. Klabee The Klabee shall be the custodian of the Klaverns funds and shall receive all members monies due to the Klavern. He must keep all financial records accurate and up to date for the Exalted Cyclops. Section 5. Kligrapp The Kligrapp is the secretary of the Klavern he or she shall keep accurate and complete records of Klavern affairs including membership. He or she will also be charged with aiding the Exalted Cyclops with any and all duties of secretarial nature. Section 6. Knight Hawk The Knight Hawks chief responsibility is security and safety for the Klavern. He shall keep diligent and faithful watch over the Klavern and allow no one to pass him from the outside except those qualified and have the permission of the Exalted Cyclops. He shall at no time leave his post unless summoned there by the Exalted Cyclops, and even then, a substitute must be placed in his stand until his return. He shall perform all other duties requested of him by the Exalted Cyclops. Section 7. Province, Realms, and National Officers: Duties are the same as local but performed at their prospective levels.

Article 13 Discipline
Section 1. Any member regardless of rank within the organization may be penalized for committing one or more of the following offenses: A) Violations of the provisions of this Constitution. B) Obtaining membership to the United Northern and Southern Knights of the KKK through fraudulent means or by misrepresentation. C) Advocating or attempting to bring about the withdrawal from the United Northern and Southern Knights of the KKK, any member, Klavern or group of members. D) Publishing or circulating false reports or misrepresentations. E) Working in the interest of or accepting membership in any organization similar to the United Northern and Southern Knights of the KKK F) Slandering or willfully wronging a brother or sister of the United Northern and Southern Knights of the KKK. G) Using abusive language or otherwise disturbing the peace and harmony around any meeting of the United Northern and Southern Knights. H) Fraudulently receiving monies due to the organization or misappropriating monies of the organization. I) Deliberately interfering with, or disrespecting any official of a higher rank in the United Northern and Southern Knights. K) Consuming alcohol immediately before or during a Klavern meeting or the use of any illegal drugs anytime. 12. Any behavior that is viewed to be un-Klanish or un-Christian may be brought before the Imperial Council for review, at which time the Council will determine if a Tribunal is needed to resolve the matter. Section 2. Any member convicted of any one or more of the above offenses may be reprimanded, suspended, banished, or other. Section 3. If any Klavern officer is convicted of any one or more of the above named offenses such person may be penalized as described above, and immediately removed from office.

Article 14 Trials of Members and Officers

Section 1. The Imperial Wizard with council from the Imperial Board shall have full authority to banish any member or officer from the United Northern and Southern Knights of the KKK, in the event that a member or officer is banished, the banishment shall be final with no rights for an appeal. Section 2. The Imperial Wizard may reprimand or discipline any member at anytime without the use of a Tribunal or trial. Section 3. Any charges against a member or officer of the Klavern must be made in writing, signed by the member making the charges, and must be submitted to the Klokan or in the event of Klokan being absent to the designated officer. Section 4. The Klokan or designated officer of the Klavern shall send a copy of the charges by registered mail to the accused member at his last known address within seven (7) days of the charges that were submitted to the Klavern. Together with written notice to the accused member and the member preferring the charges of the time and place of the hearing before the Tribunal, and said members shall appear before the Tribunal on the said charges. Section 5. The Tribunal shall be held no sooner than two (2) weeks and no later than eight (8) weeks from the date of the mailing notice of the charges to the accused member. Section 6. A separate Tribunal shall be formed for each individual trial, and shall be given the responsibility of conducting such trial. Neither the accuser nor the accused shall be eligible for membership on the Tribunal. Section 7. The Tribunal shall be selected as follows: the Klokan or designated officer shall choose three members to serve on the Tribunal. The accused shall choose one member and the accuser shall choose one member. This Tribunal is final and will hear the trial. Section 8. The Imperial Wizard, the Grand Dragon, and the Exalted Cyclops or other designated officer shall serve as the judge. Their task will be to ensure that the trial is conducted in an orderly manner and shall ensure the full presentation of all the facts; they will not sit on the Tribunal. In the event, the accused fails to appear at the trial and place provided in the notice served upon him, the trial shall proceed with the same force and effect as if he were present. The Tribunal will take into account the failure to appear by the accused when handing down their verdict. Section 9. The Tribunal shall record minutes of its meetings and proceeding. These minutes along with any documents submitted, shall constitute the official record of the Tribunal. Section 10. A member placed on trial shall be permitted representation by a representative of his own choice, with the exclusion of Grand and Imperial Officers. The representation must be a member of the United Northern and Southern Knights, and shall be required to abide by the trail procedure as established by the Tribunal and as provided in this Constitution.

Section 11. The Tribunal, upon completion of the hearing of the evidence and argument shall go into closed session to determine the verdict and penalty. The Tribunal shall prepare a report in writing stating the facts briefly as it found them, and its conclusion and recommendations. A majority vote of the members shall be required to find the accused guilty, the meeting must end with a verdict within the said meeting or a miss trial will occur. Section 12. In the case the accused is found guilty, the Tribunal shall recommend the accused be reprimanded, punished, fined a dollar amount, suspended or removed from office of the Klavern or Realm, suspended or expelled from membership in the United Northern and Southern Knights of the KKK. Section 13. The Tribunal shall submit the written report to the State and National Offices. Section 14. The Tribunals recommendation shall be put into effect immediately. Section 15. The accuser or accused may appeal the decision of the Tribunal to the Imperial Board, if he files the notice of appeal in writing to the Imperial Council within 14 days after the verdict is handed down. Section 16. The Imperial Council at its discretion may convene a special meeting by telephone conference or in person to consider an appeal of a member. The board may ratify, reject, or modify the verdict and or penalty imposed by the Tribunal. The Imperial council may also order a re-trial with an Imperial observer acting independently from the Klavern. Section 17. It shall be the right of every member to exhaust all their appeals provided under this Constitution without harassment.

Article 15 Imperial Council

Section 1. The National Council shall be the sole legislative body of this order; therefore, it shall have the original jurisdiction in all matters pertaining to creating and amending this Constitution and Laws, the regulation, the government and the general welfare of this order. It shall have power to enact laws, the regulation of its own procedure, for the government of the United Northern and Southern Knights of the KKK, states, Klaverns and for the general control and management for the business of this order, and to provide penalties, duties and responsibilities thereof. It shall have the power to prescribe the rights, privileges, duties and responsibly of the states, districts, and Klaverns and all officers and members of this order. The national council shall meet at a minimum of twice a year and more often if deemed necessary by the Imperial Wizard or if three-quarters of the Imperial Council members request a meeting. The date and time of the meeting is to be fixed by the Imperial Wizard. Section 2. The Imperial Council shall be made up of the Imperial Wizard, all Imperial Officers, and the Grand Dragons from each Realm. Section 3. Each officer shall have one vote

Article 16 National Convention Meeting

Section 1. The National Convention shall be a gathering of all leaders of the United Northern and Southern Knights. The National Convention is a time when all leaders come together and voice ideas and concerns to the Imperial Council. Section 2. The National Convention shall be held once a year or when the Imperial Council deems necessary. Or as when more than half of the leaders of local office request. Requests must be made in writing and are to be sent to the National Office. Section 3. The National Convention shall be comprised of all Imperial Officers, the Grand Dragons and all Grand Officers from each organized state, the Great Titan from each Province, the Exalted Cyclops of each Klavern that are in good standing by reason of having paid all Imperial and State dues, and National Kleagles. Unorganized states shall be represented by their state contact or officer in charge. Section 4. Each officer shall be given due time to state their business or ideas that they have to offer. At which time it will be addressed, pros, and cons noted. The Grand Dragon in an organized state shall have consult with his Grand Officers before the convention and act as a spokesman for the Grand Office. Titans and Exalted Cyclops shall have their due time to speak for their Provinces and Klaverns. Speaking time will not be limited for Imperial officers. Time will be limited to 20 minutes for Dragons and 15 minutes for Titans, National Kleagles, and 10 minutes for Exalted Cyclops. The officers may ask for a stay in time when the members have begun a topic that needs further discussion. If granted by the Imperial Wizard, the perspective officer will have an additional 15 minutes of time to continue discussion. Section 5. Any Klansman in good standing may attend the convention as a spectator. Spectators however will have no speaking time and no right to voice their options on the proceedings taking place on the floor of the convention. Section 6. The Imperial Wizard shall be the presiding officer over the National Convention.

Article 17 Imperial Officers

Section 1. Here after are the Imperil Officers of this order, and their official titles Titles: Imperial Imperial Imperial Imperial Imperial Imperial Imperial Imperial Imperial Imperial Imperial Imperial Imperial Wizard Chief Officer of the Empire Klaliff Vice President Klazik Second Vice-President Kleagle National Organizer Kligrapp National Secretary Klabee National Treasurer Kludd Imperial Chaplain and Spiritual Advisor Klexter Outer Guard at all Imperial meetings Klarogo Inner Guard at all Imperial meetings Klokan National Investigators Knight Hawk Chief of National Security Knight Hawk Assistants National Security Board of All Grand Dragons

Section 2. The Emperor is the First or Founding Imperial Wizard of the United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan; his term shall be for 6 years. He shall always retain the title of Imperial Emperor after his term in office is completed and a new Imperial Wizard is elected. He shall always retain voting rights on the Imperial Council until death. He will be considered a life member and serve as an adviser to all Imperial Wizards to come. He may aide the Imperial Wizard in any way requested by the Imperial Wizard in office. Section 3. The Imperial Wizard is the Supreme Chief of this order. The Imperial Board shall elect him. To elect, the Imperial Board shall meet in executive session. Each man in running for Imperial Wizard shall have 20 minutes of question and answer time from the Imperial Board of Dragons. After the 20 minutes, he will remain seated until all candidates for wizard have finished their turn. Upon completion of the question and answer the Imperial Board and the Imperial Kligrapp shall retire to a separate room where a vote will be taken, each Dragon is allowed one vote. In the event that there is no result, all names except the two men receiving the highest number of votes will be dropped. No motions except a motion to recess shall be entertained during the said election. Any Grand Dragon in good standing who has held office for not less than four (4) years shall be eligible to run for Imperial Wizard. While the Imperial Board is in session for the purpose if electing an Imperial Wizard, they are prohibited from communication of any nature whatsoever with anyone outside of their meeting, from the time they have been called to meeting until the time that they have elected an Imperial Wizard. Section 3a. In the event that there is only one Dragon eligible to run for Imperial Wizard, the current Imperial Wizard would remain in power until there are at least two qualified Dragons for an election to be held. Section 4. The Imperial Wizard shall hold office for a period of four years. A special Klonklave and a three-fourths vote calling for his removal by the Imperial Board may remove him from duty, for just cause.

Article 18 Duties, Prerogatives and Powers of the Imperial Wizard

Section 1. Being the Chief Executive Officer of this order, the Imperial Wizard shall have and hold supreme and unquestioned authority and power within this Constitution in all administrative matters, and to act in any and all matters not prescribed in the Constitution, when in his judgment the best interest of this order warrants. He may delegate such authority to his subordinate executive and administrative officers as he deems necessary, but the authority of this order shall ever be center, vested in him, and shall not be divided. Section 2. He shall have authority to specify the duties of all officers regardless of rank or station, of whatever department, bureau, or division, other than those duties in this Constitution, and shall require such duties to be properly performed on penalty of his removal from office. Section 3. He shall open Realms and Klaverns, specify conditions on which Realms or Klaverns shall be opened, and have full authority to open and close Realms or Klaverns at his discretion or upon request of the Realm or Klavern. He shall have full and unchallengeable authority and power to suspend, or close a Realm or Klavern for cause. Section 4. He shall have supreme supervision over all departments in this order. Section 5. He shall have full authority to issue decrees, edicts, mandate rulings, summons, and instructions covering any matter not specifically set forth in this Constitution, or emphasizing any matter of this Constitution. Section 6. He shall request an Imperial Council meeting or National Convention, as he deems wise for the best interest of this order in its government, regulation and promulgation. Section 7. He shall have the full authority and power to remove from office at anytime any officer or member of this order, of any rank or station or capacity, or any employee or contractor whomsoever on the ground of incompetence, disloyalty, neglect or duty, or for unbecoming conduct as he see fit. Section 8. He shall have full authority and power to appoint all Imperial Officers and Grand Dragons, to fill vacancies caused by death, resignation, or any other reasons. Section 9. Whenever a question of paramount importance to the interest and well being of this order arise, not provided for in this Constitution, he shall have full power and authority to determine such question, and his decision shall be final. Section 10. The minimum age for the Imperial Wizard shall be 35 years of age.

Article 19 Duties of Imperial Officers

Section 1. Imperial Klaliff: Is the second highest officer of this order, he shall be the VicePresident of the National Convention and perform such duties as may be required of him by the Imperial Wizard. Section 2. Imperial Klazik: is the third highest officer in this order, he shall perform such duties as may be requested of him by the Imperial Wizard or the Imperial Klaliff. Section 3. Imperial Kligrapp: They are the supreme secretaries and recording officers of this order. They shall be the custodians of the Imperial Records. They shall perform such duties as applicable as listed in Article 12 section 5 Section 4. Imperial Klabee: is the supreme treasurer of the order, they are responsible for the book keeping and financial reports for the Imperial Office. Section 5. Imperial Klokan: They are the auditors and supreme investigators of the order. Section 6a. The Imperial Knight Hawk: is the personal security of the Imperial Wizard. The Imperial Knight Hawk along with the National Knight Hawks make up the Imperial Wizards Security team, they will diligently protect him from all real or assumed threats to his wellbeing. Section 6b. Imperial Knight Hawk: Chief of the fiery cross, it will be his duty to set up any cross lighting in the appropriate way and to make sure strict guidelines are followed. He will arrive to any location designated for a lighting to set up the event well before others arrive, he will take care of any security arrangements to safeguard our members. He will also make certain the proper safety procedures are in place to prevent accidents or account for them if such an accident should occur. He will ready the cross for the ceremony. He is also in charge of National Security of the order, and the safety and well being of all members. Section 6c. The Imperial Knight Hawks jurisdiction is unlimited in the Empire; he will have full and unquestioned authority over any and all State and local Knight Hawks. Section 7: National Knight Hawks: are appointed by the Imperial Knight Hawk under the approval of the Imperial Wizard to assist him in anyway needed. They will not have an authoritative position and will answer to only the Imperial Wizard or the Imperial Knight Hawk. Section 8. Imperial Kleagle: shall work as a National Organizer and Recruiter, and any other duty given to him by the Imperial Wizard. Section 9. Imperial Kludd: The Imperial Chaplin or spiritual adviser, the Kludd will not promote a specific denomination of Christianity but will act as an overall spiritual councilor. Section 10. Imperial Klarogo: Is the Inner guard at all Imperial Kloncillium and Imperial Klonvocation meetings, and shall perform such other duties as may be required by the Imperial Wizard. Section 11. Imperial Klexter: Is the Outer Guard at all Imperial Kloncillium and Imperial Klonvocation meetings, and shall perform such other duties as may be required by the Imperial Wizard.

Article 20 Requirements For Kleagle

Section 1. A Kleagle must be well versed in the workings of this order. Section 2. The Office of Kleagle in any rank local, state, or national will be for a period of one year. A Kleagle must be reviewed once a year by the Imperial Wizard. At that time his commission will be renewed or ended depending on the needs of the order. Section 4. The Imperial Wizard upon request of the Grand Dragon shall issue all commissions. The Imperial Wizard shall commission any additional Kleagle deemed necessary.

Article 21 Duties of a Kleagle

Section 1. The duties of a Kleagle are to spread the message of the United Northern and Southern Knights, to gain men and woman of worthy character to advance the organization. Section 2. A Kleagle can be a Local, State or National Kleagle, this position is a nonauthoritative position meaning they do not have authority within the organization over any aspect of Klan business. Their goals are to advance the organization through membership and means. Such as gaining of members, securing assets in the way of donations, property to be used by the organization, materials and other means that may be used by the order. Section 3. Local Kleagles shall have a local district they are responsible for recruiting and organizing as directed by the Imperial Wizard or the Grand Dragon. Realm or State Kleagle shall be responsible to recruit and organize within an established Realm, they are to report to the Grand Dragon and aide him in any way possible to build membership, assets and spread the message of the Klan. Section 4. A National Kleagle may recruit in any Realm, Territory, or Province. His primary focus is to gain new members in un-established Realms. He will aide new applicants in obtaining applications, answering questions. He reports only to the Imperial Wizard. Section 5. Once a Kleagle receives an application it must be forwarded to the National Office for processing and then the Kleagle moves on to the next perspective candidate. The Kleagle will actively seek out areas for targeting by other recruitment means, fliers, rallies, etc. Their attention must always be focused outside the organization, as they are the first line in recruitment for this order. Section 6. The Kleagle will be commissioned by the Imperial Wizard only, if a Grand Dragon requests the assistance of a Kleagle the Imperial Wizard shall appoint as needed. Section 7. Kleagle may be asked to perform any other duty not listed in the above article by the Imperial Wizard.

Article 22 Imperial Mandate

Section 1. Attendance at all group functions including rallies, Klonklaves, ceremonies, etc. ONLY Imperial Officers, Knighthawks, and Grand Dragons are allowed to Carry Concealed Firearms. They may appoint a temporary position if additional security is necessary.

As with any living organization this Constitution will be the guiding force of our great order; the United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, this Constitution will be updated, as the growth of our sacred order deems necessary and will change as the winds of time see fit. Only through constant progression and a prudent hand can we guide our great race to victory. May the Almighty Father in his infinite wisdom guide our path as we seek to protect and preserve Our Race and Our Nation!

Emperor Phil Lawson