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Hi guys. My name is fatih bulut. Im just a language learner who will probably be a teacher. Now, Im going to inform you about deforestation. Ill start by telling you a bit about what deforestation is. And then Im going to move on causes of deforestation and well see some reasons for deforestation. Finally, were going to look some effects of deforestation. Lets begin

WHAT IS DEFORESTATION. -Deforestation is clearing Earth's forests on a massive scale, often resulting in damage to the quality of the land. Lets learn why it is done. - CAUSES OF DEFORESTATION 1- logging operations provide the worlds paper and wood products. It affects the environment in several ways. We can take a look at this point in two crucial aspects. 1) Loggers exploit trees to make a profit making a wide range of products. besides, Because trucks and large equipment need to get into the forest, loggers must clear large areas for roadways so as to access trees. 2) Supply and demand equilibrium. That is, people always rely on and prefer wooden products so loggers are encouraged. Clearly, people contribute to logging being unaware to what extent they contribute to logging. As a result, logging turns into a no end of issue.-------

2- one of the biggest drivers of deforestation is agriculture. Farmers clear the land for crops or for cattle using slash and burn techniques, cutting down trees and burning them. Unfortunately, they use forest area until it becomes too degraded. Then they move on and clear a new patch of forest. The abandoned land, if left untouched, will eventually reforest, but it takes many many years to return to its original state. This two drivers were directly associated with money, but for money, wouldnt there be a deforestation?. Lets move on urban sprawl.

3- urban sprawl, rapid population growth results in the conversion of forest areas to non forest lands. Thay is to say, people need new places to live. For this reason, they destroy forest area and provide them with accommodation.

EFFECTS 1. climate change;

global warming is being caused largely due to emissions of greenhouse gases like corbondioxide into atmosphere. trees absorb these gases like carbondioxide so fewer forests mean larger amount of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere. Therefore, climate change is inevitable. 2. Soil erosion

Removing trees deprives forest land of protection from the sun. Thus, the land quickly dry out. And also, without plant roots to hold the soil in place, soil particles are easily eroded away by water when it rains 3. 70% of earths land animals and plants live in forests and many can not survive the deforestation destroying their homes. This impact is very heartbreaking. They not only lose their habitat and protective cover, they are also pushed to extinction.