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2381 June 4, 2012 DISTRICT ATTORNEY DAVID SOARES KICKS OFF RE-ELECTION CAMPAIGN IN ACADEMY PARK ALBANY, N.Y. (June 4, 2012) --- Albany County District Attorney David Soares today formally announced his intention to seek a third term to serve as District Attorney. Soares’ announcement took place with hundreds of community supporters, friends and family at historic Academy Park in downtown Albany, which is where he first announced his intention to run for District Attorney in June of 2004. “We have made much progress in our effort to build hope and fight crime here in Albany County,” Soares said. “But we have so much more work to do and I will do that when I am reelected in November.” “I will continue to work as hard as I can to ensure that each and every crime victim has a voice in our criminal justice system, that those who commit crime are brought to justice. We will continue to continue our work to show young people that turning to crime is not the answer. I believe that fairness and equity are cornerstones of our criminal justice system, and that my approach of “One Standard of Justice” has transformed the lives of the people of Albany County. The District Attorney accomplishments over the past four years include: including instituting a zero tolerance policy for those charged with alcohol-related driving offenses and maximizing county resources by investing in technology and significantly improving the handling of evidence. “It s important to that we rovide the services to county residents as efficiently as possible,” Soares said. “Te county’s fiscal condition requirs that we operate the District Attorney’s office like a business.” Since he took office in 2005, the District Attorney’s office has : ■ Instituted the ENOUGH program, which has taken hundreds criminals and illegal guns off the streets of Albany County. Cracked down on drunk driving by expanding the prosecution of alcohol-related offenses, while providing greater access to treatment for DWI offenders. Albany County has led the way in working with local bars and restaurants to enhance our education and enforcement capabilities. The county has drastically improved its record on enforcement and prosecution of DWI New York State. Created a Financial Crimes Bureau to combat fraud, while obtaining millions of dollars in restitution for crime victims, businesses, and local governments. The bureau also investigates cases relating to caregiver theft, credit card fraud and cases where workers were not paid the wages they earned.

Developed the “Making Crime Pay” program, which uses monies confiscated from criminals to good use by purchasing needed equipment for local police departments and neighborhood associations. Boosted the county’s crime prevention and advocacy efforts on behalf of domestic violence victims, senior citizens and victims of violent crime. Aggressively pursued criminals who use the Internet to endanger children, engage in fraud or commit identity theft. Enhanced prosecution of those who abuse animals, which can lead to more serious criminal behavior. Established a Public Integrity Unit, which is responsible for prosecuting state and local officials who misuse public office for their own gain.

One of the highlights of the District’s Attorney’s tenure is his creation of the ENOUGH program. This innovative approach to fighting crime and building hope is focused on fostering relationships in the community and providing young people the opportunity to participate in engaging community activities. With the help of Pastor Charlie Muller, the District Attorney has instilled a sense of community pride and ownership that has surpassed expectations. Programs in the ENOUGH program include a gun buyback program, which has taken more than 450 guns off the streets, seasonal activities and the purchase and restoration of two trolliess, which are used to provide safe transportation to programs and activities. The District Attorney has created an special outreach program and has allocated staff to provide assistance to elderly crime victims. Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (SALT) is designed to encourage the reporting of crimes perpetrated against seniors. Once notified, a prosecutor and investigator and victim advocate travel to the home of the senior. SALT provides a safe way for seniors to report crimes without fear of retaliation or harassment. This program has been highly successful in enabling seniors overcome their fear of reporting crimes. The District Attorney’s office has also worked to develop innovative ways to punish first-time non-violent offenders who commit quality of life crimes. The Community Accountability Board provides a way for these offenders to work with the board to ensure that the offender participates in community service and to minimize the risk of recidivism. This differs from the typical court proceeding where the fate of the defendant is negotiated by a prosecutor, the public defender and the judge.

The following have endorsed David Soares:

“I am pleased to endorse Daivd Soares in his bid for re-election as Albany County District Attorney, said Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy. “We have many fiscal challenges ahead and I welcome the opportunity to work with David to serve the best interests of the people of Albany County. Assemblyman Jack McEneny: “David Soares has proven that his groundbreaking win in 2004 was not a fluke, Assemblyman McEneny said. “I supported him then and I am supporting him today. Over time he has validated my support and that of all the people who believed in him. I am especially pleased to see how his approach to the office and his desire to make a difference every day. He is one of the rare public officials who wants to make an impact on people. And we need more of that these days.” "Eight years ago, when we stood here at Academy Park to announce David Soares' campaign for Albany County District Attorney, no one believed we could elect a DA who supported drug law reform and a common sense approach to criminal justice," said Karen Scharff, co-chair of the Working Families Party. "WFP and Citizen Action helped elect David because we knew Albany County needed a change, and David Soares won election because Albany County voters agreed that it was time for a DA who would make our communities safer through prevention as well as prosecution. WFP and Citizen Action look forward to helping re-elect David Soares to spend the next four years continuing to transform Albany County's criminal justice system to make our communities safer and our criminal justice system more just." Said Yvette Alonzo, co-chair of the Working Families Party: "Eight years ago, the Working Families Party endorsed and supported a community prosecutor who believed the Rockefeller drug laws needed reform and aimed to redefine for the better the relationship between prosecutors and neighborhoods. Today, David Soares has been a champion for the middle class and has been a leading advocate for making our streets safer through initiating community programming. WFP is proud to support David." “District Attorney Soares has done extraordinary work on behalf of the men and women of organized labor,” said Teamsters Local 294 President John Bulgaro. “His strong record of fighting fraud that hurts union workers and protecting members who are victims of violent crime is unsurpassed. The District Attorney has consistently backed organized labor by standing up for our rights in the work place. He’s been a dedicated, independent fighter on behalf of Albany’s working families. We are pleased to endorse the District Attorney as he seeks a third term.” Richard Jacobson, chairman, Colonie Democratic Committee: "Following the lead of the full Albany County Democratic Committee, I would like to endorse P. David Soares for re-election as Albany County District Attorney. This town remains one of the safest in the nation; this is due to our top-notch police department and its working relationship with the Albany County district attorney." David Bosworth, Chairman of the Guilderland Democratic Committee said: “Our committee supports David Saores because of his success in meeting the needs of at-risk youth has been very successful. By implementing programs such as the School First Task Force and the Anti-Bullying Initiative, the District Attorney has been a leader in protecting young people in Albany County. David also realizes the value of utilizing Drug Court in helping to keep families together while giving drug offenders the opportunity to turn their lives around.” "NYSNA proudly endorses David Soares for Albany County District Attorney," said Julie Pinkham, interim Executive Director of the 37,000-member New York State Nurses Association. "David is the first District Attorney we have ever endorsed. His strong prosecution and conviction of an offender who assaulted a nurse sent a strong message to the nursing community. We support district attorneys who enforce the law and defend New York's caregivers. Thank you, David Soares."

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