Quattrocchi Andrea Curriculum Vitae/Resume


Last Name Name Sex Nationality Place of Birth Date of Birth Residence Address Telephone Cel Phone E-mail

Quattrocchi Andrea (the masculin for Andrew in Italy) M Italia Velletri 12 Luglio 1983 Velletri (Rm) Viale Aldo Moro 15 +39.06 963 63 16 +39.349 36 64 381 andquattrocchi@gmail.com


Date Title Obtained Institute Final Grade

2002 Graduation from a scientific highschool Liceo scientifico “A. Landi” Velletri 92/100

Date Title Obtained University Final Grade Thesis

28 Aprile 2010 Degree in Mechanical Engineering University of Rome “La Sapienza” 99/110 RSA “Regenerative Electromagnetic Shock Absorbers”: Study, modelling and application on vehicles

Curriculum Vitae/RESUME

Machine construction . Machine designing . Industrial plant safety . Computer science . Industrial plants . Axix VM.Thesis professorship Exams and knowledge acquired during university Machine applicated mechanics Rational Mechanics . ETC . Mechanical technology . Computer designing. Automatic control systems . Metallurgy . Physics . Machines . Chemistry . Office Learning Pro-Engineer Project Gandtt ( software for Grandtt diagram ) Curriculum Vitae/RESUME . Technical Physics . EXPERTIES AND CAPABILITIES Mothertongue Other Languages Personal Judgement Italian English (US) Spoken (Good) Written (Excellent) Reading (Excellent) Computer knowledge            Excellent in using a computer Excellent knowledge of Browsers Good knowledge of major operating systems C Programming knowledge Matlab Programming knowledge Analysis and Risk software knowledge and document drafting of the Work site Safety Knowledge of software for Company Management Safety Excellent knowledge of computer procedures Buisiness Quality Control Knowledge of softwares as : Matlab . Fluid dynamics . Solidedge. Mechanics applied on machines . electrical engineering . Mechanics of solids .

Social Skills The Undersigned declares to be very capable in relating and adapting to new job experiences and groups of people. Knows how to relate with people of different cultures and nationalites thanks to long stays and abroad experiences Voluntary work Projects Carried Out  Market analysis : experience started during the development of a project and market analysis carried out at I.M based in Cisterna di Latina ( Certified ) Presence and certification of the following projects :       Gpl ( LPG ) market analysis ( market analysis and planning ) Work site safety ( executive project ) Analysis of work site safety and use of the appropriate program CeRtus at “ Studio tecnico Iadrola” . Velletri Plan on Quality Control and Quality Assurance ( executive plan ) Documents of Risk evaluation OHSAS 18001 : Technical and prescriptive aspects Personal capabilities and certification Autorizzo al trattamento dei dati il obtained Written documents as         PFC ( Piano di Fabbricazione e Controllo) : Manufacturing and Control Plan PC ( Procedure di Collaudo ) : Test procedures PCM ( Piano di Collaudo e Monitoraggio ) : Testing and Monitoring Plan Reports on Non-conformity DDC ( Dichiarazioni di Conformità ): Declaration of conformity Test-Acceptance Files and Control : Files responding to quality control norms ISO and the adapting of those to the chosen test level ( AQL.O.C.I-II level) drafting of work cycles and worker files : forms created to optimize product quality and to reach a high safety level while testing meeting PPC-PC Supplier research : matured experience thanks to present occupation ( Quality Control Engineer ) Curriculum Vitae/RESUME .

lgs ( the law ) solar pannel FV II planning at “Ordine Ingegneri di Roma“ ( register of engineers of Rome ) Quality Assurance Manager Safety Engineering Industrial Planning Electrical system’s plannings Plannings relating to:  Fire drill.                  Document of Risk Evaluation : health safeguarding and on site safety Emergency and Evacuation Plan Noise Polution Evaluation Vibration Risk Evaluation Evaluation of Lifting and Transport Push and Pull Risk Evaluation Chemical Risk Evaluation Risk Evaluation due to the Movement of light loads at high frquency At the moment occupied in the study of “ Studio della Propagazione di Cricche di Fatica in Campo ElastoPlastico” ( Study of the Propagation of Signs of physical breakdown in ElastoPlastic Fields ) RSSP Module A RSSP module B ( all general sectors ) RSSP Module C Safety Coordinator + 2 year Certificate according to D. Sprinkler System and everything else about fire system Interests          Comptuer science Use and knowledge of particular operating systems ( Backtrack ) Knowledge of the basics of Assembler 8086 language Sports Surfing Saltwater and Freshwater fishing Travelling hoby shop modelling Reading and updating concerning major engineering developments through the subscription to particular websites as Comsol Conference – Cad3d – Il programmatore ) Attività Svolte    Informatica in generale Uso e conoscenza di sistemi operativi particolari (Backtrack) Conoscenza delle basi del linguaggio Assembler 8086 Sport Surf Curriculum Vitae/RESUME   . fire test.

106-09 Consultant for SGQ: “ Sistemi di gestione della Qualità ISO 9001 “ ( Quality Control and Assurance under ISO Norms ) Consultant for SGSL : Sistemi per la gestione della Qualità per la Sicurezza Lavorativa OHSAS 18001 ( Systems for Safety Quality Control Managing ) Project manager FV : photovoltaic plants in respect of National Guide Lines Chartered in the “Ordine degli Ingegneri di Roma “ ( Register of Engineers of Rome )   Availability Full-time Part-time Project Contract Working off base or/and abroad.Activities • • • Waiter Construction worker Optical led signal tester  Quality control engineer and Project Controller at Tecnologie Meccaniche srl : Writing of company documents Collaboration with the department of research and development Looking for suppliers Contacts as quality manager with Power-One and Olivetti Test Test procedures and acceptance Conformity test in entering phase Issue of conformity declaration the exiting phase Inspection verification Metrologic verifications Use of instruments like : 3d control verifier   Quality Manager at VIC “Very Important Chef” ( National and International Food. Interior Design) Quality Manager at Pettenuzzo’s Current activities Technical Office of Engineering of Andrea Quattrocchi    Consultant for safety under the laws articles D.Lgs 81-08 . Hotel’s supplies. Every kind of work (in the US) Driving License Curriculum Vitae/RESUME Yes (European Driving License: I also drove with it in the US for a 40 days vacation) .

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