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AARP • ABN•AMRO “ This opens a whole world of possibilities to ensure effective training…As grows closer together individuals • Amerra Health we are trainingour world different backgroundsand many of thecustoms are from with different Systems • Amgen and languages, visual graphics truly is the universal language…I continue to find ways to use graphics in every project I am involved in and each • Accenture • Arby’s time graphics set the project apart, giving it what I would call the WOW factor!” • AT&T• Baker Hughes • Bank One Chet Enten Training, Ryans Family Steak Houses Director of Field • Bayer UK • Becton Dickinson • BP • Capital One • Chevron Texaco • Con-tinental Airlines • Cytec • Deere & Co. • “The inner critic is gone! I have used visual language so much in the last week it is scary. It is truly amazing how visual Deloitte & Touche-London language can teach you more in less time and with less effort • Ernst & Young-Madrid • than just words could ever do.” First Card • First Chicago Constance C. Lane Bank • FBS • Genentech • Master Trainer, McDonalds Worldwide Training, Learning & Development Hewlett-Packard • Idea Champions • Intel • Jenkins & Assoc. Mediation Services • Koch Industries • Lompoc Unified School “You have succeeded in doing the impossible—making something intimidating and complex seem so fun and simple District • Lucent Tech- you convinced us we could not fail, right from the beginning. I that nologies • Metropolitan feel that you provided a multi-semester crash-course and that we Life Insurance • MIT • all passed with flying colors!” Motorola University • MTV Tandy Ringoringo Project Manager, Shell Information Technology • NCR • NEA • Orange County Transportation Association • Pacificare • Pennsylvania State Education Asso-ciation • Red I personally had my team go through the course to provide a better basis for them to facilitate both in the class- Cross • Rigby • Ryans Family room and in high-level strategic meetings. Steak House • Saturn • The Kathy Schroeder Shedd Aquarium • Shell Oil Director, National learning Company • Siemens • SolecBank One tron • Sprint • Texas Childrens Hospital • TXU • University of California Davis • Unocal • U.S. Customs •

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Get the tools you need to succeed
Discover how to: • Create the “WOW!” • Capture attention. • Make your content stick.

Hands•On Graphics trainings are for communicators: trainers, leaders, facilitators, managers, coaches and YOU.
Learn the secrets of engaging your audience. Find out how to translate dry or complex information into memorable charts. Discover the formulas for high impact-high participation sessions. Create effective learning, interactive dialogue and problem solving for meetings and coaching sessions. Here’s how:

Visual Power:
Learn how to translate information into persuasive, powerful charts. Simplify complex content so it’s easy to access and use on the job. Gain confidence in visual display of trainings and job-specific presentations. Learn to build memorable sequences, draw icons to improve learning retention, and capture key points with colorful charts. Put the power of visuals into immediate practice.

Focus Facilitation:
Learn real-life facilitation skills with a blend of theory, process architecture and feedback sessions. Gain comfort and skill facilitating groups. Learn how to help a group see the big picture, identify issues, resolve differences, and collaborate. Find your personal strengths as a facilitator. Hands-on exercises, feedback and practice make this a must for beginning and seasoned facilitators.

Visual Coaching Dialogue:
Learn smart management of coaching conversations. Encourage participation with an easy-to-use, repeatable process, structured with visual maps. Facilitate dialogue to explore options. Encourage reflection, feedback and action with a practical, logical sequence. Quick to learn and implement.

Customized Solutions: Storyboarding for Best Practices:
Rapid knowledge transfer helps teams transfer best practices across your organization.

Strategic Engagement:
Learn the process, protocol, skills and competencies to create high-level motivation in training sessions.

Presentation Plus:
Translate your information into persuasive, powerful charts and diagrams.

Drawing out of Stress:
Use mapping techniques to understand the cycle of stress and what you can do about it!

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For fifteen years, Hands•On Graphics has become the resource for executives, master trainers, facilitators and communicators–people who want to make their messages memorable. Whether in a training class, executive boardroom, or crowded conference session, visual tools help clarify ideas, convey key points and identify strategy. After all the training and meetings you’ve been in, ask yourself, “what sticks?”The drawing of a key idea. A line diagram of relationships. A colorful chart that tells the whole story, at a glance. Visuals are your key to creating engagement. Hands•On Graphics is committed to designing solutions that are practical, easy to use and fast to implement. Bridge variances in culture, language and literacy. Visual tools, design + programs are packed with secrets gained through experience and loaded with tools, tips and techniques to use immediately.

• Certification programs
Develop bench marks and standards in training delivery. Develop a consistent quality in professional delivery in communication skills for trainers, facilitators, coaches and managers.

• Tool kits
Improve retention and job performance. Tool kits are organized with interactive maps, games and process tools to appeal to all learning styles. Create, enhance or transform your training solutions.

• Training design
There’s no such thing as a boring training. Interactive design for high-impact courses is ideal to simplify complex information. Classroom and on-line solutions to transfer knowledge for easy overview and access.

• Information design
Deliver memorable messages. Communicate strategies, benefits, and plans. Think, organize and communicate with visual tools. Promote learning conversations in your organization.

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Simplify • Engage • Explain
Discover how leading corporations use visual language to: • Speed and enhance knowledge transfer • Engage and involve participants • Enhance classroom and web-based learning Here’s why: You remember pictures combined with words. According to recent research from 3 M corporation, your brain reads visual images 60,000 times faster than words! Your success depends on your communication skills. Every day your trainings and meetings must bridge diversity in culture, education and language. Put your messages in the proven international language of icons, pictures and color. Have you noticed that your time to communicate is getting shorter? More than likely your colleagues are experiencing the same time constraints and overload—with less and less time to devote to learning and interaction. What’s your alternative to the mountains of information? Draw a map. Sketch a diagram; convey key points so your audience grasps the essence and sees relevance to their on-the-job success.

Learn to simplify complexity in training, facilitation and coaching.

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