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Thomas Sechehaye

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"7 Steps To Build Your Magnetic Vision"
How You Have The Power To Create Profits And Success

Want to know where you're going?
Get out a map.

It’s a natural urge to look at a map when you want to see where you are go-
ing. You do it when you go on an adventure and travel by bike, car, plane,
or train.

But do you have a roadmap you trust for your business? Do you know
where you want to go? And do you have a vision that sets you on fire and
attracts investors--just like a powerful magnet-- to help you achieve your

This short report reveals the 7 Steps You Must Know To Build Your
Magnetic Vision.

w w w. S t r a t e g i c s t o r y b o a r d i n g . c o m

Imagine what's possible…with a magnetic vision you know exactly where
you're going and how you'll get there. Your team can see the same picture
and feel the pull to jump into focused action. Investors will understand your
business and commit the funds to make it happen.

With your magnetic vision, one thing is certain. You can achieve everything
you set out to. And you will get the results you deserve.

It starts with asking this one question.

Where Are You Going?

I bet you've got a picture for your winning project, product or service. I can
see it: "Dynamite profits for online and offline success."

But does everyone else see the same thing you do? You've got to get your
picture out of your head. Or it won't do anything.

What's your best bet? A one-page visual map that everyone can under-
stand. You. Your team. Your customers. Your prospects. Stakeholders.
Board members. Investors. Everyone.

Here's why it works so well.

The Map Is Familiar Even If The Territory Is New
While you aren’t traveling physically, when you create a vision of your fu-
ture, you are traveling in new territory. The metaphor of a landscape or road
is familiar and reassuring.

Drawing an outline of a road shows that there is a definite path from point A
to point B. Key signs along the way define critical actions or goals that must
be met in order to arrive at your desired destination.

w w w. S t r a t e g i c s t o r y b o a r d i n g . c o m

Fill In The Blanks
Imagine the power of a completed future.

With a Magnetic Vision map, you can help your investors, your team and
sponsors envision that the work is already done. They have already arrived
to the desired destination.

Just consider the power of completion: skill development, goals, and deliv-
erables are all complete. The money is in the bank.

From that position of certain accomplishment, it’s easier to look back and
identify specific success action steps.

This is motivating and engaging for your team. Your vision is more than
'just a rough idea'--with a Magnetic Vision map the desired outcome trans-
forms into something that looks, sounds and feels real.

You can see it. You can touch it. You can act on it.

And so can all the people who can help make it happen. There is profound
power in filling in the blanks in an easy-to-see map.

See Multiple Elements At Once
Think about a natural landscape. You see many things at once—the sky,
trees, rivers, roads, cars, and intersections. Just in the same way, a Mag-
netic Vision shows different tasks and actions in multiple categories all at
one time.

Get An Overview And Detail At Once
Just like a geographical map, a Magnetic Vision shows the overall picture
and details all at one time. Depending on the scale you are working on,
your map can be as big picture or as detailed as necessary.

w w w. S t r a t e g i c s t o r y b o a r d i n g . c o m

Magnetic Connection To Emotions

Metaphors help people make mental and emotional leaps. Leaps of intui-
tion open up new possibilities and connections. A picture is inspiring and
opens up the doors and windows to new options.

The beauty of this way of organizing information is that, just like on a map
of a city, you can quickly see connections, alternative routes, bridges and

When you use a Magnetic Vision map, you can draw on your own experi-
ence of reading a map: following directions, finding your way around a new
town or country to create a metaphor that works for you and your team.

O.K. O.K. I hear you. I know you're sold on the why it works!

But now, how can YOU make a map for your situation?
Here's the nitty-gritty, how-to steps to make your own Magnetic Vision map.

What’s the Process?

1. Think Wide, Work Wide

A Magnetic Vision map works best when you turn your paper so the widest
part is on top. Orient poster paper so that the widest side is on top.

Depending on your project or vision--you may want to have a long sheet of
poster paper--6-10 feet long.

If you don't have that, use brown paper from your local office supply store
or even your local butcher.

And if that's not available--turn whatever size piece of paper you have so
that it's widest going across.
w w w. S t r a t e g i c s t o r y b o a r d i n g . c o m

The reason for this is you're encouraging space--space on the paper
means space and possibility in your mind. More space…more possibilities.

2. Pick A Compelling Title For Your Vision Chart
Don't fall into the trap of just writing down some long stuffy title. Pick some-
thing that gets you excited. Your title is like True North on your compass.
It's your guiding light on your journey. You'll look at it again and again just to
check--to make sure you are on track.

Write your title big. All capital letters. Big. Make sure that it is easy to see
what your Magnetic Vision chart is about.

I know this seems like a small detail but it is an important step. It will help
you focus as you dive into all the aspects that will make your vision come to

3. Start In Your Future
Start in the upper right hand corner at the far end of your chart. If you have
an inspirational completion statement write it here. Use pictures, icons,
symbols or key words.

Do you really really want what you have written down here? Do the pictures
and symbols put a big smile on your face? Is it clear and easy for anyone
looking at this destination outcome to 'get it?'
If so, you're good to go.

If you are using a natural landscape as a metaphor, you may want to draw
in some mountains and put key words over the mountains. Next, add in a
sun coming up over the mountains.

Next, draw a road coming from the mountains, across the page all the way
towards the left side of the page.

TIP: It helps to have some curves in the road. If you draw just a straight di-
agonal line, you won’t have as much room for writing in your goals and
w w w. S t r a t e g i c s t o r y b o a r d i n g . c o m

4. Define Landmarks Of Progress
Along the curves of your road, start to add road signs, landmarks. Write in-
side the signs. Use the signs to represent sections of a course—the key
units that take you from where you are (the lower left of the page) to where
you want to go—your destination in the upper right corner.

4 B. Identify Mileposts Of Time
Alternatively, you can use the signposts as time markers. For example, if
your course is one month long, have four signposts of a week each. For
longer projects, you can space the signposts out—usually you’ll have more
project plans for the beginning and the end—so make the middle smaller.
TIP: If you aren't certain about milestone order or exact timeframes, use a
note card as a placeholder. This makes it easier to move things around un-
til you decide on the exact sequence.

5. Make The Metaphor Work For You
The metaphor of your Magnetic Vision can change. If you are talking about
totally uncharted waters, a boat trip down rapids in a whitewater river could
be perfect. If you know certain parts of the territory, a road would express
that familiarity.

I suggest that you start with a road and landscape for your first Vision map.
It's easy to learn, quick to make and very flexible for different content. Once
you are comfortable with this way of mapping, you can experiment with dif-
ferent background settings.

You can change the landscape to reflect different environments—a river, a
mountain trail or journey into outer space. The landscape you draw may
look very different than the ones I'm describing.

6. Lift Up For Your Big Picture Overview
This Magnetic Vision Map is designed to help you and your team imagine.
To step into the future and see your compelling vision in a big picture.

w w w. S t r a t e g i c s t o r y b o a r d i n g . c o m

The goal is to get an overview! Get the big mile-markers down first. Watch
out for over-focusing on details.

If you have too much information in one part of the chart, it could be be-
cause you are going into too much detail.

If you’re getting too crowded but feel you need the detail, make another
landscape just of that section of the road.

We've got one more step and it's in answer to this question:

What’s The Payoff?

Everyone Gets The Big Picture Of Success!
A Magnetic Vision chart shows an overview. And like the name says, it's a
magnetic attractor. It attracts money. Commitment. Purpose and focused

It’s easier to believe, feel and see the big picture of a successful outcome.

7. Tell The Story: Engagement Is Contagious
You’ll find that each and every time you use this map to tell your Vision
story, you'll get excited. People will get excited. Engaged.

And it helps other people tell the story for you. Now you will see the true
power of your magnetic vision map.

Team members are not confused or overwhelmed. They are telling the
story and pointing to their contribution to the big picture. Investors, spon-
sors, and other stakeholders can understand the phenomenal power of
what you're doing.

When everyone--team members, investors, sponsors and stakeholders un-
derstand the big picture, they have an easier time getting excited, buying in
and staying engaged. And telling your story.

w w w. S t r a t e g i c s t o r y b o a r d i n g . c o m

You've not only created a Magnetic Vision…you've created a system to
help people become storytellers of your success.

In using the Big Picture Vision, you help people tell the big picture story.
They are able to balance detail within the overall context. And that big con-
text is the key to …

Creating The Zone Of Your Success
The Magnetic Vision is one of your power tools to achieve what you set out
to. It’s your map of success steps. Steps that lead to all the profits, recogni-
tion and rewards you deserve.

Words for this include “the big picture”, “the environment”, “the scope,”
“successful project” and “the overview”. Pick your own.

Whatever term works for you, this Vision map shows the whole picture and
the parts. Envisioning your desired outcome on a colorful one-page map is
how you can lead the way to your success.

How Can You Practice?

A Magnetic Vision is a super flexible way to picture success. You can bal-
ance overview and detail on just about anything you want to achieve: any
aspect of your business or personal life.

To be certain you'll have an easy success making a Magnetic Vision with
your team you can practice and get comfortable by doing one on your own.

And you don't have to just practice with a business success topic. Many
people find it's easier to do this once they've made a vision map for a per-
sonal topic.

Here are some fast and fun ways to get completely comfortable with mak-
ing your vision map the heart of your personal and professional success.

w w w. S t r a t e g i c s t o r y b o a r d i n g . c o m

How Can You Practice

 Make a landscape Vision of your yearly goals.
 Create a Magnetic Vision with your family or loved ones
 Outline a report with a landscape—use road signs to mark the big
sections or chapters.
 Create a magnetic vision of your glowing optimal health
 Create a Big Picture Vision of the book you want to write

With your newfound skill in creating your Magnetic Vision, I can't wait to
hear how quickly your ideas are turning into profits.

To your strategic success!


w w w. S t r a t e g i c s t o r y b o a r d i n g . c o m


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