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ARINSO International

designs, builds & operates

HR Systems & Services
aligned with

corporate strategy,
providing increased

exibility & reliability

at a

lower cost.

ARINSO is here to help you develop your corporate HR strategy.

Clear insight from a partner you can trust

ARINSO was founded in 1994 and has rapidly grown to become one of the worlds leading partners in HR Services & Technology. We have built HR & Payroll Solutions for one in ve of the Fortune Global 500 employers. Today, these systems provide payroll & HR services for over 5 million employees worldwide. ARINSO brings HR expertise & mission-critical technology together, increasing the value that the HR function adds to any organization. As people have become a corporations most vital asset, ARINSO helps HR executives focus on their core competency: Managing Human Capital. ARINSOs only focus is HR. We provide end-to-end services in the eld of HR Strategy, HR Systems Integration & HR Operations. The global HR solutions we offer to employers are based on local experience and a proven expertise.

From a set of nancial and operational scenarios, HR can choose the model that is best aligned with the overall corporate strategy.

An HR partner who has been there, done that

HR Transformation is high on the corporate agenda. HR executives are looking for ways to shed their administrative legacy and guide organizations to better understand their return on investment in Human Capital. This requires a radical re-assessment of HR strategies and the design of new service delivery models. Together with the client, ARINSOs team of more than 100 seasoned HR Business Consultants map the metrics of the current service delivery model as is, comparing it with industry benchmarks and best practices. Building a business case based on a corporate HR vision allows organizations to focus on a to be situation as well as on the roadmap to get there. This need for alignment of vision is even more apparent when it comes to buy-in from eld HR organizations. A well-documented business case can lay the foundation for a successful transition to advanced forms of HR Service delivery, be it internal shared services or outsourcing.

Building on strong foundations

Reliable HR Services require strong foundations. Integrated HRIS & Payroll engines allow exactly those degrees of exibility that international organizations need when faced with fast-changing business environments. ARINSOs roots are in HR Enterprise Resource Planning. In just over 10 years, we have built and upgraded more than 700 HR & Payroll systems for many of the worlds premier employers. ARINSO hosts one of the largest groups of HR Technology consultants in the world. The highly regulated nature of HR & Payroll makes it a challenging area in which to implement multi-country solutions. Through its global presence and HR focus, ARINSO has become the preferred partner for large HRIS projects. In most key markets and industries, we match local regulatory knowledge with technical expertise, leading to cost-effective and timely implementations. We bring e-HR live through the innovative use of SAP Portal technology, accelerated by ARINSOs e-HR Quickstart Templates. Interactive services are offered to management & employees through a web portal that is based on roles, personal preferences and interests.

We ensure that a stable backbone is in place and, via enterprise portals, make HR solutions accessible to the whole organization.

ARINSO has developed software tools to increase the speed & quality of SAP-HR implementation.

ARINSO e-Query, ARINSO Connector for Organizational charting and ARINSO Datacontrol Toolset: unlock SAP-HRs valuable information for all key users. These Reporting & Audit solutions achieve the best results in Analytical, Organizational, Operational & Audit reporting. ARINSO Career & Salary History: integrates historical information into SAP-HR at low cost for fast & easy retrieval. ARINSO e-HR QuickStart Templates: accelerate the deployment of Employee & Manager Self Service.

ARINSO Payroll Integrator: seamlessly integrates PeopleSoft with SAP Payroll. ARINSO Transfer Tool: easily transfers data from one platform to another. From SAP 3.0 to SAP 4.7 Enterprise and versions in between... ARINSO Payroll & HR Checker: facilitates data validation when migrating, implementing or updating SAP-HR. ARINSO Wage Type Catalog: provides clear information on any wage type.

We can actually run your HR engine

For most corporations, HR administration is not a core activity. It is, however, a crucial one. HR departments can spend up to 80% of their time on administrative activities such as payroll & benets administration. Maintaining the technology necessary for effective HR services requires a depth of expertise in which few organizations want to invest. Still, no CEO wants to compromise on the quality of HR services delivered to management and employees. ARINSO People Services operates state-of-the-art HR Service Centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacic. We offer 24/7 application management outsourcing, enriched with a unique hub & spokes service center infrastructure. This allows us to centralize technology and contact centers, while allowing country-specic HR and Payroll experts to operate locally. Through its innovative HR WORKSPACE architecture, ARINSO combines all best available technology in CRM, IVR, Knowledge & Content Management. ARINSO People Services is investing heavily in Payroll Outsourcing Services. As the cost of ownership of international payroll continues to climb, many employers are looking for a better alternative to their patchwork of local payroll systems and providers.


ARINSO People Services is setting new standards in HR & Payroll Outsourcing in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacic.

Today, ARINSO offers HR & Payroll Outsourcing on a single ERP platform across regions and continents. For mid-size international employers, ARINSOs euHReka brings full SAP functionality on an on-demand basis.


20 Critical Business Processes in HR

ARINSOS PLAYING FIELD Since its inception, ARINSO International has been involved in designing, building & operating all key HR Business Processes. Our unique ability to both construct and execute makes ARINSO the Human Capital Company of choice for many of the worlds premier employers.
S T R AT E G Y & P L A N N I N G > Workforce Planning & Modeling > Strategy & Policy Development > Labor Relations

INFORMATION & VEND O R M A N A G E M E N T > HR Information Management > Vendor Management

DEVELOPMENT & COU N S E L I N G > Organizational Design & Development > Training & Education > Employee Development > Occupational Health, Safety, Fitness & Wellness > Performance Management REDEPLOYMENT & RETIREMENT > Employment Termination & Redeployment > Retiree Processing & Counseling


ARINSO International: core strengths

> ARINSO is uniquely focused on

Human Capital Management, offering a blend of Consultancy, Technology & Outsourcing.

> ARINSO is a global service provider, with activities on all

continents while also able to preserve a strong local footprint.

> ARINSO has a strong entrepreneurial culture

where managers are empowered to make decisions in our clients best interests.

S O URCING & SELECTING > Recruitment, Resourcing & Stafng > Selection & Assessment > Expatriation & Relocation R E WARDING & RETAINING > Employee Relations > Payroll > Benets > Compensation > Time Management

ARINSO International: Small enough to care Large enough to cope

ARINSO International [Euronext Brussels: ARIN] is a global HR Services partner

offering innovative

HR business solutions to

the worlds largest employers.

ARINSO is dedicated to HR Excellence

through Strategic

Consultancy, Outsourcing

Services and Technology Integration Services.


ARINSO operates across the globe,

and has delivered HR services in

45 countries worldwide.

ARINSO International combines world-class IT skills with an innovative HR approach. We will run your HR engine, so you can fully focus on the road ahead.

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