Du Bois General University Honors Program of Fisk University

The designation “General University Honors” indicates broad scholastic attainment. It identifies scholastic performance marked by individual initiative, creative ability, keen intellectual insight, and excellence in oral and written expression. “General University Honors” signifies contributions to the advancement of academic quality in the university community. Further, it denotes achievement of a positive integration of academic and social experiences.

Application requires a 3.00 cumulative GPA, completing the Application Form, a sample of one’s written work, one recommendation from an instructor, an unofficial transcript, and an interview with the Honors Program Director. Obtain the Application Form, as well as additional information, from the Honors Program Director: Dr. James Quirin, Professor of History, Honors Center, 329-8638. GENERAL UNIVERSITY HONORS GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS • • • Application: Formal application and acceptance into the Honors Program. GPA: Achievement of a minimum 3.00 cumulative grade point average. Course Requirements: Completion of a minimum of twelve (12) CREDIT HOURS, which must include at least one Honors Colloquium (4hours) and the Senior Honors Project (4hours). The other credits may be obtained by taking more than one Colloquium, Honors Independent Study, or a regular course for Honors credit. All courses taken for Honors credit must be completed with a minimum grade of “B”, see the Honors Director to acquire the forms for all these options. Participation: Student General Honors Council Senior Honors Project: This research project completed during the senior year is to be the culmination of one’s Honors education. Consultation with the Honors Program Director and the major advisor is necessary to approve, design and carry out the project. The results are presented in writing and defended orally before a faculty committee composed of the major advisor, the Director of the Honors Program (or faculty member appointed by the Director), and a faculty member chosen by the student. Extracurricular Activities: The Honors Program sponsors Ferment Lectures, Fireside Charts, film series, field trips, informal gathering and other activities. The new Honors Center at 1603 Phillips provides a library, seminar rooms, offices and study areas for the used of Honors Program students.

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W.E.B. Du bois General University Honors Program of Fisk University

Application For Admission

Name_____________________________________________________ Campus P.O. Box________ Tel. No.____________________________ Student ID No. _____________ Email: _________________________ Home Address______________________________________________ Academic Major (s) _________________________________________ Career Interest (s) ___________________________________________ Class (Graduation Year) ______________________________________

Note: Submit the following with this application: (a) (b) (c) (d) an example of your writing in a paper of 2-5 pages a letter of recommendation from a Fisk instructor a copy of your Fisk transcript (student copy acceptable) a statement (1 page typed) indicating your reasons for wanting to participate in the W.E.B. Du Bois General University Honors Program.


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