In the past centuries, the world is struggling against disease, pollution, natural disasters, and deceitful working circumstances

and even cultural aspects which break current communication technologies. By the later part of the 20th century, our life became more improved, more protected and more productive, mainly because of the innovations and technologies made by ENGINEERS. Here are top five greatest engineering breakthroughs: Electrification, Automobile, Petroleum and Gas Technologies, Internet and Agricultural Mechanization. Agricultural mechanization is an initiative of using machineries in replace of men or animals that do the work. Additionally, this is a great help for the farmers because this not only lessen their work in the field but also increases the amount of yield. Internet, another achievement of innovators, is a vast collection of computer networks that serves billions of users worldwide. Moreover, this could also be a ground for business and other transactions of the world. Technologies can also be achieved in petroleum and gas production. This kind of innovation is administering new sources of energy and replacing harmful gases that are employed by industries. In addition, petroleum technologies made the once inaccessible source, accessible. A different innovation brought out by engineers is the automobile. With the radical industrialized practices, automobile became the world's major mode of transportation. Furthermore, it made cars more reliable and affordable to the masses. Among these innovative breakthroughs of inventors, the one considered most important is the electrification. It is the process of powering by electricity and is related to changing over to another power source. To add up, these huge networks of electricity powered our developed and productive world. However, some of these technologies are not utilized in our country. Just treat the agricultural mechanization as an example. Most of our farmers are still working with the traditional method which results to lower amount of yield in contrast to other places. Another one is the electrification. There are still some rural areas which don’t have electrification. Perhaps, it is because of the insufficient financial aid. Nevertheless, temporary actions are done just to suffice these demands. Within our fertile society today, the impact of engineering line of work is a vital ingredient for its progress. Along with these accomplishments, people are just pondering on what else would the FUTURE got for us ahead. The Engineers,

Chemists and other innovators created these advancements for the world to have the quality of life. .

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