by Brian P.

Cleary illustrated by Brian Gable


P. Homonyms: ds that wor Two or moreed the same are pronounc he same but and spelled tnt meanings have differe s: Homophonerds that wo Two or moreed the same are pronounc rent spellings e but have difrf nt meanings and diffe e .y.C. To my sister Marn the day o who was merry she was to marry —B.

by Brian P. Cleary illustrated by Brian Gable J M ILLBROOK P RESS / M INNEAPOLIS .

.Homonyms are words that sound and also look alike.

But they have different meanings. as in “Can you pass that can. Mike?” .

“May I sail w Or ith you in May d coast all along an the coast? ” These words are a blast if you say them quite fast. .

like “Why do n’t we toa st with so me to ast ?” .

like a small paper kite. A trunk can be found in a trunk.A light may be light. .

An inchworm or sn d scale a scale. Coul ail A lean cat could lean on a skunk. .

But punch cannot and at breakfast or lunch. . your ja m punch . cannot jam on a tr um pet.

but a r oll might just r oll if it’s not made as flat as a crumpet.A bowl cannot bowl. .

like praise .Now. These words are known as homophones. some words sound identical but are spelled in different ways.

and preys and prays. .

their meanings aren’t the same.Though homophones have matching sounds. .

they’re as fun as any game. And .there isn’t any question.

A flea can flee.A bee can be. A burro can burrow a hole. .

A ewe could take you on a stroll. of course. .A horse can get hoarse from talking.

a .A fowl can be foul. An h eir m ust n’t err t in he ir . A toad can be towed.

h ale can wail . . Aw A male can mail . A pair might just pare a big pear.

and Barry can bury a berry. .A bust can be bused by a driver you trust.

and Mary ( who’s merry) can marry. .A band could be banned if th ey get out of hand.

. and it’s clear as can be that ab l when i aw il l no t b all w t’s r olled.But the sea cannot see.

.A moose has no use for a bottle of mousse. and a creek doesn’t creak when it’s old.

. and it wouldn’t be rare if wood would be kept in a shed.But a bear should be bare.

A Sioux might not sue if he knew that the gnu that he bought wasn’t new like you said. .

A Czech could be writing a check. .My niece could see Grease both in Greece and in Nice.

A maid could be made to be very afraid when she heard a big herd on the deck. .

. orld.the whole w rch sea Yo u co uld while it s pun and it whi rled. in each inn and beneath every stone.

than the se g r An you’d fi d the homonym and homophone ! r mo no nd eat es verb r es— al tr easu ep leas ur .

what are Do you know? .homonyms and homophones? So.


and the Make Me Laugh joke books. PE1595.1949– ill. a Skating Rink: What Is a Noun? and Hairy. BRIAN GABLE is the illustrator of Under. p. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Cleary.1—dc22 2004031106 Manufactured in the United States of America 1 2 3 4 5 6 – JR – 10 09 08 07 06 05 . — (Words are categorical) eISBN–10: 0–8225–6362–2 1. with his wife and two children. Ontario. Title. I. International copyright secured. or transmitted in any form or by any means—electronic. stored in a retrieval system. CLEARY is the author of the Words Are CategoricalTM series. Over. or otherwise—without the prior written permission of Millbrook Press. including A Mink. Pitch and Throw. No part of this book may be reproduced. II. Cleary Illustrations copyright © 2005 by Millbrook Press All rights reserved. He lives in Cleveland. Millbrook Press A division of Lerner Publishing Group 241 First Avenue North Minneapolis.. except for the inclusion of brief quotations in an acknowledged review.C58 2005 428. MN 55401 U.S. and of Rainbow Soup: Adventures in Poetry. Grasp and Know: What Is a Synonym?. Scary. 1959– How much can a bare bear bear? : what are homonyms and homophones? / by Brian P. Website address: www. Ordinary: What Is an Adjective?.A. illustrated by Brian Gable. a Fink. Cleary . He lives in Toronto. Brian P. English language—Homonyms—Juvenile literature. Brian. By the Clover: What Is a Preposition?. Text copyright © 2005 by Brian P.lernerbooks. cm.ABOUT THE AUTHOR & ILLUSTRATOR BRIAN P. photocopying. Ohio. mechanical. Gable.

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