AIMP v3.10 Build 1051 RC 2 (01.06.

2012) ======================================= * Bookmarks: An ability to sort items in Bookmarks Manager * Plugins: Support of the Input plugins from Winamp has been improved * Skin Engine: Text drawing speed is increased twice - Fixed: Player cuts the value of a track number field, if it is greater than 25 5 - Fixed: The Cover Arts is read incorrectly from ID3v2.4 in some cases - Fixed: Skip mode does not work in the "Send To" dialog - Fixed: Skin Engine - Wrong scrolling step at the ScrollBar element with non-re sizeable thumb - Fixed: Skin Engine - Controls does not receive focus in some cases - Fixed: Small bugs and defects AIMP v3.10 Build 1045 RC 1 (21.05.2012) ======================================= * Tags - Size of padding between tag and audio data is now limited to 100 KBytes * Tags - The algorithm of calculating duration of audio files in MP3 VBR format has been improved - Fixed: Small scratches can be heard while playing track with sample rate great er than sample rate of output device - Fixed: Bugs with behaviour and displaying of old skins - Fixed: Incorrect text is displayed for the error, which occurs while output de vice is initializing - Fixed: The Equalizer window does not take animation settings into account in s ome cases - Fixed: Player doesn't read audio tag correctly if it size is more than 1 MByte - Fixed: Playlist hangs on attempt to delete file from the disk in some cases - Fixed: The "Disable transparency if window is mouse focused" function does not work correctly in some cases - Fixed: Small bugs and defects AIMP v3.10 Build 1040 Beta 3 (08.05.2012) ========================================= * Decoders: The BASS has been updated to v2.4.9 * Converter: The Blade-interface of the lame_enc.dll library now supports * Converter: The Encoders has been moved from "AIMP3\Plugins" to "AIMP3\Modules" folder * Sound Engine: Performance has been increased - Fixed: Bugs with displaying of old skins - Fixed: The "Select Language" dialog - drop-down list is displayed behind the w indow - Fixed: The Tag Editor does not save cover art to the file, if file does not co ntain tags before operation - Fixed: Size of the window does not save, if it in the "desktop tool bar" mode - Fixed: A Memory leaks in the Audio Library - Fixed: The playlist does not accept files from another application via Drag-nDrop operation - Fixed: Small bugs and defects AIMP v3.10 Build 1034 Beta 2 (27.04.2012) ========================================= + Audio Library: Added an ability to quickly navigate through field value with A LT key pressed * Common: Design of hint for editing template has been changed * Sound Engine: Algorithm of the resampler has been improved * Playlist: Usability of multiple files selection using mouse has been improved

potentional abilities are extended + Audio Library: An ability to choose default player .2012) ========================================= + Common: Design of default skin has been updated + Common: Design of Error Dialog has been updated + Common: Skins are now stored in the profile folder of the program + Common: Added an ability to set template for running line for Internet Radio p layback + Common: Option "Fade in volume at the beginning of track" has been moved to th e Quick Options menu + Audio Converter: The "Audio Converter" utility is distributed with the player again + Audio Converter: Added an ability to encode files using few threads + Audio Converter: Added an ability to encode files to APE.2012) ================================= * Localizations were updated .Fixed: Exception is raised when trying to change color scheme for the skin .Fixed: Player incorrectly calculates duration for some files in WavPack format .Fixed: The CPU becomes overloaded during the playing silence if the equalizer is switched on .Fixed: Internet Radio capture does not work . WAV.* Audio Library: Speed of adding files into the database has been increased .Fixed: Macros cannot be expanded in some cases .Fixed: Bugs with displaying of old skins .00 Build 985 (06.10 Build 1027 Beta 1 (16. OGG. WV. FLAC.Fixed: Localization does not apply at the first start of the program .Fixed: Small bugs and defects AIMP v3.Fixed: Player hangs after clicking on the "Start playback" button if the playl ist doesn't have tracks which are switched on .Fixed: Playback of selected track cannot be started from QuickSearch field via Enter key .04.Fixed: Option "Add pause between track" does not work correctly .AIMP or build-in player o f Audio Library + Audio Library: The storage of playlists has been moved to the playlists manage r of the player + Audio Library: An ability of access to the catalog of Internet radio stations has been removed + Audio Library: An ability of access to the content of flash-drives from Audio Library has been removed AIMP v3. WMA and MP3 formats (Lame Encoder should be installed) + Audio Converter: New design + Playlist: All playlists are stored now in profile folder of the program + Playlist: Playlists are not deleted now from the disk when you close playlist tab (optional) + Playlist: Playlists Manager Dialog has been added + Playlist: Added an ability of semiautomatic synchronization of the playlist wi th the specified folder or playlist + Playlist: Added an ability to load few playlists to separate tabs via Drag-n-D rop operation + Playlist: Added an ability to work with groups via keyboard + Playlist: "Mark" menu item has been added to the context menu of playlist + Plugins: Update Checker .04.Added an ability to download and install an update i n semiautomatically mode + Skin Engine: Engine has been detached from the functional part of the program .Fixed: Focus leaves from playlist after deleting last file from the playlist .

Fixed: "Default" button in DSP Manager resets all of its settings to their def ault values only on the second pressing .Fixed: Folder and Files aren't sorted by thier names on adding them from Windo ws Explorer .Fixed: Plugins .Fixed: Player doesn't allow to add files in AIFF format to playlist .Fixed: Windows Explorer does not display data from tags of file in WMA Lossles s format after they've been edited by AIMP .Fixed: Plugins .Fixed: DropWheel window is painted incorrectly in AIMP2 skins .Fixed: Buffer for DMO effects is not cleared after playback stopping .Fixed: File mark does not display in playlist when AIMP2 skin is used .00 Build 981 (16.List loses focus after changing state of plugin AIMP v3.12..Fixed: Some problems with TrayControl behavior .Fixed: Small bugs and defects AIMP v3.Fixed: Plugins .2012) ================================= * Localizations were updated * Playlist: Algorithm of CUE sheets catching for the audio files has been improv ed .Lastfm Client Helper crashes on attempt to show plugin settin gs.Fixed: Plugins .Fixed: Files are added in backward order when they are adding via "Find new fi les" dialog .Fixed: Player isn't able to use WASAPI for outputting on Windows 8 .Fixed: Information about the duration of the files is read incorrectly from th e playlist in PLS format . if one of the record doesn't contain information about the bitra te .2011) ================================= + Basque localization was added * Localizations were updated * Player: Radio station name is now set automatically on starting playback.Fixed: Player does not play short files completely .Fixed: Data from CUE sheets aren't caught up for files in .00 Build 976 (30.DTS . but with tags . if Lastfm Client doesn't installed . if i t has not been set before by the user * Tag Editor: Track number is no longer stored in the ID3v1.Fixed: Autoname for equalizer preset generates incorrectly for the virtual fil es .Online Radio Browser: Error occurres on attempt to switch to "IceCast" tab.Fixed: Incorrect information about bitrate and duration is displayed for some files in OGG format .Fixed: Number of the track in the playback queue cuts off in playlist in some cases .02.Fixed: Incorrect information about file format is displayed in Quick Tag Edito r in some cases .Some visualizations from AIMP2 don't work on AIMP3 .Fixed: Applications hangs on attempt to play file without audio data.Fixed: Incorrect information about bitrate is displayed for some radio station s .support of files with double extensions has been added .Fixed: Player starts playback of switched off tracks when jumping to another p laylist via hotkeys .Fixed: Small scratches can be heard on quiet tracks when equalizer is switched on .Fixed: Small scratches can be heard on jumping from one track to another when equalizer is switched on . if it value more th .

exception occurs when trying to activate Radio Browser in Audio Library .last.hitTest mask doesn't work for slider elements .part of the next track sounds in the end of current track.2011) ====================================== * Added ability to install skin from Skin Chooser Dialog * Help in English was added * Localizations were updated * Compatibility with Synaptics TouchPad has been improved * Support of multimedia keyboards has been improved .Fixed: Radio Browser .Fixed: Skin Engine .buttons in footer panel doesn't display.Fixed: Tag Editor . if "Auto mer ge similar categories" option is active .Fixed: External playlist is not reloaded when trying to open it again .Fixed: ID3v2 tag doesn't read to the end in some cases .Fixed: Playlist .Fixed: Incorrect position of equalizer sliders on first start ."A-B Repeat" function drops playback position to beginning in some cases .Fixed: Radio Browser .Fixed: Player .Fixed: Plugins .Fixed: "Show information about selected files" option doesn't work .Fixed: Skin Engine .%IN macros used to start numeration from zero .Fixed: Playlist .time used to draw incorrectly for files with duration mor e 100 minutes AIMP v3.00 Build 961 RC 2 (02.ability to input genre manually * Track list: Total duration of playlist now displays in "DD:HH:MM:SS" format .the table doesn't update after using tag autofill function .Fixed: Incompatibility with Synaptics TouchPad .an 255 .downloading process can't be canceled via "Cancel" butt on .00 Build 970 RC 3 (23.exception occurs when switching from "Ice Cast" to "Cus tom" tab .2011) ====================================== + Added localizations: Farsi * Localizations were updated * Sound Engine: Resampler algorithm has been improved * Player: Player now detects full screen applications only on the current monito r * Player: Ability to start playback of bookmark using "Enter" key * Plugins: Radio Browser .auto fill tags function doesn't work in some cases .Fixed: Player doesn't allow drop new file to the end of playlist.Fixed: No an ability to capture internet-radio.Fixed: Tag Editor .Fixed: Player .Fixed: Incompatibility with AVG and Avast antivirus .Fixed: Small bugs and defects AIMP v3.Fixed: Radio Browser plugin doesn't start scrobbling sometimes .Fixed: Player doesn't work correctly with playlists in M3U8 format .Fixed: Value of "Encoding for non-unicode strings" option can't be saved .12.links doesn't add to "custom" catalog . if "shuffle" mode is active .exception occurs when trying to play previous playlist if it was closed .Fixed: Player doesn't receive links to the internet radio via command line . if height of the screen less than 600 pixels . if station doesn't send meta-d ata .Fixed: Tag Editor .Fixed: Radio Browser .player doesn't jumps to next playlist if "Shuffle" mode is a ctive .Fixed: Tag Editor .

bugs with handling mouse wheel messages .Fixed: "Play / Pause" function doesn't work in context menu of tray icon .00 Build 934 Beta 5 (07.Smooth applying of transparency doesn't work correctly wi th TrayControl window in some cases .Fixed: Audio Library . even if use r refused from them .component list doesn't fill correctly in some cases .Fixed: Navigation by track doesn't work for remote files .00 Build 950 RC 1 (06.2011) ====================================== + Player: Ability to use IE's proxy settings + Playlist: %PD Macros was added (for displaying parent directory name) + Skin Engine: Ability to disable per-pixel semitransparency + Skin Engine: Blur behind supports (only for Windows 7 or newer) * Plugins: Plugins API .Fixed: Some skins are used to draw incorrectly on system with non-russian loca .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Player doesn't read metadata of internet radio stations in some cases .Fixed: "Repeat track" function used to operate incorrectly with files which du ration is less than 2 seconds .11..Fixed: Installer removes multiuser settings from AIMP2 in "New Installation" m ode .Fixed: Memory leak occurs while listen internet radio station .added an ability to access to proxy settings * Plugins: DTS decoder now distributed separately from the player * Player: Ability to reset User-Agent value * Player: Help in Russian was added * Skin Engine: Sliders .Fixed: Player jumps to random track in some cases .fm plugin now works only with installed .Fixed: Player repeats one track twice in some cases even if "Repeat Track" mod e is switched off ."Track Repeat" and "Shuffle" buttons doesn't work .added hot-state supports .2011) ======================================== + Plugins: New API + Plugins: Scheduler .Fixed: Installer doesn't remove standard plugins in "Update" mode.Fixed: Plugins .ASX format are supported now + Player: Equalizer has been improved + Tag Editor: Ability to resize album art images is added + Audio Library: Displaying album art in Aero Peak * Skin Engine: Input box .ability to select text via keyboard was added * Skin Engine: Input box . .Fixed: Program hangs on Windows XP.Fixed: Player used to jump over 1 track in some cases .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Focus jumps to first playlist tab after closing selected playlist tab .Fixed: Small bugs and defects AIMP v3.Fixed: Known memory leaks AIMP v3.Fixed: "Default"-playlist not resets when importing files from external applic ations . if modal dialog is shown on finishing drag -n-drop operation.Button for easy way to set current time was added + Player: Ability to change "User-Agent" was added + Player: Context menu for "Repeat track" button was added for quick access to r epeat options + Player: Playlists in *.Fixed: Wrong tracks names during the internet radio capturing .Fixed: Audio Library doesn't detects drive letter correctly in some cases .10.shortcuts for copy / paste operations were added * Skin Engine: Memory usage has been reduced * Plugins: "Plugins Manager" dialog has been redesigned * Plugins: Last.

Fixed: Player crushes when trying to play corrupted file in MP3 format .Fixed: Last.Fixed: Audio Library . if it is in "1/2" format .2 * Plugins: bass_midi has been updated to v2.Fixed: Tag editor save album art to first selected file only .Fixed: Information line detects full screen applications incorrectly on the sy stem with few monitors .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Internet-radio capture doesn't work .Fixed: "Remove missing files" command removes links to internet radio stations . if DSP-plugins are in use .08.Fixed: Incorrect position of "Add link" dialog on the system with few monitors .Fixed: Player jumps to the next track unexpectedly in some cases when listenin g audio sets .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Player hangs while track navigation.Windows aren't repainted in some cases .Fixed: Small part of previous track can be listened when current file is tryin g to be played and player is on pause state .Fixed: Player hangs sometimes when trying to play files in WAV format .00 Build 915 Beta 4 (05.Fixed: Option "Replay playlist with one file" doesn't work if shuffle mode is .0 + Playlist: Added the ability to disable auto merging of similar categories * DSP-Manager: Pitch changing step has been corrected * Plugins: tak_deco_lib has been updated to v2.Fixed: %DC macros return incorrect value .Fixed: ID3v2 tags are parsed incorrectly in some cases .Fixed: IAIMPController..Fixed: "Search new files" action adds duplicated files in some cases .Fixed: Audio Library .Fixed: Error occurs after player restarting and attempt to playing CUE file scrobbler doesn't scrobble when listening internet-radio .le .fm plugin has been translated to API v2.Fixed: "Block desktop locking" option doesn't operate in full screen mode of v isualization .": doesn't show overwrite confirmation .08.Fixed: Adding files or folders stops when trying to read CUE sheet for nonexis tent file .6.Some skins doesn't provide an ability to select playlist tab via mouse .Fixed: Local hotkeys don't working in full screen mode of visualization .Fixed: Tab created via Drag-and-Drop doesn't receive focus automatically .3 * Playlist: Shuffle algorithm has been improved .00 Build 916 Beta 4 (07.Fixed: Disk number isn't displayed in playlist.Fixed: Skin Engine .AIMP_GetCurrentTrack doesn't work with remote files .Minimal size of window calculates incorrectly after its c hild containers shown / hidden AIMP v3.Fixed: "Disk number" field isn't read from tags of files in M4A format .Fixed: "Copy to.Fixed: Portable version of AIMP3 intercepts associations from AIMP2 .Fixed: Incorrect work with relative paths ."Search new files" doesn't process new subfolders .4.Fixed: Player doesn't operate via meta data from some internet radio stations .Fixed: Bitrate for some files in TTA format calculates incorrectly .Fixed: Player opens files from external applications with delay about 30 secon ds AIMP v3.Labels doesn't display in the list immediately .Fixed: Plugin for multimedia keyboards support is missing in 916 build .2011) ======================================== + Plugins: Added context menu extension for Windows Explorer + Plugins: Last.Fixed: Incorrect channel order when playing files in DTS format .2011) ======================================== .

Fixed: "Added date" field is ignored when import data from AIMP2 database AIMP v3.Fixed: Player starts playback after physically removing of current file from p laylist.Fixed: Some files in APE format can't be played .Fixed: Auto jump to the next track doesn't work with online-playlists .00 Build 900 Beta 3 (01. if rem ote service unavailable .Fixed: File navigation doesn't work correctly for files with size more than 2 GByte .Fixed: Player skips small parts of audio stream after the unpause .Fixed: Other than CDA format files aren't added to the playlist when importing CD\DVD .Fixed: Infobar .Fixed: Player's dialogs don't show files in .Fixed: ID3v1 has higher priority than ID3v2 in some cases .Fixed: CUE sheets which contain information about the few files with few track s are expanded incorrectly .Fixed: Animation of playlist's tabs stops early in some cases .aimppl format has been increased by 25% * Skin Engine: Text drawing speed is increased twice .Fixed: Small sound scratches when switching from one track to another with act ive Replay Gain option .Fixed: Player crashes when trying to get information about new version.07.Fixed: Playlists in M3U / M3U8 formats are parsed incorrectly in some cases .2011) ======================================== + Core: Added the ability to save tags to the file.Fixed: Slow speed of saving tags from large files . even if it was stopped .00 Build 901 Beta 3 (02.Fixed: Files in CDA format aren't opened on double click in Windows Explorer .Fixed: Player hangs when switching between files in DTS 5.M4B format .1 format .Fixed: Metadata from some internet radio stations are parsed incorrectly .Marks for the files aren't displayed .Fixed: %DN macros are ignored in Tags Editor when rename files .Fixed: Duration of some files in WMA format calculates incorrectly .2011) ======================================== + Skin Engine: Added the ability to set hot state for playlist's tab elements in the 3rd and 4th frames of the texture + Skin Engine: Added the ability to change Z-Order of the elements for each cont ainer + Skin Engine: Added the ability to change indent between playlists' tabs + Skin Engine: Added the ability to set font for playlist's tab with it is in ac tive and playing states * Localizations were updated * Sound Engine: Replay Gain's "on fly" calculation algorithm has been improved * Playlist: Loading speed of playlists with .Fixed: Wide picture of AlbumArt overlaps some text fields .Fixed: CoverArts in BMP format don't read correctly .Fixed: Player crashes when trying to open folders selection dialog AIMP v3.Fixed: Small delay on start file's playback in AAC format .Fixed: Player crashes when trying to switch between skins with different orien tation of playlists' tabs .Settings can't be saved in some cases .Fixed: Infobar . which is playing in one of t he AIMP applications .Fixed: Option "Stop playback if current file was deleted" is ignored in case o f playlist was closed .Fixed: Alarm clock ignores "add files to playlist" settings .07.enabled .

Fixed: Playlist window can't be resized when it uses standard skin .Fixed: AutoTag doesn't work correctly for group of files.00 Build 881 Beta 2 (06. when you add files to playlist CD-TEXT is parsed incorrectly PluginsAPI .Fixed: .Fixed: Skins from AIMP2 with semi-transparent elements don't work correctly .05.Information about the file's mark isn't stored in AIMP2_Re object Small bugs and defects AIMP v3. which disallow auto jump to the next track.Fixed: Tag Editor doesn't read disk number field from the tags .00 Build 861 Beta 1 (01. when playing track deleting physically .Fixed: Small bugs and defects AIMP v3.Fixed: ytes .2011) ======================================== + Audio Library: Added the ability to drag folders from grouping tree + Audio Library: Added the ability to copy / move files to the subfolders via Dr ag and Drop method * Tags: Increased tags reading speed from MP3 files * Player: Support of multimedia keyboards has been improved * Player: Function "Remove silence longer than 0. if player is trying to connect to the internet radiostat ion .Fixed: Cue sheets can't be extracted from audio files with size more than 2 GB Files with size more than 2 GBytes can't be played if caching is enable Audio Library generates report too slow Audio Library . .Fixed: .Fixed: Changes in some playlists can't be saved on the application closing .2011) ======================================== + Player: ASIO .Table cursor position is resets after labels' changing Audio Library .Fixed: Tempo filter doesn't work correctly .5 sec" has been removed . if name co ntains ".Added ability to choose the channels.Fixed: Player can't be associated with file types in some cases .Fixed: Information about selected files doesn't updated in QTE.Fixed: moteInfo ..Fixed: Animation of equalizer window worked slow on some systems ." symbol .Fixed: .Fixed: Player stops playback after the changing default output device .Fixed: Playlist's name was trimmed when saves playlist to the disk.Fixed: .Scrobbling settings are resets to default in some cases Memory leaks in some cases.04.Fixed: Player state can't be saved during the playlist navigation via "Next / Previous file" buttons.Fixed: Player doesn't take into account settings. if QTE window is already visible .Fixed: Window doesn't magneted to the top edge of screen while resizing . if p layer had been in Pause state .Fixed: Titles of some tracks are trimmed when listening internet radio .Fixed: .Visual data are calculated incorrectly in some cases PluginsAPI . which would be used for o utput + Player: Ability to create a new playlist tab under mouse cursor while dragging files + Player: Added "Auto-adjust equalizer preset for a track" action to the equaliz er menu + Scheduler: Ability to use playlist as alarm clock signal .Fixed: Part of the previous track had been played when new track started.Fixed: d .Fixed: "Search for new files" function doesn't work in the audio library .Fixed: Playback through ASIO stops when opens settings dialog .Fixed: .Fixed: Some visualizations don't drawing correctly .

02.+ Audio Library: Ability to play files / playlists in AIMP3 + Audio Library: Ability to manual import of database from AIMP2 * Localizations were updated * BASS Libraries were updated * Sound Engine: Algorithm of the resampler has been improved * Plugins: Plugin for access to Shoutcast. w hen information about the file from playlist is displayed .Fixed: Input fields resets when switching between tabs in multiple mode of QTE . if it has been expanded by CUE sheet .Fixed: Advanced Tag Editor don't accept WavPack files .Fixed: Fixed: Files weren't moved.Fixed: Player hangs when switching to the next track .00 Build 840 Beta 1 (22.Fixed: Small bugs and defects AIMP v3.Fixed: Autoshutdown was executed incorrectly on ending of the playing queue .Fixed: Player hung when internet-radiostation switching track .Fixed: Quick Tag Editor don't save changes to the playing file .Fixed: Incorrect name for playlist was set.00 Build 851 Beta 1 (09. if it was enable .address line wasn't updated after the file had been rename d .2011) ======================================== + Playlist: Added ability to expand / collapse all groups in the playlist by cli cking with pressed Alt button * Sound Engine: Spectrum calculation algorithm has been rewritten * Player: Playlist view settings has been moved to separate tab * Skins: Compatibility with AIMP2 skins has been improved * Core: Sorting algorithm speed has been increased * Core: Text drawing speed has been increased .Fixed: Mono-channel mode was active by default .Fixed: Tracks are grouped incorrectly.Fixed: Information about current track on the radio station don't display .2011) ======================================== * 3rd party DLL-libraries were updated to the actual versions . if keyboard was used for playlist navigatio n while drag and drop operation was being processed .Fixed: Player resumes playing incorrectly on program startup.Fixed: Small bugs and defects AIMP v3.Fixed: Skins were drawn incorrectly on Windows XP under low color mode .the "Don't fill field if it has value" function wasn't wor k .Fixed: Connection status to the radio station don't display .Fixed: Value of option "Audio Library: Allow statistics" wasn't saved .com catalog has been removed * Player: Crossfading and pause between tracks settings have been moved to separ ate items * Playlist: Loading speed of playlists has been increased * Skins: Drawing speed has been increased .03.Fixed: Autoloaded preset of the equalizer is reset by Alt+Click combination. if few playlists have same name .Fixed: Tag Editor .Fixed: Tag Editor .Fixed: Titles for the some tracks are displayed truncated when listening inter net-radio stations .Fixed: Positions of records in the table were calculated incorrectly after the sorting . if it had been loaded from externa l file .Fixed: Hotkeys don't work in some cases .it had no any ability to disable AutoTag.Fixed: Tag Editor .Fixed: Crossfade settings don't applying in some ways .Fixed: Quick File Info takes focus when showing .

Fixed: Sorting by %M template didn't work .Fixed: If track has cover with high resolution then it stuck on switching .Fixed: Player didn't switch to the previous track if cursor was at the beginni ng of the playlist .Fixed: Bug on file playing with enabled caching to occur in some cases .Fixed: Single click at the tray icon activated event with delay.Fixed: Incorrect control of some sound effects .Fixed: GUI bug in the "Missed files" audio library dialog .* Localizations were updated * Skins: Drawing speed has been increased * Player: Integration to the context menu of Windows Explorer is temporarily dis abled * Plugins: ompatibility with Winamp Input Plugins has been improved .Fixed: Some bugs with labels in Audio Library .Fixed: Some parameters of radio capture were not saved .Fixed: Quick search don't work in some cases .Fixed: ScrollBar drawn incorrectly with some skins ..Fixed: Player jumps to the previous track if current track was removed from th e playlist physically .Fixed: "Copy to .Fixed: Some CUE-sheet files parsed incorrectly .Fixed: Option "Repeat playlist with one file" must be available only if "Playl ist repeat" mode is active .Fixed: Small bugs ." didn't save previously selected paths .Fixed: Autoshutdown was executed incorrectly on ending of the playing queue .Fixed: Incorrect selection behavior with pressed Ctrl .Fixed: Link to the internet radio couldn't be added as a melody for alarm cloc k .Fixed: Incorrect behavior of 'start playback on launching' function .2011) ======================================== * Localizations were updated * Playlist: grouping by folders has been improved * Audio Library: 'jump to current file' function has been improved * Skins: Spectrum displays all frequencies * Skins: Compatibility with AIMP2 skins has been improved * Skins: Usability of the new playlist creation via Drag'n'Drop has been improve d * Skins: Drawing speed has been increased * Tag Editor: AutoTag by file name function has been improved * Tag Editor: File renaming function is not case sensitive now .. even if doubl e click event hadn't been assigned .Fixed: CUE sheets were not caught up for the CD images .Fixed: Content-filters resets in Audio Library during the navigation by groups .Fixed: Incorrect device switching with stopped player .Fixed: Format of audio stream incorrectly detected for some radio stations .Fixed: Option "Save absolute file paths" couldn't be saved .Fixed: Batch tags processing was't available in the audio library .Fixed: Audio Library labels are excluded incorrectly in some cases .Fixed: Context menu display incorrectly on multi-monitor configuration .Fixed: Information about selected file wasn't updated in the Advanced Tag Edit or if file list was being scrolled via keyboard .Fixed: Problem with WAV-DTS playback .Fixed: Sound effects didn't resumed after the program restart .Fixed: Scroll buttons are not shown if context menu was out of screen bounds .02.Fixed: Bugs with removing silence filter AIMP v3.00 Build 832 Beta 1 (05.

Bulgarian.2010) ======================================== * BASS Libraries were updated * Updated localizations: Armenian. Ukrainian * Skins: drawing speed has been increased .12.2010) ======================================== + Sound Engine: Our output system.1 / 7. %Replace() and %Char() macroses + Playlist: Categories . French.Bugs were fixed AIMP v3.12.1 Channels emulation + Sound Engine: Added DTS / TAK formats support + Sound Engine: Added OGG files support with multiple track inside + Sound Engine: Improved works with *. Japanese.00 Build 810 Beta 1 (20.wv / *.Added ability to expand / collapse them + Playlist: Categories .AIMP v3. BASS is used now only as decoder + Sound Engine: Added ASIO / WASAPI / Direct Sound support + Sound Engine: Extended track mixing options + Sound Engine: Added 5. time / by size + CoverArt Downloader: Cache previous search results + CoverArt Downloader: Cover search now doesn't begin immediately after window s hown + LastFM Scrobbler: Now works directly with the service + LastFM Scrobbler: Scrobbling track from internet radio + InfoBar: Added ability to adjust background transparency .ape files + Tags: Increased tags reading speed + Tags: Added reading / writing covers to OGG files + Tags: Added reading M4A / M4B / MP4 tags + Tags: Added reading / writing TTA / OFR / OFS tags + Skins: Added full support of semitransparent textures + Skins: Tray icon is now depends from skin + Skins: Added ability to create round sliders + Skins: Added ability to clone gauge and spectrum elements + Skins: Added ability to place playlist tabs vertically + Skins: Extended elements options + Player: New design + Player: Added ability of random switching visualizations + Player: Added ability to dock player with playlist to the screen edge + Player: Added ability to set alternative global hotkeys + Player: Added ability to pin player / playlist on the screen edge + Player: Expanded tracklist export options + Player: Improved options window + Player: Plugin manager was moved to options + Player: Extended running line animation options + Playlist: Added "Single playlist mode" + Playlist: Added ability to lock playlist from changes + Playlist: Added ability to disable auto expanding files by CUE + Playlist: Added ability to set individual settings for every playlist + Playlist: Added %Up().iso.iso.Added optional separating template + Playlist: Categories . %Low().Added information about size and duration + Playlist: Categories now couldn't be separated into few parts + Queue Manager: Added track duration to the table + Queue Manager: Added information about total duration of all tracks in the que ue + Queue Manager: Double-click on track will focus it in the playlist + Radio Capture: Added ability to capture stream "as is" (only for MP3 / AAC / A AC+) + Radio Capture: Added ability to make CUE sheet file + Radio Capture: Extended file split options . S panish. German.00 Build 815 Beta 1 (30. %Caps().

favorite artist / alb um / genre + Audio Library: Added ability to filter files by size or/and duration before ad ding to database + Audio Library: Disk number now used for grouping by albums + Audio Library: ID3v2..added ability to autocalculate values + Audio Library: Implemented as independent application + Audio Library: Quick content filtering among columns values + Audio Library: Added ability to group by any columns + Audio Library: Added ability to sort on several columns at once + Audio Library: Added labels support + Audio Library: Added report generation duration.+ InfoBar: Added ability to display track cover art + Internet Radiostation Catalog: Added tab "Custom" + Internet Radiostation Catalog: Integrated to audio library + Scheduler: Added smooth volume increasing + Icon Library: Added ability to set icon for each format + Tag Editor: Renaming one file .Now you can rename by template options * Playlist: "Send to.Added ability to copy additional files with main file s ..4 separators support + Audio Library: Added ability to hide grouping window * Player: Main window now isn't frozen on file moving to removable device * Playlist: "Send highlight only file name + Tag Editor: Renaming by template: added confirmation dialog if file names matc h + Tag Editor: Renaming by template ." ..added ability to enter values manually + Tag Editor: Replay Gain ." .added ability to work with copy of the file + Tag Editor: Added columns: Bitrate / Duration / ID3v1 / ID3v2 / APE / WMA / Vo rbis + Tag Editor: Field "Track Number / Track Count" was divided into two fields + Tag Editor: Replay Gain .

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