There was a naughty spirit named Cheema. He enjoyed troubling and pestering people.

He would not spare even the little children. He would break their toys. When the children cried, he would smile with delight.

One day, his friends, Shanky and Venky said, “Cheema, why don’t you mend your ways? You are a blot on the name of spirits. We all help everyone and you…” This enraged Cheema. He got very angry. He replied, “You all shall have to pay for spanking me like this. I have much more powers than you. I will show you how mighty I am.” Off he flew in a rage.

He snatched the sun from the skies and locked him under the base of a tree.

The sun started crying. “I have no company. How will I pass time?” he shrieked. Cheema thought for a while and got him a few animals for his company.

He provided them with all toys and play things. He even provided a swing and a blackboard.

While the other animals were very happy initially, the sun would cry and wail. He was used to roaming around freely in the sky. He did not like the bondage.

Meanwhile the whole world plunged into darkness. There was not a ray of light. It was pitch black.

The way to the tree was quite difficult to locate. Everyone began searching for the sun; but couldn’t find it.

Cheema also got a teacher for the animals – Sherkhan. He was very strict and the animals detested him. They had also got bored of all the play things by now and yearned for their freedom.

One day, while Sherkhan was busy teaching; they all ran away; leaving Sherkhan and the sun behind. It was not easy to take sun with them but they really felt bad for him and decided to inform Bijli and Baagdu, the queen and king of all the beings .

It was difficult for them to find their way back; but finally they could understand Cheema’s signs and signboards and ran far far away from the tree.

Finally, the animals reached Bijli and Baagdu, the queen and king of all the beings and told them the whole story. Bijli was extremely annoyed with Cheema and sentenced him , “You will lose all magical powers.”

The sun was released by them back into the sky, to where it belonged. All the animals were jubilant to see the sunlight. The birds sang and the butterflies danced.

Animals were also free from the bondage and enjoyed the open environment.

Cheema had learnt his lessons. He went back to Shanky and Venky with flowers and apologized. He had decided to be a good spirit so that Bijli and Baagdu would forgive him some day.

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