Green and Clean

It was a beautiful forest of Amazon with dense wood, infested with lovely animals and birds who thrived in peace. But their only problem was the smoke that entered in, by the vehicles that navigated up and down the commercial street adjacent to the forest, and the disturbance created by the people who constantly chattered across the street.

This led the habitats of Amazon to suffer suffocation, this also made several small and weak fauna die and many nests of birds got damaged. So, the birds and animals held a meeting...

The rabbits and squirrels complained to their chief, the lion, "Sire, the suffocates us a lot, it's too hard for us to live here", and the jackal, the reporter,said, "Yes, the death-rate of the animals and birds has increased by 12%". The birds complained to their chief, the parrot, "Our nests have been damaged by the smoke", and pigeon reported that this damage has increased by 10.5%! But no solution was found...

On the other hand, the forest was known for it's tourism, and many tourists visited and stayed in cottages amidst the forest with enough defense system for protection. In one of the cottages, visitors, well-known to the Forest Department, which protected the Forest, were staying... A notice came to the department that the situation was too adverse for the trees of the forest to be protected as at least 10 trees would be cut down for an apartment to be built. During a conversation, the wellknown people came to know about the notice and this, the animals accidentally heard of by eavesdropping about.

They also got to know that the people were worried about this and so were the animals. They held another meeting and the lion and parrot decided to take this as an advantage of and thought of sending a letter stating a request to protect them and forest to be protected from trees being cut down and asking them to negotiate regarding the same with the department. The parrot gave the letter to the people. So the people decided create awareness among all the visitors and went to the head of the Forest Department... They said, " Officer, you have to take responsibility regarding the matter that 10 trees are being cut down, its a matter of our future. Please abandon the cutting of 10 trees to thereby prevent the catastrophe it may lead to, its our kind request for the welfare of the environment and importantly of us. You have been protecting the forest since years and why not now?", but the officer retorted, saying, " I am sorry to say this, our homes matter no less than the environment, where are we to dwell otherwise, instead of dwelling in mansions and buildings? Please do understand, the situation is adverse, the trees are to be cut down, there's no other go".

Then the people elaborated as to how catastrophic the consequences of cutting trees could be, that it will lead to global warming and deplete ozone layer and destroy animal and plant life thereby affecting us in a worst manner. Finally the department accepted their strong pledge on one condition. Officer said, " Yes, but we will cut trees but just 5, and they will replace them". This is how the deal went.

(Trees being cut)

(Catastrophic consequences of cutting trees – pollution)

The people decided to create awareness regarding this everywhere through a campaign. Everywhere saplings were planted, and smoke-efficient vehicles were used. Finally the ultimate step the people took will help the place become better by making it greener and cleaner. Hence, everybody else and the animals of Amazon lived happily ever after...

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