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ah GF Scope of the subject and comparison with other social sciences. - Galsbert, (6) Sociology and commod sense. - GeleiMe, C8) Sociology as Science: (2) Science, scientific method and critique. ~ Tuner, Foyy® (©) Major theoretical strands of research methodology. (c) Positivism and its critique. ~ Babbie, Turer, Wikdell. (@) Fact value and objectivity. cher (Mat) , ©) Non- positivist methodologies. - : 2 : Lard Batbie., Morvastt Bure) ¢ Moy Research Methods and Analysis: (@) Qualitative and quantitative methods. (b) Techniques of data collection. (©) Variables, sampling, hypothesis, reliability and validity. al Thinkers: = Gla Craig Calhoun > \Qno% itzer, Novoholn Morgan | Sociolos | Karl Manx: Historical materialism, mode of production, alienation, class struggle. G6) Emile Durkheim= Division of labour, social fact, suicide, religion and society Max Weber- Social action, ideal types, authority, bureaucracy, protestant ethic and the spirit pi of capitalism. 4, Talcolt Parsons- Social system, pattern variables. & — Robert K. Merton- Latent and manifest functions, conformity and deviance, reference groups WG Mead - Self and identity / aX PAPER-1 pa rT monmrisorscn.ox, LOND. Sociology - The Discipline: sponte @ — Modemity and social changes in Europe and emergence of sociology. - Bet» Bofroroove NEERT ax) Barbie 5 Morgan 2 yarn» Stratification and Mobility: — Gaddens, Macionis, Rovalebus , Titer, piarkas ope. spre emi KES bop Ty 2of6 () _Concepts- equality, inequality, hierarchy, exclusion, poverty and deprivation (b) Theories of social stratification- Structural functionalist theory, Marxist theory, Weberian theory. (©) Dimensions ~ Social stratification of clas, status groups, gender, gthnicity and gace (@) Social mobility- open and closed systems, types of mobility, sources and causes of mobility (@) Social organization of work in different types of society- slave society, feudal society, industrial leapitalist society. Tx Gommneh, CamberAge, 5 Formal and informal organization of work - Havelombus, Giddens ,.Tan Breman - (© Labourand sociey. ~ Yowembut. - Politics and Society: , Abevcombi, Combuidpe, Duncan Mdchell, Giddens, (@ Sociological theories of power Hevalambas, Gcadens.. ee (©) Power elite bureaucracy, pressure groups, and politcal partes. (© Nation, state, citizenship, democracy civil sosiety ideology cg @) Protest, agitation, social movements, collective aetion, revolution. (hak). L— yunaov) Religion and Society: © Gx Sociological theories of religion. tewoe, Haralorbus, Gvddens, Mergan, 10. 45 Types of elgious practices: aniisn,monim, pluralism, sects, cults. (©) Religion in modem society: religion and science, spcularization, religious revivalism, Fundaryéntalism. ‘Systems of Kinship: - Ritter, Giddens, Macionis, Honlembut , orton 4 Hunt, Giebest-, Yeenadas @y Family, household, marriage. 5 @Y —— Types and forms of family (Lineage and descent 7 ifieahan < (©) § Paviaehy and sea division oflabour}- Gander] Gender Shalit @F Contemporary trends. Social Change in Modern Soci 4 Sociological theories of social change. Riteae, 1Wnew, Hakens Wank, F.Abrahare « bop Th 30f6 Development and dependency. « junov, &ipbeNt, MACEN'S, NET, RITEER ‘Agents of social change. Holton ¢ Hunt, Ritzer Education and social change. - Ruhela TK: Oommen, Vagneam SOs Science, technology and social change. ,- Riteor, \gn& Betiorstne Nandy, PAPER - II INDIAN SOCIETY : STRUCTURE AND CHANGE Introducing Indian Society: (i) Perspectives on the study of Indian society: (a) Indology (6S. Ghurye), Amit hr SRarma, Malaga nets, Ganchyan Shoh (©) Structural functionalism (MN Srinivas). ~ Sejata Patel, Nogla, Notes i 46 Marxist sociology (AR Desai), Sujata Patel, Soh, Noda , Notes - Gi) Impact of colonial rule on Indian society : (@) Social background of Indian nationalism. ~ Yegendva Sing, pothi, KoN-Panielfor, Notes Conta ae) ©) Modernization of Indian radition.- 3. singh, notes. - (© Protests and movements during the colonial period. sRak, nae @ Social reforms =¥-U shanena, ¥: singh Ram Abela rigieca eed 1 — ola Hawit, Desai , Verdana Madang Stern» (@) The idea of Indian village and village studies- AR Desa» 12NOU (©). Again social sctre- - Vandana. Madan 5 \WNoU (@ Rural and Agrarian Social Struetu evolution of land tenure system, land reforms. Rie eat eee, - ah, Bipankor Srn, REK Reboot — = CeaGhsk cha), eT Favsis, chotshians Jt Puchi (@) Perspectives on the study of caste systems: GS Ghurye, M N Srinivas, Louis Dumont, | «Andre Beteille. | (b) Features of caste system, (© Uno -forms and pengectnes « esonin, Gnshamdlgh