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Product Introduction - Drivve | Image

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Who is Drivve?

Drivve is an international software company that provides imaging and document management solutions to a wide range of industries. First founded in Europe in 1995, our award , award-winning products and professional services have made us a rapidly expanding force in business optimization. Drivve currently supports 30+ countries with 16 languages and 11 different currencies currencies.

mage Capture - Core functions

Name it Scan it Store it

Multifunction Devices



Toshiba Edition

What is Drivve | Image

Drivve | Image is a set of feature-rich, customizable rich, tools for capturing, processing, and distributing document images, and the information they contain. Drivve | Image modules turn your MFP into an exceptionally integrative workflow engine.

Drivve | Image Toshiba Edition Modules

Scanner Power Tools SharePoint Connector Exchange | Fax Connector

Database Connector (for SP

Barcode Module (for SPT)

OCR Module (for SPT)

Drivve | Image Integration with Toshiba MFPs

Embedded Image capture solution: User Interface (UI) Integration with Toshiba devices Customized scanning profiles (process or user) Profiles based on individual login or device

Drivve | Image User Interface (UI)

Embedded Image capture solution: Customized scanning profiles (process or user)

Drivve | Image Profile Configuration

rivve | Image Toshiba Edition Module Packs

shiba Module Packs

Special bundle to create one profile with modules Scanner Power Tools and OCR Combination of Scanner Power Tools and OCR Pack 1 + Database Connector Pack 1 + 2 + Exchange | Fax + SharePoint Connector Pack 1 + 2 + 3 + Barcode

ScanBooster Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3 Pack 4

rivve | Image Modules

Scanner Power Tools A programmable set of tools for automating distributed capture with personalized profiles. Includes: image correction and enhancement, Bates Stamping, automatic document separation using barcodes , blank-page deletion/separation, file format page conversion, browse network folders for scanning/printing, automate indexing and intelligent filename generation, and more. Database Connector (for SPT) Exchange information with an existing database using SQL. Brings LDAP and ODBC connectivity. Full email integration. Barcode Module (for SPT) Accelerate and streamline document workflow. Reads more than 20 industry industrystandard 1D & 2D bar codes. OCR Module (for SPT) Create readable and searchable PDF documents encrypted to ensure confidentiality. Auto-rotate imperfectly scanned documents. Use Drivve | Image Zonal OCR to rotate process information within a defined section of a scanned document. Exchange | Fax Connector Provides deep integration with Microsoft Exchange and selected fax server software. SharePoint Connector Offers complete integration with your existing SharePoint Services system.

rivve | Image Components

Modules Bundled in Packs Licensing Per Server modules Per Additional MFP Includes one year of maintenance Services On site training, Implementation, & Customization Hardware Provided by customer Drivve provides minimum hardware requirements Pricing Server module (includes 1 MFP) Additional MFPs Maintenance on each Review of internal price sheet **Contact solutions team

Technical Tips

wnload software and ensure yo have the license key from G you Solutionsteam

vve must be installed on a SEC ECURE SERVER, workstations a T recommended.

is required and admin right to run Drivve Services, verify tha stomer has IIS or Windows CD prior to installation.

QUIRES Open-Platform-Enabler option, the new Toshiba EBX Enabler models comes standard with OPE.

tall Firefox, it handles the scripting better to test profiles.

vve utilizes TCP ports: 9000 & 57957. Also, allow the applica u the Firewall if it is enabled.

Resources Channel Sales Mana nager: Matthew Greco Technical Support

http://www.mydriv releases/drivveim image/scanbooster/setu

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