“Time is running out, and our valuable ministrie s and fundam e ntal rights hang in the balance”
Car di nal Timot h y D ola n , P r e si d e nt o f t he Unit e d State s Co nf e r e n c e o f Cath olic Bis h o p s .

What gra ve thre at could the re be to the mission of f a ithf ul A me ri ca n C atholi cs , to thei r funda m enta l rights and the rights of al l God-fe a ri ng Ame ri ca ns to me rit such a statement?
It is nothing other than the unpre ce dented assault on our re l igious libe rty by the Obam a Adm inistration, i n for ci ng us to a c cept a Health & Hum a n Se rvi c es m andate requi ri ng Catholi c i nstitutions to off e r he a lth insura nce pl ans that cove r contra ception, ste ri l i z ation and abortion- induci ng drugs – a viol ation of our F i rst A mendment rights as Am e ri ca ns ; but more i mporta ntly , a n a ction that would for ce us to reje ct our C atholi c F a ith a nd the tea chi ng of Holy Mother Chur ch . Should this ma ndate go uncha l le nged, our C atholi c hospitals , our C athol i c se rvi ce agenci es , our C athol i c s chools and uni ve rs ities , and our C athol i c e mploye rs will be for ced to shut down or to viol ate thei r cons cie nces and strongly held r el igious beliefs by be com ing a pa rty to abortion, contra ception and the Culture of Death. Should this ma ndate go uncha l le nged, the stamp of C atholi c se rvi ce a nd industry will be al l but wiped off the l a nds ca pe of Am e ri ca n publi c l i fe . T he tim e has com e for us to Stand Up For Rel igious F re edom . On June 8th, join C atholi cs f rom al l ove r Wis consin will me et at the Ka stenme ie r F ede ra l Courthouse (120 West Henry Street) in Madison, f rom 12pm to 1pm to pea ce f ull y protest the HHS ma ndate at a Stand Up For Re ligious F reedom Ra l ly . The battle of our ti me is before us - and tim e is running out - will you Stand Up For Religious F re edom?

Pl ease visit http://stan du p fo r r eligio u sf r e e do m .c o m fo r d etails o n th e Madi so n R all y o n J u n e 8 th , an d pl ease visit http://laetificatmadiso n . co m fo r d etails o n oth e r Madi so n ev e nt s fo r Catholics to live th ei r faith in th e p u blic squar e. D ef e n d yo u r Faith, th e Cultu r e o f Li f e, an d Stan d Up Fo r R eligio u s Fr e e do m ! What is th e H H S Man dat e an d h o w do es it violate r eligio u s f r e e do m ? In January, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Serv ices (HHS) issued a mandate under the Affordable Care Act (also known as “Obamacare ” ) that requi res al l employer health plans to provide free contr aceptives, ster i l izations and abortion - i nducing drugs, regardless of any moral or rel igious objections. The min ist r ies of institutions l ike Cathol ic schools, hospitals and char it ies—educating the young, car ing for the sick, feeding the hungry—are not considered sufficiently rel igious to qual ify for the Mandate’s nar row “ re l igious exemption. ” Not only w i l l such institutions be forced to provide serv ices that di rectly contradict the teachings of thei r faith, but—more ala rm ingly—the federal government is claim ing the r ight to decide for rel igious institutions what constitutes thei r m in ist ry.

I s n’ t th i s rea l l y a l l a b out p r ov i d i n g a cce s s t o c ont ra ce pt i on?
No: contraceptives are al ready w idely avai lable. “Access” to something does not mean having it paid for by someone else—especial ly against thei r moral conv ictions. But the HHS Mandate doesn’t stop with f ree contraceptives: it also requi res employer health plans to provide f ree ster i l izations and abortion - inducing drugs.

D i dn’ t Pre s i dent O b a m a w or k out the s e re l i g i ou s o b je c t i on s ?
In Februa ry , P resident Obama offered an “accommodation ” whereby insu rance providers, rather than employers, would pay for the serv ices to which re l igious employers have moral objections. But this does not solve the problem. At the end of the day, the HHS Mandate sti l l forces al l employers to provide health plans w ith fr ee contraceptives, ster i l izations and abortion - inducing drugs—or face cr ippl ing fines. Mo reover , the assault on our cher ished freedom of rel igion—with the federal government now defin ing for al l of us what constitutes authentic rel igious min ist r y—continues.

What c an I d o t o he l p s t o p the H H S M a nda te? Here’ s wha t y ou c an d o:
Join our Post - Ra l ly Strategy Session on June 11th f rom 7 -8:30 pm at St Paul’s Unive rs ity Cathol ic Center , 723 State Street, downstai rs in Newman Hal l. This w i l l double as a brainstorm ing session to plan for the upcoming Fortnight of F reedom events in June/Ju ly in the Madison diocese and to plan other events to raise publ ic awareness of the HHS assault on rel igious freedom. Detai ls at http:// laetif Go to http://standupfor re l igiousf for additional resources and information on the national effort to stop the HHS mandate; inform your f r iends, fami ly members and co -wor ke rs of the site. Cal l the Capitol Sw itchboard at 202 - 224 - 3121 and ask your Congressman and both U.S. Senators to support legislation overtu r n ing the HHS Mandate. Vote for candidates who respect freedom of rel igion and freedom of conscience in the pr ima ry and general elections this year. Visit http:// to learn mor e ways we can wor k together in our communit ies and chu rches to stop the HHS Mandate.