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Shimmering Ones 27 January 2012 We are here with you at all times guiding and supporting, it is not our

role in the unfolding of your new world to take over, to step in and to do all this for you, for how can you truly absorb the power that YOU ARE if any realm was to do this? The ascension process, the coming back to SELF is a process that is co-created with you, for we are here holding you in a loving embrace as you now take the small steps into YOU. Each one of you here on planet earth incarnated for a reason, such was the LOVE in your SOUL that many chose to come here and play out roles that saw them process much pain and trauma and yet now in human form you hold onto that trauma. A conversation with the deepest part of your being will show you that this was not the role you came here to play, not one of you came here to keep the pain and trauma inside of you and then define yourself through it. The distortion of TRUTH on the planet earth has caused many to fall out of the heart and into the mind, the mind dear ones cannot process what the heart contains. The distortion put to you in teachings from aeons continually to remember, but only to remember the pain, not the LOVE. To remember only the pain will see your energy signature plummet and your link to your heart and to ultimately to your soul weaken. The lower energies of the pain and trauma seeking to pull down the heart and smother it in the lower vibrations of pain and trauma. Yet within that teaching is a TRUTH, the pain and trauma are to be felt, they are to be acknowledged and let go of. For how can you fill your being with the light and the LOVE that IS if it is smothered in the veils of teachings that are distorted? All is hidden in plain view, many humans are now viewing the world through distortion, believing that there is only what they see and hear and now falling deeper into containment and suppression. Whilst you believe that life only happens to you then you walk in the distortion of the teachings. For life is co-created, we ask that you reach out to all realms and ask for help but that you also acknowledge that help comes from within, we work WITH you at all times. This is not an exercise in standing back and handing over the power that is YOU to the realms here to guide and support, who would that serve? All are equal yet many humans are now trying to make bargains with those around them, trying to manipulate to gain what they want whilst failing to see they can have what they need simply by creating. The power is always within dear ones, what may seem like harsh lessons are merely showing you the power that is you. For whilst you walk in the teachings of fear you are blind to the strength and true ability that you have. Many are now facing their fears and watching as those very fears dissolve, that is the process at work dear ones, a deep breath and FAITH and TRUST in the process of ascension will see you climb over mountains and knock down walls. Always the fear an illusion, it is a distortion that was created to keep you from the TRUTH that you are a powerful being of light. There is no other way to show you how powerful you truly are unless that power is experienced, many humans are willing to keep hold of the pain and trauma but unwilling to experience the LOVE that IS. We ask why? The LOVE that IS is the balm that your soul cries out for yet many reject it as an illusion, the distortion implanted into the human consciousness around love has been a deep one dear ones. All is growth and expansion, there is now way to grow and expand unless the normal, routine and known is stepped out of. You are vastly more than is reflected in the mirror yet the mirror itself contains distortion, how many humans really look in the mirror? Such is the distortion over uniqueness that many female humans pour hate over the reflection that greets them in the mirror, how does that serve dear ones? For all emotion is energy and vibration, to pour a lower energy over your form serves no one. It further contains and suppresses yet many do this daily without a thought. Such is the distortion of SELF across the planet many are now wrapped tightly in veils, all hiding, all keeping the light that is them under cover, who does this serve dear ones? Why would you be taught this if not to contain and suppress? Many are now able to see the containment and suppression that was spread across the human race but unable to detach from it. Whilst you continue to act in ways that further the teachings of separation you will not break free from that which contains you. Do you see our words dear ones? Do you see why this is? For many stand and look to the skies wishing to leave yet failing to absorb the fact that they are incarnated in a human body on planet earth. HOME is inside of you dear ones, for YOU are the stars. This incarnation was chosen by you and that is a TRUTH that must be absorbed and anchored for the process to gain any momentum at all. If the pain and the trauma is too much we ask for you to let go of it. You will not fall dear ones, for you are vast beings of light yet only in your darkest hour may this TRUTH be unveiled to you. The unveiling done by you at all times, for we are here holding the space and pouring the LOVE that IS through you, around you and within you. We guided in relation to the work that is to be done with SELF yet even the words on planet earth contain distortion for many are in the view that work is something to be undertaken with a heavy heart and involves physical labour. Whilst some of the integrating of energies may be on a physical level the distortion of the word work keeps you outside of it. For in knowing that you are shedding the weight of lifetimes of trauma would that not see you grasp this work and move through it? We are asking the questions to allow you to see the next step for many are now walking in a darkness that is created from having their heart sealed, the light within and that IS you always shines brightly from the heart. If the heart is sealed then how can the light be seen dear ones? We

are here to guide and support but never to lead, the leading has been done to the human race or aeons and perhaps that is why many are now standing still not able to make the decision with regard to what happens next for them, for whilst you stand still you are overtaken by the energies of the new. The chaos that is swirling round you is the universe asking you what you wish to create. For energy always is in flow, always in movement. Do you see how standing still causes all to rush around you and past you trying to move you also? There is not such thing as standing still for the energy that you are and that the universe is is always moving, energy moves constantly, you move constantly, the teachings may have taught you that same is something to be held onto. Yet TRUTH will show that same is an illusion and cannot be held onto for it is not real. We humbly ask that all our words are processed through the heart for that is the only place that TRUTH is felt dear ones, you now live in a world that is based on emotion, this is no mean feat for a race that has been enslaved by emotion, do you see how vast and powerful you are to be able to be here? We ask all to look within, for many are now looking to those around them to work out what is personally theirs. Each life on planet earth is unique, each chosen by your soul for expansion and growth yet many defer to family, friends and colleagues to make choices that ultimately are theirs to make. The energies now heighten dear ones, the decisions that you are refusing to make are becoming more pressing, for that which does not serve you is now dissolving, rather than take this as evidence of growth many are taking it as evidence of failure and we guide all to look at this. If you chose this life how can you fail at this life? For who sits in judgement of you? Each experience personal and honed to your souls need at that time, how can any decision and experience then be called a failure? For your soul does not sit in judgement and neither can anyone else. For we are all one. All reflections of the one and we must now come together and realise this. Many will utter the words all are one yet then make judgement on those around them, you make judgement on self dear ones and as we have just explained none sit in judgement of any for all are one. The anchoring that is needed is not being done, for many are now in fear of all that is said and all that is communicated as being real. For to have it real means the end to the life of hardship and containment that was lived. It is akin to being in prison for years then being given the key, so many are contained and now afraid of what is outside of that prison that many hide the key on themselves. Proclaiming it cannot be found and calling for a non existent guard to let them out. The only person who is able to release you from your prison dear ones is YOU. For you created the prison with your thoughts and you dissolve your prison with your heart. For the teachings of the human race were always containment, containment of emotion and therefore containment of self, for the emotions are what drives the human being. These emotions are now allowing many to step outside the prison walls and for those who have the TRUTH of who they are and why they are here is now slowly dawning on them. For those who refuse to put the key in the lock the prison will appear to be getting smaller for they can now hear those who are free and walking outside laughing and joking and they now yearn to join them. Those who are free are unable to turn the key in the lock without the help of the one who is within that prison and we guide for all to absorb this guidance. Whilst you rage at your world, whilst you rage at the unfairness of life on this planet you are hiding the key from yourself. You are walking blind in circles in a cage that is self constructed with the lock on the inside. The more that you rage the smaller the cage gets for the emotions are yearning to be acknowledged and freed. To alleviate the pain dear ones you need only turn the key in the lock and step into fresh air. The release is immediate, the tears the confirmation that you have stepped outside, for they are cleansing to your eyes and they are cleansing to your soul. We ask once more why do you not turn the key in the lock? Such is the depth of teaching across planet earth that many are now creating the landscapes within their minds that are dissolving for others. The dreaming of the new world must be dreamed by all to be anchored dear ones. Whilst you dream of the old you hold onto the old and make it more difficult for the new to unfold across the planet. The extremes of weather that you experience across the planet, the confusion all brought in by those who are dreaming the old dream whilst many dream the new dream. You have a choice dear ones, the choice always yours to make, why would you dream of the dark when you are shining brightly in the light? We are here for each one of you, reach out and communicate with us at will. We cannot save you for there is no saving to do, each one of you free as is your birthright, however the mind is now creating the bars on the cage and we are unable to change this for you. We can guide you, we can pour love around you and within you for all are one. We ask humbly that you look to self and you have love and compassion for self. For many are now in battle mode when they should be in nurturing mode. The war is over dear ones, it has been over for some time and yet many are still in fighting mode, afraid to allow the LOVE that IS to penetrate each part of them, to release, to soothe and to heal. The angelic realms stand by each human alive on planet earth but humans have free will, all realms can stand next to you, they can hold you in the LOVE that IS but communication is always asked for. You do not need to believe in us for us to help you but YOU need to believe in YOU for that help to reach you. Do YOU believe in YOU? if not why not? FAITH and TRUST in SELF is your motto for the new energies dear ones, for having these qualities will allow the light that is YOU to shine brightly for all to see. The world is changing, the planet earth is now vibrating to a different frequency and that frequency now calls out to you. To align yourself with this new

frequency you need only open your heart and TRUST and have FAITH in SELF. Nothing else is needed, you do not need fancy qualifications or years of experience, for in essence you have lifetimes of experience. For you have lived lifetimes and lifetimes. To anchor this TRUTH sees you accept your origins. For you are we and we are you. We are the Shimmering Ones, we reach out to you now to help you see that the ones you are waiting for are you. You are merely taking a deep breath before walking through the doorway nto LOVE. We are the ones on the other side of your prison softly calling to you, akin to a small child who has hidden in a cupboard, afraid of the outside. We will stand outside your prison softly calling to you and sending you much love until you gain the FAITH and TRUST in SELF to step forward. As you move forward and into the light and the LOVE that IS we will take your hand and lead you home. Home is within dear ones, for home is your heart. Do you TRUST and have FAITH in SELF now to take our hand? Channel: Karen Doonan

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