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the fast the fi pal set racing makes appearance THE ee ORSEMAN =; Volume 31, No.5 «March 8, 2002 Bryan High School « 401 E. 29th « Bryan, TX77802 ‘New test more comprehensive TAKS replacing TAAS James rick ue The exter, previously given Inthe ten rae wil ow be em Next year BISD, nd theres of givenin eit and eth bse wikexpecconenncecae Some dtc ve bon chon ingprogamcaledthe Teas Avett rn lds ment of Knowledge snd Skills an SalKowledgean Ss TERS) Su textks munraaseye he Ee Enpection, gles st ypopeltin at may zone eens Sewtatsndens have qe tet ae SEND “Any time you have a cog’ asl change in assessment, pal Robs» Shaleing sie you always worry about tows tonne: how the students will Sicacacton Perform, simply because the cirent Aig means the difference bra ENS 9 perween graduating or Coune Baum, Oe rs ‘Wen Geogr. ea icons ‘Some sade dono ake Ie rated hye nd Chemis (PC) lieing parte ches lnChemisty sn Physic ede signer say ht they wil lave te owe needed t sccentlly compete the es "Fexing conitions wil change oom the TAAS format. Tet wl be Se rade, Ech year son's wil eon th tented Reading: Writing in the iy and reaching the point where Fou, seventh, teh and elven rican i beiog a ‘rade Skence ine ith em a ‘leventhy and Social Sten the ‘zh tah angeles, ‘One change tha affects high school stents eh of te chs INSIDE this issue ZNNews * The Norseman + March 8, 2002 NEWS in brief Drill Team wins trophy Under the diection of inrtorJonler Dean the JV Viking Dal Team compsted in Iheifstcomeston eh Din Katy andes ‘aDivision op. “The gis Went on o perform in a cond contest Feb. 16, hosted by the Kilgore Rangretcs, where they walked away with trophy for receiving all Divison Tsim each dance. The team also received the honored Gussie Nell Davis Award of Exce! lence for eeivingascoreof 90 or aboe from alljadges on al performances. “The ican wl be competing in Nationals {Comptiton at th end of Marin San Marcon where several of thm wll also he competing fin soos andor ensembles. Ashley Barley, Krista Die, Elyse Eppers Kris Gibson, Bric tany Green Jenny Mane, Shannon Moor, ‘Kenya Seymore, Megan Stevens, Michal Th fompuon, Kale Wade, and Chel West te ‘members ofthe JV Viking Dri Tea, Auto Tech wins big Ato Technology sens set the com estonia the Si USA Vic Dit? aL ‘Gccopations Cnt held in Wao as weke fend All are students of Intctor Nathan ‘MacCann, Wines of ich compton re falowe oe ‘Automotive Projects Contes: Bet of Show Awa David idl! Ia Cero Rodgers 2nd Des Mine Shane Hal ‘atomotive Service Tech Skill Contest: Ist David Rid: Mack aobig, Se Sard Hen ‘Aviation Maintenance Tech ShilsC tests: Int-Davi Ril 2. Mark Fog Sed Jared Henry: th Jonathon Simmons Sh ‘Greg Jobason Marine Service Tech Skills Contest: Is (Grog Jason: 2ad- David Riddle, Bd Fred ‘enry dt~ Mark Froching 5h- Jonathon ‘Sinmens Motoreyele Service Tech Skills Contest Ist- Jated Henry: 2nd- Mark "ehlng 3 Greg Jobson Davide: Sth Jonathon Simos. Art students advance to state “The Region and Area winner to rescive level TV rating forthe Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) competion held on Fe. 23 Conroe were Jimmy Brown, Mars Garcia, (Gris Kochevar ote Ramer, Faith Heard, {Lacy Witkinson, Jessica Brown, Raber Coe, Stephanie Hartson, Jenna Leowar, Lamar Foxworth, Brandon Gomer, Gita Huy, nd Quyen Tea. Simm Brown Hears, Wikinoo, and Gomer wil oon rpeesent Bryan igh the state competion, Art project fees on tap ‘Anat ce wl be charged ext year if ents wana keep persona projects they make inclae. ‘Students won't be paying for the art tases, ot forthe materi fr take-home project” said Jacke AU Fine Arts depart: ent head ‘Staens wll py aerthe fist werk of lss voce schedles at lied ‘Stadents on reo redced lnch ay be SWING TIME eae dali 4 ale to pay overthecouse ofa semester They. COME held a Bryan High School on Feb 16 fan also be exempt from he oe Stephen MConp Si Hasan, une Gove, Students who dn’ py forthe couse terials may aot ake home those projects, bat they sullhaveto doth agra” Aust id The fees wea allow Ar 1 $10; An S15; An IIS25 and Art V-$30 Superior ratings for Orchestra members ‘Te following orhesramembers sive AAnirew Hicks, Jonathon Romford, Michael Rodiiguer, Kae Peter. Neko Mowe, Gest Dancker and guint featsring Jenirose Garcia, Amanda Senell, Crs Slovak, Palo Herrera, and Jonathon Rumford. Other st dens resvingan Excelent rting were Rachel ‘Gover, Jennrose Gai, Pablo Herrera es Sica Hyde, Amanda Senff, Kose Vincent Samesom Puph, Datel Bye, ad to fee luring Nelo Mower, Andrew Hicks, and Michael Rodrigue. Texa State Soo and En semble Coret wil be bell in Astin late aSopenorrting tthe UL SoiosndEmrble. May eR group to continue wi Bete seumcind © tetas nencpebact tinge ‘ors inaglatively short mount of Vac tmgh be fi Id fw et bod ino oe Bocca et Pacey aot norder to place the bricks inthis fa eet es eyed ie iceman ee Fee iegascoee ae eee Breton sqomen inter efile rhe anette Ey eb na htt thre US Hwy ace ay Besos sa Declined of ng swt et be feeate reat id ise cece Poteet ate dod eS acn oad foil wen. Ths poo: a Tay oetngtrstaey saat Te pti Bi eae tccnth| tn Bymartt ibe png Thee tc BS Atma Aon ‘eta rep Spring Break in France Four students, one teacher make a once in a lifetime journey Heather Cou Staff writer Insead of Spring Break panies ae beach, road ips, o alias st ome, four dens have decides 10 take aplane. They willbe ying ons ‘ive ater, thitecher an er Sisert France “The ipo Franc is nota schoo: sponsored event. French teacher Kathy Brown signe up wit Nationa ‘Educaonal Travel Coucl, acon pany that organizes edocatoal ours For suadents nd dul. Alli takes for hese stents to pariiate $1,760 (not incline "spending money” for those must have souvenirs and lunch “Three hundred dolls was the ‘wut for past alr junior Laura Schslack. Her advice forthe fst time waver tying to stetch their moneys" catabig breakfast atthe ewe 0 ou dot pend alo your money on utch ooking fora io sexing the Palace ‘feral and aing ou how many ‘500 will uy any souvenir be may find Sophomore Cecilia Carillo is ooking forward to exploring a new such s fying ina pane. Cartilo {ran othe euo, She says twill Seving Mont S. Michels what jimioe Lauren Boyd is mos excited About Boyd pans bring ome ma inure states ofthe Eifel Tower and lato pictures. Boyds pointed that Monet's Givenery will not be Tonior Heater Cail sa she ateady packed. Heaters most ex She plans to buy some feach ners tare td sendoff oscars. Cox ‘wand o big tack some French Imoney and isnot happy abot the "These siden are suet come slso wih he memories of tet oer sea adventure Junior class council finalizes Prom plans Marissa Autrey Staff writer Every i reams about the night when se can des up ikea pincess Andspendan evening with te guy of her dreams, While somehavealeay ‘made cr plans thers it nt Tastimae The Junor Clas Council as isbed planning for Prom 2002 tbe eldMay 1 at thet. The ene of *Refctons in Tim” willbe rp Greece “The ior iss Coun picked td chow a theme to go with them ‘id Collen Holmes, bead sponse “Tiny students bs four meting to decide on prom pans. They sat tailing deseo Ap ich il {ake a month w complet Aprox mately $300 wil be pt on rom "Before boyng tickets for pom, Allene owed fan ID's ext books irary Books and pe sles must ake car of belo you can tay atch Holmes said. ‘Tickets will go onsale in Inte Api, The cou $25. Seniors get ‘ike for ei they have no fines Variety of activities planned for upcoming ‘AggieCon’ ‘Lindsay Anderson Sta writer making Ye de stare Convention nthe ation," Douglas Poyne. in charge of ‘lectonic public lations. This year, AggicCon boasts Neil Gsiman 85 thir sues of honoe. Gaiman is an futhor of Books such 3s ‘American Gods. Coming up right after Bryan High Sehoo!'s sping trek week isascence-Fstion fantasy convention athe Me ‘moral Student Center (MSC) ‘on the Texas ARM campus. AAs always, AggieCon wil feature LARPS: Mic: The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, ada vane ite LARP areal iin ames found under t LARP gear comics complete acllestion Tn aditon, many panel ae setup ferns o group di fusion Some ofthe standard topics desl with becoming be rank of infamous anime for shor) wil be Shown 26-hour a ay daring the le AggieCon weekend An claorate st of rls set Uponthe door ofthe ro and the ist of he anime room thichis bow the aime room ears he hat AggcCon isting to fitin 2 Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) tournament. The DDR few new additions to this ‘AagicCon anticipates be tween 40 and 500 poople a the event, according fo Bader This year marks the 33rd consecutive run of AggieCon, making it ‘the oldest student run convention in the nation.” Doug Poyner AggieCon public relations ‘This year Baer round $30 000. This sould lead upton cxsting aay of vests 10 speak on the pans according to Poymer Money forthe event generate in pt othe revere om the Neverwhere, and Sand ‘man. 19. addition to Gaiman, AggieCon cane pect 20-30 more guess, ome of which come fom local busineses according to Poynee Some ofthe lineup for ‘AggieCon will nude, Live ‘Action Role Play (LARP) mes the traer’s oom par tbe anime ror, the mi right showing of Rocky Hor ror Petre Show, nd 4 Mas ‘querae Ball ton als alep inte aime room, ther pons will o ating to hem in thei Some otertatons hat follow only once or twice night showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Shoe ‘Arosa the audience can ferct withthe movi, Ina Se capaes Baa hn teggices en ing to he thrown on Saturday Founded in 1969, AgicCon is run by a MSC sabcommitee of students ‘This convention, aptly named “AsgieCon' begins Mar. 21 ‘ends Mar 24, and isachance connect alotot people who ace inthe business (writers, Actors, et) [with those who cnt sothey can ear more shoot the snes” said Beth “Rack” Bader, in charge of suestreatons. “This year marks the 3nd © consecutive run of AgeieCon moe off. he-wall topics ar ver the religion Wiss and» deus ferme i erature ‘Als, the infamous anime room willbe op and rain his Year” Many Japanese cartoons {otherwise known as Japenime In the traders room, many vendors and theit seaes are ested. In this Ioaket, one ean Buy exotic ‘pps, jewelry, or words fd Knives. Andi buyer has a comic book fetish many vendors offer rare Mor information sai hic owe icloding ars 3 Though illegal, street racing prevalent on BC-S area roads sen fray P= : teat esl Nat ond ©3002 tata tea rm Ge tr: note: Reporter steam fle David the to ped tee a ee rein wh some cl crises syed. lewd hcpo pei The WRX we hd ten nal Pe se enter, Taree Teueeavexaacton tok Taian the 30028 were of cars to (tt be srec-racing, which its mme, won cai, keep up, don't get ost. eee ie wea bs pone previously tnaper fing pomourind Tchcintwemhewreal "The 3002% trier aye "We shovedw aCe sion. | turned ous Down Texas Avenocon out Weledapackofcarioa “Lats jut ee wha his around and Tos bas boon cing for wey Fidayaghca ch, evil quan tw cmt Mie td ac he ping lanes to ‘runanything on atrack,andhe was in the lane adjacent, Joe scene right out of “The Fastand plained to me that he was turn- ‘We hita fence and ve ee ceminspette, 0 red edtac Recta: tents a eal dearer ected minyincdinuctctctay we puntstcrmconst ca'ume"Terwiecietya We quty racred Beard the Piette eenea tha WOK ak tienda encdecactacciverees tel ane modes. os bee : Felina execpetagos syed cd Berea Teer aa epemeneae aera actrees eas my Mecty roeemne wo com reson eee eerecreed eeepc doe entinevientioe: ch eed oe z5 Tepuledepeeiourend conplimntcieew, iacdup ami ganceatbe Ths whee Lendl my BMW win prt anes PRE fest Sindee tnd an te ce. nigh, When st home | nay mtr 0H ear ete se tear cael ence inet for ced in Aci st fsitaintnteccRectticn wend ete gets a WH, Ikan Cop BE netng oe Rigiay Soe eerie ate ke lore Teenayinnpeis mi Iheirenginestowhines posed Back othecarclub. "Too Joes house where we pcked Costiy consequences await street racers en Bray ie"Two rmore vehicles fom aint ts of physical endurnc ofthe op- nal charges: erie Stat weer sidety-sdeataccelertingspeedsin ertorataveisesoraneshibionat ‘Thx offenses alesse by TC Aeompetkive tempt io ouditance vehicle spec oacsleration. 545401 and TC 545420 are consi tation and pos: Sretecinglslleg Whilethat each aero one oF more veces Violation ofthese lcanreult red dangerous moving volaions, sible death in line ecncaliy maybe ignored by. overacommonselectedcaus, trom ia a$1008200 fine anda S38 cour. according Kilgore. ered areaey ome focal at endusits, ie on thesame placeto the tame pace, for fee ines xedoublncnsirction Howe'ee itis at ileal to mect, . Sequences of bing caught can be the purpose of comparing We elive zones and $25 is added in school ingroypanidiscascasjstaskng 28 The speeds coy. speeds o power of arceleraion af zen meonotamckcthetiesenyou increase. The potential for exreme dev- th vehicle or vehicles in aspocfed Also, says Kilgore, insurance. als aew Chen (exhibition station and posible dea inceasesdsunceo ine rates are key increase fr those celeron) frsly asthe spouds increase” said Texas Transportation Code cketed with thew offenses ‘So efre you take your import Bryan Police sergeant Benson 545420 says a peron may ok par "Sine the potential for disater carandronit against a Mustang sit Kilgore Aca in any tamer in: a races 4 is gral increued by this havior, wort the fine? And, wht wil Your Drag racing a defined by law, vehicle speedcompettionorcotes; the automobile inmrance companies prem ik ofthat ket for gon Man ot) ei eee . id Graduating seniors: Reduce lvance preparation helps students avoi Potnerress iy tiling careof pressure, anxiety created by homework, tests these items now! Netw ih adept tobe comets yeti ot a one Tlowibenatocy Seiestemgel wt jie cat ine, Tas During this part ofthe school yea, many is cee Ptateeiy dosent cape este enough ine © seniors are Kicking bark and geting realy 0 es ga cee itciony anyeimctiactaccstatcy leave DHS forcollege. Butthere are still any eee mentees rs ana seston ny ced vo door can So eee eke Tecan eect ce lms Strg rt cc en ee Faevecipatvmthepes. tie pepaog (or AP Exar, yufecnorconiset wom yontke tring this ime to prepare for cll mented ad as” Sat estan even he TAS fst feeasijomnrDanaletonenan. > GPA Many colleges make final admitance Py tean iis valens em Tstinifperainnaysentie TReSAT and/AP Exams se contingent upon continued academic excellence rete eattestrt ions x cemttochlegctbevmicns 2 Sony Senior may sill ned keep ther grades Exams fiona andr ak soe the psur of fe kept fm pig col eee ecereerece Seems preter teres cere sgicasiett Gets hte ortsist VTASP-tamlro giana. om ec cce sice rie lkeg png roe aaa a tet cores adi ily Scat dca i sorta ite » SATIACT - Some colleges with extraordinar- ret es ee ie want iy ae aceptance deans can allow seniors eee a scay AP and AP classes may have compte sudo.” sil acking standardized test scores to complete the re of what to st." said four fo six fests in a single day. counselor Randy Eli’ examinations. Seniors lacking these scores need RO rr ica crctecton canbe. cToevematenmind mination, Seon se eel poe wiieccs s very stressful forthe students by oye omnes > Scholarships - Tiss the time to apply fr ibe ot crreciee on overwhelming them with a lot Students who ocal and general scholarships. Forms fr local of work. wetonmmae S47 scholanhips cane ote inthe ouneing KEswiheprntcctettem COMET. initecounctor’s tice oe > Financial Aid- Seniors who have been or are Bs ie stee enn ke rr cocn eect waiting acceptance can begin applying for finan eve Teubessocis eta © Sess Samo ct when al i and completing the FAFSA gems pace est rom 4 evi sadyng fortes, but itis important Herpietie RaPAISAL 9 Poi icesatitimed fps bowcimttedtert cue Housing - Some colleges have difficult bs tot ote abd ar est wl Us same ing situation and require thei incoming class Noe eet Tere eyeinpmmalae © emplatcug into ppl for sing pony evn eee te ae “Bulsaagoodiéesto. natn. beni'suptoyoutobereay youaiadykoowEsitsit “AI mie io the college. For these colleges, its a a ‘of utmost importance to complete housing appli- Traheraboasignwottiee ly thomework cw te average Tear waysoreivingsome cations. eee